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uuuuuh hi

i want to make astro posts and observations but i’m hella an amateur? :P I’ve been infatuated with astrology for as long as i can remember but i’m super afraid of getting clocked/don’t know where to start w/ this sooo

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i need to decide on two more classes for next semester and i can’t

so far the options i’m considering are introductory latin, creative writing, linguistics, or deciding on a second psych and/or ancient history class. or maybe even introductory greek (ancient greek, not modern) 

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Can someone give me some advice about self-harming? I had a horrible experience with bullies 2 days ago and came home feeling pretty shit. Then I found out that I got a bad grade on a recent assessment I did, and my teacher basically wrote that I was stupid and would amount to nothing. My parents were less that happy with this and yelled at me before sending me to my room like I was still 10 or something. I couldn’t get their horrible words out of my head and before I could stop myself I was in the bathroom (which is directly adjacent to my room), reaching for my razor heads to break one open and ‘punish’ myself like I used to. I haven’t self-harmed since around March, but I can’t stop thinking about doing it. I can’t talk to my parents because they would just get mad and punish me like they did last time, and I don’t really have any friends right now. What should I do?

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Listen I need somebody to talk to about this House AU I have swirling around. It pretty much follows canon, except with one backstory difference. I don’t have anything written yet, but I’m planning on writing a series of one shots, so the willingness to at least read over them and offer a few thoughts would be appreciated. Also being able to brainstorm with someone would be nice. I really am desperate to talk to somebody about the show, and the only person I know who’s familiar with it is my dad. Which…no. Absolutely not. He a) is homophobic and b) hasn’t seen the show since it stopped airing. So honestly any willingness to communicate would be great.

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Sooo like. How are you other covid+ people making money to pay rent and bills??? Because my rent and phone bill are coming up and I’m like 👁👄👁 wtf do I do. I can’t go anywhere to make money because i have to quarantine so I don’t pass my covid to others.

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heya can somebody help me connect the concept of myself with whoever the frug is out here experiencing the world right now please? i’m talking like. i was going to ask for name affirmations but i. more than that i need existence affirmations? and i. well the name part is still greatly appreciated but uh. can you just like. aaaaaaa. help me be a. person who exists and who’s existed for longer than the right now that’s actually happening this is wild i just. don’t actually think i’m real or i mean. i do yknow i mean i believe that arthur is a person who exists im just not really. feeling as if. i am him. at all. right now and man is that a way to feel. im just. lowkey falling apart.

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OK. I’ve just seen Maryland (Disorder) because I’m still painfully and shamelessly obsessing over Matthias and I need someone to debate the ending with because it left my brain in tatters. Anyone?

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