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#here's hoping

My dad wants me to turn this into a meme and I figure… it’s not like we have anything else to be doing right now.

He’s a doctor who hates Trump, for context. He told me to “release the kraken” and “Hastag stopTrump’sSpread” (he doesn’t really know how hashtags work)

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Any plans on continuing North Star?? We need more of our Western Queen hehe

I know…it’s kind of a fortunate thing that I’m on lockdown for three weeks. It gives me sometime to start reading my uncompleted work…including North Star.

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Started post-apoc hillbilly setting, found myself suddenly in a pity thing, said no
Cut the pity part, Huginn showed up, there was discussion of Hervor that I was not fond of, said no
Started a space prison thing – I mean, if you were a government and found out that the greatest engineer of legend, the literal forger of Excalibur and Joyeuse was still alive, wouldn’t you imprison him like King Nidur did? – said no

Went back to post-apoc hillbilly setting and am poking about a bit w/the Ross Pack

No guarantees, but I’m feeling better about this than I did the others.  So.  We’ll see.  It’s in handwriting because Volundr deserves handwriting.

Norse history type folks and Norse Pagans – were there wolf berserkers or were they all bears?

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@selenityelizabeth replied to your post “@selenityelizabeth replied to your photo  “Is this really true? If…”

I still care but not as much as before. I understand writing is not an easy process and I can’t really judge GRRM. I’m slowly making my way through Fire and Blood but I’m not that eager to know about Targ history. @thefeatherofhope makes a good point though.

@thefeatherofhope replied to your post “@selenityelizabeth replied to your photo “Is this really true? If…”

@selenityelizabeth I still care too. I need answers! But I couldn’t get through F&B. A bit too repetitively creepy. There was a good post going around when it first came out about how over the top the mortality rates are too. If you want to read it just hit me up!

I too care - about ASOIAF, that is, and I eagerly still wait for the release of TWOW. I haven’t laid my eyes on Fire & Blood and honestly, I have no real interest either… Maybe, if it miraculously landed on my lap, I would flick through it and possibly even read it, but I haven’t had any real interest to find it. The whole Targaryen history is simply just not my jam. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@thefeatherofhope replied to your post “@selenityelizabeth replied to your photo “Is this really true? If…”

My husband’s reaction was “why write a story that confirms we’re all doomed to repeat the mistakes of our family? GRRM is like, stop trying fools - that’s not even nihilism, it’s lazy.”

@thefeatherofhope replied to your post “@selenityelizabeth replied to your photo “Is this really true? If…”

People who don’t write really don’t understand that sometimes it’s invigorating to work on another story and then come back to the one that’s giving you trouble with a fresh perspective. Casual readers of F&B are often creeped out by the perverted narrator’s obsession with the sex lives of young teens, myself included. That and they don’t care to read Targ history since they believe it ends with Mad Queen Dany and the idea that you can’t break the cycles of your family.

Well, this is certainly not a rousing endorsement of “Fire and Blood” to inspire me to dig it up! 😜 (Although I would be curious as to how I would see the quoted obsession…)

I truly hope that GRRM will break the curse of D&D and GoT when TWOW comes out! (I hope TWOW does come out…) 

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HEY I'm your .... you know ;) Just playing I'm your SSV. What are some things you really like/are really into right now?

HEY! Tbh I think the Biggest thing I’m into (And Have been into for AWHILE and Will be into indefinitely because look it’s perfect alright) is Dungeons and Dragons!!! I’m Really REALLY REALLY enjoying the campaign I’m in! (It’s run by the absolutely Fantastic @beyondthein-finite

There’s nothing I love more than a good story and the way that Aimee runs the Blackfall campaign I personally think rivals even the great Matthew Mercer, maybe I’m a liiiiiiittle biased but like she’s a seriously good storyteller. The way she’s woven all of our PCs backstories together is So Neat and like!!! The plot twists!!! That have happened so far are just!!!! So frickin cool!!!!!! Not a day goes by where I don’t spend a good chunk of it thinking about the Blackfall Campaign

I could spend all DAY rambling about Blackfall and all the epic stuff that has gone down but I’ll just stop here.

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on the side of bad news, i have family down near bega, and… it’s not looking great

fires are closing in from all directions, so there’s pretty much no safe direction for the wind to take. There’s been a strong southerly, so the victorian fires are moving up (fires near me only shows nsw, so there’s a bunch more fire down in victoria)


this is a photo my aunt took around 5pm yesterday, as they’re staying to defend the house

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