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harryisart · 2 days ago
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LOVE ON TOUR | Dublin- 6/22
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dethpicablewabbit · a year ago
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kingsmemes · 8 months ago
「   RP MEME :  TO AND FROM INJURED AND DYING MUSES .   」 * change pronouns as needed. [ my / your ] is dependent on the receiver.
‘ shit! ’ 
‘ here, i need to put pressure on the wound. ’
‘ hang on. we’re going to be okay. ’
‘ we’ve got to keep moving! ’ 
‘ someone help me over here! ’
‘ it’s okay–– i’m going to call an ambulance. ’
‘ i’m going to get you out of here! ’
‘ oh god. there’s so much blood. ’
‘ stay still. just stay still. ’
‘ don’t try to get up. ’
‘ don’t you leave me! ’
‘ stay with me, __. ’ 
‘ breathe! come on! ’
‘ how long do you have? ’
‘ NO! ’
‘ i’m losing you.’ 
‘ i’m not ready for you to go yet. ’
‘ it’s not your time! ’
‘ there’s still so many things i want to do with you.’ 
‘ i’m not leaving you, i promise. ’
‘ it’s nothing big. ’
‘ i promise i’m fine.’ 
‘ just let me... sleep it off. ’
‘ i don’t want you to worry, but... ’
‘ it looks worse than it feels. ’
‘ do you think it’s infected? ’
‘ give me that gauze. ’
‘ no, i’m not stopping the mission now.’ 
‘ i’m seeing this thing through. ’
‘ stitch me up, will you? ’
‘ don’t forget me, alright? ’
‘ shhh. it’s okay, now. ’
‘ i’m just glad that you’re here with me. ’ 
‘ i could’ve done so much more! ’ 
‘ i don’t want to go. ’
‘ go on without me. ’
‘ don’t leave me.’ 
‘ it’s getting real dark over here... ’
‘ i wanted to do everything in the world with you. ’
‘ i... love you.’ 
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fishfingersandscarves · 7 days ago
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here’s a link to a free PDF version of the Sansûkh Reading Companion
it’s also included on my pinned post alongside the free Sansûkh PDF
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clubgif · a year ago
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This guide will help make the quotes or words in your gifs consistent, harmonious, and most of all — pretty!
How will you know which fonts work well together and which ones don't?
If any of you might notice, I know I've discussed the difference between fonts and typefaces in this post, but for this one, I'll just use the term 'font' even if I probably meant typeface so nobody come for me please 😂
Kinds of Fonts
Before we dive in and start downloading fonts, let's first discuss the kinds of fonts, starting with these two:
Tumblr media
Serifs have serifs.
A serif is a small line attached to the end of a bigger line in a letter or symbol. Think Times New Roman, Baskerville, and Didot.
Sans Serifs have no serifs.
‘Sans’ is old French for 'without’. So, sans serif means without serifs. Think Arial, Century Gothic and Comic Sans.
NOTE: There are a variety of styles under serif and sans serifs, but this guide (hopefully) won't dive in too deep. This is just a tiny guide that will help you make prettier gifs. ✨
Script fonts are the ones that are cursive or in longhand. They often look handwritten with a brush.
TIP: Script is best used for headers (big text). Avoid using them as body text (small text) or in long sentences and paragraphs because it won't be very readable.
Each of the following tips will help add contrast, create consistency and establish harmony in your font pairings.
[1] Limit the # of styles
Don't use too many fonts. Fonts are like introverts. They work best with just a friend or 2 😂
This would also depend on the style, which will be explained in the next tip.
[2] Opposites attract
Don't pair fonts with similar styles like this:
Tumblr media
❌ Century Gothic + Montserrat are both Sans Serifs.
❌ Baskerville + Didot are Serifs.
❌ Lavanderia + Bakery are Script fonts.
Even if both fonts look good individually, it just wouldn't work.
It's like if two of the most beautiful people in the world became a couple. They both look good, but their beauty is overpowering each other. There has to be a balance, you know?
Do pair different styles instead:
Tumblr media
[3] Avoid conflict
This tip is similar to [2].
❌ pair similar font styles
❌ pair an attention-grabbing font with another attention-grabbing font
❌ pair distinctive fonts together such as these:
Tumblr media
Notice how they would both keep fighting for the spotlight, destroying the harmony of your texts.
Do pair a distinctive font with a neutral font, like this:
Tumblr media
[4] Sans Serif + anything but Sans Serif
Here's a fun tip: When you're too lazy to think about what to pair your serif / decorative / script font with, just pair it with a clean sans serif font. It's what I did in the Do examples in [2] and [3] if you haven't noticed 😂
[5] Pair a font with itself
Opposites attract, and it works with just one font family as well! Play with a single font family's weight and styles.
Do pair a thick sans serif font with its lighter relative (as seen below: Montserrat Bold + Montserrat Light).
Do pair a regular serif font with its italic sibling (as seen below: Baskerville Italic + Baskerville Bold).
Tumblr media
TIP: Play with the tracking (letter spacing) and capitalization (lower or uppercase) too. See Montserrat Bold and Baskerville Bold above.
I prefer to increase the tracking whenever the text is bold and/or in all caps to make it easier to read.
[6] Don't mix moods
Fonts have moods. They have traits (i.e. loud, friendly, trendy, timeless). They can be used to convey feelings (i.e. happy, sad).
For example, avoid pairings such as this:
Tumblr media
There is nothing about the two fonts above that unite them. They have different vibes — nothing in common.
Though mixing personalities work in friend groups, it doesn't work very much with fonts.
With all that said, I know some of the tips might contradict each other, and some probably won't always work. It all depends on the font. Just see what looks good to you, and if you're unsure, then come back to this post :)
Please like/reblog if this has helped you and feel free to hit me up for any questions and concerns! ♥︎
Google Fonts
Open Foundry
Font Squirrel
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jhsgifs · 7 months ago
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SOPE hyping each other up during DOPE cr. dwellingsouls
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agentholland · 7 months ago
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TOMMY LEE JONES as CHESTER PHILLIPS in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
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beyondplusultra · a year ago
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for the anon that requested i post this here too! 
full disclaimer: this was originally something i never planned on posting, especially because it was just a self-indulgent thing that i drew directly over the official concept art a while ago, but hey what the hell 
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lewki · 9 days ago
“what are you doing?”
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cichocicho · 4 months ago
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tag yourself which manu are you today
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barzzal · a year ago
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yourcatras · 12 months ago
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Belle & Prince Adam, Beauty and the Beast (1991) | Catra & Adora, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018)
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jungkkyuk · a year ago
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jungkook continuing to be a chaos demon by dropping “run bts!” spoilers on vlive (for anon)
↳ 🧈 vlive | 210521
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jaeyunsim · 4 months ago
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finally touched some grass but it wasn’t enough, i needed the whole forest 🌺🌊🌴🌿
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synthwave-set · 4 months ago
Plural Term: Reverse System
The term reverse system describes headmates who have two or more forms in the innerworld while having a linked consciousness. This may be compared to a hivemind but with headmates still maintaining distinct identities.
It’s called reverse system due to systems usually being seen as ‘One body with multiple minds’ while these headmates are ‘Multiple bodies with one mind.’
A term for headmates in a reverse system could be ‘reverse mates’ / ‘reversemates’!
Anyone who feels this fits their system is free to use this term and share it, but I’m not comfortable with sysmeds interacting with me. There’s also no current flag but I’m considering making one!
Edit: adding flags we made!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Magenta; meant to be purplish but changed to suit the rest of the flag. It represents the mystery of these subsystems to everyone who isn't linked.
Blue; the peace in having such a close, connected consciousness with other headmate/s allowing you to trust them.
Yellow; Happiness associated with being connected with one another and having a stronger connection than with the rest of the system.
Green; Connectivity and wealth (as in a wealth of headmates).
Then the added linked chain over the second image represents being linked together- specifically a link from within that is connected to the outside.
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mortal-kombat11 · 5 months ago
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taezsthemes · a year ago
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pages pack by @taezs​. includes: member page, about page, and tags page.
i received an anon request for a character/network page with a matching about page, but i’m a sucker for tags pages so i threw one of them in there too. note: you do not have to have different colours for each section, this is just a design example. instructions & tips on editing the pages in the codes. 
all three pages heavily feature the honeybee icon font by @suiomi, because it’s gorgeous and extremely versatile. this pack is a bit cosmic inspired in the icons used so if that’s not your style then you’re welcome to change them to other honeybee icons - instructions in the code and also on the honeybee website. it’s pretty easy to follow and make your own. also be sure to check out the “customisation options” filter on the members page to see other styling options.
icons featured on the characters page by @acuite, icons on the tags page by @leethompkins​. all other creds here. 
members page: preview / pastebin / github
about page: preview / pastebin / github
tags page: preview / pastebin / github
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mrs-amber · 11 months ago
Hello 🐉
Here the fluff anon from before. Thank you so much for your recs. I wanted you to know that I loved them. I read them all and I loved the good start I got for exploring the fandom. Now I wanted to ask if you have some fics you would call an absolute must-read on entering the fandom? Obviously, you don‘t have to answer this as I‘m already really grateful for your first rec list. Thank you for.
Hello, my fluff anon!! 🧡🌷 I'm so glad to hear about you again! And I'm so happy that you liked the fics I suggested 🥰 it means a lot to me!!
I don't know about the general opinion of the fandom about the "must read fics" but I could totally rec you some that I think are very good and must be read? So if you don't mind me, here I go:
Last With Me Through the Night by @itsthegameilike: they meet as kids. This fic has so much to it that I don't even know where to start. It was one of the first I read on the fandom and I instantly got addicted to the "best friends to lovers" trope for these two. I actually think I've started to like so many tropes because of this fic...
Touch You by @steelestingray: because if you haven't read Steele's, then you must. This is a bodyguard au, a little heavier than fluffiness, but it's extremely good and I'll never get tired of talking about it.
my heart's root by @damiaanos: this fic was what got me into modern times au captive prince, because I was a little scared to take them from the canon verse before reading this. Also, here you can see what we do to poor Torveld in this fandom...
Basket of Figs by @dreamdropxoxo: Regency Times au. Omegaverse au. I'm not sure if I told you to read any omegaverse before but well, better later than never. And you'll se lots of them in this fandom.
Artes Academy by @laurent-ofvere: Laurent and Damen hate each other. Hate sex. That's it, but it's so good. This fic got me going insane.
Higher Education by @barbitone: Berencel Time!!! You've never said if you're into other pairings, but as I am and I like this fic so very much, I think you should read it too.
Also, I'm gonna leave here for you two other fics that I haven't made a proper rec yet, so it'll be with the link straight to Ao3, but I thought maybe you should give it a try!
Right Now, You're Smitten by @itsthegameilike: this one is actually one of my favorites as well, and I think I never made a proper rec for it because it's been a long time since I read it and I wanted to give it justice and write something good about it. Maybe it's time to read it again and make a rec... It's very fluff, slow burn, fake dating thing, overcoming the regent thing. You'll like it.
The Veretian Flytrap by Just_Another_Day: okay, I must be honest and confess I haven't read this one yet, but I've seen lots of people reccomend it and say this is the best omegaverse fic on this fandom, so maybe it's worth a shot?
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harryisart · 25 days ago
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Harry Styles- Wet Dream (Wet Leg cover) | Live Lounge
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pajorko · 8 months ago
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Nice pass, Jill!
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