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In trouble now
A/N: So this is a little part 1. I’m sorry that it’s short though. I don’t allow my stuff to be posted anywhere else. Likes, Comments, and reblogs are always welcome. Would love any feedback <3
Warnings: manhandling, oral (male receiving) nicknames (baby girl)
Word count: 386
Pairing: Walter x August x female reader.
You and Walter were sitting in the sitting room, you watching TV, and Walter sitting in the armchair looking at his phone. You were flicking through the channels but were unable to settle on something to watch. You threw the remote to the other side ot=f the couch and Walter finally looked up from his phone screen.
"What's the matter, baby?"
"I'm bored, can we go do something?"
"No baby, we will be having dinner soon"
He was back on his phone, you cross your arms and pout at him. He didn't even notice. You quietly got off the couch and, made your way over to him, kneeling in front of him. His legs were spread open so you rested your hands on his tighs.
"Don't start what you can't handle little one"
Not answering him you slowly move your hands up and start palming him through his jeans. He finally left his phone down resting his arms on the chair. Undoing his button and zip, you pull his semi-hard cock from his boxers, stroking him slowly. He held onto your other hand on his thigh and squeezed. His cock is now fully erect, you lick from the base to the tip, taking the tip into your mouth and slowly sucking.
He inhaled deeply when you started slowly sucking his length, taking him as deep as you could, gagging on his cock. His hand fists your hair and he grunts as you keep going. "Fuck baby girl, you know how much trouble you are going to be in" He didn't ask that as a question it was more a statement. Just as he said it, you heard the front door close. As he walks in and sees you on your knees in front of Walter he stopped and crossed his arms. After a moment of silence, he walks over to you and grabs you by the throat picking you up. "I told you, baby girl, you're in trouble now," Walter says with a smirk.
"August, I'm sorry, I couldn't help it!"
He brought your ear to his lips. "Well, I'm not gonna be able to help what I'm gonna do to you"
Looking over at Walter with pleading eyes. "Aw baby girl, where is all that confidence gone?"
"We're gonna fuck it out of her Marshall"
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Yours Again
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Henry had a brief relationship onset, but you called it off when filming finished. At the film's premiere, Henry is determined to win you back for good.
Pairing: Henry Cavill x Female Reader
Word Count: approx. 2.8k
Warnings: RPF, p in v sex, implied praise kink, reader smokes a cigarette.
Authors note:
It's been a while since I've actually written a Henry piece (I think ten months!) but I got a flash of inspiration late this afternoon and wanted to see how it went. I'm sorry if its a mess. Its 2am here and I wanted to finish it in one go because lately every time I start a fic and go to sleep, I just can't pick up where I left off.
Thanks to @amberangel112 for being the worlds best title fairy and for beta reading. Thanks also to @henryobsessed for beta reading.
Edited by me (ok thats a lie, I barely read over it) there will be errors.
Dividers made by me.
Tumblr media
You swallow hard as you watch Henry meander along the carpet, his arm held above his head waving to some fans behind the row of interviewers. He looks amazing in his deep navy blue woollen three piece suit and burgundy tie. He gives the fans his full 1000 watt smile, then turns his attention back to the interviewer.
He came alone.
You weren’t sure if he would, there had been rumours he was seeing someone. Well, maybe he is, but if it isn’t serious enough for him to go public, then maybe you still have a chance. You shake your head, there is no way you would work despite what he says, there is no point even thinking that way. What you two had was nothing more than an onset fling. You were lucky to even talk to him, you were the screenwriter for God’s sake, most of the time even the director ignored you. You don’t even know how you managed to get invited to the premiere.
Your heart leaps into your throat as he notices you and his lips raise into a grin as his eyes light up in recognition. You turn away, embarrassed that you had been caught staring. He’s going to think you’re a creep.
You hurry along the carpet to the waiting photographers, and although you know your time in front of them will be limited, a courtesy at best, you are keen to get it over with. You pose like you had practised, (a friend of yours is married to a well-known director and she gave you pointers,) when the photographers suddenly showed a lot more interest, lights flashing brightly and blinding you for a moment.
When the dark spots leave your eyes and your vision clears, you see what all the fuss is about as Henry snakes his arm around your waist and his lips caress your cheek. His kiss is chaste, as intimate as one would expect between colleagues, but his fingers dig into your side and his eyes burn with a feverish blue flame that speaks to a deeper desire. You breathe deeply, and your mouth waters as his familiar scent fills your nose like vapours. He always smells divine. Even after a full day of shooting high intensity action sequences, when he would follow you to your room at the end of filming, he would always offer to shower and you would always tell him it could wait.
He faces the photographers and his voice is low as he speaks just loud enough to be heard above the demanding calls of his name, “You look stunning, sweetheart.”
You try to reply, but the words get stuck in your throat. He digs his fingers into your waist again and murmurs, “Breathe. You’re alright.”
“I should go,” you say, pulling away from his grasp.
“I’ll come find you,” he says both as a parting farewell and a promise.
Inside the theatre is as noisy as outside, but far less intimidating. One of the PA’s guides you through the lobby, pointing out the bar and the concession stand where boxes of popcorn lined the counter. You take a drink, some sort of white wine and find your way to the back entrance fumbling in your tiny clutch for a cigarette and lighter.
You slump against the wall in relief once the comforting chafe of the smoke burns your throat and fills your lungs. Sweeter still is the nicotine as it seeps into your blood and mollifies your agitated disposition. As soon as you finish the cigarette, you light another, knowing the film would be a long one, you need as much help to get through it, unsure of whether it would be seemly to have a mid-movie smoke break.
“I thought I’d find you here,” Henry’s temperate baritone interrupts your thoughts and your anxiety piques again. “Another failed quitting attempt, I see?” he adds with a smile.
Shrugging, you return his smile with a nervous one of your own. “I lasted two weeks this time,” you say with stubborn pride.
“Good girl,” he says teasingly and his tongue sweeps swiftly over his lips. You try not to gawk at his actions, but his rumbled words of praise take you back to those nights together all those months ago and you’re stuck in a trance. He takes the cigarette from your fingers, drops it into the ashtray filled with sand and butts sticking out like porcupine quills and leans into you.
“Henry, don’t,” you say.
“Why not?” he asks, his playful mood dissolving instantly as his brows come together and he tilts his head questioning. “We were so good together.”
“Don’t ruin what we had by trying to make it into something more,” you say gently, “our lives just… we aren’t meant for anything long term.”
Henry grimaces, his sharp jaw tightens as he clenches his teeth and the muscles dance beneath his perfectly manicured stubbled cheek. “You’re wrong,” he says finally, “what we have could last a lifetime.”
“What we had,” you say firmly, though your guts are churning, “was a good time. Nothing more.”
“Then why are there tears in your eyes, sweetheart?” he asks, placing his hand on your cheek, “And why does it hurt every time I go home and you’re not there?”
“Because you’re a sap,” you say, unable to stop one side of your mouth lifting into a grin, “a hopeless romantic who can’t see how world’s apart our lives are.”
“Ah, so that's why it feels like the ground is shaking whenever our worlds collide.”
You press your lips together and you succeed in holding in your laughter for all of two seconds before you snort and cover your mouth. “Dear God, Henry, that was awful.”
“Made you laugh, though,” he grins. “Come on, let's get a drink before the presentation starts.”
Tumblr media
Hours and several drinks later, you’re pressed up against Henry’s door, your lips locked against his as he fumbles with his door. The key finally finds home and he wraps his arm around you, drawing you close as he turns the handle.
Kal is at the door instantly, his insistent rubbing against your legs makes you both pause for a pat. “Shh, good boy,” Henry croons as he gets on his haunches.
Kal's tail slaps against your legs as you catch your breath and sink your hand into his plush, thickening winter coat. He keeps turning his head towards you and Henry lets him go. Kal turns and you smile as you bend your knees mirroring Henry’s position and scratch behind his ears.
“Aww, puppy,” you laugh, “you remember me.”
Kal raises his head quickly and it puts you off balance and you come down hard on your ass, “Oof, fuck!” you swear and Henry laughs as he offers you his hand.
“You ok?” he asks between chuckles.
You nod and your cheeks heat with embarrassment and the lingering warmth of alcohol. You are only a little tipsy, intoxicated with a gentle and waning buzz.
Henry lifts your chin with a curled finger and his eyes seek yours. “Are you ok with this?” he drops his hand and moves it back and forth between you, “I want you so badly, but not just for tonight.”
You were hoping this wouldn’t come up until after, or preferably not at all and you could sneak out during the night, leaving him with a regretful kiss while he dreamed.
“This isn’t just a fling,” he says fiercely, “This is real, I know the difference, even if you’re too blind or stubborn to see it.”
“I know,” you whisper softly, “But that doesn’t mean it will work.”
“How do you know? How do you know when you never gave us a chance?”
You take a long shuddering inhale and open your mouth to tell him no, but you just can’t force the words out. He’s right, you never did give him a chance, you never gave the relationship a real shot. You assume it couldn’t work, but you don’t really know for sure.
“All I’m asking you to do is to give us a chance,” Henry whispers, placing his hand on the back of your neck.
You raise your hand to his cheek, his sharp whiskers prick into your palm. You remember the days after your first nights together, how sore and rough your skin became from his rough and chafing kiss. In those first few early days it had been nothing but fun, a cheeky romp with a man whose company you enjoyed, but by the night of the wrap party it was obvious that Henry wanted more. He started changing his work schedule saying no to smaller projects and interviews to carve out space for you. Seeing his work load, even one reduced as it was, scared you.
“Stay the night?” he asks, solemnly, unable to wait for you to reply, “Be there in the morning when I wake up, don’t run out on us again.”
Your motivation for breaking things off at the time seemed logical, you had figured that breaking it off before it got too serious would save you both a world of pain. But it hadn’t, you missed him. You missed him in that sickly sweet love sick way that made everything remind you of him. Every song on the radio, every smell, every joke you heard that you want to share, all bring him back into your thoughts.
“I can’t stop thinking about you,” you whisper, “I tried so hard to forget you, but you’re in me so deeply, you’re in everything I see.”
“So stay,” he leans his forehead on yours, and your heart pumps so hard it feels like it’s about to leap from your chest.
“I don’t think I have it in me to leave again,” you confess.
Henry exhales a long sigh and breathes, “Come to bed with me?”
He kisses your cheeks, first one then the other, his lips brushing your heated skin with a feathery, tender touch. An ache grows between your legs as you stand on your toes and kiss his neck and murmur into his ear, “Make me yours again.”
Groaning, he dips his head into your neck and lift your chin, and his lips move over your throat. “You were always mine,” his voice is ragged and rasping, “You just wouldn’t admit it.”
He walks you to his room as you kiss under his raised jaw, his short stubble stung your lips and tongue. You pull his shirt from his pants, desperate to feel his skin under your fingers while he unbuttoned his vest and tore at his tie. You step out of your shoes as Henry guides you backwards and stops you before you reach his bed.
You break apart, both fumbling with your own clothes, both eying the other hungrily until you’re both down to your underwear.
“Don’t stop,” you say, biting your lip as you drag your panties down your thighs.
Henry grins and pulls down his trunks. Your eyes widen, and your hand moves towards him as if drawn by a magnetic pull, but you stop yourself, instead letting your fingers sink into the coarse dark hair that covers his chest.
“You’re a tease, baby,” Henry grumbles, but his tone is playful and without rebuke.
You smirk as you kiss his shoulder and he grabs hold of your hips with an approving hum. His thumbs rub against your hip bone as your lips move across the planes of his chest. Your fingers skim over his smooth, taut stomach, and though his fingers dig into your delicate skin and his breathing becomes shallow and rapid, he seems content to let you take the lead. You close your eyes, savouring his smell, texture and taste, reacquainting yourself with his body. It's slightly different since you last saw him, like he’s put on a bit of weight, and you like his newfound softness.
With a short grunt, Henry’s patience gives out and he draws your bodies together, sliding his hands around your back, pulling you closer making you gasp as you feel his warm skin against yours. He rolls his hips against you while your hands feel their way to his neck and tugging gently on his neck, you kiss him, slowly, teasingly, sucking softly on his silky lips. His hips move against you and you feel his cock harden with each steady, deliberate, grinding pass.
He groans into your mouth, and takes hold of your hand, “Baby, get on the bed, I need you.”
As soon as your head hits the pillows Henry’s body covers yours and you wrap your legs around him. He holds himself above you, his powerful arms are outstretched next to your head. He’s so beautiful above you like this; his muscles taut and flexed, his face so open and sincere.
“I feel like I’ve waited so long to have you beneath me again,” he says as he lays a hand against your neck and his thumb runs along your jaw. He lowers his body to rest on yours and with a low groan he moves his hips and his cock slides effortlessly over your pussy. “Fuck, you’re so ready.”
You moan, moving your hips, relishing the feel of him as his silky hardness slides over your clit. You close your eyes, remembering how he felt the first time you had been together skin against skin. Your eyes fly open and your heart stops before it thunders in your chest and you feel cold.
“Do we need a condom,” you ask, as your stomach twists in fear.
Henry’s brows come together, and he tilts his head in confusion. “We stopped using them ages ago.”
“But have you…” you swallow down the bile rising in your throat and you try again, “Have you been with anyone?”
“No,” he murmurs, lowering his body until your chests meet, “Baby, I don’t want anyone but you.”
Relief warms your blood as his mouth lowers onto yours. His kiss is rougher, harder, and desperate and you kiss him back with the same hunger. Flares of heat build between your legs as you move against each other like masochists, teasing each other until he can no longer stand it and his hand grips your thigh and opens your leg wider.
Henry moves his hips until his cock is pressing against your core. He lifts his head and his eyes find yours, waiting for a sign that you’re ready. You nod and he watches your expression with parted lips as he enters you, stretching you, filling you completely.
“Oh my God,” you moan, arching your back as sweet bliss takes over your senses.
Henry raises to his knees, holding your thighs in his hands as he watches his cock pump into you, “Fuck, your cunt looks so good stretched around me.” He lowers himself over you again, slipping his arms around you, squeezing you tight against him. “You feel so good.”
You raise your lips to his and his mouth covers yours as he rocks slowly over you. Your fingers slip into his hair, over his shoulders and down his arms and back again. Although you had months apart, your bodies seem to sync quickly, settling into a familiar rhythm. Usually, Henry would change positions after a time, but he doesn't, seemingly content to stay close, watching your every reaction. He kisses you sometimes, sometimes he closes his eyes, appearing to be lost in the sensations. But mostly he looks at you with a small smile on his lips.
He reaches between your bodies and presses his thumb against your clit while his hand lays flat against your belly, pressing down firmly. He remembers your body so well and it doesn’t take long for your thighs to quiver and your body winds tighter and tighter. He builds you steadily, eyes wandering over your body until you shout out his name.
“That’s it,” he says groaning your name, “Cum for me, baby, I know you can do it.”
You close your eyes as you shatter and with a shout as your body surges, undulating beneath him as euphoric heat burns through your veins. You gasp for breath as your hazy mind clears.
“God, I’ve missed watching you cum,” Henry mutters in your ear as his gentle thrusts become harder and an urgency overtakes his movements. “You have no idea what it does to me. You’re gonna make me cum.”
Weak from your release, you can barely hold on as he calls your name and he throws his head back with gritted teeth. He groans as he holds himself deep within you while his cock throbs deep in your core, spilling thick ribbons of cum inside you with every lurid pulse.
Henry’s head falls into the crook of your neck, his sweat slickened forehead burrows into you as his lips move over your skin. You stroke his hair and caress his back, neither of you seeming to want this moment to end.
Eventually Henry lifts his head, his eyes appear to be full of a nervous anticipation, as if he feared… something. You look back at him confused, then it hits you and you let a smile play over your lips as you give him your reassurance.
“I’m not going anywhere Henry.”
Tumblr media
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Wake up sleepy head
Henry Cavill x reader
Tumblr media
Not my gif! Credits to: @demivampirew
Summary: After a very tough filming day for Henry and you leaving him pant up the entire day by a hot picture of yourself, he remembered a certain fantasy you had told him in which he could find some release as well.
Warnings: pure filth! Smut! Somnophilia but with CONSENT! P in V, unprotected sex, multiple creampies, eating you out while you asleep, face sitting, blowjob, deepthroat, face fucking, throat bulge, daddy kink, dirty talk, fingering, fingering anal, pet names, cockwarming, one ass slap, rough but passionate sex, overstimulation, controlled orgasm, Dom/Sub dynamic, praising kink, slight chocking
Words: 3,3K
A/N: This fic is entirely written with consent in mind.
Sleepy head
You were lounging on the couch with Kal by your side. It was later in the evening and you tried staying up for Henry, your boyfriend. You haven’t seen him in a while and well you wanted to see him but you also hadn’t had sex in quite a while because he was on a busy schedule with filming. It was over a month now and it was torture for the both of you.
You had texted him today with a very heated picture of you in your new lingerie, in which he texted back to try and get home sooner than normal. You smirked to yourself and currently waited for him in your new lingerie and silken kimono. You looked at the clock and it was already past midnight. You groaned when you felt yourself grow tired and knew he wasn’t going to make it.
You walked upstairs feeling a little disappointed. You cleaned and freshened yourself up before getting into a big shirt of Henry and got into bed. Staring at the ceiling while the feeling of missing Henry got stronger. You turned to your side and closed your eyes, hoping you would soon feel his strong arms around you.
Henry came home from a horrible and tiring day. Everything that went wrong did and on top of that, the picture that you had sent him had been on his minds the whole day, making him pant up. He was tired but knew already that falling asleep wasn’t going to happen soon as his mind was racing. He was desperate for release and hoped you were still awake even though the clock read 2AM now.
The lights were off when he walked into the shared home, greeting Kal on the way. He walked upstairs, already rock hard. For the entire day he had to hold it, which had costed him so much energy. He quickly washed himself up and palmed himself through his boxers, groaning at the feeling as he let his head fall back, imagining that it was you.
That was the moment he got an idea. You both talked about fucking each other awake and had done it multiple times before. You both had given consent for it once you told him about your ‘little’ fantasy. It went back and forth with that. First it was Henry who had fucked you awake and after that it was you with either sucking him off or just riding on top of him. He loved to wake up to that so he walked up to the bedroom.
Even if you were asleep, he would make sure that you would wake up sooner or later. He saw your sleeping, peaceful form on the big king size bed. He slowly strutted towards you and crawled in the bed besides you, naked.
His big hand went from your soft cheek over your breast, to your stomach and towards your dripping pussy. Little did Henry know at the time that you were just as pant up as he was. He softly groaned when he noticed that you weren’t wearing underwear. He scooted closer to you and softly placed kisses on your neck while he got the covers out of the way.
He got back and started to kiss your leg softly before he reached your inner thigh. His body was grinding on the side of the bed for some release on his hard cock. Henry parted your legs carefully and went with his finger over your slit, earning a whimper from you. He smirked when he felt how wet you were and that was the moment he knew that you were just as pant up as him. He placed his big arms around your legs so you couldn’t close them and rested his hands on your stomach.
His tongue went over your slit and clit, earning another whimper and moan from you, making you even wetter than before. He pulled you closer and started to eat you out. You kept moaning and whimpering, automatically grinding your hips on his face. He groaned at the taste of you and the way you rubbed yourself on his face. It made him even harder than he thought was possible. He carefully put his finger in and started pumping in and out of you before adding another finger.
You were leaking on his finger and started clenching around him when his mouth found your clit and delicately sucked on it. He knew you were close because of the grip on his fingers. He got you over the edge in no time, creaming over his fingers as your juices dripped on the sheets. “God you’re must be just as needy as I am.” He whispered merely to himself.
He licked his fingers and got on eye sight with you while you stirred in your sleep, still whimpering and moaning, holding the covers tightly in your hands as if you were in pain, your eyebrows knitted together and whimpers escaped your throat. “Daddy.” You whimpered out and Henry got a bright smile.
“I’m here sweetheart, I’m here.” He whispered and softly placed a string of hair out of your face. He placed your leg over his and rubbed his hard cock against your slit. The tip of his cock, aggressively red and in need for release. He carefully slipped the tip in while you were still dripping on the mattress. Henry had to suppress a loud groan in the back of his throat. You bucked your hips in your sleep, slipping his cock deeper in.
Henry chuckled softly “Even in your sleep your needy, princess”. He got closer to you, his hand holding your waist as he got even deeper in you. He moaned at your warmth and wet, clenching pussy. He heard you moan and whimper again, while he had to hold you still because otherwise you would fuck him, even though you were asleep.
He softly moaned while he tucked your body closer to his chest and placed your shirt over your boobs, playing with your nipple while taking the other in his mouth. He slowly started moving his hips, his chest already covered in sweat while he pumped his cock in and out of you. Your whimpers started to become louder and finally you opened your eyes, making Henry stop.
You looked at him, a little shocked when you felt him in you, stretching you out completely, clenching around him in response before you smiled at him. “Well, good evening to you too.” You chuckled. “good evening princess. If I knew that you were this pant up, I would’ve done it sooner.” He chuckled back, making you smile. “I’ll let you know next time but now we’ve got some things to do.” You told him with a whimper in the back of your throat.
You pulled Henry closer and placed your lips on his in a heated kiss. You felt his tongue slip in and tasted yourself on his tongue, making you chuckle again. “I know it was too good to be a dream.” Henry smiled back in response, “I know what you like baby girl.” He told you while getting on top of you, his arms besides your head, holding his body up.
His hips thrusting faster and harder in you. He grunted above you as you moaned. You placed your hands on his cheek and pulled him down for a kiss. Once he got out of the kiss he sucked on your earlobe and got to the sensitive part of your neck. You felt every vein from his cock and it never had felt this good than it did tonight.
The euphoric feeling started to catch up really fast and Henry noticed, feeling everything your pussy did around his cock. His thumb started circling your clit before you could even say something. “I’m going to cum daddy. Please don’t stop fucking me.” he grunted above you “ Be a good girl and cum for daddy. I want to feel you gripping my cock. Come on, cum for me princess.” You moaned loudly while he fucked you through your orgasm. You limbs trembling while he kept a steady pace. Your pussy already felt very sensitive as you shook underneath him.
You heard Henry groan and grunt loudly above you. “Cum in me, cum in me daddy.” You begged while you held his face between your palms. You felt his cum shooting in you while you still clenched from your orgasm.
Henry rested his forehead against yours as you both tried to catch your breath. He still moved his hips against yours, pumping his cock in and out of you, his cum dripping over your ass while you creamed on his cock. “Are you still hard?” you asked him and he got a smug smile on his face. “Yeah, I’m not done with you yet princess.” He growled, sending shivers down your spine from excitement. You got a smirk as well, mirroring his mischievous expression.
“Well lay down than and I’ll take care of you daddy.” He growled dangerously at you and laid down on his back, exiting you. You whimpered at the loss and empty feeling. You sat down on his chest, dripping cum on him while you kissed him deeply. He gripped your hips tightly and moved your hips back and forth on his chest. You whimpered at the feeling as his thumb rubbed your clit again.
“Make yourself cum on my chest sweetheart.” He told you, making you look down as you rubbed yourself on his chest. His finger gripped into your skin as he moved you faster. “I’m close bear, I’m close.” All of a sudden he picked you up from his chest and sat you down on his mouth while he immediately started eating you out. You started to shake and had to steady yourself on the headboard while you came into his mouth.
He slowly got you off of him and sat you down on his chest again, smiling at you. You laid down on him and started kissing him deeply. “You’re so hot when you do that.” You told him, making him smirk. He slowly kissed the side of his mouth, his neck, licking up your juices and his cum from his chest where you were seated and took his cock into your hand. You licked his shaft earning a loud growl from him.
You licked the drips of cum off his cock and the cream you had left behind before taking him all in. You gagged around his cock while playing with his balls in your hand. Henry grabbed your hair and pushed you down more on his cock, gagging in reflex before he let you get up. “use my throat daddy” you told him. His eyes looked dark back at you with a grin on his face. “is that what you want baby girl?” he asked you, making you nod with an innocent smile on your face.
You let your back rest on the mattress with your head hanging on the side of the bed. Henry got up and pulled your head back up “If I’m too rough, you stop me. Is that clear princess?” he asked you, making you nod “Yes daddy.” He growled again “Good girl.” He guided his cock into your mouth, his big hand around your throat so he could feel his cock fucking your throat.
He started off gentle but his thrusts in your throat started to become sloppy. You gagged and whimpered around his cock while you felt his fingers go into your pussy again. “don’t stop baby girl, I’m close.” You hummed in response. You swatted his hand away, taking him by surprise but you started to jerk him off in your throat, making him moan loudly which was music in your ears, motivating you to go on. You felt his cum shoot down your throat, swallowing it automatically. Henry got out of your throat, wiping away the saliva. You saw his cock twitch and started to get hard again.
You looked surprised at Henry again. “I told you I wasn’t finished yet. I’m never waiting so long again. Get your ass up in the air princess.” He told you, making you smile. It surprised you because you knew Henry could cum twice but more than that surprised you, not that you were complaining at all.
“Daddy, I want all of your cum in me, please.” He grunted in your ear before entering you. “Yeah, you want it all princess?” you whimpered as he bottomed you out. “Than daddy will give it to you. I’m going to take care of you okay princess? Now be a good girl and take my cock.” He gave your ass a good smack, making you whimper in pain and pleasure. His fingers gripped your waist tightly as he pushed you in and out of his cock. It felt so good that your laid down on the bed with only your ass up in the air while he hit your g-spot every time.
Your fingers clawing in the covers and your face pushed against the mattress. His finger went into your ass and he started pumping in and out of your ass while he slammed his cock into your pussy, his balls hitting your clit, sending you into a new bliss of euphoria. When Henry noticed how close you were he put another finger into your ass and started fucking you faster while you cried out into the mattress.
Unable to form any words like he fucked the vocabulary straight out of you and leaving you dumb behind. You whimpered and murmured as you came on his cock and fingers. He growled out loudly and got his fingers out of you, wrapping his hand around your neck, fucking you once again through your orgasm. He tilted you up so your back was against his chest, his hand still wrapped around your throat while he placed lingering kisses in your neck. Your body shaking and trembling again.
He softly bit into your earlobe. “Why don’t you go and ride me baby girl?” He whispered into your ear, raising goosebumps all over your body. You fell onto the bed out of exhaustion and trembling while he got out of you and laid on his back. You hardly got up, tears in the corner of your eyes from the amount of pleasure given to you.
“come on baby girl, you can do it, I know you can.” He praised and motivated you before helping you get up and helping you climb on his dick. Your whole body spasmed when you tried to slip his cock back in. His fingers gripping into your hips again and pushed you down onto his cock whilst you let out a loud whimper. The tears slipping over your cheeks. Henry softly wiped them away with his thumb and sat up, peppering your face with kisses.
He looked deeply into your eyes and that was really all you needed to clamp around him again. You started to grind onto him with his cock into you. He growled deeply, never losing eye contact. His arm around you, hand resting on your back whilst his other hand was on your ass, pushing you back and forth faster. His lips got attached to your neck, leaving hickeys behind as a marking.
You let your head fall back, your arms wrapped around his neck, hands in his hair tugging it a little bit, earning another grunt from his. Henry laid back down again so you could speed up. You noticed he was close so you went with your nails over his chest and through his chest hair. He loved the feeling of your nails scraping over his chest. He moaned out loud, his head on the pillow now while you kept grinding on his dick.
“Princess, don’t stop, I’m close.” He grunted out, sweat covered his face and chest. He placed his large hand around your throat again and pulled you down in the crook of his neck while he started pounding into you, grunting in your ear and it was like you fell into a trance. He perfectly hit your spot, pounding into you roughly. Once again the feeling of bliss rose into the pit of your stomach, clenching around his cock. You started sucking his neck while his balls slapped your ass making you both moan in unison. “please cum in me. cum in me bear.” You whimpered in his ear.
He started to gasp and his thrust became once again sloppy, burying his cock deep inside of you, coating your walls. He grunted and growled like he never did before as you kept sucking his neck. His arms tightly wrapped around you while his chest rose for air. He breathed heavy in your ear and it made you clench your pussy around him again.
Both trying to catch your breath into each other’s arms. Your whole body rested on Henry’s. You got your head out of the crook of his neck and looked at him, meeting his crystal blue eyes. He smiled tiredly but warmly at you. He cupped your cheeks and rubbed with his thumb. “Are you okay sweetheart?” he asked you a little concerned. You nodded and got some hair from his forehead. “Yeah, I missed you.” He smiled lovingly and brought you down to meet his lips.
The kiss was loving and passionate “I missed you too pup, so much. I’m going to try and make more time for you.” he told you, nuzzling your nose. “What do you mean? I just had a lovely time.”  You both chuckled at your remark. “No but I understand bear. I just miss you.” he placed multiple kisses on your lips before getting his cock out of you, letting the cum drip on his chest, making you both moan and the lost feeling.
“Can you stay in me tonight? I want to feel you.” he smiled brightly at you. “Of course pup. Let’s get a quick shower first.” You nodded and he got you up, legs still trembling. Henry helped you stay up and got into the shower with you, putting it on a nice warm temperature. He softly brushed your hair and soaped you in. You mirrored his actions with the soap and once you were done, got out quickly and got into the bed. “I’ll clean it tomorrow.” You told Henry while going over his features with your finger.
He smiled brightly, looking at you “Or… we have some more activities and clean it together tomorrow?” he told you. You knitted your eyebrows together and stopped your finger over his face. “Wait, aren’t you supposed to work tomorrow?” he shook his head with a smile “No, I asked two days free so I have time for you.” you felt flustered and butterflies started rising up. You placed your lips on his. He pulled you closer to his chest. “I love you.” he told you when you hang a little above you. He placed your hair behind your ear as you smiled in response. “I love you too bear.”
He kissed the tip of your nose and laid you down on his chest. “Let’s get some sleep princess.” He told you while placing your leg over his own and went with his finger over your slit. You were still wet but he didn’t made a remark about that. He pumped his cock a couple of times and entered in you, both grunting as he entered you.
Once he was fully inside, you both started to relax. Your muscles ached and you felt very sore but complete and happy. Henry went with his hand over your hair and you got back to sleep in no time, fully expecting to be, once again, fucked awake in the morning.
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freyjaallan · 4 months ago
handprints all on the glass
Tumblr media
Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up, and you were even going to make it to the premiere. Not when Henry looked so good in that tux.
words: 1k 
warnings: smut!! slight voyeurism, cockwarming, light choking, soft henry who fucks like an animal 🙃
Henry felt absolutely feral.
You in that fucking dress. He wanted to rip it off the second he finished zipping it up for you, but he restrained himself because he is a civilized, mature man who can handle not turning into an animal around his girlfriend when she looks like that, god damn it.
Or, not. Because now you were practically in his lap in the back of the car, purring in his ear and running your hand down his chest and his cock was already straining in his pants.
“Darling…” he warned, voice low and slow and making you practically whine. Did he think you were doing any better? Your underwear was completely soaked, you were about to start leaking down your thigh. You noticed the eyes he was giving you while you were getting ready, and he just looked so fucking good in that tux…
“Henry,” you whispered, nibbling at his earlobe. Your hand trailed down and found his bulge, squeezing. He grunted, covering it up by clearing his throat.
“Don’t test me,” he growled, and the darkness mixed with that English accent had you snapping. You pressed the button to bring up the partition, knowing it would do little to create any privacy but beyond caring anymore.
You pulled up the hem of your already short dress, crawling the rest of the way into Henry’s lap and resting your back to his chest, grinding your wet panties on his bulge. “Fuck, I need you,” you whined, taking one of his hands and guiding them to your core.
Henry groaned when he felt how soaked you were, his other hand coming up to your neck and wrapping his long fingers around it. You moaned, desperate and needy like never before.
“Fuck, fuck, okay, but we have to be quick,” he gave in, unable to restrain himself even more. Every once in awhile he gave into his baser instincts— usually not in the back of a car on the way to a premiere, but he wouldn’t make a habit out of it.
He reached between you to quickly get his pants open, swearing lowly at the wet patch you had already left on the crotch. Or maybe that was him; his cock was already leaking at the tip when he pulled it out, painfully hard.
You panted, yanking your underwear off and reaching back for it. You replaced Henry’s hand with your own, smearing his cock in your wetness before you guided it to your entrance.
He grabbed your wrist, the hand around your throat squeezing slightly, stopping you before you could sink down, growling, “Sure you can’t wait, baby?”
You licked your lips, looking over your shoulder and seeing how absolutely wrecked he looked— hair already messy, bow tie askew, lips bitten and eyes blown black.
“Fuck, please, Henry,” you begged, letting out a breathy moan when his hips jerked forward slightly at hearing you so needy for you.
Henry pressed into you finally, easing himself into you carefully. He had one arm across your chest, keeping you in place, bringing his other hand down between your thighs to toy with your clit.
You flinched, accidentally sliding down Henry’s cock faster than you meant to at the feeling of his skilled fingers on your clit. But it only hurt for a minute, before the pleasure took over. Henry’s lips were on your neck, sucking a mark that would definitely be visible on the red carpet but you truly couldn’t care, a hand coming up to tangle in his hair and pull.
He grunted, finally burying himself to the hilt inside you. He paused, feeling himself already way too close to cumming and mouthing at your bare shoulder. “Should I just keep you here? Let you sit on my lap… on my cock until we arrive?”
You shook your head, a hand on his thigh squeezing hard. “Please, please move.”
Henry chuckled, rubbing at your clit just the way he knew you liked it. You moaned, loud enough that there was no way the driver didn’t hear it, and somehow that made Henry pulse inside you, choking back a groan.
“We have to be quick, okay?”
“Yes, yes, yes,” you keened, and Henry stared to move, drilling up into you hard enough that you had to move your hand to the top of the car just to keep yourself in place. You threw your head back against his shoulder, legs spread obscenely in his lap as he thrust up into you.
Henry could feel your slick dripping past his balls and soaking into his pants, the thought of walking out in front of those cameras with the evidence of your arousal clear, make him throb. “You’re so fucking hot, darling.”
You panted, grabbing his thigh harder as the feeling of his thumb on your clit and his cock hitting the perfect spot making you right on the edge of ecstasy. “I’m coming, I’m coming, f-fuck!”
Henry fucked you through your orgasm, feeling his balls tighten and cock begin to swell as he followed you. He bit down on your neck to stifle a moan, cumming deep inside you.
You both came down breathing hard, Henry pressing kisses to your shoulder and you let out a chuckle.
“Couldn’t help myself,” you murmured, then glanced to your left shoulder. “Henry, for fuck’s sake!” Your dress was torn; he probably didn’t even realize he had done it.
He grinned sheepishly, tilting your head and giving you a kiss. “Sorry.”
You went to lift yourself off his lap, but he stopped you with his hands on your waist, grumbling, “Stay there for a bit.”
You smirked, settling back against his chest and glancing over at him. “My favorite place to be.”
Henry just rolled his eyes, smiling. “If you get up, I’m going to get cum on my pants and I don’t think my manager is going to like that.”
You looked him over as much as you could, knowing your own lipstick was smearing and hair was all over the place, along with your ripped dress. “Henry, I really doubt anyone is going to not know what we were doing.”
He smirked, turning your face towards his and holding the nape of your neck. He kissed you deeply, nibbling on your bottom lip as he pulled away. “You’re right. Let’s just go home. I’m just getting started.”
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henryofsteel · 8 months ago
summary: Henry comes home from work frustrated...and decides to take it out on you.
pairing: Henry Cavill/You
genre; smut!
warnings: rough smut! dirty talk! smut, angry sex! punishments! dom/sub! cursing! orgasm denial!
! could be triggering for some readers !
note:: I don’t even know what this is smh.. just kinda came to me welp
Tumblr media
“H-Henry, slow down,” You whimpered as Henry’s thrusts sped up. They were deep and hard and you were on the verge of tears as you struggled to figure out if what you were feeling was pain or pleasure, or perhaps both. You couldn’t decide. Either way, whatever it was, you knew that you never wanted him to stop.
“Don’t tell me what to do.” He spat rather harshly. His lips were attached to your neck as you sat on the kitchen counter. Henry stood between your legs, grabbing your thighs as he made sure he hit every angle perfectly. Henry threw his head back and let out a deep sigh as you dug your fingernails deeply into his back.
Henry had come home tired. Angry was more like it.
Work had been stressful the past few months. He had been re-shooting scenes, and he hated every second of it. He struggled to fit in time for anything and everything, and most nights, you didn't even get a chance to see him before passing out, too tired after waiting for him for hours on end.
This specific afternoon, he was so frustrated after a long day at work, and, well, you were the only one in his reach. And, that's how you ended up on a kitchen counter at 11 pm, getting fucked senselessly by your generally very gracious boyfriend.
“Fuck,” You managed to word out as your hands fumbled around in Henry’s curls. A single tear rolled down your cheek. The complete sentiment of euphoria had taken over your body, and nothing had ever felt better.
Henry’s moans were loud in your ear and the sounds themselves were practically orgasmic on their own.
Although you’d always enjoyed a variety of different paces and techniques when it came to sex, you’d never experienced Henry like that before. So ruthless. So...rough.
You knew that Henry was doing it for himself, and only himsef. The merciless way his cock plunged into your belly repeatedly, not once slowing down, told you everything you needed to know. He hadn’t even asked if you were comfortable, which was something he always made sure to do. He didn’t wait for you to adjust to his massive size, which was something you still needed to do, even after five years of dating. He just barged in, lifted you onto the kitchen counter, and did exactly what he wanted to.
You hadn't had the time to even think before he’d dived into you. He’d wasted no time. He hadn't even checked if you were wet enough to enter. No foreplay. No nothing.
“Hen-Henry, just slow down. Let me look at you,” You whimpered and retrieved your face from the crook of his neck. You put your hands on either side of Henry’s face, looking into his beautiful, ocean-blue eyes. His mouth hung open by a slight bit. Just enough to produce a couple of moans here and there. He looked at you intensely while he rested his forehead against yours, not once breaking the eye contact.
“No slowing down,” Henry insisted, squeezing the bottom part of your thigh harshly.
“Just take it. Take it like the good, little girl you are.” Henry hummed, moving his lips down to your neck and sucked on your skin, undoubtedly leaving a large, purple mark.
Henry’s words made you moan as you clawed into his shoulder blades. You could hear Henry slightly wince at the sensation. “Feisty little one, are you?” Henry chuckled at your action and smashed his lips into yours.
Suddenly, his thrusts stopped. You were confused by his sudden pause but shrieked loudly as he lifted you from the counter. Naturally, you wrapped your arms around his neck, and your legs around his waist.
Henry walked to the nearest wall, his cock still inside of you. You whimpered Henry’s name as he placed you against the wall.
Henry wrapped his arms underneath your legs and placed his hand on each one of your ass-cheeks to support your weight.
Due to Henry’s amazing fitness skills, you’d been lucky enough to experience sex, beyond your wildest dreams. He was much bigger and much stronger than you. Next to him, you were tiny.
Henry loved to carry you. To hold you closely to him. He was undoubtedly the strongest man you’d ever met. He adored the size difference between the two of you. How much bigger his hand was than yours, and how your hand couldn’t even fully reach around his.
Henry began thrusting into you. The new position had given him a greater ability to pound even deeper and harder into you than before. You let out a loud shriek and grabbed hardly onto Henry’s bicep with one hand while the other one rested on his chest. You tried your best to look into his eyes, knowing how he loved to look at you when he fucked you, but with his fast-paced rhythm, it made it nearly impossible. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head as you could feel an orgasm creeping up on you.
“I-I’m gonna c-cum.” You somehow managed to stutter out between your moans.
“Uh-uh,” Henry shook his head, grabbing your legs tightly. His rock-hard abs flexed with every thrust. “No cumming until I say so,” Henry smirked. You hissed quietly under your breath, but not sufficiently for Henry to miss it.
“Did you just hiss at me?” Henry asked.
You knew that tone all too well.
Before you could answer Henry’s question, he plunged into you with such strength. Strength that you didn't even know he was capable of.
“Fuck!” You gasped as Henry repeated the slow, but unbelievably deep and overwhelming pumps.
“Ahh, that feels good, doesn’t it? Hmm?” Henry asked you, biting his lip. His kissed your forehead. Unable to answer, you just moaned in response.
It felt as if your heart was in your throat. Even if you tried, you'd never be able to even describe the complete and utter state of bliss you found yourself in whenever Henry fucked you.
“Do you want to cum? Hmm?” Henry purred in your ear, his voice deep and lascivious.
“Mmm,” You nodded with your eyes closed, too focused on the pleasure within you to focus on what Henry was saying.
“Say it.” Henry panted. “Say it and look at me,” Henry instructed between heavy breaths.
You opened your eyes and looked deep into Henry’s eyes. They’d turned a shade or two darker than before. No more were they tinted blue. Now, they had a dark shade cast over them.
“I just-oh fuck. I want to come so bad. Please,”
It almost made you feel pathetic to beg for him like that, but you couldn't help it.
“I love it when you beg for me. Such a good girl,” Henry hummed into your ear. You could feel Henry’s arms flex from holding you up for so long, and just like you, he was very close.
Henry’s moans intensified and they became louder and louder. His thrusts became sloppier and suddenly, he let out a loud grunt, followed by a couple of moans here and there as he pounded into you deeply a few times before completely stopping all movement.
You were confused as to if he was even going to let you cum, but you were quickly snapped out of your thoughts as Henry walked back over to the kitchen counter and placed you upon it.
“Lay down,” Henry ordered, and you followed by laying down on your back, feeling the cold counter material against your back which sent shivers down your back.
“You've been so good, you know that?” Henry smiled, almost in a proud manner while looking down at you, laying naked on the counter.
All his.
“I’m gonna make you feel so fucking good, darling” Henry swore smirking as he bent down and kissed your lips passionately, his touch much different than just minutes ago.
His lips trailed down your body. From your lips to your collar bones. Then down to your breasts, your belly button, and finally, your all-through soaked pussy. His tongue softly slithered around your heat. You could feel his warm mouth on your inner thighs, dangerously close to your core. You whined in an attempt to hurry Henry up, which only earned you a harsh slap on your thigh.
“Be patient, or you’re gonna have to make yourself cum,” Henry warned. You looked down at him and scoffed, knowing damn well you’d never even come close to Henry’s skills when it came to making you feel good. Henry returned to your heat. You could feel his breathing against your already sensitive cunt, and it made you want to cry out. He was too slow for your liking. All you wanted was to feel his touch. To feel his mouth.
Henry’s tongue suddenly slithered between your folds. You shrieked at the sensation and accidentally closed your legs together as a reflex. Henry wasted no time and roughly grabbed your thigh. He held them in an open position, restricting you from any movement at all in your legs.
“Last warning,” Henry growled, and once again, his mouth connected to your pulsing cunt. His movements were agonizingly slow. His lips were closed around your clit, kissing it slowly. His tongue moved further down, and slowly entered the opening of your pussy, tasting the sweet taste of wetness his teasing had resulted in. You moaned loudly as he continued working his magic.
You ran your fingers through his brown curls, trying to make sense of everything. The pleasure was almost too much. Henry knew exactly what he was doing to you. He loved nothing more than to hear your moans. Henry removed his tongue from your opening and the loss of his touch made you pout. Henry smirked up at you teasingly.
He dragged his tongue back to your clit, flicking it up and down. Gradually adding pace. A motion that completely and utterly carried you over the edge.
“Oh, my-fuck!” You screeched as the ball of pleasure in your abdomen exploded like fireworks. You gripped Henry’s curls tightly, maybe even too tightly, because you were convinced that you heard him wince quietly. You could feel his stare as you rode out your long-awaited orgasm. Second, by second, you gathered your senses and snapped back to reality.
“So beautiful,” Henry mumbled, adoring your gorgeousness as you tried to catch your breath. Henry raised and helped you up from the counter. Your knees were too weak to even stand, so Henry took you in his arms, bridal style.
“Listen, I was a bit frustrated. I'm sorry if I was too rough,” Henry spoke. You looked up into his eyes, smirking.
“No. I liked it,” You spoke. “I knew you would,” Henry grinned, shaking his head as he walked up the stairs, with you in his arms.
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buckys-doll-1917 · 5 months ago
|pairing: h.c x fem!reader|
|rating/warnings: talks of smut, sort of dd/lg themes|
|summary: size kink with Henry| 
divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Let’s talk about how Henry definitely has a size kink. 
Because he’s so beefy and tall, he does everything for you. When he sees you struggling to get your favorite mug that somehow got placed there-let’s be honest, he did it on purpose so he could help you. He’d come up behind you and press himself into your back to grab the mug. 
And it’s when you let out a quiet “thank you” that he melts
Or when Henry has you laid out on the bed, your back arched and little hands grabbing his large biceps you preen “it’s too big” oh boy does that stroke his ego. He’ll coo and lift you into his arms and set you against his large chest and ask “still too big?” bastard.
it shows when he has you against the wall, holding you with one hand as the other plays with your button. He’ll compare his large hand around your throat, or his fingers inside you. He’ll even lift you from the wall and bounce you on his cock suspended in the air. 
It’s not alwasy sexual, he like’s that your small. He likes when he can lift you from the couch when you fall asleep. Or when you sit between his legs on the ground-he feels like your protector
He especially likes when you're out and about and he can walk behind you, no one can see you around his tall frame. He likes when he sits in the recliner, how you gush at how wide he is. He likes when he intimidates you with his broadness-so when he asks what your doing you always answer in that small, almost timid voice he loves. 
Manhandling. need i say more?
Henry just loves that he’s your protector from the world. 
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mayloma · 9 days ago
The sweetest temptation
Tumblr media
Pairing: Henry Cavill x Female Reader
Summary: Henry practices his lines for a new commercial. And you like it :)  
Word Count: ca. 1k (Maybe I got carried away a bit. Oops.) 
Warnings: 18+, NSFW, RPF, smut, voice kink, mentions of p in v sex, blowjob, praise kink, fluff
A/N: This was supposed to be a small drabble because Mr. Cavill, talking about temptations in his panty-dropping voice, ruined my day in the best way possible. Feel free to suffer with me!  
As always: Not beta’d, and English is not my native language. Moreover, this was typed on my phone, so there will be mistakes.
Dividers: by @firefly-graphics
Picture is not mine!
Tumblr media
Of course, he let you sleep on when he got up early this morning. 
Now, Henry’s voice fills your ears as you walk down the hallway, looking for him, and it makes your lips curve into a smile. You already know that he’s pacing back and forth in his study, reading the lines for his latest commercial from a piece of paper, varying tempo, pitches, and intonations as he figures out what sounds best. 
His voice is one of the things you miss the most whenever he’s away, and the house is quiet. And when he’s at home, one of your favorite ways to spend a lazy day is sitting on the couch together, listening to him reading a book or one of his scripts to you. He loves to nuzzle his head in your lap as you run your fingers through his curls, leaning down to press a tender kiss on his forehead or his lips now and then. When he reads to you, his voice never fails to pull you into the story, taking you to places and worlds that only exist in the realm of fantasy. 
However, something is different today. There’s some kind of undertone in his voice. Low and alluring and… Fuck. 
The soft sounds of your naked feet on the floor stop, your steps faltering as you recognize what kind of voice this is. It is his bedroom voice. His bedroom voice that should be declared a fuckin’ weapon. 
Sometimes, it’s just a low sigh when he comes home, and you jump into his arms, your kiss revealing how much you had missed him. Or whispered vows of love against your sweaty skin after he took you straight to the bedroom to satisfy your longing for one another and to reassure you that he missed you, too. 
At other times, you swear that you can hear the cheeky smirk in his voice, blindfolded, when he teases the hell out of you again until you sob and beg him to let you cum. Sometimes, his voice drips with authority, and he knows exactly what it does to you as you surrender to his command, willing to do everything if only he would fuck you. 
The same goes when he praises you as you slide his cock down your little throat or into your tight pussy. “That’s my good girl, take all of it. Keep going. Just like that...”
And then, those hoarse moans when skin slaps against skin as he thrusts into you like a berserk, spiraling into the clouds with you, losing himself in your heat... 
Although you’ve heard his bedroom voice in all its facets hundreds of times before, it never fails to enchant you. His voice envelops you, vibrating through your body, caressing your senses as he takes you to places you've never been before. 
Without noticing, your feet have started moving again, magically attracted. You stop at the doorstep of his study, taking in the view. Even barefoot, in his sweat shorts and a t-shirt, he still looks divine. 
“... life will always have its sweet temptations, some more tempting than others...” he reads and the rich sound of his voice makes you swallow hard. Whoever wrote this text obviously wanted to see some panties on fire.  
“What are you looking at, my love?” While you're still engrossed, he has lifted his gaze from the piece of paper in his hand. 
“I didn't look as much as I listened,” you admit. “I mean, your voice…” you trail off, averting your gaze. 
But you, too, can hear the mere desire in your own voice. And you can see his smile turning into a smirk. 
He licks his lips when he saunters towards you, eying you up and down, and his gaze makes you feel like you’re on fire. As if you hadn’t been a mess already! Your chest is heaving, the fabric of your silken top rubs deliciously against your pebbled nipples, and the crotch of your panties is definitely soaked. 
He brings his body close to you. So close that your breasts rub against him, and the unmistakable bulge in his pants presses against you, making a soft whimper fall from your lips. 
He puts his index finger under your chin, gently forcing you to tilt your head back. 
“What about my voice, huh?” he asks as you look into his piercing blue eyes. There it is again. The bedroom voice. And the smirk. Both making you clench your thighs together. 
“It’s um… sexy,” you whisper, a little sheepishly. 
“Oh, really?” His smirk becomes wider as he suggestively raises his eyebrow. Yes, this man is going to be the death of you one day. 
“You’re the devil in disguise, Mr. Cavill,” you laugh breathlessly, playfully smacking his shoulder. “And you know that, right?”
“Maybe,” he grins. “But I’m not the one to blame here, Mrs. Cavill. You have no idea how irresistible you are when I've made you all flustered and needy.” 
His voice has become lower and lower, the latter words barely more than a husky whisper against your lips before he captures your mouth, pinning you to the wall with his body. And you cling to him, seeking support as you give in to his assault. Then, he presses greedy kisses along your jaw, up to your ear. 
“Do you know what I’ve been thinking about earlier when I read those lines?” he breathes, and the sensation of his hot breath and his lips moving against your earlobe makes you shudder. 
“I’ve been thinking about you. I’ve been thinking about the sounds you make when I do… this,” He flicks your nipples through the thin fabric, making a mewl fall from your lips. “I’ve been thinking about your sweet little pussy clenching around my cock when I fuck you hard,” he continues as his hands wander down to your panties, firmly grabbing and squeezing your ass. “I’ve been thinking about how you moan and writhe when you cum, so incredibly beautiful.” And moaning and writhing is actually all you can do as he cups your mound, running his finger through your wetness. 
“You’re the sweetest temptation of all, my love. The only one I can’t resist. Not even if I tried,” he groans against your cheek as you grind yourself against his hand. 
And even before he fucks you into oblivion on the floor of his study, between papers and sticky notes, you know that this commercial will make your panties wet every time you watch it.
Tumblr media
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buckyownsmylife · 5 days ago
friendzone - chris evans x reader x henry cavill smut/angst
When Chris breaks your heart, you’re glad that you have work to occupy your mind. But when he finds a way to insert himself in the project you’re directing, there’s more that he can ruin than your peace of mind - like your blooming relationship with the main actor, one Henry Cavill himself.
Warnings: smut, angst, betrayal of trust
Tumblr media
part 1
part 2
part 3
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thewritingdoll · 5 months ago
𝓁𝓊𝓈𝓉 𝒻𝑜𝓇 𝓁𝓊𝓍𝓊𝓇𝓎 ⎹ 𝓖.
fandom the witcher / masterlist coming soon
featuring geralt x Princess!reader
rating nsfw, none of my work is meant to be viewed by minors (anyone under the age of eighteen), and i will happily block any that interact with my posts or my blog.
content warning public smut, fingering, virginity, geralt may be out of character esp for the show.
summary you’re busted.
word count 2.3k / mini musing
attention do not repost or translate, even with ‘credit’. just don’t do it. reblog instead of like. leave feedback if you enjoyed.
Tumblr media
wave after wave of harmonies flow through the ballroom, prompting some to sway slowly with their sweetie and others to look on wistful. a perfect gentleman approaches a lady clad in only the finest of silks and extends a hand, in to which she places her own and is escorted to the center of the room. and then there’s you, puffed up with arms crossed over your bust as you glare at the visage before you. loathing events like this one, formal and demanding of your attention, you remained unapproachable. 
“Not fond of parties, Princess?” the voice is only recently familiar, and coming from behind you. the Witcher, as you remember. though, for the life of you, you couldn’t recall his actual name, strange considering the night before you’d purposefully spied on him bathing. perhaps it was out of curiosity, maybe it was depravity, you hadn’t deducted yet.  you ponder on the possibility that he may be offended if he knew, though you were almost positive he hadn’t seen you. you decide he might not care at all if he had. 
your lips part, and a rather unladylike snort wisps from between them. “Not overly, no.” you don’t bother to look over your bare shoulder at him; would it matter if you made eye contact? although, you couldn’t help but want to. those amber hues seemed tempting in all the wrong ways. “I didn’t expect you to be either, if I’m being perfectly honest.”
“I’m not.” he was blunt, and you appreciated that. you were so tired of fluffy conversations; when you tear all the cloudy talk away and the substance is impossible to find. the type of person to get right to the point, that’s what you wanted. what a change it was from your day-to-day. feeling a shift of energy, you’re engulfed from behind in a masculine warmth, and the undeniable stench of the forest. he was closer to you than you were prepared for. muscles tense, you freeze, and your breath catches in the back of your throat. “I did know you would be here, though.”
the desire to be a handful overwhelms your temporary paralysis. “Excellent observation to deduct that a Princess would be present at a kingdom-wide social. And here I thought you Witchers were all brawn and no brains.” a playful smirk tugs at your painted tiers. were you looking for any one reaction? not particularly. 
his voice was painfully stale. “Do you think about Witchers often?”
“No.” you could be just as curt, and you feel your shoulders raise; a natural defense mechanism.
“I find that hard to believe.”
brows furrow. “What makes that so unbelievable? I’ve never even met one until you came along.”
a light brush of his lips grazing the shell of your ear stutters your breath, every nerve ending from your fingertips to your core shuddering at the touch. “So, it’s just me that you contemplate?”
your cheeks heat up with a thick tint of cherry. “I don’t ‘contemplate’ you, Witcher.” you shoot back, now desperate to regain control of the verbal battle. “I don’t even remember your name, as a matter of fact. Now, speak your mind, and stop dancing around your intention.”
a low hum that might’ve been the kin of a scoff pushes warm air to wash over your ear, thick and scratchy stubble scraping the delicate flesh of your cheek. your eyes dart frantically across the ballroom to your father, seated in his gaudy throne, much too intoxicated to see through the crowded floor; much too careless to know that his daughter was being wrapped in a Witcher’s embrace. “I saw you, you know. Last night, while I was having a bath.” your heart thumps against your ribcage with so much force that you’re worried it might crack through, eyes widening at the confession. your lips part, but no sound comes out. no breath escapes. he catches on to your silence, and softer-than-expected lips caress your lobe, one large palm curling over the flare of your hip to bring your body back against his. your back collides with his firm abdomen like hitting a brick wall, a layer of chiffon and leather keeping the two of you from marrying flesh with flesh. “I assume that you were watching me for a reason? Or was it because you wanted to ask me for my name, that you seem to have trouble remembering?”
finally able to suck in a gasp, you press your own palm back against his lower belly, fingertips scraping the cool metal of his belt. you still can’t look at him, face flushed and practically purple.  “Who says I was watching you? I’m afraid you’ve been misinformed, Witcher, I-”
“You stayed by the door and watched me, Princess.” he cuts you off, and you feel your heartbeat skip once. with dastardly digits caressing the pricy chiffon of your gown, you feel helplessly trapped against him, somehow completely concealed and utterly exposed at the same time. party-goers danced all around you, but none the wiser. “I could practically feel your eyes on me the whole time, you know. You were staring intently. Have you never seen a man bathe before?”
not one.
however, you didn’t have the courage to tell him the truth. you were inexperienced and young minded in everyone else’s eyes, and you wanted this stranger to think better of you. “Of course I’ve seen men bathe before.” your tone is as unconvincing of your projected experience as the way your thighs quake beneath the poofy skirt, shivering at his touch like a frantic bunny rabbit. “Not a Witcher, though.”
“Did you enjoy it?” his tone is low, and husky, and rough, unlike anything you’d ever heard before, and the way each word rolled from his tongue seemed to reverberate directly into your core, sending arousal in the form of tingles in wave after wave through your fragile center as it swells to life at the simple question. you could tell him the truth, right now. you could nod and tell him that you enjoyed it so much, you remembered it late that night while you lay in your bed, fingers dancing along your body, pretending they belonged to him. or, you could lie. you could tell him that he couldn’t hold your interest. that would be the more you thing to do.
however, you found bluffing all but impossible in the position he has you. so you give in. “Immensely.” you agree with a soft swoon as you feel the ragged, calloused pads of long, thick digits slip in between the chiffon and your skin, dragging against the bare flesh of your thigh as you spoke, with torturous slowness. “Witcher,” you suck in a breath, anxious hues sliding over the sea of bodies, grazing your father, who was still oblivious. “This is wrong, we shouldn’t…”
the Witcher didn’t seem to care, however, and he pressed into you from behind, fingers dipping between your supple thighs, damp with your own desire, to find the sweet spot that turns your knees to jelly. a swipe of his fingers over your engorged button does the trick, and you practically fall into his chest with a heavy breath. he’s there, and sturdy, as to be expected, to keep you as stable as possible. “You know, I enjoyed you watching me as much as you enjoyed watching me, Princess.” he rumbles in your ear as his fingertips encircle your swollen clit, driving you crazy with the slow and steady stimulation. “I thought about stroking my cock for you, giving you a decent show, but I decided that I’d much rather touch you than myself. That’s the real reason I came tonight, well, this is.” he emphasizes his words by dragging his thumb pressed firmly into your slick flesh over the sensitivity, and you nearly come out of your skin, squirming in his stern embrace. 
“F-fuck,” you breathe out, barely above a whisper. it gains an audibly monotone chuckle from your counterpart, who only presses on with the manual assault of your sex, corkscrewing his hand so it nestles against your weeping folds, two fingers prod your maiden hole. your heart pounds against your ribcage, face on fire with sheepishness when they part, and you stretch over the brand new girth of his fingers. “That’s- oh, goodness…”
“Well, now,” the mutant’s growl is nearly lost in your hair, fingers curling and spreading inside of you, probing your depths. his strokes are slow and steady, and pretty soon you rock against his hand as if you’re riding it in that same slow, steady pace, purring with delight each time his girthy digits massage your walls as they drag in and out of you. “The little Princess is even tighter than I thought she would be, and really warm and inviting. It’s taking everything in my power not to impale you on my cock right now, Sweetheart, so that I can feel that sweet, tight cunt spasm around me just like you’re doing to my fingers.” 
“What’s holding you- back, Witcher? Frightened... of what my father might d-do?” your head lolls, as if there’s no support from your neck whatsoever, and the crown rests against his collarbone, eyelids heavy, you gaze up at him with your lips parted. the look is enough to drive any normal man mad with lust, and perhaps the Witcher is less than immune, because you feel a firm, sizable prodding against the back of your thighs, trapped only by his trousers. 
his pace increases in both speed and power, the two extensions of his hand sliding into you with so much force now that you’re jostled around in his grip as his knuckles and palm spanks your core each time he bottoms out inside of your body. “Your father is no concern of mine, Princess.” he grunts now, into your neck as his mouth latches on, palm slapping against your sopping core as you no doubt splatter the solid surface of the floor beneath your skirt in your juices.  your walls clench fiercely around his fingers, and the merciless abuse they inflict on your needy sex, while a thick knot forms in your lower belly. a whimper escapes your parted lips, hands fumbling to hold on to something, anything, and it just so happens that something is him. nails biting at his wrists, it doesn’t stop him from pushing you over the edge. “My only concern right now is the orgasm I can feel you’re about to have, go ahead. Let go, no one is paying us any mind.” his words of encouragement sound more like lustful demands as he nips and pulls at the delicate flesh of your neck with his teeth. 
you can’t hold it in any longer. the knot pulls so tightly it snaps. you come undone in his arms, euphoria shooting through your body and overwhelming all of your senses at once as you seize in his grip. you soak his fingers, still buried as deep inside you as they can go, and drench your own thighs. there’s absolutely no doubt in your mind that there will be a puddle on the floor beneath you. your cheeks flush a dusky rose, and you’re panting like a filly just taken out for the longest ride of her life. “Good girl,” the Witcher praises, fingers finally slipping from the thoroughly used entrance into your body. a bitter bleat of disappointment tears through your throat at the feeling of being empty, though your knees quake and you struggle to stay on your feet. “My soaking little Princess. Perhaps I could help you to your bedroom, so that you can lie down and recover a bit? You came pretty hard.” you had to admit, your dopey, cum-drunk smile grew twice as wide when you’re claimed as his, and you nod. after the gauntlet your body was just put through, you think lying down sounds nice, although the twinkle in his felinesque eyes lets you know, as he wraps one strong arm around your waist and hauls you upwards to his side, that he has no intention of letting you rest once you make it back to your bed.
somehow, you’re just fine with that. “What is your name again, Witcher?” half a taunt, half a genuine question, you allow him to sweep you off your feet as soon as the two of you are alone in the corridor, dimly lit by lanterns going down and the pale glow of the moonlight from outside.
one silver brow quirks towards the ceiling, but you can’t tell if it’s supposed to be in amusement or annoyance. his lips neither curl into a smile or a grimace, his features perfectly unreadable, as if he was chiseled from lifeless stone. “Geralt.” he answers simply, “Of Rivia.”
rolling your bottom lip between your teeth, you break out in girlish delight with a smile so contagious, you swear for a moment you see him return it to you, your own brows arching. more of a playful challenge, your voice is little more than a whisper. “Well, Geralt of Rivia,” you start, tracing dainty circles over his chest with your pinky finger, before you delve in to brush your lips over his. once, and he doesn’t move an inch. twice, and you feel his tongue dart out to taste your kiss. you smile against it. “How many princesses before me have you fucked senseless?”
a guttural rumble forms his response as he leans into the kiss, overtaking your mouth. you swallow his words. “Numbers don’t matter much, Princess. You’re the only one on my mind tonight.”
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wildestdreamsblog · 6 months ago
Baby, I know places we won’t be found
Pairing: Henry Cavill x Reader
Summary: How could you not know you were dating one of the most famous actors in the industry? How could you break things off with him with Christmas just around the corner?
Warnings: Soft!Dark Henry, Swearing, Sexual themes, If you’re not 18+ please, PLEASE, do not interact. Be mindful of the warnings. Let me know if I miss anything.
A/N: I’m writing just because I’m drunk okay forgive me. ALSO MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO MY WONDERFUL READERS!
Tumblr media
It’s been a week, darling. When will you reply to me?
I miss you.
I hope you forgive me.
You stared down at your phone, reading his messages. It had been more than a week since you discovered who he really was. And you didn’t want to think you were shallow, but this mattered to you. This was a big thing for you. This was a deal breaker for you.
You had been dating him for months. Months. And he didn’t even bring up the fact that he was a famous actor. And here you were, obliviously dating one of the biggest actors of the industry.
He chanced on meeting you upon one of his tapings out of town. He was taking a day off on his own when he saw you buying flowers from a local vendor. You looked up over your lashes, met his eyes, and went on your way. He never felt more invincible than he did that day. Suddenly, he wasn’t Henry the famous actor. Suddenly, he was just a man enamored by a pretty lady.
You cursed you and your apparent lack of care for the pop culture and the Hollywood. You cursed your aversion to social media. You were just a simple girl. A simple girl who was only trying to get through adulthood. And yet you found yourself in this situation. But who could blame you, really? He was a charmer who conversed with you like no other. He was mature beyond his age, an old soul like you. For God’s sake, he walked you to your apartment- unlike anyone else you had dated. He was older than you by a few years, but he understood you. He got you. He listened to your struggle, sympathized with you, he never made you feel like you were silly.
But now you felt stupid. And betrayed.
You supposed you could understood why he did that, but knowing and feeling were two different things. He hid that thing from you. Where was the trust in your relationship?
You should have known when things seemed too good to be true, they usually were. Have you learned nothing from your accounting course in college?
You breathed deeply before finding the courage to reply.
I’m sorry. I don’t think I can do this, Henry. I’m sorry.
Your eyes found the newspaper that you saw more than a week before that opened your eyes when you were in the market. It was a paparazzi picture of him wearing a cap, holding a bouquet of flowers in his massive hand with a headline caption, ‘Who is Henry’s Secret Beau?’
You clearly remembered that day. He showed up after four days of him being away for work. You opened your door to an incessant knock at seven in the morning.
Clearly disheveled from your sleep, you opened the door, squinting at the sun before your sight adjusted and focused on the smiling, huge man standing in front of you.
With flowers in his hand, he engulfed you in his warm arms, tightly hugging you. And only when you rub his muscular back did his tension ease off. “I thought you wouldn’t be back until next week,” you quietly asked.
He softly broke off his tight embrace to caress your cheek, looking deeply at you, “I can’t function properly at work if I can’t see you,” he admitted. That made you soft, here was a man so handsome and so kind and you couldn’t believe how lucky you were that he chose to love you. You couldn’t believe how in love he was with you.
You grip his hand holding your face and leaned into it. “Won’t your boss fire you if you keep missing work?” You asked him worriedly. As much as you wanted him with you, you understood how stressful his work was and how demanding it was.
He smiled shyly, “I don’t think they will.”
Well now you know why they wouldn’t.
And you thought that was the end of that.
It wasn’t.
You flew back to your home, to your grandparents’ home, states away from where you met him. You were trying to escape him, his memories, his smile, his warmth, his kisses- him.
You were trying to escape the love you had for him. You weren’t cut out for the life he lived, you weren’t strong enough to be with him. You never wanted for your life to be out there- and that was what would happen if you stayed with him. It was bound to happen. It was only a matter of when.
But you should have known you couldn’t easily shake off a Henry Cavill- not when he never felt this way with anyone. No, he wouldn’t simply let you go. You loved him, you were simply spooked. That was what was on his mind, trying to rationalize how you could just leave him when you gave yourself to him so many times he lost count. Not when he knew what it felt like to have you. Not when he finally found the one.
He flew to your home as soon as you sent that message. He would and could not simply accept a breakup text from you- no. Your relationship deserved better than that, it deserved better than the end.
Henry knocked on your door, his massive fist banging on the door. But your apartment was quiet, it was dark. It was too silent for the Christmas season. He knew you weren’t there. Henry was a kind man, he was so gentle with you. But the feelings he had now were dark, they were filled with anger and worst of all, he was scared that he really lost you, that you really escaped from him.
But no worries, he would find you. Regardless of how.
It was a week before Christmas when you passed by the market and saw another newspaper. ‘Henry’s mystery beau finally revealed’. And you swore you could feel yourself got lightheaded as you saw your face on the newspaper. You knew it was you despite the low resolution of the picture, as if the photographer took it from a sizable distance. You were with Henry on the picture with him looking fondly down at you, his hand possessively resting on your hips. You jumped when your phone started ringing loudly, you didn’t think before answering.
“Finally you answered, where are you, darling?” you could hear the worry in his voice, you could hear the desperation in it. 
You breathed deeply, releasing some nervousness you felt before answering, “I’m scared, Henry,” you admitted. You looked around, trying to see if anyone recognized you from the papers, but you knew there was a small chance they could because of the low quality of the photo.
“I know, I’m sorry. But you have to tell me where you are so I can protect you.” Henry implored, his voice deep with tension. He needed to see you, he needed to hold you, to touch you, or else he would go insane from not having you. He wasn’t like this, but having experienced a simple life with you made him greedy for more, for you. You were unlike anyone he met, so unlike anyone he worked with. You were you. You were real.
“I think no one can recognize me from that photo,” you whispered, gripping your phone as you started walking, “I think I’m safe where I am.”
“Darling, you don’t know the media. They would do everything just to know who you are. You’re in danger, you don’t have any protection. Darling, please. I’m worried for you.”
“I’m okay, Henry. Thank you for your concern, but I can handle myself.”
You thought that was the end of that, but he became even more persistent with you. The media became more persistent. 
You woke up to loud sounds. Everything was in chaos in your grandparents’ little farm house as the media surrounded the area. They were vicious as they took photos after photos of your family, and you could not do anything about it. You knew it was your fault, you knew you should have listened to Henry. So for the first time in weeks, you called him.
You were so rattled that you didn’t even question how fast he was able to send someone over the house to pick you up, claiming that if you weren’t there, there would be no reason for the paparazzi to harass your family. And you believed him, after all, he was the kindest man you dated. He never showed you anything but his gentleman side.
You hastily went with his security, saying goodbyes and apologies to your grandparents for the trouble you caused and assuring them that you would call once you arrived wherever you were going.
Henry engulfed you in his huge arms, fucking grateful that you were finally back in his arms once you stepped in the private jet he had readied for this. His hand was behind your head, guiding you on his chest as you cried. He let you cry as the jet took up, you were so trusting you didn’t even ask him where you were going. You were so trusting you didn’t see the dark glint in his eyes, and the relief in his face. Nor the substance he placed on your drink.
You woke up to a soft bed. Slowly, you opened your eyes and met his blue ones. Henry was beside you, softly looking at you with his arms around you.
He didn’t say anything, just waited for you to break the silence. It took you a moment to realize you didn’t know where this place was, or how you got into a bed when the last thing you remembered was being on the jet. 
“Where are we?” you finally asked, your eyes roaming over the bright room, the windows showing the ocean gently kissing the sand. The curtains moving with the wind, creating an illusion of heaven. Your brows furrowed as you pushed away from him, your mind in a puzzle. “Henry? Where are we?” you asked again when he didn’t answer, your eyes returning to his. It was almost Christmas, and yet it was warm. You weren’t in your state, no. It should be snowing. Anything but the sand and the gleaming sun. 
Henry slowly sat up, his eyes guarded as he watched your wild eyes. You stood up, slowly walking away from him. He looked like the man you loved, but his eyes weren’t the same. They looked at you with something dark and maniacal. And so you ran. 
Only to find out that this was an island, where the only establishment was the villa, and the only person in it was him. You were standing barefooted on the warm sand, your hair disheveled from the wind. You looked behind you when you heard him, “What did you do?” you whispered quietly, afraid of his answer as he remained silent, his hands in his pockets as he regarded you. 
“I took you away,” 
He tilted his head, “We need to lie low. The media wouldn’t stop harassing you, my darling. They would not stop, this is for you and your grandparents.” he implored as he walked warily to you, before gripping softly your arms and caressing your face. “This is for your own good. I promise you, we will return after the news die down. Hmm? Okay? You trust me, right?” 
You glanced up at him. His explanation made sense, so why then did your heart start beating faster as if you were in danger? You knew you could trust him. He only wanted what was best for you.. right?
But as Christmas came nearer, you still didn’t return. In fact, the only thing that seemed to return was Henry’s thinking that the two of you got back together. He was acting so sweet, so romantic, so passionate that your resolve was getting weaker each passing day.
You woke up alone on the bed. You could hear a low growl from the bathroom, and your curiosity got the better of you. Slowly, you approached the bathroom and what you saw shocked you. Henry’s fist was moving sensually on his hardened cock, his hips meeting his hand, his other hand was on the wall, supporting his weight as he fuck his own fist. He looked up to you when he heard the door open, and his movement stopped. He was watching you watched his cock twitch.
You licked your lips, before meeting his lust filled eyes. “Henry?”
He growled lowly, his fist resuming its mission on pleasuring him. He cursed quietly. “Do you want me to help?”
And before you could move, he grasped your arm, pulling you to him so fast that the next thing you know, you were looking at your reflection as he grabbed the ends of your sleeping dress and bunched them up your back. He was watching you over the reflection, his bare chest glistening with sweat, his curly hair disheveled. You felt him touch your thong before he snapped it with just a powerful pull. You gasped as he played with your quickly glistening core. His expert fingers teasing you, making you a wet mess for him. “Henry, please I need you.”
He laughed, and you could feel his warm member on your naked back. “Do you really need me?”
You nodded, could not even form words as he started finger fucking your pussy, the wet sound resounding on the bathroom. His other hand crawled to your pebbled nipples, pinching and palming them. “I don’t think you need me,” 
You cried as he stopped all of a sudden, your closed eyes opening just to stare at his reflection on the mirror. He was kissing your neck, leaving marks on it as he went. “If you need me, then why did you leave me, hmm?” his hips started thrusting on your ass cheeks, making him groan from the pleasure he had been denied ever since you left him. “You depraved me of your love. Of this pussy. Of you,” he growled in your ear as you started moving against him just to feel any kind of friction, just to ease off the pain from being edged. 
“I need you, I do just please I need you, I need your cock,” you begged him before turning around and reaching his face to meet his lips. You whispered your apologies to him, promising him everything, just so he would give you what you so desperately needed.
“If you need me, then you won’t ever leave me again, right?” he implored as he lined his cock on your pussy lips, running the head and sliding it between your lips, elating a moan from you. He would not stopped teasing you until you gave him the assurance that you would not let him experience life without you again. 
You nodded at him, eager for him to slide his huge cock in you. “I will stay by your side, Henry please-”
And then he slid home. 
By the time the sun started rising was the time he let you sleep. You were so out of it you did not hear him whisper, “Merry Christmas to you, my darling.”
Henry smiled triumphantly as he watched you slumber off. He finally had you for himself, away from the things that made you ran from him. Away from the thing that brought you back to him once again. You would never know how he played the media, leaking information of you once you broke things off with him.
You were too innocent and pure for him to just let you go. No, you were stuck with him. 
You were stuck with him until he was sure you wouldn’t and couldn’t ran from him again.
After all, it would be hard to run once his seed took root inside of you.
And by next year, you would be spending Christmas not only with him, but with his baby. And you would be a family.
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mywrittings · a month ago
destiny / geralt of rivia
Tumblr media
𝓈𝓊𝓂𝓂𝒶𝓇𝓎: Staying at Kaer Morhen was an unexpected event in your life. After getting a room assigned you realize the room actually belongs to someone whom you'd often see by chance... or because of destiny?
𝓌𝑜𝓇𝒹 𝒸𝑜𝓊𝓃𝓉: 4.5k
𝓌𝒶𝓇𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈: 18+ ONLY! dirty talk, kissing, pussy eating, handjob, riding him, him fucking you... basically smut
a/n: hello everyone! I have been writing this for a while now but I have finally finished it! This story has a lot more dialogue and I hope you don't mind that. Also for anyone that is still waiting for my next chapter of lust series, it's coming! I am still in the process of writing it. Anyways hope you like reading this one!
Tumblr media
Vesemir had called up on you to come stay at the Kaer Morhen for a while. Since it was winter time most of the witchers returned to this place to refuel and relax, your job was to keep the order and help with making elixirs. It was a sudden decision from Vesemir, an emergency to be precise. With many more blood hungry monsters, he wanted to make sure that all the right elixirs would be ready by the time winter is over, so naturally you were the best mage that knew how to make them without needing any recipes.
He showed you to your room where you would be staying for the next upcoming weeks. All the rooms at this place seemed the same but for some reason this one was way bigger than the rest. It had a lovely window that overlooked the training station outside, a large bed that looked comfortable, a fireplace to keep you warm and a small wardrobe. It almost felt like this room did not belong to Kaer Morhen but rather an inn.
‘’Get some rest, tomorrow I’ll tell you what you’ll need to do.’’ Vesemir said his goodbyes to you as he closed the door behind him
You had a long journey ahead of you today as you also made some stops in between, hence why your muscles were aching. You were desperate for a bath but weren’t so sure where you could find one. Also since it was winter outside, the weather completely changed. Snow took over the entire property, the leaves fell off the trees and the once green grass was covered in its entirety.
Stepping out of the room you walked along the many hallways that lead to different rooms while others lead to other rooms that had equipment. With each door you opened you kept getting more and more upset - there was nothing. All there was, was just a bunch of random stuff that didn’t really have a place or a pile of junk. 
Feeling even more devastated than before you decided to return back to your room. The night by now has fallen, as the lamps lit up the place, making it feel more cozy. The chatter coming from downstairs was still up and about. After all it was the first day, when most witchers returned to their home, so it was only fitting for them to catch up with one another. 
As you open the door to your room you suddenly scream out loud, while covering your eyes.
‘’What are you doing in my room?!’’ you exclaim at the figure that was standing by the bed, with their shirt off
‘’Your room? This is my-...’’ and in that moment you recognize his voice as he does yours
‘’Geralt?’’ you put your hands down but still keep your eyes closed shut
‘’What on earth are you doing here?’’ Geralt asks as you hear him make a step
When it comes to Geralt, you very well knew who he was. The greatest witcher of all times. The best hunter for monsters. Most of the time alone or accompanied by his friend Roach. He always did what he had to do and he did it perfectly.
But when it comes to you two, often your destinies would collide with one another and whenever you’d see each other, there would be tension between you too. You've always thought you did something to him since he gave you the strangest look when you first met. As a result, you automatically did the same to him.
‘’Just put on a shirt first!’’ you extend your arms out, as a way to prevent him for coming further even though he only made a step to turn to you
‘’Why would I? You are in my room, you barged in here.’’ he argues back and you hear the shirt shuffling in his hands
‘’Excuse me?,’’ you let your hands down ‘’Vesemir had told me this was my room while I’m staying here.’’ you point to the ground as you hear Geralt snicker
‘’Staying? Are you staying here?’’
‘’Yes? Did you not see my stuff I put in the wardrobe?’’ your eyes were still closed shut as you hear the door of the closet creak open
‘’Why are you here?’’ he asks, closing the wardrobe ‘’And also you can open your eyes, it’s not like I had my-...’’
‘’Okay!’’ you squeal quickly, opening your eyes to see Geralt wearing a black linen shirt that was tucked in his pants
‘’Do you mind leaving now?’’ you gesture to the door
‘’No? It’s my room.’’ 
You really did not have the time to argue with him but you did not wish to give up the room under any circumstances. If this was someone else asking for their room you’d give in already but since it was Geralt that was off limits.
‘’Geralt, I do not care if this was your room it’s mine now.’’ you point to yourself 
Geralt huffs in annoyance, throwing his head back as his hands were on his hips. You now understood why this bedroom was his. He was the best witcher out there so I guess it was only fair to give him best of the best, as he caught many monsters and dealt with different quests. But you knew how other rooms there were. Most had a small bed with no fireplace and there were even rats around as nobody really took care of that. 
‘’Then we share it.’’ he suggests and your eyes open wide
‘’Share it?’’ you were in disbelief that he even said that
‘’I’m afraid all the other rooms are occupied.’’ as he says that you peek your head out to the hallway and notice that sure indeed all the rooms were full as light came from each of them under the door
When the winter comes around all the witchers return back to this place to have some rest as there aren’t many monsters at this time. And when they do return this place is full of chatter, laughter and them sharing stories among one another. But you did not understand why Vesemir gave you this room if he knew it was Geralts.
‘’Can’t you sleep somewhere else? You could share a room with another witcher?’’ you look back at him as he gestures ‘no’ with his head and that’s when you thought that maybe it was unfair of you to just kick him out of his room that he earned fighting along many different creatures. However you were still going to stay in this room no matter what.
‘’Fine but what about the bed?’’ 
‘’I’ll take the floor.’’ he answers as he rushes past you out of the room
You watch him leave unsure as to where he was headed but in the meantime you decide to get ready for the bed. You took the duvet off and quickly jumped in, tucking yourself in afraid he was going to change his mind.  
Soon Geralt was back in the room with a pillow, a duvet and a fluffy carpet. He closes the door before throwing everything he held on the ground. The carpet he placed on the floor which you realized it was for him to lay down but given the fact he was tall and bulky, the carpet practically disappeared underneath him. You watch him fiddle with the pillow and the duvet, tossing it one way and another, he was getting frustrated. 
‘’Geralt.’’ you call to him and at first he doesn’t acknowledge your voice
‘’Geralt.’’ this time you said it louder and finally grab his attention
He whips his head and pierces his eyes into yours. You knew this wasn’t a way for him to sleep, especially because you did not know how long you were going to stay here. It was weird as you had some pity for him but then despised him, still you knew how hard they work and how desperately they need their sleep to recharge for the next season.
‘’We can share the bed.’’ you offer as you scoot over to one side and he just looks at you confused
‘’Just a few minutes ago you didn’t wish to share a room with me and now you want to share the bed?’’ 
‘’I do not have time to bicker, take this side of the bed or have fun sleeping on the creaky wooden floor.’’ you turn your back to him, taking half of the duvet covering your body in it
For a second there it was quiet, there wasn’t a single sound to be heard until the floor slowly creaked from behind you. A ‘Hmm’ left Geralt’s mouth before you felt the bed dip, the weight of the bed shifts as the other part of the duvet is being thrown to you. 
‘’I got mine.’’ he shortly says as you hear his covers shuffling before he settles in the comfort of the bed
The setting was strange, sharing a bad with someone you did not like. Every little move he would make with his body the bed would creak but that didn’t bother you as the weight of your eyes took over you and you fell asleep.
Somewhere in the middle of the night you began tossing and turning as you were starting to get cold. The fire in the fireplace burnt out and the room suddenly changed temperatures. The duvet wasn’t doing you any justice as well at that point. Your body was freezing underneath it and because of that you were unable to sleep even though you were exhausted. But you weren’t the only one that couldn’t shut their eyes.
‘’When do you think you’ll stop?’’ you hear Geralt’s raspy voice
‘’When I get warm.’’ you didn’t even turn around to him, instead just mumble that under your breath. You wanted to start the fire in the fireplace but you didn’t have the will to get up and get even colder so instead you decided to shut your eyes and tried not to think about the coldness and eventually the sleep took over you.
Tumblr media
Some point a little later in the night you had to switch sides and you had completely forgotten that you were sharing a bed with Geralt. It wasn’t until you opened your eyes slowly to find his yellow golden gaze staring at you. He didn’t say anything once the two of you met each other's gazes and suddenly the only thing you could hear in the room was you two breathing.
‘’Why are you looking at me?’’ you whisper, as your eyes were half open now, holding onto the duvet in your hands
‘’You are the total opposite when you sleep.’’ he remarks in his low voice
‘’What do you mean?’’ 
‘’You don’t say much. You’re quiet.’’ Geralt said while you narrow your eyebrows at him
‘’Fuck you.’’ you lift your head off the pillow as you say that, Geralt just snickers back at you
‘’Such pretty lips saying all that filth.’’ he all of the sudden says and you widen your eyes at him. His were fully focused on you now, wavering around your eyes to your lips. You could feel your heart beating faster and faster and you weren’t sure why you were having these thoughts.
Geralt quickly closes the distance and places his lips on yours. It was such a gentle kiss, without any strong pressure. He let his lips remain on top of yours for a few seconds whilst you closed your eyes, unsure how to respond. 
His lips leave yours before he returns, significantly stronger this time as he removes his hand from beneath the covers and softly places his thumb beneath your chin. You now respond by spreading your lips as he leans in and you kiss him back.
He moves himself closer to you as his hand begins traveling down from your face to the back of your head before pausing at your lower back. You too took your hands from beneath the covers and delicately touched his face with your fingertips. You could feel his rough skin along with his stubble he had not shaved. His hair tickled at your skin once he deepened the kiss by slipping his tongue in your mouth evoking a moan out of you. His tongue danced with yours, every now and then he’d pull away just to kiss you again before going back in to bite on your bottom lip, everything was becoming more heated.
‘’What are we doing?’’ you confusingly ask once you two stopped kissing
‘’Kissing each other.’’ he replies, as his thumb traced your lips
‘’But I hate you.’’
‘’Oh you do? Show me how much you hate me then.’’ he says quietly, his eyes were yearning for more you and the desire inside of you, it was like a spark that was waiting for a while before it ignited, that’s when you swiftly remove the duvet and straddle him
Your legs were on the side of him and he immediately put his hands on your hips. But first he assists you in removing  your dress as you help him get rid of his linen shirt. Your breathing hitched once you felt something hard underneath you, poking at you but it felt good.  You lower yourself to him, just inches away from his lips hovering over.
‘’Kiss me.’’ he orders before you close the gap and kiss him hard. Geralt’s hands came back at your hips, aiding you to move and you felt your pussy getting increasingly wetter and wetter each time you’d feel his cock twitch underneath you
"For someone that was visibly annoyed by me, your hard cock is saying otherwise." you add in between kisses.
That’s when he backs up and within seconds he moves you away from himself. He gets out of bed but turns around to face you, his knees slamming into the bed frame. His massive cock jumps out as he quickly takes his pants down. As you were on your knees, staring up at him, he drew you closer and grips your neck.
‘’Open your mouth.’’ he urges and you don’t even think twice because you wanted him, you needed to taste him in your mouth and you didn’t care about anything else
You do as he says and he shoves his cock in your mouth, while keeping his hand on your neck.
‘’That’s more like it you fucking cunt. Got you all quiet now huh?’’ his dirty talk had your pussy throbbing and you wanted so badly to touch yourself but Geralt had a different idea
‘’Put your hands behind your back.’’ he instructs, eyes watching you as you keep taking him in your mouth
Geralt began moving his hips back and forth, as you bobbed your head to the pace he was instructing. Your eyes were looking directly at him as he threw his head back once he placed his hand to the top of your head. 
‘’You take this cock so fucking good,’’ he growls as he takes his dick out of your mouth ‘’stick your tounge out.’’ you obey him as he slaps his dick on your tongue, repeatedly before putting it back in your mouth
He was fucking your mouth, his head went back once he pushed it all the way and that caught you off guard. Your entire body was in a state of euphoria, that feeling of him completely within your mouth was driving you mad. You loved his taste.
‘’Fuck, that feels so good.’’ he purrs as he takes his cock out and a trail of saliva comes out of your mouth. Your lips were red, swollen from how much he pounded his dick in your mouth.
His face lowers to you and he crushes his lips on yours while making sounds. He tugs and licks at your lips, his hand resting on your face and you couldn’t keep your hands away from him. You had to touch him. So you tug at his hair as your other hand pulls him closer, causing him to collapse on top of you. He didn’t seem to mind that as he began slowly grinding on your pussy.
‘’Look how fucking wet you are cunt.’’ he says mid between kissing you as you feel his hard cock, grazing over your wet pussy. Both of your hands were now in his hair, his were at the either side of your body, holding himself up as his cock was drenching in your juices.
‘’Geralt…’’ you mutter his name 
‘’Mmm, yes princess?’’ you feel his finger on your pussy and you jolt in your place
‘’What did you want hm?’’ he asks, his voice so sinful, wishing you to have more of him but you couldn’t make up any words. It was difficult to talk while he was playing with you, a cocky expression on his face knowing he had every inch of you he desired.
‘’You need to tell me princess, so I know what I need to do to make you feel good.’’ he leaves a trail of wet kisses along your jawline as your eyes roll back from the feeling
‘’I…I want your…’’ you gulp and lick your lips as Geralt watches you with hungry eyes ‘’I want your mouth on my pussy.’’ you finally croak out and he kisses your lips before going down to your legs.
‘’You want me to lick your pussy?’’ he opens your legs further apart, getting access to your exposed dripping cunt. His arms wrap around your legs holding you in place before dipping his head and licking a strip up your pussy.
‘’Like this?’’
You nod as he snickers and goes back in, flicking his tongue repeatedly, up and down in any direction he could think off. His tongue was velvety making you fill up with pleasure. He looked so handsome this way, the window from the roof was shining just enough on him, outlining his back and arm muscles. His hair was falling at his face and his eyes would occasionally peek up at you.
As you glance further down his body you could see his hard cock, jerking every time you’d moan or call his name. Just thinking about him being inside you made your body melt, you felt tingles from your spine traveling throughout your body. 
Geralt seemed to take notice of your eyes as he smiled in your pussy ‘’Do you want something else, I can give it to you.’’ he removes his tongue off of your cunt and retrieves his body back to yours, as he licks his fingers before locking his lips back to yours. 
‘’Yes.’’ you whisper, unable to control yourself
‘’Do you want my cock?’’ he says as he glances down and reaches for his cock, taunting you with his tip at your pussy
‘’Yes.’’ you were pleading by this point now
‘’Do you want me to fuck you?’’ 
You bit at your lower lip, he was driving you insane. His tip alone was enough to make your brain dizzy, let alone his deep voice, which sent shivers down your body every time he talked to you dirty.
Finally you nod and he pulls you closer to him as he enters you, slowly at first, filling your insides. He was big, you could feel every bit of him, stretching out your walls. You gasp out loud, your back arching, clutching at the sheets as Geralt muffles your sounds by kissing you. 
‘’Shit. Such a tight little pussy huh?’’ he asks, as he moves in and out of you. You were clenching around him, he knew where to find the right spot, your moans were the response to his movements.
The room was filled with sweat, moans and Geralt’s grunts as he began moving faster. He leaves your lips and grabs at your legs, placing them around himself as he was on his knees. As he’s holding at your legs, he keeps going faster and faster. His body was glistening with his sweat, his perfect v-line flowing down to his cock, while he pummeled into you, flinging his head back.
You were still grasping at the sheets, closing your eyes in between, nobody has ever made you feel this good. You could feel your pussy pulsing from his cock around your walls, his cock fit perfectly in you.
‘’Come here.’’ he suddenly says as he pulls you to himself and smother’s your face with his lips. He was kissing you all over your face, his tongue was licking at your cheeks, it’s like he wanted to devour you from head to toe - you tasted sweet to him.
Geralt then lays down on the bed and has your back facing him. He helps you as he eases you onto cock,holding you and fucking you again. Your hands were trying to support you but because of him you didn’t need to do so. You didn’t mind this position, the only issue is that you couldn’t see him and the sight of him in this state made you wet all over again.
He leans you back into him, your back now colliding with his chest as his head pops across your left side, where he turns your head and kisses your lips. His lips were hot, as he sucked and pulled at them. His hand slithers down your body to your pussy. You had no idea it would make you feel even better, but it did. He began circling around it, driving you insane.
‘’Geralt…fuck.’’ you moan unable to control yourself
‘’Only I can fuck this pussy, you understand?’’ 
‘’Say it.’’ he demands as he kisses you again
‘’Only you can fuck this pussy Geralt.’’ you repeat and he smiles into the kiss
‘’Make me cum with this pussy.’’ he says as you squeeze your pussy, knowing it would drive him over the edge and you were right
‘’Cum with me.’’ he lastly says before you feel his heart beating faster
Geralt’s hand is continuing playing with your pussy as you feel him twitch inside of you. His cock was pulsating as you felt yourself getting filled with his warm cum. His lips were pressed to yours, he was groaning in your mouth, you moaning back into his. Both of your bodies went to a new state. Your vision went black once you reached your high and the sensation overtook your entire body. 
‘’Fuck.’’ you cry out, biting your lip while arching your back
His heavy breathing slowly came at ease but your body was still buzzing from the orgasm he just gave you.
‘’You’re shaking.’’ Geralt says as he takes his cock out and quickly places you at his side, wrapping your body with the duvet. He pulls you close to himself, wrapping his arms around your frame to keep you secure and in place.
‘’Geralt, did we really just fuck?’’ you mumble and feel his hands caress your back
‘’We did,’’ he takes a moment to look at you ‘’do you regret it?’’ he asks, his eyes speaking to you
‘’No, I don’t. Do you?’’
‘’No. I always wanted to be inside you.’’ 
You playfully bump your head onto his chest and giggle as you see a smile on his face as well. He removes a strand of your hair away from your face and places a soft kiss on your lips.
‘’So all you needed was to fuck me and suddenly you don’t hate me anymore?’’ you say, as you trace the features on his nose
‘’The only thing I hated was that this pussy wasn’t mine. Until today.’’ his hand moves to your ass where he slaps it and right after squeezes it
‘’When did I say it was yours?’’ you joke but he slaps your ass again making you jump in your place
‘’This pussy is mine. Only mine.’’ he kisses your nose before nuzzling you back into him rocking you with his body
It felt so good laying with him like this, the warmth wrapping around you and hearing his breathing was the perfect combination to make you fall asleep but not before he said ‘’Our destinies always seem to be colliding Y/n.’’ that made you think of all the other times you had seen him. Sometimes you’d see him in random places, unturned areas yet and he’d be there. Each time you’d see one another, each time your eyes would be different. But it never came to your head that this all was in fact destiny. It never came to you that the feeling you had was true - you wanted him to be yours.
‘’You are right. Maybe we belong to one another after all.’’  you reply and his hands came to your face, lifting it up
‘’Not maybe, rather yes, we do belong to one another.’’ the sides of his mouth lift upwards and he leans in kissing you but with the biggest passion yet
“I never hated you.” he suddenly says as he keeps his hands around you and takes his eyes up the window on the roof “I wanted you, each time I’d see you I felt something in me, it was pulling me in to you.” he licks his lips before continuing ''But I always thought to myself 'Why would someone like her wish to be with someone like me'.” he looks back at you, his eyes were heavy and sleepy
''Someone like you?'' you scoff and sit up ''Do you know how strong and amazing you are Geralt? You are the most powerful witcher out there,'' you point to the window ''there is no one that could beat you.''
Geralt takes your hands in his lap and sits up with you ''That's all I am Y/n. I kill monsters and get their blood all over me. I reek of their smell.''
''You are protecting us. Protecting the people. Without you, this world would have eaten us by now.'' you boop his nose with your finger and he grabs your hand, placing it himself on the side of his face and the weight of his head falls into your hands
''You are such an extrodinary woman Y/n. I'm sorry if I was...''
''Grumpy? Annoying?'' you cut him off and snicker
''Yes. I was trying to push you away for my own being which was a very dumb decision...'' he wavers off, he was troubled by this
''I mean I did the same to you, only you did it first to me and then I did it and then I thought 'what did I do wrong' because you were always so mad when you'd see me and I-...'' Geralt stops you from talking as he smashes his lips onto yours, breathing in your scent
''You're mine Y/n. That's all that matters to me now. I have you.''
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Sleepy Hen
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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dungeonpuppykai · 2 months ago
Tame Me If You Can. (Captain Syverson x You)
Tumblr media
Description: Being a beauty with brains, you had enjoyed attention your whole life. So when your neighbour Captain Syverson didn't give in to your charms and brat behavior, refusing to follow you around like a puppy as all the other guys did, the man really started to get on your nerves. And then all of a sudden he just went off to war one day?! Like. Seriously, how dare he?! But now he is finally back and this time around, you are not sure if you can hold back the pent up frustration for much longer. 
Type: Oneshot. 
Disclaimer: I do not own the character Captain Syverson. Contains dark content, you've been warned. This is all fiction and fantasy. Minors do not interact. 
Warning(s): Dash of breeding kink, spit kink, biting, scratching, spanking, brat!reader, brat!tamer Syverson, degradation, manhandling, size kink, age gap (Y/n is a uni student), begging, overstimulation, obvi Dom!Sy, Sub!You (female reader), hair pulling, inspection kink, humiliation, slightly sadistical Sy (?), fingering, cunnilingus, cum play, idk filthy shit. 
Note: I feel like this is a mess but lmao so am I so it's fine ig. Anyways Captain Syverson is a brat tamer who likes it the nastiest it can get and you cannot convince me otherwise thank you.
"Basement, thank you" Captain Syverson sometimes couldn't help his habit of giving out commands even when it wasn't needed or in some cases, welcomed. His teeth trapped a small bit of his bottom lip in between them to confine the smile that was threatening to dominate his features because he knew exactly what was coming next. 
"Don't tell me what to do, this isn't your barracks or whatever" you shot back before rolling your eyes and huffing, begrudgingly punching in the button despite the brat in you telling you to press some other floor purely out of spite. But the laundry basket in your hands would just make you look like an idiot and there was only one of that in this elevator and that wasn't you. 
"Sorry, ma'am" your fists curled at his nonchalant words and you rolled your eyes. 
Just how hard was it for him to give you the attention you craved and quite frankly deserved? Why didn't he follow you around the apartment complex like a lost puppy running your errands for you like the other guys?! 
Other guys that you didn't even want! 
"Your minions didn't do your laundry for you while you were busy saving the world?" You shot his basket a dirty look, scoffing and waiting for him to respond -give in- like your parents always did before handing you whatever it was that you desired. 
The elevator dinged as the doors slid open, granting you access to the basement where there was a common laundry in the middle of the huge space with the storage cells along the sides. Your nostrils flared up when Sy simply snorted at your attempt to provoke him before stepping out of the elevator, once again denying you the attention you so desperately craved as he entered the area with you in tow. 
You couldn't take it anymore, not that you'd ever admit it yourself. Sy had attracted you the first time you saw him with his laid back and composed demeanor, offering you no more than friendly smiles in the hallways and elevators whenever you would run into each other, giving you just enough to stay hooked but not enough so that you were satisfied. 
Being the person that you were, -although you would never admit it to yourself- that became the reason why you would then go on a journey to try to start shit with him every chance you got, failing each time when he'd handle it like an adult while treating you in a way that would make you feel no older than a whiny child instead of giving you the kind of attention you wanted. 
Just what kind of attention you wanted from him you didn't know either and instead of figuring it out like the adult that you were, you had resorted to doing what you did best; bratting. 
"That's it!" You huffed and tossed your basket on the floor before stomping across the room to the washing station Sy was using, standing in front of him with your hands on your hips. "What are you doing?!"
"Huh…?" Taking one earbud off, the military raised an eyebrow at you, waiting for you to repeat the words his music had blocked out. 
"Ugh!" You snatched his iPod away, only succeeding because he wasn't expecting it. "What is your problem, huh?! What are you doing?!" Slamming the gadget down on one of the washing machines, you turned towards Sy to glare back up at him. 
"Doing my laundry, ma'am…?" His obliviousness fired you up even more. 
"No you're very obviously not!" The man bit his lip at how loud your voice was, taking a silent deep breath to maintain his composure. 
"I am not?" 
"Then what is it that you think I am doing?" Your breath hitched and defiance wavered the moment he placed his hand on the machine next to you and leaned down to get a better look at you, nonchalant to the proximity between your bodies. 
"Y- You… you…" Raising an eyebrow, Sy encouragingly nodded, waiting for you to finish. "Y- You're annoying me!" 
"I am sorry for the inconvenience, ma'am. I will try not to do that" giving you a brief apologetic nod, the man reached for his iPod as his body leaned back to his full stature again. 
"Is it really that fucking hard for you to see?! Are you gay?!" Sy wasn't born yesterday. In fact, he was born a great deal before you. 
Of course he knew. The entire apartment complex did. You did a good job at making your little crush as obvious as it could get. 
He just wanted you to give in and say it. Straightening brats like you was his favorite leisure. 
"See what?" You felt like screaming at this point. He couldn't possibly be serious. 
"You know what, Syverson?" Before rational thoughts and reason could stop you, your smaller hand had already fisted his tank up from the middle as you pulled him towards you -only succeeding because he leaned in himself- before standing on the tips of your toes. "Fuck it." The moment your lips crashed against his and your upper lips got tickled by his beard, you moaned. 
His minty breath tasted so good. 
Your approach was enough to set Syverson off as his bigger and rough hands grabbed at your hips, roughly groping them before he pulled you closer to his hard chest, pushing his tongue in your mouth and exploring the wet cavern. 
The pent up sexual frustration had you both grabbing and clawing at each other wherever you could reach, hungrily eating at each other's mouths and exchanging breaths while your hips grinded together. 
"Fuck-" you panted against his mouth when you had to unwillingly break apart for air at last, whimpering when your body was manhanlded to press against one of the machines. "So you did fucking want me too!" Rolling your eyes, you pushed at his shoulders. "So much for acting all cool and uninterested."
Sy chuckled as his hands felt your body all over. "Rule number one of dealing with brats," flipping you over and pushing down on your upper back so now you were bent over the gadget, a loud squeak escaped you when a sharp spank landed on your ass, causing one of your feet to shoot up in defense. "Don't give them attention" the hairs on your nape rose when he pulled your head back by wrapping one hand around your hair and near his lips before whispering words in your ear from behind, the other one fondling your clothed ass. 
"That's fucking bullshit" another squeak escaped you when a sharper slap accompanied the previous one on your other ass cheek. 
"Watch your language, you brat" rough fingertips hooked in the hem of your short shorts, pausing briefly in their stance for your consent and only stripping the bottom half of your body nude when you nodded and pushed your ass back towards his body. "Now what do we have here" heat pooled up in the base of your stomach as you felt your ovaries flip, goosebumps forming on your skin as he ran his rough fingers down the length of your legs. 
"Mmmm~" you moaned, loving how controlled and small you felt for once where your bratting wasn't being given into, cheeks burning in sweet humiliation when another punishing spank landed on your ass, tiny drops of arousal climbing their way down your entrance. 
"Is this cute ass all mine?" The back of your thighs trembled when you felt Sy spread your legs even more, pulling open your slightly sore cheeks to a point where you felt a slight stretch in your pucker before he took a quick sniff of your sex like an animal, the action making you gasp in surprise as sweat broke out on your skin due to the sensation of his facial hair tickling the skin of your bare behind. "Is it?" Another spank landed when you failed to respond as you were too busy biting back your moans. 
"Y- Yes! Yes! It is!" You whined shamelessly, pouting as you slightly swayed your hips the best you could in his beast-like grip, trying to find yourself some stimulation. 
"Hmm, look at this cute little pucker" Sy chuckled, tracing the said hole and adjusting his crouching position when the tent inside his pants started to poke against its restraints uncomfortably. "And this wet little cock pocket" your eyes rolled to the back of your head when he pushed past your squishy folds and teased your entrance that had only ever been violated by your fingers or a dildo. "Aw, it's blinking for me" your cheeks warmed up in embarrassment. "How cute and surprisingly obedient." 
"Stoop!" You huffed and kicked one of your feet. "Gimme more!" 
Sy cocked an eyebrow, distancing himself from your body before standing back up. "You think you call the shots here?" His laugh was full of mock and disbelief as he landed a set of painful spanks against your ass, gulping down the bile forming in his throat when you yelped and gasped with each hit, Sy grabbing your hair once more when he was satisfied with the dark pink appearing on your skin as a result of the spanking. 
Your arms trembled and jolted away from their place when you felt his warm breath against your ear again, head tipped back to hear him loud and clear by the help of your own hair. "You seem to be mistaken, slut." A strangled cry escaped your dry throat when he squeezed one of your freshly spanked cheeks painfully hard, pressing his teeth down on the skin of your shoulder until you cried once again, murmuring a plea. "Pathetic brats like you don't get to decide what happens to them." His words were harsh in your ear as he grinded his hips against your sore ass, his hard bulge stroking your crack, one hand stroking the inside of your thigh as the other pinched one or your nipples over your shirt. "They welcome whatever comes their way and thank their Master."
"S- Sorry, Sy" you whimpered, the brat backing down because of how powerless you felt against him, slightly turning your head to try and reason with him by using your puppy eyes. "P- Please, more… Need more" this time it was your pussy lips that suffered a painful pinch before scolding words followed. 
"It's sir for brats like yourself, tsk. You really need some training" shaking his head, Syverson spanked you one last time before flipping you back over to face him. "Look at you, so dumb. Still wearing a shirt in front of your Master like a thing such as yourself deserves any form of dignity" your insides were burning from his nasty words, not even your dirtiest fantasies ever having included this. 
But you'd be lying if you said you were complaining. The liquid flowing down your petals was evidence of your arousal. 
"S- Sorry, sir" without thinking twice, you pulled your shirt over your head and tossed it away, panting as your heart threatened to burst through your ribcage, the thumping in your pussy sending its ripples all the way up to your belly and down to your knees. 
"Hm. Not half bad" Syverson nodded as he took a hold of both your breasts, thumbs brushing over your hardened nipples and fingers softly massaging the cushions of flesh. "Tsk, look at you. So shameless and pathetic. All nude in front of me like this in some basements. Such a whore you are, Y/n." His words made you realise the contrast between you two. 
Where Syverson was still fully clothed, you were a heaving and panting nude sweaty mess covered in your own juices. 
"But then again, isn't that why brats like you act up? So they can be stripped down to nothing like they're supposed to be and fucked back intheir rightful place, huh-"
"Then quit your fucking yapping and get to it, why don't you? Talking all big game like you know everything yet standing there like a fucking bitch while just running your mouth like this is your fucking barracks or some shit" you shot back, rolling your eyes and huffing, only not yet knowing that you really shouldn't have challenged him like this. "Just shut up and fuck me already before you've to fucking run off to war for months again, Jesus!" 
You had had enough of his fucking games. 
Syverson's eyes darkened. "Want to be fucked, huh?" 
"No fucking shit, Sherlock." You rolled your eyes again before letting out a loud gasp when you were thrown over his shoulder the very next moment. 
"Oh, I'll fuck you alright." Tapping your warm ass in a promising manner, the man punched his floor number on the elevator, a new kind of quietness present in his tone. Like a calm before a storm. "Also want me to fuck a baby in you, huh? So you know who you belong to when I am not home? So instead of whoring around while your man is at war you look at that growing bump and remember who's seed is growing inside you?" He had actually retired this time around but you didn't have to know that, yet. 
Frustrating you was Captain Syverson's favorite game.
"If you still have it in you, ancient one, sure." A giggle left you when he growled and punishingly bit the side of your thigh, heavy footsteps almost shaking the entire floor as he neared his apartment. 
"You need some serious discipline." Clicking his tongue in distaste, Sy placed you on his bed once you were the inside the foreign apartment and inside the master bedroom, the man kicking his shoes off and crawling on top of you before you could brat anymore, capturing your lips in his and moving you to the middle of the bed, one of his hands manhandling your thighs apart as his body fit itself in the middle. "Mouthy whores are no good."
"Oh yeah?" You challenged dumbly, resting your body on your elbows as a shaky wince left you, shudders gliding down your back one by one when his fingers brushed against your privates. "And what are you gonna do about it, Captain?" Sy snorted to himself knowingly, pushing you until your back was flat against the mattress only to make it arch up towards the ceiling when your folds were provided the friction they so desperately desired. 
Fuck. The man did it so well and better than you. His rough obviously uncared for fingers were much rougher and thicker than your softer and nimble ones, rubbing you in swift circles. 
"O- Ohhh… fuck!" Your left leg trembled as you stared at the ceiling, mouth parted as your torso pushed against the military's face who was kissing and sucking at the tender skin of your chest. "Oh… oh… I am close~!" Having not a lot of experience, you were already chasing your dawning orgasm, hips bucking up in the anticipation of the approaching bliss. 
"Cum" Syverson was slurping his own spit back up from one of your nipples, circling his tongue around it before biting down on the nub, making you cry out as your brain registered faint aches on your chest which were the result of the hickies the older had decorated your skin with. "Cum for me!" A strangled cry escaped you before your insides felt as if they bloomed, the relief of your arousal washing over you from being rubbed alone. 
A few moments passed as you stared at the ceiling, blinking away the stars in your vision while your hips that had subconsciously started to grind against his fingers slowed their movement until they eventually came to a halt. 
"W- What…?" You groggily blinked and looked down when your insides recoiled in defense and legs tried to close in response to your swollen clit still being stimulated but this time dangerously close to your opening. "S- Stooop~" you whined, not really meaning it as a faint torch ignited somewhere in your belly again, lips puffing into a pout when one of Sy's hands firmly pushed your thigh away from his face, causing you to whine out.
"Stop? But I thought you wanted to be fucked." The man innocently tilted his head to the side, totally not looking like a person pushing his first digit inside you would look as the humiliating squelch your pussy made got overshadowed by the yelp you let out, ass trying to move away from the military. 
"S- Sy-" you stopped when he shot you a warning look in form of a wicked and twisted smile, massaging the walls of your damp and tight cavern with his middle finger. "I mean- s- sir~" you pouted and let out another whine, feeling your sweat glands pour out cold liquid all over your body. 
"Don't tell me you've already had enough when I've barely even started?" Sy chuckled at you in disbelief, adding another finger as his thumb started drawing shapes on your folds, causing you to let out a strangled moan as you tried to move away again but who were you kidding, the man was thrice your size! "Wow, you sure are all talk for someone who mocks others for talking big game."
You didn't know whether to ask him to stop or beg him for more at this point. Conflicted between the rising heat between your legs and sweet but punishing sensation inside your walls, you were still trying to decide what you wanted -like Syverson cared- when you felt a blob of his spit land on your overstimulated flesh. 
"W- Wha- ohhh~" your eyes fluttered shut as your head fell back on the soft mattress, fingers gripping the sheets as your toes curled, mouth forming an 'O' which was followed by your hips bucking up when you felt the first swipe of his long tongue lap at the liquid. 
"They better not close" Syverson warned you in a deep and commanding voice, his usual gentle demeanor nowhere in sight as he warningly tapped your cold thigh with his free hand before moving it up north to toy with your breasts, mouth joining his fingers on your overstimulated pussy as he lapped and sucked at the juices and liquids, working you up for his cock because your tiny hole was to rip otherwise.
"O- Oh… oh, please!" You'd never been treated like this before. Both so dominated and pleasured. While the overstimulation made your organs want to double over and shrink, the pleasure building past them as Syverson kissed and sucked at the skin while jabbing three of his fingers all the way up to your sensitive bundle of nerves, his beard tickling your cheeks and petals had you nibbing on your lips in anticipation, heart hammering against its cage. 
An incoherent train of loud whines, moans, pleads, shudders, praises and cries was departing from your lips every moment as you gasped and panted for air, yelling out a profanity when you felt Sy's tongue replace his fingers inside your tight ring of muscles that was more flexible now, still trying to clench around the oral muscle to try and defend the invasion, your eyes hitting the back of your head and chest jutting upwards when you felt the tip of his tongue tickle your special spot.
"OH, FUCK! PLEASE, FUCK!" You shrieked, feeling your stomach flip as your vision blackened once again, the only sensation your body being able to make out the merciless thrusting of Sy's tongue as it fucked you deep and dumb, one of his thumbs abusing your labia the fastest it could, free hand holding your hysteric body down against the mattress by his palm laying flat on your belly. 
By the time Syverson pulled his tongue out after making sure your high had subsided, your hearing had been dominated by a faint whistling, whatever he was saying not really audible to you as you could make out his face as he peppered kisses all over your mouth, giving your lips a long and elaborate lick where he traced their shape. 
"Look at how good you taste, pet" the name didn't fail to tickle your worked up insides as he pushed his cum covered digits in your mouth, watching your flushed and tear stained face smugly as his free hand now worked to unleash his raging hard on. 
You weakly sucked on his digits, whining around them as your eyebrows came together when you felt his wet tip against your entrance. Syverson had distracted you with his little punishment so well that you'd completely forgotten about his cock that your body was both hesitant but at the same excited to take as that had been the main goal all this time. 
"H- Hurts, sir~" you whimpered when his fingers finally unplugged your mouth to allow you to breathe. 
"Oh, I know, my precious bunny" Sy tenderly stroked the hair pieces which were sticking to your face that he adored so much away, his smile so sweet that one would forget that he was about to absolutely destroy them with his cock. "And so there is a little lesson here then, no?" A hiss left you as your shaky hands grabbed at his strong arms, nails pressing into the hard skin when his hips dipped and in went his cock, pushing open your numb walls to make way for itself, the bulging veins pressing soft dents against the flesh. "A lesson to not fucking challenge me."
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writersblog20 · 4 months ago
Something against the cold
Henry Cavill x reader
Tumblr media
Not my gif, credits to the maker!
Summary: You’re both incredibly tired and cold but still very much needed by each other…
Warnings: Smut. Pure smut. Fingering, eating out, blowjob, p in v,  daddy kink, SOFTHENRY while having sex, cockwarming, pet names, passionate sex.
Words: 2.2K
Something against the cold
 It was a very cold day in February with lots of snow covering the whole town. There was a snow storm and everyone was advised to stay inside and not go out if they could. It was late in the evening and you were exhausted and cold. It was like you just couldn’t get warm. Even a hot bath didn’t help at the moment.
Henry was on set when the advice came and he told you he would come home as soon as possible but it could take a while, considered traffic and the hell weather.  
You stared at the tv while you hid your cold hands in the pockets of your sweater. You had two blankets over you and still couldn’t get warm. Your eyes felt heavy and you knew if you’d stayed downstairs that it wouldn’t take long before you would fall asleep so you decided to get to bed.
You quickly patted to the bathroom for a quick fresh up and ran to the bed in your sweatpants and a hoodie from Henry. You hid in the two, thick blankets that covered the king-size bed and nuzzled your nose into it. You were so exhausted that it didn’t even took that long before you let your eyes close.
You felt the bed dip besides you as it woke you up. You couldn’t sleep deep if Henry wasn’t with you so you knew it was him. You opened your eyes as Henry got in the bed with you, his hair still wet from the shower he just took.
You smiled softly at him once he noticed that you woke up. “Hey sweetheart, I’m sorry I woke you up.” he told you. You saw that he was naked. “Aren’t you cold?” you asked him “Yeah but I was hoping that this way, I could get warmed up. Just didn’t know that you were dressed this much in bed.” he joked.
You were still cold and you knew that body heat was the best remedy. “Let me help you get warmed up sweetheart.” He told you. You nodded and you could tell he was exhausted as well. You took his hoodie off of you and then the sweatpants and your panties before crawling up against him.
He pulled the covers higher up so you both would be nicely tucked in together. You drew invisible patterns at his bare chest. “How was work?” you asked him. “We didn’t get much done because of the snow. I’ll have a couple of days off until the weather is reasonable.” You nodded and smiled softly.
“Seems like I have you all to myself for a couple of days.” You teased and you saw him grin at your statement. “Yes you do sweetheart.” He told you and placed a finger underneath your chin so you would look up. He placed his lips softly and lovingly against yours.
You deepened the kiss and you could feel him pull you closer while his fingers kneaded into your waist. His leg was in between yours as you laid half on top of him. You subconsciously grinded against his leg and you felt him grin in the kiss.
He laid you down and hang above you while he pulled back from the kiss “You’re still cold baby girl?” he asked you and he looked intently at you, intimidating you a bit as you nodded. “I can think of a way or two to get us both warmed up.” he grinned.
You smiled as you placed your hand on his chest, slowly moving down. He looked down at your hand on his chest and looked back at you with a soft smile as he placed his lips against yours again. The kiss was more heated but also very loving. His hand kneaded your breast and nipple as he teasingly got down where you wanted him the most.
He left your lips but quickly attached himself to your neck. Your cold hand found his groan, already hard. You softly wrapped your hand around him and you felt him let out a shaky breath at the feeling of your cold hand.
Your other hand went through his hair while his hand found your slit. He found your clit in no time and you were already bucking your hips up for more. His mouth took in a nipple, playing with it and you were already a wet, needy mess underneath him.
He grinned against your skin, feeling how wet you already were for him. He pulled away the covers and your whole body was covered in goosebumps. He let out a wet trail of kisses before licking up your wetness as you whimpered. Your hand found his hair while he started to eat you out.
You saw him grind on the bed but the euphoric feeling already got too much as you let your head fall back down on the pillow. You started to whimper and moan as you got closer to your orgasm. “Cum for me baby” you felt his hot breath against your slit and before you knew it he started to eat you out even more like a starved man.
“Daddy, I’m gonna cum.” He groaned against you “Cum for me pup.” Your whole body started to shake as you came undone, moaning loudly, shaking even more when Henry cleaned you up. He cleaned his mouth a little with the back of his hand and looked at you with blown pupils as you tried to catch your breath.
He crashed his lips onto yours and you tasted yourself on his tongue. He kissed your cheek and went down to your neck. You guided him off of you and onto his back. You kissed him and this time you placed your lips on his neck and went down over his chest.
You could hear him groan as he placed his arm behind his head, looking intensely at you. Your hand was already wrapped around his cock when you got further down his chest. you kissed the tip of his cock and he let out a loud groan.
His large hand found the back of your head as you licked him from the balls to the tip and after tried to take him all in. You could never get all of him, as he was so big but you always tried just like tonight.
You gagged around his cock and you heard him moan, which motivated you to go on. He got your hair out of the way while he watched you, trying to, take him all in. “You’re such a good girl.” He groaned in a deep gravel voice, turning you immediately on.
He pushed you down on his cock again as your saliva dripped down on him and tears streaming down your face. Your hands massaged his balls as you went up and down on his cock.
After a while he pulled you up towards his face and kissed you passionately as he wiped the saliva from your face away. You sat on his lower abdomen and softly grinned your wetness against him. He softly wrapped his hand around your throat and guided you a little away so he could nip at your neck again.
You moaned and got ahold of his cock again. You moved towards his cock so you could guide him in. You slowly sunk down as you needed to get used to his size again. You could feel him stretch you completely out as you sat down. He sat up without removing his lips from your skin as his arms wrapped tightly around you and held you against his chest.
You started to move and you both moaned in unison as he held your arms behind your back and put a nipple in his mouth before sucking it, his other hand playing with the other nipple.
You wanted to touch him, wrap your arms around his shoulders and pull him closer but the grip he had on you made you unable to do so. You started to moan and ride harder in neediness. He stopped sucking your nipple and looked at you. “Calm down baby girl” he chuckled deeply. “I want to feel you.” You told him whimpering. He chuckled at your reaction and softens his grip on you.
You immediately placed your arms around him, pulling him as close as you could, hiding your face in his neck and you felt that he wrapped his arms tightly around you as well, never stopping your pace as you grinded on him. You heard him directly moan into your ear, making you clamp him down on his cock. As a result he would groan even louder.
He placed you down on your back on the bed so he could set the pace. He looked deeply into your eyes and you noticed he looked softly and adoringly at you. But you were in such a needy state “Daddy please fuck me, please fuck me harder.” You whined.
“Not tonight baby, I want to make love to you tonight.” He whispered in your ear as he placed his arms around you, besides your head and hid his face in your neck laying completely down on you before setting the pace. It felt so good that you felt tears streaming down your cheek and felt butterflies in your stomach, followed by your second orgasm.
“Hen, bear, I’m gonna cum.” You moaned in his ear while your hand went from his back to his bicep, holding him tightly. “I’m not going to last long either.” He whimpered as well. Henry was apparently just as needy and clingy as you were today and you loved absolutely every minute of it.
His lips attacked your neck again and you sat your teeth, softly in his arm before your second orgasm hit. You squeezed around his cock, making him moan loud. “Baby, I’m going to.” Your orgasm was so powerful that he couldn’t pull out of you. “cu…cum, in me… it’s.. okay” you tried to say through your moans and heavy breathing.
Henry moaned loudly as you felt something warm shooting into you, coating your walls as you milked him out of reaction, moaning both in unison. He laid on top of you until you both got down from your high and have a normal breathing again.
He got his head out of the crook of your neck, placing lazy kisses over you face as you let out a tired giggle. “That was nice.” You told him and looked deeply into his eyes. “It was.” He told you and kissed you. “Besides, I’m warm again.” He told you, making you both chuckle but the sudden movement made you clamp on him again and he moaned out of reaction.
He looked down and carefully pulled out of you, making you whimper at the sudden loss and the cold feeling, “Hen, can you stay inside of me tonight? I want you close.” He looked a little surprised at you since you’ve never really asked that before.
“Yeah, of course sweetheart. Let’s get cleaned up first mhm?” you nodded and you both lazily got up and cleaned up before quickly returning to the warm bed.
“You still want it?” he asked you and you nodded “Yes please, if that’s okay with you?” he smiled softly and gave you a loving kiss “Of course baby.” You both laid down and you placed your leg over his big thigh as he pumped himself again for a couple of times. His finger found your slit but you were still wet enough for him to enter.
He kissed the top of your nose before entering you. He groaned while you whimpered a little at the fullness. He let out a shaky breath before planting a kiss on your forehead. He went with his large hand over your head towards your cheek. His thumb slowly and softly rubbing up and down while he smiled at you.
Gosh he was so soft right now and you could just melt into the spot right there. You absolutely loved when Henry would be clingy with you. You got a couple of curls out of his way before placing a loving kiss on his lips.
He pulled you closer to his chest while his arms enveloped you completely. He hid his face into the crook of your neck while you played with his hair. He got the blankets again and pulled them higher again, covering the both of you.
“I love you so much Y/N” you smiled and kissed the top of his head. “I love you too Henry, so much.” You could feel him lazily smile. “Let’s have a relaxing day tomorrow, but for now, get some sleep. You deserve it bear.” He kissed you again “Good night pup.” He held you tighter. “Good night bear.”
Henry was right, this definitely helped against the cold as you were warmly wrapped up into each other’s arms, falling into a peaceful sleep.
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freyjaallan · 5 months ago
Hiii👋 if you’re still doing them, Could I please request 6,14 from the soft smut prompts for a possessive but soft Henry x f!reader? (Or Geralt, upto you) Thanks so much 😘😘
“Say my name.” and “You’re mine.” with soft henry!!
warning: soft smut so so soft zero plot
Tumblr media
Henry pressed a kiss to spot behind your neck, his warm breathe making you shiver as he murmured, “Tell me what you want.”
You whimpered, grasping onto the fabric of his shirt just to keep him close. You could feel how wet you were, and would take anything at this point. You weren’t sure what this was yet— a few dates didn’t make a relationship, what if he was still seeing other people? Did he do this with other women? What did he want you to say?
“I can hear you thinking, love.” His voice cut through your panic, a hand coming up to cup your face. His thumb stroked along your cheekbone. “What do you want, hmm?”
You swallowed, loosening your grip on his sweater. He was so fucking gorgeous, hair mussed from where you’d had your fingers threaded through it before, lips swollen from kissing. “I-I just don’t want to say the wrong thing.”
He frowned, shifting you slightly on his lap. You could still feel his bulge pressed against your stomach, clearly aroused. “You can’t say the wrong thing. Whatever you want, that’s what I want.”
You let out a dry laugh, averting your eyes. “That what you say to all the girls?”
“Hey.” The hand on your face suddenly grasped your face more aggressively, forcing your attention back to him. He was serious now, his voice low and authoritative. “There’s no one else. Is that what you’re worried about? Are you seeing other men?”
You just shook your head, mouth slightly agape at how forward he was being. Getting right to the point. “No. Just you.”
He let out an approving hum, his hold on your face relaxing again. “Good. You’re mine.”
That made a whole new rush of wetness come between your thighs, and the statement made you bold. Keeping your eyes on his, you reached down and cupped his bulge, slowly rubbing it through his jeans. “Is this mine?”
His mouth dropped open slightly, a huff of a moan at the back of his throat. “Yeah, baby. That’s all yours. That what you want, then?”
You nodded, your other hand working to unzip his jeans and get the fabric out of the way, slipping your hand into his briefs. His cock was hot in your hand, silky, leaking precum already. “If I’m yours, then you’re mine.”
Henry growled, pulling your hand out of his pants and scooping you up in his arms before you could resist. He carried you to his bedroom, carefully setting you down on the bed and pulling his shirt off.
You yanked your own top off, pausing to stare in awe at his body. His arms were huge, his chest hair and ridiculous abs leading way to where he was pulling off his jeans and briefs completely. His cock was nestled in a thatch of dark hair, thick and uncut and making your mouth water.
He chuckled, kicking his clothes away. “Gonna catch up, sweetheart?”
You had your own jeans off in record time, your bra and panties joining the pile and you settled back and let Henry cage you in between his arms as he settled between your legs.
“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, trailing kisses down your neck and along your collarbone. You whined, back arching as his lips met your breasts. Your nipples were an especially sensitive spot, and he realized that quickly.
“Mhm, let me hear you,” he begged, his tongue swirling around your swollen nipple as his hand came down to the heat between your legs. You were dripping, his fingers easily sliding through your slick and slipping inside you.
You moaned, his thumb finding your clit as he dragged his teeth along your nipple, the feeling making you jolt in pleasure.
“Fuck, Henry!”
He smirked around your breast, adding another finger in your heat and crooking it just so. He began pumping them in and out of you, the noise filling the bedroom and making you approach your peak even faster. His thumb was relentless on your clit, drawing out little “ah, ah, ah, ah,”’s from you until a final, “Ah!”
You came with a shout, back arching off the bed as Henry nibbles on your neck, his fingers letting you ride out the waves of your orgasm. You finally drifting down to earth, letting out a satisfied sigh as Henry groaned beside you.
“Fuck, that was so hot.”
You hummed, eyes cracking open to take in the magnificent and naked man beside you, eyes displayed in lust.
He hardly gave you time to recover; just enough time for him to find a condom and put it on before he was back in between your legs, your arms wrapped around his neck as he guided his cock inside you.
He was huge, and as relaxed as you were post-orgasm, it took a bit to make it fit. He eased into you, sucking marks onto your neck and keeping a finger rubbing on your clit that had you moaning.
“Okay, I’m good,” you choked out, tangling your hands in his hair and panting into his mouth as he started rocking into you. He was so gently— not holding back, just making every movement count. Each thrust hit a spot inside you that had you seeing stars, deep and intentional. His pubic bone was adding pressure on your clit and you felt yourself about to climax before long.
Henry must have felt the same; his thrust picked up speed, losing rhythm slightly as he got closer. You kissed him deeply, feeling sweat sliding down your neck and into your cleavage as it mixed with the sweat dripping off Henry. You moaned, panting out, “Fuck, I-I’m gonna—“
“Yes, baby. Say my name, come with me.”
You felt yourself begin to come, your walls clenching around him in spasms as you cried, “Henry!”
That did it for him— he came with a cut-off guttural grunt, pumping his load in thick ropes inside the condom. You could feel him pulsing inside you, setting off tiny after-shocks that make you flinch in pleasure.
He pulled out of you with a groan, collapsing beside you. You both stared up at the ceiling, trying to catch your breathe, before you turned to him and curled up beside his body, a soft smile on your face.
“Sorry. About before. I’m not usually—“
“There’s no one but you. I should have made that more clear,” Henry interrupted softly, a hand reaching out to brush a piece of sweaty hair off your face.
“It’s just you, too. Always been you.”
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keanureevesisbae · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Henry Cavill x fem!reader
Summary: During your job as a hotel maid, you walk in the hotel room, not ready for what you’re about the encounter: the hot actor Henry Cavill, who is masturbating
Wordcount: 1k
Warnings: mentions of male masturbation and blowjobs and obviously male orgasms xx
You took this job, because you needed the money. There were only a few upsides to this job and fun wasn’t one of it. Time spend cleaning up, was mostly spend listening to music, as you did what you had to do: clean up.
With your AirPods plugged in your ears, you bring the card to the reader and the door unlocks for you. This was the final room for your shift and you wanted it to be over with real bad. 
You made your way inside, closing the door behind you, your hands full of cleaning supplies. Your cart had given up on you at the beginning of the shift and because there was no spare, this ought to do it for now. 
It was a quick clean up, no changing bed sheets so for that you forever grateful. You walk further into the room, before your eyes fall on something totally unexpected.
You let out a loud scream, when you realize and can finally comprehend what you had just seen: Henry Cavill—the actor Henry Cavill—naked on his bed, whilst masturbating. You stumble back, trip over the little trash bin, while he also lets out a scream, covering himself up, maintaining some of his modesty. 
He is huge, you think to yourself. They weren’t lying when they called his precious package the kraken. Oh gosh.
‘I’m so sorry, mister Cavill,’ you say, desperate to find your AirPod after it fell on the floor. ‘I thought I had to clean the room. There was so sign on it to tell me otherwise.’
He has yet to say something else, however you can’t get the Superman sized manhood you just saw out of your mind. Finally you find your earphone, before you try to collect your cleaning supplies that has scattered all over the floor. 
You had to look him in the eye eventually, right?
‘I apologize,’ he says, ‘for neglecting to put a sign on the door.’
You stand up and despite trying not to look, you couldn’t help but notice that bulge coming from underneath the blankets and as of right now, you have difficulties mainting a professional facade.
Besides: you are a wet and horny mess as we speak.
Moments go by where the two of you aren’t saying anything. The only thing you can hear, is his deep breaths and your own heartbeat. ‘I should go,’ you say, though you do not take a step. Your mind is wandering and you even find yourself thinking: This is how porn starts.
You’re not making it better for yourself. 
And then something changes in his eyes. Shame turns into lust. Humiliation turns into desire. 
Who is going to take the first step? 
‘You need help?’ 
Apparently you’re taking the first step. You cannot believe that question just left your lips. You honestly asked The Henry Cavill if he needs help? Maybe you’ve watched too much porn, to think a question like that can just leave your lips without people being freaked out.
Before however you can say something alone the lines of never mind, I’ll just go and never come back, he says: ‘Sure.’
Okay, now you need to act like you’ve got this all under control. You’re good at blowjobs. You can give him that once in a lifetime blowjob. A core memory. Raise the bar for every bed partner that is to follow you. You place your AirPods on the desk and make your way over to him, dropping on your knees on the side of the bed, while he is sitting on the edge, feet planted next to you on both sides. 
‘Just don’t tell anyone,’ he says.
You shake your head, eager to take him in your mouth. ‘It’s our little secret,’ you whisper, before wrapping your lips around his cock. He slides deeper in your mouth, his tip hitting the back of your throat. However, nothing fazes you. Much to his own surprise, you manage to take him all in, your nose hitting his pubes and he lets out the sexiest sound you’ve ever heard.
You squeeze your legs together, desperate for some friction. 
‘Good girl,’ Henry praises you and you physically were unable to stop the moan that escapes your lips. He hisses, taking a handful of your hair, slightly pulling you back, so forcing you to look at him. His eyes are slightly hooded, almost like he’s one step out of this world. 
You feel your jaw aching, however you do not give up. You are going to give this man the greatest blowjob he has ever had.
His breathing become more erratic, as you use your hand to pump the rest of his shaft. Judging from the most beautiful and hot sounds he makes—you’ll dream about it tonight probably—he is close. He bucks his hips up against you, as his seed fills your mouth. However, it catches you slightly off guard and the huge amount spills passed the corners of your mouth, mixed with your drool from your chin to your chest. You swallow what is left in your mouth and when you want to catch a breath, Henry leans over, planting his lips firmly on yours, not caring that his own semen is smeared on your lips as well. 
Instead, he holds your face in his hands, opening his mouth and your tongues dance around each other. You place your hands on his toned thighs, pushing yourself close against him. 
‘Maybe you should get cleaned,’ he whispers after he let you go slightly.
You nod, realizing you have to clock out soon. You’re unable to verbalize it, still slightly out of breath.
After you cleaned yourself up and made yourself decent again, Henry has put on a pair of boxers and in just that is now standing in front of you. With your hand full of supplies, he places his pointer finger on your chin, lifting up your head. ‘Our little secret, right?’
You nod. ‘Of course, sir.’
He presses an open mouth kiss on your lips and you melt against his frame. He slips something in your hand. It’s a card, with his number on it. ‘I’m here for one more week,’ he says. ‘I’d like to do at least something in return just once.’
‘I’ll text you later on,’ you whisper, desperate to experience that something in return. ‘We can arrange something.’
He chuckles as he pats your bottom. ‘That’s my girl.’ 
♧ ♧ ♧
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hertzwritings · 2 months ago
Fuck you
A/N: I’m getting so many disturbing ideas lately (or, not disturbing, but good ideas) and my brain just never stops working – soooooo let’s get some angry Cavill up in here!
You can buy me a coffee here and I’ll write you a personalized drabble, one-shot or multichapter fic!
Love y’all.
Remember, feedback feeds the soul and my requests (and askbox) is always open – there’ no limits, because I am me and I have none.
Pairing: Henry Cavill x female reader
Warnings: language, co-workers to lovers, “enemies” to lovers, smut (minors dni), rough sex, p in v, degradation, praise kink, (slight) daddy kink, Dom!Henry, spitting, unprotected sex, cream pie, a SMIDGE of anal, Henry in Geralt costume, breath play, spanking and probably something else i forgot about 
Wordcount: 3.510
 Fuck you
Tumblr media
You were grinding your teeth so hard, you were sure they were going to crack under the pressure. He was insufferable.
“Y/N, we need you back to one, please!” You followed instructions, glaring daggers at Henry, who simply raised an eyebrow at you. He had once again thrown the scene, dragging out the time it would take to shoot a pretty fucking simple scene. You had tried your best to be a good co-worker, the best co-actor, you could possibly be – but he was acting like a spoiled toddler, constantly refusing the simplest things.
It was insanity. He was acting up constantly, and when you weren’t actively shooting a scene, you were hurling thinly veiled insults at each other. You didn’t know what you had done to make him this angry with you – or hate you, rather – and frankly, you didn’t care anymore. You detested him deeply, and you were counting the seconds until you were done shooting this fucking show, so you could forget all about him. “Y/N, can you try with a little less hate this time?” You director seemed hopeless with his request, but tried nonetheless. “If he does.” You said with a sweet smile directed at Henry, who rolled his eyes. “Just… Try.” Your director walked back behind the camera. “We’re picking up from scene 47, act 3, please. Let’s just get this over with so you two can go back to biting each other’s head off.”
You had worried about this scene. Kissing him seemed pretty damn impossible, and looking like you enjoyed it? Impossible. You both took your marks and he sneered at you. “See if we can get this in one take, huh, darling?” You wanted to punch his dick. “Let’s.”
“Action!” You softened your face at the same time as he did, and wrapped your arms around your body, trying to keep steady during the goddamn scene. “I can’t do this with you.” You started, voice shaking. He moved to you and sighed, his eyes searching yours. You could see the blaze behind them, clearly full of nothing but disgust for you, as he wrapped his fingers around your shoulders, gripping you tighter than necessary. You whimpered a little and saw the smallest sliver of surprise in his eyes. “You don’t know what you’re saying. We’re already in too deep, don’t you think?” “I don’t know.” He sucked his lower lip between his teeth and hands gripped you tighter. “You’re mine.” He growled. You suddenly understood why people liked him as Geralt – he was possessive, and the voice matched with the looks made you quiver a little. You didn’t have time to linger on it, because his lips pressed roughly against yours with a groan.
You groaned at the feeling and let your hands wander to his neck, gripping the short hairs at the nape of it tightly under the wig. He hissed against your lips and pushed you back against the tree behind you – you gasped, and he chuckled darkly, your legs wrapping around his waist, as your tongues fought for dominance. He bit your lip and drew a whine from you. You weren’t sure it was loud enough for the cameras to pick up. You let yourself let go of your feelings – screwing it all to hell, you channeled all your rage towards him into the kiss and bit his lip in return, drawing a growl from him.
You were both struggling for breath and control, his tongue rough against yours and a hand going to your ass, grabbing it tightly – you whimpered again, and you felt him press against your body; if you weren’t mistaken, something was pressing back.
“CUT!” He pulled away quickly, as if you burned him. Your chest heaved and his eyes were wild and narrowed towards you, wiping his lower lip. You had drawn blood. You were staring at each other, your eyes boring into his yellow ones, and you were trying to steady your breathing as he adjusted himself. You cocked an eyebrow at him, and he simply sneered back at you. “Alright, I guess that’s… Passion or something.” You director seemed done with the both of you. “You’re on break, we’re picking up some scenes with Joey and Anya now, so… Try not to murder each other in the meantime.”
You both turned on your heels and went to your trailers, loaded silence between you; you were seething, one because he was a major ass who acted like he was better than anyone, and two because you were violently horny after the display on camera. You weren’t supposed to be, but the fine line between anger, hate and lust had become blurry as all hell, and you couldn’t figure it out. At all.
He paused for a fraction of a second, opening his mouth as if he wanted to say something to you, but thought better of it and quickly went into his trailer, slamming the door behind him. You rolled your eyes and went inside of your own trailer, quickly removing the costume from your body and put on a t-shirt before grabbing a bottle of water, slamming cupboards and whatever else you could slam around to rid yourself of some of the anger, that rolled off your body.
You were so fucking angry. He was acting like an idiot, barely speaking to you unless it was to insult you – something veiled in constructive criticism – and then he kisses you like he wanted to break you, which just made you even more angry and, well… Horny. You called the PA and asked how long it would be before your next scene, and luckily it gave you about an hour of downtime to get yourself back to a normal state of mind, where anger or lust wasn’t rolling off of you in waves. Perfect.
You chugged your water and sat down on your couch, squirming a little as your underwear rubbed against your clit. Fucking damn it, he was insufferable. Making you feel like this, making you angry, making you all of the things; and you refused to give into it, simply out of spite.
You closed your eyes, but you squealed, and they flew open not even a second later, when the door to your trailer swung open – Henry stood there, still in makeup, lenses and costume, steam practically coming out of his ears. “What the fuck, Cavill? Get out!” you shrieked, trying to pull your t-shirt down to cover your lower half – he didn’t listen, but stepped inside, his wide body taking up more space than you had thought he could. He closed the door behind him with a bang. “What the fuck was that?” He sneered. “What was what?” “That kiss.” He spat the word out as if it burned his tongue. You rolled your eyes. “Oh my god, yes, that should be a main concern to you. A scripted kiss. Jesus fucking Christ, get out.” You stood up and glared at him – he clearly didn’t give a shit, and moved closer to you, a finger pointed at your chest. “No, what was that? You fucking bit me.” “You started it.” You pouted, your heart pounding in your chest. “And who the fuck cares, you hate me and refuse to work with me like an actual human being, you daft idiot. If you had deigned to act like, I don’t know, I was a person and not dogshit under your shoe, we could’ve talked about how we wanted to do it, but no, you’re too good for the likes of me, right?” You said defiantly. His chest was heaving, and his eyes were narrowed at you. You were chest to chest. “You’re detestable.” “Likewise.” You spat, but he ignored you, moving an inch of a step closer to you, keeping your bodies flushed against each other. Despite your burning hatred for the man, you couldn’t help the surge of lust that went straight to your center. “You are annoying, impossible to work with and…” He heaved a breath, stopping himself from saying anything else. The way he was looking at you made you want to crawl on your knees for him; it might be the yellow contacts, but the amount of fucking possessiveness in his eyes mixed with a predatory gaze was unheard of. “Fuck you.” You spat at him, your nipples pebbling under your shirt. You could almost hear the leather grind against itself as he jerked his hand to the nape of your neck, grabbing a tight hold on your hair and yanking your head back – you grunted at the sensation but kept eye contact with him. You were burning. “Fucking gladly.” He growled.
His lips were on yours within a second, the same flames from earlier, that had been embers glowing in you, shot straight back up as if they had been doused by gasoline. You whimpered against his lips, your hands flying to his shoulders and digging your nails into the leather. It was the same, rough, combative kiss as before; his teeth grabbed your lower lip and tugged roughly, his free hand on your ass. He growled under his breath as you try to pull the goddamned leather off.
He roughly pushed you against the wall, a picture falling down from its nail and shattering on the floor – you grunted as the wind got knocked out of you. “Fucking asshole, I liked that one.” You mumbled against his lips. He smirked into the kiss, his tongue rough and hard on yours and his hand went to your clothed pussy, smacking down on it. You whined against it, desperate for anything at this point – you were a fucking mess, writhing against him and his stupid, hot body. You bit down on his lip and tugged it, causing him to pull back and slap you across the face. Pleasure ran through your body at the sting and his gaze. “Try that one more time, darling, and you won’t be able to fucking walk.” His tone was menacing and serious, but you also felt how hard he was, straining against the leather pants. You ran a hand down his body until you reached where it strained against his pants and grabbed his length. He grunted at the feeling and his lips were on yours again, while his hand slid your underwear down your legs, the other still roughly entangled in your hair. You had smeared your lipstick on him, and you were about to fucking combust as two thick fingers entered you, slamming harshly into you. You mewled against his lips and your knees buckled as he began fucking you with his fingers. “Oh, did I finally make you shut up? Did I get a good, little, dumbed down whore?” He whispered menacingly and his thumb found your clit. You moaned at the pressure he was adding to your bundle of nerves, and your grip on his hard, thick cock tightened. “Is this all it takes to make you fucking dumb, little one? I just have to fuck you with my fingers, and you’re quiet for daddy?” He tugged on your hair again, forcing your face up. You were already close to coming, barely able to stand on shaky legs, as he added a third finger and chuckled at your needy moan. “Oh, you want to cum, little one? Want to cum on my fingers?” His eyes were boring into yours and you weren’t coherent anymore.
“Fucking whore, cum for me.” He growled and you weren’t one to disobey that kind of order. You came with a loud moan, fingers gripping his cock and shoulder hard as you exploded around his fingers, walls dragging him deeper inside. You were seeing white, vision completely gone under his ministrations; you weren’t able to think or feel anything but absolute pleasure from his thick fingers, that moved impossibly fast in you. “On your fucking knees.” He mumbled before kissing you deeply and removing his fingers from your throbbing pussy, pushing you down to your knees. You removed your t-shirt quickly and looked up at him; the way he stood in front of you, yellow eyes and a devious smirk on his lips, made you want to fucking dissolve into a puddle. He was hot.
“Open your needy mouth.” You did as instructed and he grunted at the sight of you on your knees, tongue out, waiting for him – he quickly undid the straps holding the pants up and let them fall to his ankles; you whined at the sight. He chuckled darkly and cocked an eyebrow. “Needy, fucking bitch.” He smacked the tip of his hard, leaking cock on your tongue, and you almost died on the spot. You wanted him to use you. “You’re going to take what I give you, understand?” He grabbed the top of your head and slowly pushed his length inside of your mouth. You were gagging and drooling around him as he hit the back of your throat, and he chuckled again before spitting on the part of him, that wasn’t in your mouth, wetting it for your hand; you began moving back and forth, the obscene sounds of you gagging around him filling the trailer. He was moaning loudly, groaning at the feeling of your tongue against his cock, and he grabbed your hair, holding you still as he began fucking into your mouth. “Fuck… That’s a good girl.” He mumbled and you preened at the praise – you were dripping wet and put your hand on his thigh to steady yourself, while you grabbed the remaining part of his length with your hand, jerking him off at the same time as he fucked your mouth. He swelled in your mouth and twitched; spit was dripping from your chin as he fucked your mouth relentlessly. A loud bang sounded when his fist collided with the wall, denting it a little, before he pulled out. “What the fuck, Cavill…” You were cut off by him grabbing your throat and pulling you to your feet, nudging your legs open with his thigh. “You want me, Y/N?” He asked earnestly, fire roaring behind his eyes; you mewled as his hand found your clit again and you nodded eagerly. “Fuck… I want to bury my whole hand in you, but for now…” He grabbed his cock and rested it on your mound. “This will have to do, darling.” He slapped your thigh as an indication for you to wrap your legs around him as he began kissing you; you did, jumping a little to rest perfectly against the wall with your legs around him, his free hand on your ass, holding you up. You moved your mouth to his neck, biting down on his pulse-point, and he roared, jerking his hips forwards, and buried himself in you in a single move. You shrieked at the stretch; you would be ruined forever. Nobody would measure up to this. You felt so fucking full, his cock twitching and his hand around your throat. “I’m going to ruin you, baby.” He whispered with a voice full of promise. “You fucking better.” You answered, rolling your hips slightly to make him move. He grunted and drew back before slamming back into you, another picture falling from the wall. He began fucking you wildly, a beast buried in you; he was railing into you like there was no tomorrow. You raked your fingers over his exposed neck, drawing angry, red lines on the skin, and he growled, moving you from the wall, turning around and slamming you against the kitchen counter, letting your ass rest on the countertop. You were screaming in pleasure, his hard cock driving in and out of you, dragging against your walls. “Fuck, you’re so fucking wet for me…” He mumbled, looking down at the way his cock drove in and out of you. “You’re doing so good, my little whore.” He locked eyes with you. “Open your mouth, baby girl.” You did what he asked, tongue out and breasts bouncing with hard thrusts.   He grinned dangerously and spat in your mouth, hard thrusts driving his cock deeper inside of you. “Fuck!” You yelled out, your head lolling back, eyes rolling back in your head. You were about to explode around him, your pussy drenching his length completely.
“You’re taking me so well, darling.” He grabbed your chin with his large hand. “You look at me when you cum. You’re mine.” You whimpered and almost lost yourself completely there. “Say it.” He mumbled, driving his cock deeply inside of you, the head hitting your cervix with every move. “Say what?” You tried to sound defiant, but it came out whiny and breathy instead, desperate for him to do something more, anything.
His hand left your chin and hit your cheek with a hard slap, sending shockwaves through your body. He grinned deviously. “Oh, my little whore likes it when I slap her?” He was driving his cock deeply and hard into you, and you heard glasses fall from the counter and shatter on the ground. “You want me to hurt you, darling?” His lips danced along the shell of your ear, biting down on your earlobe. “Oh, fuck you, Cavill, you know what I want…” You whispered breathily and ran your nails across his neck, trying to hold him tightly so you could meet his thrusts. He cocked his eyebrow and a sneer fell on his lips. “You’re such a fucking brat, Y/N.” He slid out of you and grabbed you by the hips, tugging you harshly from the counter – knocking another fucking glass off the counter in the process – and turned you to your stomach, folding you over the arm of your chair. You whined as his hand came down hard on your ass several times and before you could even fucking think. “You know what you need to call me, you fucking whore.” He whispered, his fingers bruising your skin; you mewled and felt a hard smack on your ass. “Fuck! Daddy, fucking hell, daddy…” You moaned an incoherent string of daddy, Henry, asshole, any name you could think of as he pushed himself back inside of you with a loud moan; he didn’t give you a moment to adjust to him, simply began fucking you wildly and without rhythm, chasing his high with very little regard to the amount of noise you both were making. He pounded you deeply, the chair scraping across the floor and your orgasm hit you out of nowhere, when his finger found your smaller hole, slowly sliding his finger inside while he fucked you.
You screamed for him as you came undone around his thick cock, your orgasm rippling through your body like a tidal wave – fire burned your nerves as you felt him swell inside of you as well, your orgasm clearly inching him closer as well. “God, I love your pussy… Fucking hell, you’re so fucking wet for me, darling.” He murmured. “Shut up and fill me, please, please, pl…” Your words got cut off by his large hand around your throat, squeezing all sound from you and forced your back against his chest. “Shut up. If you want me to fill you, you need to learn your place, little one.” You gasped for a breath as he fucked you relentlessly, chasing his high. You felt him swell and twitch inside of you and managed to get a string of strangled words out while you clawed at his arm angrily, just wanting him to fill you or kill you. Either one could work at this moment.
He growled and his hips stilled as hot ropes of cum spurted into you, filling you completely. You could feel it already dripping out of you and the thought of going the rest of the day with his spend leaking out of you, sent an involuntary shiver through your body. He pulled out harshly and turned you with surprisingly gentle hands, his hand on your face, his thumb ghosting over your cheekbone and kissed you deeply, tongue swiping across yours. You were both breathing heavily as he pulled away and rested his forehead against yours, his lips swollen.
“Fuck you.” You whispered, none of the earlier malice behind your words anymore. It almost sounded like a term of endearment with your breathy voice and gentle fingers ghosting over his Adam’s apple. He hummed appreciatively and kissed you gently again. “Alright.” He chuckled a little and tucked himself back into his pants, before looking around the room with raised eyebrows. You followed his gaze and saw shattered glass, dents in the walls and furniture all over the place; you had barely noticed half of this happening. Your throat was throbbing, and you couldn’t help but smile; you were going to be marked by him.
“Wonder if the director will like this tension better.” You mused with a grin at him. He chuckled and grabbed your underwear, stuffing them into the small pocket inside of his pants with a sly grin. “I know I do.”
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honeydulcewrites · 8 months ago
in which henry discovers that you have a spit kink
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+ ONLY, things get filthy, spit kink, thigh riding, lil dash of choking!
y’all already knowwww I had to do this lmfao! idk how good this is I probably could have done more with it but I hope it’s ok!
It didn’t take him very long to figure it out
Henry prided himself on being the kind of man to notice details and to pick up on things quickly and he could read you like his favorite sci-fi book
First it was when he was working out in the backyard, you watching from the patio, very obviously not reading the book in your hand but rather paying attention to him and his movement
The sweat beading down his forehead, the way his muscles tensed, the way his body moved, then the way he took a drink of water and spit it out on the grass below
Normally seeing men do that kinda thing annoyed you but seeing Henry do that…something had been awakened and nothing about that was subtle
He eyed you from afar, smirking at the way you crossed your legs all of a sudden
How cute, you had no idea what this would unlock for you
One evening you were in his lap, heat creeping up to your cheeks as he pressed you against his chest and pushed his hips up against yours
You wanted him, had been all day and he was finally giving you the attention you needed
“So desperate aren’t you. I didn’t say stop, you can keep grinding on me.”
You whined against his lips when he called you out but not hesitating to resume your movements
The friction from his clothed thigh against your core made you so weak, his effect on you was crazy sometimes
You almost, almost hated how he would tip his head back a little to watch you, not able to stop himself from running his hands up your hips, over your body in all the places he loved
“That’s it, make a mess.”
There was that smug smirk again when his hand travelled up to play with your chest and then further up to find its home around your neck
The way he squeezed just right combined with how your hips were feverishly moving against him made you wanna let go, your whimpers turning into breathy moans
“Please what, baby? Tell me what you need.”
“I…fuck! Think I’m gonna cum, please!”
“Not yet, sweetheart. Need to give you something first.”
You whined, looking into his eyes with confusion but losing your breath when he pulled you closer by your throat, his expression all lust and admiration
You kept up the pace of your grinding, panting and crying out when he bounced his leg a few times
“Open your mouth, love. And look at me, don’t take your eyes off me or you get nothing.”
God if this was what you thought it was you were going to lose your mind
And the way he commanded you made you melt even more
You obeyed, blinking rapidly for a second as you rolled your hips around again
And then your brain turned to mush when you saw and felt Henry spit on your tongue, the tension in your body snapping as you came hard
It was so hard to keep your eyes on him but you did, riding out the high and his praise filling your ears
“That’s a good girl, look at you, look how much of a mess you are. That’s my girl.”
Never did you think that would do it for you but now you wanted more, you wanted him to dirty you up, to make you feel like you were his
And that’s exactly what Henry planned to do, carrying you straight to the bedroom as soon as you collapsed forward against him
You were gonna have a sinful amount of fun with this revelation and neither of you could hardly wait!
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viking-raider · a month ago
Birthday Boy
Summary: It's the morning of Henry's birthday, and it couldn't be any better, than waking up in bed, with you in his arms. But you have other plans in mind. Messy plans!
Pairing: Henry Cavill/Reader
Word Count: 3.5k
Warning: NC-17 - SMUT, Oral (F and M receiving), Language, Teasing, Use of Food Products, Light fingering, Suggestive Dom Elements (both sides), Cotton Candy Fluff, Shower sex (P in V), Foreplay
Inspiration: Happy Birthday to the Cavill man!
Author’s Note: I hope you enjoy it! Line divider by @FIREFLY-GRAPHICS!
If you would like to get notifications for my writing! Just follow my Tag List blog, @VIKING-RAIDER-TAGLIST and turn on the notifications for it! It’s that easy!’
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You giggled, feeling Henry press his body against you, nuzzling his face into the back of your shoulder, neck and hair. He moaned softly, rubbing his stiff, morning wood against your butt with an even louder moan, and curved his large body around you.
“Morning, Birthday boy.” You hummed, pressing your back against his chest.
“Good morning.” He replied, smiling against the top of your shoulder, pressing gentle kisses all over your skin. “And thank you very much.” He chuckled, nibbling on the skin of your neck.
“I invoke the right of first present.” You blurted out, before Henry could.
Henry pulled away from your neck, pushing you down onto your back to look into your eyes. “That's not fair!” He grinned, with outraged amusement, that you were calling upon a small tradition you both had started on the first birthday you both shared together. “It's my birthday!”
“Well, you should have said it first, then.” You replied, smugly. “Huh?”
“Yeah, I should have.” He nodded, pressing his lips together, then kissed you. “All right, what is my first present then, my love?” He asked, his hand dipping under the blankets to draw lazy, but suggestive, circles over your belly.
You beamed at him. “Cake.” You said, patting him on the cheek, then got out of bed. “Stay there!”
“Cake—in bed!” He shouted after you, caught off guard. “This early in the morning!”
You laughed, hearing his shouts as you made it down the stairs. “Silly boy!” You chuckled, yanking open the fridge, scanning the contains for a moment, before two plastic bottles and one aluminum can popped into your focus and you grinned. “Perfect!” You giggled, snapping them up, before starting back for the bedroom, but stopped, going into the pantry to grab one more item, then returned to Henry.
“That does not look like a birthday cake.” Henry commented, as you set a bottle of chocolate and caramel sauce down on his nightstand, with a can of whip cream. “And that's for my birthday cake.” He said, pointing to the thing of chocolate fudge cake frosting.
“We can buy another one.” You chuckled, stripping off the shirt you were wearing, then tugged the blankets off of Henry, grinning at the actor's naked glory.
Good think he slept in his birthday suit!
“All right, but still, where's that actual cake, babe?” He asked, frowning at you as he pushed himself up a little bit to sit against the headboard.
You grinned at him, climbing into bed and straddled his waist, resting your hands against his chest. “You're the cake, Puppy.” You answered, wiggling your clothed pussy against his still hard member.
“Oh, dear lord.” Henry husked, a moan rumbling in his chest, allowing you to feel the vibration of it under your palms. “We're going to get our sheets so messy.” He said, breathily.
“Are you rejecting my present, Henry Cavill?” You asked, sitting back, so you sat on his thighs, denying his cock any source of contact.
“No, no!” Henry shook his head, hands shooting out to your hips, wanting to pull you back into place. “Of course not, love. I'm just saying the sheets are going to get ruined, is all. Not that I really fucking care cause...” He let out a heavy and hot breath, blue eyes roaming down your mostly nude body with a needy and hungry gaze.
“Good, I'm glad. I'll wash the sheets and if they don't come out, I'll just get us new ones, because I don't care either.” You said, sliding back into place, making Henry groan and buck against you. “All I care about is my birthday boy, on his birthday.” You cooed, rubbing your hands up and down his chest.
Henry hummed, grinning, his hands rubbing up your hips and sides, feeling giddy about whatever was about to happen.
You cast your eyes towards the nightstand and surveyed your selection of items, before picking up the frosting and pulled off the lid, peeling away the silver, protective seal and tossed both onto the nightstand. Dipping a finger into the thick and creamy icing, you scooped out a moderate amount, before setting the container aside, smirking at the intent and interested expression in Henry's eyes, the curiosity of what you were going to do with the sweet substance. You licked your lips, then slowly parted them and put your coated finger inside, pursing your lips around your digit, cleaning the frosting off of it, but holding it on your tongue.
Watching Henry gulp as you did this, you leaned forward and kissed him, sharing the sweet treat with him as you deepened it, nibbling on his bottom lip a little bit. Henry moaned, savoring the taste of the fudge-y chocolate mixed with the taste of your mouth was like an explosion on his taste-buds. He reached out as you started to pull away, breaking the kiss, but you pushed his hands away, chuckling at him and shaking your head.
“There's more to come, birthday boy, don't get greedy now, when your present has just started.” You cooed at him, picking up the bottle of caramel sauce and popping the cap.
You bit the inside of your lip, eyeing Henry's broad and muscular torso, before tipping the bottle upside down, a stream of rich, light brown syrup flowed out directly onto Henry's chest, causing him to hiss and jerk as the cold caramel touched his warm skin.
“Are you really?” He laughed, grinning and watching you draw a circle around his left nipple.
“Oh, it's not like we weren't going to take a shower after we get out of bed, baby boy.” You laughed, making one more circle around his left nipple, before moving over to his right and doing the same thing, followed by a line down between his pecs and a spiral around his navel.
“You want some?” You asked, holding up the bottle to him.
Henry opened his mouth in response, and you squeezed some of the caramel sauce inside, chuckling as he hummed, swallowing it down and smacking his lips. Picking up the chocolate sauce, you quickly doodled something over his nipples, making yourself giggle at the three and nine, and Henry roll his eyes. Scooting down a little bit, you stared at Henry's stomach, your breath and his body heat warming the cold and sticky sauce, your eyes flickered up to Henry's, seeing his chest rise and fall quickly, his blue eyes so dark, you couldn't find the speck of brown in them anymore, his lips were parted and his breathing was audible.
You felt your panties grow damp as you lowered your head, tongue darting out for the first line of caramel, feeling the muscles beneath his skin flex and tense as you started to slowly lick at the sweet lane, moaning softly. Letting your eyes fall shut, you blindly followed the avenue of caramel around Henry's navel and up, between his hard-earned abs to his pectoral muscles. Diverting to the side, you were careful to avoid the chocolate, as you cleaned up the caramel, then did the same with the left side. With the first swirl of your tongue as you followed the bottom hump of the three on his right nipple, you drew out the deepest moan from Henry, his hands flying out, one tangling in the back of your hair and the other tangling in the sheet on the bed. You chuckled against his skin, smiling as you rolled your head with the final lick, to finish off the rest of the chocolate number, knowing full well, that Henry Cavill's nipples were one of his most sensitive and receptive body parts.
“You like that, baby?” You purred, raising your head and licking your lips, a sultry look in your eyes as you shifted over to the chocolate-y nine on his left pectoral.
Henry gulped thickly, nodding his head, unable to speak for a moment. “Yeah—yeah, babe.” He panted, pressing his head back into his pillow, a light sheen of sweat breaking out over his forehead, plastering the sleep mussed curls there to his flushed skin. “Sweet Jesus!” He cried, as you slowly and lightly licked off the last of the chocolate sauce.
“The skill of that tongue is both delightful and sinful.” He gasped, his eyes rolling into the back of his head.
“Thank you.” You replied, smiling proudly, then pulled away, patting him gently on his sticky and wet chest. “Oh, you're so hard, Puppy.” You cooed at him, rubbing your soaked panties down on his cock, getting the fabric even more wet with the droplets of pre-cum weeping from his purple tip.
“What kind of birthday cake is it, if you don't blow out the candle?”
“That is quite literally the cheesiest thing I have ever fucking heard in my life!” Henry laughed, shaking his head at you.
“But so true.” You purred, sitting on his thighs again and wrapping a hand around his candle. “Hmm.” You purse your lips and reach out for the bottle of chocolate again. “While your cock tastes absolutely fabulous on its own.” You complimented him, smirking devilishly. “Everything tastes better with chocolate.” You giggled, drizzling some of the deep brown sauce over his impressive length, then with an even more devilish giggle, you topped it off with a generous amount of reddi-wip.
Henry watched with huge eyes as you eased his adorned cock into your mouth, humming softly as you tasted the combination of chocolate, whipped cream and his seed on your tongue. It was sweet and heady, a blend that shouldn't work together, but somehow it did. You loved it. Taking every inch of Henry's manhood you could, you suckled him, bobbing your head in a smooth motion, savoring every moment of it. Henry gulped, watching you swallow him, with each upward motion of your head revealed less of the contents you had covered his shaft with, leaving it only glistening with his pre-cum and your saliva.
“My love.” He wheezed, feeling the growing tightening of his balls and the tingle at the base of his brain, his vision blurred for a moment and his eyes crossed. “Babe, I'm going to...I'm...cl-” He rambled, gulping and shaking his head, trying to clear his mind, but couldn't. “Clo—Fuck!” He barked, arching his back, moaning and grunting as he came, pumping hot and thick ribbons of come into your mouth.
You hummed, rubbing your hand over his trembling thigh as you drank down every bit he gave you with greed and readiness. Pulling back once the last spasm and drop had passed and wiping a line of drool from your bottom lip with the back of your hand, you sat back and looked up at Henry's face. He was still recovering from his orgasm, a state of bliss and a soft smile on his lips. It made you happy to see him so relaxed and content, so euphoric on his thirty-ninth birthday. You slipped off of him and stood beside the bed, moving towards the master bathroom, when Henry reached out and snagged your wrist.
“And, where do you think you're off too, hm?” Henry asked, softly, rolling his head to look over at you.
“Well, I was going to grab a washcloth to help out your wee mess.” You said, motioning towards the bathroom with your other arm.
“Oh no, you're getting back into bed, darling.” He told you, sitting up and wrapping his arm around your waist, pulling you back into bed with him. “It's my turn to decorate a cake.” He smirked, wiggling his eyebrows at you.
“Mmm.” You hummed at him, nodding. “You're the birthday boy, so whatever you want, Puppy.” You replied, winking at him.
“That's right, dove, whatever the birthday boy wants.” He nodded back, pressing his lips together. “Now, lay down and get comfy.” He said, patting the bed beside him.
“Aye, aye, birthday boy!” You replied, saluting him and laid down on the spot he indicated, wiggling down into the comfortable sheets and mattress.
Henry grinned at you, giddy as he moved over you, curling his fingers around the waistband of your panties and slid them off of you, before nestling himself between your legs, letting you wrap them around his waist. “Hmm.” He hummed, tapping his fingers over your thighs as he studied his options on the nightstand. “What do I want to decorate my cake with first?” He purred, leaning down to press his lips against your stomach.
“I know.” He smiled, reaching out for the reddi-wip. “I need some stiff peaks to work with first, though.” He frowned, pressing wet kisses to your breasts, then gently blew on them, hardening your nipples and making your shiver. “Excellent!” He winked, before adorning each breast with a big dollop of whipped cream, covering your taut nipples.
Setting the whipped cream aside, Henry picked up the chocolate sauce and made a line along your left collarbone and down to your breast, spiraling around it, stopping just short of the pile of white fluff. Henry grabbed the caramel for a moment, doing the same to your right collarbone and breast, then drew a line down your stomach and circled your navel, before pouring chocolate into your belly button.
“You did not just fill my belly button with chocolate sauce!” You laughed, grinning at him, so amused.
“Body shot!” Henry explained, laughing and smiling, setting the bottles back down. “Lord, you look too good to eat.” He purred, biting his bottom lip as he looked at his handiwork.
“Well, you're going to have to eat me, or all of this is going to melt off, with my body heat.” You informed him, bashfully, already feeling the chocolate and caramel sauce around your breast start to drip down your sides.
“I suppose.” He sighed, faking melancholy.
Henry attacked your breast first, closing his mouth around your cream covered nipple, sucking it clean, tugging lightly before letting it go and start licking off the caramel, having to dip his head over your side to clean up the drip lines before they made it to the bed sheets. He nuzzled his face into your neck, nibbling along your collarbone. You closed your eyes and relaxed, letting your other senses take over, feeling Henry's hot breath on your skin, the hungry, but skillful lips move along your collarbone, leaving your skin almost spotless of the two substances, before dipping back down for your other breast and giving it the same treatment, as the other, whimpering softly at his attention.
You hummed, feeling Henry's mouth move to the valley between your breasts, nuzzling his cheek against them for a small moment, before continuing on, lapping up the sweet lines he had made there, until he reached your navel, still mostly full of the chocolate he filled it with, your increased breathing spilled some of it out, sending lines of chocolate towards your hips and lower abdomen. Henry sealed his lips around your navel, hollowing his cheeks as he sucked in the liquid, then probing the tip of his tongue inside, making you giggle and squirm beneath him, cleaning whatever else was left, then cleaned up the escaped lines.
“Hmm, such a tasty cake you make.” He hummed, resting his chin on your stomach.
“I was well prepared.” You joked, carding your fingers through his hair and resting your hand on his broad shoulder, kneading it lightly.
Henry chuckled, grinning at you, and turning his head to lay it on your belly for a short while. Both of you relaxed, the warm rays of sunlight coming in through the windows on either side of the bed, warming your and Henry's naked and sticky skin. Henry shifted, kissing your belly as he moved, reaching out, almost blindly, giving you a soft and smug expression as he applied the now warm whipped cream over your folds, then tossed the can aside.
You gulped, watching Henry go down on you, flexing your toes in anticipation of his broad and skillful tongue lapping at your reddi-wip covered pussy made you more excited than you had been in a long time. But Henry was painfully teasing, taking slow and shallow licks of the whipped cream, frustrating you as he took his time uncovering your clit.
“Henry!” You whined, breathily, frowning down at him.
“It's my birthday, if I want to unwrap my present slowly, I damn well will.” He huffed back, amused, returning to his unwrapping.
“Argh!” You howled, vexed.
Henry chuckled, licking his lips as he finally uncovered your pussy, slipping his tongue between your folds and moaning, feeling how wet you were. “Mmm, so much better than whipped cream.” He hummed, relishing in your taste for a long time, before he finally swallowed and pressed a lewd kiss to your nub, his tongue slithering out between his lips just enough to torture you.
You let out a soft and breathless mewl, melting into the mattress, Henry's wide tongue lapped at your sensitive and dripping folds, pushing between them to dance and tease your entrance, before taking the journey back up to your throbbing clit, making your thighs tremble and your eyes flutter into the back of your head.
“Dear God, Henry!” You whimpered, tearing at the sheets and tossing your head side to side on the pillow, back arching and heels digging into the mattress. “Please, babe, please!” You begged him, a hand flying to the back of his head, holding it in place, as you pressed down on his mouth.
Henry proficiently used his tongue to his advantage, easily bringing out your orgasm, with sweet sounds from your lips, crying out his name, as your back arched and hips rolled against his mouth, adding to the friction of his tongue, while you pulled on the curls at the back of his head.
It was all such a sweet surrender, that only Henry could make you submit too.
“Christ, Hen.” You purred, gently floating back down from your cloud nine as he came to lay beside you on the bed, pressing his lips to your sweaty temple. “Happy birthday.” You sighed, turning your head to meet his lips.
Henry smiled, folding you up into his arms and pressed you into his body, deepening the kiss for several minutes. He broke the kiss and pulled away from you, laughing at the feel of your sticky and sweaty skin adhering to each other.
“We should probably shower now.” He snorted, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
“I think that's a good idea, baby boy.” You nodded, rubbing noses with him, then rolled out of bed. “You coming, hot stuff?” You called out, over your shoulder.
Henry watched you walk toward the bathroom, admiring your naked form as he lounged on the bed. “Yep, just taking in the view for a second, honey.” He husked back, a whimsical look in his blue eyes, before he finally pulled himself up out of bed and joined you in the bathroom.
You turned the shower on, pumping out the hot water, and laughed, feeling Henry's blunt fingertips glide up from the back of your knee, over the half glove of your bottom, before snaking around your hip and hugging around your waist.
“All ready?” You cooed, shooting him a look over your shoulder as he pressed himself against your back, his fresh hard on nudging the soft skin of your thigh.
Henry shook his head and sighed heavily, his shoulders moving with the breath, he lowered his head, so his lips brushed your earlobe. “My love, with you, I'm always ready.” He purred, smirking roguishly.
Nipping on the helix of your ear, he spun you around and picked you up, forcing you to wrap your arms and legs around him to balance yourself, as he stepped into the steam filled shower stall with you. He pressed your back against the wall, the showerhead raining hot water down on you both.
“You know,” He growled, attacking your neck for several minutes, leaving almost painful love bites all over it. “I don't really give a fuck what we do for the rest of the day, to celebrate my birthday.” He said, pressing his cock against your pussy, still sensitive from your orgasm, only minutes before.
“As long as we're together.” He grunted, finally pushing himself inside of you.
You rolled your eyes shut, head lulling softly to the side against the shower tile, a peaceful feeling spreading through you, as Henry filled you up to your core, to your cervix really. It always made you feel so complete, when the two of you made love, feeling so right.
“I don't plan on going anywhere.” You cooed, pushing your fingers through his sopping curls. “Today, or any other day.” You promised, pressing your forehead to his. “My birthday boy.” You hummed, moving in tandem with him.
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buckysgoldenheart · 3 months ago
Hi, Stranger
Henry Cavill x Reader
Summary: You meet Henry at your hotel and both get a little attached to each other. You spend three weeks in bed and getting to know one another before you have to return home, and Henry thinks he will never see you again. Keyword: Thinks
Warnings/notes: 18+, smutty-ish, curse words, fluffy stuff, extremely subtle I Love Lucy reference (might will only catch it if you watch the show as obsessively as I do)
Y/F/B: Your favorite band
*I wrote this super fast so it’s not of the best quality, to say the least* It’s just supposed to be kind of silly i guess. Not angsty for once. 
Words: 3762
Tumblr media
Henry POV
He could feel Jasper’s eyes on him, undoubtedly narrowed as he examined Henry’s face like a suspicious detective investigating the latest criminal. Henry knew what Jasper would think; that he was in over his head, that getting involved with the woman staying in the hotel room next to his was a bad idea.
The likelihood of you both developing some sort of relationship was out of the question, but Henry knew what Jasper would say when he saw the look in his friend’s eye. It was his infatuated look, his ‘hooked-on-some-girl’ look, and Henry didn’t care to try and hide it.
“You’ve spent three nights with her, and now you’re, once again, creepily staring at her from the bar,” Jasper said with a roll of his eyes and a sip from his whiskey. “Why are you doing this?”
“I’m not doing anything,” Henry mumbled, only turning away from watching you when his friend whacked him on the bicep.
Jasper snickered, and it did nothing but nurture Henry’s growing irritation. “Stop being a stupid, lovesick puppy. Drink your drink and go to bed. You don’t need her.”
Henry glared at Jasper until his smile dropped. The red-headed ‘asshole,’ as Henry was declaring him for the night, awkwardly cleared his throat before downing the rest of his drink. “What the hell do you know?”
“Well, I’ve not fallen ill from the seductive trance she has clearly put you in.”
“I’m not ill.”
“You know what I mean,” Jasper smirked, “Though, perhaps seductive was the wrong word, seeing as she’s in a sexy bar at eleven at night wearing jeans and a ratty, Y/F/B t-shirt.”
“She’s the most beautiful one here.”
“That, I will not argue with.” Henry’s frown deepened at Jasper’s words. “Oh, come on. I can’t agree with what you said?”
“I know you. She’s not your prey.”
“She’s not yours, either. Let’s be real, Hen, you don’t have the time, so do me a favor and repeat after me: ‘I did not catch feelings for this girl.’ I need the reassurance.” Henry turned his head back your way. “Ok, clearly you did not hear me. Repeat after me: I did not catch feelings for this girl.” Jasper waited a few seconds, then huffed. “You’re not repeating after me.”
Henry took three giant gulps of his drink before slamming the glass down—loud enough to make the bodies flanking either side of them jolt in shock. “No…I’m not,” he said, then stood and made his way over to you.
Jasper set his glass on the bar and ran his hands up and down his face once. “…Fuck.” The couple to his right gaped at him, but Jasper only faked a smile in return, throwing a thumb over his shoulder in Henry’s--and, well now your--direction. “Actors, am I right? So damn dramatic.” He partially raised a hand and nodded to the bartender. “Yea, I’m gonna need another.”
The door slammed behind you and Henry had you pressed up against it, trapped between the wooden panel and his hard body. He bit your bottom lip then slipped his tongue back into your mouth to play with yours. You let out a moan, and he groaned in response, grinding the hard cock within his jeans up against your core.
“We probably should stop doing this,” you said between gasps when his lips moved to your neck. He sucked and nibbled at the skin, making new marks to add to the ones from the night before. Your whole neck would be red with splotches when he finally decided to be done with you, and lord knew how long it would be before they faded. Surely, he’d have forgotten all about you by then.
You knew what you were; something to do with his limited time to release tension before he got back to work the next morning. This was the fourth night in a row, and why else would he bother to visit a woman that much? You weren’t anything like what he was used to. You weren’t a stunner; you weren’t decorated in gorgeous clothing. You were simple and easy for him to have. Convenient.
“No,” he growled. He leaned back to rip your shirt over your head, then proceeded to do the same with his. A yelp escaped through your lips when he bent at the knees to lift you up and carry you to the bed.
Blue eyes roamed over every inch of your body sprawled out before him in nothing but jeans and a bra. Licking his lips, he leaned down and placed his hands at the dips in your waist that gave you the curviness you typically were self-conscious about, and stroked up and down your sides. He watched himself touch you, burning your skin with rough palms and fingertips, then moved up to cup your breasts over your bra before fiddling with the front clasp until it sprung open.
Your breasts spilled free from their confines, and Henry licked his lips again, replacing the thumb that ran over your nipple with his mouth. You moaned as he kissed and sucked while his other hand trailed down your stomach until he reached the button of your jeans to undo. His hand tucked under your underwear, fingers running through your folds.
“Fuck, you’re wet,” he said, dotting kisses over your collar bone and neck until he reached your lips. He inserted two fingers into your pussy and curled them, hitting the spot that made you shudder. “Let me have you…please.”
He’d done this every night. Asked, without directly asking, in that needy tone of his if you wanted him to fuck you. And every night you said a simple ‘yes.’ You wished he wouldn’t ask--though it sounded more like begging—because it threw you off. It made you think that he’d want more than a warm hole to stick his cock. But so did the way he kissed you, like he never wanted to stop. “You can have me,” you said, and in response he let out a desperate whimper.
He pulled away from you to yank your pants and underwear down your legs, then he stepped out of his own, wrapped his arms around your thighs to pull you to the edge of the bed, and slid his cock inside if you.
Henry POV
Sunlight streaming into the room warmed his bare chest and stroked his sealed eyelids, forcing him awake. Henry blinked slowly, his eyes adjusting to the early morning before he reached over in the bed and frowned at the empty space beside him. You were gone, again. He didn’t like the chill that went down his spine at the absence of warmth, but when he rose and slipped on his sweatpants he noticed the wide-open balcony doors, their white curtains flowing into the room from the light breeze; and he felt like he could breathe.
You were leaning forward, your forearms braced on the railing as you sipped your coffee and looked out to the scenery of the city. Relief flooded every vein in his body and Henry couldn’t help the smile that bloomed on his face. Stepping up behind you, he wrapped his thick arms around your waist and pulled you back against his chest.
“You stayed,” he said. With a chuckle, you turned in his arms and reached up with your free hand to run your fingers through his mussed-up hair.
“You asked me to.” When you were satisfied with the settling of his curly locks, you took another slip of your coffee and said, “Last night was nice...again.”
Henry smiled, lips parting and teeth bared as he looked down at you. God, he wanted to devour you. Keep you close and hold you tight while you took each other in his bed again and again. Then his smiled dropped and he swallowed hard. “You said you’re visiting.”
Sighing, you set your mug on the small table next to the balcony chair. The lean of your body threatened to rip you from his arms, so he held on a little firmer. “Yes.”
“Which means you’re leaving.”
You looked deep into his eyes, the mood to your own Y/E/C ones serious and unnerving. “…I fly home on the 30th.”
Henry’s eyes widened. That was so soon. Too soon. Way too soon. “Three weeks?”
“Unfortunately.” You must’ve seen the pathetic, discarded street-puppy look on his face because barely a second later your hand was caressing his cheek. You tried a gentle smile, but it didn’t ease the knot in his stomach. “But we can make the most of the time we have left...if you want.”
Your sweet smile morphed into a promising smirk as you tucked an index finger into the elastic band of his sweatpants and turned to tug him back into the room. He could do this. He could spend the next three weeks tangled in the sheets with you and then manage to say goodbye, despite the compatibility that he’d immediately felt an uncontrollable attachment to. He could handle it; he had to. It wasn’t a choice.
Goddamn, if it was a choice, he knew exactly what he would choose. Your arms wrapped around his neck, his snug around your waist to hold you close, it all confirmed one thing. Letting you go was about to be hell. In three weeks, he managed to realize exactly what he was afraid of. From what he knew of you—which was certainly not nothing, though it took some gentle prying on his part—you were what he always wanted for himself. Smart, funny, gorgeous, loving. Now the horrible timing of the universe was asking him to give that up, give you up, and everything you could bring into his life. But you didn’t live near where he was filming, and he wasn’t about to terrify you by asking you to stay with him for the next few months to explore what you could be together.  
“I’m glad to have met you,” Henry said as he leaned back to lock his eyes onto yours. He hated the desperation he knew was in the blue depths of his own.
“Me too.” You swallowed awkwardly, and he hoped it was a sign that this was as hard for you as it was for him. “Maybe we’ll run into each other again.”
“I genuinely hope so.” He tucked a loose piece of hair behind your ear.
“Thanks for the ride.”
“Of course.”
You turned to leave, but before he could blink twice your lips were on his, your palms settled on his chest. He was quick to catch up, hands cupping your jaw, thumbs stroking back and forth along the curve of your cheeks as he kissed you hard. He moaned when you opened your mouth and invited his tongue to graze against yours, but too soon you pulled away. His heavy breaths beautifully melded with yours.
“Bye,” you said, the whisper a brush against his lips. He’d swallow that whisper if he could. Keep in locked inside him so he could forever remember the sound of your voice, the irregular beat it gave to his heart.
Eyes closed, his forehead leaned down to touch yours. “Bye, beautiful.”
You nodded once as you stepped out of the cocoon of his arms, seemingly determined as you turned your back to him and started in the direction of your flight, not looking back as your fingers slipped from his grasp.
Dreams of the night you met destroyed his sleep. The way he felt when he saw you in that bar--that laugh lighting up your face like a beacon in the darkness as you chatted with the bartender--ripped him to shreds. He’d watched you, perhaps too long, observing every inch of you that he could see before he decided meeting you was a need. Now, he couldn’t escape those nights he sought you out or the weeks that followed, the memories potent and unrelenting. His mind was cruel. He thought he didn’t want to forget, but six months later you had yet to cross his path.
Perfect, as you sank down onto him, squeezing him, torturing him. Hot skin against his palms as he ran his hands over your waist and stomach and breasts. Thick breaths mingling between kisses. Bodies glistening from the sweat, the heat, the give and take of the rhythmic movements of your hips and his deep thrusts.
Stop, he scolded himself. Stop thinking about it. Stop reliving it. It wasn’t doing him any good. He needed to learn to move on. He needed to learn how to look at another woman again, a woman that wasn’t you.
Your soft tongue trailing up his abs to his pecs then neck where you left little nibbles that had him gasping. The anticipation as you made your way back down, placing kisses and kitten licks up the length of his cock before taking him fully between your lips. It was sin. His eyes rolled back in his head despite desperately wanting to watch you suck him. He knew you were watching him though. He could tell from your gentle, vibrating chuckles that sprung spirals in his brain.
Henry pressed his fingers to his eyelids until tiny purple dots appeared. He could see it; he could see you as if you were in front of him. Your confidence had grown with each day you spent together. His praises had made you bolder, and he loved the effect he had on you, but now he had to murder the images he’d retained, even if it meant ripping out his own eyeballs.
Sweet noises when he buried his face between your thighs.
He groaned a little too loud. Fuck, he was getting hard, and his pants painfully tightening was the last thing he needed in a public café. Subtly as he could, Henry stood from his seat and made his way to the single restroom, then quickly pulled down his zipper, uncaged his cock, and began to lazily stroke up and down to the memory of the look that took over your face when you first came on his tongue.
Tenth read-through of the same script and he still couldn’t tell anyone what the line before the last said. Henry dug his nails into his thigh hard enough he could start to imagine little crescent shapes forming on his skin through the fabric of his jeans. He tried reading another line but before finishing it he threw the stack of papers across the room. The clip holding them all together knocked off on contact with the hardwood flooring, scattering the papers that settled like a fresh coat of snow.
“Phenomenal,” Henry mumbled as he slouched back in his chair. “Fucking phenomenal.”
Closing his eyes and leaning his head back, Henry tried to rest. Sleep still wasn’t kind enough during his nights so he’d take what he could get, but then a shrill tone shot out of his phone, chasing away any silence. He winced but didn’t open his eyes as he reached into his pocket, pulled out the phone and put it to his ear.
“Well, hello to you too, sunshine.”
“Jasper, I’m really not in the mood for your not-so-witty quips.”
“What a shocking attitude.”
“Get on with it.”
“Maybe take that porcupine out of your kangaroo pouch first.”
“OK! Costume boss-lady wants you here. Now.”
“I took the day off.”
“Don’t know what to tell you. Occupational hazard. See you in thirty.”
Henry turned at Maria’s voice and tried to return the smile she so kindly gave, but all he could manage was a subtle upturn of his lips. “Morning, Maria.”
“Sorry to have our lovely assistant call you down on such short notice,” She began, and Henry snorted. Jasper was many things, but lovely was a stretch. More like tolerable, if just barely. “But I have to leave for the week—daughter’s got a school thing and—well, it’s not important. Bottom line, I’ve asked you here because I’ve hired on a girl to take my place. You’ll be working closely and since we’ve not yet begun construction on your attire, I’ve asked her to take your measurements today. The sooner the better.”
Henry nodded, any irritation subsiding at the kindness in the older woman’s voice.
“She’s said just to head to your trailer, and she’ll meet you there once she has everything she needs to get the job done.”
“Good.” She smiled brighter, and something in the way it lit up her face reminded him of you. His stomach twisted. “Thank you, dear.”
Maria patted his shoulder when Henry said, “No problem,” before the designer said her goodbyes and walked off. Then he’d done the same.
His trailer was nice. Maybe too nice. It was practically a small home with its tiny kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. He plopped down on the couch and settled back into the same position he’d tried to relax in at the hotel room. He had no idea when the new girl would come by, and perhaps luck may grant him a few moments of sleep. But then a knock tapped at the door.
“Come in,” Henry said, not moving from his spot or bothering to open his eyes. He could hear the door open and close and the soft padding of footsteps, and he swore he’d open his eyes but every sweet second they were closed was one more second of mild peace.
“Hi, stranger.”
All oxygen betrayed and abandoned him at the sound he never thought he’d hear again. Henry’s eyelids shot open so fast even the dull lighting of the room felt blinding, but when his vision adjusted…there you were, smiling, beaming, chasing away the shadow of darkness you had left behind months before.
His mouth opened and closed like a fish as he blinked a few times to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. It wouldn’t be shocking if he was; lack of sleep and all. “Hi,” he said, but it wasn’t nearly as confident as he would’ve liked, then he stood. “How?”
You shrugged with a chuckle that had the power to buckle his knees if they weren’t locked so tight. “I told you I did costume work.”
Slowly he managed to step closer until only a few feet separated his body from yours. Drawn to you, completely drawn. He couldn’t stop himself if he tried. “Yea, back where you live.”
You smiled again, and fuck, you needed to stop that. He’d kiss you right there, damn any potential consequences. “I know Maria. She asked, I said yes.” You moved his way. One foot. Just twelve inches kept from having you pressed against him. “It’s been a while.”
“Six months.”
“Six and a half.”
“You counted?”
“You did.”
Hell yea, he did. Once again, another choice that wasn’t his to make, not when he woke every morning to the thought of you, on those rare nights that he actually got to sleep. More often than not, he’d spend those late hours with you jumping around every corner of his mind, leaving him unable to explain to his co-workers why he always looked like shit when he showed up for work. “I’m not seeing anyone.”
“Neither am I.”
“Then fucking kiss me,” he said, in a mixture of a whisper and growl before he put his hand on the back of your neck and pulled you to him until your lips could connect. He gave you everything he could in that kiss, trying, but unsure how he could possibly make up for months of lost kisses and touches and feelings he’d wished he expressed. His hands blazed a trail down to wrap around your waist, your own reaching up to go around his neck.
When you separated and grinned up at him, he lightly chuckled. “What?”
He shook his head, “Nothing,” he said, “…just you.”
You hummed and gave him another quick kiss then placed your hand on the side of his face and combed your fingers through the section of his beard there. He was clean shaven most of the time you spent together, with the exception of a day where he had let the scuff grow out after you begged to see what he would look like. “I like this,” you said as you played with the coarse hair. “It suits you.”
“Oh yea?”
“How do you feel about having it between your legs?”
Your eyebrows rose and he smirked, and before he could give you a moments breath, he lifted you, large hands supporting your bottom as your legs wrapped around his waist. Then he took you to the small bedroom in the back.
Jasper POV
Jasper watched him again with a curious eye as Henry smiled to himself, waiting while the next scene finished setting up. “Why are you—” Jasper waved his hand in a gesture at the actor’s face, “you know, all…smiley?”
“You’re irritated if I’m a ‘lovesick puppy,’ as you so like to put it, and you’re suspicious at something as simple as me smiling?”
Jasper scoffed. “I was not irritated. I was…concerned.”
Henry rolled his eyes and crossed his large arms. “Oh, sure.”
“Seriously, you haven’t rightly smiled in months, and this the first time you’ve looked rested in the same time, so what is it? You were pissed this morning when I called.”
“She wasn’t here when you called,” Henry said without looking Jasper’s way, then nodded when a woman from the crew across the set waved him over.
“What? Who?”
Henry walked off with a departing “See you later.”
Jasper squinted to get a better look at the woman through the glare of the sun. She looked familiar, in a way. Like someone he once saw in a dream; a hazy memory with details just out of grasp. Then Henry grabbed the woman’s hand in his, stoked his thumb along the back of it, and brought it to his lips. And suddenly Jasper saw it, the same ratty, old, Y/F/B t-shirt. He chuckled as Henry led her over to the coffee station before pouring her a cup.
“I’m sorry,” Jasper said, casually whacking a passing extra—now confused at the random assailant--as he walked by, “but ‘lovesick puppy’ was one-hundred percent accurate.”
“What?” The guy looked at him like he had lost his mind, making Jasper sigh and shake his head.
“Forget it, you wouldn’t understand,” he said, then turned and laughed again when Henry leaned down to kiss his woman’s cheek.
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