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my boyfriend is superman?!
Henry Cavill x reader
Warnings: fluff, hinted smut, use of alcohol, mentions of angst
REQUESTED BY @being-worthy hope you like it🥰💗
Tumblr media
You fumbled with your key, failing at each attempt. The door seemed impossible to open and out of reflex you started to giggle in the hallway, eventually letting your arm drop to the side of your body. Just when you were about to give up, you heard noised from the other side of the door, until it was finally being opened and a sleepy Henry stood in front of you in only boxers.
„Y/n what are you doing?" his raspy tired voice asked but you only stood there, staring at his abs. Giggling like a little girl, you spoke:"Abs."
Henry sent you a confused look and replied, rubbing his eyes. „Are you drunk?"
You shoved against him, entering the apartment in a clumsy way. „Nooo!" you exclaimed laughing. „I just had like one... two drinks."
Henry locked the door behind you as you tried to get your shoes off your feet. „Sweetheart why didn't you call, how did you get here?"
You didn't know how to reply, the alcohol fogging up your brain.
Henry knew what to do and hugged you from behind, placing butterfly kisses on your neck.
„Wait!" you shouted, moving away from him.
„What?" he asked in confusion.
„Are you like.." you leaned closer and whispered:"My boyfriend?"
Henry chuckled at your question. Pulling you close by your waist, he looked down at your drunk self and spoke:"Yes babe I'm your boyfriend."
His soft kiss on your whisky stained lips left you in shock.
„I have a BOYFRIEND? You??"
Henry laughed again. „Yes baby. Me. Only me, remember that, even when you're drunk."
He kissed your forehead and went to walk to the kitchen.
You simply stood there in shock about what you'd just learned. You were dating superman??
Henry shortly after returned with a glass of water, handing it to you while you were standing in his living room with your mouth agape.
„Babe. Close your mouth." he laughed.
„How did that happen??" you shouted at him.
„How did what happen?" Henry looked at you in confusion. „How did we happen? How come you're my boyfriend? What about Lois?"
Henrys expression turned even more confused.
„Who the fuck is Lois?" -„LOIS LANE."
Henry immediately started laughing loudly. „Babe I'm not Superman in real life, god whats up with you? Come to bed darling."
„Oh my god." you spotted something fuzzy and big in the corner, stumbling towards it.
You ignored Henry and walked towards the hairy ball.
„Whats that?" you asked as you ran your hand through the soft fur. „Y/n. Thats Kal. My dog?"
Henry seemed to be losing it with you.
„Puppy!" you screamed loudly, waking the huge dog up as he looked at you with big eyes.
Kal immediately recognized you, jumping up and starting to sniffle your entire body. He seemed to be smelling the alcohol as the big bear looked at you with his head tilted. „Baby. Come on. You need to sleep."
You only replied by booping the pup‘s nose.
Henrys hand touched your shoulder as you rolled around the floor with the dog.
„Okay. Fine." you pouted and let Henry help you get up.
You held onto him as he pulled you up onto your own feet.
„You're really mine?" you needed to know. „Yes babe, all yours. Come on." You instinctively put your flat hand on his chest, staring at his muscular upper body.
„Wait did we... did we like do it?" you leaned closer to his face, waiting for an answer.
„Do what? Have sex? Yes y/n we've had plenty of sex. All the time really. And really nasty too."
You stared at him with your mouth open again.
„Sex? I had sex with you?"
You started to giggle again. „Baby come to bed please, it's 3:32 am. And yes, sex. I'll have sex with you tomorrow if you come to bed now."
Without waiting for an answer, he lifted you up and carried you to the bedroom.
„Can the dog come too?" you asked him while he basically threw you onto the bed. „Kal's sleeping in the kitchen darling. Tomorrow."
Henry sounded a little bit annoyed but tried his best to not show it to you.
„Can I sleep in the kitchen with him?"
You pouted at Henry. Meanwhile he pulled your pants off of you and eventually removed your tight top.
„Comfy now?"
You nodded. „Good." Henry lied down next to you and pulled you close.
„You're my boyfriend." yet again, you giggled right into his ear.
„Yes babe." he sounded like he was about to drift off.
„You have pretty hair." You started to play with his soft curls as he had his eyes closed and tried to sleep in peace.
„They're bouncy." you laughed, pulling at a strand and letting it go again.
„Boop.“ you exclaimed, placing your index finger on his nose. Henry rolled his eyes at you.
„You're so hot how did we happen?"
-„Sleep." he shushed you.
„You're really hot."
„Tomorrow we're having sex." The fact made you smile brightly while the alcohol was still fogging up your mind.
„Sex." giggly noises once again left your lips.
Suddenly, Henry put his flat hand on your mouth and turned to you.
„Baby please go to sleep. I'll fuck you real good tomorrow if you shut up now."
With glossy eyes you looked up at him.
„Okay daddy."
That nickname you remember, of course.
-„Nighty night bear." you whispered into his cheek.
„I love you." he whispered back.
You still couldn't believe that he was your boyfriend.
Laughing you spoke for the last time:"My boyfriend is superman."
-„Yes babe your boyfriend is superman.“ Henry rolled his eyes again and closed his eyes.
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Henry x Reader
Title: I love You Fluff No Warning
You were currently running to your best friend’s house, you were so excited ever since he fell sick you were looking for some type of cure for his disease and you finally found it. You were so excited and couldn’t wait to tell him, you held the medicine to your chest seeing the familiar house of his, you burst through the door.
“HENRY I’M ~back...” You trailed off seeing a bunch of people in Henry’s living room. You blinked several times, as they continued to look at you.
“... Who are you?” You asked glaring at them.
“Question is who are you lady? You can’t just bust into our base.” Someone who looked like he could be in a rock band. You blinked narrowing your eyes. 
“Well I hate to break it to you, this isn’t your base. This is Henry’s place...”
“You must be (Y/N) he talks about you all the time.” A boy shorter than you said with white hair.
“Uh...yeah who are you? My name is Asta, Henry is in his bedroom.”
“Who is Henry?” A girl with pink hair said. 
“He is a member of the black bulls, technically the first member, I am Yami. He let us use this hideout.” You looked at the older male and nodded your head in understanding. 
“Okay, well... I am going upstairs now.” You said walking up the stairs as Yami and Asta explained who Henry was. You knocked on the door and heard the faint and slow ‘Come in’. You walked in and Henry looked surprised seeing you.
“Hey there, I kept my promise and found a cure for your disease. I can make the medicine so you can take it.” You said closing your door, locking it so if anyone tried to interrupt you two.
“R-Really? Thats...great...” He said slowly, you smiled sitting on his bed, making the medicine before helping him take it. You held his hand, and it was quiet before he looked at you through his long hair.
“I am sorry I left for so long, I wanted to keep looking until I found it.” You said and Henry gently touched your cheek.
“It’s....okay....I...am...glad...you...came back.....” You leaned into his hand touching his gently, with a smile before kissing his nose. A small blush dusted his cheeks as he looked at you and you took a brush from his stand.
“I am guessing you know there is a herd of people downstairs?” You said and he nodded.
“They...are...my friends... especially Asta...” 
“As long as they aren’t mean to you and you okay them to be here.” You said, Henry smiled as you began to brush his unkept hair, you both kept quiet as you brushed his hair before Henry tugged on your arm wanting you to lay with him. 
“You and Asta are the only people who I don’t drain the magic energy out of...” Henry said, and you smiled. 
“Yeah well you know I let some magic seep through for you since I want you alive, but I can put a lock on it if I feel myself draining too much.”
“Yeah...thank you...” He said with a smile hugging you to his chest weakly. You hugged him back kissing his cheek before laying close to him, you began telling him about your adventures and what happened on your trip to find him medicine. He told you about the Black Bulls, and how lively they were. He even told you how he can walk around a little bit, that made you happy.
“I am glad you are slowly getting better, of course with the cure you will be able to do everything you want to do..” You said, he looked at you pushing your hair behind your ear.
“Yeah...and take... you...on... a date...” You blushed at that and he leaned in to peck your lips, you blushed different shades of red before hugging him.
“I don’t need a date, as long as I get to spend time with you, being inside is fine with me.” You said, but Henry shook his head. He always dreamed of taking you on a date and being able to show you how much he truly loves you.
“I...want...too... I love you.... (Y/N).” Henry said leaning his forehead against yours, you were shocked but you couldn’t help but smile hearing your best friend say the words you always wanted to hear. You sighed softly closing your eyes, lacing his fingers with yours. 
“I love you too Henry, I really do.” You opened your eyes to see him staring into your eyes. You both leaned in and he placed his lips against yours, until Asta busted through door with some other people. You gasped falling out of the bed and threw something at Asta’s head. 
“Sorry, were you two having a moment?” Finral asked, and you glared as Henry let a laugh out. Next thing you knew a robe was dropped on your head, you looked up to see the older male, Yami walking away.
“Welcome to the black bulls! Er we didn’t catch your name, I know Asta said it but forgot.” Magna said rubbing his neck, and you took the robe off of your head.
“Who said I was joining you guys?” 
“Well if what Henry told Asta true, you are a black bull then since you never leave.” You looked at Henry, and he gave you a smile nodding his head.
“Man I feel dizzy.” Finral and Magna said holding their heads.
“Well he is probably draining your magic power.”
“Why doesn’t she get dizzy.”
“I can manage my mana so he doesn’t drain it all.” You said as they stood outside. 
“I guess I can join, since Henry wants me too.” You said getting off the floor and sat on the bed again. Henry kissed your cheek, and you blushed with a smile and Finral once again got jealous and mumbled how he wanted a girl to date. 
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Let’s Get Married
OMG, this was so much fun to write! Thank you to the anon that sent in the request because I loved it!! Hope you all love this Henryxreader fic as much as I do! Anon, I really hope I did your idea justice. 
If y’all have any ideas, please send them my way! I had so much fun writing this and I’d love to do more! 
Word Count: 4,134
CW: confrontation, hard conversations, fluff
Tumblr media
It started with a ring - a beautiful, simple ring. On a late Friday evening, when just about everything that could go wrong went wrong, one thing went right. You came home to find Henry and Kal waiting for you. Henry got down on one knee and asked you to marry him. Through your tears and laughter, you said yes. There was no other answer.
The day he slipped that ring on your finger was the happiest day of your lives. It was also the day when the fear began to creep in. You could see it happening, little by little, day by day. At the suggestion of Henry’s assistant, mother, and your own mother, you hired a wedding planner. She put together an entire binder of information for you and Henry to pour-over. The problem was, as the weeks went on, Henry became increasingly anxious. Any time you brought up wedding plans, Henry’s eyes would immediately darken. It wasn’t that he didn’t care - he did care very much, but there was something else going on.
At first, it was kind of cute. Henry would get a little nervous and you chalked it all up to wedding nerves. He didn’t seem to think you noticed, but after a while, it was becoming a major concern. Any time you asked him a question he gave short, clipped answers or nothing at all, stating he was busy with something else. You gave him his space because you had suspicions plus the fact that you weren’t one to nag. Henry is normally a relaxed and level-headed individual; it’s one of the reasons you fell in love with him. But recently, his anxiety has been higher than usual.
One late night after work, you sat at the kitchen table with Henry. There were two days before the engagement party is mother was throwing for the two of you at his house. Technically one, now that today was almost over. Henry was going over some emails on his laptop while you were glancing over the wedding binder your planner had dropped off. There were designated sections for color schemes, flowers, arrangements, and more. It was honestly overwhelming to look at on your own. You take a deep breath in.
“What do you think about lilac and navy blue for our main colors?” you ask him, flipping through the color section.
“Hm? That’s nice,” Henry mutters, not looking up from his laptop. Your eyes flick up to him.
“It is nice,” you reply dryly. “Maybe instead we should just pick the shade opaque couche as our main color,” you add with a little more attitude than you intend. It doesn’t matter because it doesn’t register with Henry.
“Whatever you want to do, babe,” he says distractedly. For a second, hot anger courses through your veins before you remember something. You close your eyes and take a deep breath in realizing what you are going to have to do.
“Henry, what’s going on?” you finally ask him. He looks up at you confused.
“Nothing’s going on,” he replies. You sigh.
“Do you want to get married?” you ask reluctantly. You never wanted to corner him like this, but you know it has to be done.
“What?” he asks, caught off guard. He looks up from his laptop at you.  There is silence as you pause briefly.
“Do you want to get married?” you repeat and watch as Henry’s expression turns from confusion to anger.
“Why would you ask me that?” he demands.
“Because I need to know,” you reply and Henry huffs. “I can tell talking about the wedding makes you uncomfortable. Nerves are normal and completely acceptable, but you seem to get sad any time I bring up even the smallest detail,” you explain. “Henry, what is going on? Please talk to me,” you plead. Henry’s face is impassive. Then, suddenly, it’s like the weight of the world crashes down on his shoulders. They slump forward, he bows his head and places his head in his hands. “Is this,” you start then stop, painfully aware that you are hurting the man that you love. “Is this because of Ellen?” you ask. Henry’s head raises slowly and he looks at you incredulously.
“What?” he hisses, clearly upset. You swallow hard.
“I’m wondering if this is because you were engaged once and,” you pause to take in a shuddering breath. “And I want to know if this is what you really want or if you are doing it because you think it’s what I want,” you spit out. Henry’s brow is furrowed and there are deep lines between his eyebrows.
“This is what I want,” Henry replies quietly. “I want you, but,” he stops and you hear yourself gasp. Henry’s eyes dart to yours and they are wide. His blue eyes are shining bright with tears. He tries to stand up but you reach out to stop him.
“If - if you’re nervous, then we’ll postpone the wedding,” you say and Henry shakes his head. This time, you let him stand up and pace the small kitchen space.
“No, no, I won’t do that,” he replies. You look at him with pleading eyes but he’s actively avoiding yours.
“Then we’ll just call off the wedding,” you reply. That gets his attention. He stops, turning to face you. His steel-blue eyes immediately find yours. “We’ll wait as long as we need to,” you say firmly despite the fact that your bottom lip is trembling.
“No,” Henry replies just as firmly. “I won’t ask you to wait,” he says.
“I don’t care,” you interject immediately. Henry stares you, his brow furrowed and his lips pursed.
“Well I do,” he says.
“Well I don’t,” you start. “Henry, I’ve waited my whole life for you. If having the life that I want with you means I have to wait a little longer, then so be it. But I refuse to give this up,” you say, gesturing between the two of you. “If you are nervous or the sheer amount of wedding plans overwhelm you, that’s fine!” you exclaim. “But you have to talk to me!” you finish, searching for his eyes again. He’s not looking at you anymore, but at the floor. His shoulders are slumped and his head is hung low.
“I’m not nervous, I’m scared,” he finally says quietly and to the floor. “I’m scared, y/n,” he repeats. He lifts his head and looks up at you. The pain is completely evident on his face. “I’ve tried this once before,” he says. “And it didn’t work and it nearly broke me,” you can hear the pain in his voice and it kills you.
“What are you scared of?” you press quietly. Henry takes in a deep breath through his nose.
“I’m scared of not being enough,” Henry says, softly. “Every time I get close to something, something real, I find out that I’m not enough,” he continues. “And if I lose you, then,” he cuts himself off, not wanting to finish that sentence. You stare at him, tears freely flowing down your face. Before you can even stop yourself, you rush to the kitchen table, grab the wedding book, and immediately toss it in the garbage can. “What are you doing, y/n?” Henry demands. You round on him.
“All I want is you, Henry,” you say. “All I have ever wanted is you and if that,” you point to the trash can where the book is. “Has for one second made you believe that you are not enough for me, then I don’t want it,” you cry. Henry is crying as well. You can see the rivers of tears falling down his cheeks.
“You don’t want to get married?” he asks, his voice small. You close the gap between you.
“I want to be married,” you reply. “To you. I want it all, Henry. I want a house in the suburbs with flower beds that Kal will certainly kill because he pees them constantly,” you say, getting a little chuckle out of Henry. “I want a life with you that involves traveling, midnight pancakes, and as many little chunky versions of you running around as you want,” another light chuckle escapes from Henry. “I don’t need a wedding to satisfy any of those wants, but I do need you, Henry,” you say, looking up at him. You reach out for him and Henry is quick to pull you in for an embrace. Standing up on your tiptoes, you pull him down for a kiss. It’s sloppy and wet and tastes like salt, but you don’t care.
“I don’t want to postpone or cancel the wedding,” Henry murmurs when he comes up for air.
“Okay,” you whisper, sucking on your bottom lip slightly.
“I don’t know what to do, though,” he murmurs. The strain in his voice brings a fresh wave of tears to your eyes. You suck in a deep breath and force a smile onto your face.
“It’s late; how about we go to sleep and reconvene in the morning?” you ask and Henry chuckles a little.
“Okay,” he whispers. Then he leans down and kisses you again, softer this time. “I love you,” he says so quietly you almost can’t hear it. But you do and you smile.
“Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill, you are the love of my life,” you say to him and see a small light catch fire in his eyes. Quietly, you take his hand and lead him upstairs. You help him remove his shirt and pants, then you hold him, stroking his hair as he falls asleep. You aren’t a big woman. In fact, you are tiny in comparison to Henry, but that doesn’t stop you from holding him as tight as you possibly can. His head rests on your chest and you press your lips gently into his forehead. Eventually, Henry is in a deep sleep. He shifted so now he’s laying on his back. You’re lying on your side next to him, watching his large chest rise and fall rhythmically.
You replay his words in your head and it makes your heartache. You want to scream at the wedding planner and her stupid book. You sigh deeply knowing that isn’t the root cause of the problem, but it’s something to blame. Gently, you reach out and brush a lock of curls off of his forehead. Henry moves in his sleep and you pause. He doesn’t wake up. Suddenly, you feel the tears burn your eyes as you realize just how much you love this man. You realize just how much you want to marry him. It’s not for the financial security or the “claim to fame.” You have plenty of money on your own and fame never interested you. You just wanted to marry him so you could call him husband and have miniature Henry’s for Kal to play with. You move closer to him and instinctively, he moves to pull you closer to him. As you fall asleep in his arms, you can hear his heartbeat. It’s your favorite sound in the world and you smile to yourself.
The next morning, you stare down into the trash can with a cup of coffee at your lips. Henry walks up behind you and looks down into the can as well.
“I’m not getting my deposit back, am I?” you ask and Henry laughs.
“Probably not,” he replies. You bob your head in agreement and take your foot off the lever. The lid closes with a resounding thunk. Henry goes to grab himself another cup of coffee. You flick through a stack of mail that you’d missed the night before.
“So, I had a thought during my run this morning,” Henry says, taking a sip of his own coffee.
“Oh?” you ask, raising your eyebrows at him. He nods his head.
“Mhmm,” he replies. “I was thinking about something you said last night,” he explains. “Did you mean what you said about not needing a wedding?” he asks quietly. You stare at him for a moment.
“I meant every single word I said last night,” you reply firmly. Henry smiles and it makes your heart swell.
“That’s a good thing to hear,” Henry replies, walking towards you. “Because I had an idea,” he murmurs as he looks down at you. “What would you say if I asked you to marry me. Tomorrow morning,” he asks and you look at him confused.
“I already said yes, Henry,” you answer and he smiles, shaking his head.
“No, y/n, you misunderstand,” he explains. “I mean, if I asked you to go to the courthouse tomorrow morning to be married, what would you say?” he looks at you expectantly. The breath catches in your lungs.
“Is that what you want?” you ask quietly. Henry watches you with impassivity.
“What would you say?” he repeats and you soften.
“Yes,” you reply. “Yes, a million times yes,” Henry breaks into a wide grin and wraps you up in a hug. “But wait,” you begin. “We need an appointment to do that,” you say and Henry looks at you sheepishly.
“I may have already called to tentatively hold a spot for us,” he says. For a moment you stare at him before you smile wide, giggling. You wrap your arms around his shoulders then stand up on your tiptoes to kiss him.
“Tomorrow, you and me,” you say. Henry smiles at you with his eyes closed.
“You and me,” he repeats.
The following morning at 9:00 you and Henry walk hand in hand into the courthouse. Henry is in a simple gray button-down and tan slacks while you are in a plain white skater dress. It’s all very Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big and you actually kind of love it. The appointment is for 9:30, but there is paperwork that you will have to fill out. Both of you wanted to be sure there was enough time to get everything done. You do finish everything with ten minutes to spare. The two of you are allowed into the courtroom where the proceedings will be. There are several couples of all ages waiting and watching. At 9:30 on the dot, the judge calls you up to the front. You and Henry stand in front of him as he says a few words about love and marriage.
“By the power vested in me,” the judge declares. “I now pronounce you husband and wife. Son, you may kiss your bride,” he announces proudly. You smile up at Henry. He smiles back, then leans down and kisses you passionately. When he’s done, he smiles down at you with so much joy. The other couples holler and clap for you and you can’t help but beam. On the car ride back to Henry’s house, you discuss how you plan to tell your families. You’re pretty sure everyone is going to be angry, but you don’t care because you are married. More than that, you are married to the man you love. You can’t stop smiling at Henry while he drives. Your hand is extended and gently playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. He’s smiling the whole time as well, basking in the glow of recently wedded bliss.
8 Months Later
Tumblr media Tumblr media
After the initial shock, your families came to understand your reasoning. It took some time, but everyone reluctantly accepted your decision. That acceptance was made easier when you explained there would still be a wedding of sorts. Now, several months later, you were still happily wedded to the man of your dreams and getting ready to have a bonafide wedding with your close friends and family.
Ultimately, you decided to get married on the beaches of Jersey. It seemed only fitting. The main concern for both you and Henry was that everything to be sourced as ethically and naturally as possible. Outside of that, the only thing that mattered was that everyone had a good time.
The morning of, you woke up and immediately reach out for your husband. Your hands find his thick frame and you grab hold, pulling yourself next to him. Henry grunts as he wakes up.
“Cold hands,” he complains, shifting so he can wrap you up in his arms.
“Sorry husband,” you reply, giggling a little. You glance up to see a sleepy smile forming across Henry’s lips.
“Good morning wife,” he says quietly. You wiggle your body to snuggle up even closer to him. “Keep that up and you’ll spoil your honeymoon surprise,” he murmurs, causing you to snort.
“Are you excited about today?” you ask him. Henry takes a deep breath in through his nose then smiles down at you.
“Getting married to you, again, in front of all of our friends and family?” he asks rhetorically. “Honestly? Kind of been thinking about just, calling it off,” he says teasingly. You tip your head back and laugh.
“Oh, you think you’re so funny,” you reply to Henry’s proud, smiling face.
“Of course I’m excited to marry you,” he says kissing your forehead.
“Again,” you add and Henry chuckles.
“Again, for the first time or for the billionth time,” he replies. “I would marry you every single day, given the opportunity,” his blue eyes are bright despite having just woken up.
“No nerves? No fear?” you ask. Henry smirks at you as he squeezes his arms around you gently.
“No nerves; no fear; only happiness as I get to embarrass the crap out of you in front of our friends and family,” he teases and you bellow with laughter. He pulls you in tight. You lay there for a while, dozing softly in his embrace. The sound of his heartbeat is still your favorite sound in the world and today is no different. But, your snuggles are cut short when both your phones begin ringing off their hooks. Everyone wants to know where you are and why y’all aren’t up and getting ready yet.
Henry’s parents graciously offered their home for the two of you to use for the wedding. It would be where everyone got ready and later, where the reception was to be held. You and your sisters got to use Henry’s childhood room to get ready in, while Henry and his brothers shared their old rooms. Your mother cried when she saw you in your actual wedding dress. It was a classic a-line dress with a satin top, deep v-neckline, and a flowing chiffon skirt. Your sisters were dressed in varying lilac gowns. A friend flutters around the room, snapping pictures of the experience. Eventually, everyone is ready so you make your way to the cars that will take you down to the beach.
At the beach, many of the guests are already there. Both you and Henry decided to keep it to family and close friends. From where you are, you can see many of your friends from college and work along with several close cousins and aunts. Henry’s family is also there interacting with everyone, including several of his friends, like Jason Momoa, Simon Pegg, and others. You smile at the scene. Someone announces that it’s time to get set up for the ceremony. Looking back out at the chairs, you see Henry standing and laughing with one of his brothers. Your heart beats so hard you think it may push out of your chest. You honestly couldn’t be happier. With some help, you get in place to walk down the aisle to the man of your dreams. Your sisters and Henry’s brothers walk out first and take their seats at the front. Then Henry’s mother goes, followed by your mother and finally, it’s your turn.
The opening guitar strings of “Lullaby” by the Dixie Chicks begin and everyone stands up. With your hand looped through your dad's arm, you begin the slow walk to the arch, to Henry. His head is down with his hands clasped in front of him. As you get closer, he lifts his head and you see the reaction. Every feature softens and a sweet, simple smile forms. Henry was in a pair of tan slacks, a white button-down shirt, and a dark navy suit jacket. His hair was left curly, though tamed, at your request. Your dad kisses your cheek as he hands you off to Henry, who is beaming. You take your place next to him in front of all of your friends and family. Justine asks that you face each other, holding each other's hands.
“Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today,” Justine, your friend and officiant for the wedding begins. “To see two of the most deserving people get married,” she says. “Again,” everyone laughs at that. The ceremony itself was also very simple. Neither of you wanted anything flashy. A few dozen chairs, a small path, and an arch where you and Henry would exchange vows. Justine gestures to you to begin your vows by handing you the page you gave her earlier.
“Henry, I never meant to fall in love with you,” you read from your notes. “I was convinced that someone could not be as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. I was set in my ways to believe that love couldn’t be real and then I met you,” you chuckle a little as feel the tears start to form. “You changed my world in ways that I didn’t even know were possible. Every single day I’m grateful for the chance encounter that brought you into my life. Because now I have the privilege to say I am married to my best friend and my true love,” you look up from your piece of paper with tears in your eyes. “Henry Cavill, I love you with all of my heart and I’m honored to be your wife,” you smile through your tears at him. He’s misty-eyed as he smiles back at you. Justine thanks you then gestures to Henry to begin his vows, handing him his own vows.
“Y/n, I knew the moment I met you, I wanted you in my life,” Henry begins. You laugh at the juxtaposition of your vows. “Your intelligence, kindness, and sarcasm were the first things I noticed about you. And they were the things that made me realize I wanted more,” he sniffles a little as he holds back tears. “Eight months ago you made a decision and I will be forever grateful to you because of that. You chose to accept me in everything that I am, and everything I am not. You chose to love me when I needed it most,” he pauses, trying to collect himself. “Y/n, I love you with all of my heart and I am honored to be your husband,” he finishes through his tears.
“Well, I don’t need to do any of these next steps but I’m going to because I like it and you two can’t take that away from me,” Justine muses. Everyone, including you and Henry laugh. Justine laughs as well before getting serious. “Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill, do you take y/n to be yours? For better and for worse? For richer and for poorer? In sickness and in health? To love and to cherish, till death do you part?” she asks, looking at Henry. He smiles back at you.
“I do,” he says to you and only you.
“Y/n, do you take Henry to be yours? For better and for worse? For richer and for poorer? In sickness and in health? To love and to cherish, till death do you part?” now she looks at you. You smile back at Henry, full of love and happiness.
“I do,” you say only to him and watch the smile deepen on his face. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Justine smile wide as well.
“This is my favorite part y’all,” she says and everyone laughs again. Then Justine places her hands on yours and Henry’s. “By the powers vested in me, I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cavill,” she finishes, releasing her grip. “Not that little judge you went to a few months ago,” she adds quickly. You laugh hysterically and listen as most of your guests do as well. “Y/n, you may now kiss this beautiful man,” she says and you beam.
“With pleasure,” you say, as Henry leans down to kiss you. Everyone claps and cheers as you kiss your husband. The two of you turn to face the cheering crowd with wide smiles. “Love Me Tender” by Stereo Jane plays out as you and Henry walk past your friends and family, hand in hand, husband and wife.
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nitannichionne · 2 years ago
Assisting Mr. Cavill
by @mrscullisblog & me
Tumblr media
I took a deep breath as I rode up the elevator. I applied for this job but I never really thought I’d get it. I had been junior assistant to some high up secretaries and when an opening came up for that unattainably handsome Mr. Cavill, of the Jersey Cavills, I had to try. I had seen him at company parties looking almost bored in his circle elite, sipping a martini and looking James Bond-ish. Once he even looked my way and it took everything to play cool. But I got the job. I was his next executive assistant.  I heard his assistant got a car as a year end bonus. The elevator door to the executive floor opened and I was shocked to find none other than Mr. Cavill standing there looking at his watch.
I stood there, stifling a gasp. His blue eyes moved up to my brown ones. He was impeccably dressed as always, looking like some perfume ad, wearing a gray suit and burgundy tie. I straightened as he took in what I called my “I’m Woman, Hear Me Roar” outfit: a snow leopard print top, black slacks that hugged my curves and ankle boots, which flattered what some of my friends said was as shapely frame. I just thanked my neighborhood gym.
“Congratulations, Ms. Chand, on your promotion to executive assistant.” He looked me over again. “I know you were a junior assistant before, but it’s different here on the executive floors.”
I found myself putting my shoulders back and tilting my chin up at him. I knew this outfit was within standards, I frowned. What a--
His blue gaze took the breath out of me as he stepped forward, looking as if he knew what I was thinking. “Are you ready?”
We were literally inches apart, and I felt my body tingle at his broad shoulders and muscular body which blocked my path and view. I knew my eyes had grown large as I smelled aftershave and nodded yes.
“Follow me.” He leads you off the elevator. “I believe in reward and punishment. Do you know what that means?”
"That if I do good I get rewarded and if I don’t, I get punished?" I followed him to his office.
“Well, do well, Ms. Chand,” he corrected.
"Yes I am ready and thank you for this opportunity!" I said way too brightly, putting just enough sarcasm in it to make me feel better. Gorgeous..and difficult. Surprise, surprise.
“Good, I think we understand each other.”
I smiled up at him. "Good, I wouldn’t want it where we didn’t." I giggle. He turned quickly and bumped into him. Of course, I bounced back a step like he was a wall.
“Yes, so it would seem.” He said dryly, his eyes sparking humorously at my expense.
I lowered my gaze and looked around the office as I once again was subject to his perusal. “Is that me?” I asked after looking at the empty corner office with the door open and to the desk next to me which was closest to it.
“Yes,” he nodded curtly. “I need you to draft a letter for me to Mr. Smith regarding his project costs and an invitation to lunch tomorrow after you get settled in.”
I whipped my head into his direction, "Oh ok sure. Where would you like me to arrange lunch for you both?" I ask looking up at you.
"Yes, that would be nice," he nodded with approval, heading back to his office.
I blinked at him. "Uh, no sir I asked where ....? So do you have a place in mind?"
"There should be a listing of restaurants in Outlook," He threw over his shoulder as he went inside..
As he walked away I checked him out from his shoulders down to his shoes
"Ok sure I'll look!!" I smirked at my own double meaning. “Thank you.”
He surprised me and turned around. "And bring me a cup of coffee, Cream and sugar."
“How mu..." I groaned as he closed his door so I said to it, "Ok .... how much though?" I walked to my desk and put down my bag and walk towards the chair and sit.
He opened his door. “Oh, there is an executive kitchen on this floor," he tells you. "The maid in there will help you." He closed the door again.
As I sat and turned on the computer looking at the screen, I thought aloud, "Wait..... does he want it now or when I'm done letter?" Then he opens the door.
"Coffee. Now." He startled me, and showed impatience with a raise of his eyebrow.
I got up quickly and knocked over my chair, "Oh, shit sorry." I walked quickly toward the kitchen.
Mr. Cavill groaned. "My office?"
"......But your coffee?"
"Let me, let me get your coffee I'll be really quick I promise." I went to the kitchen and learned how he likes his coffee from the maid and came back with it in 5 min. I hear him growl as I open the door to his office. "Here!” I held the cup out to him.
“Thank you,” He took the coffee and sipped, then frowned. "This is half and half, not cream."
"They didn't have cream but I can get it tomorrow morning for sure.'
His jaw tightened and I inwardly cringed. He looks sexy when he’s angry. His gaze rose to mine. "You will make sure there is cream every morning.” He bit out. “understood?"
"Yes, yeah understood." I nodded, making eye contact to show I was listening.
"Yes, sir." he corrected. "We are not in high school. We do not say 'yeah' or use unladylike language, is that clear?"
I stood straight, almost feeling like I should salute. "Yes, sir."
He rose so quickly from his chair he startled me. He walked around the desk to me and again, we were inches apart. I began to suspect that he knew what his closeness did. "I hope you learn fast, little one. I would hate to start discipline today."
Tumblr media
I stood, trapped by his gaze as it poured over me again, causing my body to flush.
His eyes finally rose to mine. "My letter?"
I got nervous as he looked me over. "I.... uh .... would you like me to get your cream  now sir?” He smirked-smirked! He smirked like his mind turned dirty for a second, but I knew that couldn’t be.
“The letter.” The look hadn’t changed and was giving me goosebumps.
The letter! “OH !! yeah ... oh no sorry I mean yes sir it's at my desk let me grab it, I'll be right back sorry." I turned to go get his letter.
I came back with his letter and handed it to him.
He glanced over it. "Not bad." He handed the sheet back. "I want this sent bike messenger."
“You want me to deliver by bike, sir?"
He frowned at you, and almost laughed, another gift. "Look in contacts. There should be a messenger service that you can call for pickup."
I closed my eyes in shame and groaned at my stupidity. Of course!
"Nothing sir." I say with my jaw clenched and my head down. I point behind me and put my arm down, "I'll go send this by bike messenger."
He shook his head at me, definitely chuckling. “You do that.”
I turned my body as I motioned towards my desk and turned fully to go out to my desk.
"Make sure you reprint that on my letterhead," he called after me.
“Yes sir." I say opening the door and walking out.
I did everything he asked for, I sent it and they picked it up and sent a copy to him and kept one on the computer files.
"Ms. Chandra?" He called a little later from his door.
"Yes sir?" I walked into his office.
"Did you send the letter?"
"Yes sir I have, and a copy to you and one on my computer."
His eyebrow raised and not in a good way. "Come in here, please”.
Uh oh. I walked inside feeling in trouble.
"Yes sir."
He is leaning against this desk casually, but I couldn’t seem to think of him as anything but a large cat about to pounce. I stopped, a body length from him, he picked up two sheets of paper, one in each hand. "Look at these letters." I stepped to the desk, and he stepped behind me...too close behind me. "Do you see the difference between these, little one?”
Little one? I turned slightly, realizing his head was almost next to mine as if looking on with me. I looked at them, and they seemed identical...till I get to the bottom. “One is signed and the other is not.” I said flatly. I rolled my eyes in disappointment and my head went down.
His breath was on my ear as he spoke softly. "Anything I send out of here to anyone must have my signature. Understood?"
"Yes sir. I understand sir." I looked down at my mistake and kicked myself for it. I kept looking at it turning moving towards the door but I stopped since he hadn’t moved. Again, so damned close and there goes my heart racing. I lowered my gaze. "Oh, sorry my I go sir?"
His hands moved on either side of me on the desk behind me. "I want you to remember that nothing here happens without my say so. I own everything.” He raised my chin, forcing our eyes to meet. “And as far as I'm concerned, I own you until I let you go everyday. Is that clear?"
I looked into his eyes and nodded my head, his point thrillingly clear. "yes sir." I brought the paper and held it to my chest like a barrier or additional clothing. His eyes stripped me of way too much.
He gives a small smile and snatches the sheet, riding the barrier between us. "Print another." He crumbled it with one hand and threw it into the garbage, still maintaining eye contact with me. He swallowed hard as if he is showing restraint. He took a deep breath and growled, "That will be all for now."
I nodded my head in shock, the little space between us electric. "Ye.... yes ... yes sir." I walked out.
When lunch time came, and I got up to leave for my break.
Finally, all is done to Mr. Ward's orders, his design and I wanted to get away from him. He is too close, and your heart is beating too fast when he is near.
"Where do you think you're going?" He called as I started making my way to the elevators.
I turned around. “I was going to lunch.... I'm all finished up here for now." I watched him narrow his eyes and I remembered how I am not supposed to leave without his permission .
He narrowed his eyes at me. "Excuse me?"
"Sorry sir, I just remembered that I cant leave without your permission, I'm not used to that. Please forgive me sir."
"In my office...now."
Not wanting to be fired, I whimpered, "Please sir, I'll do better I swear."
“Yes, you will," he grated out. He uses two fingers to gesture you to him, and the action looks... "Now, please."
Tumblr media
I swallowed hard as he motioned his fingers as a come hither. My legs closed and I hesitated at first but walked towards him as he commanded it. I wanted those fingers inside of me, playing me like an instrument. "Yes sir," I walked into his office before he did as he the door opened for me.
He closed the door behind us both, and I heard a lock click, making my head snap up. He took off his jacket. "I think..." He took off his shirt revealing a tight t-shirt underneath that didn’t leave his muscular torso to imagination. "I think it's time we understand each other."
I looked at his body teasing me under his t-shirt and looked up to his eyes trying to keep them there. "Wha..... what do you mean sir?" I got nervous as I watched him massage his hand with the other looking down at them then at me.
"Let's go over some things," he purred. "What have we learned today?" He stood behind me and ran his hands over my shoulders. "Go on."
I swallowed hard. "That I don’t belong to me or anyone else when I am in your building but you. To say, yes sir, and to act and speak like lady." As he ran his hands down my shoulders I started to get hazy. My words get caught up in my throat. I was confused on what was happening but didn't want it to stop. "Mm… my .... uh ... how you like your coffee and that I need to get you cream. Also it's a delivery service, I don't have to do it myself." I looked over my shoulder watching his hands.
"Not bad," he whispered, his lips pressing on my neck and shoulder then his tongue slowly running over the shell of my ear. "Procedures for a letter?" He bent me over the desk and I felt my skirt rising. I instinctively arched, sucking in a breath that ended in a moan. He bit my ear gently, making me gasp softly. "Go on." He gently pulled my hips into his and I squirmed like I was in heat. "I grow...impatient." he growled, and another whimper escaped me as I felt the hardness against me. "I would rather release than discipline you..." His hand traveled up and into my underwear. I cried out softly as I felt his finger push inside me, feeling embarrassed because I knew I was wet for him. "Now, or so help me no one goes anywhere."
“Depends on the letter, sir,” I moaned softly. I gasped as I felt him stroke my gspot, "oh, sir." I leaned on the desk for support as his other hand explored the rest of my body.
“The ones,” he growled softly.  “What you learned today.”
“All need to be saved in both our folders, and the printed copy must be signed!” I cried out, gripping the desk.
“Good girl,” he slapped my backside, and I moaned. He did a sharp intake of breath and bent over to murmur in my ear. “I chose well, didn’t I? How do I reward you, pet?” He pushed two of his middle fingers inside me, and my juices flowed over it. “Good?”
“Mmm, yes!” I cried out softly, tears in my eyes. And then he pulled out and spanked me again, his fingers stabbing my core. He did it over and over and I moaned and cried out.
He gently went to his executive bathroom and brought back a cloth to clean me. “You will do fine working for me, pet.” He said, gently stroking me through the towel. “Let’s see what tomorrow holds.” He finished, kissing my sweaty eyebrow and moving away. It turned to see him putting on his clothes. “Good night, sweet dreams.” He left me in the office, wanting him, and not forgetting the outline of his erection in his slacks cleverly covered by his suit jacket.
Tumblr media
Yesterday was a lesson I won’t forget, I told myself as I hurried to work. My body kept reacting to the memory of being up against him, the feeling of his touch as I was bent over his desk. As I went to grab his cream and sugar for coffee at the grocery store, I wondered what today would hold. I made it to the office and headed to the kitchen to make his coffee. I did it quickly and walked in with a knock. "May i come in sir? I brought you your coffee sir."
“You’re a little late.” He slightly raised his eyebrow. “My coffee?” He puts out his hand.
I became wary and excited at the same time, slowly walking over to bring him his coffee. He took the coffee from me and set it on his desk. I turned to go and in one second he had risen and pulled me against him. “My coffee should be on that coaster, hot and ready for me when I come in.” I trembled and he smirks. “Wet is a given, wouldn’t you say?”
I could only nod.
He set me on his desk easily and I felt my stomach flip-flop feeling  his biceps shift as he did it. “No slacks, Ms. Chand.” He licks your neck. “That will earn you a red bottom and a new skirt. Understood?”
I moaned involuntarily, hoping I didn’t bring him my caramel macchiato. As he held me on the desk I tried to look at his cup. He picked his up and took a sip, and I watched for his reaction.
"Caramel macchiato?" His eyes narrowed.
"I-I’m sorry, I brought the wrong cup of coffee--" I couldn’t seem to escape his embrace as I struggled to go and get the cup on my desk. "I-I can go get it, it's on my desk, honest mistake." I stopped resisting and looked into his eyes. “I can go grab your cup of coffee sir, just let me go and--"
"No," He shook his head, staring me down. He reached over and opened his desk drawer. "Here is what you will serve my coffee in. You will hand wash it every day. Clear?" The cup was a blend of ornate silver and glass, not looking like it should be in an office with its Celtic design. I watched him pour MY coffee into his cup and frown. What...? "This is yours," he pulled out another cup made of the same elements but my silver design was more floral. "If I see another cup on your desk, I will not...be...pleased." I watched him sip it. "Caramel...I like it." He licked his lips slowly. "So, I guess cream will no longer suffice. I want this every morning now."
He stared down at me as he moved aside. I got off the desk.  “But that’s my—okay, sir.”
He poured the last of my coffee into the cup and smiled. I smiled back and took my new cup to my desk.
Suddenly I get a call on my desk phone. I saw it was him, and I picked up.
"What was one of our first lessons, pet?" He asked. I could hear the smirk in his voice.
"Everything here is yours." I said simply, licking my lips.
"Good girl."
I could hear him on the phone and from his office though his voice was low I realized he was watching me.
“Come here.” When I got up and went to him yet again, he smiled. "You want some of MY coffee? I'll share more today, if you like."
I smiled back, "No, I'm ok thanks." I moved back, "with your permission I'd like to start my day sir." My stomach growled and he frowned.
“You haven't eaten?" he asked incredulously. He held my hands in his and said with concern I couldn’t miss, "Just like getting dressed for work, a morning meal and coffee are also mandatory."
“Mine is at my desk, now if you’d be so kind as to let me go eat," Hearing that I said the last word too hard, I added, “I will be forever grateful l." I said in my airy low voice.
I watched a slow smile cross his lips as he turned me around and bent me over his desk. "You'll be starving by the time you will get back to it." He raked my thighs and pulled down my underwear. "Very nice." He purred, and then I felt his cock rub against me. "I knew it. You're hungry for more than just food." I moaned out loud as he shoves his cock deep inside me.
I gasped and then melted around him, my body welcoming him as I felt my juices flow over him. My mouth hung open at his size, and the ease of his entry, answering the questions the kept me up last night and making the one dream I had come true.  I whimpered as I felt him twitch and pulse within me and then pound me mercilessly. This should hurt, I tell yourself, but as he said, I was hungry for more than just food.
I felt one hand on my hip and the other on my shoulder. He growled and grunted as he moved back and forth and I bit my lip to try not to scream out loud The day has just begun and we knew we weren’t the only ones on that floor. I convulsed around him, squealing and squirming as he echoed me in low tones. You become embarrassed as I felt your juices flooding down your legs, and then the heat of his own precum coating over my walls as he stroked me hard and slow. He let out a low cry as his thrusts become hard, slow and almost brutal, rocking my body, which is once again throbbing and pulling him in as he claimed me like no other has. Finally he thrusted deeply and grinds, rotating his hips as I felt flooded with his essence, completing his claim of ownership. I slumped on the desk, exhausted and sated as he finished emptying into me, moaning softly and squeezing my hips as I moved and wriggled not so much to entice him as to enjoy more of him.
I wanted more, so much more but it was over. I could feel him inside me even if he pulled out, but after something like this I don’t even make eye contact with him. I walked towards the bathroom he had and closed the door placing my back against it I slide down keeping myself quiet as tears stream down my face. Is this what I signed up for ? Work for an executive but ...... be his .... I wiped my tears and stood up cleaning myself off.
Tumblr media
He looked disheveled, undone when I saw his reflection in the bathroom mirror. "There is a reason I must be in control, why I need all this."
I washed my hands looking at myself then back down at my hands. "Yes sir." I said coldly. I walked out and passed him. "I'll be at my desk if you need me sir." I walked out his office to go to my desk.
I sit at my desk for a moment then go about my day, I start eating my food.
He walks out of the office. "I need to talk to you, now, please." When I didn’t react, he whispered urgently, “Please!”
I sit there stunned, realizing he didn't use protection ..... I can't take the morning after pill...... I'm not on birth control...... I got up and walked into his office. "Yes sir."
He closed the door. "I-I'm sorry, I lost control, that wasn't supposed to happen for weeks, but...but I could smell you." He took a deep breath. "You wanted me."
"I wanted you ? So you took that as a what ?? A yes ?!?!" I look at him with furrowed eyebrows. "For weeks ?? What you got this all timed ???" I stood there confused and all sorts of emotions going through me at once. Then I added, "Sir."
He collapsed in his chair, trembling.
He closed his eyes for a moment and looked up at me. I could see the tears glisten in them. "I am one of the two percent of all men on record who suffer from too much testosterone." He exhaled. "I...if you want to leave, you can, but I—” He shook his head. “I wish you wouldn't." He swallowed hard. "I know you have a condition."
I was in shock. "Wait what ??? You know what I have?" I went closer. "You know about PCOS ?"My eyes filled with tears. "So you thought.....omgosh so you thought having me here since I have an imbalance you could put it all on me?"
He looked pitiful. "I thought having you here we could help each other." He frowned. "I put nothing on you that your body didn't want. You only began to think after the fact."
“So you saw a weakness and you used me—”
"Not to use you..." his gaze lowers. "I just thought...it was stupid, I see that now. I wanted to meet your needs and you meet mine, simple as that. I wanted to work with you, get to know you, but then...I could smell you, and those low tones in your voice made me ache..." He rose from his chair so quickly it overturns, startling me. "You think I'm a monster, don't you?" He braced against the wall with his hands, his back to you. "Get out now if you want. I want you this second. I had a feeling I would be drawn to you like this." he shook his head. "but...just, just go."
I realized that the game he has been playing is a ruse. I realized that I wasn’t the prisoner, he was. I stood, bewildered. Despite his good looks, his broad shoulders, his muscular build, he was weak and fighting something, not sure how. I knew how that felt, but...what to do...As he spoke and said he wanted me ..... I couldn’t help but walk towards him and place my hands on his back, "Maybe we can work this out sir, if you want to... no, you are no monster I understand how you feel and no word of this will go out either." I stroked his back and took off his suit jacket, then placed it nicely on his desk.
He let out a hiss as your hands caress his back, but place his hands against the wall. "Then...then...I can have you?" He asks slowly. I could feel the coiled tension in him, like a lion about to strike.
I started to undress as his back was towards me and said in a low whisper, "I need you too sir. Yes you have my permission. I walked to his body and pressed my breasts against the back of his shirt.
He turned and drew me into his arms, kissing me passionately. My sounds of surprise turned into moans as his tongue licked my lips and then licked inside my mouth, moving like a cock, stabbing inside and stroking my mouth, moving and curling expertly. Barely breaking the kiss, he took off his vest and shirt, and sunk to his knees, lashing at my breasts, my stomach and finally inhales my scent. “Dear God.” He moans. He pushed his tongue between my legs and I gasped at the strength of it, parting them for him. I leaned against the desk and he surged forward, dipping his tongue inside thirstily and growling.
I panted, trying not to scream as he once again staked a claim on me, in me. I dazedly watch my legs straighten over his shoulders and then my toes curled as I wordlessly gushed my surrender. He wasn’t deterred, but slurped and lapped as if he was dehydrated. He finally rose over me, pushing me on the desk. I grabbed him by his neck and his eyes rolled closed. "I am yours, here, for twelve hours a day, but the other twelve-? You belong to me."
"Yes..." he agreed brokenly. "Yes." He hissed. "But you are mine, now?"
"Yes, think of your actions sir who knows what will happen when it's my turn." I said smiling up at him.
He smiled down at you. "Duly noted." He whispered, capturing my mouth again, but this time thrusting his tongue and cock into me at the same time. He rode me hard, gripping my hips to bounce me harder on him. His blue eyes almost look green in the light of the office as he panted and moaned. I raked his back and he moved harder, his muscles bunching and tightening, his long lashes glistening with unshed tears. "Ah...God, I need you...I need this so much!" His eyes opened and locked with mine. "Can't get enough, can't..."
I held onto him as he drove into me. My moans started to fall from my lips as I started to not care about those around me. "Oh, Mr. Cavill, yes sir!!!" I started to clench around him to give him all that he wanted so he can also experience what he'd been searching for.  I watched him push my legs back from my inner thighs and sunk into me deeper as his head fell back at the sensation.
"God....uh...I'm coming...I'm coming...one more, love, one more!" He pleaded, thrusting into me hard. "Milk me, take it, take all of it..." He growled, his face one of agony. “Come with me.”
I touch my clit and find my spot as he drove into me. My pussy started to squirt at him hitting his body I was getting close. My legs went higher my pussy walls got tighter and my toes curled. As my head fell back he took over strumming and stroking me. He enjoyed playing with me-how fast and slow, how hard and how soft. He licked his lips as he found how to drive me wild, watching me for any signs of doing it wrong or ultimately right. His fingers worked wonders as he found the right spot on my clit, he could tell by how I moaned out into the room and I gripped his arm. "Right there, yes, yes, yes." The last one sounded like a hiss as lose control. “Ahhhh!"
His head fell back as he bucked hard,and I felt the hot juices pulse out of him into me and then I helplessly flow around him in response. He held me so tight I couldn’t move, grinding hard and grunting. He panted out his release, ending in a long moan of relief as he collapsed on me, finally spent, finally sated. He caught his breath and lifted his head. "I hope, I hope I pleased you?" He kissed my face-my forehead, my nose, my eyes, ,my lips. "Did I please you?"
Yes, sir, you did." I breathed out as I rubbed my nose against his. “Yes, sir, yes sir you did please me." I giggled afterwards, putting my arms around his neck.
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chokesinkorean · 2 years ago
Henry Peletier x Reader
Words: 1319
Warnings: some swearing but no f-bombs.
Days at Hilltop we're beginning to feel long. Long and boring and repetitive. I would wake up, help Enid in her office, work in the fields, eat, and go to my trailer and read. Every day. The same damn things... over and over again. But anything in the comfort of these walls was far better then what happened out there.
But as it were, I had no friends either. The other teenagers or kids at Hilltop didn't talk to me much. Not that I tried to talk with them either. I didn't really have an interest in hanging out with them and getting drunk in the woods, so that was that. There were better and more important things to do. Especially when there was a zombie apocalypse going on.
Life went on like that for years and years, until Henry came along. When he first came to Hilltop with Carol I could feel in my bones that we were gonna become friends. I just knew it. And we did. The moment I walked over to his wagon and greeted him... I knew.
"You don't have to hit me that hard y/n!" Henry shouted, after I had hit him particularly swift in the shin with my stick.
"Why don't you block it then?" I shouted, while trying to stifle back laughter.
Henry just shook his head with a smile, but then he looked up with a slightly more serious look in his eyes. "Okay look, I don't wanna hurt you."
I rolled my eyes, but my cheeks felt a little warm. "When I asked you to train me, that didn't mean go super easy on me because I can't defend myself at all. I meant go hard on me... I want to learn." I crossed my arms, hoping that he would understand I was a little pissed now.
He nodded with a small smile. "Okay, okay. Sure. Let's go again then."
I uncrossed my arms. "Is your leg okay?" I finally asked. I had forgotten before and I kinda felt like a dick.
He laughed. "It's fine. It's gonna bruise, but it's fine."
I just nodded and grabbed my stick. Bringing it into the right position. Henry did the same. We locked eyes for second before he swung first. I dodged it and went to hit him while he was off balance, but he blocked the hit with his own stick.
He was stronger then me naturally, so it was easier for him to bring my stick down. He had knocked my stick out of my hands, but it was just a step away from me.
"Give up?" He asked with a stupid smirk on his face. He was holding his stick up by my neck.
I nodded. But instead of giving up, I kicked my foot under my stick and brought it up, quick enough that Henry couldn't defend himself, and I walked him on the head. A little harder then I had intended to.
He stumbled back, holding his head. "Shit y/n."
I ran towards him and I caught his hands before he could fall over. "Henry I'm so so sorry."
I guided him to a bench and sat him down. He was just clutching onto his head and groaning a little. I felt like a complete ass.
"Just wait here. I'll go grab Enid." I turned around to leave, but Henry was holding onto my wrist.
"No... I mean... can you just do it? I just need a few bandages probably."
I nodded and gave a small smile. "Yeah. I'll be right back with some supplies." He let go of my wrist and I went to the infirmary to grab some cloth and alcohols for his cut, along with some butterfly bandages.
I was leaving the room before Enid stopped me on the way out. A very confused look upon her face.
"What are you doing?" She asked in a calm tone.
"I was training with Henry and I hit him hard in the head. I think he might be concussed." My voice was shaky.
Her eyes widened and I could see her doing some medical calculations in her head. "Then we need to get him up here right now."
I shook my head. "He wouldn't get up. He said he wanted me to do it."
Enid just nodded. "Oh... well you better get down there then." She pushed me out the door. "Good luck!"
When I made my way back down I saw Henry give a thumbs and a big smile up to the sky from afar. I was confused, but I still rushed over there to help him.
When I got there, he immediately grabbed his head again and groaned. "This shit hurts y/n."
I took a look at his head and dabbed some alcohol on the cloth. "I know... I'm sorry. This is going to hurt a lot more though."
When I was bringing up the cloth to clean the wound, Henry brought his hands up to stop me.
"Wait wait wait. I don't need alcohol on it. It's not that deep, really." He kept looking up at the same spot where he gave the thumbs up.
I was confused, and I finally turned around to look where he was and I saw Enid and Alden standing in a window... watching. They immediately hid behind the wall when they noticed I saw them.
I turned my attention back to Henry. "What's going on?"
He gave a sigh of defeat. "Okay look, you  didn't even hit me that hard. I mean- you did hit me, but I'm not concussed or anything. I'm fine."
"What? What do you mean you're fine? You made me worry for no reason at all?" I was mad now, and I had began to walk away from the bench.
Henry grabbed my hand and pulled me back. "I'm sorry! I just wanted an excuse to get closer to you. I thought you checking my battle wound would be as close as I could get."
I was mad and confused now. "What is that supposed to mean, Henry?"
He breathed out really loud like he was nervous. "I like you... okay? And I just wanted to spend more time with you that didn't involve you kicking my ass."
I smiled and sat down beside him on the bench. "You could've just asked. You're my best friend, we usually tell each other whenever we have a problem."
"That is the problem. I don't just wanna be best friends. I like you. Like I want to kiss you right now."
My heart rate sped up and my cheeks were red... I could feel it. In my 17 years of existing I had never ever felt like this before. Well, there were a few instances that also involved spending time with Henry, but none of them made me feel this anxious and happy at the same time.
"I-I..." I couldn't get any words out.
Henry looked to the ground and nodded. "I feel so dumb. Just forget I said anything...okay? I don't want to ruin what we have." He stood up.
I grabbed his hand and pulled him back down, a look of confusion on his face.
"I like you too Henry. I may even love you. I've just never done anything like this before. I've never liked anyone this way." I felt embarrassed.
A bright smile lit his face up. "Me either."
I couldn't help but smile too. "Then let's figure this out together then..."
He grabbed his hand in mine and intertwined our hands. "Yeah."
We sat in silence for a little before something popped in my head. "Was Enid in on this?"
He laughed. "Kinda. I've been telling her about my crush for months and she said she would help me. But she figured today out on her own."
I just smiled. "Of course she did."
Let me know if there's any grammar / spelling errors !
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you-suck-bowers · 4 years ago
Warm enough (HenryxReader)
A/N: I know this was supposed to be actual sex smut, but I ended up doing something different, I will make a part two for that. I hope you enjoy this anyway!!
“This wasn’t the best idea.” You shivered in your damp clothes, just having exited the water, “What wasn’t?”  You looked over to the boy sitting next to you, “ Are you slow, Henry? Swimming at night. It’s cold as hell.” He chuckled, shifting towards you as you both sat, wrapping an arm around you, “Nothing a little body heat can’t fix, right?” You rested your chin in your knees for a moment as your body leaned against him. You were curled up against yourself because of the cold, “True.” You smiled to yourself. He was always so warm no matter what. Sometimes it surprised you in the coldest of weather.
“Any better?” You nodded lightly, “My wet hair doesn’t help. It’s freezing my neck.” You told him, smiling at his touch. You felt his fingers on your neck then, moving your hair out of the way. You shut your eyes gentle, shivering when you felt his lips on your neck. You hummed happily.
“Mmm, still cold.” You cooed, tilting your neck, “Really?” You turned your head fully, “Don’t play dumb, asshole.” You scolded him and he smirked in the dim light of the moon. You couldn’t help but return the smirk.
“ou giggled when he pushed you over and onto the ground, grass tickling your skin, “Getting warmer.” Henry crawled on top of you, brushing your messy wet hair out of your face and from your lips, “Are we playing a game now?” He asked, raising his brows, “If that’s what you want it to be.” He leaned down to kiss you, warm lips against your cold ones. You reached up with both hands and held his face, deepening the kiss. 
Your hand moved downward, fingers pressing against his back. He moved his lips down to your neck then and your chest tightened, heart rate rising. He began to trace his fingers down your chest to your stomach. Your entire body shivered slightly, “Warmer.” You breathed. He teased your waistline with the tips of his fingers and you whimpered lightly, a pleasure smile on your face, “Stop teasing me, bastard.” Your voice rose from a whispers.
“As you wish, princess.” You rolled your eyes and he chuckled, slipping his hand into the bottoms of your swimsuit. Your chest rose and fell shakily. He kept his lips on your neck as his fingers went to work, playing with your sensitive clit. You held your breath for a moment, trying to stay quiet. 
His finger moved from there to your entrance. You already very wet, so his middle finger slipped in easily which made you gasp, but you didn’t say anything. He wiggled his finger inside of you, your walls contracting around him, “More.” You breathed out, letting him know he could add a finger, which is what he did, index finger sliding in. You breathed heavily into ear, nuzzling your face into his hair, “Warmer.”
He smirked, beginning to thrust his fingers in and out of you. You curled your toes, whining softly, tilting your head back. You gasped once more when you felt a thirst finger, “Henry, Jesus Christ.” Your body tensed, the knot in your stomach was so intense you felt like you were going to exposed.
“Henry, hot, holy shit, please...” Your words were pained. He continued his perfect motions, hitting you jus right. You arched your back and brought your hands up to tangle into his hair.
Your orgasm was fierce and incredible, you could feel yourself come, coating Henry’s fingers.
Henry slipped his fingers out, feeling you relax. He looked at you ones more, seeing the craze in your eyes made him reach up and stroke your hair.
“Are you okay?” He asked. You nodded and smiled brightly at him. You lifted your head up to kiss him, still on cloud nine.
“If this was supposed to be a game, did I win?” He asked, smirking at you in anticipation.
“You won, Bowers.:
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fiftyshadesgrl · 7 months ago
Let me know if you want to be tagged or have any requests!
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@missamberv @an-unhealthy-obsession @vicmc624 @tftumblin @justanotherwinchester @jesseswartzwelder @holylulusworld @fangirl199812 @emerloveskate @missamberv @an-unhealthy-obsession @vicmc624 @tftumblin @justanotherwinchester @jesseswartzwelder @holylulusworld @fangirl199812 @emerloveskate @summersong69
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@kingdomkey13 @roseygoddess-blog @aubageddon91 @imaginesforthepeople @negan-morningstar
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littlefreya · 10 months ago
Hey Freya!! I hope you are having a great day/aftenoon/night 😝 I need your help findin a fic, if its possible. Is a Henryxreader fic set en the 1800's and the reader can see spirits? Like she helps them to crossover? I was reading it on mobile and forgot to hit reblog or like and now i lost it 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thank you!!!
Hey my love, that’s a story by @viking-raider called Hill Manor
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jlongbone · a year ago
I liked your post about Henry Cavil building a PC cos I was like "aw that's cute" but now Tumblr keeps putting HenryxReader smut on my dash. :/
damn algorithm lol 
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cavill83 · a year ago
Hi, I love your blogs so much!! ❤️❤️❤️ Would you ever consider writing a story with HenryxReader where the story is similar to the Beauty and the Beast, but reversed? Like she’s the beast or ugly duckling and he’s the beauty?
hi, thank you so much! although this is a very interesting idea, i don’t take requests ): hopefully someone will see this and write it! 💜
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spectorbarnes · 4 years ago
Please please please write more of that henryxreader/sebastianxreader series bc i loveeee ittt ❤❤❤
i will definitely write more bc i have to be honest it’s my favorite i’m writing right now bahaha :) i’m glad you love it!
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wolferals · a month ago
airdrops and dog celebration
Henry Cavill x reader
Warnings: none, pure fluff!
Tumblr media
*HC would like to share a photo*
You stared at the screen that had just lit up.
A photo. Of a dog. With the caption „thats Kal.“
You had no idea where that had come from. Like in a cheap horror movie, you ran inside your apartment after sitting on the balcony for a fair amount of time and looked around your living room to possibly spot an intruder. What an idiot you truly were though.
Then you looked out the window, still not touching your screen, the cute Akita seemingly smiling at you. You looked straight at the building in front of you, trying to see if anyone was either outside or maybe had airdropped you that photo accidentally.
But you couldn’t see anyone, so you simply accepted the photo and wrote a little message on a piece of paper. „Was that meant for me?:“
You photographed the note and airdropped it back to „HC“.
Only a few seconds later, you received a photo back. Another photo of the cute yet huge dog.
You didn’t really know how to comprehend so you went back outside and looked around. On the third floor you had a good view over the area and the people at the park across the street.
*Ding* another air drop request.
„Look down.“
You panicked internally but eventually leaned over the railing of your balcony and immediately laughed when met by big brown dog eyes.
„Hi baby“ you spoke in a high pitched voice.
„Kal“ barked happily and stared at you. „Did you send me an air drop? Are you Kal?“
He barked again, you only laughing and finding yourself in a really interesting yet adorable situation.
Then the dog ran back inside and you observed the balcony for a bit longer before sitting back down and grinning to yourself.
Suddenly, another air drop sent.
This time, not of Kal. The man on the picture looked older than you, but far more attractive than you‘d known how to comprehend.
You couldn’t help but stare at the muscular man on your screen, looking directly into the camera. Curly hair, a hint of dark chest hair, gorgeous eyes.
God he was hot. You recognized how much older than you he must’ve been but you couldn’t help it.
Tumblr media
But instead of replying, you yet again leaned over the railing and yelled:“It’s not nice to catfish people you know.“
Then a chuckle. A deep, genuine laugh coming from inside.
„Come on dude.“ you laughed back and waited for someone to come out. You were 80% sure that he had just sent you a random photo of a hot guy off of google, but you never knew. You hadn‘t seen him in the building before and you‘d lived there for over a year now.
Suddenly you heard a door open and you were yet again met by the adorable Akita. He smiled up at you and barked again. „Hey Kal, you have a great name by the way. Who gave it to you?“
And then you saw him for the first time.
Tall, broad, facial hair. Now a mustache and slightly curly brown hair.
„Hi.“ his deep voice spoke once again.
You felt like a loser looking down at the god in front of you in only a black tank top and some old zip up hoodie over top. He was far too hot for you to handle.
„Hi.“ you choked up and forced yourself to smile.
„I‘m Henry. And you already met Kal.“
He pointed at the huge dog beside him who looked between you two excitedly.
„Y/n.“ you smiled and leaned your elbow against the cold metal.
„I‘m sorry for being creepy like that but I heard you on your balcony and tried to shoot my shot by sending this photo to three different phones, hoping you‘d reply.“
You were speechless. He actively tried to reach out.
„Well he‘s cute, you shouldn‘t only send the photo to three people.“
You wanted to slap yourself for that.
But Henry only laughed and eventually pointed to his living room.
„I‘m making pasta right now, it’s actually Kal‘s birthday. I know how strange that sounds, yes I celebrate my dog’s birthday, but uh would you like to join us?“
You smiled to yourself. „I‘d love to. Let me just get changed, i‘ll be down in a sec.“
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joinsideke · a year ago
Hey henry cavill is sexy and henryxreader fics are the best and you are missing out bitch
Eh, real person fanfiction rubs me the wrong way, cos those are real people being used like characters. That and reader inserts are always just author inserts anyway.  It’s like “Y/N does this thing” and I’m like, “I would never do that thing, you don’t know me at all.”
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kasdeyathebitterwoman · 2 years ago
Running Mate - Part 2
Well, I officially have a new series on here! I have no idea how this happened, but I’m totally okay with it, haha! A few days ago I posted a one-shot that I wrote on my phone and edited quickly during a lunch break. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head, so I wrote a part 2. Then I finished and realized I wanted to write a part 3, so...that will be coming soon! If you follow my other series, A Ninja Warrior Love Story, I’m still working on that one, so don’t worry! 
Idea: While running in the English countryside, Henry meets a fun documentarian and sparks fly. 
Word Count: 2,092
CW: none
@maeleeme @andyrazzledazzle @fanfictionaddiction99 @henrycavillluv32 @blossom-a @jhenno2002
The next morning you wake up, your nerves coursing through your body like electricity. Now that you know who you'll be running with, you can't help but question just about everything. The tone of your skin, the scaring from blemishes, the bumps and inconsistencies. As you tie your hair back in a ponytail, you force yourself to breathe in and out. It works and calms you as much as you can be calmed down. Then you head out the door and down the private road to the main roads.
You stop at the mailbox to stretch a little and hopefully catch Henry before the run. Much to your chagrin, Henry doesn't appear and after ten minutes of stretching, you decide it's time to move along. So, you begin your run. You start playing your usual playlist and get into your rhythm.
One of your favorite songs, "Back to Me" by Marian Hill, comes on and you feel yourself getting into your stride. You are breathing heavy as you round the last corner, but a smile cracks across your face when you see Henry standing near the private road. Pausing your music, you keep your pace and watch as he turns when he hears you approaching.
"That's one," you say passing him, laughing at his expression. Even with your headphones in, you can hear Henry clomping behind you as he attempts to catch you, but you're too fast. You easily evade him and increase the distance between you and him. You're laughing as you glance over your shoulder and see how far away Henry is. Turning, so you are running backward, you call out, "Come on slow-poke!" And watch as Henry shakes his head and digs in deep to catch you, smiling the whole time.
You continue running at your pace, which was faster than Henry's. Every time you passed him, you updated him of the lap and laughed as he would dismiss you with a haphazard wave. On your fourth lap, you slowed to jog next to him. He glanced at you sideways and smirked.
"Giving up on the bet?" He asked, huffing heavily. You smile wide, breathing in through your nose.
"No," you reply, panting. "I'm just curious as to why Superman is allowing someone to run literal circles around him," you say, doing just that, running in a circle around him. You laugh as you watch Henry register what you just said. He gives you a sideways glance.
"I'm saving my energy," he pants. "Lulling you into a false sense of security before I strike," he smirks at you and huffs with each stride. You smile wide.
"You'll have to catch me first," you say before quickly sprinting off ahead of him. You're smiling as you make your fifth pass by Henry. He's smirking at you, jogging at his usual pace.
By the last and final stretch, you are definitely starting to feel the burn. It's good, but you're worried about making it to the end. As you near the last turn, you see Henry ahead of you. He can hear you approaching quickly you realize he's picking up the pace. You dig in deeper and push your legs. They are pumping hard as you quickly close the gap between you and Henry.
"Oh no you don't," Henry mutters, but you're determined. With a loud grunt, you find strength and push even harder. Your strides are long as you clomp your way to Henry's side. He's huffing and pushing hard himself. There is only a small distance left. You are neck and neck to the very end. The two of you pass the mailbox, the starting point, and begin to slow down. Finally, you both stopped a few yards from the mailbox. Both of you are breathing heavy, both practically doubled over, hands on knees, sucking in breath after breath.
"You cheated," you say, wheezing a little. Henry chuckles still bent over with his hands on his knees. You are both silent for quite a while as you catch your breath.
“I’m pretty sure that was a tie,” Henry says, his large chest rising and falling heavily. You squint at him, with your hands on your hips, and notice that he’s not-so-subtly taking you all in. Huffing a little, you blow a tendril of hair out of your face. “But you may have beaten me by a hair,” he says, offering you a charming smile. You squint deeper at him and he laughs at your reaction.
“If I did beat you,” you start. “Which I most likely did, that would mean you owe me a cup of coffee,” you say. Henry tips his head back and practically bellows causing you to laugh as well. He smiled as he focused his steel-blue eyes on you and though you were beginning to calm down after that run, you could feel your breath catch in your lungs.
“That it would,” he said, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips. “Is that still okay?” he asks you raising an eyebrow. That one move takes any and all breath out of her. Knowing this, you attempt to suck in a breath and nod your head. Henry smiles wide, his blue eyes sparkling bright with excitement.
“I should have a break around 10:30 this morning,” you say, regaining your composure. Henry bob’s his head, still smiling wide.
“Great,” he says, the excitement evident in his voice. “I’ll be free then as well,” his beaming expression is infectious and you can’t help but smile back at him. You agree to meet at a cafe in town and go your separate ways.
At 10:15, you walk into the cafe and take a quick look around. Henry wasn’t there yet because unlike you, he wasn’t insane and felt the need to show up way ahead of schedule. In a window reflection, you catch yourself; a simple blue t-shirt, jeans, a gray cardigan, and nude ballet flats. You took a deep breath in and decide to take a seat at a nearby table. Someone had left a newspaper, so you skimmed through the headlines. You hadn’t read but a few lines of an article when someone cleared their throat. You look up from the paper to find Henry standing near you. He was wearing a simple red t-shirt, jeans, and brown leather shoes. His curly hair that you’d come to recognize was tousled just so and somehow made him look even more handsome than usual.
“Hey there,” he said, smiling sweetly at you. You smile back and stand up to give him a half hug. “Can I get you a cup of coffee?” he asks, looking down at you sideways, his arm still around your shoulders.
“Sure, I’ll take an Americano,” you say and Henry chuckles.
“Got it. An Americano for the American,” he replies, letting go of you. Your ears blush hot red and you shoot your gaze to the floor. Sitting back down at the table, you pull your phone out of your bag to make sure it’s off for the time being. A few moments later, Henry came back with two cups. He smiled as sat down across from you and you smiled back. “So, y/n, tell me about yourself,” Henry asked, taking a sip of his own coffee.
“What would you like to know?” you ask and Henry chuckles a little.
“Well, I already know your name, that you are insanely competitive, and you are definitely not from this area based on your accent,” he says, smiling devilishly at you. You tip your head back and laugh at the facts he’s listed off.
“Yeah, that competitive streak is all thanks to my three older brothers,” you say and Henry’s eyebrows shoot up. “Yes, I am the youngest of four. My brothers are eight, six, and five years older than me,” you say and Henry blows a raspberry. “And you are right, I’m not from here. I hail from the great state of Texas, but I’ve been working here for the last year.” You take a sip of your Americano and watch Henry from over the lip of the mug.
“I’ll come back to the work in a second, but wow, you’re the youngest of three boys?” he asks almost incredulously. You laugh and nod your head.
“Yeah, I’m the result of a vasectomy gone wrong,” you say laughing and watch as Henry’s face lights up with laughter. He almost spits out his sip of coffee and you see tears forming at the corners of his eyes.
“I was not prepared for that,” Henry says, wiping tears away from his eyes. He is smiling wide and you can feel yourself getting warm.
“Sorry, I sometimes don’t have a filter,” you reply, feeling your ears beginning to burn red again. Henry is chuckling and trying to get himself under control.
“No, no, I like it,” he says, trying to validate you. “It’s just been a while since I’ve been around someone as blunt as me,” he smiles at you and it’s infectious. You smile back, then drop your gaze and shake your head. After finally collecting himself, Henry clears his throat.
“So where do you work?” he asks.
“I, uh, work at a small company called Bulldog Westley Productions,” you say, feeling almost a little self-conscious about it suddenly. Henry visibly lights up at that.
“Really, what do you do there?” he asks. For a moment, you’re afraid that his interest in disingenuous, but you decide to roll past it. If he is just going to make fun of you, it wouldn’t be the first time.
“Well, technically I am a business partner, but on my business cards, I tell everyone I’m a documentarian,” you reply. You watch as Henry smiles a wide and seemingly genuine smile. His eyes are bright with interest and for a moment, you feel your heart stop.
“Are you serious?” Henry asks and you nod.
“Mhmm. I’ve directed and produced three documentaries with them,” you say before quickly adding. “Technically four, since I’m currently editing our recent production.” Henry is watching you with total interest and intrigue.
“Can you tell me anything about your documentaries or is it still under wraps?” he asks. It takes you a second to remember that he’s an actor, so he understands better than anyone else the fact that some projects you can’t talk about until the day they release.
“I can tell you about the first two,” you start. “They were profile pieces about war veterans from James’ home town - James is my business partner,” you explain and Henry nods. You ask him about what he does and he smiles sheepishly.
“I’m an actor,” he replies sheepishly.
“Oh, I thought you were a writer for the Daily Planet?” you ask, trying to sound as innocent as possible. Henry scrunches up his face.
“No, I don’t write for the Daily Plan -,” but he cuts himself off and glances to the left. A reluctant smile penetrates the grimace on his face.
“I can’t believe I fell for that,” he mutters, laughing, his shoulders shaking at the same time. You giggle and cover your mouth. Henry looks at you amused and slightly embarrassed. “Hush you,” he says, causing you to laugh harder. Henry breaks and laughs as well. You continue your conversation, talking about work and family. After an hour and a half, you both agree you need to go your separate ways.
“Can I see you again?” Henry asks before you get up from the table. “When you’re not running,” he amends and your smile.
“Yeah, I’d like that,” you reply. A bright smile engulfs Henry’s face and you can’t help but feel a tug at your heart. “Actually, James and I are doing an advanced screening of my documentary in about a week,” you say a little hesitant. Again, you watch as Henry’s face lights up with excitement. “Would you like to come to that?” you ask, suddenly feeling very self-conscious. Henry beams at you before responding.
“I would absolutely love to come,” his smile is so infectious you can’t help but beam back.
“Okay, great, I’ll text you the details when I get back,” you say and Henry nods in agreement. You both stand up to leave and Henry pulls you in for an embrace. Then, before you can truly register what is happening, he bends down to kiss you gently on the cheek and you swear you can feel your heart stop.
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wondergotham · 4 years ago
Saved By Henry
Requests: “Aaahhh I’d love a HenryxReader where Henry has to protect his girl from his dad when he comes home and catches them in the house together or something”
“Hi! Idk request a imagine Henry x reader where they are together and she goes to his house and his dad is there and abuses her sexually (nothing described u write how u want love:)) and she tells Henry or something after, love ur writings❤“
Pairing: Henry Bowers x Reader
Warnings: Mentions of rape and sexual assault
Tumblr media
3:30 read the watch that you had on your wrist. Your boyfriend Henry was 30 minutes late to your date. Instead of continuing to wait at your house you decided to go to Henry’s. He probably got in trouble and if he did then maybe you would be able to convince his dad to let him off the hook.
You continued to make a mental plan as you walked up to Henry’s house. You knocked on the door lightly, it took a while but then the door finally opened revealing Henry’s dad, Butch who was wearing his police uniform.
“Hello Mr. Bowers is Henry home? He was 30 minutes late to our date so I was wondering if he is here.” You explained.
“No he’s not but you’re more then welcome to come in and wait for him.” Butch offered.
Your mother had always told you not to go into anyone’s house even if you or some else knew them. Especially if it was a man that was definitely a no.
“It’s fine Mr. Bowers I’ll just get going.” You said smiling politely.
“Well what’s the rush sweetheart?”
Butch grabbed your hand and started caressing it, he put a strand of hair behind your ear. You smacked his hands away and glared at him.
“Don’t touch me sir.” You gritted through your teeth as you started to walk away.
Butch put his hands around your waist and pulled you back, the back of your head hit his chest. You spun around hitting him multiple times trying to get him to let go.
“Let me go!” You exclaimed.
“Not a chance I have no idea why you’re with my son. He’s a childish boy you should be with a real man like me.” Butch stated.
Before you could say anything he snaked his arm around your waist and dragged you inside, he closed the door of the house and put you on the floor. You tried to get up but he straddled your waist.
Thinking quickly you grabbed a vase that was close to the floor and smashed it against his head. You ran to the door and opened it. You saw Henry walking towards the house, his eyes widened when he noticed you.
“Henry!” You shouted.
This was not a normal shout, this was a cry for help. Henry knew you were in trouble.
Butch stood up and wrapped his arms around you as he saw Henry running towards the house. He closed the door once again and threw you on the couch.
You scrambled trying to stand up once again but Butch brought your hands together from behind and pinned you to the couch.
“Ooh all the things I could do to you right now, my oh my.”
You felt as Butch squeezed your butt with his hand. You closed your eyes tightly crying silently wanting it to be over.
“Henry help!” You shouted as you cried.
“I’m afraid Henry can’t he-”
Before Butch could finish you heard a loud thud. You sat up from the couch looking at Butch’s unconscious body on the ground, Henry was standing in front of him, a pan now laid next to Butch.
“Henry.” You sobbed.
Henry ran to your side and picked you up in his arms. He sat you on his lap and held you tightly as you cried loudly into his chest.
“I’m so sorry princess. This is all my fucking fault, if I hadn’t gotten in trouble at school none of this would’ve happened. Are you okay? Did he do anything to you?” Henry asked as he cupped your face with one of his hands.
“No but he tried to, he was trying to rape me.” You sobbed even harder.
Henry looked down at his father’s unconscious body not regretting the fact that he had knocked him out with a heavy pan.
“Bastard got what he deserved. It’s okay baby everything is okay now.” Henry reassured as he kissed your face multiple times.
“I’m so glad you got here on time. If you hadn’t h-he could’ve.” You shut your eyes as more tears streamed down your face.
“Shh don’t even say it babe. I would have never let him do something like that to you. He is never going to bother you ever again.” Henry vowed.
After all the years of abuse from his father Henry decided that it would finally be a perfect time to put his father behind bars. One thing was getting beat up by his father but it was a completely different story once his father laid his hands on his girlfriend. Henry was determined to put his father in jail and have him locked up in there for the rest of his life.
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wolferals · a month ago
being roommates with Henry would be like
Henry Cavill x reader
Warnings: fluff, mentions of sex
Tumblr media
being roommates with henry would be like:
-you two are living together because he‘s filming the witcher in town and he thought it would be a fun to live with you
-to spend more time together
-but you two were just friends
-very close friends that talked about everything, but friends
-he‘d leave early in the morning, leaving your apartment smelling like fresh coffee
-when you got up, he was long gone
-you went about your day and got home earlier than him
-you cuddled Kal all afternoon because our boi loves you dearly
-you made dinner for yourself and left some for him in case he was hungry when he got home
-eventually you were woken by the door opening and henry throwing his keys on the table
-sleepily you walked to the kitchen where he stood all tired and moody, munching on leftovers
-„you okay?“ you‘d ask him and he‘d only nod, obviously not willing to talk about it
-you two would spend the late evenings together, sometimes talking about your days
-sometimes you sat in quiet, some soft music blasting on the speaker
-he would be too exhausted to do anything but eventually force himself to take a shower
-you‘d get him a drink sometimes and comfort him as he walked around like a zombie, exhausted from work
-and since you‘d already been asleep before, you‘d only be wearing an oversized shirt and no pants or if it wasn’t as hot of a night, sweats and a crop top
-occasionally henry would take glances at your butt because obviously our boi wants a piece
-you two were idiots, not realizing how much tension there was
-when he got out of the shower, shirtless
-you secretly lost it
-due to his witcher training, his body was more toned than ever
-and boy he knew how hot he was
-how he looked when he sat on the couch with his phone
-flexing without wanting you to know he was flexing
-you two were hot for each other but yet again, really stupid
-sometimes he‘d gift you with small innocent touches when you were cooking together or just brushing your skin, handing you something
-it got you blushing so fast
-and if he were to admit it, he‘d get boners a lot more often than you‘d ever know
-even kal noticed your guys‘s tension and he‘d sit beside henry on the couch; pushing him into your direction
-you two only ever laughed it off
-but our boy kal knew
-he knew everything
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