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#henry cavill x reader
littlefreya · 2 days ago
Into the Night
Tumblr media
Summary: A drunk Sherlock returns home and he has one thing on his mind.
Pairing: Dark!Sherlock Holmes x female reader (no mention of ethnicity or body type)
Words: 1k
Warnings: 18+, minor DNI. Dark themes, alcohol use, hinted smut, possessive behaviour, jealousy, foul language, abuse of power, hinted age-gap but reader is not a minor, sexual threat, ultimatum.
* I give no permission to copy, repost or translate my work.
A/N: I was rudely inspired by the BTS shots of Enola Holmes 2 and apparently in a Dark!Sherlock mood lately. Many thanks to my sweet @agniavateira for betaing my work
Into the Night
The violent clap of thunder jolted you from sleep. Shaken, you sat in bed, your veiled eyes rummaging through the dark as if trying to remember where you were.
'The estate. Holmes' estate,' you reminded yourself while anticipating another thunder; but none followed, for it wasn't the tearing of the sky that woke you from your dreams but something else.
'Someone's at the door?'
Curiosity nibbled in your gut. Mind all awry, you threw the duvet and seized the kerosene lamp perched on your nightstand. No reasonable thought dwelled in your head during the moment you stepped out of your chamber; stupidity could easily be confused with courage, and still, you stole down the wooden stairs with your heart further shrinking with each step.
Down the main hall, a putrid scent of strong liquor hung thickly on the air—an odour abnormally intoxicating mingled with debauchery-soaked musk that made you feel dizzy as if it was you who was drunk.
In your heart, you knew you should scamper back to your room; but the icy claws that held your legs prevented you from fleeting. Instead, you found yourself seduced by the foolish desire to see what lurked in the shadows.
Another thud suddenly boomed in your ears, followed by a shriek so ghastly it sounded like an otherworldly creature. It was only when the pair of blue diamonds peered into your eyes that you realised the scream was your own.
"You shouldn't be here."
Colder than the bottom of the sea, the large man backed you into the wooden wall; his impeccable built dwarfed you while the manner in which his sturdy arms caged your body blocked any means of escape.
Astounded, you observed, counting opaline droplets of sweat as they trickled down his damp curls and kissed his square jaw, which was untypically peppered with an improper shadow of stubble. You fought the temptation to look any lower, but your eyes betrayed you and too quickly succumbed to the hint of his furry chest that peered from his dishevelled white shirt.
It wasn't like him.
He was always so painfully restrained.
Icy serpents crawled up your spine in realisation - he was intoxicated. Your Governess taught you well of how the ‘wretched poison turns the most proper gentlemen into deviants.
Shaking your head as if to apologise, you tried to reason, "I heard a noise, I thought..."
You swallowed your own words as Sherlock lifted a wandering hand to capture your chin as if he cared nothing for your answer.
"Nosey little mouse," he hummed, his voice almost a rasp. A sudden grin twisted his lips, and his eyes gingerly shut. With a growl under his breath, he leaned even closer and pressed his sweaty forehead against yours.
"Oh, how a man longs for the scent of innocence..." his words slurred, thick with what you could only detect as bitter Absinthe.
You could feel the air dwindling along with the light. Hard and toned, his muscles pressed into your body, his thighs threatening to push between your legs, and his chest forcing into yours to sustain your breath.
"Sherlo... Sherlock," you whispered, trembling, "please, you are drunk."
The man chuckled lowly, his hand snuck from your chin to your breasts—pressing, groping, squeezing so roughly you felt an unbidden fire burn through your loins.
"Observant, are we? I am. But the spirit is but a drop of courage, fueling what I have always desired. Do you suppose Mycroft likes damaged goods?” he drawled while snapping a hand around your hip and squeezing it until you winched.
”Do you gather he'll still enjoy stuffing his cock down your hole if I broke you first?"
"How dare you!"
A sudden flush of rage thrummed through your veins. Without a single thought, you raised a hand to swat him, but Sherlock seized your wrist and pinned it above your head with terrifying ease.
"Don't be ridiculous," he sneered.
"Let me go!"
Even drunk his grip was iron. The more you struggled, the more your wrist hurt; and for some baffling reason, you couldn't quite interpret the battle solely evoked more fire between your grinding thighs.
Did you want this? Did you want him to force you?
"Please!" You whined, your eyes searching through the dim staircase, knowing there was no one to save you.
Sherlock watched as you fought for freedom, amused by your weak battle until finally, your strength waned, and you slumped into the wall.
"There's a good girl," he praised. Carefully, he loosened his fingers and drew his hand away. His eyes observed you with regard, wondering if you would be foolish enough to try striking him again.
Taking a step back, he fixed his white shirt and combed a hand through his dark mane while his eyes remained set on yours. You dared not move a muscle, except for the hand that tremored as it held onto the lamp.
"Your father chose inadequately, but I will fix this mistake. The only question is, what will you choose?" he suggested as he snatched the lamp from your fingers and turned toward the staircase.
The tiny beam of light illuminated his face like a beautiful nightmare; and like a moth, you found yourself in its pursuit. Absentmindedly you slowly strolled after him, staring from the bottom of the stairs while Sherlock began to climb further up.
"Choose? What am I to choose?" Your nails dug into the wooden handrail.
Sherlock paused on his steps, the planks loudly creaking beneath his weight. He did not grace you with another gaze but simply smiled as he gazed forward.
"Come to my bed tonight, willingly, and I will love you kindly, or…”
"Or next time I'll find you alone in this house I will be anything but kind and deflower all three of your holes. The wedding is in 30 nights, is it not?” he asked and, not waiting for an answer, continued his ascent.
Fear and ire stiffened your muscles so much you believed yourself frozen. With your eyes wide open, you remained at the bottom of the steps, gazing into a void and contemplating your “choice” while darkness wrapped itself around you.
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ughdontbeboring · 2 days ago
Finally Home
Tumblr media
Henry Cavill x Reader (WoC)
Henry is finally home and is quickly reminded of what it’s like.
Warnings: RPF! horrible British accent (lmfao), Henry laughing, cussin, smuttttttty (slight), blowjob
AN: ok so I was inspired by Henry’s nipple in that bed scene in the Witcher lmfao IDK YALL, and the video of him laughing to hard cheese (2:35) and tada!
Do not re post, translate my work anywhere! BUT PLEASE DO like, love, reblog, comment all that good shit is you fucks with it ☺️
Henry stirred at the lite touches, digging his face deeper into his arm that laid over his face, chasing the rest he couldn’t achieve during the few months while away from home. It was the lite nibble to his stomach that made him open his eyes, to find the source fully concentrating on their task.
“What are you doing down there love?” His deep sleepy voice asked, startling her.
“Huh?” She asked with faux innocence. From the sleepy eyes staring back him, he knew she hadn’t been up that long.
A deep chuckle fills the room before he repeats himself, “what are you doing?”.
“Oh nothing, enjoying your stomach”
“Hmmm, is that so?” He replies while his hand dances up her back before rubbing at her scalp lightly.
“YuP” YN said gingerly while popping the P, “you’ve been off your diet for a few days now so THE BELLY is coming back”.
He laughs before inhaling at the playful bite YN takes near his groin, before smirking and moving back up to his chest, her chin propped up on her hand that was on his chest. Her other hand rubs at his lightly bearded cheek while they stare into one another eyes, basking in the fact that they we’re finally together, and Henry had no plans to leave anytime soon. YN was elated he was going to be home for the holidays, though they had meet around last November this was their Christmas together as a couple.
“I forgot how you felt about the belly”
“I get to finally wake up next to this again I’m gonna enjoy it, all of it”
She playfully bites his nipple chasing him to inhale again, the movement chasing her body to move up and down with his as her hands lay flat on his chest.
“Hmm you look hungry love”
“Oh do I? Well I’m hungry for some dick” YN said mustering the best British accent she could.
Henry stared at her for a moment before his chest rumbles and she heard a deep laughter erupted from him. She couldn’t help but smile, he was completely taken over with laughter as he laid there mostly naked under her. He laugh was so loud and genuine she couldn’t help but laugh herself. This is what their relationship was like.
“This reminds me of that interview you did with Simon about brisith slang and you laughed so fucking hard at hard chess” she said through laughing.
Hearing the reminder of that moment made him laugh even harder if it was possible, tears were coming down his cheeks as one hand laid on his chest and the other pulling her closer.
“I can’t-“
He couldn’t even finish his sentence before he was laughing again. She watched for a few minutes as he continued to laugh.
“Ok ok I get it”
“Love that has got to be thee WORSE British accent I’ve ever heard” He managed to say in between his laughing fit.
She lightheartedly rolled her eyes at him.
“It wasn’t that bad” YN huffed.
“Oh but it was-“
“Ok Cavill shut it and fuck me already!”
“Alright alright, needy baby”
She waited a moment for him to regain control of himself before laying ontop of him, pulling his handsome face in for a passionate kiss. Mere seconds into the kiss he starts laughing again. She loved watching him laugh, it made her happy but her horny levels were through the roof, he had just wrapped Witcher 2 and this was their first full weekend together.
“UGH! Whatever Henry I’ll just help myself!” She threatened before shoving off him and laying back on her back while reaching over into the night stand for the lovely toy that had been helpful over the pass few months when she couldn’t join Henry while away.
She gasped at the weight that was suddenly on her when her fingers wrapped around the toy and large fingers wrapped around her neck, her eyes shot up to see very intense ocean blue eyes staring back her, short curls unruly and hanging down his forehead, his jaw set and tight.
“Not a chance dove” his voice was deep and full of lust, she could feel it in her bones, the sudden change of the moment and his mood causing her head to spin while slick started to coat her thighs, “Drop it” he demanded.
The sound of a small thud could be heard as she released the pink toy, Henry hummed in approval at her obedience.
“Good girl” He praised, causing her to wrap her legs around him and her body to roll under him, her core searching for some relief against his strong body, hoping to find his cock hard and ready.
“Oh fuck” she whimpered when she found it, confined in his sleeping shorts, he was thicker then she remembered and hard as ever.
“I don’t want to see that again unless I am using it on you, understood?”
She could only nod, but it wasn’t good enough. She felt the soft slap to her cheek before she realized he removed a hand from her neck.
“Understood?” He asked his british accent strong.
“Yes daddy” She moaned.
“Good” He said before pulling back and pushing himself off the bed, he now stood at the foot of it. His index and pointer finger beckoned her closer. She scrambled to get up, excitement coursing through her.
“On all four, ass up”
She complied, within moments her face close to his clothed cock that was tight against his shorts, demanding to be let free. He pulled his shorts down a bit, letting his cock spring out and bob infront of her.
Fuck she thought as she tried to swallow the drool pooling in her mouth. She could feel him staring as she stared at his cock, the tip leaking pre cum.
“Go on”
Fuck she loved when he got like this, She leaned forward and gave the tip a kitten lick that caused him to hiss. Her eyes stared up at him. He tsked when she didn’t move quick enough to take him into her mouth.
“I thought you were hungry love?”
Oh, oh that’s how he wants it, eat like I need a apron on?
She smirked before taking him into her mouth with a loud slurping sound as he let out a moan.
She may be horrible at a British accent but there was other things her tongue was great at.
Tumblr media
sooooo yea idk but I’m horny af, this is what my perfect morning with Henry would be like.
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henrycavillobsessed · a day ago
Hi - may I ask for an angsty one with Henry Cavill x girlfriend reader: During an evening walk with Kal, she gets attacked by a mugger. Struggling defending herself and Kal, she gets stabbed in the gut, but is so lost on her adrenaline rush she do not even notice! Fleeing the scene, she hurries home with Kal off leash. Already at the door, Henry sees that something is seriously wrong! Excessive use of the words "Im fine" and "Tend to Kal instead", before reader simply faints in the hallway...
It's been a while since I've written anything, so I was incredibly grateful for this request! I hope you don't mind, but I've written this as a Henry AU - Detective!Henry - with multiple parts, as I wanted to expand the story further. Thanks again for your request, part one is below! :)
Dark Side Of Me - Part One
AU Henry Cavill (Detective!Henry) x female reader
Words: 3,754
TW/CW: Angst/whump. Mentions of sex/trying for a baby. Violence/fighting/mugging/violence against an animal. Blood/mentions of injury. Bad language. Mentions of hospital/surgery. Pregnancy/miscarriage.
Notes: This is my very first AU Henry fic! Also, I know nothing about how policemen/police forces work, this is a fan written piece of fiction and I am likely to get something wrong. Anything I have written is for entertainment purposes only, and may not be 100% accurate. Any and all feedback welcome! :)
Tumblr media
Henry was late home again. I wasn’t mad exactly; just disappointed. Laughing to myself- slightly bitterly- at the cliché, I sighed. As a detective superintendent, Henry’s job was incredibly demanding, not just on Henry himself but on his time too. Evenings like tonight happened more often than not, with Henry regularly rushing in through the door, a bunch of petrol station bought flowers balancing precariously on top of the stacks of files in his arms. Tonight was no exception.
“Hiya love, I am so sorry I’m late,” he said, handing me yellow roses, the cellophane wrapped around them rustling as he leaned in for a kiss. I felt my earlier disappointment evaporate somewhat. As a cop’s wife, I’d long ago resigned myself to this life, and was always grateful for all and any time I got to spend with him.
“It’s okay… although, hmm… yellow roses? Must mean you’re not quite finished working yet if you’ve bought me my favourite flowers,” I half-jokingly said to him with a smile. Henry sheepishly smiled back.
“You know me far too well, wife of mine.”
Sighing again, I took the flowers from him and went through into the kitchen to fetch a vase. Filling it with water, I heard Henry fussing Kal, our American Akita dog. I say ours, but it was no secret that Kal was a complete daddy’s boy. I might do the majority of feeding him, walking him and playing with him but the minute Henry was home I didn’t get a look in. Bringing the vase now filled with flowers into the living room, I put them next to the last lot he’d bought me, which were still fresh.
Henry followed me in, wrapping his long arms around me, resting his chin on the top of my head as he looked down at the flowers on the table. I could feel the guilt radiating from him, and turned to face him.
“Hey, it’s okay. I get it, you know I do.”
“I know, I know… It’s just you deserve so much better than these shitty flowers as apologies all the time…” Henry said, running his hands through his dark curly hair anxiously.
“Stop it. They’re lovely,” I soothed, taking his hands in mine and holding them between us. He smiled, a tired smile that didn’t reach his eyes.
“You’re too good for me. I promise, I shouldn’t be too long with this paperwork tonight, and then we can go out for dinner, how about that? You choose where.”
I tried and failed to hide my excitement; eating dinner out together was such a rare occurrence, a real treat. “How about that lovely little Italian place we went to for my birthday last year?” I asked.
“Sounds perfect,” Henry replied, before kissing me gently on top of my head and turning around to remove his work jacket, the sight of his shirt pulling tight across his toned back causing my breath to hitch in my throat. We’d been married just over ten years, yet the test of time had done nothing to dull the allure he held.
In another universe, Henry could have been a model, or perhaps a Hollywood actor, being over six foot tall with his rugged jawline and heart-breaking smile, gentle blue eyes and of course, those super-soft brown curls, with the smattering of grey at the temples. His spent time on his appearance- working out daily with both weights and cardio, resulting in a muscular physique. Even his voice was attractive, smooth and deep. Yet the TV appearances Henry made weren’t red carpet affairs as an A-lister, but press conferences, informing the public of developments in big cases as the lead detective superintendent. The way Henry gave his speeches had a captivating effect, worthy perhaps of an Oscar, yet this wasn’t acting. The serious look on his face, the furrowed brow above dark and stormy eyes, mouth set in a grim line as he told the awaiting media of the criminals he was hunting paired with his tall and imposing stature and his sincere promises with that cultured accent that these dangerous people will be caught were all believed by the rapt and attentive faces in the audience below him, and the worried public watching from home. When Henry was getting statements from terrified victims, he was kind and patient, and many found him easy to open up to and confide in, and again believed him when he vowed to bring them justice. It wasn’t just his words that put people at ease either, his track record for solved cases was near enough perfect, and he never filed away a case until it was solved, even if it meant working on it for longer than was to be expected. And when it came to chasing after and finally catching those he pursued it then became obvious that all the time spent working out at the gym wasn’t for reasons of vanity; his strength and stamina meant the villains were absolutely no match for him, and when he had them opposite him in handcuffs, his intelligence and dark coercion made quick work of getting a confession out of them. His co-workers said that Henry often put them to shame, saying he was going to push them out of a job, yet they were only joking; Henry was a joy to work with, his charming smile and helpful demeanor meant he made friends wherever he went, and his superiors never had a bad word to say about him either and all his reviews always came back glowing. He was universally loved by the public, his peers and of course, by me. I was in awe of him every day, and counted myself more than lucky that I was the one he’d asked to be his wife, even if I did have to share him with the job; it was worth it.
Henry caught me staring. “Like what you see, hmm?” he winked, and laughed out loud when I blushed.
“Hey, I won’t be made me to feel embarrassed for lusting after my own husband!” I replied, playfully swatting at him. “But as a matter of fact, yes I do like what I see.”
“Well maybe you can see more of it later, after dinner, if you’re lucky,” he purred, and I felt my body heat in response. “And if we’re both lucky, tonight might be the night we make a little Henry or Y/N… what do you think?”
I looked up at him in adoration. We loved our life together, being happily married and each had our own careers, our beautiful town house in the center of London, and of course, our wonderful Kal, but recently we’d decided that we wanted to expand our family and felt it was time to start thinking about welcoming a baby of our own into our lives. It was difficult to try properly with how busy Henry was with work, so we’d had a long chat about how we weren’t going to get our hopes up too much, I was just going to come off my contraception and we’d see what happens. I was genuinely okay with this arrangement, however whenever he said things like that it made my heart swell.
“I love you, Mr Cavill,” I whispered.
“I love you too, Mrs Cavill,” he replied, kissing me deeply.
Just then, Kal’s whining from the hallway floated into the living room; we both knew he was sat by his leads hanging up by the front door as it was time for his nightly walk. Usually Henry and I took him out together. Henry looked guilty again.
“How about I take him whilst you get the rest of your work done? Then by the time I get back we can both get ready and head out for dinner?” I said.
“Are you sure? I don’t like the idea of you going out on your own…”
“I won’t be on my own, I’ll be with Kal,” I assured him. “Plus, I won’t take him far, just through the park and around the block?”
“Okay, but take your phone, and keep an eye on your surroundings,” he said, worriedly.
“Yes, Detective Cavill, sir!” I laughed, making him smile. “Honestly, I’ll be fine. See you in a bit.”
Kissing him quickly and telling him again that I loved him, I grabbed Kal and we both flew out the front door, leaving Henry at his desk surrounded by his paperwork, all of us blissfully unaware of what was about to happen.
It was a typical November evening; pitch black already even though it was barely 7pm, cold and blustery, with the threat of rain hanging in the air. I wish I’d put on something thicker than my old rain mac, and was glad I was only taking Kal on a short stroll. We’d been through the park already, the huge fluffy bear happily stopping and sniffing every lamppost and flowerbed we walked by, his tail constantly wagging. We were now walking back towards our house down the back alleys, and even though I’d said to Henry I’d be fine, I couldn’t help feeling slightly on edge; I suppose this was part of being a policeman’s wife, always aware that there could be danger lurking in the dark. I was grateful for my huge dog and his intimidating presence, well, as intimidating as he could be with his big slobbery smile and his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth. I laughed at his infectious joy and ruffled his ears.
“Not long now boy and we’ll be home in the warm,” I said to him conversationally. “I wonder how you dad is getting on-“ I stopped mid sentence. Kal’s mood had suddenly shifted; his ears flattened back, and a growl was beginning low in his throat. I looked around for whatever it was that had spooked him, getting my phone out of my pocket, Henry’s number first on my speed dial. I didn’t get chance to call as a hand flew out of the darkness, knocking the phone out of my hand; I heard it shatter somewhere on the concrete behind me.
“Not the night for a pretty little thing like you to be walking alone,” said a voice. Kal bared his teeth as a man emerged from the shadows. He was wearing a dark tracksuit, a cap pulled low over his face. I didn’t answer him, my eyes darting for an escape route. We were so close to home, if I could just run…
“I know you,” the stranger said. “You’re that cunt cop’s missus. I’ve seen him on the telly, seen you both out together.” Still, I said nothing. “Reckon you’ve got some decent dosh on you if you’re married to a pig…”
“Look, I’m just out walking my dog,” I said, frightened but firm. “I don’t have anything to give you, I don’t have my bag with me. Please, leave me alone…” I tried to move past him, but he stepped into my path, blocking me.
“Hmm, that won’t do… what about the dog? Bet he’s worth some money,” his mouth split into a menacing grin under the cap as he moved to snatch Kal’s lead from me. I pushed him back with as much power as I could muster, hoping it would be enough to make enough time to escape and run home, but I wasn’t quick enough. His fist pulled back and then rammed into my face with so much force that I felt my nose break, and I screamed.
Kal launched himself between me and the mugger, attempting to bite his hand, the one that had punched me, but again the man powered up his fist, this time hitting Kal on his snout and he yelped.
“No! Leave him alone!” I screamed again. The stranger laughed viciously, punching Kal again and this time I got in front of him, flailing at him, attempting to hurt him in any way I could, any way that would stop him for beating my dog, stealing him…
“You fucking bitch, get off!” he yelled, and then howled in pain as Kal’s teeth finally connected with their target; his tracksuit sleeve was shiny with the same blood that was now smeared on Kal’s muzzle. He was now completely enraged, and he plunged his hand into his trouser pocket; I saw a glint of silver as he ran like a bull to a red flag towards Kal… I jumped in front my dog, arms outstretched, protecting him from the incoming assault, and just in time, our attacker’s hand connected with my stomach rather than Kal’s face, punching me harder than I was expecting, pain shooting across my abdomen, and I felt the air whoosh out of my lungs, winding me. Quickly though I regained myself, adrenaline coursing through my veins, and I screamed louder than ever, propelling my entire body at him and finally, he fell, landing flat on his back on the pavement, slick with his own blood.
“Kal, come on! Let’s go! Get home!” I shouted frantically, and Kal took off, his lead lost in the struggle, with me running behind, not looking back, only forward, to help, to Henry.
Back at home, Henry looked up from the case report he’d lost himself in, at the clock on the mantelpiece, and was surprised to see how much time had passed since you and Kal had left for their walk. You should have been back by now, and immediately he felt ice plunge into his stomach; something was wrong, his detective instincts were telling him. Grabbing his phone he dialled your number, and was dismayed when he heard your voicemail message. Anxiety prickling at him, he quickly thought through options. Logic was telling him not to panic, maybe you’d just run into someone you knew and were chatting? But he knew better; you never went anywhere without a charged phone, and you’d always let him know if you’d be late home, even if was only going to be a couple of minutes. Throwing a hand through his hair agitatedly, he decided he would go over to the park, see if he could find you both. That’s when he heard a dog’s howl and his heart stuttered with fear.
Henry ran towards the sound of the animal, praying it wasn’t Kal, hoping against hope it was another dog, and threw open the back door to see Kal sprinting up the garden path, the akita throwing himself into Henry, whining desperately.
“Kal! What is it boy? Where’s your mum? Is that- is that blood?!” Henry held Kal’s face in his hand trying to inspect it, but Kal barked and wrenched himself away from Henry’s grasp, turning his head in the direction of the bottom of the garden. Henry followed his gaze and saw you, still upright, but barely, staggering through the gate. Henry flew towards you.
“Y/N! Y/N, are you okay?!” he cried, grabbing you, holding you up. He could see blood on your face too, coming from your nose. Anger coursed through him.
“Henry, oh my god, Henry, this guy, he tried to… he punched Kal… hurt Kal…”
“Kal is okay… come on, let’s get you in, you’re bleeding…”
“No, no, I’m fine, need to check Kal… Kal…”
Henry suddenly had the realisation that something was seriously wrong with you, something more than the obvious broken nose. You were shaking severely, ice cold and pale. He held you at arm’s length, eyes raking you up and down, checking for… oh god, he thought, no, no, no…
A dark stain was blooming across the bottom of the purple raincoat you were wearing… Henry ripped it open and pulled off your t-shirt; it ripped away easily and Henry cried out vehemently at the sight of the wound underneath. It was clear you’d been stabbed. No, no, no…
“Henry?” came your quiet voice. “Henry?”
“It’s okay love, it’s okay, you’re okay, come on, I’m going to get you some help…” Henry’s voice caught as you fell to your knees, head lolling against your chest. “Come on Y/N, come on, you’re okay, you’re going to be okay…” He lifted you into his arms, speeding into the house and lying you down on the sofa, the blood flowing too fast from the hole in your stomach. I’ve got to stop the bleeding, Henry thought, his mind going into emergency mode.
“Kal… we need to help Kal… he hurt our Kal, Henry…” you whispered from the sofa as Henry whipped the tablecloth away from the dining table with one hand and dialled the emergency number with the other.
“I know, look, he’s okay though, see?” Henry said as he used the tablecloth to attempt to stop the bleeding; in an instant it was soaked through. Kal whimpered slightly, peering at you worriedly from behind Henry. You smiled faintly, and then, suddenly, your face went slack as a trickle of bright scarlet blood flowed from the corner of your mouth and your eyes rolled back in your head. You went completely still, and Henry saw, with icy terror flooding into his mouth, that you had stopped breathing. Roaring your address down the phone to the operator, he tossed the phone aside and started CPR. Come on, come on… don’t die, you can’t die… he thought desperately. Please, please, don’t let her die… I’ll do anything, please don’t take her from me…
He openly cried with relief when the ambulance arrived and the paramedics raced in, immediately taking over from Henry with the CPR, and sobbed when he saw you take a breath. He stood on the front step, watching as they sped you away with full blue lights and sirens- “we’ll be taking her into surgery Mr Cavill, if you can follow behind us” – and as the adrenaline left his system, he looked down to see his shirt and hands completely covered in your blood, and he fell to the floor, the sobs wracking his body as they clawed their way up his throat.
Kal, Henry thought, composing himself and rushing back inside to check on the dog. He found him shaking next to the blood-soaked sofa, and checking him over thoroughly, it soon became apparent that Kal hadn’t been stabbed either, to Henry’s immense relief.
“Come here, boy,” he said, holding out his arms, to which Kal gratefully nuzzled in to. Henry held him until they both stopped shaking, and retrieving his phone, Henry called one of his brothers who thankfully lived close by, and promised to be there in less than ten minutes to take Kal to the vet for a check up, just in case.
As he cuddled Kal and waited for his brother, Henry had a thought, his detective mind coming back into focus now the shock was wearing off. That blood on Kal’s muzzle, I don’t think that’s hers… Standing up, he went to his work bag and got out one of the blood-sample tubes he kept in his field kit. Speaking to his dog in calm, soothing tones, he put on a pair of rubber gloves, and carefully scraped off the drying blood from Kal’s fur, before screwing the lid on tightly and dropping the tube into an evidence bag, which he then put in his pocket.
Just then, Henry’s brother arrived, and Henry hurriedly caught him up, and they gave each other a swift hug before each of them raced off in their respective cars, one to the vet and the other to the hospital.
“Detective Superintendent Cavill, hi,” said the on-call surgeon to Henry as he strode into the ICU. Henry recognised him, having worked with him before on past cases, and was pleased it was him who had been the one to operate on you tonight.
“Hey, doc. How is she?” Henry asked, trying to keep the worry from his voice, and failing.
“It was touch and go for a while, and she is in a critical but stable condition. The next twenty-four hours will give us an idea of her prognosis,” replied the surgeon. “Although, I’m afraid I do have some bad news…”
“Bad news?” A hundred different thoughts and scenarios raced through Henry’s mind; panic threatened to overwhelm him.
“Perhaps it’s best if we sit down for a minute,” the surgeon led him to a private room. “When we were operating, we noticed Mrs Cavill was hemorrhaging not only from her abdomen, but from her uterus too. She was… she was pregnant, but the trauma to her body from the stabbing was too much. We did everything we could to stop it, but she miscarried. I’m so sorry.”
The doctor’s voice was drowned out by an odd whirring in Henry’s ears. His voice seemed disconnected to his body. “She was pregnant?” he whispered.
“I understand this is a shock. If there’s anything I can do, please let me know.” The surgeon looked at him with pity.
Henry stood up, hands thrown through his hair again; his giveaway tell for stress. “Yeah doc, um, do me a favour actually. Don’t tell her, if – when – she wakes up. I’ll tell her, I want to be the one.”
“Yes, of course.”
“Thank you. Will she be okay if I step out for a while? I need to get to the station, see if we can start going about catching whoever did this…”
“Absolutely; she’s in the best place. I will call if anything changes.” The surgeon stood too.
“Thanks doc,” Henry grasped and shook the surgeon’s hand, before leaving the private room and heading down the corridor to see you.
Nothing could have prepared him for the sight that greeted him. Of course, over his years in the force, Henry had seen plenty of disturbing and upsetting scenes, but this, seeing his wife, the woman he was in love with, his whole life led on that bed surrounded by wires and beeping machines, a thick white bandage wrapped around her torso, an oxygen mask dominating her face… this was definitely the worst. And to know you had been pregnant… cold anger and grief washed over him, his hands balling into fists at his sides.
“I’ll find who did this,” Henry whispered as he leant over and kissed your forehead. “I’ll find him and I’ll make him pay in every way I can, I promise.”
As he headed down the corridor and out of the hospital, the little vial of blood in its evidence bag burned a hole in his pocket.
Thanks for reading! Check back soon for part 2!
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angywritesstuff · 22 hours ago
The one with the Advent Calendar (Day 1)
Summery: You are a true lover of Advent Calendars
Pairing: Henry Cavill x Reader
Warning: 18+ only, please don’t read this if you are a minor, poorly written SMUT
Tumblr media
You were sitting on the couch patiently waiting for your boyfriend… well it wasn’t true: your patience was running short, you couldn’t stop shaking your leg trying to find a way to keep your mind busy. It wasn’t that you were nervous, you were actually giddy: you couldn’t wait to see your boyfriend’s reaction.
You weren’t even sure how it came to your attention, you weren’t actually looking for it but while being on the internet carelessly scrolling through page and page of nothing you had seen it and bought it without even thinking about it. And now you couldn’t wait to open it with your boyfriend who was currently taking the longest shower ever.
You groaned totally over with it, you were going to give Henry five more minutes and then you were going to scream murder. He was probably going to make you pay for scaring the hell out of him, but he was going to forgive you in the end, like he always did.
You took a deep breath ready to scream when you heard the shower going off… “Thank god” you huffed. Your boyfriend was a very beautiful man and you loved his cute curly hair but you were going to shave him sooner or later if he didn’t start getting faster at taking his shower… you needed his attention. Now! You laughed at yourself knowing that you would never cut Henry’s hair… you considered it a crime. You didn’t speak to him for a whole day when he did it himself.
“Baby did I hear the doorbell?”- Henry asked as soon as he got out of the bathroom. He was still wearing nothing but a towel on his waist , his hair were still wet and all you could think about was licking the drops of water that was gently running through his chest hairs. You looked at his hair still damped but perfect like always and you agreed with yourself that you could never shave his head. Henry’s hair should be declared patrimony of the world.
“What”- you hadn’t heard a word of what he asked you
“Was there someone at the door? I thought I heard the doorbell while I was in the shower”- he smirked aware of your eyes on him.
“Oh yeah… there was a delivery”- you shrugged unsure if you were ready to share with him what you had bought. You had been giddy until a minute before but now you were starting to panicking a little: he would never judge you but still…
“I didn’t know there was a delivery planned”
“I bought something”- he was looking at you ready to hear more. It wasn’t like you had to tell him, but you were always so happy to show him your purchases -“It’s an Advent Calendar”
He gently rolled his eyes, he really didn’t get your fixation with them, you bought one every year and you were always so thrilled… but you outdid yourself this year
“Didn’t you already buy three of them?”- you had actually bought three calendars but, in your defense, they were very different from one another: one was only make up, the other one was a skincare calendar and the last one had chocolates in it.
“You’re gonna like this one Hennybear”- you smiled at him -“do you wanna share it with me”- you flashed at him your puppy eyes
“Don’t even think about it. I let you put make up on me once already; it’s not gonna happen again baby. I’m sorry”- he shrugged at you. Henry didn’t like saying no to you, but he had to put his feet down sometimes.
You still remembered that day: you were so annoyed during the lockdown, apart from sexy time with Henry, playing with Kal and cooking, there wasn’t much left to do especially when Henry was so taken by his game he almost forgot about you. He had been gaming all day, only saying two words to you during the whole day, so you had started pouting. You had gone to Henry with your pout on and he had been putty in your hands: you had known as soon as he had looked at your big eyes you could have asked him anything and you did. Beside he could whine all he wanted, you knew he had had as much fun as you did that night. And if you had learned something from that night was that your man looked absolutely stunning with a gold highlighter on.
“We both know I could make you do it again, beside…”- you smirked at him while taking the box behind you.
Henry was always astonished at how you could go from sweet little shy girl to vicious minx in merely a second.
“Are you really sure you don’t want to open this one with me”- you asked once again, lightly shaking the calendar.
Tumblr media
You saw Henry carefully looking at what you were holding, still doubtful at least until he actually read what was written on the calendar “Naughty &Nice”
He gulped, you always knew how to throw a curve ball at him
“Fuck baby, where did you find it?”
“It wasn’t that difficult. Shall we open the first box?”- you hadn’t even finished talking that he was already opening it. You laughed at his eagerness, he was such a dork. - “Shouldn’t you put some pants on first”- you couldn’t help but make fun of him.
“I’m not gonna need any pants if this goes how I’m hoping it will”- he smirked at you while removing the cellophane. - “So can I have to honors”- he rubbed his hands together
“Sure”- you couldn’t have taken this away from him even you had wanted to
Henry opened the box with the number 1 on it and took what was in it, he didn’t even give you the time to see it that he was already smirking at you while caging you in his arm
“We’re gonna have fun”- he said while caressing your butt with one hand, while the other one hold the mysterious object behind his back
“What is it”- you asked once it was clear he wasn’t going to show it to you
“It’s a surprise”
“Oh come on”- you said- “ come on tell me, I was the one who bought it, this is so unfair”- you huffed at him.
“Take off your clothes, get on the bed and wait for me there with your eyes closed”- you looked at him like he betrayed you, but you knew he wasn’t going to budge on this one. He always liked to take control when your pleasure was involved.
“Fine”- you huffed in the end -“but you better make it worth it”- you screamed from the stares that went to your bedroom floor
“When don’t I”-he screamed at your back
You had been waiting for a couple of minutes when you heard him entering the bedroom, it was clear he was as eager as you because usually he made you wait a lot longer . Apparently he was feeling kind today
You heard him moving around the bedroom but you weren’t sure if he was teasing you, trying to make you open your eyes or if he was actually looking for something. You waited with your eyes closed like he asked anyway, knowing it was going to be worth it
You felt the bed bent a little under Henry’s weight and you could suddenly feel his presence over you. He bit your lips, while gently caressing your thigh with his fingers and you couldn’t help but moan, you loved when he used his fingers on you in any way… wait… those weren’t his fingers
You hadn’t had enough time to actually processed that thought that you heard a buzzing; you were about to ask Henry about it when you felt something vibrate against your clit.
And suddenly you remember the mysterious object of the advent calendar; you wanted to say something… anything, but all you could think about was the feeling of the vibrator against your clit. Henry was feeling merciless it seemed, since he wasn’t giving you even a second to catch your breath, he just kept stimulating you again and again and again.
“Baby”- you tried calling for him. He wasn’t talking and you mentally cursed him… what a bastard , he knew you needed to see him or hear him to come and not only did he tell you to wait for him with your eyes closed, but he also wasn’t talking to you.
You could only feel him lightly against your body: his hairy legs against your smooth one, his breath on your forehead, his hard cock softly rubbing against your hip. But you needed more: you were almost there but you needed more of him.
You opened your eyes and as soon as your eyes met his ocean ones with that splash of brown you came.
“Fuck”- you tried to say -“You’re so mean, why weren’t you talking to me? You know I need you to come”
He still chose not to answer you.
He positioned himself over you and he entered you in a slow motion. You wanted to say something but you were overwhelmed. You had just come and you were feeling on the edge already again just by being full of him. He trusted in and out of you, and you took your hands from the sheets to tag on his curls. He kept trusting and trusting still not talking to you, he only groaned and trusted again and again. You moaned louder as he fucked faster and faster, you were right there once again. You clenched around him and tagged harder on his curls
“Fuck love”- he finally said and if you were more coherent you would be smirking at him victorious right now.
“Come baby, come”- you said… well you asked him and with a last trust he did
Once he made sure you had come once again too, he lied down next to you while trying to catch his breath.
“So are you going to say I’m right now?”- you jokingly asked him while caressing his pecs
“About what?”- he was caressing your naked back sending shivers all over your body.
“About Advent calendars”
“You’re always right love”- you smirked at his answer
“Good boy”- you couldn’t help but gasp when he took you by your waist to tickle you
You couldn’t wait to know what was going to be in the second box of the advent calendar
I would like to be able to post a one shot every day for this one, but let’s be honest I’m not gonna be able to. Beside I’m not that good at writing smut as you can see form this post
But I’ll try at least to update what could be in each box every day.
English is not my first language so I’m sorry if there are any mistakes
Feedback is always welcome and appreciated ❤️
Taglist: @omgkatinka @xxxkatxo @jwspiter @maan24 @littlewrenofrivia @xprettyqueenx @marytudorbrandon @amortentiaaaa @summersong69 @margauxmargaux07
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spookykittyboo · a day ago
About last night
Henry went too rough on you last night
Tumblr media
The morning came. Earlier than he thought it would. The small amount of light came across his eyes, touching the blue ocean and the small amount of brown with the sense of a new day. But it felt like the night never really ends.
Last night. That night.
He remember her sounds. The marks she left for him, making red lines over his hairy chest, he hissed at the little pain he felt on his chest. But he knew how good it felt while she painted all those marks on him. It was a sweet torture. Not like he didnt leave any on her, his head took him back to what he had done to her. She screamed in pleasure with a pinch of pain, his hands were all over her body. Grabbing, slapping, holding her, for she was the perfect rival for his brutality.
He saw a familiar print on the side of your body, your back was facing him. He licked his lips and bit his bottom lip, lifting the blanket a little to see how bad his creation was. He saw how dark the bruises were and it was enough to make him feel the guilt pounding against his chest.
He lay his body back to the position he was on. Closing his eyes to just torture himself with your voice.
"Oh Hen..."
"No... honey... keep going"
It was all in his ears. He went further to the darkest of the night. When all your moan sounds more like a plead of mercy.
"Stop please Henry! Please! I ca- i cant!"
Or when she grabbed a fist full of his hair, screaming for dear life. He felt a redemption was all he need, without caring whether you enjoy all the pain he gave you or not. "Henry?" a sleepy sound called him, bringing him back from being drowned in his own sins. She turned to look at him, reaching for his shoulder, she wondered why he had guilt all over his face. "What's wrong Hen?" she asked.
"Was i being to rough last night?" his brows furrowed, his hand traced all over her body for more bruises. "Uhmm no..." she smiled moving her hand to his messy curls. "You didn't. I'm fine Hen." she saw the regret in his eyes and that made melted her sweet little self to his arms. "Hey, look at me i'm fine." she used her hand to move his face to look at her, she moved closer to him feeling the warmth of his skin. He wrapped his hands around her, kissed her forehead as relieve "You're safe now. I promise."
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imnotwolverine · 2 days ago
Henry Cavill x reader fanfiction 
Author’s note: A little drabble inspired by me and my boyfriend getting our Christmas tree yesterday. We’re a little early this year, but being in another lockdown, I convinced my boyfriend that a few weeks earlier wouldn’t hurt. And goodness do I love anything Christmas! I hope you do too ❤
Warnings: fluff, some horniness 
‘It’s not gonna fit!’ I yelped, flailing my arms out to stop the Christmas tree from squashing me into the hallway wall. Behind the large green mass of piney scent I could hear Henry’s iconic little chuckle. 
‘That’s what she..’ 
‘Okay hold on love. Just lead it into the corner--yes--NO hold!’ 
The tree scraped and fought its way through the narrow corridor, making it near impossible to guide as Henry’s mighty arms just kept pushing the thing on. Nasty branches poked and stabbed in places where I had preferred they hadn’t. 
‘STOP! Henry!’
‘Love you gotta..’
Finally the tree stopped moving and a large hand brushed through, pushing aside some branches so he could see me. ‘What?’ He raised an innocent eyebrow. I sighed with exasperation. 
‘It’s not gonna fit!’ 
Henry smirked. ‘I’ve managed to get bigger inside.’ 
‘Well, that’s what he said.’ 
He chuckled in disbelief. ‘Is that cheeky talk young lady? It’s that some tree is in the way. Otherwise --’
I rolled my eyes, then decided to play along, moaning playfully. ‘Oh Henry! It’s soooo BIG! It will --’ I writhed against the doorpost behind me, just far enough away so he couldn’t reach me. ‘..never fit!’ 
‘Love..! The neighbour--’ His hand disappeared and a moment later I heard the front door being shut. Oh damn I forgot about that! Smirking, I waited for the next thing to happen. Would he try to get this darn monstrosity of a tree in the living room, or would he just plow it down to get to me? I cooed softly, luring him in. 
‘You okay there babe?’ I asked. Henry muttered, softly scolding himself for living in a Mews-home with a hallway “made for hobbits”. Finally the tree started moving and I could not help but laugh as I watched a scene unfold of Henry trying to push his large body through a very stubborn mass of spiky branches that slapped and scratched where-ever they could. 
‘Need some help?’ I pulled a branch away so I could see his face as it stood there all squashed and awkward. 
‘Darn this tree.’ He muttered, pushing even harder, but only making the whole tree move into an even more awkward position. It looked quite hilarious with his limbs half sticking through, face squashed between two particularly stubborn branches. 
‘Is it too big honey?’ 
Henry shot me a warning glance. 
‘Need me to fetch some lube maybe?’ 
I sniffled, biting my lip. ‘Okay, okay.’ Stepping forward, I used all my not-so-mighty power to pull some more branches aside. 
This was all it took, along with some cracking branches, for Henry to make his way to my side of the tree. It was still very much stuck in the middle of the hallway, but at least he had escaped. Henry gasped, looking back at the tree like it had just totally betrayed him. 
‘You oka--?’ 
Before I could reach out a hand he was already on me, cold lips fighting me back into the wall. This time there was no escaping. Not with a tree blocking the exit anyway. I hummed into his kiss, challenging him a little more. 
‘So-mm-jealous of a tree now hmm? Just because I think it’s ...mmm...big?’ 
He leaned back for just a moment, then shrugged his boulder-like shoulders. ‘Well, might have overshot it with the tree a touch. But I’ve got something else that’s big...’ He put both hands around me, his face a mixture of playful, eager, arousal. 
I played along. ‘Mmm?’
He leaned back in close, lips hovering over mine, teasing. ‘And I’m quite sure..’ 
‘What?’ I looked into the blurry haze of his lustful eyes, smiling mischievously. 
‘..might have to check though..’
‘Ooh..!’ My smile grew as well. 
‘..that it will fit.’ He whispered, kissing me.This time more slowly. 
Outside London roared in all its endless zooming of cars and busses, engines and people. But inside it was just us. Together, warm and cosy. 
And quite stuck, too.
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pterodactylterrace · 19 hours ago
Short Girl Decorated
Quick drabble I came up with rather than putting up my own Christmas tree.
Live long and procrastinate. 
“I did my best.” I shrugged in response to Henry’s uproar of laughter when he spotted the tree I had been working on for the better part of an hour. He had “gone for a run” shortly after spotting the multitude of glitter adorned ornaments I had bought for the tree. 
“You did very well on the bottom half.” Henry chuckled, shaking his head as he took in the half decorated tree. He should have known what the result would be. The tree was much taller than me, and I have been banned from climbing on chairs for out of reach spaces. I don’t know what his major malfunction about me climbing things was. It was one broken wrist, like a year ago. 
“It’s short girl decorated.” I shrugged, taking a sip of my cocoa.
“Would you like help?”
“Would you like a fully decorated tree?” I asked, raising a brow at him. I could see the internal war going on through his eyes as he debated on being covered with glitter for the foreseeable future. Ultimately he did decide to help, patiently placing the different decorations where I dictated, moving them multiple times until I was satisfied with the coverage and separation of the different shimmering baubles. 
“Would you like to put the star on top?” Henry asked, offering me the tree topper as it freely shed glitter all over the carpet.
“You know I can’t reach that.” I giggled, squeaking when he easily snatched me up with one arm, pressing the star into my chest with the other. With his help I carefully placed the star at the top of the tree, my body sliding down his slowly as we both took in the beauty of what we had created.
“Merry Christmas, darling.” He whispered softly in my ear, his arms still wrapped around me, holding me close.
“Merry Christmas, Henry.” 
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sillyrabbit81 · a day ago
12 + 1 Days of Christmas Challenge
Tumblr media
This is for @winter2112rose 12 + 1 Days of Christmas Challenge. Thanks for letting me participate. 🙏
This series will be a set of short (approx. 500 word) drabbles. They will be mostly set in Australia and consist of vignettes of your and Sy's Christmas's together. The reader is Australian, but I am still aiming to be as inclusive of race, and size as possible.
They won't be in any particular order, some will be smutty, some will be fluffy, some will be both.
Day 1 Christmas Tree / Decorations
Day 2 Snow
Day 3 Christmas Baking
Day 4 Christmas Stockings
Day 5 Christmas Songs
Day 6 Present (un) Wrapping
Day 7 Winter Wonderland
Day 8 Mistletoe
Day 9 Christmas Films
Day 10 Santa suit
Day 11 Christmas Jumpers
Day 12 Christmas Dinner
Bonus round!
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You better behave babygirl, Daddy is watching you!
Tumblr media
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littlefreya · a day ago
Okay um.. weird ask maybe, but do you have any blowjob punishment kinda fics with Hen or his characters, maybe like a rough oral🙈
Not weird at all, darling. I have written a few like that :). With Henry, August and Sherlock.
Enjoy, babycakes 🖤
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Top Songs of 2021 Music Celebration
Tumblr media
I've just recently hit 500 followers and I wanted to celebrate it by hosting a small writing challenge with *no deadline* (at least not in the near future).
Below the cut you will find some of songs I most listened in 2021. Yes, I listened mostly from before the 2010 :D
Tumblr media
Some important rules I would like to point out:
- I will not accept entries that contain non-con/rape and underage sex. Tag accordingly and use warnings
- If you planned to write smut, +18 only (include your age in your bio. I will not repost the work)
- All works will be reblogged and I will create a masterpost including them
Tumblr media
Challenge Rules:
- Tag me on your work and use the hashtag #Noes2021topsongs
- To participate send an ask with the song number + character and if you'd like me to write it or not
- Min 500 words no max. Use the Keep Reading tab
- AUs are highly encouraged, OCs, reader inserts, ships are welcome too
- New fandoms are welcome! I mainly write/read SPN, Marvel, DC, Criminal Minds [Characters & RPF]
- You are free to combine this with challenges and bingos.
- Lastly the most important, HAVE FUN
Tumblr media
Top Songs of 2021
With Or Without You - U2
Vulnerable - Alexander Jean
Dume - Radio Company
Love Of My Life - Queen
Last Hope - Paramore
Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley
What A Wonderful World - The Ramones
More Than A Feeling - Boston
Shallow - Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga
Numb - Linkin Park
How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters
Zombie - The Cranberries
I Miss You - Blink 182
Helium - Sia
Good Riddance - Green Day
I Was Made For Lovin' You - Kiss
Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) - Backstreet Boys
Tagging some mutuals: @wonder-cole | @waywardbaby | @negans-lucille-tblr | @padalelli | @writethelifeyouwant | @moosekateer13 | @luci-in-trenchcoats | @supernatural-jackles | @danneelsmain | @supernaturallyobsessedchic | @deanwanddamons | @iguessweallcrazyithinktho | @cockslut-padalecki | @caplanbuckybarnes |
Divider from @firefly-graphics | Pic header from Pinterest
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Who knows when... - August Walker... Part 8/?
Tumblr media
Warnings: 18+ readers only, swearing, fingering, unprotected sex (reader on birth control), sex on the sofa, role play (August Walker is a kink), mustache + Henry, choking, photo credit to owner
<Part 7<
Henry sat nervously beside you as the first trailer for the film played. His eyes were focused on you as you watched.
"So?" Henry asked once it had ended.
You nodded taking a deep breath. "It looks... Wow."
Henry raised his eyebrows. "Wow?"
You nodded. "Wow."
Henry's brow furrowed as he watched you re-watch the trailer. You ran tongue over your bottom lip before taking between your teeth. Oh, he knows that look. Henry rolled his eyes, "You've got that look."
You turned to look him with hum. "What look?"
"That feral look." Henry smirked at you.
Your mouth fell open with a gasp. "What do you mean, feral?"
Henry chuckled as he placed his arm on the back of the sofa behind your head. "The same feral look you got when you'd see me on set as him, and practically beg me to bend you over and fuck you." He smirked.
You felt a shiver run down your spine at his words. It's true, August Walker did make you feral. You huffed, "It's your fault." You pouted, folding your arms over your chest.
Henry's head fell back as he laughed. "How's it my fault? You're the one who can't control herself."
Your brow creased. "Oh, I can't control myself?" You asked as you moved from your spot and threw one of your legs over Henry's thick thighs so you were straddling him.
Henry let his head rest on the back of the sofa as he looked up at you. You rested your hands on his shoulders as Henry's left hand rested on your bare thigh. His fingers lightly brushing under the hem of you pajamas shorts. "Look at you now." He smiled up at you lazily.
You hummed, "Don't see you complaining." You smirked as you leaned down to kiss him.
Henry shook his head. "And you never will." He closed the gap between you as he placed his hands on your hips.
You let out a soft moan letting Henry's tongue enter your mouth as you began to grind your hips against his, feeling his cock stiffen in his pants.
Henry pulled back with a smirk. "Tell me what you want, baby girl."
"Fuck me... August." You whispered teasingly, pressing your lips against his neck.
Henry smiled, "Right here? But what about your boyfriend?" You nodded, lightly nipping at his neck.
"He doesn't fuck me like you do." You ground your hips again, pressing against his hard cock.
Henry let out a soft moan and slipped his hand into your shorts, running two of his thick fingers through your wet lips. He pushed two of his fingers inside of you with a groan.
"Shit," You moaned, rolling your hips against his hand. "Please,"
"Need to stretch you, baby girl." He whispered as he moved his fingers in and out of you. He turned his head and pressed a kiss to your lips. His mustache leaving that slight burn behind as he kissed you.
You moaned against Henry's mouth as he rubbed your clit with his thumb. You pulled back with a deep moan. "Fuck,"
Henry pressed his lips against your throat. "That feel good, baby girl?" He asked, curling his fingers as he moved his other hand down to grab your ass cheek.
You hummed. "More."
Henry smirked, running his tongue over your pulse point before lightly biting, knowing how much it drives you insane. He added a third finger making you gasp and mewl above him as he continued to rub your your clit. With Henry sucking and biting at your neck as he fingered you and slapping your butt cheek every now and then, it wasn't long before you were cuming around his fingers.
"Fuck, baby girl, you're squeezing the shit out of  my fingers... Can't wait to have you stuffed full of my cock," Henry whispered as he worked you through your orgasm.
You reached down and crashed your mouth against Henry's as he removed his fingers. He quickly slipped his hard cock out of his pants and lined the head of it up at your dripping core. As he stuck his tongue into your mouth, he gripped your hip and pushed you down.
"Oh, fuck!" You cried out as you sank down the length of Henry's cock.
Henry growled as his hands grabbed your ass cheeks. "Fuck," He moaned. "You better be ready." Henry huffed out in his 'August' voice as he planted his feet on the ground before he began move you.
"Oh, oh, oh," You cried out as you began to bounce on top of his cock at a brutal pace.
"Keep going." Henry ordered as he moved his hands to grab a hold of your top, ripping it in half and using it to pull you forwards until he could wrap his lips around your left nipple, harshly sucking on it.
Your eyes rolled backwards as he lightly bit your nipple and moved his right hand up to wrap around your throat.
He let out a frustrated breath through his flared nostrils before pulling of your breast with a pop. "Too slow." He grunted and pushed you back so you were leaning back from him, still holding you by the throat as he began to pound up ino you at a quicker pace.
The new angle and lack of breath was making your toes curl as the head if his cock nudged perfectly against that spot. You let out a silent cry of pleasure as Henry squeezed a little harder before letting go just enough to let you breath as you came. Your cunt squeezed and spasmed around his cock, pulling a deep groan from Henry.
"Gonna fucking fill you till your leaking!" He gripped your hips as he delivered a final harsh thrust as you body sageged forwards.
Henry panted heavily against the side if your neck as he carefully wrapped his arms around you. There was a moment of calm between you as you caught your breath before Henry was pressing a gentle kiss to your shoulder.
"Was I too rough?" Henry whispered.
You shook your head with a smile. "August, was fine." You giggled as you u pulled back from him and cupped his bearded face. "I love you, Henry."
Henry smiled back, "I love you too, beautiful." He kissed you softly and gently ran his hands over your back. "Excited for tomorrow?" He asked.
You nodded, "I am. I can't believe it's been a year already." You smiled.
Tomorrow was yours and Henry's one year anniversary. You weren't sure what he was up to, he wasn't giving you any hints, but he had assured you, you'd have a brilliant time. You'd even given his mum a call to see if she knew what her son was up to but she hadn't a clue (or so she says).
You'd met Henry's family over Christmas and although you were very nervous to meet them, Henry (and his brothers) had reassured you countless times that his parents and the rest of his family, all loved you.
"Time does seem to have flown by, doesn't it?" He smiled up at you. He reached up and brushed your hair back.
As you leaned in to kiss each other, Kal walked into the room barking, having just woken up from his slumber. The two of you looked to where he stood staring at you.
Henry huffed, "Oh, now you want to go for a walk." He answered, getting another bark from Kal before he walked off towards the door. "He's got that from you."
Your brow furrowed as you untangled yourself from Henry. "Got what from me?"
Henry tucked himself back into his pants before standing. "Answering back. He never used to do it."
Your mouth fell open as he walked off chuckling to himself.
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angrythingstarlight · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to my Mafia and Biker AU Masterlist.
As always, this is an 18+ blog, by continuing to read you agree that you are 18+. Remember you are responsible for your own media consumption.
All fics are with a female reader.
I hope you enjoy my stories.
Main Masterlist. Follow @starlights-library new story notifications.
Mama Said There’d Be Boys Like You
Your family doesn’t approve of the biker family next door, too bad you love that wild boy with ocean blue eyes. 
Bucky’s Favorite Girl:
Biker!Bucky takes his time with an innocent reader
Untitled Biker Bucky Drabble: 
Bucky didn’t mean to break your heart and now he needs one more chance. He never stopped loving you. Do you still love him?
Untitled Biker Bucky Drabble:
Bucky shows you what happens when you break one of his rules
Tumblr media
Beefy!Biker Bucky Series:
Same reader, listed in order of events
Neighborly Behavior:
Your new home comes with some unexpected perks like your hot biker neighbor who doesn't own a single curtain or towel.
Biker Bucky:
Bucky only wants one thing for his birthday, will you give it to him?
And then there were none: 
Better than work:
Biker!Bucky convinces you why he’s the perfect one for you. 
It all belongs to you
Your boyfriend shows you all the reasons why he's better than working
Coming Home to You
Bucky has to leave for one final tour and then he's coming home to you, he promises. And he's never broken a promise.
Show Me How to Ride
You've been keeping a secret from Bucky, one that's going to drive him wild.
A Party for Two: Beefy Biker Series
Bucky had plans for the two of you and none of them involved game night with your friends.
Parking Lot Fun
Bucky treats you to a special concert in the parking lot. He'd rather make you sing than listen to the band any day.
And He's Feeling Good:
Drunk Bucky knows two things: He belongs to you and no one better touch his ass
Just One Taste
Bucky has an offer you can't refuse. He'll help you pack for your trip but you have to give him a little taste before he does.
Three Whole Days: Beefy Biker Series
You learn what happens when you leave Bucky alone for three days. You better stretch now.
The night before Three Whole Days
I’m The Lucky One: Beefy Biker Series
You help him with some early morning work and get the surprise of a lifetime
Lemonade Stand
Bucky takes a tiny detour on your impromptu  roadtrip.
Don't Make Me Wait
You thought it was a great idea. Holding out on your beefy biker fiancé until the wedding night. What could possibly go wrong with that plan
Beefy Biker Drabble
Some reasons why we love this horny man
Key drabble
Nosy Mrs. Smith gets her hands on the house keys
Teasing Bucky Drabble
He really likes your new panties but you look better without them
Teasing Bucky Drabble II
You learn what happens when you choose food over Bucky
Road Trip Drabble
Just you  and your man on the open road
Tumblr media
Top of his list
Your mafia boyfriend has a few priorities in his life and you're number one.
Pretty Like This: 
Mafia!Bucky decides you look pretty when you cum and he wants you to see it to
Lost Without You:
Soft Mafia Bucky has a special valentine's day gift for you. 
Bucky’s Special Present:
Mafia!Bucky wants you to have a special birthday gift! 
Say the word and it’s yours
Bucky is willing to give you the world, all you have to do is ask
Partition (Personal Fav)
Mafia Bucky comforts you after a bad day and your boss learns that no one messes with his girl.
Let Me Show (Requested follow up to Partition)
Bucky shows you exactly what he did to your boss that day. Only you have way more fun than your boss did. 
Crossing the last line : 
You have to choose between your career and Mafia Bucky. It’s an easy choice.
 Sweeten the Deal: 
Your Mafia boyfriend can talk you into anything, including railing you over the side of the balcony. 
To the Moon and Back:
Soft!Mob Bucky loves talking to your pregnant belly, he can’t wait to meet his baby girl aka bumblebee. 
Blow Sweet and Thick:
Bucky is having a bad day and only you can help. 
Beard Kink Drabble
Bucky thinks of a creative way to punish you. It involves his beard and some cockwarming
Tattoo Drabble: 
Prompt:  mob!bucky discovering the reader's tattoos for the first time... *sigh*
Sex toy/Public Sex Drabble: 
Prompt:  How would Bucky be if he was controlling the reader’s vibe while they’re out in public?
Bucky’s Insatiable Girl Drabble
Put your lips like this
Tumblr media
Dark!Mafia Bucky
Can’t Run, Can’t Hide: Dark 
You belong him to him and no one tells Bucky no. Run all you want, he’s always going to find you. 
Run All You Want
Bucky told you that you can’t escape him, but that doesn’t mean you wont try. Too bad for you Bucky enjoys a good chase.
All Dressed in White: Dark 
You were going to marry someone else, Bucky won’t let that happen. You belong to him now and forever. Till Death Do You Part.
Tumblr media
Mafia!Steve Rogers
Tell Me What You Want
Steve knows you're playing with him, the question is how far is he willing to let this go?
Untitled Drabble
Steve celebrates international women's day.
Tumblr media
Dark!Mafia Steve Roger
Tumblr media
Biker Steve
A Few Good Reasons
Steve has a few good reasons to get up this early, all of them revolve around the pretty new waitress that just started at his favorite diner
Dove’s Ripped Shorts Drabble
Parking Lot Fun: Dove’s POV
Biker Steve Drabble
Prompt: what's the difference in horny between biker!Bucky and biker!Steve?
Biker Steve Drabble: 
He’s having a bad day but you’re a brat so you’re going to make things worse
Tumblr media
Dark Biker Steve
Tumblr media
Steve x Bucky x Reader
Thick as Thieves
The only thing the Mafia hates as much as snitches are thieves. And you’re planning on stealing from Bucky and Steve, what happens if you get caught
Laced around your throat
You receive a custom made necklace from your boyfriend sparking a competition between Steve and Bucky.
Keep Your Hands Where I Can See Them.
Mafia Bucky has a few rules for you and yet you can help yourself from breaking each and every one of them. You’re going to learn to listen to him, he swears you will. Now put your hands on the table and count.
Wicked Little Games
Andy Barber x Reader x Bucky
Call in Sick
TFAWS Bucky convinces you to stay home. Too bad your boss doesn't like you playing hooky.
Disciplinary Action
Your boss decides to investigate why you suddenly called off. And you better have a good reason for bailing on Andy Barber.
After Office Hours
Andy should know better than to keep you late. You're going to make sure he knows that you don't have to listen to him after your shift ends.
Andy Barber
Trust me Honey: 
You see something you shouldn’t have and now Andy’s the only one who can help
Andy Barber/Pool Drabble: 
Andy moved you to a big new house a few weeks ago. After taking you apart in every single room, he decides there's one more place left that needs to be christened. The brand new pool in the backyard.
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starlightrogers · 2 months ago
daddy's good girl; h.c
word count: 1.6k+ words
summary: you discover henry's size kink and he fucks you senseless
warnings: smut, daddy kink, size kink, rough sex, henry being caring even when he's fucking you senseless, pwp, rpf, unprotected sex, overstimulation, mentions of a blowjob, creampie, aftercare, henry's muscles deserve a warning, henry being a beefy man, you know what? henry deserves a warning too, 18+ only
a/n: this is my first ever henry fic! I've been so excited to write and share this so I hope you like it!
Tumblr media
It was small things at first, almost too small to notice.
He always loved curling up around you in bed, making sure you were completely wrapped in his broad embrace. Loved when you grabbed as his muscled biceps as he fucked you hard or ran your hands over him stomach while you were on your knees for him.
But as your relationship went on, the signs started the grow in frequency and blatancy, so much so that it would’ve been almost impossible for you to not notice.
The way Henry insists on carrying you around in his big, strong arms almost daily. Picking you up to take you to the kitchen for breakfast, insisting that his girl doesn’t need to walk anywhere if he has anything to say about it. Lifting you in his arms when you can’t reach something on the top shelf in the kitchen, or curling himself against your back as he reaches up to simply grab the item for you, leaving you breathless as he puts the coffee cup in your hands and walks away.
The latter had been the culprit of your finally acknowledging all of these little signs, holding back a whimper as he had pressed his front against your back to help you reach a plate from the top shelf.
“What’re you doing?” you ask suggestively, giggling a little as he hands you the piece of dishware that you had forgotten even reaching for in the first place.
“Just helping my baby girl,” he smirks with a chaste kiss to your lips, “you’re so tiny baby, gotta help you reach the high shelves now, don’t I?”
You hear the double meaning in his words before you comprehend them, and then it clicks.
Of course this mf has a size kink.
“Well then, will you help me with something else daddy?” you purr, hearing the low hum that sits in the back of his throat as you turn to face him.
“And what would that be, little one?” his eyes are blown wide, his cock hardening against your abdomen, his hips slowly beginning a dirty grind against you to feel any possible friction he could get.
“Well it’s something hard,” you tease, your hand resting on his toned chest through the restraint of his tight shirt before slowly starting to trail down lower, “And really, really big.”
“You wanna get fucked then you gotta ask for it baby,” he chuckles, hissing when you finally cup him through his sweatpants, “Even a dumb little baby like you knows that.”
You can’t help the whimper that passes through your lips at his words. You had started this game feeling like you were in some sort of control, playing into what you thought would be a weakness of Henry’s but now, you found yourself slipping deeper and deeper into that space that loved being compliant for him. The part of you that craved submission and for him to take control, and if anything, it made you even more eager for him to overpower you and show his strength.
“Please fuck me daddy,” you manage to get out the words, already pretty far gone considering his hands hadn’t moved past their place on your hips yet. You squeeze his cock, feeling it harden under your touch before your hand is being torn away from him and he’s lifted you onto the counter in mere seconds.
Usually you both liked to take things slow, but there was so much need radiating from the both of you that all you could think to do was rip the clothes from your bodies, scattering them around all areas of the kitchen where you’d have to hunt them down later, but right now all you could care about was the man standing between your legs, his cock leaking precum as he rests the tip at your entrance.
His eyes roll shut at the plunge of his tip inside you. You feel so good, wrapped around his cock like the finest silk and you can see the effect your having on him. It gives you a warm sense on pride to see such a big man so whipped for the chance to be inside you, to fuck you so hard you’ll feel him between your thighs for days to come, and it inspires a little idea in your mind.
“Daddy,” you whimper a little too convincingly, making him halt his actions and look up at your face to check that you’re alright.
“What’s wrong, baby girl?” he asks softly, his hand raising to brush softly over your cheek, and you lean into the soothing touch.
“S’too big,” your gaze meets his as you speak, batting your lashes innocently at him as your hands grasp at his biceps as his cock twitches inside you, making you gasp.
You hear the deep growl that emanates from him, and it only serves to make you wetter, your walls clenching deliciously around his cock and he swears he’s in heaven with the feeling of you around him, even when he’s only halfway inside.
“Mmm, it is, isn’t it baby,” he soothes mockingly, pressing a kiss to the side of your mouth as he works another inch into you, “But you’re my good girl, aren’t you? You gonna take my cock so good inside this tight little pussy?”
“Mhmm, yes daddy,”
“Good girl,” his praise sends warmth flooding through you as his thumb collides with your lips, “Why don’t you bite down on this baby?”
You eagerly take the digit into your mouth, bobbing a little on it like you would his cock before lightly grazing your teeth over it, making his breath hitch in his throat.
“That’s my good little baby, now just-” he trails off as he just his hips forward, burying the entirety of his cock inside you in one movement that has you yelping in surprise, “Oh its okay baby, just bite down on daddy’s thumb while I split you with my cock. Be a good girl for me now, okay?”
You nod eagerly, your entire body alight with the feeling of his cock buried deep inside you.
It’s a fair stretch to accommodate, but the slight tinge of pain that merges with pleasure as he rocks his hips into yours hard has you keening against him. The heavy drag of his cock along your soaked walls is exactly what you needed.
Even as he pounds ruthlessly into your cunt, he watches your face for any visible signs of discomfort. But when he sees the look of total, fucked out bliss etched into your features, he abandons any worries and fucks you with abandon, listening to every gorgeous moan that rings out around the thumb that rests between your kiss swollen lips.
It doesn’t take long for him to have you on the edge, the tip of his cock punching that one perfect spot inside you repeatedly as he pounds into you. You don’t even have to tell him that you’re close, the way you’re squeezing his cock is all the warning he needs.
“Cum for daddy,” he growls, pulling his thumb from your mouth and reaching between your sweet soaked bodies to rub harsh circles on your clit, his other arm holding you in place as he fucks you nice and rough.
The coil inside you shatters almost instantly, his fingers on your clit almost too much to handle as you writhe in his arms. He continues to fuck you through your release, determined to bring you as much pleasure as possible.
You begin to squirm as your orgasm subsides, the pounding of his cock inside of you boardering on sensitivity and when you move back slightly his hands grab underneath your knees effortlessly to pull you back to him, his hips never ceasing their movements. In a swift movement you find yourself suspended in the air, Henry’s bulky arms keeping you locked in place as he buries his cock inside you over and over again.
Your pressed so tightly to him, you can feel him everywhere, and when he angles his hips to grind against your clit and press on that special spot inside of you, you can’t help but scream his name.
“That good baby girl?” he asks with a smug smirk, not even needing an answer from you, not that you could give one at the moment anyway, “You wanna cum for daddy again? That’s it, be a good girl and cum on daddy’s cock and then I’ll fuck you full of my cum.”
You fall apart on command, your body reacting so intensely to his request that you feel your release gushing out of you and covering henry’s thighs and the floor beneath you. You hear him mumble a ‘fuck’ before he cums with a shout of your name, holding you down so deep on his cock that you swear you feel his cum in your tummy.
“You did so good for me,” he praises, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead as you both struggle to catch your breath.
It’s only from the slight bounce in your body that you realise you’re being carried, and you open your eyes to see your bedroom surrounding you. Henry whisper sweet praise to you the whole time, moving to lay you down gently on the sheets so he can go and grab a warm cloth to wipe you both clean, but the moment his body disconnects from yours you let out a pained whine, reaching for him with grabby hands that make his heart swell.
“Don’t go yet, we can get cleaned up later,” you say almost grumpily, not wanting him to leave you just yet.
“Okay baby girl,” he agrees with a chuckle, falling into the bed and pulling you into his side, wrapping his arms around you as your head finds perch on his broad chest, “You get some rest, little one. Daddy’s right here, I promise.”
And you do, drifting off in his embrace, his cum deep inside you, completely sated.
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henryofsteel · 2 months ago
summary: Henry comes home from work frustrated...and decides to take it out on you.
pairing: Henry Cavill/You
genre; smut!
warnings: rough smut! dirty talk! smut, angry sex! punishments! dom/sub! cursing! orgasm denial!
! could be triggering for some readers !
note:: I don’t even know what this is smh.. just kinda came to me welp
Tumblr media
“H-Henry, slow down,” You whimpered as Henry’s thrusts sped up. They were deep and hard and you were on the verge of tears as you struggled to figure out if what you were feeling was pain or pleasure, or perhaps both. You couldn’t decide. Either way, whatever it was, you knew that you never wanted him to stop.
“Don’t tell me what to do.” He spat rather harshly. His lips were attached to your neck as you sat on the kitchen counter. Henry stood between your legs, grabbing your thighs as he made sure he hit every angle perfectly. Henry threw his head back and let out a deep sigh as you dug your fingernails deeply into his back.
Henry had come home tired. Angry was more like it.
Work had been stressful the past few months. He had been re-shooting scenes, and he hated every second of it. He struggled to fit in time for anything and everything, and most nights, you didn't even get a chance to see him before passing out, too tired after waiting for him for hours on end.
This specific afternoon, he was so frustrated after a long day at work, and, well, you were the only one in his reach. And, that's how you ended up on a kitchen counter at 11 pm, getting fucked senselessly by your generally very gracious boyfriend.
“Fuck,” You managed to word out as your hands fumbled around in Henry’s curls. A single tear rolled down your cheek. The complete sentiment of euphoria had taken over your body, and nothing had ever felt better.
Henry’s moans were loud in your ear and the sounds themselves were practically orgasmic on their own.
Although you’d always enjoyed a variety of different paces and techniques when it came to sex, you’d never experienced Henry like that before. So ruthless. So...rough.
You knew that Henry was doing it for himself, and only himsef. The merciless way his cock plunged into your belly repeatedly, not once slowing down, told you everything you needed to know. He hadn’t even asked if you were comfortable, which was something he always made sure to do. He didn’t wait for you to adjust to his massive size, which was something you still needed to do, even after five years of dating. He just barged in, lifted you onto the kitchen counter, and did exactly what he wanted to.
You hadn't had the time to even think before he’d dived into you. He’d wasted no time. He hadn't even checked if you were wet enough to enter. No foreplay. No nothing.
“Hen-Henry, just slow down. Let me look at you,” You whimpered and retrieved your face from the crook of his neck. You put your hands on either side of Henry’s face, looking into his beautiful, ocean-blue eyes. His mouth hung open by a slight bit. Just enough to produce a couple of moans here and there. He looked at you intensely while he rested his forehead against yours, not once breaking the eye contact.
“No slowing down,” Henry insisted, squeezing the bottom part of your thigh harshly.
“Just take it. Take it like the good, little girl you are.” Henry hummed, moving his lips down to your neck and sucked on your skin, undoubtedly leaving a large, purple mark.
Henry’s words made you moan as you clawed into his shoulder blades. You could hear Henry slightly wince at the sensation. “Feisty little one, are you?” Henry chuckled at your action and smashed his lips into yours.
Suddenly, his thrusts stopped. You were confused by his sudden pause but shrieked loudly as he lifted you from the counter. Naturally, you wrapped your arms around his neck, and your legs around his waist.
Henry walked to the nearest wall, his cock still inside of you. You whimpered Henry’s name as he placed you against the wall.
Henry wrapped his arms underneath your legs and placed his hand on each one of your ass-cheeks to support your weight.
Due to Henry’s amazing fitness skills, you’d been lucky enough to experience sex, beyond your wildest dreams. He was much bigger and much stronger than you. Next to him, you were tiny.
Henry loved to carry you. To hold you closely to him. He was undoubtedly the strongest man you’d ever met. He adored the size difference between the two of you. How much bigger his hand was than yours, and how your hand couldn’t even fully reach around his.
Henry began thrusting into you. The new position had given him a greater ability to pound even deeper and harder into you than before. You let out a loud shriek and grabbed hardly onto Henry’s bicep with one hand while the other one rested on his chest. You tried your best to look into his eyes, knowing how he loved to look at you when he fucked you, but with his fast-paced rhythm, it made it nearly impossible. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head as you could feel an orgasm creeping up on you.
“I-I’m gonna c-cum.” You somehow managed to stutter out between your moans.
“Uh-uh,” Henry shook his head, grabbing your legs tightly. His rock-hard abs flexed with every thrust. “No cumming until I say so,” Henry smirked. You hissed quietly under your breath, but not sufficiently for Henry to miss it.
“Did you just hiss at me?” Henry asked.
You knew that tone all too well.
Before you could answer Henry’s question, he plunged into you with such strength. Strength that you didn't even know he was capable of.
“Fuck!” You gasped as Henry repeated the slow, but unbelievably deep and overwhelming pumps.
“Ahh, that feels good, doesn’t it? Hmm?” Henry asked you, biting his lip. His kissed your forehead. Unable to answer, you just moaned in response.
It felt as if your heart was in your throat. Even if you tried, you'd never be able to even describe the complete and utter state of bliss you found yourself in whenever Henry fucked you.
“Do you want to cum? Hmm?” Henry purred in your ear, his voice deep and lascivious.
“Mmm,” You nodded with your eyes closed, too focused on the pleasure within you to focus on what Henry was saying.
“Say it.” Henry panted. “Say it and look at me,” Henry instructed between heavy breaths.
You opened your eyes and looked deep into Henry’s eyes. They’d turned a shade or two darker than before. No more were they tinted blue. Now, they had a dark shade cast over them.
“I just-oh fuck. I want to come so bad. Please,”
It almost made you feel pathetic to beg for him like that, but you couldn't help it.
“I love it when you beg for me. Such a good girl,” Henry hummed into your ear. You could feel Henry’s arms flex from holding you up for so long, and just like you, he was very close.
Henry’s moans intensified and they became louder and louder. His thrusts became sloppier and suddenly, he let out a loud grunt, followed by a couple of moans here and there as he pounded into you deeply a few times before completely stopping all movement.
You were confused as to if he was even going to let you cum, but you were quickly snapped out of your thoughts as Henry walked back over to the kitchen counter and placed you upon it.
“Lay down,” Henry ordered, and you followed by laying down on your back, feeling the cold counter material against your back which sent shivers down your back.
“You've been so good, you know that?” Henry smiled, almost in a proud manner while looking down at you, laying naked on the counter.
All his.
“I’m gonna make you feel so fucking good, darling” Henry swore smirking as he bent down and kissed your lips passionately, his touch much different than just minutes ago.
His lips trailed down your body. From your lips to your collar bones. Then down to your breasts, your belly button, and finally, your all-through soaked pussy. His tongue softly slithered around your heat. You could feel his warm mouth on your inner thighs, dangerously close to your core. You whined in an attempt to hurry Henry up, which only earned you a harsh slap on your thigh.
“Be patient, or you’re gonna have to make yourself cum,” Henry warned. You looked down at him and scoffed, knowing damn well you’d never even come close to Henry’s skills when it came to making you feel good. Henry returned to your heat. You could feel his breathing against your already sensitive cunt, and it made you want to cry out. He was too slow for your liking. All you wanted was to feel his touch. To feel his mouth.
Henry’s tongue suddenly slithered between your folds. You shrieked at the sensation and accidentally closed your legs together as a reflex. Henry wasted no time and roughly grabbed your thigh. He held them in an open position, restricting you from any movement at all in your legs.
“Last warning,” Henry growled, and once again, his mouth connected to your pulsing cunt. His movements were agonizingly slow. His lips were closed around your clit, kissing it slowly. His tongue moved further down, and slowly entered the opening of your pussy, tasting the sweet taste of wetness his teasing had resulted in. You moaned loudly as he continued working his magic.
You ran your fingers through his brown curls, trying to make sense of everything. The pleasure was almost too much. Henry knew exactly what he was doing to you. He loved nothing more than to hear your moans. Henry removed his tongue from your opening and the loss of his touch made you pout. Henry smirked up at you teasingly.
He dragged his tongue back to your clit, flicking it up and down. Gradually adding pace. A motion that completely and utterly carried you over the edge.
“Oh, my-fuck!” You screeched as the ball of pleasure in your abdomen exploded like fireworks. You gripped Henry’s curls tightly, maybe even too tightly, because you were convinced that you heard him wince quietly. You could feel his stare as you rode out your long-awaited orgasm. Second, by second, you gathered your senses and snapped back to reality.
“So beautiful,” Henry mumbled, adoring your gorgeousness as you tried to catch your breath. Henry raised and helped you up from the counter. Your knees were too weak to even stand, so Henry took you in his arms, bridal style.
“Listen, I was a bit frustrated. I'm sorry if I was too rough,” Henry spoke. You looked up into his eyes, smirking.
“No. I liked it,” You spoke. “I knew you would,” Henry grinned, shaking his head as he walked up the stairs, with you in his arms.
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cruelfvkingsummer · 2 months ago
stepdad!Sy x Reader: don't blame me (love made me crazy) [One Shot]
Tumblr media
Plot: sometimes what an old bear needs is a young little Goldilocks.
or, your mom can't keep up with his appetite, so he found himself another outlet in the form of his spoiled little stepdaughter.
Tags: stepdad/stepdaughter relationships, (big) age-gaps (y/n is 19 when anything happens Sy is 40+), spoiled!reader, naive!reader, manipulation, ceo!sy (implied, y/n's mom works for him), arguments, birth control, toxic relationships, daddy kink, dd/lg-ish (?), infidelity, sy and reader are bad people, heavy smut, implied p to v, oral sex, unrealistic dick size, body fluids, power imbalance misogynistic views, taboo relationships
Tumblr media
Sy knew of his … issue.
It was the biggest reason why it took him a bit too long to settle down.
His libido wore down his most passionate lovers and drowned his faithless girlfriends in crazed jealousy. So he figured he should just get as many women as he could and keep himself satisfied without the mess of a crashing relationship in his wake.
However, every bachelor has to die at some point or another. And his death came just after his 40th birthday, where he met a proper woman who had worked in one of the branches of his company in the city.
She was a bit cold but quite smart, one could call her distant but not to the point of being irresponsible of her relationships, just very picky. Sy had found it easy to converse with her and the little challenge that she posed when she refused to sleep with him on their first, second, or the third date. It made her less of another piece of ass to plunder but more of a land to conquer and make his own.
And so that’s what he did.
Because Logan Syverson always gets what he wants.
She was definitely the perfect woman that could be the neat little bow that would end his reign of pleasure.
And all should’ve been well.
Until it all came crashing down when he met her feisty little daughter that made every little knot of his facade of satiation unravel.
Tumblr media
Sy side-eyed the noise inside the kitchen of his home from his garage.
Disturbing the resting birds and the quiet of the horses on the barn on the other side of the estate. He was glad at the very least he had bought a gated house with extra land all around to avoid any snooping neighbours from knowing any of their personal issues but that also means he gets to deal with all their shit alone.
From what he could gather his stepdaughter and her mother are fighting about another party she plans to attend tonight when she had gotten home at 3 am every day for the past 3 days. It had been understandable, the first few parties, it was to be the end of her senior year, after all, and all the kids her age are trying to milk the last moments of their feckless golden years before they are thrust in a shitty one-bedroom apartment, juggling their part-time jobs and academic responsibilities.
Not that he’d let that happen to his beloved stepdaughter who would clearly buckle at the smallest weight on her shoulders. Her penthouse in the city is already cleaned and ready for when he surprises her with it.
The door to the veranda opened with a clatter, small and urgent steps breaking through the quiet morning.
“Don’t you dare --”
That’s his cue.
Throwing his wrench on the table, he grabbed the damp towel hanging off his latest project -- a monstrosity of a truck he was planning on building back up -- and wiping as much of his sweat as he could as he walked out of his cabin to greet the storm coming his way.
Sy tried to suppress his groan at seeing you run towards him, his stepdaughter seemingly unaware that your tits were nearly bouncing out of your camisole.
You landed with a huff into his hard chest, pouting and wrapping your little arms around his waist, refusing to look back at your frustrated mother in your trail even if some of his sweat moistened your face.
“You a'right, honey?”
“Mom is being a bitch!”
“That’s it, young lady! You are ground --”
“Alright, alright,” he raised a hand to your mother to cut off her rant, his other rubbing your back as you tighten your grip around him. “Woman, calm down.”
“No, I don’t need to calm down! You need to stop codling that little brat!”
If there was one person that could blow the fuse of your usually composed mother it would be her daughter who was the exact opposite of her.
Where she was prim and proper she was all short flowy short skirts and see-through tops. Where her mother was shrewd and sharp, her daughter was dull but sweet. And where she liked to stand on her own feet her daughter liked to run to her daddy for any bump in her path.
Despite him getting married to your mother when you were already 18, you had barely had any father figure in your life that you had immediately latched on to him who was basically a stranger. Especially when he spoiled you with shopping trips, shiny pieces of jewellery, and a black card with your name on it just because he wanted to be in your good graces.
He was sure your mother had found it endearing at first, to see her boyfriend getting along so well with his daughter but now, a year into the marriage, a year of losing every argument with her daughter as she clung on to the man of the house, and a year of Sy giving you whatever you want while slowly edging away on your mother's control of you -- it has lost its novelty.
“I’ll take care of it,” he tried to remove your hands to talk to your mother properly but you refused to budge whimpering a little ‘daddy’, so placing you behind his back where your mother couldn’t see you while your arms remained knotted on his stomach was the best thing he could do. “I know you have that important meeting with your supervisor. You can’t be late.”
The woman gritted her teeth, eyes dropping down on your hands wrapped around each other into a fist before sighing, “You need to tighten her leash, Sy.”
"I said," Sy steeled his glare, “I’ll take care of it.”
The one thing about your mother despite her stance of independence and belief in women dominance is that she had somehow managed to marry the one man who couldn’t give her that illusion. In this family, your stepfather’s words were law. You have gladly learned about that early enough and abused it to your advantage.
So if you get his approval to get the shopping trips she said you didn’t need, pieces of jewellery she deemed you should earn, or the black card that was a bit “too much” -- then you will get it.
And if he says you can go to the party at Brandon’s on a school night, then you can go to Brandon’s fucking party on a fucking school night.
“Alright, honeybee, she ain’t here now.”
The nickname had stuck when you got stung by a bee on one of your first visits to Sy’s home when your dumbass tried to steal honey dripping from its hive because you were curious what fresh ones tasted like.
This time you let your arms be removed from their grip, facing the man though still not having it in yourself to look him in the eyes.
“Why don’t you stop torturing your ma, hmm? Look at ‘cha, got my sweat all over your face,” he grunted, wiping your face with his own towel while you closed your eyes and let yourself be pampered by his gentle touch.
You pursed your lips, fluttering your lashes hoping he’ll let your little early tantrum slip but he tutted, pressing his thumb and pointer fingers on each edge of your lips until he had you on a forcible pout and finally looking up at his eyes.
“You can’t get everything you want with these lips, honey,” he chuckled, shaking your head playfully, making you giggle.
“‘T works on you,” you quipped, though a bit muffled from his grip.
A semblance of a growl rumbled on his chest making your breath hitch.
“It does, doesn’t it,” he commented almost thoughtlessly, fingers now running on your bottom lip and gently pinching it. “You better find a husband as nice as your daddy then.”
You blinked up at him, warmth beating on your chest until you felt like your heart would explode. Seemingly done with torturing you, Sy pushed himself back up, giving you enough space to actually breathe.
“Am I … am I not allowed to go to the party, daddy?” you looked down on your feet, one rubbing on the other as you tried to make your case to the only judge that matters. “I did so good on my last exams. I didn’t fail a single one.”
Yeah but you had barely passed any of it, he thought. Even failed in your first try and that's why you had to retake your senior year.
Sy knew you were probably sitting next to some poor nerd that gave you all his answers just to have a chance to ogle at your bouncing tits.
His eyes dropped to the mounds the cut of your top exposed for him, cursing his train of thoughts.
Playing dirty, you gently pulled away from his grip to press your body on his, snaking your hand on his neck until your face was buried on his neck.
He sighed, looking around him to make sure there were no prying eyes before cupping your bottom with one arm and guiding your legs to wrap around his waist as he carried you back to the patio to sit on one of the overpriced sofas your mom had shipped all the way from some fancy boutique in New York.
He knew he shouldn’t let his young stepdaughter cling to him like this, especially when all she was wearing is her flimsy sleepwear. The inappropriate intimacy was probably from some sort of misplaced fondness and adoration to him who had been the first man in your life to give you some form of affection. And he also knows that you knew that your relationship with your stepfather was bordering on being improper, as you usually only act like this when it was just the two of you alone.
But as long as none of you calls it out, everything can remain as it is.
With him boiling with his frustrations and you happily getting the affections you craved from your doting stepfather.
He sat down and grunted, surprised when instead of moving away and sitting next to him as you usually do to cuddle, you instead adjust into a more comfortable position in his lap to straddle him, little fingers reaching up to play with his beard.
You must really want to go to that party.
“Why’d you wanna go to that boy’s part so bad? He your boyfriend?” he pried, pleased when you shook your head vehemently.
“No, daddy! I’m … no I don’t do that,” you whispered the last part as you broke eye contact and played with the collar of his flannel instead.
His eyebrows quirked, is she actually a virgin?
“I-I’m not … I already did it but I don’t any more! The boys in my school are not cute. They aren’t my type, they’re icky,” she stuttered adorably, desperately trying to convince him that she wasn’t slutting herself out in the parties she attended to. “I just want to hang out with my girls, daddy, I promise. And one of my best friends Alia is Brandon’s girlfriend so that’s why we’re going. It's going to be sooooo fun.”
Sy hummed, trying to process her words and not pop a boner at the same time when her tiny pussy was literally on top of his monstrous crotch, the white cotton of her panties barely able to hold the heat inside it, especially with the way she subtly bounces on her seat every time she speaks.
He knew she wouldn’t lie to him, to her mother sure but not to the man who always pulled her out of the shit she always found herself in.
“One condition.”
Her head popped, a grin immediately growing on her face as she squealed and peppered his bearded face with kisses he gladly accepted with a pleased hum.
“Yes! Anything you want!”
He chuckled, gripping your waist to pull you closer into his body, till your core was dragged to his lower stomach making you gasp. The man could swear he could smell her.
“You’re spending your weekend with me and your ma.”
Sy laughed at the face you pulled, hand rubbing on your waist to somehow convince you to say yes despite knowing you had no say about his decision in the first place.
He likes giving you an illusion of a choice, it’s how he keeps his leash on you as tight as possible without letting you or your mother know.
“Deals a deal, honeybee,” he grinned, “We can hang out on the pool, I can get the chef to make you that chocolate cupcake you liked.”
You played with the edge of his flannel, letting his words convince you that spending a day or two with your increasingly frustrating mother should be tolerable enough as long as he was there.
“Okay, daddy,” you relented, leaning down into his chest and laying your head down on the crook of his neck. “But you gotta stay with me all day. You gotta.”
He silently agreed, god knows how easy arguments would blow up when he left the two of you alone.
“I promise, honey,” Sy hummed in agreement, not planning to let you leave his sight on that weekend in the first place, “I’d never leave my good girl alone.”
Tumblr media
You jumped at the sound of a door slamming shut on the second floor, the window by the sink shaking from the impact.
You just came out of the pool to get yourself a lemonade in the kitchen after your daddy and mom went upstairs and left you alone for a bit to talk about something while in the middle of trying to spend together as a family.
“Oh, I’m sorry I’m not some fucking sex maniac like you!” your mom’s familiar sharp voice screamed, two pairs of loud footsteps thud down the stairs making you instinctively hide behind the kitchen island, sitting on the kitchen’s cold hardwood floor as you listened to their argument. ”I have a job, Sy! A demanding job, you knew what you were getting yourself into when you popped the fucking question.”
“It’s been a fucking week! Taking care of your husband not an important of a job enough for you?! You're needed here too!”
You frowned. A week? A week of what?
It seemed serious when it got your daddy this riled up.
“I can’t just drop down to my knees and suck your dick when you feel like it, Sy! You know how important this job is for me!”
This time you gasped, the crude words coming out of your mother’s mouth you only heard from your friends who went on sexcapades, never from your cold matriarch.
But even you frowned at her excuse. She might be all smart and stuff but sometimes she gets pretty silly especially when she puts her husband second. If you were the one married to daddy ...
“More important than your husband?”
You could feel everything turn cold the moment he uttered those words. You could only imagine the scene behind you as you weren’t brave enough to take a peek.
“I don’t have time for this.”
Then you heard the front door slam, her car turning on and screeching away.
You yelped when suddenly, a glass shattered on the opposite side of the island, surprising you as you were deep in thought of the argument that you had just accidentally overheard.
You were caught.
"Sweetheart, come out."
You slowly popped your head out from behind the island, meekly smiling at your still fuming stepfather. His chest still rising and falling with every intense breath.
“H-Hi, daddy,” you muttered, trying to put on a smile on your face but you knew you weren’t getting out of this. “I wasn’t snooping on purpose I swear I was just going to get a drink and then …”
“Oh honey,” he sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, seemingly calming down now as he carefully walked towards you. It was only when he was near that you realized you were still only in the itsy bitsy bikini that you wore with the purpose of getting tanned. But that didn’t seem to bother him, especially when he grabbed you by the back of your thighs, forcing you to instinctively wrap your arms around his neck, legs around his thick waist to make you sit on the counter with the only barrier between your bare skins were his shirt and swimming shorts. “You weren’t supposed to hear that.”
You pouted, looking on the ground on the opposite side of your hiding place to see pieces of glass scattered around it.
“I-I’m sorry, daddy.”
Sy frowned in confusion, running a thumb on your cheeks to soothe you, “about what, sweetheart?”
You hesitated, looking up at him through your lashes,” For mom being mean. I always get in fights with her and that’s why … that’s why she can’t take care of you anymore. I promise I’ll behave from now on, daddy --”
“Hey, none of that now, little girl,” he tutted, pressing two soft kisses on your cheeks and tearing up eye. “It’s not your fault. Mommy and I are just … going through a rough patch, a’right?”
“B-But …” you sighed, giving up when he gave you that glare that always told you to drop it. You nodded, hugging him tighter to bury your face in the comforting crook of his neck. “If only I was married to daddy I would…”
“Would what?”
Sy pulled you back, one hand tightening on the dip of your waist and the other one snaking back up to squeeze on your cheeks to force you to look at him. His rough fingers indenting on your face and forcing your lips into a pout.
You could feel yourself losing your breath at the slip of your tongue. Looking at him now, gone was your daddy who always had the warm gaze on his eyes. He looked crazed, like a beast. You could almost imagine the smoke coming out of his nose at his every breath.
“I --”
“You would what, honey?”
He could see you starting to get skittish, eyes already unfocused and finding other things on the background to stare at but he’d spent time with you long enough to know all he needs to do is press harder on your cheeks, a bit of drool dripping on to one corner of your mouth to his fingers, to make you look back up at him with the ditzy glaze in your widening irises.
“Say it, don’t play dumb with me.”
You whined at his harsh words, eyes suddenly widening when you felt something warm and big and pulsing on your core.
“D-Dadwy,” you stared at the growing bulge that was poorly masked by his brown swim shorts.
“Say it.”
Sy can see you struggling to focus, especially with his sizeable bulge dragging all your attention. But he didn’t care.
Cause he’s had enough.
Enough with the torture from both of you women in his life.
Enough of your cold mother who demeans him and his needs. Who always places him in second place, a place he had never been in his entire life. Enough of pretending that his life was perfect -- wrapped around in a neat little bow.
And he’s had enough of you -- of you and your short skirts, and pink panties that you somehow always managed to innocently flash him as you tip-toed your cute ass in his home. Enough of you clinging to him, sweetly calling him daddy as you rub up against him, slowly chipping away his self-control. Enough of the teasing and testing, thinking he wouldn’t have the guts to do something about you.
You whimpered under his intense gaze, despite being dopey 80% of the time you knew in your guts the next words that will come out of your mouth will change your life.
But he was glad to see a form of determination in your eyes
“I’d take care of you, daddy.”
That was all it took and that was all he heard.
The snap of the last thread of his patience that held his sanity together.
And in a snap, his lips were suddenly on yours, the meat of his tongue exploring your wet, warm mouth as he drank your drool and moans into the caverns of his, sucking on your tongue just for the taste of it. With a grunt he lifted your ass off the counter, carrying you into the creamy white suede coral loveseat your mom treated like her second child.
“Ah!” you flinched when your mini triangle top suddenly fell off your chest, exposing your tingling nipples into your stepfather’s warm ministrations. Your back arched, supported only by his wide palms as he chased your bud, not giving you a moment's respite from his lips.
"I'm gonna warn you, sweetheart," he pinched on your nipples harshly till it pounded from the sudden onslaught of pain and pleasure, making you scream harder as tears start to form in your eyes. "Daddy's not gonna be nice."
“Daddy, I need -- I need --”
“Yeah? Your little pussy is getting hot isn’t she?” he mocked, eyes ablaze as if he was a beast that lost its mind, "getting hot and wet for her daddy."
You didn’t bother to protect your dignity, especially with the way you were continuing to hump his covered meat despite his mocking insults.
Suddenly, his grip tightened on your hips, forcing you to halt your actions as he ran a palm from your tits, down to your stomach, and finally a finger drawing a line on the soaking slit of your bikini.
“Impatient little cunt.”
His fingers expertly hooked the scrap of clothing that covered your core, exposing your drooling pussy for his eyes as he wasted no time and shoved two of his hefty fingers with a lewd squelch.
If your memory serves you right, you could swear it was almost as big as the cock that your ex-boyfriend devirginized you with.
The thought blown away when he started scissoring his fingers inside you, hitting the spongy little spot that had you keeling over in pleasure, your toes painfully curling as your mouth found purchase in his, fingers gently gripping on the rough beard on his cheeks to seek for some sort of ground.
“I’m ready, daddy. Please, please, please. Need more.”
He seemed to think otherwise but just stared down at you with a knowing smirk. He'd teach his dumb little baby a lesson.
“Alright, honey.”
Gently, he pulled on the strings on your final piece of clothing, making your eyes widen when he suddenly grabbed it pressed it on his nose, closing his eyes as he sniffed deeply, making your face burn in embarrassment when you saw just how you soaked through your bottoms.
“Next time, you’re sitting on my face.”
Next time.
You nodded giddily, leaning in to press a soft passionate kiss on his lips as you reached to remove his shirt, exposing the furs that littered the defined skin on his body. You found yourself staring intently at his chest, hands digging in as if to make sure he was really a man and not just all steel.
Suddenly, you felt your skin sting as he slapped the edge of your thighs, making you look up at him in tears. The indentation of his wedding rang making a clear mark on the meat of your thighs.
"Don't tease me, little girl. Today ain't about you. Your mom thinks she can just keep her pussy away from me?"" he chuckled cruelly, wondering if she would lose her mind if she walked into them right now: her young bouncy daughter desperately grinding her cunt on her husband. ", guess she didn't realize she ain't all that special. That i'd have another young willing pussy right here, didn't she?"
You could only nod, hands already desperately untying the knot in his shorts to grab the heavy meat that you had been desperate to be acquainted of -- gasping in shock when you realized it had almost been the size of your wrist, his bushy base making it look even more monstrous.
“D-Daddy …”
“Hmm,” he licked that moistened your temple, making you giggle. Weirdly aroused at being soaked off his scent -- his sweat sticking into your skin, his saliva drying on your face, his precum rubbing on the length of your stomach.
“I … I’m not sure if …” you looked up at him, eyes widening when he saw the disappointment in his face. “But I’ll do my best, daddy!”
His mouth cracked into a small smile, one of his hands patting you in the head like he always does when you get a C in your exams.
It makes your chest warm.
You’d do almost anything to make your daddy proud.
“Good girl.”
Tumblr media
“It’s okay, honey. I was out of line,” Sy stood up from his marital bed, comforting his now emotional wife through the phone when she called him after a day of silence. “You can come home whenever you like.”
“I’ll drive now. I’m really sorry. I love you,” she sniffed. Sy could almost see her, whispering in the crowded cafe of the hotel she always runs away to every time they had a fight.
12 hours too late, Sy thought, eyes straying back to his stepdaughter in what was once their bed. Face down, drooling on her mother's pillow and ass up for her stepfather's viewing pleasure, twitching and whining from overstimulation as her cunt leaked of his cum from the pounding it received for the past half a day.
"Daddy," she wiggled her ass weakly, making Sy hum as he walked back to grip on the meat of her cheeks, his free thumb pushing to the side the lip of her raw and gaping pussy he had used for hours before pressing a gentle kiss on the other rosebud he plans to explore before his wife could come back home. ", more, please. I love you. Need more."
"Alright," he answered, both to your desperate pleas and your mother's proclamations. “I love you too.”
Tumblr media
Sy was the perfect father, she knows.
It was one of the reasons she had agreed to marry him in the first place.
A bit too much, yes, but his heart was always in the right place.
“Ahhh! I love you so much, daddy!”
She watched as her daughter jumped into her stepfather’s arms. Pressing kisses on his face making her frown, unaware that her husband has bought her her dream car as a gift for her 20th birthday. She thought they agreed your condominium in the city would be a good enough gift.
“Can I test drive it? Please? Pretty please?”
Her frown deepened when you didn’t even give your own mother a glance, giddying up instead to him who was more than happy to pass on your shiny new keys.
“Alright, but I get to be your first passenger, honey.”
She shrieked happily, grabbing onto his hands as she dragged him up to the pearl white car that still had the massive pink bow on top of it.
She’s never felt more of a stranger in her own family.
She should feel horrible, to feel jealousy as the two of you disappeared into the corner of the driveway when Sy was only being a doting father.
She shook her head, refusing to let her habit of thinking the worst out of people away.
Maybe it’s time she eases up on her job and actually starts spending time with her family.
Maybe Sy was right.
She was needed here, after all.
“T-That’s it, honey,” Sy groaned, leaning back on the passenger seat as her tongue lapped a thick line from the base of his swelling balls into the weeping head of his cock. “God, you’ve gotten good at this.”
It would be impossible not to, not the way you’ve nearly had his cum for breakfast daily since your first tryst with your stepfather a few months ago. It would seem a little taste of his spunk had you addicted for more, tongue nearly hanging off every time the front door slam shuts as your mom leaves to start her day unaware that in less than two minutes her own husband will be choking her daughter with his cock.
It was almost like you were made for him -- your holes getting carved perfectly into the shape of his dick, your sex drive nearly keeping up with his own.
The two of you had gotten reckless with time.
His cock buried in your nearly insatiable cushy cunt, every time the two of you would be left alone.
His hand muffling your cries when he slipped into your ensuite bathroom to have his cock buried while you were supposed to be showering and getting ready for school, making out by the pool while your mother takes a short nap on the second floor with the perfect view to the backyard where her husband was eating her daughter's face, or even warming his cock as you kneeled by his feet in the floor of his office, your hips desperately grinding on his leather shoes as you drooled all over his balls while his clueless wife works on her own in the room next door.
For the first time in his life, Logan Syverson felt satisfied.
Dopey, and always in a good mood, all thanks to his perfect little fuckdoll that just lived to please him.
With a lewd pop, you smiled up at your daddy, rubbing your bottom lip on the slit of his cock, seeming unable to resist licking up the small dribble of precum that painted it.
“Thank you so much for the car, daddy. I know mom didn't want you to give me one,” you pouted at the thought, irrationally angry at your mom for preventing your daddy from spoiling you.
Sy scoffed, grabbing a handful of your hair as he pulled you a bit to press a kiss on your cheeks. “I’m the man of the house, little one. As long as you make daddy real happy, you’re getting whatever you want.”
You giggled, pressing a quick kiss on what you could reach on his arm that was holding you up, “Do I make you happy, daddy?”
Sy’s face seemed to soften, smiling down at you but his actions betrayed him as he slowly lowered you back down to face his angry-red cock.
“Not till you make me cum, honey.”
Tumblr media
Your mom raised an eyebrow at what you were wearing.
Your sundress was so sheer she could almost see the indentations your bra made on your skin but before he could call you out on it Sy followed you down the stairs, chuckling at a silly joke you seemed to have said upstairs as he held your hands firmly in his.
She never made Sy laugh like that anymore.
“Hi, mom! Congrats on your promotion, you excited?”
She tried to smile at her daughter, gladly accepting the kiss on her cheeks as she sat down on what used to be her seat on the right side of the head of the table where Sy usually sat.
“Thank you, sweetheart.” She didn’t have the heart to tell her the nasty rumours flying around how she only got the position on the other side of the state because of her husband who owned the company she was working on in the first place.
Or worse, that the reason she got the promotion in the first place was that her husband had gotten sick of her and is sending her far, far away from him.
She doubt Sy had to do anything to do with it, the man never really caring about her department in the first place, but it still stung every time she gets side-eyed by her coworkers. Or her own husband proves them right by downright ignoring her presence in their home.
‘“It’ll be so weird to not have mom here in the house, isn't it, daddy?”
“Don’t talk when your mouth is full, honey,” Sy tutted, grabbing the towel on his lap to wipe the edge of her mouth where a smear of the sauce tainted her skin.
She felt needles in her heart when Sy, once again, ignored the inquiry about her.
Didn't he care at all?
“It’s just for 6 months,” she tried to insert herself in the little bubble the other members of her family seemed to have found themselves in. “I’m sure it’ll pass by quickly.”
This time she didn't miss the way her daughter snickered, shaking her head and looking at her husband as if disagreeing with her like she and her stepfather had an inside joke that just went over her mother's head.
“Well, I sure hope it does, mom.”
Tumblr media
“What’s the meaning of this, Sy?”
Sy groaned, sitting straighter on his seat. He should’ve known his wife -- well, future ex-wife, would never make it easy for any of them.
Thankfully, his stepdaughter was sprawled out in his office mahogany table, only in her pink crotchless babydoll lingerie and legs wide open to comfort him in these trying times.
“You didn’t sign a prenup so the money I’m giving you is just me being nice,” he answered, nonchalantly tracing her drooling cunt with the pad of his thumb. Grinning when her hips uncontrollably flinched, chasing his touch as if he hadn't given her her fill an hour ago -- he couldn't help but crack the smallest hint of a smile at the traces of his cum still staining the inside of her pussy lips.
Boy, was he glad he had gotten that birth control implanted in you.
“I don’t fucking care about the money! I didn’t know we had that much problem to be getting a divorce in the first place!”
She was getting hysterical now, the most emotions Sy had heard from her in the short three years of marriage they shared. He popped his moist finger into his mouth, humming at the taste of her juices.
“Sign it,” he glared, his voice turning cold that even her ditzy stepdaughter shivered. “You know you won’t win against me.”
“Sy, wha -- where is this coming from?”
He sighed, taking a drag on his tobacco and blowing it on his stepdaughter’s cunt, smiling down at her as she giggled. Placing the stick back on the glass ashtray you had bought for him (with the credit card that went straight into his bank account, but it's his little one's thought that counted).
“I’m busy with a lil' something,” even he chuckled at his little joke, pinching on the irresistible little clit just calling for his attention. “My lawyer will be in contact. Don’t call me again.”
Sy could barely hear her sobs standing up to unbuckle his belt with one hand as he hovered over your frame. “Wanna talk to mommy, honey?”
He would’ve felt bad -- should’ve felt bad at the sudden silence on the other side of the line.
But he's never felt more alive.
You haven’t called her that in a long, long while. Knowing now what she thinks she knows, her suspicions, her gut-feeling mocking her for ignoring them when the evidence was all around her -- it makes her stomach drop.
The silent conversations, the giggles, the inside jokes, the subtle bordering on inappropriate touches, the world the two of you had enclosed yourselves into that she could never seem to cross.
She had been betrayed by her own blood.
“I think daddy will be getting full custody.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- tia <3
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littlefreya · 24 days ago
Shades of Green
Tumblr media
Summary: On the paper, Syverson made for the perfect roommate, mostly due to the fact he was never home and even though he was hotter than hell you doubted anything could ever happen between you. Until one night changes everything...
Pairing: Captain Syverson x female reader (no description of body type or ethnicity)
Words: 6.6k
Warnings: +18, fluff, romance and graphic smut. Jealousy, roommates to lovers, angry sex, vaginal fingering, dirty language, breeding kink, risky creampie, hyperspermia, bodily fluids, machoism.
A/N: This is dedicated to my lovely @wolvesandhoundshowltogether a very belated gift, long-anticipated 🖤. It's been a while since I last wrote an actual story so excuse me now hiding from the world in anxiety. Many thanks to my dear friend @agniavateira for beta'ing.
Tumblr media
Shades of green
Two years have passed since you moved into the cosy little apartment in the bawls of the city centre - a humble sun-showered pad with a small terrace where you nourished timid house plants back to life.
Indeed, it was a rare find for a reasonable price. The fact that you had to share it with a boorish military grunt didn’t bother you even by the slightest.
Quite the contrary, Captain Logan Syverson was the ideal flatmate; due to long deployments, he was hardly ever at home. Once returned from active duty, he tended to keep the place clean, fixed whatever broke, and made the kitchen drift of the most delicious aromas.
The only real problem that arose from sharing a flat with the Captain was that despite the buzzcut, scars, and bristly ‘roadkill’ that decorated his jawline, he was otherworldly attractive. Sporting the body of a viking warlord and the confidence of a well-endowed man, Syverson was the type of handsome that made grown men stop on their heels and stare and for teenage girls to cover their mouths in a muffle of shy giggles.
Silly little you were anything but immune to his spell, of course. One glimpse of his sapphire-lustred eyes brought fervid heat to your cheeks, and your knees turned into cotton.
However, the relationship between the two of you remained lukewarm, on terms of nothing other than flatmates. Syverson was a man of a few words and grunts, who mostly kept to himself and spent the nights at the local neighbourhood pub where he would drink with his buddies until the moon itself fell asleep.
Admittedly, you preferred to keep a healthy distance, knowing very well that a man like Syverson would never fall for a woman such as yourself. The ladies Sy brought home were nothing like the timid ocean breeze you were, he only ever bothered speaking to you when it was time to discuss whose turn it was to do the next round of grocery shopping.
October snuck right beneath the nose, carrying amber-tinted leaves on its chill wind along with Captain, who was now back from Iraq for a much longer leave and strolled around the house like a bored house cat in search of trouble.
The more you kept bumping into him around the pad, the thicker the air felt in your apartment despite the temperatures outside dropping lower with each day.
“Whatever,” you sighed, brushing your hair in front of the shower mirror and more so, hoping to brush away any thoughts of Sy as you prepared for your date. It has been years since you've been on one of those.
The man you were supposed to meet, Robert, nagged you for aeons and a day until eventually, you caved in and accepted his courtship. Truth be told, you had scant interest in actually seeing him tonight but a part of you hoped that this would help in making you feel less pathetic for crushing over your roommate who never gave a fuck.
Fumes seeped around you as you stepped out of the shower, wearing nothing but a short towel. With your thoughts as hazy as the mist that engulfed the corridor, you made way toward the bedroom when something hard and sturdy blocked your path, causing you to bounce back with a breathless shriek.
‘Oh no, oh, fuck, no!’
“Careful there, spitfire, you’ll hurt yourself.”
The low, gravelly drawl of his voice sent a spiralling tingle to your pebbled nipples: fully erect, they brushed against the wet cloth barely guarding your virtue as if crying for the attention of that burly bull of a man.
Gawking, Sy stood before you, sipping from a bottle of beer, blocking the corridor in ways that offered no escape.
Instantly, your hand tightened on the towel around your chest, assuming that for whatever reason, the Captain was in a mood to vex you, though it wasn’t just mischief that gleamed upon his pale sapphires—but a feral, shameless intent. Unapologetic, his eyes trailed down your half-naked figure, a hint of a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.
“Headin’ out tonight, roomie?” Sy questioned with another sip while his eyes stabbed at your chest.
Knuckles stiff around the edge of the towel, you cleared your throat in a failed attempt to prevent your voice from trembling.
“I...yeah, I am.”
“Hot date?” His smirk slanted.
“Actually, yeah.”
Sy remained stoic, tiny specks of foam graced his bushy beard and with the flick of his tongue, he licked his lips and suckled them dry. “Pity,” he grumbled, baritone dropping smoothly low, “thought maybe we can decorate the livin’ room together, ya know?… for Halloween. But I guess I’ll make the webs... by myself.”
Your belly sank and fluttered with the unease one has when shamefully exhilarated by something forbidden, yet not a single twitch appeared below the Captain’s frigid stare, which did nothing but furthermore vex your seething mind.
Embarrassed and bemused, you hoped to hell he didn’t mean what you thought he meant. A small frown formed on your brow; if this was a provocation of some sort, you didn’t have time for it. Harrumphing, you shrugged, almost making the towel slip off your chest, much to Syverson’s silent delight.
“Not much into decorating tonight,” you spat coldly and shot him a sardonic grin.
“Yeah, I bet,” he scoffed.
An awkward stillness crept into the narrow space between you. Gingerly, his glare lingered, the sapphire-coloured shine sparkling as it trailed the little beads of water that loosely hung from your hair and glided down your skin. For a brief moment, he grazed his sharp fangs upon his bottom lip but then shrugged and turned back toward the living room.
Never in your life have you sighed with such intense relief.
By the time you reached the bedroom, your heart was threatening to crush through your bones and escape your ribcage. Typically, the Captain had a certain effect on you - a quiver in your belly, a kiss of heat to crest your cheek. But in that very moment, you couldn’t stop the throbbing in your chest and all of a sudden you were a teenager - pitifully infatuated with the hottest guy in school, heart-singing and every glimpse his sapphires offered filled you with the hope that maybe he liked you too.
Though you had Syverson figured out a long, long while ago, knowing very well he was like one of these boys — sick for attention with no real intention.
“Fuck these guys,” you muttered under your breath as you slipped in the tight little red dress you purchased especially for your date.
The thought that Sy might find you attractive wearing it struck your mind nonetheless; but quickly, you stuffed any notion of him to a dusty nook in the back of your brain and finished prepping for your date.
Sy was still sprawled on the sofa once you emerged from your room; lounging about, watching some dumb horror movie on Netflix while a bottle of cold beer sat loose in his fist. There was no ignoring the weird atmosphere that unfurled through the apartment. The air tensed with every click your heels made upon the cheap parquet flooring, each step soaking you with an unexplained sense of guilt as if going on this date was an act of infidelity.
Sending a brief glimpse at the burly man, you felt an urge to say something but realised you had no reason to make excuses to Sy. Instead, you reached for your black sequin purse and just as your hand touched the door handle...
“Who’s the lucky guy?”
The thunder of his voice shot right through your nerves. Clenching your teeth, you bit back your ire and turned to stare at him.
Sy’s eyes were still glued to the screen.
“Robert, from accounting in my firm, but you don’t know him…”
“Robert… accounting,” Sy repeated the name, the gears in his brain twisting and turning when suddenly, he let out a loud snort and burst into a peal of roaring laughter. Throwing his head over his shoulder, he finally offered you a gander, his joyful eyes briefly running up and down the curves of your body.
“Bobbie? Little Bobbie McPee?”
“Robert McBride,” you corrected with a sulk, your fingers anxiously toying with the metal handle. Had you the nerve, you would have smacked that irritating smile right off his big. stupid. face.
Shaking his head, Sy suddenly shot himself from the sofa, his imposing body flexing beneath the worn black t-shirt that looked as if it was about to surrender and rip under the size of his bulging muscles. Any tendril of rage that wove in your gut briskly dissolved, replaced with a prickling chill that crept between your bones and held you paralysed.
Wide-eyed, you watched Syverson as he sauntered forward, your head chaotic with an onslaught of rapid irrational thoughts.
‘Why the hell is he coming closer? Is he going to...’
“We went to high school together,” he retorted and paused mere inches away from you, entrapping you between the white wooden door and his impossibly large frame. His breath blew hot on your face, while the scent of his spicy beard oil, beer and virile musk caged you in hazy mindlessness.
Suddenly you were weak, your knees shaking at the glint of his sapphire gaze. Up and down he scrutinised you, the tip of his serpentine tongue darting at his upper lip in what seemed like a taunt.
“Well,” he drawled, taking a small pause as he examined your dress, “tell little Bobbie: Logan Syverson says hi.”
You meant to reply with a snide remark, but the flare sparking his eyes had you speechless. Once the words returned to your mind, Sy already turned his back and made his way to the living room while chuckling to himself.
Tumblr media
To say that your hatred toward Captain Logan F. Syverson burnt with the fury of thousand blazing suns would have been an understatement. Every passing minute you spent thinking about him during your date made you seeth. Not that Robert was anything other than an atrociously dull human being, but everything would have been peachy if you could stop imagining that the man in front of you was Syverson instead.
‘Motherf…’ you fumed, wondering what did you ever do to Sy to have him mess with your head like that.
Nothing! You did nothing to win such treatment. The provoking, the blunt mockery—Syverson knew exactly what he was doing dancing around you, exhuming his big-dick-energy to toy with you the way a cat toys with a helpless little mouse.
Even when you attempted to give Robert a grain of respect and concentrate on the tedious conversation he was leading, Sy found new ways to bother you by sending an onslaught of random text messages:
“Where do we keep the laundry detergent again?”
“Did we run out of Mayo?”
“Is the iRobot broken again?”
“Do you know if KFC is still open this time of the evening?”
“Why are you looking for detergents?! You have three t-shirts you cycle between! No, no and no, Google it!”
Having zero intentions of seeing Robert again, you decided to finish the night early.
Frail as he might have been, at least by comparison to beastly Syverson, he still insisted on walking you all the way back to your front door which you kindly agreed to.
No matter how ‘safe’ people declared this neighbourhood, walking alone in the dark wasn’t a worthy risk.
“So this is me...” You forced a grin at the lean man, politely trying to hint that there would never be a second date.
A hint that went obliviously unnoticed. Offering you a hazy gaze, he provided what you think he believed to be a seductive smile. His hand then reached to your wrist, and with a light squeeze, opened his mouth. “I had the loveliest evening.”
Hardly able to mask your disdainful flinching, you tried to pull free from his grip.
“Umm, Robert, I…”
Ignoring the apparent awkwardness and your lack of participation, he gingerly began caressing your hand. “Is this it or?...”
“Or?...” You drew more firmly, your back pressing into the door.
“Or maybe you can invite me in? Just to talk.”
“Ah no…” you started saying, but the words died on your tongue as Robert leaned closer in an attempt to steal an undesired kiss.
A loud whoosh reverberated through the dim corridor as the door behind you suddenly flung open, nearly sending you down to the floor.
“Hey, Bobbie.”
Shirtless and covered by a sheer layer of sweat, Sy stood at the door, one arm casually hanging over the door frame, making his bicep appear far more pumped than usual. You hated him still, yet at that very moment, relief struck you, along with the misty lure of Syverson’s musky scent that roped around you like dark silken knots.
'To hell with him!'
Seeing the beast of the man demonstrating his physical assets, Robert’s hand immediately withdrew.
“Logan,” He cleared his throat.
“It’s Captain Syverson,” Sy corrected before flashing you a quick glare. Why did he make you feel like you were in some trouble again? You frowned.
“We were just having a small chat,” Robert explained, to which Sy replied with a sardonic stare and briefly chewed on the inside of his cheek.
“I heard. The lady doesn’t want you in.”
Despite the bewilderment written all over your face, Syverson kept a fierce, warning glare at the other man and tilted his head in a gesture for you to get inside the house.
Almost instantly, you folded your tail between your legs and, with a clenched jaw, snuck below his spread-out arm straight into the apartment.
“Night,” Sy spat and slammed the door shut before Robert had a chance to react.
The walls still trembled with the might of Syverson’s brutal manoeuvre; the little tremors made their way into your bones and stabbed at your muscles until your entire body visibly shook. Sy turned to you with barely veiled anger sparking his blue eyes.
At that point, the heat in your blood peaked to new records.
‘He is pissed?!’
There were so many things you wanted to say to your barbaric jarhead of a roommate right now, none of which would lead to any positive consequences. Swallowing a frustrated growl, you stormed into the kitchen and threw the fridge open in the purpose of occupying one of Sy’s cold bottles of beer - hardly a worthy payment to his obnoxious behaviour, but at least, in that very moment, it held you from a furious outburst.
Right on your steps, Sy followed, silent as he blocked the entire space of the kitchen’s arched pathway. His massive arms rose to fold across his bare chest, his lips smacking together at the sight of you uncorking the bottle before drenching your throat.
All it took was one glance at him, and your anger surged again.
“Logan, what the actual fuck?!”
Sy’s face fell into a frown, appearing just as vexed, if not more.
“Thank you for getting rid of that Schmock, Big Sy,” He answered in a dull falsetto in an attempt to mimic your voice the way a child would taunt.
Instinctively, you rolled your eyes at him, taking another large sip. “I don’t know what has gotten into you tonight, but this is the last time you meddle with my affairs and ruin my dates.”
“Oh please, sugarbutt….”
“Don’t call me sugarbutt!”
“Sweetlin’,” Sy corrected with a sneer and stretched his shoulder even wider, his breadth dwarfing everything within the kitchen, including yourself.
“You are bein’ all ungrateful; that’s what you are. Both you and I here know you weren’t about to sleep with Bobbie McPee. That man is way below your league, and I didn’t like how he was nagging you to let him in, so I went ahead and did you a solid because I believe in a woman’s right to say no, and that guy was downright coercing you.”
Sy did his best to appear calm and indifferent, but his eyes were almost erratic in their scrutiny, promenading across your frame back and forth, like a wild animal preparing for a hunt. The same energy infected you as well; the more you tried to contain yourself, your chest heaved - as if it was a game to play or a competition.
“So you are a feminist now 'big Sy?'” You began to mock, “I saw the skanks you brought over here before and heard the shit that comes out of their mouths.” Pausing, you lifted one arm across the fridge's door and squirmed your hips theatrically.
“How did that go? ‘Ah, yes, yes, yes! Captain, sir, give me that big fat cock, yes, use my body like a fuck hole', are you sure those ladies are not paid actresses? If you know what I mean...”
Beneath his thick beard, his jaw clenched. Unfolding one arm, Syerson pointed a warning finger at you. “First thing first, those were some lovely ladies you speak of, so show ‘em some respect, sugarbutt, and keep that internalised misogyny bullshit out of our apartment. Secondly…”
A wild gust of wind wafted over you with Syverson’s abrupt agile movement, who, in less than a second, stood an inch away from your face, rudely reminding you that this humanoid beast was not a simple man but a trained, glorified military warrior.
It took everything in your power to remain steady on both feet and keep that quivering moan locked deep in your chest. Gaze shredding, he peered down on you, his nostrils flaring with every loud and sharp inhale.
“You’d scream the same thing had I given you my cock…” his voice dropped dangerously low, overtaken by a lustful taunt.
Your eyes flicked to his mouth in time to see his lips part open, making scorching fire rise your throat. Absentmindedly, you slammed the bottle onto the counter, the beer unable to cool nor quench your thirst anymore.
“At least I was always kind to your ‘ladies’ and never got in their way to get your cock!” you snarled.
Sy watched the foam climb up the bottle’s neck, his eyes narrowing as if you violated some military code. Chewing on his lips for a lingering moment, he rummaged in his head for a response, but all that came from him was an irritated mumble, “Too bad, babe, I wish you had...’
Your chest fell, uncertain if the words you heard were correct, you tilted your head and asked sternly, “What did you say?”
Sy’s lips stretched into a thin line, providing no answer, though his gaze now felt like sharp shards of ice.
“What did you say???” you asked again, more urgently this time. “Answer me!”
A frustrated growl boomed between the country-printed kitchen tiles, followed by the sharp gasp that escaped you the moment his hands snapped around your forearm and hauled you so close that his furred chest nearly brushed against your breasts with each puff.
But nothing made your heart sink more than the fierceness of his direct stare.
“I said: I wish you had. At least then I’d know you felt something for me.”
Whether it was the heat of his palms or the scent of sweat that got you light-headed, you couldn't tell, all you knew is that the words fled from your mouth like sneaky little mice.
“What makes you think I don’t?”
Eyeing your mouth, he considered his next steps, the chaotic war inside his head evident through fine cracks of emerald that embellished his blue gaze. One by one, the creases deepened, shattering his iron will, proving that even the strongest of men couldn’t stand in the face of the woman he wanted most.
In a completely lost battle, his hand cradled your jaw.
The rest of his name was muffled by the passionate kiss that claimed you. With his fingers pressed into your cheeks, he forced your lips to unwrap for an ardent exploration; just like honey, golden and sweet, his silky serpent pervaded your maw and imbuing you with bliss. His growls of prolonged desire delved into your chest until you felt fire ignited within its dark pit, and the blazes spilt molten-hot into your veins.
If this was a joke, a game, or a dream, you hoped to never find out; in unveiled desperation, your arms wrapped around his thick neck and hung onto him, wary that he would change his mind. But Sy had no intentions of doing so; amid the symphony of ecstatic groans, his arms brought you to crash into his broad, hairy chest. Soon the coat of sweat that clung to his skin slapped against your body, defiling the red fabric of your dress and sticking on the bare parts of your flesh.
You wanted to drown in it.
He wanted to drown in you.
Reluctantly though, Sy broke the kiss, halting for a brief gasp of fresh air; the rounded tip of his nose bumped against yours while his mouth ghosted warmly upon your swollen lips.
“Yeah?” he asked amid his laboured breath, desperately seeking sincerity in your bewildered glance, “do you want this, darlin’? Do you want me?”
Unable to speak coherently, you nodded in response, which won you a soft squeeze around the chin. Directing you to stare into his gleaming sapphires, he demanded again, now pressing his wide, muscle-hard thigh between your legs, and dangerously close to your groin.
“Say it, tell me what you want me to do,” Sy urged by pushing his leg higher, the fabric of his jeans brushing over your panties.
Drawn by natural wills, you undulated your hips and shamefully started to ride his thigh whimpering, astonished at the paradox of relief and further yearning swept over your engorged core.
You were stranded south of heaven, helpless, desperate for friction—you needed it, harder, faster, more.
“I want you!” you managed a pitiful mewl and gave him an equally vulnerable glance, “I want you, Sy, I need you to take me like the animal that you are.”
Per your demand, his kiss was even rougher than before; violent and possessive, he bruised your lips and chin, the sounds emitting from his throat barely human. Feral in his entirety, his kiss and his touch made you feel the air in your lungs replaced with fire.
Unceremoniously, his hands smacked across your rear, fingers squeezing your cheeks in raspy frustration as if his own wanton brought pain. There was a time when you found this treatment degrading—now it made your desperate little slit crave attention.
Sy granted it without you having to beg.
Wandering below your dress, his curious fingers scoured the wet path that tainted the silk of your panties; though you saw him as a savage, his touch was shockingly tender: that of a man well-taught in the secret whims of a woman.
If only his mouth was this eloquent...
“My God, you’re a wet little thing, aren’t you, babygirl?” Slow and sensual, he outlined your entrance, spreading dampness across your petals, pressing into the hollow that twitched for his touch.
“You want ‘big Sy’ inside you, darlin’?” Sy’s lips curled into a triumphant grin, his fingertips provoking the edge of your panty line in featherlike strokes, inching close but not close enough.
“I’d gladly give you all of me, darlin’ but I don’t think you can take it just yet. I think it’s been ages since you took a proper dick in that tight little hole of yours,” his digit lightly shoved into the hot dent in your panties, “I better be a gentleman and stretch you for me so it won’t hurt too much.”
Never in your life had you felt such a needful desire to connect with another person. Your skin seared both from his touch or the lack thereof once his hands slid from one spot to the other. In your despair, you whined and writhed and crashed your body against the wall of his chest.
“I need you inside me.”
Not denying your request, his finger slipped below your panties merely to further taunt and bring you across the edge of your patience. Gingerly, he stroked between your petals, relishing in the dew that dripped all over his knuckle before sliding into your heat.
Too afraid that the nosey neighbour next door will hear the ruckus, you slapped a hand across your mouth and muffled the loud moans that tore from your throat; but Sy had none of your silence. Pushing another finger, he slowly began to pump your drenched cove: in and out, deeper, harder —every tidal sink he made into you pushed you further down a phantasmic spiral.
“Tsk, tsk,” he ticked his tongue, “I want those cries, darlin’, better not deny me of them now, or I’ll find ways to make you scream so loud, Mrs Parker will call the police…”
With that, he brushed a thumb over your clit and curled his digits within your depth, causing your muscles to shudder around his thick fingers. Another smile of arrogant victory cascaded brightly on his eyes, ravelling in the sweet symphony that spurred from your mouth, of the way you danced for him, faster and faster in search of the elysian fields.
Incoherent and irrational, you truly believed the pleasure would kill you.
“Look at you,” Sy gave a hoarse whisper and leaned in to nibble at the shell of your ear. Urgently, you pushed against his hand, trying to steal what was rightfully yours—control—though it was an absurdity for every shift you made against one another only made you lose the grasp over your wits.
“I can feel you getting wetter and tighter, darlin’, and we hardly even began, which makes me wonder…” he paused, preserving you in his glare as if you were a rare sight, “did anyone make you come around his fingers before?”
With whatever scant remnants of wit, you shook your head. Your vulturous slit choked around the girth of his fingers, suckling them until it felt as if there’s no more space within you to fill, and all it took was one slippery strike to throw you across the edge. Snapping your palms at his broad shoulder, you held tight and screamed for all the demons and devils to hear your ascension.
Tears of pleasure beaded your lashes, lightly obscuring your sight, the image of Sy standing before now tad blurry. And yet, you could see how his fingers dove into his mouth.
He licked them one by one, tasting your sugary dew, savouring the taste with vocal approval before he suckled his lips and murmured, “tasty little peach, aren’t you?”
Still trembling from your climax, you bit your lip in response and offered a tender stare, suddenly reduced to a vulnerable little thing. At the same time, Sy took harbour between your wobbly legs, massaging a sore erection with a ravenous storm in his glare.
It’s been so long since someone looked at you that way. Or maybe, you figured, no one looked at you like this before—as if you were desert, a meal for a famished man.
“What’s wrong, babygirl?”
Sy gave a questioning look and knelt between your legs. His hands smoothed upon your knees, gathering sweat in their ascension to your thighs.
“I… oh...” you tried to speak, but words were too tough as the pillowy tips of his fingers left trails of fire across your flesh.
“Words, darlin’, I won’t give you what you want if you don’t say it properly…” A wide, cocky smirk painted his face, beaming at you from below, almost distracting you from the fact that this massive man was peeling your silky panties away and breathing against your cunt.
“I never thought that…oh my god...”
Sy’s bearded kiss teased your inner thigh, the sense of his thick beard brought tingles and burns, while higher and higher, his mouth climbed, licking, tasting, driving you insane.
“You thought that what, darlin’? Hmm?” He kissed across your other thigh, his fist wrapping around the flimsy strap of your panties that now rested around your knees.
“I thought guys like you don’t like girls like me…”
“Oh, darlin’...” He chuckled softly, but then his fist made a sudden snap and tore your panties away.
You hardly had a moment to jolt, let alone realise what the Captain was doing and he already raked your ass into his grip and swept you off the counter. A strong, firm hand carried you in a wild whirlpool and then—thud!—your ass smacked on the dinner table with such might that the pans hanging from the cupboard rattled in shock.
“Don’t really care about guys like me, darlin’. Truth is I wanted you from the moment I first saw you,” Sy breathed, squeezing your rear with one hand while the other urgently fumbled with his belt. Every muscle in your body twitched at the metallic echo of his buckle snapping, your gaze swiftly dropped to his groin, and your spine stiffened with a feverish chill.
His chest puffed as he fisted his cock, sheer pride adorning his face. His thumb was rolling back and forth over the glistening crown, smearing the opaline drops all over his glistening flesh.
“See how badly I want you?” He offered an arrogant smirk and leaned closer to graze his shaft between your drenched petals. Astonished, you wailed for him, anguished by the way he teased your slit, brushing no more than the edge of his girth against your opening but refraining from going inside.
“I want you too!” you piously whined, absentmindedly digging your nails into his nape.
Low growls escaped his hot mouth, while his breath shuddered, a clear signal that he could also neither stall for another moment. Eagerly, he pressed his lips to your temple and panted, ”Forgive me, babygirl. This round I won’t be the southern gentleman I usually am. I promise I’ll eat that sweet juicy peach until you scream, but not before I’ll pump it full of cream.”
Unable to hold much more, he gripped both your thighs and hauled you toward him with the might of a furious bull shredding through silk.
A crescendo of breathless cries soared within the cosy room, vulgar and rough - the Captain filled you, sparing no moment to let you adjust to his impossible size. Deeper he forced through your cavern until you ached and clung to him with a sharp yelp of disbelief. How could he even fit you?
Astonishment painted both your faces as he began to move, prying your mouths agape in a shared breath. Lost but finally found, you felt whole by this union, by him fulfilling the lonely space within you like a puzzle piece falling into place.
“You are just like I imagined." His voice was almost a desperate howl, his eyes veiled with a dream-like haze of pleasure once he pushed into you again. “You feel so good.”
You wished to respond, to say how long you wanted it too, feeling sad and envious every night you heard him taking another girl. But Syverson pounded the air right out of your lungs with every collision his body made into you.
The only thing that spurred from your open maw was the husky wail that rose higher and louder while your womb dutifully squeezed with the pressure of his intrusion; your narrow canal stretched to further welcome him until you felt you will never belong to another man.
A great part of you was thankful you couldn’t articulate a word, afraid you might say something horribly embarrassing and absurd.
Though words weren’t needed. Sy felt it with every inch of him submerged in you. Thumbs dug deep into your muscles to hold you in place, he drove into you further, taking you in a brutal rhythm, yet not without style.
“Don’t! Don’t stop! Fuck me!” You managed to scream. Mrs Parker surely heard you by now and knew exactly what you were doing, but you were far from caring at that point.
There, in the tepid penumbra of the kitchen, surrounded by the storm of your reverent moans, cries, and lustful sweat, you cared nothing of the consequences as your roommate ploughed you on the old wooden table like the obedient soldier he was with no barrier used to protect you.
All you wanted was the width of that ventured through you, the fiery heat that poured into your pit, and the warmth of his chest and shoulders pressing into your body.
Syverson must have needed it just as much, for he snapped one hand to the cleavage of your dress and with an unmannered tug, forced it down to your torso along with your bra.
Taken by your beauty, his eyes briefly drank in the sight of your body before they returned to meet your glare again. It was at that moment when the thick layer of ice that always covered his stare completely dissolved.
“Fuck, you’re beautiful!” Sy rasped and squeezed your breasts, “And all mine. I want you to be mine, darlin’!”
His words riddled you with wild shivers, a sudden whirlpool of sensations assailing your chest. Devout as sea nymph succumbing to the ocean's might, you fell to your elbows and allowed Syverson to take whatever he needed from you.
“Tell me what you want, darlin’.” You heard him utter.
Shrouded in illogical despair that clouded your mind, you squirmed your hips in fervour to meet his thrusts. All could think of was him unloading inside you, the thought of his seed - hot and fertile in your womb - bringing a sequence of quakes and tremors so intense you erupted with ecstasy.
“Logan,” Your voice broke, body tingling as waves of white-hot pleasure submerged you, “I want you to come, I want you to come inside me!”
All hell broke loose. With your walls still clamped around him, Sy snapped with an onslaught of savage ruts, fucking you with such might that the entire table creaked and scratched the floor; the little fruit bowl that sat in the middle tipped over and crashed on the floor, sending apples and peaches to roll freely on the floor.
Still too tight, too pressured, you wailed. The edge of his cock slammed into your cervix, spawning tendrils of both pain and pleasure to weave together. A little more of this pleasure and you would die, you fretted.
But your fear was undone along with your sweet senses, euphoria flowing hot within your tendons once again.
Bathed by golden bliss, you encompassed Sy, embracing him tightly, both legs, arms and your silken walls that suckled around his thickening cock.
Reduced to nothing but carnal need, Sy let out a peal of hoarse moans. No thoughts ran through his head other than the need to paint your womb with his seed. Unrelenting, he grabbed onto your rear and charged with selfish, ruthless intent.
“I’m going to come, oh god.”
One last powerful slam and he came into you in an abundance; hot and rich it pooled inside you, overflowing until no space remained and the milky elixir seeped out of your seams. Still grounding you, Sy’s pace gradually slowed and his eyes fell to stare at his cock as it throbbed and twitched with the final gush of his cum.
“That was amazing… you were amazing,” he panted and swallowed to wet his parched throat.
A dark glint sparked his gaze as he carefully pulled from between your walls and glanced at the generous pond of white cream that dripped from your gaping hole.
For a brief moment, any trace of civility in him faded, leaving nothing but an unwitted caveman who was undoubtedly proud of his handiwork. Peering down at the mess between your thighs, the blood suddenly rushed to your head and the hairs on the back of your neck bristled.
‘Fuck…fuck fuck!’
What have you done?
To say that dozen different thoughts ran in clattering chaos within your head would have been an understatement - every possible ‘what if?’ scenario tormented you at once, while the possibility that you just let your very active-military-duty-roommate knock you up - was the loudest of them all.
And there he was, still buried inside you, a gentle thrum stirring where the two of you remained connected and you didn’t even know what he was to you right now.
‘Future father of my child?’ You jested bitterly while berating yourself over and over again.
'Stupid, stupid, stupid! so fucking stupid. What if this was just him letting off some steam?'
Licking his upper lip, Sy sharply inhaled. As if to quiet your nerves or comfort you, he planted a chaste kiss on your forehead before departing from your cove with a low growl rumbling on his throat.
“Towel… towel…”
It seemed that his mannerism abruptly returned, or perhaps it was the guilt. Scratching the back of his head, he rummaged about the kitchen while motioning you to stay put.
“Over… over... there,” you motioned toward the checkered towel that hung loosely from the oven’s handle.
Sy reached for it, hastily cleaning his semi-hard shaft before moving to stand between your thighs once more. His eyes grew focused and silent as a drowsy summer lake, while he wiped you clean in the tenderness of a long-time lover.
You couldn’t help but stare, you wished you could share his stillness - raw and already sore, you attempted to loosen your clenching throat and heaving chest, abashed by the hiss of your breath and by the visible quake in your bucking arms.
Whatever remaining energy you have in you waned at every passing second.
“Are you okay?”
You flinched at his question, trembling even more.
Noticing your distress, he placed on hand on your leg and caressed you gently, trying to reassure you with a grin and another chaste kiss on the base of your knee.
“Did I fuck the words right outta’ your brain?”
If you hadn’t felt so guilty, ashamed and incredibly stupid, you would have snorted at his poor joke, instead, you swatted a hand over your forehead and shrugged. “I think so…” you lied.
The fear in your voice was not absent to Syverson, whose face fell to unmistakable dread. Discarding the towel, he chewed onto his inner cheeks in what you could only interpret as his nervous habit. With his warm palm wrapped across your knee, he gave a light squeeze.
“Hey, look at me.”
Blue shimmering kindness met your gaze, attempting to disperse over your anxiety.
“I meant what I said, I…” he halted, swallowing a deep gulp of courage.
You meant to open your mouth and retort when Syverson shook his head and sighed as if this was a scene he had already witnessed numerous times before, “you don’t see me this way, do you?”
Within seconds you realised - behind Syverson’s arrogant facade hid a vulnerable schoolboy, standing in front of the girl and waiting for her to say yes.
“Don’t be an idiot, sugarbutt,” you half-whispered and stroked a hand over his furry cheek.
Though he avoided smiling, a glint of joy lit his eyes. He made a quick attempt in fixing your dress, which felt like someone trying to tape together a broken vase and after a short struggle, finally gave up and with a mumbled apology let you off the table and wrapped his hands around your wrists.
Your once-lovely kitchen had seen better days, though you suspected you looked far worse. No matter how many times you tried to keep your dress together, the red straps of your dress continued to slip down your forearms.
'You owe me a dress, Logan...'
"We will clean up this mess, tomorrow?" Sy suggested, surveying the kitchen with a sigh. His eyes met with the shame that stained the table and you both cleared your throat but said nothing more.
Nearly an hour passed. Spent on the couch you munched on hot popcorn and watched a film you could only describe as the most horrendous piece of cinematic trash ever made. But your heart was hardly in it, anyway. Pressed into his chest, your fingers clutched onto his pectoral, trying to force away from the concern that swam heavily in your gut and on occasion gnawed at it like a pesky little fish.
‘What if? What if? What if?’ Your mind screamed along with the actress in the movie who was running toward her doom.
As if sensing your dread, Sy squeezed his hand around your shoulder and nuzzled your cheek, silencing each one of your doubts and fears, at least until sunrise.
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