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imiridil · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bad actions and right decisions
bad actions and more bad actions
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
inspired by this post by @outrunningthedark
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trashendence · a day ago
Hen and Buck talking about what it means to endlessly love a child that is not biologically yours.
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stagefoureddiediaz · a day ago
Just having a moment over the red Crane shirt that Hen is wearing when Chimney leaves to go find Maddie. its an amazing shirt, and lead me down a research rabbit hole (thank you ADHD!!)
Tumblr media
In Korea there is a species of Crane called the red crowned crane (which is the one on the shirt - you can see the red crown) and they are revered as a symbol of fidelity, longevity and luck. Cranes migrate over long distances and most species mate for life.
if that isn’t just a beautiful analogy for Chim and Maddie and their relationship and the fact he’s travelling long distances to find his mate then I don’t know what is!
Costume department - you are just amazing!
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mistletoemay · a day ago
hen, setting down a card: ace of spades
chimney, pulling out an uno card: +4
buck, pulling out a pokémon card: pikachu, i choose you
bobby, trembling: ….what are we playing
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talespinner230 · 2 days ago
After the Bullets and Blood (3)
(Part One) (Part Two) Part three (Part Four)
Warning – there's worse language in this one. 😊
A/N I diverged a little in some places but kept some the same as the show. The scene where they talk about the will is word-for-word because I thought it was important and I didn’t want to change that part of the show. And, again, thank you so much to everyone who stops to read this. I appreciate you and your time when you have so many other stories available.
That time came sooner than they expected when Dr. Carter released Eddie the following evening on the caveat that someone would be with him for a few days.
"Okay, nurse is getting your meds and discharge papers ready. Then we can get out of here," Buck announced, walking back into Eddie’s room.
Eddie looked up from where he was sitting on the bed, waiting. "Great. Hey, since we got a minute…"
"Uh, is everything all right?" Buck stopped from putting something in his pocket and glanced up.
"Yeah, yeah, I’m just, uh, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something."
"Okay." The younger man walked past Eddie and sat on the other end of the bed.
"So, you might have noticed I almost died. Again. Yeah, I’ve had a lot of close calls. This one wasn’t even my closest…"
"Just let me finish."
Buck met his gaze, clearly concerned about where this was going.
"After the last time when that well collapsed on top of me…"
"Which you survived," Buck interrupted.
Eddie gave him a look and a soft huff. "…after that…it got me thinking. You know, what would happen to Christopher if I hadn’t? So, I went to my attorney and changed my will. So, someday, if I, uh…didn’t make it, Christopher would be taken care of… by you." Eddie’s eyes never left Buck’s when he delivered the news, his gaze soft and steady.
"What?" Buck stuttered, not quite comprehending what Eddie was telling him.
"It’s in my will; if I die, you become Christopher’s legal guardian."
To say he was stunned was an understatement. "I mean, h-how-how does that even work? Don’t…" he chuckled softly. "Don’t-don’t you need my consent?"
Eddie tipped his head slightly. "My attorney said you could refuse," he answered, looking away.
Buck’s eyes were glued to Eddie’s face. "You know I wouldn’t." And didn’t that say it all? I’d never say no.
"I know you wouldn’t." And Eddie’s face had an answering look – that he never had a doubt.
Buck looked down, drawing in a rapid breath. "I mean, he-he has grandparents, other family." People better than me.
Eddie chuckles. "Yeah. After Shannon left, they all tried to guilt me into giving Christopher to them. It’s not what I wanted then; it’s not what I want now."
Buck held out a hand toward Eddie. "If," he emphasized. "It came to that, w-wouldn’t they fight for him?"
"I don’t know," Eddie shifted, straightening his back. "Maybe…probably." Eddie looked down, then back at Buck. "But no one will ever fight for my son as hard as you. That is what I want for him." You’re who I want for him.
Eddie’s words were poignant, emphatic as he turned back to meet Buck’s eyes.
Buck licked his lips, nervous and a little unsure. This is a conversation he never thought they’d be having, and he was at a loss. "Well, you said you did this last year. Why are you just telling me now?"
"Because, Evan," A little louder now and with more feeling, which brought Buck’s eyes back to his. Good, Eddie really needs Buck to hear what he’s saying, to listen and understand his words. "You came in here the other day, and you said you thought it would have been better if it had been you who was shot." That would kill me.
Buck’s eyes never left Eddie’s face.
"You act like you’re expendable." Never, never, never.
Buck glances down – he can't deny that.
They both look away, and Eddie sighs.
"But you’re wrong." So wrong…how do I make you believe that?
And his gaze swung back as Buck’s returned to meet his.
"All right, Mr. Diaz, are you ready to get out of here?"
And the lousy timing award went to Eddie’s nurse.
"Hell, yeah," Eddie answered, standing up.
Buck grabbed their bags and went on to the door. "I’ll go bring the Jeep around."
No one will ever fight for my son as hard as you.
You act like you're expendable. But you’re wrong.
No one will ever fight for my son as hard as you.
Christopher would be taken care of…by you.
No one will ever fight for my son as hard as you.
You act like you're expendable. But you’re wrong.
But you’re wrongyou’re wrongyou’re wrongyou’re wrong
It was a drumbeat in Buck’s head all the way to the Jeep. Over and over, thumping in time to his heart. Ba-boom Ba-boom Ba-boom By the time he reached the Jeep, he was running and breathless, bent over double, hands on his knees and panting.
You don’t deserve this.
You just stood there.
You are expendable. ExpendableExpendableExpendableExpendable
"Fuck," he hissed. He snapped to his full height and scrubbed both hands over his face, over his hair to the back of his neck, looking up at the blue sky. Rain would’ve been better. It would fit the shitty way his life is going. He jerked the driver’s door open and got behind the wheel, struggling for control, struggling to breathe.
"Fuck!" he banged the wheel.
He closed his hands into fists, stared hard at them, and did what he’d been doing for a week now. He took a deep, deep breath and another and another until he got his pounding heart under control. Then shoved everything down to a place inside where it couldn’t get out. Down to the place that housed a thousand broken dreams, bitter disappointments, hurts, and lost loves. Down to the fragile wants and needs he’s ignoring. He pushed it inside the overflowing closet of things he couldn’t look at too closely and locked that door. And turned the deadbolt.
If he didn’t have his shit together when he got back to Eddie, he was screwed because Eddie would know the minute he looked at him. And Buck wasn’t showing his hand today.
He got back to the patient's pickup and jumped out to help Eddie. Buck wanted desperately to hold onto this connection that had grown during the long days in the hospital, to hold onto Eddie for just a little longer before they returned to everyone else, but instead, he stood inches away in case Eddie needed help as he got into the Jeep. Buck made sure his friend was inside then closed the door, feeling like he was closing it on more than just the Jeep.
A short time later, he pulled up in front of Eddie’s house. Again, just at the edge of the passenger door, he waited, hands at the ready…just in case. Slowly, Eddie unbuckled his belt and slid out, standing still for several seconds to get his land legs under him. He raised a brow in Buck's direction as he took in the extra cars parked along the street.
Buck’s head dipped, a hint of a smile playing at the corners of his mouth. "They wanted to be here when you came home."
Eddie grinned as he pushed the front door open.
And there was his family. Bobby, Chim, Hen, Carla, Ana, and the light of his life standing front and center. Eddie took two steps forward and dropped to his knees, wrapping his good arm around Christopher, holding him tightly to his chest.
"Mijo, I’m so glad to see you," he whispered against the brown curls.
"Me, too, dad. I’m glad you’re home."
Eddie pulled back and pressed a kiss to his forehead, then touched their heads together, tears misting his eyes after being away from his son for so many days. He laughed and squeezed him again. "You look like you’ve grown a foot! What’s Abuela been feeding you?"
A giggle bubbled out of the little boy. "Tamales."
The group laughed, watching them hug once more. Buck watches from the doorway, taking in the faces of the ones he loves most. For the first time in too long, warmth spreads over him, reaching into the cold, dark places. His heart squeezes until his chest feels too tight, making breathing a struggle. He holds very still, barely keeping it in check, taking in the scene before him, soaking in the faces. Hen’s beautiful smile, the laughing twinkle in Chim’s eyes, the fondness in Bobby’s gaze. And Eddie and Christopher… Bobby extended a hand, and Eddie took it, letting the Captain carefully pull him to his feet. Bobby hugged the uninjured side, murmured something that had Eddie smiling and nodding with a boyish grin as he squeezed the older man’s shoulder.
"Athena sends her love." Bobby released him and stepped back.
"Tell her I said thanks and thank you all for coming. This means a lot."
"We aren’t going to stay because we know just coming home probably exhausted you, and we need to get to work." Hen gently patted his uninjured side. "But Karen sent food."
Eddie sighed, a hand to his heart. "Thank you! To both of you." He hugged her, her hand briefly touching the side of his face, her smile tender.
"I put some stuff in the freezer for you, too," Bobby put in. "Can’t have you recovering solely on takeout food. Call if you need anything."
"I will, Cap. And, thanks, for everything," Eddie said, squeezing Bobby’s hand and trying to convey more than words.
Bobby understood and squeezed back.
There was still one person who hadn’t greeted him yet. Buck spared her a glance and then moved toward Christopher. He couldn’t be here for that exchange, not now when he was barely keeping himself together. In fact, it was time to add one more padlock to that hidden door.
"Come on, Chris! Let’s go tell everyone goodbye!" Buck swept Christopher up in his arms and followed the others outside with a big smile.
Carla took the chance to make herself scarce. "I’ll wait in the kitchen for you."
The others piled into their cars while Buck and Christopher watched, waving as each one drove away. Christopher rested his head on Buck’s shoulder, and Buck looked down at the wild riot of curls. "You okay, buddy?" he asked, smoothing his hand down the small back.
"Yeah. Just glad to see you and my dad."
Buck rested his head against the young boy’s, closing his eyes for a moment. Christopher was getting older and wasn’t much for being held anymore, so he valued these small windows of time.
No one will ever fight for my son as hard as you.
Christopher would be taken care of…by you.
You become Christopher’s legal guardian.
You don’t deserve this.
You just stood there.
You are expendable.
The words echoed in the recesses of Buck’s head and heart, coming back without his knowledge from the place where he’d locked them away. So, he pushed them down again, more determined than ever to hide them away, banishing them back to the dark.
He moved and sat on the small railing, both arms around Christopher, neither of them talking for a minute. The afternoon sun was warm, the sky a brilliant blue with fat, puffy clouds dancing in the breeze, birds chirping in the distance. Buck sighed profoundly and held Christopher a little tighter. How could it be such an incredible day when everything was going to hell? Why did he keep failing at the times when he really needed to succeed? He wanted a storm that matched the one in his soul. Something to drown out the pain and anger and wash away all the dark thoughts. Not a fuckin’ beautiful day when everything seemed right in the world.
In the way that kids often do, Christopher seemed to sense that something was off. He tightened his grip around his neck, brushing his hand against Buck’s hair.
"Love you, Buck. Thanks for taking care of my dad."
Buck swallowed hard and pulled back slightly, releasing the small body to cup that perfect, beautiful face in his hands. "I love you, buddy, you know that, right? I couldn’t love you more if you were my son," he whispered.
The mega-watt smile came like a brilliant rainbow after the storm. "Bucky, can I tell you something?"
Buck wrapped his arms around him again. "Of course, you can tell me anything, anytime."
Christopher laid his head back on Buck’s shoulder, playing with the collar of his shirt. He didn’t speak for a long moment, and Buck didn’t rush him. "Sometimes…sometimes I wish you were my dad, too."
And those simple words whispered in such a clear, sweet voice dropped the bottom out of Buck’s world and hit that closet door like a battering ram. It took every ounce of his mental and physical strength to remain still. To sit there on the railing, holding his best friend’s son, and absorb those words. To remember how to breathe when his throat closed over and his brain short-circuited.
Those sweet, simple words made him shake, and his heart stutters to a stop.
He doesn’t deserve those words. Christopher would snatch them back as soon as he knew how Buck had failed Eddie when he needed him most.
When he didn’t answer, Christopher raised his head. "Are you mad? I’m sorry. Is that something I shouldn’t say?"
"Oh, no, you just surprised me. Christopher," his voice cracked, and he paused, struggling for ground. "If I could handpick my son, there would be no one better than you. You are the smartest, bravest, funniest kid I know. Having you in my life has made me better."
There was that smile again, brighter than the brightest star in the sky. Christopher laughed and squeezed his neck again as Buck stood, gently setting him on his feet and waiting until he got his balance before he let go. He opened the front door to let Christopher in.
"Would you tell your dad I’ll be back later?"
To the other man, standing just inside the front door, the precious exchange on the porch shot straight to his heart and exploded like fireworks in the night sky. So lost in the conversation, they didn’t hear him crack the door, so he quickly stepped back and eased it closed. He didn’t mean to eavesdrop – he’d only gone to see what was taking them so long.
Stunned, his head fell against the door. For the rest of his days, he would remember the look he just saw on his best friend’s face. The one who didn’t understand why Eddie changed his will, but if he could see himself the way Eddie just did, he’d never have to question it again. The naked emotion on his face was a revelation after watching Buck struggle to hang on the last few days.
"Everything okay?" Ana asked, coming up behind him in the hall.
"Yeah, great." He straightened and turned, trying to put a happy smile on his face. "They’ll be back in a minute. I really appreciate your offer to stay, but Buck will be here with us for the next few days," Eddie stated, noting her disappointment even as she tried to hide it.
"Are you sure? I can take care of you. Doesn’t Buck have to work?"
"We’ve got it worked out." Eddie took a deep breath. "Ana…"
"You know, I never understood why he wouldn’t let me stay with you in the hospital."
"What do you mean?"
"He let me visit you for a few minutes, but then he basically kicked me out. I have to say that it didn’t seem his place…"
"Stop right there."
Her mouth snapped shut, and she frowned. Good, he got her attention.
"I’ve put up with your little comments before about why he spends so much time with us, why he’s here as much as he’s at his own home, but that is none of your business, Ana. Buck is none of your business, and his place with Christopher and I is non-negotiable."
He shrugged, rubbing his good hand over the back of his neck. "I’m sorry, Ana, I am. Christopher loves you, and I guess I thought…"
Ana nodded, gathering her purse. "You thought you would, too. I could tell you were pulling away," she smiled wistfully. "I hoped I was wrong."
"I’m sorry, but it isn’t fair to any of us to keep going," he answered.
"I wish you the best, Eddie."
As she turned to leave, the door opened, and Christopher came in.
"Where’s Buck?" Eddie asked.
"He said to tell you he’d be back later."
Eddie’s brows drew together. "Did he say where he was going?"
Behind the boy, Ana gave Eddie one last look and let herself out the front door just as Carla came from the kitchen.
"That was pretty anti-climactic for two people dating."
Eddie glanced over as Carla came out of the kitchen. "What does that say about the dating?" he muttered, shaking his head.
"Ana is a lovely woman."
"But?" Eddie asked because he could sure hear it coming.
Carla grinned. "I’m glad you’re following your heart."
Eddie flashed her a blinding smile. "Me, too."
Still working on the next part!
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criminalhotch · a day ago
The One With…
Pairing: Evan Buckley and Eddie Diaz (Buddie)
Word Count: 3.5k (aka I love these morons and got carried away)
Warnings: I don’t think there are any? Unless you count mentioning hickies…
A/N: This is my first Buddie fic and my first 9-1-1 fic in general so I appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you to @ssahotchswifemain for beta reading this because I was nervous. You’re an angel. The title is based off of Friends episodes that all start “The One With…).
Summary: 5 times the 118 speculated that Buck and Eddie were a thing and the one time they confronted them about it.
(A/N: Look at that GIF and tell me Buck isn’t in love with his best friend.)
Tumblr media
…The Texting (1)
It all started about a year after the tsunami. Buck had gone over to hang out with his sister. Chim had picked up an extra shift because someone on one of the other shifts was going to a wedding so Chim felt bad. So it was just Maddie and Evan’s movie night. Maddie had picked out The Titanic. She knew Buck would pretend to hate it just like he did when he was kid and Maddie made her watch it with him when it came out on VHS tape. She also knew he secretly loved the sappy stuff. They sat on the couch letting the commercials run through on the DVD.
“Eddie asked if I wanted to come over because Chris is at abuela’s but lucky for you I remembered Buckley movie night” Buck said.
“You call it lucky, I call it unfortunate” she joked and Buck’s jaw dropped at his sister’s rudeness.
“I can still go to Eddie’s” he fired back.
“You know I’m kidding. Watch one movie with me and you’re free to go” she offered.
“What movie?” Evan asked.
“The Titanic!”
“Not the titanic, I feel like I’m 10 years old again” Buck whined.
“You act like it too” Maddie rebutted, elbowing Buck in the side in a teasing manner.
The movie went by much quicker than Maddie remembered but then again she’s in her 30s now and not a teen anymore. She also didn’t pay attention to half the movie because her brother was so busy texting someone. He couldn’t keep his big toothy grin off of his face for more than two minutes. The only times he paid attention were the good parts like the classic Jack holding Rose scene.
“Do you think they were soulmates?” Buck asked and Maddie just quirked an eyebrow up at him.
“If so, do you think they knew that they were soulmates?” He followed up with.
“What’s up with all the soul mate talk?” She asked.
“I’m just older now Mads. It makes you wonder” he shrugged as they continued with the movie.
“Who ya texting over there?” Maddie asked at the end of the movie.
“No one,” he answered quickly. Too quickly.
“Is it a girl?” No answer.
“A boy?”
“Why would it be a b-?” Evan started to say as Maddie reached for his phone but Buck was a split second quicker.
“You know what? You told me one movie and it looks like the movie is over” Buck teased, pointing to the credits rolling on the screen.
“I’m going to go to Eddie’s. He said that h-Chris misses me” he said as he grabbed his keys and headed out the door.
“I thought you said—Love you mads” Buck intercepted.
“I thought he said Chris was at abuela’s?” Maddie asked out loud to no one but herself.
It didn’t stop her from texting Chimney about her weird night with her brother. Chimney didn’t think anything of it because well, it is Buck. Then Maddie sent him “I think they’re together, Chimney”.
His only reply was “About damn time, if so”.
…The Hickeys (2)
They both came to work with hickeys on their neck which isn’t super surprising they are both good looking guys. The weird part was that it was in the same spot on both of their necks… TWICE.
The first time was just a few days after Maddie had texted Chimney that she thought they were something.
“I see that Buck 1.0 is back” Chim said.
“What do you mean? He’s long gone” Buck said.
“I should write you up for that hickey on your neck” Bobby commented.
“What? There’s no—“ Buck started but stopped when he flipped his phone camera around to see the deep purple mark on his throat.
It wasn’t 15 seconds later when Eddie walked in.
“What are we talking about?” He asked.
“The hickey on Buck’s neck” Chim replied.
Then Hen saw it. There was one on Eddie’s neck too.
“Bobby if you’re going to write Buck up, add Eddie to the list because he’s got a fat one right there” she said poking the bruise on his throat.
“Umm, OW?” Eddie replied.
“Haven’t you been shot while in the army? There’s no way that hurt” Hen replied sarcastically as she headed to the kitchen.
“This is your only warning. Either of you, better yet any of you come to work in an unprofessional manner like this again and I will write you up, are we understood?” Bobby asked.
“Yes, Cap” everyone chimed.
Chimney however was only half listening as he was too busy noticing that the hickies were in an identical spot.
“Hen did you notice something about these particular hickies?” Chim asked.
“I tried not to, Chim” she replied.
“They are in the same exact spot on both of their necks, which is weird right?” He asked.
“Definitely weird” she agreed.
“I think you’re looking at it too deeply, Chim. It’s purely a coincidence” Buck offered as Eddie just walked out of the room.
About a month later it happened again, this time they learned from their mistakes and it wasn’t as visible.
Poor Chimney had caught them once again. He had walked into the shower room with Buck meanwhile Eddie had just walked out of the shower. Chimney noticed the couple of fading hickies on Eddie’s chest but he didn’t say anything.
That is until Buck, who wasn’t paying attention, ripped off his shirt before turning the water on, he also had hickeys that looked to be of similar age and again almost in the exact same spot as Eddie’s were.
“You guys and those hickies” Chim commented.
“I think you’re just jealous. Now that Maddie is pregnant, you’re probably not getting any” Eddie added.
“I’ll have you know, pregnancy hormones are very strong and we—Hey, hey, that’s my sister” Buck interrupted.
“Anyways, I’m not jealous, I just didn’t know either of you had anyone special in your life”.
…The Mystery Man (3)
It was a rare weekend that the 118 had an entire weekend off. When this happens Eddie and Hen have an arrangement that they spend Friday night with their kids and on Saturday they rotate taking the boys so the other can have a break. This time it was Eddie’s turn to take Denny.
Hen arrived at Eddie’s promptly at 11am to drop Denny off like they discussed previously. She was slightly taken aback by the sight she was greeted with.
Eddie’s hair was clearly disheveled, his shirt was on but it was backwards, and at the very last second she noticed a tall white man scurrying through his house but it was so quick she couldn’t even begin to decipher who it was.
She did have her suspicions, however, just not enough to confirm it. “I forgot all about our play date. Chris is at Aunt Pepa’s making abuela’s cake for her birthday tomorrow night but we can go over there so you and Chris can still hang out, does that sound good to you, bud?” Eddie asked the curly headed boy, still slightly out of breath.
“Sure! Have they made the cake yet? Can I help?” He cheered.
“I don’t know, I’m sure if they haven’t made it yet they’d love your help! Let me get my shoes on and we’ll leave, sound good?” Eddie asked and Denny agreed.
“Thanks!” Hen smiled.
“No problem. I forgot all about it. It’s been so long since we’ve had a full weekend off and it’s Abuela's birthday”, Eddie smiled shyly as he rubbed his neck nervously.
“Happens to the best of us but you may want to turn that shirt around before Pepa and Chris think you’ve lost the ability to dress yourself” Hen offers as Eddie looks down at his shirt.
“I’m just a mess today but I’ll be sure to give Denny back in one piece, same time tomorrow?” Eddie offers and Hen nods, heading towards the car.
Hen’s suspicions were furthered when Denny came home talking about how fun it was to play with Chris, Eddie, AND Buck all weekend.
…The Lockscreens (4)
It wasn’t a shift or two after the backwards shirt ordeal when Eddie was helping Hen stock the ambulance while Chim was on paternity leave. His phone was sitting on the gurney as he had been texting with Carla about Chris’s school project that was coming up.
Hen had just happened to look at the gurney right when Carla had texted him back. She saw a picture of Buck, Eddie, and Chris taken at Aunt Pepa’s house. She could tell it was over the past weekend because Eddie was wearing the same shirt (but it was facing the right way this time).
“That’s a cute picture of you guys, who took it?” Hen asked, curiously.
“Uhh, Carla” Eddie said hesitantly.
“I never thought Buck would be so good with kids” Hen admitted.
“He loves Christopher and Chris loves him” Eddie admitted.
Hen wanted to scream “And so do you, you freaking goofball” but she figured she would let him figure that out on his own.
Her only response was, “I’m sure he’ll be a good uncle to the baby”.
The same shift Bobby had made his infamous Mac and Cheese and everyone was ready to devour it. Buck had sent a pic to Chimney to show him what he was missing. Buck in the mean time had plopped himself in between Bobby and Eddie. His phone dinged when Chim responded with a picture of Jee-Yun.
“That’s a cute picture” Bobby commented.
“I know, I have to give Chim credit he makes cute babies but then again that baby is half Buckley” Evan joked.
“I meant your lockscreen, Buck '' Bobby admitted.
“Oh, yeah. I just changed it over the weekend” Buck explained.
“I’m too far away, what is your lockscreen?” Hen asked.
“Oh, it is Chris, Eddie, and I making silly faces” he chuckled.
Hen’s eyes went wide when she recognized Eddie’s shirt and realized it was definitely taken the same day that Eddie’s was, which nearly confirmed that Buck was the naked man running through Eddie’s house at 11am that Saturday morning.
…The Will (5)
After the well mishap, Edmundo Diaz had to have a serious conversation with himself. He was minutes from death and minutes away from making his son an orphan.
He decided he needed a sound voice of reason so one night while Chris was at a sleepover with friends from school, he showed up at Bobby and Athena’s.
Athena answered the door to see the dark haired man.
“Is Bobby home?” He asked.
“Yeah, he’s out back” Athena said welcoming him in.
“Who is it, Thena?” Bobby asked.
“It’s Eddie” she said, with a confused tone.
“What’s up, Eddie? Are you feeling okay? You’re not usually one for unprompted visits?” Bobby asked, concern clear in his voice.
“I’m alright. I’ve just been thinking and I needed a sounding board” he explained.
“Of course, what’s up?”
“I nearly died the other day, Bobby” he started.
“I know, I was there”.
“I almost orphaned my son and the thought still haunts me. I love this job but everyday isn’t promised, especially in this profession. This isn’t my notice or anything but I need to figure out what happens to Chris if I don’t make it the next time” Eddie admits.
“Well there’s your parents” Bobby offers.
“I don’t want Chris to go back to Texas. He doesn’t have anyone there other than my parents. He’d be miserable” Eddie explains.
“Abuela is too old, she’s already messed up her hip. She can’t handle a kid with CP. Aunt Pepa won’t be able to do it either. I don’t want to risk them dying on Christopher either. All of my friends are firefighters though and he barely knows my sisters” Eddie adds.
“I don’t know Eddie” Bobby sighed.
“Me either” Eddie agreed.
“Think of it this way, I guess. Who would Chris want to raise him if you couldn’t? And do you trust the person he would pick to raise him?” Bobby suggested.
“I’m so dumb, how could I oversee it. It’s Buck, it has to be” Eddie says dumbfoundedly.
“You sure? Buck isn’t the most responsible person on the planet” Bobby asks.
“He’s not but he loves my son like he’s his own and I know he’d raise him in a way that was respectful to me and to Chrisoper’s mother. If I die, I want Buck to become the legal guardian to Chris” Eddie spoke out loud.
“Are you going to talk to him about it?” Bobby asked.
“I’m going to talk to my lawyer and go from there” Eddie explained.
“Eddie, I promise if something happens to you, Buck will not raise Chris alone. He has the 118 behind him” Booby says, placing his hand on Eddie’s shoulder.
“I know, thank you” Eddie replied softly.
The next day Eddie went to his lawyer and his lawyer advised him that the guardian that was appointed could refuse but Eddie knew there’s no way Buck would deny Christopher.
It was about a week or so later, Eddie found his way to Bobby’s office.
“What can I do for ya?” Bobby asked.
“I just wanted to let you know that the paperwork is all filled out and if something happens to me at work that Buck gets Christopher” Eddie said.
“Eddie, if something happens, I promise to give Buck all the time he needs to get Chris and himself through it. I’ll also make the executive decision to keep him from going into any risky situations unless absolutely necessary so he can go home to Chris” Bobby promises.
It wasn’t a little over a year later when Eddie got shot on duty, which for a firefighter is considered a freak accident. He almost died AGAIN. He felt like he should tell Buck about the arrangement he has for Chris because he’s feeling less like a human and more like a cat with nine lives and frankly he has got to be running out.
He decided he absolutely had to tell Buck when he told Eddie that he wishes it was him that was shot.
“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something” Eddie says.
“Ok?” Buck responds unsure of what is going on.
“So you might have noticed I almost died. Again” Eddie starts.
“I’ve had a lot of close calls and this one wasn’t even my closest” he continues. Buck tries to interrupt but Eddie continues.
“After the last time. When the well collapsed on top of me…” he explained.
“Which you survived” Buck reminded him.
Eddie looked at him, chuckling and then continued. “After that, it got me thinking. What would happen to Christopher if I hadn’t so I went to my attorney and changed my will. So someday if I uh, didn’t make it Christopher would be taken care of”.
There was a pause as Eddie took a breath,
“By you”.
“What?” Buck asks.
“It is in my will that if I die, you become Christopher’s legal guardian” Eddie explains simply.
Buck started asking him a bunch of questions.
“My attorney said you could refuse-“ Eddie started.
“You knew I wouldn’t”
“I knew you wouldn’t” Eddie agreed.
Buck asked about Eddie’s parents and Eddie told him how they wanted to take Chris from Eddie after Shannon left but that is not what Eddie wanted for his son. Buck wondered if they would fight for Chris and Eddie wasn’t sure what his parents would do in that situation.
“No one will ever fight for my son as hard as you. THAT is what I want for him” Eddie admits.
“You said you did this last year, why are you just telling me now?” Evan asks.
“Because Evan”, Eddie says, emphasizing the use of Buck’s real name.
“You came in here the other day saying it would have been better if it had been you who was shot,” Eddie says before pausing. He smiles at Buck before continuing.
“You act like you’re expendable” Eddie sighs.
“But you’re wrong”.
…The shirts (+1)
6am is early and Eddie Diaz is not a morning person neither is Evan Buckley however he’s not as bad as the older man. Buck had stayed with Eddie during his time off to help him with his gunshot wounds and help take care of Chris when Carla wasn’t available just so Abuela and Aunt Pepa didn’t have to overwork themselves.
It was Eddie’s first day back and he was ready but damn he was tired. Buck decided that he would help get Christopher ready so that Eddie could figure out what his schedule was like from a few months ago. Neither one of them paid attention to which shirt they grabbed off of the bed and just threw it on with their jeans. Both of them decided today would be a good day to wear an LAFD shirt which was fine.
Unless.. it was their LAFD shirts with their last names under the LAFD shield. It was such a small detail neither of them seemed to notice.
But Bobby noticed.
He was talking to Buck when he realized that his shirt said Diaz as opposed to Buckley. He didn’t say anything though. He took a mental note, however.
At dinner, the two of them conveniently were sitting next to each other as Bobby handed them a small stack of paperwork.
“What is this?”
“Workplace Relationship Disclosure Form, fill them out and return it to me by the end of shift” he said.
“Who is dating?” Buck asked.
“You and Eddie” Hen deadpanned.
“Uhh, no we’re not” Buck replied nervously.
“Yes you are. And if not this is an intervention. Maddie told me months ago that you were texting someone during The Titanic then you left to go hang out with Eddie claiming Chris missed you when you told Maddie when you got there Chris wasn’t even home” Chimney explained.
“Let’s not forget the hickies I almost wrote you up for” Bobby added.
“I didn’t even tell him about the ones I saw in the shower a few days after that” Chim added.
“And if that isn’t enough I saw a naked white man running through Eddie’s house when I dropped Denny off that one morning while Eddie’s hair was severely messed up and his shirt on backwards” Hen explained.
“Ever heard of bed head, Hen?” Eddie asked.
“Yes, but the kicker was the next time I saw both of you, you had both changed your lockscreens to you two with Chris and Eddie was wearing the same shirt but he thankfully had turned it around” Hen finished.
“And for our final installment, we know Eddie has changed his will that if God forbids something happens, you get guardianship over Christopher” Chimney chimed in.
“You don’t do that unless you love someone and trust them with your child like they’re your own. That is exactly what happened with my situation with Denny” Hen added.
“Like I said, end of shift” Bobby reminded.
“We’re not—“Buck started but was interrupted.
“Give it up, Evan. They figured us out” Eddie sighed. The rest of the 118 watched as Buck’s eyes went wide.
“Eddie, you sure?”
“Buck, they figured it out and they have evidence”.
“So you guys are together?” Chim asked.
“Yeah, we have been since shortly after the shooting” Buck explained.
“But the hickies and the naked man?” Hen asked.
“Guilty but we were just sleeping together then” Buck admitted.
“Buck!” Eddie reprimanded for his openness to their team.
“When did you start sleeping together?” Bobby asked.
“A few months after the tsunami,” Eddie admitted.
“Well, I suppose, congratulations are in order” Hen smiles.
“Thanks” Buck smiled back.
“Oh, when you guys get married please be sure to invite us” Chim says throwing a jab at Bobby.
“We’d both already been married. We didn’t see a need for anything crazy. Have you ever tried wedding planning?” Bobby argued.
“Woah, woah marriage? I may not be Buck 1.0 anymore but let’s not rush into anything” Buck said throwing both of his hands up and pumping them like they were imaginary brakes.
“What? You saying you wouldn’t marry me Buckley?” Eddie asked.
“Well I’m not saying that” Buck chuckled nervously.
Eddie scowled at him.
“I-I uh mean, that depends are you asking?” Buck retaliates.
“Well not right now but maybe someday” Eddie shrugs.
“Eddie” Buck says with tears in his eyes.
“You would want to like actually marry me?” Buck asks.
“I don’t know, it’s been legal for awhile now so I guess if I decided to keep you around then yeah I guess it’s a possibility” Eddie explains.
“Well, Eddie Diaz, I guess I would possibly want to marry you too” Buck says.
“Buck that was almost as bad as the “you can have my back too” from Eddie’s first day” Chim commented.
“Shh, Chim, we’re having a moment” Buck shushed.
“Why don’t we celebrate your love over dinner and like I said, end of shift with those forms” Bobby suggested as everyone gathered around the table.
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911paralleluniverse · 2 days ago
Me thinks Hen and Eddie helped save Clive during a call. Clive reconnects with the love of his life Antonia through Hen. Me thinks Eddie will be reconnecting with his one of his close army friends in 5b (not sure if it's a man or woman but anyway) and Me thinks Eddie and Chris watches telenovela and a sucker of a great big love story. Me thinks Eddie asking Hen what's next for Clive and Antonia. As we all know they reconnect and went on a road trip and getting together. Me thinks he couldn't go and do more with his army friend because he's got Shannon and Christopher to think. Me thinks is this a subtle implication for Eddie's lovelife? Reconnecting with his past freeing himself like a Bird and finally get together?
But now me thinks, Gabi and Chloe. A mix and match of personalities and past experiences of Buck and Eddie. Gabi who just came from a bad break up and moved to a new town for a fresh start similar situation to Eddie with Shannon and moving from El Paso to LA. Chloe who acted like a bitch at their first meeting very similar to Buck being a dick when him and Eddie first met. Clipboard Chloe very authoritative and just Clipboard Buck. Chloe stabbed by a pen similar to Buck went through with Abby performing tracheostomy. Gabi was splattered by Chloe's blood on her face - a very recent situation with Eddie getting shot splattered his blood all over Buck's. Buck and Eddie saved both Gavi and Chloe. Getting to know in the end. A fresh start. A blossoming romance.
Me thinks Bobby and Athena roleplaying and Bobby playing detectives with a detective Sgt. Athena. A similar situation where Buck and Eddie would shamelessly play Cagney and Lacey anytime they want just because they can. What's your grievance and Treasure Hunt were an examples of that. Additional First responders episode for Buck and Suspicion episode for Eddie.
Me thinks about Buck forcing Taylor to talk with him resonating his current situation where he can't tell to Eddiebto force him to talk with him.
Me thinks Maddie left Chim and Jee cause she needs time.
Me thinks Eddie is slowly distancing himself cause he needs time.
But all these, it all boils down again to Clive and Antonia. No, Eddie's not reconnecting with his past army friend. He's reconnecting with his buried feelings. Freeing himself from it. Clive looking at this watch waiting for Antonia was similar to Eddie fixing his watch while talking to Buck how to break up with Ana.
Me thinks Clive waited for Antonia and tells her she's worth the wait is like a foreshadowing for Eddie waiting for Buck to break up with Taylor because he's worth the wait.
Finally me thinks, Gavi and Chloe, Bobby and Athena and Buck and Taylor and Clive and Antonia is the summarization of Buck and Eddie's LOVE STORY.
So yeah after 5x10, WHAT'S NEXT?
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