Wake up babe new fandom crossover just dropped
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wise-bluecookies · 2 days ago
(When Hera babysat Leo)
Young Leo: Can you check for monsters under the bed?
Hera: Aww, sweet boy, the monsters don’t live under the bed, they live inside of us
Hera *patting his head*: Sweet dreams
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withlovefromolympus · a day ago
The gods’ replies to “can I copy your homework?”
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knifes-and-arson · a day ago
Zeus: I actually have a black belt.
Hera: In what, karate?
Zeus: No, from Gucci.
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gay-gryffinclaw · a day ago
michelle agresti on maxwell ( + her relationship with hera): transcript from wolf 359 ama #3, 1:41:00 to 1:49:00
watching the ama and was very struck by these eight minutes of conversation about maxwell so... started writing a transcript for my own future reference + to maybe link to on the wiki so... thought there's no better place to post it than here. for the most part it's transcribed exactly as spoken but there's some repeated words, hestitations etc that i obviously didn't write in. ive bolded specific parts that really interested me (also all this starts capitalised properly but then as i fight to keep up with the speech i stop capitalising... sorry abt that in advance)
this starts with the question: "*slides michelle agresti a $20* tell me absolutely everything about dr alana maxwell. especially hera and maxwell's relationship"
Michelle: So first I'm going to say something that I wanted to talk about. So first when I was cast Gabriel wrote a backstory and sent it to me and I was thrilled because, I don't know how he did it, but he somehow nailed certain aspects of my high school and middle experience? that I'd never revealed, at least to Gabriel-- [laughs]
Gabriel: I promise I did not stalk you-
Michelle: It just, it talked about how Maxwell very quickly- how it was very quickly evident in her small country home town that she was brilliant, brilliant in an academic way let me clarify, brilliant at school, and she- and that's kind of like the coat tails that she rode throughout her life, and she achieved things very early, like she went to high school early, she went to college early, she went to grad school early. Because she was so focused on this academic part of her life - and because she kind of like, was skewed in social things, like we know she's got a restraining order on her family, like she kind of has skewed social relations to some extent, or at least what we consider 'normal' standard relations with people, so she kind of- and she was younger than everybody else so she kinda like grew up and reached puberty in a surprising way to her, and it was like she was considered in more of an academic sense, as like a brilliant child and a brilliant young woman for so long that like, all of a sudden, she was now a sexual being, and people looked at her that way, and she didn't know how to deal. And I think that shaped a lot of Maxwell's personality. It was like, one day, she was treated differently and she didn't know how to use it, and Maxwell is a person that uses everything she has. She's a person that uses the tools that are available to her - I think this can get morally shady, but she's on her own moral compass. That's something that was probably initially- I mean I was always a little bit Alana Maxwell because we had a lot of direction in steering these characters and I kind of like immediately seized upon like the idea of ‘she's the only girl in a team of boys and she's totally brilliant she's younger than them and she's probably smarter than them’ [laughs] but that backstory really, like, sealed the deal for me, and I sent an email to Gabriel about it being like HOW DID YOU KNOW??
Michelle: as for maxwell and hera... the relationship between the two of them. take it back to that concept of personhood. maxwell has a very interesting and a different relationship with AIs. they're her passion they're her life's work. i don't think she considers them to be equivalent to humans i think she considers them something different but of equal or more value. i also think maxwell has trouble interacting with humans... which is why her relationship with jacobi is so important. so the relationship between hera and maxwell... i mean i can speak for what i think hera is to maxwell is that there's someone who can finally talk to her not like she's a person. i think the humans on the spaceship interact with hera like she's a human, like if you look at the episode ‘am i alone now’ where hera talks, like people are always like 'hera can you hear me' and she's like i can always hear you... or if you look at the memories in memoria or even the last episode... like maxwell would've known at that funeral that hera doesn't really know what death is. because maxwell knows that hera isn't really a person- i mean human, let me make that distinction clear, she isn't really a human. so... i think there was this like very special and almost- and immediate deep trust between the two of them and has been pointed out hera is a very impressive ai so maxwell respects that and i mean you're kidding yourself if you think maxwell doesn't know that hera tried to escape i mean like maxwell knows this. so i think- maxwell uniquely respects hera as an AI and i think she understand's hera's sudden deep relief that she's talking to a human who knows what's going on - not entirely, but someone who is sympathetic and somebody's who's aware that they're different from her.
Gabriel: who can treat her on her own terms, who's not just projecting the terms and the needs of herself on her but who can understand her--
Zach: so... not a burrito loving buffoon
Gabriel: [laughs] sure
Michelle: no but i mean i think that relationship's valuable in its own way
Zach: right right-
Michelle: it's just that i mean if we're talking about blind spots-
Sarah: it's also that this is the first person who can speak her language like literally she speaks her language
Zach: yeah exactly right right that was an insensitive jokey way of saying like ‘here's somebody who gets her in a way that no one else has before’
Michelle: yeah
Zach: without like obvious malintent (cough cough pryce)
Michelle: yeah, pryce and maxwell... yeah but no i think the fact that maxwell truly understands that she's different and does not have the same experiences as hera makes them much closer, makes the relationship really special. as for- i feel like this was like asking something about romantic aspects kind of ish? i mean, that was never addressed and i think for myself as an actress and maxwell it's kind of a relief, i think, that because it's an ai human relationship that like this sexual... that like maxwell isn't being judged or seen through her body in a sexual way because that i think-- i mean that i know is very difficult for maxwell to deal with when it happened as, you know, that happens, so... yeah i think was really important for maxwell and i think that's also why she likes dealing with ais because they don't have bodies
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feministflowerss · a day ago
the fact that i am unable to find wolf 359 merch ANYWHERE makes me so upset. if anyone happens to know anywhere that i can buy cute merch pls pls let me know! i’ve been on the hunt for like, 4 years now. sos
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0lympian-c0uncil · a day ago
Hera: Did you bring Demeter?
Hestia: She is busy fighting Atlas and Hyperion.
Hera: Shit! Now what will we do!? We don't have our main fighter!
Hestia: Don't worry I got the next best thing! *Gestures to Hades*
Hera: Hades... HADES!? You got us Hades!?
Hestia: Well... There weren't a lot of options...
Hades: Wow! Rude.
Hera: No offense, of course! Is there anyone else?
Hestia: *motions to Zeus and Poseidon, who are throwing rocks at each other and missing horribly*
Hera,*looks to the army of titans down the mountain*: ... Hestia?
Hestia: Yeah?
Hera: ... Send Poseidon down first, he'll make a good punching bag until Dem comes back.
Poseidon: Hey! WAIT-
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thingsphoenix21 · a day ago
*Hera complaning about her husband*
*someone says something about Zeus*
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dontwannadothisanymore · 2 days ago
3:30 thoughts; how they show love/affection
now, zeus and hera. both hair trigger tempers. can't act affectionate due to huge egos and pride. so, they show love by absolutely insulting one another because they're the only ones that can handle each other. punches and kicks and screaming matches that end with them in bed for a couple of months. in silence, they find each other's eyes no matter how hard they try not to. fingers always brushing against each others. they don't speak of the sparks that fly. hera who lets her guard down whenever she's with zeus. zeus who drops his 'royal' attitude whenever they're alone. zeus who would clean up hera's menagerie whenever she's gone despite hating all her animals because they hate him back. hera who deals with annoying deities for him, because she's more blunt and effective in shutting them up.
hades who's a bit more subdued. persephone with her parents being demeter and zeus. so, she's aggressive with her affection. dragging hades off for walks. relentlessly pulling on his sleeve, to show him the flowers she created. hades who stops moving everytime persephone falls asleep on his shoulder because she insisted that she stay with him to do work. persephone who will quite literally scream at the world that she loves him. hades whispering that he loves persephone because she's his world and she's the only one that really needs to hear that statement anyways. persephone always praising hades' work, always complimenting after a long day. hades who would smile at her, ask her how's the flowers been after her visit, and always manages to coax out a story out of her, always the right words, questions, answers, phrases at the right moment.
poseidon who's clingy. amphitrite who's used to being clinged at. amphitrite who lets poseidon hold her hands under the table every meeting because she knows he needs the touch or else he will die (dramatic bastard). amphitrite who lays on top of him, just so he could rest more. poseidon who lets amphitrite play with his hair, while she sits on his lap, while he does paperwork. they don't say i love you, but poseidon will amphitrite back and kiss her softly. amphitrite will wrap her arms around him, and bury her head on the junction of his neck and shoulders.
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diioonysus · 12 months ago
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greek mythology | cursed images
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storylinecaroline · a year ago
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some greek pantheon in gold
available as a print
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glossdecu · a year ago
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goddess of sky
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queenghostieart · 4 months ago
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Hera, Queen of Gods
Plus another version because i couldn’t choose which one i liked more!
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jaennie · 3 months ago
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the duality of jennie <3
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noisygalaxybanana · 3 months ago
apollo: i don't think we can mansplain, manipulate or malewife our way out of this one
ares: *cracks knuckles* manslaughter it is
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aksiris · 5 months ago
pov: you’re Paris and you must choose
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the-evil-clergyman · a month ago
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The Judgement of Paris by Solomon Joseph Solomon (1891)
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kayleerowena · 29 days ago
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there is a door on the hephaestus. it is locked, and no one knows where the key is. it is only for emergencies. only for when you are alone. ☄️🏚️
a haunted house spaceship commission for rowan (and a bonus variant version!) if you're reading this when i post it, there's still 2 days left to back my haunted house artbook kickstarter, so if you like haunted things you should totally do that! 💫 ko-fi | patreon
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transformersluna · 8 months ago
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Half time at Omega's Soccer Game.
Echo is a soccer mom and no one can change my mind.
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mythologymadness · 10 months ago
low effort Olympian memes :)
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