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#henry stickmin
jazzystarrlight · a day ago
Tumblr media
Stickmin Among us - comic strip #4 "Gay sticks on board"
Carol used 'Sarcasm'! It's not that effective. Oh... Right... Ahem.... OH NO! NOT CALVIN!!!
Tell me what you think!
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space-bowl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A continuation from that one post.
Charles needs some backup to his plan
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flamingredanon · 16 hours ago
Frankenstein au with Rightmin with fluffily ending
Dr. V as Dr. Frankenstein Right as Frankenstein's monster and Henry as Right' bride.
Dr V and her husband Reginald, were known for being a very loving couple, who also dabbled in sciences not so ethical.
One day Reginald got an idea and went to Dr V about it. He wanted a child in their life, but the fates had hit both of them with the inability to create life from their natural love. So Reginald wanted to make a son by gathering the best parts from the nearby village graveyard.
Dr V was already pulling out a notebook and planning on making sure their future son only had the best for him.
After a few weeks of non stop meticulous work, Reginald and Dr V's son was almost ready to be brought to life. All they needed was a concentrated amount of electricity to jolt the creation alive.
Thankfully a frightening storm was rolling in, and Dr V got to work preparing the rods and wires that would capture the lightning from the storm.
Reginald and Dr V waited as the storm struck, lightning striking the various rods in place. After a good amount of electricity was had, Reginald pulled a lever that brought all the stored electricity straight through the creation's body, blinding the entire room in a sheen of light.
And then Dr V and Reginald waited for their son to stir, hoping that all their planning was for naught.
The creation sat and opened his eyes, blinking abit before looking around at his surroundings.
Reginald and Dr V cautiously approached their son and introduced themselves, with the creation speaking for the first time and asking if they are his parents. Reginald and Dr V felt overjoyed as they hugged their son.
Rightwise Anastasia Copperbottom was his full name, but Rightwise preferred the name Right for short. He wasn't quite human and he knew that, but Right knew he was made out of love, caring for his mom and dad greatly.
Right was a fast learner, being interested in the arts and reading then science and maths, but Dr V and especially Reginald was glad their son was their own person.
The local village though, feared Right. Despite with how human he looked, the scars on his face and from the various stitching of body parts gave it away that Right wasn't human.
Though one person always greeted Right with a smile when he came by, a young man named Henry Stickmin. Henry wasn't scared of Right in the slightest, always treating him with kindness and even finding a love of books and drawing together.
And as the months passed, a friendship turned into something more, with Henry not minding about Right not being quite all human, to him, Right was Right, and he loved Right dearly.
But the villagers didn't like this budding relationship, and formed a mob to hunt Right down.
Henry quickly put himself infront of Right, allowing his lover time to escape. The villagers at this point didn't care who stood in their path, and Henry was killed by the mob.
Right made it look like he was hiding in the old crumbling village windmill, hiding and waiting for the mob to enter before quickly grabbing Henry and running back home to his parents, ignoring the mob screaming as their hubris had caused the windmill to finally collapse.
Reginald and Dr V weren't sure if they could bring Henry back to the living, but Right wanted them to do anything they could, to atleast try to save his lover.
Reginald grabbed his cloak, jars and shovel and Dr V got Henry to her lab, assessing what she needed Reginald to go get and what she could fix on her own.
Right was told to wait in his room, that they would get him when they were done.
It felt like eternity for Right, just waiting in his room for any news on Henry's condition. Eventually Right heard a knock on his door, with Right quick to answer it. It was Reginald, looking quite dirty but asking Right to follow him, not saying anything.
Reginald just opened the door to Dr V's lab, letting Right take in the sight.
Henry was up walking, slightly disoriented with his steps, but he was walking, which meant that Henry was alive.
Right and Henry quickly embraced one another in a hug, Right crying about how worried he was for Henry, and Henry just ever so glad that Right was ok.
Dr V and Reginald just watched the heartfelt reunion, already making plans to make Right and Henry their own little house nearby, smiling and thinking about how children grow up so fast.
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ending-the-cycle-ask · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Posting this at 3:30 am cause I can’t sleeeeep—-
Happy 1st Anniversary CtM!! 🎉🎉🎉 I’m not even being hyperbolic when I say this game changed my life. Because of this game, I started my first webcomic, I met my best friend, and so many other wonderful people I would now consider my family, I’m starting my freelance art career (very slowly, but we’re getting there,) and I managed to keep my sanity in tact over this pandemic 😅 I was in a really fragile place mentally when I started this journey, quarantine was seriously taking it’s toll, but because of one small test animation to see how easy it would be to animate Henry falling out of a portal I made last September, things are really looking up for me—- I’m so happy to be a part of this amazing community. Thank you all for being here for me, and thank you to Puffballs United for making this all possible in the first place. Here’s a giant poster of a piece to try and show my gratitude ^^
Endings, in order of appearance, top to bottom, left to right:
Revenged, Pardoned Pals, Special BROvert Ops, Toppat Recruits, Free Man, Toppat 4 Life, Toppat King, Capital Gains, Cleaned ‘Em Out, Jewel Baron, Little Nest Egg, Master Bounty Hunter, Stickmin Space Resort, Valiant Hero, Triple Threat, and Toppat Civil Warfare.
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shittysawtraps · a month ago
Hello Henry Stickmin. For far too long you have pinned over your two best friends, Charles Calvin and Ellie Rose. And now you will have to face them.
In front of you is a door, which will lead into a restaurant. Charles and Ellie will be sitting at table 3, for your supposed trio of 3 deemed as "Triple Threat". If you fail to go on this date with both of them, then. Uhm.
Okay here is kinda the issue .. nothing bad will happen really other than you being embarrassed, but I'm just so fucking tired of watching you pinning over your friends. They like you back dude just tell them, they're you're bestest friends in the world they won't just immediately unfriend you because you like them. Thanks *tape clicks off*
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closingthebookau · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Me and Olive have a couple side projects we work on when it comes to CtB…And this one has been in the works nearly all summer! So it’s about dang time we announce it PROPERLY! Ladies, Gents, Boys, Girls, Mysterious beings of primary colors who we don’t know too much about but love anyways because you’re a funky bean, We present the Official CtB FnF mod! It’s still a major W.I.P, so it’s very not close to even being released, but we have quite a few things in mind and things we’re working on!<3
-Reskins of all the weeks, possibly including backgrounds -Diverse cast of CtB characters!    Including…     -RHM     -Ellie     -Burt and Sven     -Galeforce(go grandpa go-)     -Her     -Him     -Them
(And yes, You play as Charles! Henry’s on the speakers, cheering you on as you rap against your friends in friendly duels, and foes in life or death rap battles.)
-UATU covers of all the songs made by Mod Olive!(Custom voices and all!)  -Cameos???????? -A possible week seven??????????? this is still being debated since we can’t simply reskin it, so right now it’s just a idea we wish we could do
(AND MAYBE MORE, PROBABLY NOT! WE’RE KINDA LAZY :D(also we’re just two people making this mod…And it’s our first mod ever. So there’s some bumps in the road.)) Lastly- Ver of the promo poster with no logos/ETA message below the cut!
Tumblr media
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mariiboops · a year ago
Tumblr media
Busted. Here:
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henrystickminart · 2 months ago
Etc Hen(Happy Birthday Mello!)
Tumblr media
Still frames in bottom.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jazzystarrlight · a day ago
Tumblr media
Triple threat is having a little costume party with friends. So they may be a bit busy.
They got some great costumes this year. I really like Henry's. Lol
Tell me what you think!
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attibar · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day 26: wholesome
I have a major soft spot for THSC fanfics where everyone hangs out and gets along despite being on opposite sides. 
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flamingredanon · 2 days ago
He's terrified. Hands shaking as they hold onto right, his sweet ruby, while they both hide. Everything went wrong and it went wrong so fast. Another crash echoes nearby and he feels himself be pulled closer in response. There is no fighting this. If they're lucky they can hide and maybe survive.
But reginald has never been very lucky.
It started with henry vanishing on a heist. The new chief had done it before so reginald wasn't too worried, but he did have right do some looking. Just in case. And then he gets a call from the wall and apparently that's where henry was. Time was rushed so a good escape plan couldn't be made and they had to wing it.
And henry fell.
Reginald tried to catch him. He swears he did....but his gloves were wet from the snow and shaking from nerves and the other slipped. Henry fell...Henry died and it was reginald's fault.
He was in a fog after that. People whispered in the corridors (strange how the wall caught him, weird how the plan was so improvised, no one was there did Henry really slip) but he didn't hear them. Right helped. His dear ruby helped and he got reginald focused again.
Henry wanted them to reach the stars didn't he? He seemed so excited. Like they were calling him. Reginald could do this. Finish the plan and once they're in the stars....once they're there grief can follow. But grief wasn't all that followed.
Something else...something inhumane, chaos coated followed.
Before he muted his earpiece he was hearing evacuation plans. That a good half of those made it out....he doesnt want to think of the ones that didn't. About the parts of the station that had to be sealed off. Another crash (closer so close) and he feels right shaking against him. The other's cybernetics started glitching with the large amounts of chaos. They are both helpless.
The door to their hiding place is ripped away.
Chaos fills the room and brings new fear. Reginald is near hyperventilating and his grip is bone white on Right. His ruby's parts are sparking and a whimper escapes as fear and pain override his want to be silent. Two chaos tendrils wrap around them and pull them apart. Together but separate they are dragged to a familiar form.
"Fooooound yooooou twoooo....I misssssed yoooou booooth"
The form looked to be that of Henry, his snow white hair and pale skin, but those lifeless purple eyes and twisted smile said otherwise.
Reginald shook in fear as "Henry" hugged him and then Right, giving them each a kiss as he started walking back to what would of been their room.
The Toppat Space Station had started warping because of the sheer amount of chaos "Henry" was emitting, changing to a twisted chaotic version of what it once was.
"I am sooo glaaad I fooound yooou twooo! I waaas geeeting worrried I wooould neeeveeer seeee my loooves agaaain!" "Henry" happily chirped, Right and Reginald not knowing what to say but giving Henry a big smile, trying not to get on "his" bad side.
It had been several days since Reginald and Right were found, and while "Henry" did treat them like royalty, they both knew that this wasn't the shy young man they fell in love with.
Reginald felt hopeless, knowing there was no way out of the Space Station now and no way to escape.
But Right was deep in thought, recharging his cybernetics and only letting out a curious hum ever so often.
Reginald eventually got curious and got close to Right, thankfully "Henry" was in another part of the station and wouldn't be back for awhile.
"Love, what are you up to? You seem so deep in thought and I know when you get like this, you are thinking of something." Right gave a small sigh as he held Reginald close.
"I think I know how we defeat that chaos monster and save Henry at the same time." Reginald turned to look at Right with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.
"It seems that the natural chaos energy inside Henry took over when Henry hit the water, preserving Henry from death. Well whoever saved Henry and gave him cybernetics probably didn't know that his chaos energy was in charge, and thus the energy has an almost renewable resource now."
"The chaos energy most likely thinks that it is Henry now, and it isn't relinquishing control back to Henry. So we need to disable Henry's cybernetics long enough to drain the chaos energy and letting Henry get back control."
Reginald was surprised with how much Right knew, but with Right having his own breed of chaos energy, it did make some sense.
"So Righty, what do we need to do exactly to save Henry, our little Henny?" Reginald held Right's hands as the two began to think, plotting out an idea and facing this chaos together.
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ending-the-cycle-ask · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy 1st Anniversary to the comic that changed my life, the little animation that started it all, and the beginning of my little family that is the EtC Discord Server! It’s been one hell of a year, we’ve already made it so far, and I’m so excited for what’s to come. We’ve made an amazing little community that I’m endlessly so proud of. Thank you all for being here, I’m so grateful to every asker, every reader, every Voice, who’s taken the time to experience this world we’ve created together with me. I will never be able to put into words how much it means to me.
Here’s to another amazing year together! 💕
-Mod Mello 💎
(Super secret special alt. version of this piece, shhsssshshshhshh, don’t tell anyone—-)
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lesiasmadness · a year ago
Tumblr media
They’re everywhere and for once I don’t mind
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crystu-cii · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the Toppat clan sure has quite the taste in their burgers
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sporksauce-inc · a year ago
Endermen are kinda spooky
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