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Today Marks Two Years Sober

So a lot has changed in my life over these last two years. I’ve had close friends die at a month in my sobriety I wanted to give up and use to numb the hurt the pain even for a minute I lost another close friend three months ago. It never gets easier when you lose someone close but the reality is if I choose to numb my pain of losing them I could be next and I want to honor them live for them because they no longer can. I’ve got my friends trust and families trust it’s not 100% and it never will be my mom still calls me to ask where I’m at and I hear her voice Shake are you coming home…where are you…? And my heart shatters but I did that to her I MADE her worry during my drug use and now I must give her reassurance for as long as it takes truth is it will be until her last breathe. But I’ve grown into someone I’m proud of I can look at myself without crying. I have friends that truly care about me and check on me. I have the things I’ve craved to have when I was consumed by drugs. Everyday isn’t rainbows and sunshine but my worst day sober has been better than any day I’ve used. Here’s to many many more years sober! I want to give addicts hope I was using H, Xanax, alcohol,coke; and have found sobriety it’s the hardest thing I’ve done but if you chase your sobriety like you chase your high trust me you too CAN achieve sobriety

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