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#her parents just have no idea
Why is human Octavia's last name Sasaki? That's a Japanese name? No clowning intended I'm just genuinely confused

Wow. A good faith question. I never get these.

It’s because her Biological Mother’s surname was Sasaki. She doesn’t know who her dad is, and she was Orphaned very young, but stubbornly insisted on using her mother’s surname when she was an adult because she would not take the name of a family that treated her terribly.

Basically she has a Japanese name because she’s half Japanese.

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14. How would you spend a million dollars?

Pay off all the family’s student loans and medical debt and whatever else. Buy my sister a really nice house and a really nice car. Get my cousin Amber started on owning her own business like she’s always wanted. Scholarship fund for my cousin Corey because she’s always wanted to study Astronomy.

Pay off Bow’s student loans. Get him a car to learn to drive on that he could actually use. Buy him a wardrobe full of high-end suits. Pay my PhD student fees in advance so I didn’t have to teach anymore, and then ask for permission to do the rest of it distance and move to the UK and buy a house for me and Bow. And buy some clothes I like, I guess.

God this must have been really boring to read but I got emotional writing it, aasklksjkss.

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Last Line Tag!

Rules: Uh, forgot them, but essentially, post the last line of your wip, then tag as many people as there are words in that sentence? Not sure if that was worded right, but. Eh. It’s been a while.

Tagged twice for this by @trashplanetsandmagicforests the writeblr equivalent of a century ago. It’s taken a while, but here’s the first one for ya!

“No,”  Lân rejected. “We’re not a bunch of orphaned witches conveniently coming into their powers just in time to be used as plot devices and destined to spend the rest of their existences being tragically wronged and constantly underestimated time and time again.”

This is from a new wip. It’s today years old, and currently called “Beat Me With a Metal Pipe Slowly (It’ll Hurt Less Than This).” And, like normal, I have absolutely no idea what’s going on with the title. Also,  Lân has some strong opinions about Bonnie Bennett and how the writers of the Vampire Diaries screwed her over. As he should.

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