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Madam Granger, Chapter 5

“You see, we are both outsiders, one way or another.”

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Originally posted by pubertaddams

A/N: If you guys like this and want a part 2 please let me hear it in the comments. This is also the first George Weasley story so please forgive me if I get some stuff wrong. (2nd draft)

Summery: At Hermione and Ron’s wedding you meet George for the first time.

Word count: 1264

Warnings: Smoking and a mention of Fred's death

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“OH, I’m so nervous,” Hermione said pacing back and forth across the dressing room. “I mean what if I trip and fall in front of everyone? what if someone objects? what would happen then? W-what if it all goes wrong? What if…

"What if you take a breath and imagine having Ron Weasley as your husband and living a long and happy life with him instead of worrying?” you said in a matter of fact tone, walking to her and held her in place.

Your sister had always had a bad habit of overthinking the small things. Admittedly her wedding wasn’t exactly something small but still. She had been fretting about that day for the past week and it made you chuckle. When she was little she would always be the one asking questions, glad to see that hadn’t changed.

“Luckily enough for you, don’t need to worry about any of that because it is not going to happen. You’re gonna walk down that rose-covered isle, in a dress you love, to the man you love…. understand?”

A relieved smile tugged at her lips as she held you in a hug. “I’m so glad you’re here, I thought you’d stay in Australia.”

“You kidding me? You’re my baby sister, I had to come… plus the look on Ron’s face is going to be priceless”

Suddenly the door opened revealing the bridesmaids and the soon to be mother in law.

You always liked Molly. She gave off a wholesome air around her that you couldn’t help but love, very motherly and warm. The woman almost dropped the bag she had in her hand when she saw Hermione and rightfully so. She looked stunning in that dress.


“Oh, Hermione,” The woman said on the brink of tears. “Look at you, you look gorgeous my dear. And (Y/N)! it’s so good to see you! How are you feeling? how was the move?”

You smiled awkwardly as she pulled you into a bone-crushing hug. Both Ginny and Hermione gave you a look that said “sorry you’re on your own”

“I’m great Molly but I’d feel better if I could breath” you joked, earning you a light smack on the arm.

“Right that’s my queue to leave, here are your shoes Ginny and the next time I talk to you, Hermione, you’ll be a Weasley.”

And with an excited smile from the bride, Molly closed the door to go find your parents.

Ginny let out a quick chuckle as she hugged the bride. “Sorry for my mother, If I didn’t know any better I would’ve thought it was (Y/N) getting married, by the way she reacted.”

“Uh excuse me, I’m the one whose bones are gonna be gone by the end of tonight so count your blessings.” You smiled, hugging Ginny. She was always nice to hug.

As you expected the ceremony went smoothly. All of the right words were said, the bridesmaids looked beautiful and the groomsmen were groomed to perfection. When the pair said their vows there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Everything was perfect.

After everyone had eaten and the tables were tucked away it was time for the after-party in which you found it the appropriate time to sneak outside and have a cigarette.

It was dark that night. The sky looked like someone had taken a black sheet and threw it over the world. When you were younger you’d always wonder what it was like to be among the stars, being so bright that they could see you from light years away. It was the closest thing to magic you could achieve.
The music inside the hall was vibrating through the ground reminded you as to why you were out there in the first place.

Hermione was Married.

At seeing her so happy, you couldn’t help but wonder where the time had gone. Gone were the times when she’d come to ask you for help with her homework. All of the time you had spent reading her stories at night, teasing her about her teeth. They all passed in front of your eyes faster than you could blink.

“A nasty habit you’ve got there” A cheerful voice asked, breaking you from your thoughts.

When you looked to see who it belonged to, you were met with an attractive young man. He was tall, had short red hair wearing an orange-brown waistcoat with a dress shirt underneath. You’d seen him standing with Ron at the ceremony with his hands in his pockets.

With an amused hum, you took a drag of the cigarette “I know but I only have them on special occasions”

He chuckled, as he leant on the wall beside you. “Mind if I have a drag?”

“you smoke?” you asked looking him up and down.

“No, but like you said, its a special occasion.”

You let out the smoke you were holding letting it spiral and disappear into the frigid air. As he took a drag he burst into a fit of coughs and sputtered with a look of disgust on his face.

“Well, there goes my chance at looking cool.”

You chuckled as he handed you back the cig. “You’re George Weasley right?”

“Is it that obvious?” he asked regaining his composure and extending his hand for you to shake which you accepted.

“I’m your new sister in law.”

For a second it looked like something clicked in the man’s head.

“Ah so you’re the famous (Y/N) my mum keeps talking about.”

“Guilty. I’ve heard a lot about you too. You sound like a right trouble maker, that true?” you asked with a genuine smile adorning your face.

He returned the smile and shifted his weight from one foot to the other. swaying awkwardly with his hands in his pockets.

“If I say yes, does that get me in your good books?”

George was with you the rest of that night. You sang you danced and joked like you’d known each other for years. This had been the happiest you’d been in a while, and you didn’t know it at the time, but he was in the same boat.


“Oh my gosh, Ron” Hermione whispered, tapping her husband and pointing to where she was looking.

“What? Is that George?

What the couple saw was, strange. You probably would have expected to be in the middle of a slow dance or something "romantic” but no. At that moment the pair of you were putting extra sugar in the kids punch bowl. Sounds like nothing until Ron realized what you were doing.

“Oh no, the kids are gonna get to hyper. I’ll go stop them” Just as he was about to stand up, your sister gently pulled him back down.

“NO look at them, look at George… he’s smiling, like an actual smile”

Ron looked between the pair. You had met Ronald before and he thought you were a nice girl. Very kind and understanding to him and the rest of the Weasleys you’d met on your visits from Australia. What surprised him was how the air changed around you, once nonchalant and humerus had turned into a glow of genuine happiness. The same went for his older brother. After Fred had passed, Georges spark for causing mischief had dimmed. Not disappeared by any means but it was smouldering, like the last few coals in a fire.

“Looks like the plan is in full swing Ronald.”

He turned to his wife and smiled as he placed a kiss on her forehead.

“It does indeed”

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<div> —  anonymous<br> </div><span>Harry finds out that his girlfriend is cheating on him. This finally leads him to tracking Hermione down and telling her his true feelings. The only problem is that Hermione can’t seem to forgive him for rejecting her in the first place.</span>
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Here’s Ron and his baby💗


At first I was like “baby Hugo!” But then as I was drawing it i was like “you kinda look like Rose…” so now it’s a free for all.

You choose the baby!!

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I remember reading that Emma wasn’t sure she wanted to continue acting after the 5th Harry Potter movie. Why do you think she decided to continue? Was it for the money mostly?

She also wanted to leave after either movie 2 or 3 and then wasn’t sure she wanted to do the last two films. I think she continued because she wanted fame, but didn’t want to work and didn’t enjoy the process of acting. I’m sure money was a huge factor, too, as she got more money each time she threatened to leave it seems. She also got more money for the last two films despite having 3 stand-ins do her job for her because she HAD to go to college during filming…

It’s always very interesting to me that people claim she loved being Hermione. It was very clear that she didn’t and she didn’t enjoy acting. 

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hermione: now, if you two don’t mind, i’m going to bed, before either of you comes up with another clever idea to get us killed, or worse, EXPELLED!!!!!!



a random girl that just wants to get to her dorm:

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every friend group should include

a bimbo: Lavender Brown

a mean bisexual: Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley

an even meaner lesbian: Padma Patil

He/Theys: Fred and George Weasley

She/Theys: Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger

token straight that’s on thin fucking ice: Ron Weasley

astrology bitch who knows everyone’s star chart: Parvati Patil

a short king: Neville Longbottom

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@ravenpuffforlife this is set before Harry’s arrival at Grimmauld Place. Hope you like it.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


It took them weeks, spent entirely within the dark and damp walls of 12 Grimmauld Place, but finally the twins had managed to persuade their mother to let them go out for something as mundane as grocery shopping. To get her permission, they swore they would’ve behaved in the most Muggle way possible, and who could keep an eye on them better than Hermione Granger, who had recently become Prefect? Before joining them, under Ron’s invitation, the young witch had spent two weeks exploring Bulgaria with who could now be considered in all intents and purposes her boyfriend. At first Mrs. Weasley hadn’t looked favourably on her decision to leave anyway, despite Cedric’s death and the slow but inexorable fall of the wizarding world into darkness, but her help had been essential to restore the new Order of the Phoenix headquarter, and although she hadn’t forgotten the article Rita Skeeter had written during the Triwizard Tournament, she seemed more inclined to put it aside than when she’d seen her at the door, a trunk at her feet and an embarrassed smile printed on her tanned face. A decade ago, the old Black residence must’ve been a very luxurious place, a mansion almost as vaunted as the Malfoy Manor, but not it was little more than a ruin, with furniture infested with woodworms and other insects and the wallpaper distinguished from the mould only because the first one came off just by touch. Even armed with the best of intentions, anyone would need a break from such a place, and Fred understood perfectly well why Sirius made the most of his Animagus abilities just to feel of the sun on his skin again, even for a brief moment. Indeed, he was the one who had given them the idea of including Hermione in their plan, and whatever was the reason behind the girl’s agreement to be mentioned in Mrs. Weasley’s presence was, he could only be grateful because, against all odds, they were now in a Muggle supermarket, walking through rows full of canned and dried products. In some strange way, doing such a normal thing made Fred feel at home. Sure, Mrs. Weasley had arranged the rooms so that everything looked as close to the Burrow as possible, and even though their real home had sometimes seemed too cramped and lacking in privacy, it was where they’d grown up and not some gloomy hidden place magically hidden from the rest of the neighbourhood. So, even though it was just an excuse for Hermione to go out and actually shopping an unpleasant consequence, for Fred it was different. First, he had never been to a supermarket. There were no such structures among the wizards, and no one was pushing carts full of food back and forth as they searched for more to add to the pile. Secondly, it was another one of his stolen moments with the girl he was in love with, a memory he would carry in his heart and that would probably never going to be repeated.

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Blame all the horny Ron Weasley fans out there who keep wanting me to draw some saucy mini Ronnies, WHICH I WILL NEVER DO.


So this was my first time ever drawing something like this and I gotta say, not too shabby.

Super difficult though, like damn. I had to look at so many references and the whole time I was praying to the heavens “please, DONT LET ANYONE WALK IN ON ME DRAWING THIS!” Cause it’s happend before and it’s very ✨embarrassing✨

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Headcanons of 5th year Quidditch Final if Hermione and Harry hadn’t gone with Hagrid and seen Ron being absolutely brilliant as a Keeper

  • Harry and Hermione anxiously hoping that Ron wouldn’t pay attention to horrible Slytherin song
  • Harry seeing Ravenclaw Chaser towards Ron but Ron failed to save the first Quaffle
  • Hermione glaring towards Slytherin benches cursing under her breath as they started singing ‘Weasley is our king’ even more loudly
  • Ravenclaw Chaser again coming towards Ron with Quaffle. Harry seeing chaser flying towards right but Ron flew towards the left ring.
  • Hermione closed her eyes and Harry shouted at Ron to go to right but he didn’t see what Ron did, that the chaser was actually bluffing and was really going to hit the Quaffle to the left ring
  • Every Gryffindor roared with cheer when Ron saved the Quaffle. Harry literally screaming and jumping. Hermione too thrilled to grasp what just happened
  • Harry could see Ron becoming more confident and when the Ravenclaw came towards Ron again, this time Hermione didn’t close her eyes. Instead she was screaming that he can do it
  • And Ron again saved it. Harry and Hermione literally grabbing each other, screaming at each other’s faces, ecstatic to see Ron performing so good
  • Dean and Seamus came forwards towards the Gryffindor crowd and yelled loudly to the first years to sing the song like they practiced
  • Every Gryffindor started to pick the words and singing Weasley is our king. He never lets the Quaffle in. He never leaves a single ring. That’s why Gryffindors all sing. Weasley is our king
  • Ron saving another goal and Hermione screaming loudly Weasley is my King
  • Ron winking towards Hermione, making her blush
  • Hermione threatening fellow Gryffindors to sing louder or she would give them detention
  • Ginny finally catching the Snitch, ending the game but everyone knew who the real star of the match was
  • Gryffindor players coming to the ground and giving each other group hug
  • Madam Hooch giving Angelina Quidditch cup, Angelina giving the cup to Ron
  • Hermione bustling through the crowd to reach Ron. She calling him from a distance. Ron already beaming with joy, giving her an enthusiastic wave.
  • Hermione hugging him and Ron lifted her off her feat, swirling her round and round, Hermione squealing in delight
  • Harry beaming from distance. Harry giving Ron enthusiastic Bro hug
  • Dean, Seamus and Neville lifting Ron on their shoulders and chanting with the crowd Weasley is our King
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Alllll right my Harry Potter fans out there, LISTEN UP PLEASE!!!!

As we all know, today is a blessed day, the day a remarkable lad was popped into this world.

That’s right my dudes, babes, and all my other favs, today we are celebrating RON WEASLEY’S BIRTHDAY!!

This is what’s gonna go down from me, I have four drawings done that I will be sharing every hour starting at 9am (right now for me it is 8am), ending the day with a mini Ronnie at 1pm.

For now, in honour of such a wonderful character, here is some OLD ART (EWWW) that I found on my computer featuring Ron Weasley (these date from around year old - three!!! WOAHHH!!) but thought it would be fun if we can (hopefully) see improvement together :,D


Do your eyes hurt from seeing these? Cause mine sure do *gags*

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Hermione: Make sure to put the toilet seat down

Harry: Okay

Harry:*to the toilet seat* You’re worthless and nobody likes you

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Hermione: What are you doing?

Harry: Helping Ron to look for his chickens that I ate ten minutes ago

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