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#help steph find fics
inevitably-johnlocked · 19 hours ago
Looking for a pretty popular one, I just CANT FRICKING FIND IT!
It’s the one that is part of a series where the first story John wants Sherlock to kiss him and Sherlock goes to his room at night and kisses him during sex instead of being his usual intense self and tells John to “keep sleeping”
Please help!
Hey Nonny!!
AHHHH I sadly don't know which one this is! Anyone able to help us out??
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AHHHHH I’m sorry, I’m a bit behind in reading GO fics; I don’t file them as meticulously as I do My Johnlock ones, LOL. AHHHHH I’m so sorry. Is there anyone who can help us out??
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inevitably-johnlocked · 12 hours ago
Hiii, so I read a fic with this premise AND I LOVED IT and I was wondering if there are more....
Do you know any fics that are TFP Canon Divergent and the Molly coffin scene doesn't take place or John is instead of Molly or there is a forced confession necessary or there are other "trials" in Eurus's game that focus on Sherlock's denial? Idk, I just feel that TFP had a LOT of potential for psychological torment for Sherlock but it wasn't at all well tackled and I would just like to see that in a fic...
So, basically, do you know any forced love confession fics that are set in TFP???? Thank you and I just think that your blog is the pillar of the remaining Johnlock fandom, I BOW DOWN TO YOUR GREATNESS❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Hey Lovely!!
AHHH I do NOT know of any fics like this, and you'll have to let us know which story this was!
That said, these are what I have for TFP fics:
TFP Is Canon
Post S4 / S4 Fix Its
Post S4 / S4 Fix Its Pt. 2
Post S4 / S4 Fix Its Pt. 3
Post S4 / S4 Fix Its Pt. 4
S4 Rewrites
If anyone has any with a similar premise to what Conny is suggesting, please do!!!
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Hey Steph! Hope your day is going well so far. Do you happen to know any good, preferably soft, ineffable wives fics? They can also be nonbinary or anything similar, just not male-ish or man presenting if possible. Need to mix it up every once in a while (i say while reading the same ten pairings over and over again lol)
Hi Lovely! 
Ahhhhh, I’m SO SORRY, I haven’t read very many GO fics (everything I’ve read is on this post here), so I sadly don’t have any other than the male-presenting idiots, LOL. I know this blog isn’t anywhere near as popular as my Johnlock one, so I’ll reblog it to that one too <3 Hopefully someone will be able to help us out!! <3
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Hello! I’m not sure if you do fic recs, at least not the way you do on your johnlock blog, but if you do, do you have any good bed sharing fics? :)
Hey Nonny! *HUGS*
OOOOOF I’m so sorry; I’m not as deep in the GO fics as I am in the Johnlock ones. The best I can do for you is offer you these two lists:
Good Omens / Ineffable Husbands
Good Omens MFL Recs
And do a CTRL-F (CMD-F on Mac) on one of those pages and search “sharing”; you should find any of my recs for bed sharing, just sometimes I put the space after bed and sometimes not, so “sharing” will bring all of them as results.
The first list is ALL my bookmarks I currently have for Good Omens, and the second one is a big list of fics people recommended to me recently <3
I’m so sorry I’m useless in that aspect, Lovely! I’ll reblog this to my other blog tomorrow to see if we can get some more recs for you (since it’s my most popular blog), but if anyone has any they want to suggest in the interim, please do!! <3 <3
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inevitably-johnlocked · 3 years ago
Hey can you help me find a fic? Its a médicalAU Sherlock is a brain surgeon and John is the anesthetist. Very detailed (i seem to remember the author was a nurse) Love your blog, any help would be greatly appreciated
Hi Lovely! 
Oh gosh, I have no idea which one this is! Maybe one of my fantastic followers know which one this is! Sounds like a great fic!
Thanks for the compliments on my blog!
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inevitably-johnlocked · 2 years ago
Sorry for bothering you. But I've been trying to re-find a fanfic and it's driving me nuts! Ok, so Sherlock get's kidnapped after his jump and goes missing. A few years later Lestrade is working on a case in America when his partner finds someone in a basement of an old house where a kidnapper might be hiding. It turns out to be a very broken Sherlock.
Hi Nonny!
OHHHH!! This sounds like a really good fic.... I have no idea which one this is at all. Hope one of my lovely followers or lurkers will know which one this is!!
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inevitably-johnlocked · a month ago
Hi, hope this isn't a bother! But do you have any "Realising I'm in love with him" stories? Doesn't matter if it's from John's or Sherlocks perspective. I'm looking for that "Oh. OH. Oh fuck." moment, if you know what I mean.
Thanks as always, and I love your blog! "
Hey Lovely!!
Ah, I know a lot of @silentauroriamthereal's stories have this premise, so check out their fics for sure. But anyway, here are the fics that immediately come to mind:
Matters of National Security by mistyzeo (E, 8,465 w., 1 Ch. || BAMF John, Doctor John, Jealous Sherlock, Dating, Bisexuality, Arguing, Stupidity, Teasing, First Kiss/Time, Hand Jobs, Frottage, RST, Idiots in Love) – John starts dating a male client of Sherlock's, and Sherlock can't figure out why he's so incensed about it.
Pattern Behaviour by SilentAuror (E, 14,835 w., 1 Ch. || POV First Person Sherlock, Jealous Sherlock, Pining Sherlock, Introspection, Stroppy Sherlock, Light Humour, Friendship, John Takes Care of Sherlock, First Kiss/Time, Wall Kisses, Fluffy Angst, Happy Ending) – Sherlock doesn't even know why he resents John's dates so much. Until the day he does know. Slight angst, unrequited feelings (but don't let that scare you off!)
The Burning of the Leaves by blueink3 (M, 15,915 w., 3 Ch. || Post S4, Angst, Reichenbach, Parentlock, Past Jolto, Idiot John, Sherlock’s a Mess, Puppies, Fluff, Possessive / Jealous Sherlock, Pining Sherlock, Sherlock POV, Matchmaker Sholto, Melancholic Feelings, Emotional Sherlock, Domesticity, Love Confessions in the Rain, Kissing in the Rain, Pet Names, Panic Attack) – After the events of series 4, Major Sholto invites John and Sherlock to lunch one day. It nearly proves to be too much for their tenuous relationship as the past haunts the present, putting the future that Sherlock so desperately wants at risk.
Tomorrow's Song by agirlsname (M, 24,645 w., 5 Ch. || Post-TRF, POV Sherlock, Angst with a Happy Ending, Virgin / Repressed Sherlock, Love Confessions, Slow Burn, Pining, Jealous Sherlock) – How can he think a relationship with me would be a good idea? I am the sort of person to take a break from my life and when I come back after two years, I expect to find it exactly as I left it. In reality I find it shattered to pieces. (I actually equate you with my life. When did I start doing that?)
Lucifer's Gardens by ampersand_ch (E, 32,679 w., 12 Ch. || GERMAN VERSION || Romance, Friendship, Friends to Lovers, Murder, Poison / Drugging, Mystery, John Undercover, Academic Club, Therapy, Rituals, Jungian Archetypes, Doctors & Physicians, Grief/Mourning, Esotericism, Hospitals, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Love Confessions, John Falls In Love With Another Man, Jealous Sherlock, Crying, Doctor John, Hand Holding, First Kiss/Time, Mysticism, Hugging, Touching) – John goes undercover for an investigation as a favour to Lestrade in a village in Suffolk. The events surrounding the case awaken deep-seated fears in Sherlock. While John begins to come to a realisation of what he needs in Lucifer's Gardens, Sherlock tries to find a way to reach John – in more ways than one.
And check out these lists too:
Jealous & Possessive Sherlock
Jealous Sherlock Because John Dates a Man
Specifically Jealous John b/c of Other People
Jealous John
Jealous John Pt. 2 and Jealous Sherlock Pt 2
Jealous John Pt 3 and Jealous Sherlock Pt 3
Jealous John and Sherlock Pt. 4
Jealous John and Sherlock Pt. 5
Mutual Pining
Mutual Pining Pt 2
Pining John
Pining John Pt 2
Feel free to add more, friends!
EDIT: UGGGGHHHH fucking Tumblr queue isn’t working for me.... this one was supposed to be tomorrow :| ANYWAY.
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inevitably-johnlocked · 2 years ago
Would you recomend me a fanfic in witch John is a BAMF but at the same time, he is super insecure of his amazing abilities? Bonus if Johnlock. Thank you very much.
Hi Lovely!! 
Hmm, the only one I can think of off the top of my head are these:
Every Night I Look for You by destinationtoast (E, 8,377 w. || POV John, Post-TRF, Angst, Mystery, Unsafe Sex, BAMF John) – Every night, John looks for familiar hints of Sherlock in the men he meets in bars, and he does with them all the things he wishes he’d done before. Eventually, he stumbles into a situation that Sherlock would know how to handle, and John must decide whether he can handle it without him.
Software Malfunction by tiger_in_the_flightdeck (E, 16,679 w. || Android Sherlock, Love Story, Unhappy Ending, Angst) – “You think I can’t love you? Just because you’re made with metal, and detailed programming?” The doctor propped himself on his elbow, and looked down at it. “I am nothing but blood and bone, and tissue. Things just managed get mashed together in a manner that made me like this. Just like you were put together to make you how you are. When I kiss you-” he did so, briefly, to prove his point. Then more deeply, and lingering, because he could. “When I touch you, or smile at you, does it make you feel different from when others have done it in the past?”
Maintaining A Personal Life by Gingerhermit (E, 24,284 w. || Alternating POV’s, Bisexuality, BAMF!John, Jealous Sherlock, Romance / Drama, Sort-of Case Fic, Peril & Angst, Love Confessions, Toplock, Soft Idiots in Love, Post S3) – Sherlock and John discover some interesting revelations about each other’s sexuality, which lead them both to question the assumptions they’ve made about one another for years. In the midst of their mutual discoveries, a dangerous psychopath looms on the side-lines who threatens to destroy their new beginning.
Secrets and Revelations by Hisstah (E, 85,535 w. || Sentinel / Guides AU, Omegaverse, Aventure, Violence, Anal / Oral, Omega!John / Alpha!Sherlock, Case Fic, Politics, Mild DubCon) – Dr John Watson has some major secrets that he’s kept from his flatmate, Alpha Sentinel Sherlock Holmes. Now the Sentinel Tower is after him. Can John stay out of their hands until he can reveal his secrets to Sherlock? Part 1 of Secrets and Revelations
I’m certain there are SO many more with this specific request (I have a few BAMF!John fics), and I hope my followers have some they can suggest because I LOVE a John who doesn’t know he’s amazing to Sherlock, one who thinks that he’s just doing what he thinks is right because his military / doctor training is just second nature to him and he thinks Sherlock is more extraordinary than he could ever be!
Please help me find some others, Lovelies!
EDIT: AAHHHHH I put the wrong fic on this list; instead of Software Malfunction, I meant to put this one on the list:
Maintenance and Repair by patternofdefiance (E, 106,650 w. || FutureAU, Augmentation || Augmented John, Depression, Body Modification, Slow Burn, Worldbuilding, Sci-Fi, Self-Care, Body Dysmorphia) – John wants to explain the rush of sensation and data, which is just another form of sensation (or is it the other way around?). John wants to say:Augmentation circuits report temperature, pressure, various forms of quantitative input. Sudden changes are reported as pain, since sudden changes are dangerous, and pain is the quickest way to encourage reflexive extraction. But all John can manage is, “Nng.” Because this sudden touch is not reporting as pain. Part 2 of STATIC
SORRY Y’ALL. I got the wrong “future” fic on this one. Still read Software Malfunction because it’s good, but it’s not this topic really. SORRY!!
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inevitably-johnlocked · 2 years ago
Hi Steph! Do you know any fics where they meet through the Internet first?
Hi Nonny!
Ahhhh, my brain is escaping me; I can give you some that are sort of related that I found with tag searches and one that involves letters instead of the internet! Hope that’s alright!
Pen Pals by WerewolfDoctor (K, 2,797+ w. || Epistolary, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Post-TRF) – Most people don't become pen pals by one of them writing a not-suicide note. Then again, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson have never exactly been normal, have they?
Idle Hands by kinklock (E, 7,226 w. || Deaf Sherlock, Phone Sex, Alternate First Meeting, Dirty Sign Language) – While working as a video sign language interpreter for the deaf, John’s last client of the day asks him to interpret a highly unusual call. (aka deaf Sherlock wants to call a phone sex hotline AU) (TO READ)
Signed in Love by Jberry (E, 8,850 w. || Deaf Sherlock, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Time Jumps, Alternate First Meeting) – Three Continents Watson meets Deaf Sign Language Interpreter Sherlock Holmes at a medical conference. They clash, mostly due to John being trash. (TO READ)
Uncharted Territory by J_Baillier (T, 19,603 w. || Dystopian Future / Black Mirror AU || Alternate First Meeting, Angst, Drama, Homophobia, Bisexuality, Technology, Humour, Romance, Near Future, Happy Ending) – The System puts people through a series of assigned relationships in order to determine who their Perfect Match is. John believes that it works; Sherlock really, really doesn’t. One of them is probably going to be wrong.
Dear John by wendymarlowe (E, 23,031 w. || Post-TRF, Online Dating, Pining, Epistolary, Cybersex, Long Distance Romance) – With Sherlock dead, John eventually (under duress) makes a profile on an online dating site. And falls into a long-distance relationship with an enigmatic partner who reminds him of Sherlock in all the right ways. (Hint: it turns out to be Sherlock.) Part 1 of Dear John
Don’t Leave Anything Out by lookupkate (E, 27,422 w. || Letters / Epistolary, Misunderstandings, Angst, Happy Ending, Alternate Meeting, Sherlock in Love, Pining Sherlock) – The first letter John writes home from Afghanistan is meant to go to a woman he went on only one date with. How it ends up in Sherlock’s hands is completely innocent. What happens next is not. What do you do when you find out the person you’re in love with has been lying about something as monumental as who they are? What do you do when you’re the one who lied?How on earth do you put the pieces back together?
Classified(s) by blueink3 (E, 36,153 w. || Wedding Date AU || Fake Relationship, Jealous, PIning, H/C, Idiots in Love, Happy Ending, Mary is not Nice, Escort Service) – Clara’s American father is the ambassador to some such territory that Great Britain probably used to own, but she (and Harry’s undying love for her) is the reason John is getting on a flight at 12:30pm, flying across the second largest ocean in the world, and pretending to be in a perfectly happy, healthy relationship with an undoubtedly perfectly coiffed stranger. See, Clara is not only American (and wealthy to boot), she’s also best friends with John’s ex-fiancée. Whom she’s placed in the wedding party. As Maid of Honor. And John just happens to be Best Man. Bloody brilliant.
If anyone has some I most definitely missed, please add them! 
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inevitably-johnlocked · 3 years ago
Steph, are there actual fics where John owns a yacht? And yah know lounges on said yacht? Perhaps in only a pair of linen pants? Asking for a friend. And science. Thanks.
*eyebrow raise* Really, Ziggy a friend? It doesn’t have anything to do with this look does it? XD
Tumblr media
LOL LOL KIDDING ASIDE, we all need a Yacht Daddy John, and I sadly do not know of any directly. Any of my followers have any they have read or wrote?
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inevitably-johnlocked · a month ago
Do you know of any fics that have John at the Surgery in them? It wasn't really explored in the show so... it can be just like one scene within a larger fic, but I haven't been able to find any fics with this. TIA
Hey Lovely!
Ahhhh you know, I have a lot of fics where he’s at the surgery, but I’ll be damned if I can remember them all!!! Here’re the ones I do remember! <3 Please add your own fics, my friends, if your fic is in the Surgery!
See Also: 
Hospital Fics
Hospitals Pt 2
Doctor / Caretaker John 
Doctor / Caretaker John Pt. 2 
Doctor / Caretaker John Pt. 3 
Doctor / Caretaker John Pt. 4
Excerpts from Purgatory by reapersun, what_alchemy (E, 5,829 w., 1 Ch. || Post-TRF, Doctor John, Reunion Fic, Rough Sex, Angry Sex, Bottomlock, Fic with Pics)  – John serves community service in homeless shelters for chinning the superintendent. Unbeknownst to him, the Homeless Network has his back.
The doctor is in by PlainJane (E, 7,581 w., 1 Ch. || Omegaverse || Sex Therapist, Anal, Hand Jobs, Frottage, Virgin Sherlock) – Sherlock is a young alpha with an aversion to his cycle. John is a gender medicine specialist. Nothing could possibly go wrong... Part 1 of Doctors and detectives
The Acronym by DancingGrimm (T, 15,057 w., 12 Ch. || Humour) – "'Bee Ay Em Eff'. Hm, that's a new one on me. Do you know what it means, Sherlock?" John might not know what it means, but there are many little ways in which he proves the acronym suits him.
The Midas Touch by flawedamythyst (E, 32,231 w., 1 Ch. || Magical Realism, John has a Magical Cock, Dub Con, Healer John) – John Watson has a medical condition that means everyone he sleeps with is instantly healed of all illness and injury. This causes complications when Sherlock breaks his arm, and even more complications when Sherlock falls in love with him. Yes, this is a story where John has a literal magic healing cock. It's a lot less cracky than you're probably imagining. Warning: Contains complex issues of sexual consent, although not between Sherlock and John.
A Week is Just Seven Days Isn't It? by scifigrl47 (T, 39,906 w., 4 Ch. || Humour, Friendship/Bromance, Stroppy/Bored Sherlock, Undercover/Army John, Texting, Pining-ish Sherlock, John Whump) – When John heads overseas for a week, Sherlock's forced to fend for himself. It goes about as well as anyone could have anticipated. Which is to say, very, very poorly. Don't worry, things'll be fine in just seven days.
The Hollow Woman by ScopesMonkey (M, 51,335 w., 22 Ch. || Post-TRF, Major Character Death, Mystery, Romance, Friendship, Family, Angst, Crime, Reunion, First Kiss / Time, Nightmares, Doctor John, Jealous Sherlock, Jealous John, BAMF John, Angry John, Dub-Con, Rough Sex, Bottomlock, Possessive John, Villain Mary, Open Ending) – Forced to return to London sooner than expected, Sherlock falls into a case too close to home. Part 1 of the Hollowverse series
Gold Rush by ShirleyCarlton (E, 71,783 w., 17 Ch. || Post S3 / No Mary, Friends to Lovers, Mentions of Past Sexual Abuse, First Kiss, Case Fic, Slow Burn, Alternating POV, Switchlock, Angst with Happy Ending, Marriage Proposal, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Abduction, Anxious/Insecure Sherlock, Miscommunication, Emotional Lovemaking) – John has divorced Mary and pops round to 221B one evening to find Sherlock in the middle of a case. As Sherlock tries to find the identity of a young woman’s stalker, John realises he can no longer deny his feelings for Sherlock – which then, to their befuddlement, turn out to be mutual. Shy kisses and tentative embraces ensue. But will Sherlock be able to cast off a shadow from his past that he thinks might prevent John from wanting to stay?
Kintsukuroi by sussexbound (E, 91,823 w., 20 Ch. || S4 Compliant / Post-TLD, Grief / Mourning, PTSD, Internalized Homophobia, Therapy, Past Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Nightmares, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Depression, Anxiety, Bed Sharing, Love Confessions, Cuddling, Suicidal Ideation, Masturbation, Minor Character Death, Sexting, Frottage, Inexperienced Sherlock, Rimming / Anal / BJ’s, Emotional Turmoil, Finding Each Other) – “I love you.” Sherlock sees the words hit John with almost physical force. He reels back a little, jaw twitching and eyes filling. “I love you,” he repeats, a little softer, a little more gentle, as earnest as he possibly can. Because they’ve been teetering on the brink of this thing for years, and it had become painfully obvious over the last few months that they were at a tipping point. This had to happen. Now it has. Now they can see where they end up. The tears in John’s eyes spill over, and he wipes at them angrily. “Do you even know what that means?”  
Against the Rest of the World by SilentAuror (E, 151,714 w., 20 Ch. || PODFIC AVAILABLE || Post-TRF, Hiatus Fic, POV First Person Sherlock, Present Tense, First Kiss/Time, Big Brother Mycroft, Escaping from Capture, Soft Sherlock, Toplock, Insecurity, Infidelity, Travelling, Introspection, Pining Sherlock, Depression, Fantasies, Yearning for the Past, PTSD Sherlock, Suicidal Ideation) – Sherlock has been away from London for nine hundred and twelve days and counting, and has no idea what sort of reception to expect when he finally returns.
The Quiet Man by ivyblossom (E, 157,369 w., 58 Ch. || Post-TRF, John First POV, Grief/Mourning, Angst, Present Tense, Imaginary Sherlock) – "Do you just carry on talking when I'm away?"
MARKED FOR LATER (tagged with “Surgery”)
Milk, the Flu, and Harry by Inactive Account (sassybleu) (M, 1,609 w., 1 Ch. || Insecure Sherlock, Understanding John, Angst with Happy Ending, Sherlock’s Called ‘Freak’) – John leaves Sherlock for a few days (angsty) John says things he doesn’t mean (“you’re a freak”) Sherlock thinks he deserves it (he’s insecure) and packs John’s bags for him while he’s gone. John is to blame (bad day at surgery-Sherlock being Sherlock; he’s frustrated and snaps)
Inhale With Ease by Vulpesmellifera (E, 25,989 w., 8 Ch. || S4 Divergence, Covid-19/Quarantine, Jealous John, Love Letters, Victor Trevor, Divorce, Angst with Happy Ending) – In the years after Vivian Norbury's capture, life seems to work out just as John planned. He's got that respectable job at the surgery and goes home to his wife and child. He joins Sherlock on cases a couple times per week. It's a rhythm he can live with - just enough adrenaline highs to balance out the drudgery of a normal bloke's life. Until a pandemic, and Victor Trevor, arrive in London.
Turned - Part I : Queen and Country by saintscully (E, 76,008 w., 20 Ch. || HLV Divergence / No TAB, Graphic Sherlock/OC, Spy Sherlock, PTSD, Internalized Homophobia, Army Homophobia, Emotional Infidelity, Physical Infidelity, Slow Burn, Emotional Manipulation, Eventual Johnlock) – Moriarty’s message never gets broadcasted. The airplane taking Sherlock away never returns.As rumours begin to swirl about a British POW found alive in Gaza ten months later, Mycroft shows up at John’s surgery with some good news: Sherlock is alive, and he’s coming back. In this story, inspired by ‘Homeland’ and ‘Prisoners of War’, John and Sherlock are left with no choice but to re-examine everything about their relationship since Sherlock’s fall. Part 1 of the Turned series
You Go To My Head Series by 7PercentSolution and J_Baillier (E, 937,347+ w. across 22 Stories || Series WiP || Surgeon AU || Medical Realism, Autism Spectrum, Anaesthetist John / Neurosurgeon Sherlock, Friends to Lovers, Pining, Addiction, Angst, Slow Burn, PTSD, Pining, Insecurity, Additional Tags Under Link) – This series is an alternate universe one, featuring the exciting medical and romantic adventures of doctors Watson and Holmes. (I haven’t read this one, but JUDGING by the topic of these stories, I imagine there’s a lot of surgery scenes lol)
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inevitably-johnlocked · a year ago
(If this is sent double, tumblr fucked up, I got an error on sending this ask -) Hi Steph, me again with a fic search request, by all means ignore me if I'm annoying. Do you have anything that focuses on Sherlock as a violinist? Johnlock is a big plus of course. Take care, have a wonderful day!
Hi Lovely!!
Ahhh, I don’t really have any that I know of where Sherlock is primarily a violinist instead of a detective; The closest I have is this one, but it’s for-a-case:
No Good Without You by textsandscones (T, 4,021 w. || Case Fic, Sherlock’s Violin, Dancing / Busking, Soppy Fluff) – A diverting new case surrounding musicians and stolen instruments captures Sherlock’s attention, the consequences of which lead both detective and doctor to see one another in a different light. Part 1 of Prompt Fills
Do any of my lovelies know of any fics? I’d LOVE to read a musician AU!!
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inevitably-johnlocked · 2 years ago
Do you happen to know of any fics where they work in an office setting?
Hey Nonny!
Ohh! Interesting concept, but no, I do not!! I’m so sorry!! Any of my followers have any ideas?
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inevitably-johnlocked · 3 years ago
I remember reading a fic where Canon BBC Sherlock's John unpredictably showed up in a fanon universe where he was married to Sherlock rather than Mary, and the difference in the two universes was a flickering lightbulb in Fanon 221B. Can you help me find it? ~Nova x
OHHHHHH I know this one,  because I’ve read it. But I don’t remember WHICH fic it is, and now it’s bothering me because I just recced a bunch of time-travel / universe swapping fics and I think I missed it. I THINK it’s either:
The Curious Adventure of the Drs. Watson by ShinySherlock (M, 40,883 w. || BBC & ACD Fusion || Victorianlock, Time Travel / Magical Realism, Friends to Lovers, Love and Kissing, Romance, Body Swap) – What if ACD Watson and BBC Watson switched places...  “Imposter!” Hands clenching the lapels of John’s coat, Holmes shoved him anew. “Yes!” John agreed, nodding, and then grimacing. “Sort of!”
A Fold in the Universe by darkest_bird (E, 152,869 w. || Omegaverse / Prime Universe Crossover || OmegaJohn / AlphaSherlock, First Kiss / Time, Friends to Lovers, Established Relationship, Angst, H/C, Dub Con, Humour) – Alpha Sherlock and Omega John are in a relationship. Prime Sherlock and Prime John are not. So what happens when a freak fold in the universe switches one John for the other?
But I’m probably wrong because I don’t think there’s a flickering light in either of those. Now it’s really bothering me; Can someone verify for me, or remind me which fic it is?
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inevitably-johnlocked · 3 years ago
I'm looking for a fic, Johnlock, where John is a ghost who lived and still lives in 221B. One day, a man called Sherlock moved in. Fast forward to a few days and they are already solving crimes together. Through phone, because Sherlock talking to himself is weird. I last read it like 2 years ago but I can't find it. Can you? Please and thank you.
Hi Lovely!
Oh, this sounds familiar... I think I’ve seen this premise cross my dash before... though I didn’t think it was at Baker St, I thought it was at an old house Sherlock was investigating? Hmmmmm.
Anyone able to refresh my memory on this?
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inevitably-johnlocked · 2 years ago
Ok so this is actually 2 questions but I don’t care! #1: do you have any fics where John was depressed/suicidal before meeting Sherlock? And #2 do you have any fics where the two of them meet before canon that go on into the canon timeline? Because I adore those fics 💛
Hi Lovely!
AHHH okay so I’ve actually done two similar lists to your request in the past:
Main Character Depression
Est. Rel With John in the Army (Community Recs)
Otherwise, I would love for my followers to suggest some fics for either of your requests, particularly #2, since I don’t know of any off the top of my head (unless you mean alternate first meetings?)!! Thanks Lovelies!!
Actually, let’s just do this: I’ll give you my “canon feeling” alternate first meetings (like, Sherlock is still a detective and John is still a broken soldier / doctor and they still do cases) :) I know I’m missing a tonne of them; feel free to add your own fics, my friends, so long as Sherlock is still a detective and John is a soldier!
The Pigeon’s deplorable nesting place by SlothfulSlytherin (G, 1,482 w. || Alternate First Meeting, Humour, Fluff) – Upon returning to London, John Watson took up residence in a mouldy little flat on Baker Street. The flat itself wasn’t all that special or interesting, his new neighbour on the other hand…
A Building of Bridges by Unique (K, 12,325 w. || Drama, Alternate First Meeting, John’s PTSD / Flashbacks, Mute John, Dialogue-Heavy, Caring Sherlock, Friendship) – No one would ever send Sherlock in to diffuse a stand-off; but on one unlikely day, that’s exactly what happened. “Congratulations, Lestrade,” he called out sarcastically. “You’re traumatizing a war veteran.”
Uncharted Territory by J_Baillier (T, 19,603 w. || Dystopian Future / Black Mirror AU || Alternate First Meeting, Angst, Drama, Homophobia, Bisexuality, Technology, Humour, Romance, Near Future, Happy Ending) – The System puts people through a series of assigned relationships in order to determine who their Perfect Match is. John believes that it works; Sherlock really, really doesn’t. One of them is probably going to be wrong.
whiskies neat by Ellipsical (E, 20,660 w. || Alternate First Meeting, POV Second Person Sherlock, Slow Burn, One Night Stand, Rimming, Blow Jobs, Anal, Soldier John, Crying, Emotional Lovemaking, Switchlock) – Home and hearth and whiskies neat, or, alternatively, Sherlock Holmes falls in love.
Don’t Leave Anything Out by lookupkate (E, 27,422 w. || Letters / Epistolary, Misunderstandings, Angst, Happy Ending, Alternate First Meeting, Sherlock in Love, Pining Sherlock) – The first letter John writes home from Afghanistan is meant to go to a woman he went on only one date with. How it ends up in Sherlock’s hands is completely innocent. What happens next is not. What do you do when you find out the person you’re in love with has been lying about something as monumental as who they are? What do you do when you’re the one who lied?How on earth do you put the pieces back together?
John Watson’s Twelve Days of Christmas by earlgreytea68 (M, 53,464 w. || Christmas, Holmes Family, Fake Relationship, Alternate First Meeting, Falling in Love, Fluff and Angst, Hardcore Pining) – It’s the holiday season. John Watson needs money. Sherlock Holmes needs something else.
The Wedding Garments by cwb (E, 105,390 w. || Alternate Future AU || Alternate First Meeting, Dating / Arranged Marriages, Romance, First Kiss/Time, Heavy Petting, Cuddles, POV Sherlock, Virgin Sherlock, Idiots in Love, Slow Burn / Falling in Love / Dev. Rel., Nervous/Anxious Sherlock, Jealous/Cranky, Hiking, Vacation Homes / Honeymoon, Sherlock’s Family, Horny John/Sherlock, Patient John, Massages, Hand Jobs, Assassination Plots, Hand Jobs / Oral Sex) – This is the story of a young consulting detective who wants nothing to do with marriage and an army doctor who wants to find true love. It’s 2020 post-Brexit England and the British government is encouraging arranged marriages. Candidates meet through state-run agencies and date in hopes of finding love (and tax benefits). Sherlock doesn’t need or want a spouse, at least not until John Watson shows up. Hesitant to give in to his more carnal urges because of the way they derail his mind, how will Sherlock progress toward the more intimate aspects of a relationship? The answer lies in a very special wedding gift.
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inevitably-johnlocked · 17 days ago
Hello! I was wondering if you could help me find a fic… in it there’s a scene where Sherlock is captured trying to get into John’s army base while he’s away after the fall (he doesn’t know John is the captain of the base he’s trying to get into and John believes Sherlock’s dead). After John’s soldiers capture him snooping around the premises they bring him to meet the captain and there’s a big revelation as John discovers Sherlock’s alive and Sherlock discovers that John is the captain he was so scared of meeting. John then has a hard time coming to terms with the whole situation and he temporarily locks Sherlock on a cell while his soldiers try and make him go and talk to Sherlock. Another detail is that all of John’s soldiers love and respect him a lot and are very angry at Sherlock once they realize he let their captain believe he had died for two years. I can only remember that but it’s a lot to go on! I’m sure there was more plot to it and it could have been a series. I really hope its found, thank you in advance ❤️
Hey Lovely!
OMG OKAY I think we're both looking for the same fic... I've been looking for this one for ages too, but I couldn't remember anything more than John's callsign being T.C., and I remember it being on FFNet. Ahh, maybe your longer description will help us FINALLY find it!! Anyone able to help me out??
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inevitably-johnlocked · 2 years ago
Captain Watson Fic Req?
zentris said: Good morning I've been looking for a fic for a while now and been unsuccessful. Hopefully you can recognize it or someone who follows your blog. A long time ago, I read a fic that during a case there's a bomb going off, and John goes into full Captain Watson Army Doctor mode (very BAMF) and starts working on rescue, triage and whatever giving Sherlock and the Yarders a glimpse into John's time in Afghanistan. I was pretty sure I had saved it but either I didn't do that or it got deleted (hopefully not the latter) and I've looked in AO3 & which were my only sources of fics at the time. Does it ring any bells? Thanks for the help. Lots of JohnLock kisses to you
Hi Lovely!!
OHHHH THIS SOUNDS SO GOOD!!! I feel like I read it an aeon ago before I started Johnlocking. I hope one of our lovelies know which fic it is, I want to read this!! Anyone?? :D
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inevitably-johnlocked · 2 years ago
There’s a fic I read maybe a month or two ago on AO3 and I can’t find it anymore!! It’s long (about 19 chapters) Johnlock and it starts with John in the living room saying “we should fuck” and then Sherlock drops his coffee mug. He then goes on to have it framed later as an anniversary gift!
OH!! Lovely I have no idea which one this is, but I’d love to know!!
Anyone have any idea???
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