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Herbs 馃挌
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These links have amazing info on herbs. I personally printed them off and made a binder of them. Now a few things did get cut off and I had to write them. But these links along with two books I own are great help.
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鉁 totally magica E R B A ~ M A G I C A earrings are finally here 馃崈 || 馃憠馃徎聽 tap to shop 馃尶馃寵鉁
鉁 two magical green leaves, inspired by Herbology and nature...perfect to give you some green witch vibes! 馃憣馃徎鉁
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The last of the three illustrations I made last year for 鈥淲itchzine鈥 fanzine. The theme was 鈥淲itches鈥 Pharmacy/Healing Witches鈥, so the idea of my illustrations was inspired by the preparation of a healing ritual.
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Sorry I鈥檓 late I was obsessing over herb spirals
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Herbal kitchens: apothecary 馃尶
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rosemary and thyme 馃尶
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Botanical Collection by amandaherzman
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Some recent photos from my workings 馃枻
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Cleansing for Beginners鈥
鈥elease negativity 鈥 Purify 鈥 Neutralize energy鈥
Common items that require cleansing: Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Crystals & Stones, Spaces, Altars.
Before using any cleansing method, be sure to check if it鈥檚 safe. Some crystals or objects are sensitive to water, heat and light. Always burn responsibly.
Importance of Intent
Use affirmations to make your intent clear. Be sure to clear your mind and relax, you can clearly think of your intent and let it embody you. You can also speak the intent out loud or repeatedly think of it in your mind. Be sure to focus your intent on what needs cleansing. Also remember to keep your affirmations in the present tense.
Examples of affirmations
鈥淭his space is cleansed of all negative energies and influences.鈥
鈥淭he moonlight cleanses these stones.鈥
鈥淭hese cards are purified.鈥
Using the Elements for Cleansing
鈥 Water: submerge, sprinkle, rinse.
Fully submerge some items in a cup of water.
Sprinkle water over a space or object.
Rinse what you wish to cleanse.
鈥 Air: incense, wind, smoke, oil diffusers.
Burning incense & diffusing essential oils can cleanse spaces and objects. Hold objects in the incense smoke for best results. Common scents for cleansing include lavender, peppermint, lemon, sage and rosemary scents.
Wind can cleanse items using weather conditions or fans. Hold items in the wind or allow wind to blow through a space.
Smoke of any kind can be used to cleanse but the easiest route is using incense smoke.
鈥 Fire: flame, candle, heat, burn.
You can use candles in different ways. Hold an object over a candle and the heat and smoke will work together to cleanse. You can also use scented candles to cleanse areas. White candles are associated with purity.
Heat can be used with candles, flames or any other method. Hot springs are considered to have cleansing properties.
Burning or holding an item in a flame is considered to be cleansing as well.
鈥 Earth: plants, dirt, mud, salt.
Different plants and herbs can be used for cleansing. Before using plants and herbs, be aware of any medical conditions, pregnancy, pets or children and be sure the plants you are using are safe. Common plants and herbs for cleansing include sage, rosemary, juniper, white pine and thyme.
Fully submerge objects in dirt or sprinkle with dirt to encourage cleansing.
Cover objects in the mud. You can place a dish with mud in a room and ask the earth to cleanse the area.
Burying an item is known to cleanse it.
Salt can be used in many different ways for cleansing. Most commonly it is sprinkled.
Crystals and Stones for Cleansing
Certain crystals have cleansing and purifying properties. This list is only a few.
Be sure to cleanse these crystals often. They may crack or break from absorbing too much energy. The exception would be self-cleansing stones.
The best stone for beginners, it is very sensitive to water. This stone is self-cleansing and also cleanses the air and other objects around it. Keep it stored with other crystals, tarot cards, on an altar or on your person.锟
Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz is very versatile in its uses. One of its properties is cleansing but it also requires to be cleansed itself. It can be placed in a room, on your person or on an object to cleanse.
Citrine can be used to cleanse other objects, it also requires to be cleansed itself. Can be stored with other crystals, tarot cards and objects to keep them cleansed.
Carnelian has cleansing properties. It can be used to cleanse others and yourself as well as other objects.
Using Light for Cleansing
Leave items in indirect or direct moonlight for cleansing. You can also allow moonlight to shine directly into a specific space.
Alternatively, you can also leave items in indirect or direct sunlight or allow sunlight to enter a specific space. Be careful leaving certain crystals or stones in sunlight.
Best Times and Moon Cycles for Cleansing
Days of the week
Saturday鈥檚 & Sunday鈥檚 are the best days for cleansing. Saturday鈥檚 are ruled by the elements and are a day of relaxing and letting down. The best day for cleansing and protection. Sundays are the day to get ready for the week, prepare and cleanse spaces and items.
Days of the year
鈥pring Equinox
A great time for manifestation and cleansing. Balance is heightened and there is a sense of renewal.
鈥ay Day
A great day to cleanse, especially with fire. Purification is a theme of the day.
鈥utumnal Equinox
A day all about releasing and starting new. Cleansing energies are high as a cycle is coming to an end.
Moon Phases
鈥 New Moon
Associated with new beginnings and release. This is a great time for Cleansing, Manifestation and Planning.
鈥ull Moon
Associated with reset and letting go. This is a great time for Cleansing. Energies are very high and the moonlight can easily illuminate spaces and objects at this time.
Best Full Moons for Cleansing: December, October, March, April.
TL;DR: Use affirmations to affirm your intent while cleansing. Elements, sunlight, moonlight and certain stones/plants can be used to cleanse objects, spaces or people. Most effective on Saturdays, Sundays or during the new moon/full moon.
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Herbology aesthetic聽
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cinemagraph artist
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Green Mint and Buckwheat.
(from my little herbary book by Coppenrath)
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House Beautiful Weekend Homes, 1990
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witchy ingredient: dandelion roots
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I have a huge fondness for dandelions. They鈥檙e sunny little flowers and their weedy resilience inspires me. I too would like to unexpectedly grow through the cracks of things without a care in the world.
Every part of the dandelion is edible--the leaves are a bitter green and the yellow flowers can be used in teas. Like many bitters, the plant has a mild diuretic effect (in fact, one of the folk names for dandelion is聽鈥減iss-a-bed鈥 which... how can you not love that?). This is supposedly good for your liver and digestion. Dandelions have been used in herbal remedies all around the world and across time, from Chinese traditional medicine to the indigenous nations of the Americas.
Today though I want to focus on the roots. They鈥檙e quite extraordinary! Dandelions are actually a taproot plant like carrots, meaning they have one big main root with several smaller ones reaching out of it. Their roots are notorious for growing really deep into the soil if left unbothered, and can be used as companion plants in gardening to help funnel nutrients up into the top layers of soil for surrounding plants. The roots too are edible with, again, a bitter taste.
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How to Harvest Dandelion Root
Firstly, it鈥檚 not advisable to just eat any old dandelion you find. They often grow in places that have been treated with pesticides, which you don鈥檛 want to eat.
Once a reputable dandelion is found or planted, timing is everything. It鈥檚 best to let the plant grow for a couple of years, and to harvest the root in the fall.
In the fall the dandelions typically won鈥檛 have their signature yellow flower any more, so be absolutely sure that what you鈥檙e harvesting is actually a dandelion!
Depending on how soft the surrounding soil is, you can use your hands to dig up the root or a gardening fork. Ideally, you don鈥檛 want to break the root, so try jimmying around the plant to loosen the soil before going in.
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Preparing the Roots
Wash the dirt off!
The roots can be eaten raw in salads, but typically they are dried. First take off the stringy excess roots. Then cut the taproot in half longwise and chop those pieces into shorter wedges, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch or smaller.聽
To dry, you can use a dehydrator or you can dry them out in a cool, dry spot over a couple of weeks. You can then use the dried roots for whatever witchy applications you desire, such as powdering them or using them in spells.
The dried roots will keep for about a year.
Dandelion Root Tea & Coffee
Once dried, the roots are tastier if you roast them. A lower heat for a longer amount of time is best, such as 250 degrees (F) for 2 hours.
After the roots are roasted, grind them into smaller bits in a coffee grinder or with a mortar and pestle. If you store the roots in a jar and grind handfuls of them right before making them into coffee or tea, this makes the taste slightly stronger.
You can use the ground roots as you would coffee grounds to brew dandelion root coffee!
Alternatively, you can make a decoction tea, similar to how you鈥檇 make ginger tea. In a saucepan, combine a cup of water for every serving you鈥檇 like to make + 1 tsp of ground root for every cup. Lightly simmer for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, drain the tea and it鈥檚 ready to drink.
The taste is earthy and a little bitter, so feel free to experiment with sweeter elements such as cinnamon sticks or mixing with other teas.
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Possible Correspondences
Along with resilience, dandelions personally remind me of joy and luck. The association with granting wishes in their seed head form can also be borrowed for spells.
The English word聽鈥渄andelion鈥 is a bastardization of the French聽鈥渄ent de lion鈥 meaning聽鈥渓ion鈥檚 teeth.鈥 Dandelions can therefore be associated with Leo.
Roots in general, due to their nature, can be grounding or can bear some connection to the underworld.
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1539. Herbs
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Acorn - Good luck, personal power, protection and wisdom. Dried acorns are a natural amulet for youthfulness. It's associated with the Sabbat of Litha and the element of water.
Angelica - Also called Archangel. It is a very powerful protection herb, healing, creates harmony and courage and helps in exorcisms. Aids vision. Element Air.
Apple - Garden magic, love, healing and wisdom, also vanity, marriage and beauty. Associated Mabon & Samhain. Element water.
Basil - Also called witches herb. Use in spells for Love, exorcism, wealth, sympathy, and protection. Associated with Imbolc. Aids astral projection. Element Fire.
Bay Leaf - Protection, success, purification, strength, wisdom and healing, also increases psychic powers. Element Fire.
Belladonna - Also Called: Deadly Nightshade. Toxic. Use for forgetting past loves. Protection, beauty and original flying ointments. Adds energy to rituals. Element Water.
Bergamot - Money, prosperity and sleep. Protects from both evil and illness. Good for luck and wealth. Increases magical power. Element Fire.
Black Pepper - Banishing negativity, exorcism, and offers protection and help with inner strength. Element Fire.
Blueberry - Protection of children, keeps evil out, and strengthens the aura. Associated with the Great Spirit. Element Water.
Calendula - Also called Marigold. Attracts success and justice in legal matters. Increases psychic/spiritual powers and aid prophetic dreams. Dispels negativity. Element Fire.
Cardamom - Lust, love, and fidelity. Sweetens the personality Use in handfastings. Element Water.
Chamomile - Love, sleep, protection and purification, also reduce stress. Use for meditation work and to attract money. Solar Magic. Element Water.
Cinnamon - Also called Sweet Wood. Use for Solar magic. Meditation and astral projection. Increases spirituality, success, healing, protection, power, luck, strength, and prosperity. Element Fire.
Clove - Use to protect, banish negative forces, and divination. Also helps with any teeth spells. Aids money and draws love. Element Fire.
Dandelion Root - Magical uses include divination, wishes and calling spirits. It also enhances dreams and works well in astral projection. Element Air.
Evening Primrose - Ideal for moon magic. Also use in love charms and to attract fae. Element Water.
Ginger - Increases magic power. Success, love, money and power. Element Fire.
Hibiscus - Attracting love and lust. Use in divination. Associated with lunar magic. Element Water.
Horsetail - Use for strength and resolve. Protection, cleansing and clearing unwanted emotions. Element Earth.
Jasmine - The herb of attraction. Helps prophetic dreaming, money and love. Element Water.
Lavender - Magical uses include healing, sleep and peace. It also promotes chastity and love. Increases longevity of life, tranquility and happiness. Element Air.
Lemon Balm - Also called Melissa. Love, success and healing. Aids psychic/spiritual development. Supports mental health disorders and compassion. Element Water.
Lemon Grass - Psychic cleansing and opening. Use in lust potions and when using Dragon Magic. Element Air.
Lime Tree Leaf - Healing, calm and love. Aids strength and tranquility, Element Air.
Marjoram - Use for cleansing, purification, and dispelling negativity. Also aids grief and sadness. Element Air.
Mint - Promotes energy, communication and vitality, protection and draws custom. Element Air.
Mugwort - Use for strength, protection and healing. Mugwort amplifies magic. Aids astral projection, and psychic power. Element Earth.
Nettle - Uses include dispelling darkness & fear,and curse breaking. Healing and protection and increases lust in partners. Renewal. Element Fire.
Orange Peel & Flower- Attracts abundance, luck. Love and happiness and strengthens divination. Element Fire.
Passion Flower - Attracts friendship and passion. Caming, peace and instills passion into stale relationships. Good for house blessings too. Element Water.
Patchouli - Used in spells for connecting with spirits. Money attracting, increases fertility and lust. Calming and peaceful. Element Earth.
Peppermint - Use for headaches and other forms of healing. Increases sleep and love. Use for increasing psychic power and divination. Element Air.
Rose - Use for divination, increased psychic power, love, lust and healing. Helps strengthen close friendships. Place around sprains and bruises to help them heal faster. Element Water.
Rosemary - Use in healing poppets and love/lust spells. Improves memory. Increases sleep, mental power and protection. Burn to help purification and removing negativity. Associated with faery magic. Element Fire.
Sage - Used for self purification and cleansing. Helps grief and loss. Healing and protection, also increases wisdom. Element Air.
Strawberry Leaf - Attracts success, good fortune, and favorable circumstances. Increases love and aids pregnancy. Element Water.
Thyme - Attracts loyalty, affection, and love. Increases good luck and psychic power. Drink in tea to aid sleep. Element Air.
Verbena - Psychic protection, peace and purification. Healing and helps depression. Increases beauty and love. Mind opening and clearing. Ideal use for exams. Element Earth.
Willow - is Used for lunar magic, drawing or strengthening love, healing, and overcoming sadness.. Element Water.
From the Herbal Grimoire by the blog The Wiccan Lady. Here's the link to the blog for the complete list and further reading:
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