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(Read on AO3 - It’s sad in the beginning, but it gets funny and chaotic I swear! I had come up with this scene a while ago but was inspired to write it down by this post by @aelwynrights)

Summary: Adaine has a bad dream, the girls have a sleepover, chaos ensues. Also pancakes. Lots of burnt pancakes. 


Adaine is in an orb. She looks out into a clearing in a dark, twisted forest. She’s been here before. She knows she has. She feels herself gasp for air, her lungs burning as if she hasn’t taken a breath in a while. The clearing is empty. As she realizes that she’s alone, two figures step out of the forest. 

“Adaine! How nice of you to join us.” 

Arianwen and Angwyn Abernant stand in the clearing. Arianwen sighs. 

“Adaine, just tell us where your silly little friends are and this can all be over with.”

Adaine is filled with a deep sense of…not knowing. She feels her blood turn to ice in her veins. 

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