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Garden update: leaf lettuce is starting to get to the point that I can start cutting and using it as I need it. My herbs got trimmed back and are doing much better in new soil, blueberry bushes are showing signs of life they havent in years, and I’m starting some new mixed seedlings from Stop & Shop.

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   My herb garden is off to a somewhat ragged start. The perennials like sage, lemonbalm and chive are up and running. The basil I tried to keep indoors over winter lasted until March, and then it and all the little cuttings I took from it just - withered and died. That was disheartening. I have small new plants that I put out last weekend; rosemary, oregano, parsley, and basil.


They are small, but hopefully mighty! I will have to keep whacking the lemonbalm back until the basil is old enough to defend itself.

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Planting for liberation and reclaiming the land. Seed bombs for occupied Mohican Land is my own protest.

  • Seeds included are a mix of perennial flowers, sunflowers, cauliflower, mustard greens, and calendula. Next ones to come are okra, carrots, and some flower bulbs I found😌
  • To make these I mixed one part (very fine) powered clay and two parts soil. Then I added water so it became a slightly crumbly dough consistency. 
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First of all, thank you for showing up and keep up the fight. Please, however, refrain from burning sage or other smokey herbs at these protests. The intention is good, god knows we need some cleansing of all the bad energy (cops) around. But the smoke can be really dangerous for asthmatics who might already be struggling to breathe from protest-related exertion. Hell, I’m not even asthmatic, but when I was marching, I was down-wind from some burning sage and started wheezing. 

Also, while a bunch of liberal-minded protestors may know what sage looks and smells like, a group of cops might assume that it is something drug-related and use it as an excuse to break up the protest and get violent. 

Instead of burning sage, perhaps use an another form of cleansing? Energy work is not my forte, so if you know some good alternatives, reblog this and add your ideas.

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litha iced chamomile 🌼

simple iced chamomile tea for litha and ofc great for summertime overall; this stuff tastes amazing & it’s super refreshing~

- ☀️🕊

to make a pitcher;

  • 2 qts water
  • ½ cup sugar or ¼ cup honey
  • 1/8 cup chamomile
  • 1/8 cup lavender

to make a serving;

  • water (changes based on how big or sm your mug is ofc but ratios will all generally be the same here)
  • 1 tsp sugar or 1 tsp honey
  • 1 tsp chamomile
  • 1 tsp lavender


to actually make the tea you can either brew over a gentle simmer on the stovetop (boiling is just gonna burn/overbrew both the lavender & chamomile and it gets to be bitter) or do a cold 24-36 hr brew in the fridge then strain, ice, & enjoy!


sugar ✨

kindness, joy, wishes

no real health benefits here, it’s just sugar

always be careful with sugar intake, ofc even more so if you have any issues with insulin etc

honey 🐝

healing, prosperity, happiness, luck, energy

anti inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, heart/digestive health

honey is sugar and too much sugar won’t ever really be a good thing; be sure you’re getting your honey from a good source, save the bees, and don’t give honey to babies under the age of 2

chamomile 🌼

healing, growth, happiness, prosperity, cleansing, calming

cramps, sleep aid, anti inflammatory, soothes stomach

can lower blood sugar and interact with blood thinners or cause constipation

lavender ☁️

grounding, cleansing, healing, calming

can reduce blood pressure, helps headaches/nausea, antiseptic, anti inflammatory, pain relief

uncommonly associated with constipation or headache



- im not a doctor or anything of the sort; ask your real life professional doctor before using/ingesting anything you’re unfamiliar with and always keep medication interactions, allergies, and preexisting conditions in mind before partaking in things you’re unfamiliar with.

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All information was found online through various sources and through Scott Cunningham. Do not replace medicine with plants or magick.


Correspondences - love, protection, purification

Element - Air (touch of water), masculine/hot

Planet - Mercury

Safety - topically it’s possibly unsafe for children and possibly unsafe around times of surgery. Interacts with sedatives and Chloral Hydrate

Growth - Needs full sun and well drained soil, can tolerate some drought. Shelter from wind. Space plants 1-3 ft apart. Soil should be low-moderate nutrient and 7.0 ph. If in a pot, use a pot 2 inches bigger than the root ball and drainage hole is a must. Flowers in Summer

Care - Only water when soil is too dry. If in colder climates, small sized mulch will be beneficial. Prune 2 year or older plants. Doesn’t do well if divided. 

Harvest and Storage - Harvest when buds are beginning to open. Cut long stems leaving behind about 2 sets of leaves on the green part of the stem. Bundle up your stems and hand upside down in a warm and dry spot. Give about 2 weeks to fully dry. Keep in airtight containers in cool, dry, and dark areas. You can freeze them. 

Medicinal Use - Can be used for anxiety, insomnia, stress, depression, cramps, bug bites, bug deterrent, minor burns (topically.) A very relaxing herb.

Magickal Use - Can make lavender wands, love spells, fertility spells, attraction spells, healing spells, dream magic, protection spells, cleansing/purification, peace and happiness, sachets, used at Midsummer (Litha). Attracts men. Banishing, increasing wisdom, longevity. 

Culinary - Great to add to desserts of all types. Decoration on desserts like cakes. Make lavender sugar, syrups, jellies, toppings, lavender lemonade, lavender ice cream. You can add lavender to almost anything.

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Looking for mutuals!!

Follow me and reblog this if you like

  • Witchcraft/Wicca/Paganism
  • Flowers and nature
  • Blur, Oasis, Pulp- any indie group
  • Photography
  • Cooking and baking
  • Literature
  • Mythology of any kind

I’ll try and follow everyone back those who interacts with this post ❤️❤️


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Hi there witchy sweet potato babies! Time for another instalment on the blog since I haven’t been posting lately. This week I’m bringing you lavender tea! I’ve been making this RELIGIOUSLY for the past week or so - it’s so fresh and tasty!!

All you have to do is squish up some fresh lavender flowers, wash them so you don’t get bugs in your tea (I know we love nature here on Witchblr but also… that’s kinda ew), and then pour over hot water, steep for 5 minutes and enjoy!! You can drink this just for the sake of it but I like to put some intention into it or bless my herbs with a little rainwater or moon water in the bottom of my teacup 🔮💞

I’ve been having some trouble sleeping recently and my home is not feeling very safe at the moment, so this has really been a comfort to me - not only for the routine of making it but also because, as we ardently agree here on this website, lavender is very calming!!

I hope you enjoy the tea! 💜

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