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#help please

If any of you know anything about plants, do you guys know why Cali has that dark green area with the light spots on him? Is he getting too much sun? Water? Or is it supposed to be that color and im not getting him what he does need? I took him outside today to transfer him to a bigger pot, but it had just rained so the pot was full of a lot of water and im worried i over watered him, or if i shouldve put him in a more shady place.

(Idek what kind he is,, the pot i got him in didnt say)

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who would make the best partners for cancers in hxh?

In all honesty I REALLY want to start on HxH but I have never gotten around to it and I can’t seem to find the characters birthdays 😒

Can you or anyone provide me with a link?

(I will give you a picture of my smoosh until I can find their birthdates)

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No one has attempted to help me yet and I NEEEEEEEEED HEEEEEEELP!!!!!

I woke up at 9:30am and I heard this noise right when I woke up, and it’s like 2 hours later and I still keep hearing it!!!!

I can’t think for literally one second!! I keep hearing this noise!! I can think when I take a walk outside, but it’s risky being outside and the very moment I get back from the walk, I hear this noise again and it drives me crazy.


PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!





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First Zoom meeting for Spanish 2; I will be documenting certain events.

1. Our (future) valedictorian’s image is of that scared hamster meme

2. Someone is making a sandwich

3. Someone said their ex broke their phone

4. Someone is wearing a cowboy hat and pretending to be from the Middle East with the Saudi Arabian flag in the background (yes I live in the south)

5. Someone set their background to the Spain flag

6. The teacher got kicked

7. A girl named herself Werewolf

8. Werewolf was playing on her 3DS (or a newer model)

9. Someone was driving?

Anyway happy quarantine

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Actually super struggling with this whole iso thing. I can’t work, having to teach myself most of my uni work, can’t see my friends, can’t see my family and am bearly allowed to leave the house. I need some serious help.

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I disappeared for a hot minute there, I hope you are all finding positive ways to get through this strange time ♥️

I haven’t been which is largely why I’ve not been on here much, if you could leave a couple of ideas for things to do or a snatch of something positive I’d really appreciate it

All my love and the gesture of a hug with social distancing in mind 💞🤗

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WIP - Military Deco Officer

Hello everyone, 

I’ve almost finished with this little project but these shadows are really stumping me right now. Does anyone know how to get rid of them? I’ve replaced the specular and bump textures with blanks and reduced the SSAO intensity to 0 like I normally do but it isn’t going away. It’s not that bad depending on the angles you look but I wanted to try and fix it if I could. Any advice would be great!

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Is anyone having a problem with adding a new tag bundle and trying to type tags using the letters “J, K and L”? I’m trying to add a few new bundles, but can’t because these letters (at least lowercase) are not working at all. Trying to type the letters “J and K” just scrolls the dashboard up and down behind the xkit menu pop-up, and I don’t know why “L” doesn’t work. I’ve tried updating the extension and reinstalling, but nothing so far. It never used to do this. Is there anybody that has the answer or can offer some help?

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Advice, please?

Okay, I dunno if anyone follows me that maybe might be in a similar situation. Or just knowledgeable, and willing to give me advice. If you don’t want to comment here, I understand. If you will be respectful, you can dm me.

Teeny tiny backstory (but not the whole story).

I am a newish “Hotwife” (stag/vixen subcategory). I would *not* say that either o e of us is *vanilla*. We have different kinks. The short of it: I have always been submissive. He knows. He is not interested. I dunno how to properly explain to him (I suck at getting my point across using my mouth, with words anyway 😏). Anywho, I’m feeling a lil riff with us. And having trouble with him being home. All. The. Time.

I can understand now what my grandma meant when she talked about how different life was after Grandpa retired, 😳😅😂😬. But at least at that point, there weren’t small children running around 🤪.

Anywho, my question:

Do you think it would be helpful, even tho he is not a or my Dom, for me to just respond through words and actions like he is? Not necessarily saying, yes Sir. As he wouldn’t care for that. But just putting myself in the mindset to jump to and do what he needs with a smile and do it for him because that’ll make him happy. Even though, the return fore won’t be the se as if it were a D/s relationship. I’m just thinking maybe that’ll help change my thought process and make us both happier. But, just thought I’d throw it out there and ask, cuz I don’t want it to have the reverse effect on me, cuz I’m already having a rough time lately.

And of course, this isn’t the whole story and not even both sides of it. Anywho…if you are willing to just give a little perspective for me, I would greatly appreciate the conversation to ponder on.

Thank you, Sierra

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I never thought I would need to do this but…

Im homeless. I was living with my boyfriends parents and yesterday then went off on us because we went to the pharmacy to get my insulin. Saying that we didn’t care about their lives. They got physical with my boyfriend and me and told us to pack our shit. The cops were called and not only that when I had said that I didn’t have my insulin his father shoved me out the door and said he didn’t give a fuck. I just… it’s not really real to me yet but I’m a type 1 diabetic and my whole family is on welfare and there’s CORONA VIRUS literally world scale and being homeless now of all times… I just maybe could have handled this on my own when it wasn’t this bad… my dad is homeless and my grandma and mom said they didn’t care and I needed to figure Shit out. I don’t know what to do I have no idea what I’m going to do. If anyone can help me… i dont have any Pay accounts because I’ve never needed to ask for help like this before but if anyone can tell me what to do and help… just anything could

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Okay so I want to watch Given because it seems like something I’d like BUT I’m hesitant because from what I know there’s some stuff with the main couple and a dead boyfriend and I just wanna know what the whole deal is because I’m not super comfortable with the idea of someone replacing their dead partner with someone else after having been in love with them for so long and the other person not knowing and it not being explicitly talked about and delt with to ensure a happy and healthy relationship. Like the anime seems super moving and beautiful and funny and I want to watch it but if I watch it and get invested into a relationship where one side of it doesn’t love the other as much because they’re hung up on someone else or the entire relationship is just a rebound,,, no thanks. Idk maybe I’m completely misunderstanding and I’m not trying to start anything, so if someone could explain the whole situation that would be great!

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