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#hermione granger
December ♕ D.M.
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: I do NOT own Harry Potter or it’s characters, only this prompt.
Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader
Warnings: Angst, Fluff, and Minimal Smut.
Word Count: 1060
A/N: This is my entry to @harryssmommy’s writing contest!​
A hum escaped the parted lips of Draco Malfoy as he looked out over the gardens surrounding his home, or lack thereof. Malfoy Manor was magnificent, the greenery surrounding it spectacular, but it had never felt like home. It was especially prominent during this time of the year when he returned from Hogwarts to dark entryways and quiet halls. There were no red, green, silver, or white decorations littered about and there were no stockings hung from the fireplace in the sitting room. There was an absence of life, of happiness, of love and he hadn’t noticed it until he met (Y/N) (Y/L/N).
She was enchanting to say the least, so full of life and light that it left him wondering why she’d ever developed an interest in him. He wasn’t anything like her, he bullied and belittled people, he flaunted about as if he were spectacular, and he had chosen the wrong side in the approaching war. She was kind to everyone, regardless of blood status or lineage, something that surprised him seeing as she’d come from a family as wealthy and powerful as his own. She was humble, charitable, and the epitome of perfection. It was no surprise the two had ended up together, at least not to their families. However, to their friends, classmates, and professors it had been quite the shock. 
“Don’t worry about them,” She had told him at the beginning of the month, her painted lips curved into a breathtaking smile. She had been dressed in an emerald cloak, the fabric doing little to shield her from the December air. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes bright, and he could still recall the smell of the perfume she’d sampled in Gladrags Wizardwear. It smelled like Christmas, she had said, but he hadn’t known what that meant. Christmas was a foreign concept to him, his family had never celebrated it. But the holiday meant everything to the (Y/H/C) girl, so he’d simply agreed. 
“You know I never do.” He had retorted, reaching his gloved hand down to entwine his fingers with her own. He tugged her into his side to hopefully supply a bit more heat as they walked through Hogsmeade in search of the perfect gift for her Mother, another concept he didn’t quite understand about the upcoming holiday. Why buy one another presents when you could do that year round?
He lifted a glass of Firewhisky to his lips as he brought himself back from the memory, grimacing at the way it burned his throat. It didn’t burn nearly as badly as the loneliness he felt without (Y/N) though, so he shrugged it off and turned to pour himself another glass. 
“You aren’t old enough to be drinking that, you know.” An all too familiar voice cut through the darkness, heightening his senses and causing him to nearly drop the expensive bottle he’d grabbed. He squinted his eyes to see if her voice was just a figment of his imagination, or if the woman he loved was actually visiting him on Christmas Eve. He highly doubted it, her family had many traditions and one included a feast on December 24th. 
“I know you’re not really there,” He told the darkness, his eyes glazing over as it hit him that he was truly alone this holiday season. His Mother and Father had left for a meeting in France, not bothering to let anyone but the House Elves know. He set the bottle of alcohol down, deciding he’d had enough if he were beginning to get auditory hallucinations. He stepped back in to the comfort of his room, the only place in the Manor he felt like he belonged, and sat on the edge of his bed. He didn’t bother to lay down or cover his ice-kissed skin, he just sat there in the silence and allowed himself to be consumed by the feeling. 
“But I am here, Dray.” Her voice came again, this time much closer. He swore he could feel her hands on his shoulders, but he wrote it off as yet another hallucination. He was just lonely and perhaps a bit tipsy, there was no way (Y/N) was in his bed touching him. His brain didn’t except that logic however and he lifted a hand of his own to cover the spot he swore hers was. He inhaled sharply as palm curved around that of another person’s, his heart beginning to beat more rapidly as he used his free hand to reach for his wand.
“Lumos!” He called on the charm he’d learned in his first year, his eyes widening at the sight of the very person he wanted to see most. (Y/N) was sitting on top of his bed, her eyes lit up in laughter, and the smile he swore could light up a room stretched across her red painted lips. She wore a red wrap dress, the material clinging to her like a second skin, and her feet were bare. 
“Surprise,” She said with a giggle as she pushed herself up to her knees so that she was eye level with the platinum blonde who held her heart. She placed her hands on his chest as she allowed him to process her appearance, his arms wounding around her waist eagerly. He bent his head down and connected their lips, putting every ounce of love and passion he had into it. She returned his affection happily, allowing him to move her so that she was lying on her back.
“I missed you so much.” He told her between kisses, the sentiment making her heart warm. She didn’t understand how anyone could leave behind this man, how anyone could doubt him. She’d known him all her life, but had only gotten to know him over the last six months, and he never failed to take her breath away. 
“I missed you too, Dray.” Her voice came out full of air as his lips moved down her jawline and neck, leaving marks along the way. She felt him smirk against her skin, the feeling alone making her pull her bottom lip between her teeth. He was everything she could’ve ever wanted in a partner, in a man, and she allowed him to show her just how much he missed her the remainder of the night. 
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artofcrumbs · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After breaking off their secret relationship to please his parents, Draco is shocked to see Hermione at the Malfoy NYE Ball, pregnant with his child.
Amends by @thelashjedi
Thank you to Lash for this Premium Cake Tier Commission Request on Patreon 🥰
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sodamnradd · a day ago
“Should’ve known you’d be here.” Draco leans against the doorway, grinning. “Leave the lab on time, Draco. You can’t be late. Such hypocrisy.”
She slips her finger between the pages of her hardcover, wincing when she realizes she’s on page 203, but only meant to read for thirty minutes. “What’s the time?”
“Late enough for Weasley to assume I’ve upset you somehow.” His tone turns snarky. “Mione would never be late to my birthday.”
She flushes.
“Hey, I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the library. But if you start missing their parties, your friends will only hate me more.”
“But have you read this?” She holds up a red book. “Belby claims porcupine quills are useless and were only integrated into potion-making to rescue the porcupine-breeding industry.”
“What? Impossible.” He dodges a maze of stacked books to get to her, flipping the cover over to read the back blurb.
1 hour later…
“Of course you swots are here.” Ginny stumbles inside, slurring her words. “Ron will be so disappointed to learn you haven’t broken up and aren’t moving out of Malfoy’s house.”
“Our house,” Draco corrects her without looking away from his book.
Hermione glances up sheepishly, a paperback novel in her hands since Draco hijacked her other one. “Draco needed a few minutes to check something.” She’s nestled between his legs, using his chest as a backrest. “Have you read this? It’s a memoir of Gertie Keddle the-”
“-first female quidditch player!” Ginny stumbles forward, knocking over a pile of books on her way. “Let me see.”
1 hour later…
“Really, Gin?” Harry appears in the doorway, shaking his head. “Ron’s going to hate that you haven’t disappeared to help Hermione move out of Malfoy’s house.”
“Our house,” says Draco.
Hermione holds up a new book. “Harry, have you read this?”
a/n oops sorry ron nothing personal
(300 words, inspired by this artwork)
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vlntcge · a day ago
Tumblr media
‘ Just the two of us , you and I . ‘
Wedding Dramione because I said you guys can have them.
He’s totally not wearing his lucky Slytherin Quidditch socks.
She’s totally not wearing Narcissa’s wedding dress.
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inadaze22 · a day ago
I was hunting for something I'm adding back into 35 and found this little gem. Set in Chapter 25 after Hermione drops Scorp off at Daphne's (and talks to both her and Pansy) and pre-Greenhouse trip. because I'm bored and editing.
It's WIPWednesday and yolo.
“Fine.” His face evened. “I’ll just go and work on—”
“No. Not tonight.” Hermione covered his hand on the desk in a move as unconscious as breathing. “Scorpius is at Daphne’s. Your mother is with Andromeda. There’s nothing left for you to do except decompress from the fight and take a walk with me.”
“I’m sure you know a place. Several, in fact.”
Remembering the list Pansy told her about, she smiled and offered her free hand. Although taller and stronger, Draco allowed himself to be drawn from his chair. Still, he leaned back on the edge of his desk and drew her closer.
They fit together easily.
There was a spark of surprise in his eyes at this, or maybe her lack of fight. It matched hers. The urge to analyse this moment like all the others that brought them here was instinctive, but Hermione found her focus frayed. Chest to chest with their arms around each other, a heartbeat passed as they stared at each other; a gentle reminder of his simple pleasure of reaching for someone who wanted his touch as well as a bizarre reminder that it was her he sought.
Still, Hermione didn’t shy away when Draco dipped his head, lips grazing her jaw.
He inhaled.
“Picked a place yet?” Hermione whispered shakily and tried not to squirm.
“Another minute.”
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Draco: What about the green ones? It really brings out your eyes.
Harry: I don't really have to look sexy while arresting criminals, you know.
Draco: You don't have to but that doesn't mean you can't
@sorry-i-ship-drarry @sappho-is-my-wife @drarrywords
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acnelli · a day ago
Can you recommend some romione au fanfics?
Hello anon,
Oh, I certainly can. Let's get into those AUs! We love them. I'll just link one or two stories of each author, but please have a look at their other stories as well.
Haven't read all of those yet, but I only heard good things about them and I can guarantee that you'll only read excellent stories by these authors.
Please don't forget to leave kudos and comments/reviews on these stories. It doesn't matter how old they are or if the authors are still active writers or not, they deserve our appreciation 🙏
Lego House by @accio-broom (Muggle AU)
Everything Has Changed by @accio-broom (Muggle AU)
Fraternizing with the Enemy by @adenei (Muggle AU)
The Arrangement by @adenei (Muggle AU)
If You Jump, I Jump by @romioneb (Muggle AU)
Camp Wizarding World by @romioneb (Muggle AU)
Isolated by @cheesyficwriter (Year 6 AU)
Lost in Translation by @cheesyficwriter (Hermione didn't go to Hogwarts)
Waking Up in Vegas by @be11atrixthestrange (Muggle AU)
The Loft by @be11atrixthestrange (Muggle AU)
all my best lies by @remedialpotions (HBP AU)
When Fate Decides by @azaleablueme (Post War AU)
In Search Of Hermione by @azaleablueme (Slytherin Hermione)
7 Years, 6 Months, 4 Days by @trademarkblue (Post War AU)
Pause by @trademarkblue (DH AU)
The Other Side Of Life by kjc1123 (Hermione didn't go to Hogwarts)
I'm tagging @folk-melody again. Because they're a human Romione library and they're a blessing for this side of the fandom 💛
Thanks for the ask, anon!
Ask me anything for the 500 followers celebration!
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sodamnradd · a day ago
If Draco had to watch one more dimwit snog Granger…
“Buy a ticket.” Theo smirks. “Save a centaur.”
“Can’t bloody centaurs save themselves?” Draco’s eye twitches as McLaggen hauls her off her stool, dips her backwards, and kisses her on the mouth.
“Where’s the ticket counter?”
A grey-haired woman sits behind a neon-lit stall.
“How many left for the kissing booth?”
She unwinds a pink ticket roll and begins counting. “One, two, three…”
“I’ll take them all.” Draco dumps a heap of galleons on her table. “Let’s go.”
“You’re not using them?”
“I’m not paying to kiss Granger. Honestly, Nott.”
(100 words)
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vlntcge · a day ago
Tumblr media
‘ While he plays pretend ‘
Dragon Heart-String got to see it first, but here you guys go. This drawing has been in and out of the works for month, and I am proud to say I have finally gotten it how I want. A drawing of the lovely @senlinyu ‘s fic Manacled. Hope you enjoy!
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1971marauders · a day ago
Bella Luna (part 35)
Lunch Break
previous chapter
Pairing: Remus Lupin x reader
Warnings: none I think :V
Words: 3,571
Summary: You are just starting to get used to life working at Hogwarts.
A/N: Guys, for story-telling purposes, I did slightly change some of the order of events in POA. Not a big deal, tho
Tumblr media
Your first couple of days at the hospital wing started off lazily, and you had time to chat with Poppy and hear all about Harry’s adventures of the two previous years.
You were beside yourself with awe and couldn’t stop thinking about how scared Lily would have been, and how she would’ve scolded Harry if she had been alive. On the other hand, you could almost see James’s proud grin at his son’s mishaps and adventures.
You were just coming back from lunch as you saw an alarmed Hagrid running up to the hospital’s door, carrying a student in his arms.
“Merlin’s beard, Hagrid! What happened?” you half-shouted as you opened the door for him and followed him closely. “Put him down here” you showed him to a bed.
The blonde boy was squirming with pain and wailing quite loudly.
You approached him and inspected him up and down; he was holding one arm to his chest and keeping his other hand over it, as if shielding it.
“I need you to lower your arm, darling. What’s your name?”
“Malfoy” Hagrid answered for him. “s'just a hippogriff scratch. I told him te back off, but he didn’t listen te me, did ye, boy?” You looked up at Hagrid as he spoke and widened your eyes.
“Malfoy? As in Lucius Malfoy?” you asked, more surprised by meeting Lucius's boy, than by fact that a hippogriff had broken his arm.
“That’s my father, and he’ll be hearing about this!” he screamed, scrunching up his pointy nose as he scowled at Hagrid. “It’s not my fault if Dumbledore’s mental and he thinks this oaf can teach!”
“Alright, there’s no need for all that!” you scolded, and ran up to get hot water, towels, erumpent ointment, and bandages. “Hagrid you can go back to your classes, I’ll take care of this” you told him with a sympathetic smile. His pale face and beady eyes were blank, and he nodded as he stepped back from the bed.
“Sure, eeh... I’ll-I’ll be down there if... if ye need me”
Hagrid left, and you got to fixing the boy’s broken arm. In the small amount of time you were with the Malfoy boy, you already hated him enough to wish you could leave his arm as it was and maybe bump it a little with the tray.
A couple of hours later, Madame Pomfrey asked you to go over to the greenhouses and ask Professor Sprout for a couple of ingredients she needed to concoct a remedy.
After you delivered the herbs, she told you things appeared calm and to take a break if you wanted. You thanked her and, without even thinking about it, you made a beeline to Remus’s office and when you entered, you saw a boy standing in front of the desk. You almost fell backwards when he turned around and, yet again, for a moment all you saw was James.
“Oh... I didn’t... you’re busy...” you muttered, unable to unglue your eyes from Harry’s; now that you were in close proximity to him, you could see how green his eyes were, just like Lily’s. Right above his right eyebrow, sat the famous lightning-shaped scar, and you felt yourself trembling at the thought of how he had gotten it.
Remus stood from his chair and walked around the desk.
“Harry, this is my wife, y/n Lupin. She is the new healer and will be assisting Madame Pomfrey in the hospital wing”
“Oh, very nice to meet you!” Harry greeted you with a soft voice. You noticed his hair stood up at the back of his head, and you had to gulp down a chuckle as you remembered James insistently combing his rebel hair in front of the bathroom mirror.
Remus had to clear his throat for you to come out of your daydream.
“It’s great to meet you, Harry” you answered back, extending your arm forward and shaking his hand. He must’ve thought you were high, for how intently you were looking at him. “Umm, I can come back... professor, I didn’t mean to interrupt” you smiled at Remus, as your eyes jumped from him to Harry.
“Don’t worry about it, Harry and I were just finishing here”
Harry smiled and nodded as Remus saw him out.
“Dear Merlin! Is he the spitting image of James or what?!” you exclaimed as soon as Harry left the room. Remus smiled, nodding.
“He could easily pass as him. Except for the eyes”
“Lily’s” you finished for him.
“So...” he started again. “We did boggarts today. Harry’s year, I mean”
“Ooh? How did it go?”
“Was going great, actually. That is, until it was Harry’s turn and I... I though the boggart was going to take Voldemort's shape”
“Oh, dear... did it?”
Remus shook his head as you walked up closer to him and placed your hands on his chest.
“A dementor”
You trembled at the thought and widened your eyes.
“One can hardly blame Harry...”
“The thing is, I tried to shield Harry as soon as he stepped forward, and...”
“Oh, no. Remus...” you said, as you understood that the boggart had shaped into Remus’s biggest fear; the full moon. He gave a strained smile.
“It was only a few seconds, so I don’t think the kids figured what it was about... still”
You stayed silent for a moment and rubbed Remus’s arms up and down.
“I’m sorry, love”
“Never mind it. There’s good news, though! Neville conjured Severus dressed in Augusta’s clothes”
“WHAT?” Remus laughed as you stared at him.
“Turns out the thing that scares Neville the most is dear old Severus”
“Merlin... so, naturally your first impulse was to instruct Neville to dress Snape in his grandma’s old clothes, was it?”
“Just trying to have some fun...” he chuckled, “boggarts are scary, I just wanted to give the kids an incentive”
You shook your head at Remus, trying to hide your amusement.
“You’re mental” you finished, standing on your tippy toes to place a kiss on your husband’s lips.
Tumblr media
The rest of the week went by uneventfully, and on Friday afternoon, you were walking to the infirmary back from lunch and made a turn on the hallway.
In front of you, just some feet away, stood Severus Snape, towering over a student who, by the messy hair on the back of his head, you immediately recognized as Harry.
Neither of them noticed you as you were approaching, and you were able to listen to Snape.
“...prancing around and doing whatever you want. You need to be put in your place, Potter, and I very much look forward to having the privilege of...”
“Harry?” you called, resolved to end the uncomfortable moment. The kid looked at you and you motioned him to walk over to you.
“Ah, Mrs. Lupin, I wondered when we would... coincide." Snape said with a fake smile, straightening to his full height, as if that was supposed to impress you... 'bitch, I'm married to Remus long-legs Lupin', you thought, and tried to hide a smile. "A pity it had to be when I was in the middle of a talk with Mr. Potter, here.”
“Nice to see you too, Severus” you said, returning the fake smile. “Good to see the... hair grew back alright” you mocked, your face imperturbable. Harry looked confusedly at you and noticed Snape had scowled while absolutely piercing holes through your head with his dark eyes.
“I wouldn’t get too comfortable if I were you, Lupin. I highly doubt your... husband “he emphasized, sneering “will be keeping his position for long”
“Same old, Severus, always with the good-wishing” You heard Harry chuckle under his breath. “We’ll be just fine; don’t you worry about us. Now if you excuse us, Professor Dumbledore asked me to collect Harry. Good day to you, Professor Snape” you finished, turned around and prompted Harry to walk beside you, nudging his shoulder.
“Hair?” Harry inquired while you hurried your step.
“Long story, kid” You answered, walking Harry all the way to Remus’s office and almost pushing him inside, startling a restless Remus who was still grading papers.
He looked insistently at you and Harry and put his quill down.
Tumblr media
“Professor Lupin, sorry to interrupt” you greeted, placing once again a hand on Harry’s shoulder.
“Is everything alright?” Remus asked, half-standing from his desk.
“Well, that depends, would you consider a teacher bullying his students is ‘alright’?” you said, your nostrils flaring.
Remus studied you with keen eyes, giving Harry a sideways gaze.
“I’m sorry, Remus” you interrupted him “but he does not get to treat him like that. Not Harry” you finished with a grave tone. Harry looked up at you and then back at Remus.
“Did something happen with Professor Snape, Harry?” your husband inquired, slipping his hands into his pockets.
“Umm, nothing that hasn’t happened before”
“Do you see? He’s used to it!” You said, and Harry turned to face you.
“I really appreciate it, Mrs. Lupin, but... it’s okay”
You stared at the boy for a moment and felt your eyes prickling as you saw nothing but James staring back at you.
Tumblr media
“I really value your attitude, Harry. Towards the whole situation with Snape...”
“She means Professor Snape” Remus corrected. You gave him a severe look.
“You might think it ‘normal’ at this point, Harry, and I’m not saying you should stand up to him” you looked at Remus as you said this. “But it’s not okay, the way he treats you. I just think you should know that someone notices” you finished, and saw in the corner of your eye, Remus nodded.
“Thank you” Harry answered giving a small smile. “Both of you”
“We’re here for you, Harry” You smiled and placed a hand on Harry’s cheek, pulling it away almost immediately. You saw Remus pursing his lips and scratching the back of his neck. “Well... go back to your common room, then”
Harry nodded and gave one last smile as he exited the office. You waited a moment before you looked back at Remus.
“Darling...” he started, looking down at his desk.
“I know, Rem. I shouldn’t treat him any differently. But I’m also not going to watch that greasy idiot treat him like shit and do nothing about it!”
“Shh!” Remus said, trying to hide a smile as he walked up to you and tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear.
“I almost forgot how passionately you hate Severus” he said, chuckling “Just like James”. You, too, smiled and put your hand over Remus’s.
“I swear to Merlin if I catch him talking to Harry like that one more time, I’m going to have to bald him again” you finished, and Remus laughed harder while taking you in his arms.
Tumblr media
It was the first Gryffindor’s quidditch match, and as much as you wanted to attend and see Harry play, it was your shift at the infirmary, so there was no way for you to sneak out and watch for a while.
You were a little worried, though; the weather was dreadful for quidditch. You could almost hear James and Sirius complaining about it; a cold wind was blowing harshly, swaying the Whomping Willow from side to side, and soon, fat droplets of rain started falling down as an opening act for a full-on electric storm.
You worriedly looked out the window as you took care of a first year that had fallen down from his broom during a flying lesson.
Not long after, you were startled by the infirmary doors banging open, as professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall and a group of screaming students entered in a rush.
You stood from your chair and felt your stomach drop to your feet when you saw an unconscious Harry being levitated by Dumbledore.
“MERLIN’S BEARD!” you let out as you approached the party and directed Dumbledore to one of the hospital beds. “What happened?” you asked, starting to check Harry for injuries.
“Dementors” Dumbledore answered with a harsh tone. “Please excuse me as I need to contact the ministry.
“He fainted and fell off his broom” explained McGonagall, her mouth a thin and tightened line. “Dumbledore managed to stop the fall”
“Oh, goodness...” you said, absentmindedly, stripping Harry of his quidditch gloves and knee protectors. Only then did you look around and saw next to Harry’s bed Ronald, the Weasley twins, a tall girl with braided hair, and a shorter one with bushy brown curls.
“Fred, George, help me take his boots off” the twins obeyed on the spot. “Ron, help me with this” you said as you accioed a tray full of instruments, creams and concoctions that landed on Ron’s arms.
The shorter girl looked extremely preoccupied, and you thought it might be good for her to feel like she was being of use.
“What’s your name, darling?”
“Hermione. Hermione Granger” she answered, absent-mindedly fidgeting with some sort of necklace that hung from her neck. You saw yourself reflected on her as you thought how you always played around with your own necklace whenever you were scared or nervous.
“Hermione, I’m going to need you to go to the Great Hall and find madame Pomfrey. Tell her we’ll be needing some pepper up potion and some lavender fumes.”
The girl nodded and ran out of the hospital wing, followed by the tall girl. The twins and Ron placed Harry’s belongings on the floor, and you flew them into the night table’s drawers.
They helped you move Harry around as you patched him up and changed his clothes and when Hermione came back with madame Pomfrey, the nurse helped you treat Harry with lavender and a number of different potions. You told the kids it was now just a matter of waiting for Harry to awaken, and as you remember all those times you stayed the night at the hospital with Remus, you told them they could take turns accompanying Harry if they wanted. Ron and Hermione took the first shift and the Weasley twins went back to Gryffindor tower.
Tumblr media
The next day as Harry’s friends surrounded his bed, he woke up and you were happy to see him sharing a laugh or two with his friends.
With all the dementor commotion going around Hogwarts, you started feeling uneasy and worried about Lyall. What if he too had an unfortunate encounter with the dreadful creatures?
With that in mind, you waited for your shift to be over, and then left straight for dinner at the Great Hall.
You scanned the Gryffindor table, looking around for Lyall. It didn’t take long for you to spot him, and you walked over to where he was sitting next to a tiny and smiling boy.
You abruptly sat right in between them.
“Hi, I’m Lyall’s mother” you said to Lyall’s friend.
“Mum!” he exclaimed, as a flush spread through his face.
“Ummm... I’m Dennis” he answered, confused, and then turned to face your son.
“Hi darling, I’m sorry, I need a word with you, I promise I won’t be long”
“Alright, fine!” he answered as you stood and walked over to the entrance hall with Lyall close behind you.
“What is it!” he demanded, clearly embarrassed.
“Darling, listen to me, it is very important for you to stick to rules and curfew, I understand it might be tempting to leave your room afterhours and do some exploring, Merlin knows I did as much, but it would be quite dangerous, what with dementors surrounding the castle, and...” “Mum, breathe!” Lyall cut you off. “Dad already gave me this very talk”
“Oh... he did? What am I saying? of course he did.”
“And he too said something about being up afterhours, I might add.” you had never seen Lyall looking so similar to Remus, and you gave a smile. “Mum, I’m not stupid, I know to be careful and do what I’m supposed to” he said. You sighed.
“I know, sweetheart, I just got scared... you probably saw what happened to Harry, and...”
“I know, mum. And I am being careful, I promise” he finished, smiling up at you, and you let out another sigh of relief.
“Alright, darling. You know whatever happens you come to us, yes?”
“Yes, mum...”
“Okay, well... you go back to your dinner, then” he wasted not a second to run back to his table, and while he seated, you waved goodbye. “Nice to meet you, Dennis!” you yelled, laughing inside as you saw your kid’s face go red.
Some weeks later, the day of the first trip to Hogsmeade arrived, and from an early hour you saw students running up and down hallways, having breakfast and excitedly talking about what they’d do in the village.
You thought back to the several times you went to Hogsmeade with Remus and the gang, and, as was expected, your heart ached.
When your morning shift ended and you entered the Great Hall for lunch, you saw Harry sitting alone at the Gryffindor table.
Why was he not at Hogsmeade with his friends? Why had he stayed behind? Then it hit you that his no-good aunt and uncle had probably refused to sign the form that allowed him to leave school.
You stopped as you were walking to the teachers table, and when you saw Remus was not there, you turned around and went to sit with Harry.
“Mrs. Lupin, hi” he greeted when he noticed you approaching.
“Hello, Harry. Didn’t make it to Hogsmeade, I see”
“Oh, yeah... I...” he didn’t seem to know what to say, so you lifted a hand and stopped him with a smile.
“May I join you? Professor Lupin seems to be busy right now, and I very much dread eating alone”
“Oh, please” he said, moving over so you could sit. You looked around before sitting down, and your eyes found Snape, who eyed you eerily from the teacher’s table.
“Ugh, he just won’t leave it alone, will he?” you muttered, sitting down.
Harry seemed to have noticed what you talked about and gave a small yet amused smile.
“I would like to thank you again, for... the other day, with Snape”
“Oh, don’t mention it, Harry. He’s always been fond of playing the villain, and just because he’s a teacher, he shouldn’t get away with bullying you kids... I heard he was Neville’s boggart... and as much fun as it would’ve been to see him dressed in Neville’s grandmother’s clothes, it just speaks of the concept students have of him”
“I know he hates me; I would just like to know why”
“Oh, Harry. I don’t think it has as much to do with you as it does with your parents...” you stopped yourself mid-sentence, as you realized you should probably not be telling Harry much about anything... he was still a student.
“Professor Lupin said he... he said he knew my mum and dad” Harry mentioned, casually poking the porridge on his plate. “And I wondered if maybe you did too”
You looked in his eyes, and you felt your heart skip a beat. You wished you could tell him all about your and his parents’ friendship, of what great friends you had been, how James had always been like an older brother to you and told horrible jokes, and how Lily had been the sweetest person and your best friend. But you knew you couldn’t just talk to Harry as if he was someone your age...
“We were friends” you answered, holding yourself back, as much as you wanted to talk until you were out of breath “I was your mother’s maid of honor at your parents' wedding” Harry’s expression changed in a second, and you knew he was seeing you differently.
"I, ummm... saw some pictures, and... Sirius Black is in some of them..." your eyes widened like saucers and you gulped. "Did you know him too?"
“Harry I, ummm... I’m not sure we should talk about this..."
“Mrs. Lupin, please. My whole life has been nothing but adults keeping secrets from me, about my own life. But Professor Lupin and you are different, you don't treat me like I'm just a kid... Please.”
Right at that moment, when you felt yourself about to bend, you felt a presence behind you.
“Harry” you looked up and saw your husband standing behind you, smiling down at both you and Harry.
“Hello, professor” he answered.
“Mrs. Lupin, I wondered if I could have a word with you in my office” he asked, looking at you with a side smile and focused, slightly golden eyes.
“Of course, Professor” you answered, standing up, and then looked back down at Harry, “we’ll talk later, Harry” you finished, placing an arm fleetingly on his back, but secretly thanking Remus for interrupting. Harry smiled and nodded, and you left the Great Hall with Remus. He opened the door for you, and you entered his office, digging in your brain for what it could be that Remus wanted to say.
“So... what exactly do you want to have a word with me about?” you asked, looking back at him and leaning on his desk.
“Oh nothing” he started, approaching you slowly, putting his hands in his pockets, looking casually flirtatious. “I have entirely too many students, so as you can imagine, breaks are scarce”
“I imagined you’d be on your lunch break, so... I decided to fetch you for some... us time.” he finished, eyeing you up and down with a smirk. You felt a tingle in the back of your head, and took a step closer to Remus.
“OH... so that’s what this is about... Not even going to ask me out for some coffee first, are you?” you asked playfully, taking another step closer, standing now just a couple of inches from him.
“Do you want coffee?” he inquired, cocking an eyebrow.
“No.” you finished, launching yourself forward and crashing your lips against Remus’s. He surrounded you with both arms and kissed you desperately.
That was going to be one looong lunch break.
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