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selenesheart · 5 months ago
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thank you so much for 1k followers, i love you all so much. thanks for all of the love and support in the past two (?) months, it’s so crazy to me how much I’ve grown— and now I wanna show my love and support by recommending some of my favourite fics/blurbs <3
* indicates smut
Tumblr media
ceo!blaise by @slvt4fakerealities *
moonlight & afterlife by @nic0lodean
messy office by @silverdelirium *
rest by @acosmis-t
sticky washing machine / pt. 2 by @silverdelirium *
better by @bellatrixscurls *
mommy by @fredshufflepuff *
edging by @/slvt4fakerealities *
tears of gold by @hellounicorn *
perfect by @akraziia
sweet tooth by @/silverdelirium *
good girls get awarded by @kirascottage *
walk through hell by @gxtitobxby
look how pretty by @arcaneslut *
can’t take it by @slvt4fakerealities *
that’s what i’m here for by @eunoniaa *
tutor by @hellounicorn *
Initials by @cupids-crystals
wrapped around my finger by @akraziia *
rivals / pt. 2 by @shadesofvelma *
deserve nothing by @thotbutpurple *
dreams come true by @marauders-lupin
wish you were sober by @hxlyhead-harpies
angel by @earlgreydream *
if you were here by @slytherweasley *
anniversary by @/silverdelirium
scissoring (ft. h.g.) by @/arcaneslut *
I like her name by @ladyvesuvia
we fell in love in October by @dreamy-clousds
pretty in pink by @miiamour *
your touch by @/chokemepansy *
sub harry by @railmeharrypotter *
trust me, darling by @chokemepansy *
dom harry by @peppers-analytics *
sweet kisses by @ronsbadidea
stress reliever by @/thotbutpurple *
bubble baths by @dracossweetprincess
scissoring (ft. p.p.) by @/arcaneslut *
keep going by @chokemepansy *
on camera by @cupidsriot *
muggle devices by @/cupids-crystals
overstimulation by @slvt4fakerealities *
je t’aime by @maybanksslut
his baby by @bellatrixscurls *
my good girl by @/fredshufflepuff *
first time by @pinkandblueblurbs *
she loves me by @henqtic
needy by @arcane-history *
a birthday show by @salazarslytherin *
opportunities by @holden-caulfield
flustered adorable mess by @/fredshufflepuff
shaking and trembling by @/ronsbadidea *
multitasking by @miiamour *
special by @magicchai
wrong by @/bellatrixscurls *
cinnamon and roses by @chokemepansy
cuddle bunny by @/dreamy-clousds
wrong by @/chokemepansy *
pretty by @gothboutique *
big breath, darling by @/eunoniaa *
sweater weather by @mullthingsoverinthehotwater
would you? by @magicchai
deification by @yoooespinosa *
my lord by @ingeniouscollectionthing *
wrong by @/silverdelirium *
my heirs by @b-aobao *
Tumblr media
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louvrr · 19 days ago
JEALOUSY . . . preference
multi-character x reader. includes draco, harry, cedric, blaise, pansy, hermione + james, sirius and remus :)
contains jealousy (obv) and some swearing (me saying fuck every second line, my sincere apologies) also this is unedited as per usual !
heya loves <3 this in order of most to least likely to be jealous in both golden and marauders era! also these are my opinions...this is my world and canon does not matter!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
draco malfoy is an only child
he has never had to share a single thing in his entire life and does not intent to start now
he makes it pretty damn hard for other guys to try to flirt with you considering he's always around you
but when they do
walks up and just makes out with you right in front of the person
bam! they're gone mission complete
sometimes it's annoying though and you have to tell him to chill the fuck out
like the time at a restaurant when he was mad at the waiter who was 'flirting' with you
to which you have to remind him that it was your fucking three year anniversary and if you were going to cheat, you probably would have done that already
he knows that is true and you love him but he can't help it
tends to be more upset with you then the other person
"why were you talking to (X)"
literally give her any reason and she says yeah right, even if it's true
isn't thrilled about the situation to say the least
she has trust issues for SURE
forgives you eventually cause she has no one to complain about draco to
his mannerisms are less rooted in actually being jealous of another person but worries that you will feel uncomfortable
babies the shit out of you because. he. can.
if you don't have a problem with someone talking to you, then he doesn't either type of deal
if you do, he won't hesitate to cause a scene, confront the guy, and deal with it
then takes care of you
if someone approaches when you're with him, he'll keep his hand on your thigh and tell them to fuck off (if needed)
overall pretty chill though
he gets jealous but doesn't know what the fuck to do about it
anyone could point out the fact you're talking to someone and trust him, he already knows ??
for a man who escaped voldemort like 6 times he has no solution for this problem
internal conflict guaranteed
doesn't have the energy to go up to the person (boy is TIRED) and doesn't say anything to you afterwards because it's not your fault that someone wants to have a conversation with you ???
cedric is such a <3 guy
like everyone around hogwarts genuinely likes him cause he's kind and fair and funny and he's just a good person okay?
and most people just respect him too much to try to hit on you (as terrible as that is)
so he doesn't really have anything to get jealous over
i must add though, that since he is so nice he might be a little naive or too kind to girls trying to hit on him
and he's not good at saying piss off even when he needs to
so that might create a little jealousy or trust issue of its own
very rational
knows that if you didn't love her you wouldn't be with her
also understands that it's not fair to you if she's jealous
she literally spends her days with the most famous man in the wizarding world. who would she be to be mad that someone wanted you to tutor them?
Tumblr media
i would say he's more possessive than he is jealous
he knows he's the shit, so he isn't envious of much
he just wants your attention (all of the time)
so if that means going up to you when you're talking to another guy
putting his arm over your shoulder
dialling PDA up around 800%
then so be it
if it gets your attention, he has succeeded
he will do it and he doesn't give a second thought to what the other guy thinks. you're his s/o! is it a crime to want to talk to you?!
if the person doesn't get the point?
starts talking to you as if they aren't there because he is impatient
has no shame
i still ranked him above james because i think he's more likely to act you know?
james can be possessive like sirius, demanding your full attention
but he knows that the thing preventing you from giving the attention is the person you're talking to
so he is !! upset with them !! to say the least
he doesn't want you to feel like you aren't your own person so i don't think he'd approach you and the person
but he is so fucking petty the second you get back
anytime you say something it's 'why don't you go ask (X)? i'm sure they know the answer!' and related
he is a little bit confused and/or angry and it's his way of trying to convert that into a joke
probably leads to an argument and he apologizes after a day
after he finds out the conversation was about something stupid and then realizes how fucking dumb it was to be dramatic like that
he just loves you a lot and gets confused on how to show it
is genuinely sorry
now he has his moments, ofcourse
but for the most part i think he's pretty chill
won't notice unless someone points it out
which it's almost always james
"YN is talking to (X)... aren't you worried"
internal panic pt 2
'should i be ????'
his worries are more based in insecurity than jealousy
so he will say something about it but
when you assure him that yes, you still love him he is back on his shit!
Tumblr media
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quillsanddaydreams · 7 months ago
⸻ a hp following disclosure
Tumblr media
I've been meaning to make an appreciation post for all the writer's on here and since I already reblog all stories I read on @daydreams-treasury , I thought why not just recommend blogs as a whole. All the blogs down below are amazing, talented, brilliant— you name it. Do check out their masterlists to fall in love with their writing, I know I have.
Please note that this order is quite random, I went through my rec and following lists to create this :) Also, there might be blogs who are no longer active or write anymore, but I felt it was worth mentioning their amazing works.
Tumblr media
☆ @scvrllet » I don't think I've ever found a person more deserving of the title "angst queen" and you'll be surprised to see her fluffy stories are equally delightful.
writes for: the marauders, lily evans, regulus black, tom riddle, barty crouch jr, golden trio, draco malfoy, the weasley’s, blaise zabini, pansy parkinson, and cedric diggory
☆ @nuttytani » To prove that no amount of fluff is just enough and stories can in fact make your days a bit brighter everyday.
writes for: bill weasley, cedric diggory, ginny weasley, harry potter and the marauders
☆ @propinquify » For angst, fluff or hurt and comfort I think Naija can take you on a roller coaster of emotions.
writes for: the marauders, wolfstar, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, harry potter, ginny weasley, blaise zabini and cedric diggory
☆ @sunrisefairy » I have yet to start on her works, but I know for a reason that her works are *chef's kiss*
writes for: george weasley, bill weasley, charlie weasley and the marauders
☆ @fortisfilia » I remember reading her works and dreaming hours on end. And I think the world she created with her stories was a pretty one to live in ;)
writes for: the marauders, tom riddle, draco malfoy, fred weasley, dean thomas and cedric diggory
☆ @sirisuorionblack » You know the moment a story feels less like fanfiction, but more like an adventure you're going through? Yeah. Her stories will make you feel that.
writes for: the marauders, wolfstar, marlene mckinnon and cedric diggory
☆ @henqtic » I have yet to start on their stories but as far as general consensus goes, their works are all amazing.
writes for: the marauders, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, luna lovegood, neville longbottom
☆ @rcwenaclaw » The way she writes makes me swoon and you are bound to fall for all of those works too!
writes for: fred weasley, george weasley, charlie weasley, harry potter, ron weasley, hermione granger, ginny weasley, luna lovegood, draco malfoy
☆ @natasha-romancff » The overwhelming amount of emotions I feel when I read her stories should be illegal :')
writes for: fred weasley, george weasley, the marauders, tom riddle, ron weasley, harry potter, neville longbotton, cedric diggory, oliver wood, ginny weasley, luna lovegood, draco malfoy
☆ @shaynawrites23 » Her fluff just makes my heart skip a beat and melt all gooey inside >.<
writes for: sirius black and remus lupin
☆ @blue-writes-things » The light-hardheartedness in their works is amazing and I never not smile when I read their works.
writes for: remus lupin and sirius black
☆ @george-fabian-weasley » The amount of talent is awe-inspiring, the feelings and emotions all put to words are just so beautiful.
writes for: george weasley, fred weasley, bill weasley, oliver wood and harry potter
☆ @hxlyhead-harpies » You know the moment when you have to stop everything and look at the wall for a moment because the thing you just read actually made your heart ache? Oh yeah. Their works will do that to you.
writes for: the marauders, lily evans, wolfstar, jily, hermione granger, neville longbottom, luna lovegood, cedric diggory, fred weasley, george weasley, ginny weasley and oliver wood
☆ @weasleydream » I have yet to start on their works, but please do check their works out.
writes for: fred weasley, george weasley, charlie weasley, bill weasley, percy weasley, ginny weasley, the marauders, harry potter and oliver wood
☆ @iwritesiriusly » For the amount of fluff and cuteness and sweet scenes that is contagious to health XD
writes for: draco malfoy, the marauders, regulus black, george weasley and newt scamander
☆ @awritingtree » If you weren't in love with a fictional character already, they'll make you fall for them, hard.
writes for: george weasley, fred weasley, draco malfoy, oliver wood, neville longbottom and the marauders
☆ @theonly1outof-a-billion » For the fluff that can cure blue days
writes for: remus lupin, sirius black, draco malfoy, fred weasley
☆ @remmyswritings » I think her writing is like a comforting hug you need after a long long day and I don't think anything describes her works better than simple beautiful.
writes for: theodore nott, blaise zabini, charlie weasley, regulus black and sirius black
☆ @willowbleedsonpaper » You know the moment you don't feel like reading, but more like watching a movie unfold? I think her writing can do that to you.
writes for: draco malfoy, theodore nott, james potter, sirius black, regulus black, fred weasley and george weasley
☆ @boxofbadaddiction » For me, reading her stories has always been painful because all the while I can't help but go "I want that-"
writes for: fred weasley, george weasley, harry potter, draco malfoy and remus lupin
☆ @coffee--writes » I don't think words can accurately describe just how perfect and gorgeous her writing is. The emotions, decriptions- everything about her works is just *amazing*
writes for: the golden trio, draco malfoy, neville longbottom, ginny weasley, fred weasley, george weasley, cedric diggory, blaise zabini, theodore nott, daphane greengrass, susan bones, katie bell, charlie weasley, bill weasley, fleur delcor, the marauders, regulus black and lily evans
☆ @oopskashish » Her writing cannot be described as anything else than enchanting, she'll make you fall in love with her words.
writes for: the marauders, regulus black, lily evans, harry potter, draco malfoy, fred weasley and george weasley
☆ @selenes-sun » I think I've always loved stories that make us feel like going through an old photo album and val is an expert at just that.
writes for: blaise zabini, charlie weasley, harry potter, draco malfoy, regulus black, neville longbottom, sirius black, remus lupin, fred weasley, george weasley, ginny weasley, hermione granger, minerva mcgonagall and pancy parkinson
☆ @heloisedaphnebrightmore » The way she writes is filled with fluffiness and an appropriate way to comment on them seems to be a long keysmash.
writes for: the marauders, regulus black, oliver wood, draco malfoy, cedric diggory, ron weasley, fred weasley, george weasley, neville longbottom and charlie weasley
☆ @ghosts-of-hogwarts » Her works have always been a fluffy delight :')
writes for: the marauders and draco malfoy
☆ @leahstypewriter » I think her works give off a huge dark academia, head in the clouds vibes- in a great way.
writes for: the marauders, cedric diggory, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, neville longbottom and the golden trio
☆ @iliveiloveiwrite » Millie's works have always been a joy to read- angst or fluff or light-hardheartedness alike, she has it all.
writes for: the marauders, the golden trio, draco malfoy, george weasley, fred weasley, neville longbottom, cedric diggory, oliver wood and luna lovegood
☆ @finnwrld » I still remember the time he sent in a story of his to review and I was at a loss of words. Because try as hard as I may, I could find zero faults in their work and wow, his works are simply wow.
writes for: the marauders, harry potter, draco malfoy, hermione granger and george weasley
☆ @omgrachwrites » All of her series are to die for, you wouldn't be able to comprehend the emotions she'll make you go through.
writes for: sirius black, jily and more
☆ @thou-crusty-batch-of-nature » She has written some extremely fluffy stories which are to live for.
writes for: the marauders and harry potter
☆ @angelxnaa » I don't think there is anyone who isn't a fan of her works because oh my god they are so beautiful.
writes for: the marauders, golden trio, cho chang, fleur delcor, ginny weasley, luna lovegood, cedric diggory, draco malfoy, george weasley, fred weasley, neville longbottom, bill weasley, lily evans, marlene mckinnon and regulus black
☆ @ickle-ronniekins » Her stories have e v e r y t h i n g. They'll get you right in your feels like magic.
writes for: fred weasley and george weasley
☆ @approved-by-dentists » The talent they have is unreal and you'll never know you're reading fanfiction or a famous published book because he is just that good.
writes for: the marauders, luna lovegood, draco malfoy, cedric diggory, golden trio
☆ @pregnant-piggy » Her stories are one of the best out there- they're so damn amazing. I'm always awe-struck when I read her works, it's like living a dream.
writes for: the marauders, jily, golden trio, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, charlie weasley and blaise zabini
☆ @sweeter-than-strawberries » Reading her stories is like watching a beautifully aesthetic movie and I love all of them for it.
writes for: sirius black
☆ @heyquxxns » I just fell in love with her writing the moment I read them and I hope you do too.
writes for: the marauders and regulus black
☆ @theweasleysredhair » I love love all her stories and the way they make me feel- the emotions and characterization, everything feels on point.
writes for: the marauders, fred weasley, george weasley, draco malfoy, neville longbottom, ron weasley and oliver wood
☆ @bave-de-crapaud » I simply adore the way she writes for Sirius and hope you will too!
writes for: sirius black
☆ @rainandhotchocolate » I remember going through her masterlist and falling in love with every single story she wrote because they were all just that good ;)
writes for: the marauders, jily, lily evans, harry potter, hermione granger and teddy lupin
☆ @padfootagain » There is a reason she's called the "queen of fluff" and that is entirely due to her breathtaking works.
writes for: sirius black, remus lupin, blackinnon, jily and charlie weasley
☆ @wreckofawriter » I don't think I've ever found such unique and beautifully written stories and I adore every single one of them on her masterlist.
writes for: the marauders, lily evans, harry potter, draco malfoy, blaise zabini, cedric diggory, teddy lupin, fred weasley and oliver wood
☆ @futurewriter2000 » She is the person who inspired me to start with my own fanfiction, because her stories were so emotion packed I couldn't help but imagine all kinds of whatifs and live in the beautiful world she created.
writes for: the marauders, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, cedric diggory, harry potter, oliver wood, charlie weasley, ron weasley, neville longbottom, molly weasley, regulus black, mulciber, tom riddle, severus snape, peter pettigrew, teddy lupin and james sirius potter
☆ @hermioneshandbag » I went through her entire masterlist in a span of 2-3 days because I just couldn't stop reading, her works were all so fantastic.
writes for: sirius black and remus lupin
☆ @seriouslyblacklikemysoul » Another writer's whose works I couldn't help but binge time and time again. Fluff and angst- she has everything.
writes for: the marauders, lily evans, regulus black, cedric diggory, george weasley, draco malfoy and hermione granger
☆ @princesse-de-ravenclaw » Her works are light-hearted and fluffy, will make you transport right into the wizarding world because they're all so great.
writes for: the marauders, harry potter, draco malfoy, cedric diggory and fred weasley
☆ @haracelovestruck » You know how some series are just so darn great, they feel like an action packed novel? Yes, her stories will make you feel like that as you swirl up in a world of drama and mystery.
writes for: the marauders, regulus black, severus snape, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, cedric diggory, percy weasley, bill weasley, newt scamander and credence barebone
☆ @lumos-barnes » I've always looked up to the way she writes and her stories are a huge bomb of fluffiness.
writes for: the marauders, fred weasley, george weasley, bill weasley and oliver wood
Tumblr media
And I guess that's it. This is the long list of all Harry Potter writers I follow and look up to. Here is the link to my own masterlist. And over here you can find a list of over 100 masterlists from different blogs.
Thank you and I hope you have a great day!
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fairydxll · a month ago
₊˚୨ 𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐲 𝐩𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 ୧˚₊
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
james potter
what does a 'lazy day' look like; hc
pretty in pink; smut
remus lupin
when they miss you; hc
possessive remus; blurb
pretty in pink; smut
sirius black
good to me; smut
bunny; smut
when they miss you; hc
what was your first kiss like; hc
flowers that remind them of you; hc
things they'll never admit; hc
reuniting; blurb
regulus black
hey baby; fluff
things they'll never admit; hc
when they miss you; hc
what was your first time like; hc
lily evans
eating you out + overstimulating you; blurb
marlene mckinnon
harry potter
violet; fluff
what it takes to make them cry; hc
what gets them flustered; hc
best places to kiss on their body + ingrained habits/forces of habit; hc
things they’ll never admit; hc
what is their love language; hc
what was your first time like; hc
how they hold you; hc
their favorite body part of yours; hc
what was your first kiss like; hc
hermione granger
jealousy, really; angst
ginny weasley
cuddle bunny; fluff
what gets them flustered; hc
luna lovegood
life is a gift; fluff
life is a gift part two; fluff
we fell in love in october; fluff
fred weasley
jealous of a kitten; fluff
chicken; fluff
things they'll never admit; hc
what was your first time like; hc
george weasley
their ideal date; hc
what was your first time like; hc
draco malfoy
study date; fluff
pacifier; angst
eyeliner; fluff
atlantis; angst
atlantis part two; angst
sunday; fluff
their ideal date; hc
things they’ll never admit; hc
what was your first kiss like; hc
what was your first time like; hc
christmas surprise; blurb
being affectionate with draco; blurb
pansy parkinson
purple pansy; fluff
boys suck; fluff
cedric diggory
what is their love language; hc
picnic date; blurb
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sapphicwhxre · a year ago
prompts list (150)
Tumblr media
• fluff
“you look better in my clothes than i do.”
“i believe you.”
“is that my shirt?”
“can i play with your hair?”
“you can tell me anything.”
“isn’t the view beautiful?”
“my mother adores you.”
“they’re not you.”
“if you cry, i’ll cry ─ and that won’t be fun for anyone.”
“did you just kiss me?”
“i’ve dreamt about this.”
“is that a drawing of me?”
“i didn’t mean to say that but yeah, i love you.”
“of course i will.”
“wow, you’re photogenic.”
“i thought you'd never ask.”
“quick, kiss me!”
“you cancelled plans for me?”
“i’ve never seen anyone look so cute and ridiculous at the same time.”
“that is not what the instructions say.”
“you remembered?”
“stop looking at me like that!”
“has anyone told you that your eyes sparkle in the moonlight?”
“how mad would you be if i kissed you?”
“you’re hugging me too tight!”
“my lipgloss is all over your lips.”
“that’s the first time i’ve ever seen you smile.”
“you’re lucky you’re hot.”
“i didn’t know you could sing.”
“you weren’t supposed to hear that!”
“shut up before i kiss you.”
“you give me butterflies.”
“i can’t think around you.”
“i just wanted to make you laugh.”
“kiss me better.”
“why’d you stop?”
“you wrote me a song?”
“i’m not scared but if you are, you can hold my hand.”
“you ramble and it’s adorable.”
“are you blushing?”
“did i say that out loud?”
“hey, only i can call them that!”
“have you ever thought about how much worse our lives would be without each other?”
“i meant it when i said for better or for worse.”
“that’s the sixth time you’ve complimented me today.”
“nothing else matters except for you.”
“we could run away.”
“the world could be on fire and i’d still be happy as long as i'm with you.”
“they’re such an idiot. my idiot but still.”
“this isn’t adrenaline, i want to spend my life with you.”
• smut
“do you think of me when you touch yourself?”
“stop before someone sees!”
“do that again.”
“ten? i only need five.”
“on your knees.”
“enjoying the view?”
“that was the prettiest sound i’ve ever heard.”
“i didn’t think you were into that.”
“i trust you. do it.”
“next time we get into an argument, i’m reminding you that i took your virginity.”
“against the window? are you insane?”
“i’m going to ruin that pretty makeup.”
“now everyone’s going to know you’re mine.”
“i could do this all day.”
“louder, i want them to hear you.”
“you can finish if you beg.”
“do you want to come on my fingers or mouth?”
“you won’t be able to walk tomorrow when i’m through with you.”
“how funny do you think teasing is now?”
“after that little stunt? you’re not getting off that easy.”
“lay down and stay still.”
“are you doing that on purpose?”
“i didn’t like the way they were looking at you.”
“have they ever touched you like this?”
“i never noticed how beautiful filthy words could be.”
“were you masturbating?”
“my boyfriend/girlfriend would kill us.”
“keep quiet or someone’ll hear.”
“not so cocky now, are you?”
“is that new?”
“who gave you that?”
“are you jealous?”
“show me you’re mine.”
“i’ve been waiting all day to do this.”
“does that hurt?”
“lipstick’s a good look on you.”
“we should skinny dip.”
“as beautiful as you look, all i want to do is rip that dress off right now.”
“were you checking me out?”
“this isn’t what i had in mind when i yelled fuck you.”
“call me that again.”
“did i do that?”
“i’ll try it for you.”
“i think we just found a new kink.”
“i always hated spankings as a child.”
“leave the heels on.”
“i’d rather have your hands around my throat but the necklace will do.”
“what would people say if they knew you were such a slut for me?”
“shut up and pin me down.”
“i thought your laugh was the prettiest sound in the world. i was wrong, it's your moans.”
• angst
“do you love them?”
“you’re not sorry.”
“how did you find out?”
“don’t lie to me.”
“am i not important to you anymore?”
“i didn’t realise i was such an inconvenience.”
“do you think about them when you look at me?”
“how many times am i supposed to forgive you?”
“don’t raise your fucking voice at me.”
“i trusted you.”
“are you ashamed of me?”
“it was open and i read it.”
“i can’t deal with you right now.”
“did you ever really love me?”
“i see the way you look at them.”
“if you can’t live without me, then die.”
“i don’t believe you.”
“all you had to do was stay.”
“i knew you were too good to be true.”
“i don't need help and i don’t need you either.”
“some things aren’t meant to be.”
“all my friends told me you’d break my heart.”
“we can’t afford to do this anymore.”
“you deserve better.”
“it’s not safe.”
“i wish i’d never met you.”
“i can’t look at you.”
“get out.”
“was it worth it?”
“how could you let them say that about me?”
“there’s just no pleasing you, is there?”
“why don’t you give a shit?”
“how many times are you going to look me in the eye and lie to me?”
“i can’t do this if you don't trust me.”
“find someone else then.”
“don’t touch me!”
“they were there. you weren’t.”
“i don’t want to spend another second with you!”
“is your image really more important than us?”
“you win.”
“this isn’t what i wanted to happen.”
“i’d take our relationship back in a heartbeat.”
“you two deserve each other.”
“can’t you listen for one second?”
“you’ll be happier without me.”
“if you loved me, you wouldn’t have done it.”
“don’t you try to explain yourself!”
“you can’t take back what you said.”
“i don’t see the same person i loved when i look at you anymore.”
“why didn’t you fight for us?”
Tumblr media
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becausesevdeservedbetter · 7 months ago
Snape subtly showing The Golden Trio that he’s trying to protect them while also not giving up his cover:
Tumblr media
The Golden Trio not listening because they’re convinced he’s helping Voldemort and trying to get the Stone:
Tumblr media
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love-and-other-potions · 2 months ago
Master List of  Imagines {11.3.21}
Golden Trio Era Men
Draco Malfoy
Blissful Revenge
New Attraction
Armed with Love (Part 2 to Ruins of the Heart)
Twice the Arrogance
Avoiding You
Come. Warmth.
Cloud Nine {deaf/mute reader}
Harry Potter
No Homo?
Devilish ‘Puff
Power of Fear
Savior From the Prat
Annoyed in Love
Ruins of the Heart
The Books Have Eyes
Blind to Your Love
Fiendish Part 2
Out of this World
Ron Weasley 
George Weasley
Coping Mechanisms 
Handsome Devil
Fred Weasley
Dared to Love
Dead to Me
Stinkin’ Mischief
Knock Knock {Male Reader}
Comfort {Trans Male Reader}
Neville Longbottom
Sliding Into a Relationship
Insane for Love
Get with the Rhythm
Blaise Zabini
Enchanted Films
No Touchy Please
Serpent Admiration Part 1 
Serpent Admiration Part 2 
Colin Creevey
Number One Fan
You’re His Rosaline
Gregory Goyle
Best Friends with Benefits
Only Romantic on Thursdays 
Times Like These
Vincent Crabbe
Scorching Love
Lee Jordan
Unexpected Kindness Part 1
Prank’d Part 2
Dean Thomas
Addicted to His Love
Seamus Finnigan
Hogwarts Manwhore
Oliver Wood
Sweeping Around the Point
Keeper of my Heart
Math and Other Drugs
Staring Problem
Cedric Diggory
Daring to Claim Ownership
Victims of Love
You Won’t Believe This False Hope
Dennis Creevey
Theodore Nott
Fake It Until You Make It
Charlie Weasley
Bill Weasley
7x+21 {mute/deaf reader}
Marauders Era Men
Sirius Black
Sarcasm Gone Right
Puns and Other Accidents 
Rules Are Meant to be Broken
Remus Lupin
All is Fair in Love and War
Discomfort at Its Finest
Man of my Dreams {Male Reader}
Eyes to See, Ears to Hear {deaf reader}
Accidentally the Best Day of my Life {blind reader}
James Potter
I’m a Bitch, I’m a Lover
Cuffing Season Part 1 
Cuffing Season Part 2
Lovey Dovey
Shower Me With Pranks
Voice of an Angel
Lucius Malfoy
Territorial Barbie
Tom Riddle 
Teasing Pains
Follow Your Dreams
Taking the Fall
Severus Snape
Go to Hell
Disputing Love
I’m Trying to be Serious, I Swear
Hooked on a Feeling
Regulus Black
Sibling Trouble
Barty Crouch JR
Shadow Shenanigans
Running Into Your Arms
Golden Trio Women
Hermione Granger
Life-Altering Research
You Should Have Toad Me
Liplocking 101
Cho Chang
Ginny Weasley
Drowning Your Love
The Streets Know Best
Angelina Johnson
Breaking Down the Closet Door
Luna Lovegood
Melodies of Love
Quirks and All
Homework and Billy Wigs
Pansy Parkinson
Oh Love
Fleur Delacour
Winking Flower {female}
Marauders Women
Lily Evans
Bent for Love
Bellatrix Black
Insomnia for the Win
Madness Part 1 {female reader}
Madness Part 2 {female reader}
Leave Me Alone Punks {female reader}
Professor Snape 
Anything For an O
Love Notes {male reader}
Tutoring Gone Right
Love Triangles
Possession {Draco & Harry} 
Competition {Professor Snape & Headmaster Dumbledore}
Competition Part 2 {Professor Snape & Headmaster Dumbledore}
Sold {Severus Snape & Voldemort}
Love Potions and Other Tricks {Sirius & Remus & James}
Love Potions and Other Tricks Part 2 {Sirius & Remus & James}
Teach Me Your Love {Draco & Harry}
Moment of Truth {Harry & Neville}
Doggy Paddling Into Your Arms {Fred & George}
Two Princes {Fred & George}
Young Dumbledore
Drawn to Life
Order of the Heart
Dinner Date
James Sirius Potter
It’s in the Past
Annuals {Deaf reader}
Letters From Your Comfort Characters 
Follow this link for directions! Thank you, love!
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slytherweasley · 3 months ago
Smutober/Kinktober- stripper reader (Hermione Granger x reader)
Warnings: stripper reader, female receiving/giving oral
Tumblr media
A strip club is not Hermione’s first choice of place to go but her friends wanted to go to a strip club. “Male strip clubs are boring, let’s go to one with the girls” her friend says.
You’d noticed her straight away, your job was on the poles, you weren’t a dancer or a private dancer, mainly because you don’t want to get naked every night.
She stares directly at you, you smile, she looks away quickly. She seemed like your type exactly.
You go to your dressing room where the rest of the girls are. “Hey, talk to the girl sitting with two other girls, she’s got like brown curly hair. Tell her to meet me backstage” you explain to your friend who does dances.
Your friend dances over to the three girls, just as she’s about to move on she whispers to Hermione.
“That girl that was just front stage a couple songs ago on the poles, her name is Peach, go backstage and ask for Peach.” She smiles and walks away. “I think I’m going to go” “Already?” Her friend complains “Yeah, it was a great night, thanks.”
She walks towards the exit but goes to the bathroom, she fixes her hair and sneaks backstage where a bodyguard is. “Oh I’m here for Peach” the bodyguard walks her backstage to the dressing room, he knocks on the door and walks in.
“Some girl is here for Peach” he announces “I’ll be there in a minute, tell her to wait.” He closes the door “I’ll be back, if anyone asks I’m in the bathroom” “We got you” one girl says. You fix your makeup and hair and take off your massive shoes to not intimidate the girl.
I walk outside and she’s standing there alone looking quite nervous. “Hey, I’m Peach” I smile and she smiles “I’m Hermione” “Your name is so pretty, my actual name is y/n” “Nice to meet you.” “Let’s go somewhere a little more private, if you’re okay with that?” She nods.
You take her to a hallway full of rooms, bodyguards standing outside each of the doors. “Need some help?” a bodyguard asks “No thanks.” You take her to your favourite room, it’s cozy.
“Wow” she says walking in. Inside the room is a big couch big enough for anyone to lay on, there’s a dresser with rope and handcuffs.
“This is the best room in my opinion” “This is nice” she comments “It’s just us, don’t worry” “I Uh don’t have much money” she says and I smile. “You don’t have to pay anything, you don’t have to do anything either. I saw you and you’re gorgeous, you look like my type.”
“Really?” “Yes, I don’t like the regulars that come in, they’re confident and expect everything for free. You’re shy so cute and don’t look like you belong in here” “My friends brought me here.”
The conversation was chill and she seemed to warm up to you as it went along. “So do you bring people here a lot?” “Only once before, I’m not a private dancer but that’s what these rooms are for.”
“Can I kiss you or is that not allowed?” She asks “You can do whatever you want.” She leans in and kisses you, you get closer to her holding her waist.
She pulls away and takes off her top revealing her bra she pulls off her pants and kisses you again in her underwear. You move your hands to her inner thighs and slowly move them up to her pussy you lay them there. “You okay with this?” You ask “Yes, please.”
You slip your hand into her underwear and slowly rub her clit, she whimpers. “Can I take this off for you?” You ask she nods. You take off her bra then her underwear. “You have a very pretty body” she looks so delicate below you “Thank you, I’m sure you do too.” You take off the lingerie you’re wearing letting her see your body. “Uh Yeah, you’re hot” she says her cheeks heating up. You get back on the couch and spread her legs eating her out.
“Feels so good” she moans pulling on your hair. You flick your tongue on her clit, she gets so wet, it’s a combination of her wetness and your saliva.
You put a couple fingers inside her fingering her just right. She moans and cries out a couple times “Im close” she moans you suck on her clit applying a little pressure and pleasure.
“Oh shit” she throws her head back having an intense orgasm. You play with her breasts while she calms down “Thank you” she says breathlessly “Can I repay you?” “Please do, love” she gets to switching positions with you.
You spread your legs “Oh goodness, you really do have a beautiful pussy” “Thanks, your pussy is pretty too.” She licks a stripe up tasting you on her tongue, she goes back in to flick your clit with her tongue.
“Hermione” you moan “Oh it feels amazing.” She circles your clit with her tongue, she knows how to eat you out well. She uses her tongue to lick your clit and then sucks on it.
“Oh fuck me, you really know what you’re doing” you compliment her really close. “Keep doing whatever you’re doing I’m so close” you cry out and finish as she sucks your clit.
“Holy shit, you need to teach me how to do that” “I don’t know how I do it, it just happens” “Do you want to get out of here? My place isn’t too far” “Yes please.”
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hermionesslut · 3 months ago
𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐊𝐓𝐎𝐁𝐄𝐑 day 𝐈𝐈𝐈; pillow humping <3
summary; you’ve been having fantasies about your roommate
content warning; small smut!, bondage, light choking
author’s note; hello everyone! this sucks i hate it but i hope you enjoy! ignore the man’s hand!
enjoy ∿ 𓂃𓍢 ≀⠀⁺
Tumblr media
“fuck please—hermione-“
your staggered breathes were getting more rapid and harder.
“god hermione i’m gonn-” you moaned her named as hermione vigorously added another finger in your cunt. “fuck—“ you came for the third time that night. your eyes fluttered open, it was clear she wasn’t done. hermione smiled softly as she saw at how much she could please you. over-and-over.
your window shade was open-your eyes burning from the heat of the sun, your vision slowly coming back to you. shit—that felt so real. you slipped your index finger inside of you-fuck you were really wet too. man, you dreamt about granger way too often, but never like this. you were still so horny from that wet hallucination. god you really had to let this tension go. you were alone in your dorm so surely no one would walk in.
you grabbed the pillow on the far side of your bed and started grinding your hips—still with your panties on. was this wrong? thinking of hermione this way? but god, you couldn’t stop it felt so good. you were really bad at self control cause you couldn’t help but moan out her name. “god—hermione—please fuck—just like that” your clit felt really good against the friction and your hips were growing faster. you were so close to your climax.
“wow, y/n” hermione struts in. (no one’s surprised)
shit. shit. shit. you definitely had fantasies like this but you’d never imagine them coming to light. you weren’t as frightened as you were greedy.
“shhhh it’s ok y/n. you can continue”
“do i need to say it again?” her voice demanding yet soft she assured you that you were to do as she was asked. and so you did.
you started again, this time facing the curly brunette. your soaked folds were gilding against the corners of your pillow. it felt so fucking good. and it made it all the better that granger was there watching.
“stop. i want you to cum on me.” you hesitated but did as you were told.
hermione started undressing, her blush v-cut dress left on the ground. then her her boobs were bare, her black lace panties were fucking soaked, you could see from the bed. as you were left awaiting with your longing cunt, you also took off your panties. hermione could see the hunger on your face.
“lay down” she smirked softly. and that made you want her all the more.
hermione climbed on top of you, pulling your wand from under the covers. “incarcerous” you felt your wrists bind against your bed frame. fuck she really knows what she’s doing.
“god, y/n you look ready for me, are you?”
“fuck-i am hermione”
“good girl”
her clit brushed up against yours, hermione started grinding against your pussy. god it felt so good—she felt up your torso and pinched your nipple. your moans were not getting any quieter and hermione wasn’t going any slower. her clit met yours again and again—every time feeling more and more eccentric. “fuck, hermione” you breathed. “shhh” her hand lowered down to edge of your throat. “oh-fuck” you gasped at the sudden push, you moaned hermione’s name once more, only this time she was there to hear your begging for her. it only made her more wet and both of you were insanely close. “hermione i’m gonna-“ “please, y/n”
for @sapphicjichu <3
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sleepy-kody · 4 months ago
𝙷𝚊𝚛𝚛𝚢 𝙿𝚘𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝙼𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚕𝚒𝚜𝚝
Draco Malfoy:
All His     
What Did You Say?    
You Broke Me First    
I Only Need You    
Ice Skating Disaster    
Fairy Tale Love
“First Love?“ “No, My Only Love“    
Time Of The Month
Night Terrors
Comfort Item    
Blanket Fort    
Flirting, Teasing, Tension
Nail Polish    
Platinum Blond    
Better Father
Potter’s Sister
Spider-man kiss
Common Room
Secret Admirer
Opening Up
Big Win
Slytherin GC Chaos Part 1
My Little Slytherin
Hot All Over
Wild Thing
Computer Games
Strange Girl
Never Meant To Be
Meeting The Family
When We Are Alone
New Addition To The Family
George Weasley:
Where Was She?    
Fred Weasley
Snow Day
Oliver wood:
Cedric Diggory:
Pansy Parkinson:
Truth Or Dare
Blaise Zabini:
Hermione Granger:
Luna Lovegood:
The Sun And The Moon
Dean Thomas:
Found You
Theodore Nott
Whenever I’m Not Here
𝙷𝚊𝚛𝚛𝚢 𝙿𝚘𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚛: 𝙷𝚘𝚐𝚠𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚜 𝙼𝚢𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚢 𝙼𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚕𝚒𝚜𝚝
Penny Haywood:
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peppers-analytics · 4 months ago
Generosity | h. granger x reader
[navigation] {taglist}
Note: this is smut but nothing is being done to the reader. It's just the reader basically punishing Hermione
Warning: 16+ please! smut, age gap (both the reader and Hermione are of age!) use of a vibrator, pet names, slapping, mommy kink, sub!Hermione, dom!reader,
A/N: professor!reader x Hermione! Both people are of age! pillow princess Hermione 👀 Also this is my first Hermione fic 😌
-> Fandom: Harry Potter
Hermione wasn't always this desperate. Certainly not when she knew you were busy, and yet she continued to whine. She was sprawled out on the bed behind you, in nothing but a white, nearly see-through, button-up, and a skimpy little skirt.
She made it a point to wear a shorter than usual, and definitely shorter than you thought acceptable, skirt. You weren't mad at her, but the anger was slowly building, and she could see it on you. You shot a warning glance, and she put her head down, mumbling another, “please.”
You sighed, staying silent for a moment. Then to her surprise, you said, “Come here, pup.” and she nearly fell off the bed as she made her way towards you at the desk. “Get that toy you love so much.” you pointed to where it was. She obeyed, getting the vibrator, and walking back over to you.
You gave a small smile, pushing back from the desk a little. “Under there,” you said, pointing under the desk. “But-” she started, then you raised a brow, and she obeyed, crawling under the desk. You pushed closer to the desk, practically trapping her there, and she rested her head in your lap. “You gonna be good now?” you asked.
“Yes, mommy,” Hermione replied. You gave a satisfactory hum, a small laugh, and peered down at her. “Turn it on,” you said. “Use it like you always do for me.”
She nearly smiled but realized she wasn't in a position for you to be nice. You were just being generous. She turned it on, but paused before pressing it to herself as she looked up at you. “Over my clothes?” she asked.
You smiled, brushing the hair out of her face. “Of course, darling. You've never missed a chance to make a mess of yourself, now have you?”
“No, mommy.”
“Thats right.” your tone was condescending. “But I have a couple rules, bunny.” She pressed the vibrator to her clit, beginning to grind on it, and whimpered at the sudden stimulation, earning a smile from you. “You don't get to cum until I'm done.”
Her brows furrowed, but she quickly relaxed, remembering the position she was in. She knew she was lucky to even be there. It was better than whining, untouched, on the bed. “And you have to help me with this,” you said, referring to the papers you were grading. “But for each wrong answer, it's another minute until I let you finish.”
She whimpered again, and you lightly slapped her cheek. “Quiet now. I only wanna hear the answers out of you, can't focus when you're making all that noise.”
You looked back up to the papers, smiling when you realized who’s was on top. “Well, won’t this be fun,” you said. “Do you remember all the answers?”
“Yes, mommy.” A whimper nearly tore through her, but she stopped herself.
“Remember what I said, bunny. Get it all right, and I’ll consider letting you finish sooner.”
You couldn't tell if she would be enjoying or hating this, but as you skimmed over the paper, seeing all the incorrect answers, you had your answer. You, on the other hand, would be enjoying this entirely. She hadn't been much of a bad girl lately, and you felt it was time to do something, make her be the bad girl.
Though, you thought as she let out an experimental low whimper, what if she purposefully got the answers wrong?
You again gave a slap to her cheek, successfully quieting her.
Her hips twitched, and you just caught it out the corner of your eye. You smiled, something she could always love but was growing to hate as she knew it now meant. “You close, bunny?” you teased.
“No,” she protested. “Not close.”
“Don't lie to me, you know the rules.” your tone was now stricter than before, and she squeezed her eyes shut. “Now, let's get back to work, yeah?”
Hermione sighed heavily but nodded against your thigh. You smiled, humming in content. “A what is a spell that is casted without anything being spoken aloud?” you asked, reading the question straight off the paper.
“N-” the sound was drawn out as she thought. “Non-verbal char-charm.”
You ran your fingers through her hair. “Good girl,” you praised. She smiled, “thank you,” she mumbled.
“Don't thank me just yet, puppy.” you gathered yourself. “Ready for the next one?” She nodded, choking back a whimper.
“This charm allows you to unlock a locked door.” you were purposely giving her easy ones, but at the same time hoping she got them wrong.
Hermione thought for a moment. She couldn't remember and was going to say the first charm that came to mind, but she wasn't sure if you would actually deny her the pleasure she was begging for.
“Accio?” And her question was answered.
You smiled, laughing at how her answer seemed to be a question. “Off,” you said, pointing to the toy.
She obeyed, shutting the vibrator off. “Get the next one right, and you can turn it back on.” she nodded.
“This charm brings light.”
It wasn't a second before she had her answer, “Knox.”
Her smile faltered, and you almost felt bad. “What charm brings light, Hermione?” you asked.
“Lumos?” she said quietly.
You pat her cheek lightly. “Your mind’s already getting foggy, isn't it?” she shook her head, mumbling, “no, mommy.” but she knew you were right.
“Alright, turn it back on.” you brushed the hair out of her face. “Ready for the next one?” she nodded eagerly.
“What is the beginning letter of the three unforgivables?” you read the question, peaking at her answer, and smiling as you noticed she got one letter wrong.
Hermione's eyes shut tight in thought. “A,” she started.
“Thats one.”
“U-um... C?” it was more of a question than an answer.
“Right.” your smile grew at her confusion. And when she didn't speak, you asked, “you want a hint, bunny?”
“Please,” she let a whimper slip, and you chuckled at how desperate she was being.
“It's another vowel.”
She let another whimper slip past her lips instead of the answer, and you peered down at her. You wondered if she was stalling you, silently begging for you to punish her in some other way, but you weren't giving in.
You smiled as her eyes met yours. “I may just break my own rules, bunny. Get it right, and I might let you cum.”
“I,” she blurted out. “It’s I!”
“Thats right,” you were surprised, looking back at her paper to make sure you had read it right that she got it wrong.
She did get it wrong.
“Can I cum, please? Can't hol-hold it.”
You nodded, and she smiled, her head falling to your leg again. Her hips stuttered and faltered, and she was quick to thank you, letting the orgasm wash over her. You gave her a moment to catch her breath but startled her as you gave a slight tap to her cheek.
“Keep going,” you said.
Her eyes widened for a moment but she sighed, lowering herself onto the vibrating toy. Her hips jerked at the overstimulation, but she held her own, obeying your every word.
You realized what she had been playing at, and yet you continued to play along. “One more question, okay?”
“Okay,” she mumbled. “What- what is- it?” there were nearly tears in her eyes.
“Simple yes or no.”
the coil in her stomach tightened faster than it had before, and you could tell she was already teetering on the edge.
You waited a moment before speaking again, tempting her to slip up and let herself cum without permission. “Be honest now, did you want this?”
She was taken aback by the question, her head snapping up to meet your gaze. You smiled, faking niceness, disguising your question as something out of pure curiosity. “Well?” you asked.
“Yes, mommy.” she sounded almost ashamed, but you praised her for her honesty.
“You done being a brat?”
“Yes, mommy, I'm sorry. Can I please-” she whimpered, her hips jerking.
“Go on, then.”
You watched as her head dropped again, a moan tearing through her as her legs shook at her sides. “My sweet girl,” you praised. “Did so well, such good manners.”
As she calmed down, you brought her up onto your lap, letting her straddle you. “Is that all you wanted, hm? Just needed a release?”
She nodded, looking dazed as she pecked your lips before falling against your chest in exhaustion.
You giggled. “Lets get you cleaned up.”
“I just wanna lay with you.”
You laughed again, pressing a kiss to her neck before standing, her legs wrapping around your waist. “We can do that too.”
Taglist: @nevsmommy / @black-rose-29 / @g1nnyslove / @chaosbringer566 / @daisyyy2516 / @siriuslystfu / @harmqnia / @pottahishotasf / @princess-jules47 / @brriley / @lolooo22 / @itsmentalillness / @harryssmommy / @toms-diary / @sabrinathesimp / @onyourgoddamnleft / @lovesfandoms / @elizabethrosedarling / @wlfstxr / @waszuka / @remusjlupinisdead / @kikatkaitin / @litterllyttrash / @maeve-7 / @ildm4ev
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mirclealignr · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
thank you again for 3k!! to pay you all back, i’ve created a fic rec post with amazing writers who run amazing blogs who post amazing content so i think you should check all these out <33 also i posted a song fic challenge if u wanna check that out too
*my faves
Cedric Diggory
Cliché by @shysneeze
Only You by @myriadimagines
To Be Loved By You* by @iliveiloveiwrite
Would You Have Me by @leydileyla
Draco Malfoy
I’m Sleeping by @henqtic
Minuet by @delicrieux
Obligatory [series] by @ghostofstudentspast
People You Know by @propinquify
The Poisoning of Draco Malfoy* by @drawlfoy
Harry Potter
Bloom* by @/iliveiloveiwrite
Sure to Spark Rumours by @boxofbadaddiction
Neville Longbottom
Spin the Bottle* by @lotsoffandomimagines
James Potter
Ask the World to Dance by @spxllcxstxr
Collector of Broken Things* by @mjoubertt-1
Dream of Me* by @approved-by-dentists
If This Was Love by @selenes-sun
Lover Boy by @iwritesiriusly
Perfect by @akraziia
Star-Crossed Lovers by @pad-foots
Regulus Black
Afraid by @/henqtic
Muggle Devices* by @cupids-crystals
Peppermints and Cologne by @/lotsoffandomimagines
Polaroids by @quillsanddaydreams
Eternity by @scvrllet
Remus Lupin
Cold to Cozy by @/spxllcxstxr
La vie en rose by @princesse-de-ravenclaw
Peace and Quiet by @/shysneeze
Portraits by @fortisfilia
Hidden Demons by @iamninaanna
Sirius Black
Adore You* by @/pad-foots
Dancing in the Moonlight by @/iamninaanna
One Page, One Kiss* by @pepper-up-potion
Winter in the Shade [series] by @willowbleedsonpaper
Wrong Door by @sleep-i-ness
You Know Where to Find Me [series] by @lxncelot
Cho Chang
Strawberry Kisses by @pansydaisy
Why Not Me? by @hobisgalaxy
Fleur Delacour
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Acceptance* by @dracossweetprincess
Cliché Sleepovers and Some Popcorn by @/quillsanddaydreams
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Glow With Envy by @/leydileyla
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Katie Bell
I’ll Make a Quidditch Player Out of You by @/coffee--writes
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I Like Her Name* by @ladyvesuvia
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Dreams Come True by @marauders-lupin
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Marlene Mckinnon
Bumps and Bruises by @/spxllcxstxr
James’ Bad Influence by @/marauders-lupin
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the-second-tonks · 4 days ago
hi ! can you do a Harry Potter head canon of them helping you cope with stress from school
Hello anon ! Sure why not ! Thank you for requesting !
Want me to add more characters ? Send me an ask with the name of the headcanon and the character .
Find other headcanons by me - here !
Tumblr media
How will Harry Potter characters help you cope with stress from school ?
Tumblr media
Harry James Potter
Soo , he'll first of all , notice you being very annoyed or irritated , frequently tired . Next , one night (late night) he'll find you holding your head and papers spread around you , sitting in the common room ; he'll run towards you and hold you in his arms whilst you let the stress out . He'll stay there until you sleep in his arms and then he'll take you to your room . From the next day , he'll make sure that you don't hide any stress from him . He'll complete your works (instead of his) , take you out on long walks so that you relax , and he'll even set a strict timetable for you (which he hasn't even done for himself, ever) . He'll make sure you're not skipping on meals , and for that , he'll even feed you so that you can study while eating . He'd buy many gifts for you so that you feel happy . But trust me , even though he's doing so much, he'd be so clueless as what to do for you ..
Hermione Jean Granger
Okay so she knows what it is to be stressed out like that , she'll help you complete your work . She'll be like an alarm clock , making sure you're doing things on time . When Hermione's checking on you , you can't even waste a second on your time . Once you're done with your work for today(=exhausted) she'll help you relax by cuddling with you or hugging you or going somewhere to eat or just relax . But if you do any time pass before completing your work or while completing your work...she might extend your time of completion .. so better not do it . She'll make sure you're hydrated and alright while studying . Basically , you might not be able to forget the stress and a few days would be worse , but once you notice your work getting completed , you'd be happy that Hermione pressurized you..
Ronald Billius Weasley
Okay so he'd first of all be weird because you're taking stress of something he never cared for .. but then when he'll see you're really stressed , he'll jump over to take care of you . He'll massage you , bring you tea and take you out for amazing food . He'll forcefully make you.. sit and watch some quidditch or chess or something or spend time with him and friends . He'll make sure that the stress doesn't take toll on you especially when you're alone . He'll even rub your back while you sleep cuddling him and trust me , he'll treat you like a delicate diamond . He'll be very caring . He'll even stand up to teachers who pressurise you purposely and give you the confidence to submit some uncompleted work because it's absolutely fine . He'll make sure to not let you be stressed out for this .
Draco Lucius Malfoy
This guy would be silent , but notice you being under pressure . One night while you're asleep , he'll complete all your homework (and make someone complete them..) so as to make your work easier . He'll be with you all the time , he'll keep a check on your diet , he'll also cuddle and make out(or something 18+) with you in order to release a bit of stress . If your stress goes up the roof , he might say 'my father will hear about this..' . He can do honestly anything to see you happy and stress free , even if it means giving you his homework or cheating on exam (without you knowing) so that you score good . He'll also be a very good teacher for you in potions and other subjects and he'll help you a lot , give a lot of tricks and tactics for that . He'll be so caring and sensitive towards you .
Neville Longbottom
He discuss it out with you . Why are you so stressed , where do you think you're lagging , everything . He'll tell you to share with him and find a solution together . He'll ask you to rest properly and even make you eat while you're doing your work . If your work is left incomplete , he'll help you his level best so that complete , but incase you don't , he'll also support you and encourage you to submit it as much it is done . He'll rub your head , your neck and your back when they pain and he'll also let you rest on his lap or shoulder whenever you need it . Ask him for anything and he'll bring it to you. He's going to be very helpful and supportive .
Fredrick Gideon Weasely / George Fabien Weasely
Yeah i feel both of them are gonna be same in this one , just the fact that George would be more compassionate than Fred . They both would do funny pranks to distract you , force you to have fun and laugh and also , they'd try to make you realise or aware that life is not only about school and studies , it's also about friends , fun and memories . They'll make sure you're enjoying yourself and not stressing out every now and then . Fred might even show you his entire incomplete work to make you feel better .. since he'd have it a lot more than you . He'll also preach about how they enjoy life but still manage to score pretty well , just like you should do . George would help you out with the work and would make sure you're sleeping well . He'll also become very romantic and caring towards you .
Ginevra Molly Weasley
She's going to act all cool and stuff until she realises that oo , the problem is serious . She'll help you out so much . She's gonna be kinda your mother so yeah . She's not gonna let you stress and help you learn and understand anything you're not able to do . She'll ask any of her friends to help you incase she's not able to . She'll pamper you , cuddle you , support you and push you to your level best . She's going to be your friend in need , your bestie , your teacher , your mother and your girlfriend all in one during this time lawl so kinda brace yourself and kinda be grateful YK .
Cedric Diggory
He's gonna ask his whole group to chill out with you .. he'd invite you to a night out or something like that so that you enjoy and have a break from the stress . He'll help you without you knowing it whereas in front of you , he'll be supportive and caring boyfriend . He'll secretly complete/correct your work so that you do good in that . He'll also encourage you a lot and mainly focus to make you have fun and and enjoy instead of just stressing out like crazy . It's gonna be like he knows what to do when you're going through , maybe he would've too .
Tumblr media
I hope you liked it !
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siriusmydeer · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
guys holy crap— one thousand, ONE THOUSAND? to this day i continuously wonder how you guys put up with my shit posts and some of my quite literally ASS works. but i am so greatful, and thankful for each and every one of you for supporting me along with way.
and a big thank you to all my mutuals who helped me when i was stuck in writers block, and every single one of you who had reblogged, commented or liked my fics. i am so greatful for you guys.
so around 500 followers i did fic recs, and now 500 followers later i thought i would do another to recommend some of my favourite fics that have recently come out/or i couldn’t add to the last one because of the limit.
i just want to let all of these authors know that i read your works almost everday, you are all such phenomenal writers and you deserve everything in the world!
thank you so much everyone you are so amazing :,)
* indicates nsfw content!
harry potter
gryffindors victory * by @rowema-ravenclaw
jelly slugs by @wreckofawriter
ron weasley
on air by @ronweasleysgf
enamoured * by @gryffindors-weasley
hermione granger
parents presents, and girlfriends by @cursestothemoon
sparkling by @chokemepansy
ginny weasley
any other way by @sweetnspicysimp
ginny on a love potion by @cursestothemoon
stop thinking * by @sultrypotter
george weasley
tracing constellations by @floweryimagine
NSFW headcanons * by @shadowsinger11
cherry, lemon, peach by @harrysweasleys
dating george weasley by @prettyb0y-george
tradition * @weasleyyy
my little angel * by @acosmis-t
fred weasley
NSFW headcanons * by @shadowsinger11
soft boy @omg-imatotalmess
anywhere else is hollow by @vogueweasley
pinky promise by @darthwheezely
new home by @heloisedaphnebrightmore
blaise zabini
the floor is cold by @coffee--writes
untitled by @malfycs
theodore nott
coffee, quills and puddles by @coffee—writes
lonely heart by @willowbleedsonpaper
neville longbottom
NSFW headcanons * by @samineisntmyname
better than your pillow * by @omg-imatotalmess
like daylight by @holyhead-hufflepuff
bill weasley
where you wear his rings * by @randomoutsiders
midnight rendezvous by @salazarslytherin
luna lovegood
NSFW headcanons * by @samineisntmyname
fluff alphabet by @persvphcne
james potter
new earrings * by @hp-imagines-07
to stupid, from dork by @vanillann
sunshine by @gcdric
dating james potter by @littlest-dark-age
dare or dare by @sirius
always have by @awritingtree
breakfast of champions * by @gxtitobxby
his princess by @acosmis-t
sirius black 
party revelations by @lenalxvegood
the good and the bad by @emmielupinblack
hair dye by @iliveiloveiwrite
marauders petting zoo by @vanillann
weak by @greyslytherin
remus lupin
one too many @theboywhocriedlupin
remus around the full moon * by @wonderwomanfantasy
dear insecurity by @bl597
before sunrise by @solllaris
weak by @greyslytherin
in a mirror * by @thotbutpurple
lily evans
dating lily evans by @chokemepansy
the story of a girl by @ch0colatefr0gs
regulus black
nsfw alphabet * by @persuasivus
eternity by @scvrllet
marlene mckinnon
cuddles * by @eideticprongs
breakfast by @sleepyremu
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incorrectquotesharrypotterv · 2 months ago
Hermione: Whatcha doing?
Y/n: Looking in this big hole.
Hermione: It’s just a hole in the ground, Y/n. A totally empty hole. Maybe if there was something in it, it would at least be somewhat entertaining.
Y/n: *pushes Hermione into the hole*
Y/n: Hey, you’re right!
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luna-my-beloved · a month ago
Preference #1: Snow Days
Tumblr media
Harry Potter:
Harry Potter frickin hates the cold, so if you see him outside when it’s snowing, it’s only because he’s wearing 4 coats at once. But he does think it’s pretty and he likes spending time with you, so if you insist on going outside, he’ll go with you. Although he’d much prefer staying inside and watching from the window.
Tumblr media
Draco Malfoy:
If he’s not at Hogwarts, he’s definitely spending his winters at his parents winter home. He has fond memories of going there as a kid, which is a pretty rare thing for him. He would always sneak off to make snow angels, even though his parents said it was too immature for a Malfoy.
Tumblr media
Hermione Granger:
Snow days are probably the only time that Hermione actually relaxes. As a muggleborn, she grew up with television. And that means Christmas specials, lots of them. She usually ropes you into sitting down and watching some with her, especially if you haven’t seen them before.
Tumblr media
Luna Lovegood:
Luna loves winter. She loves snow, she loves pudding, she loves hot chocolate, but most of all, she loves magical creatures. She likes to make sure the thestrals are warm enough when it snows, and always drags you out to see them with her. It can get annoying, but you can’t deny that the contrast between dark hooves and pure white snow is beautiful.
Tumblr media
Ron Weasley:
Ron Weasley likes to eat. You know it, I know it, he knows it. So it’s not surprising that he spends his snowy days eating all sorts of holiday treats. He even sneaks into the kitchens at night just to get a taste of sugar. His favorite is hot chocolate and snickerdoodle cookies.
Tumblr media
Cedric Diggory:
As prefect, Cedric usually spends these days herding first years. Most of them really like to play in the snow, so he spends his time making sure snowball fights are fair and judging snowman contests. It’s really cute. When the first years have trouble rolling the snow, he teaches them a trick to make it easier.
Tumblr media
Fred Weasley and George Weasley:
It’s not surprising that these two are attached at the hip all the time, even snow days. It’s already canon that they enchant snowballs to fire themselves at people, but what you haven’t learned is that they fucking l o v e snow forts. They’ll wander around school grounds in search of the perfect location to build a fort. Their favorite locations are usually in the corners of the castle, typically making the fort look like a normal pile of snow so that they can prank people who walk by.
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multifandomsimagine · 26 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Imagine being best friends with the Golden Trio
"I don't know if Hogsmeade is worth it," Ron grumbled as the four of you made your way through the town. Pulling his beanie down lower, he stuffed his gloved hands into his pockets though it did nothing to stop the coldness he felt which made him even more grumpy. "We still have enough treats from our last trip to Honeydukes. We should have stayed in the common room; it's freezing out here."
"Come on, Ron." [Name] chided as she softly bumped him with her shoulders. "One could never have enough sweets."
Harry nodded. "I agree."
Pulling Hermione closer to her and a bit away from the boys, you whispered something into her ears. Though she shook her head in an attempt to dissuade you, the smile that began to creep onto her face did the opposite. Holding her arm, you began to run through the streets confusing the boys. Looking back at them, you stuck out your tongue as Hermione laughed at your antics. "Last one to the Three Broomsticks buys the butterbeers."
"You cheaters!" Ron sputtered. Turning beside him to look at Harry for support, he was shocked when he noticed the bespectacled boy wasn't there. Looking forward again, he saw him a few feet away chasing after the girls. Running after them, he shook his head. "Harry, not you too!"
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fluer-delacours · a month ago
What I think each of the HP characters would see in the Mirror of Erised
Tumblr media
A/N: tbh I was thinking about this while driving home from work the other day and decided I’d write it out and post it. Keep in mind, these are purely my own opinions and thoughts! Also, I made the divider myself and I greatly appreciate if people didn’t steal it for their own use (but of course, this is the internet and no one is going to listen anyway..)
Tumblr media
Harry Potter
As we already know, it’s his parents that Harry sees in the mirror of erised in the Philosophers Stone. Family is of utmost importance to Harry because he’s never really had a family. Yes, he had the Dursley’s but he was more of a burden than a nephew to them. As time goes on, particularly after the wizarding war, Harry’s love for his family only grows stronger and his vision in the mirror of erised only extends from James and Lily, to include Sirius, Remus, Dumbledore, Dobby… the list goes on. All those that he held so closely and lost too soon are all there smiling back at him. It’s this image of family that warms his heart and reminds him what he fought for.
Ron Weasley
Going back to the philosopher’s stone, we also know that Ron sees himself as both head boy and the captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team. As time goes on, though, I actually think Ron would later see himself as a hero in the mirror of erised. Ron is constantly second best to Harry and it can often get him down and frustrate him; Harry is his best mate but sometimes it can be hard living in his shadow, after all, he’s lived in the shadow of five older brothers before he even stepped foot in Hogwarts. All Ron wants is to be seen as more than just Harry Potter’s best friend. He wants to be known as a hero without the need to be linked to Harry’s name.
Hermione Granger
When Hermione steps up to the mirror of erised, I imagine she’d see knowledge and security. Hermione is, and always has been, an incredibly intelligible witch who prides herself on her intellect and studious demeanour. She has a contsant thirst for knowledge so it’s only natural that the mirror of erised shows her desire for knowledge. On the other hand, I also think the mirror would show the security of her loved ones. While Hermione is intelligent, she’s also highly compassionate and loyal. She has displayed countless actions of her fierce devotion to her friends over the years and it all stems down to her hopes of keeping them safe from harm.
Luna Lovegood
I think Luna is probably the hardest one to pinpoint. She’s definitely a very dreamy and eccentric young lady so I hardly think her reflection in the mirror of erised would be anything but extraordinary. Truth be told, I think that Luna would probably see the creatures her father often tells her about and takes her on adventures to find, such as Crumple-Horned Snorkacks or nargles. I know that after her time at Hogwarts, she became a magizoologist so I feel like that would be fitting for her. Plus, Luna was a very loyal believer of her father’s tales, so to discover them real would be something she’d greatly desire.
Neville Longbottom
Much like Harry, I really think that Neville would see his parents beside him. Neville hasn’t had the chance to grow up normally alongside his parents as the rest of his peers have; he’s lived with his grandmother for majority of his life. I think that what Neville truly desires is to have his mother and father beside him, holding him reassuringly and whispering how brave he’s been and how proud they are of him
Ginny Weasley
For Ginny, quidditch has always been a major part of her childhood so I definitely see her reflection in the mirror of erised being her as a famed quidditch player. (Which I’ve recently found out she actually went on to do so, she was a chaser for the Holyhead Harpies). As far back as Ginny can remember, she has fond memories of learning to play quidditch with her brothers and consistently practicing her skills throughout the holidays. Quidditch is a big deal in the Weasley family, so it’s only natural that Ginny grew fond of the sport very quickly and envisioned herself as a well known quidditch player.
George Weasley
If we’re looking at things from the aspect of after the war, then of course he’d immediately see Fred smiling beside him with fireworks and laughter amongst them. If this is pre-war, then I think he’d see Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes in all its glory and success. It’s not money that George truly desires, it’s family and happiness. If his and Fred’s business is succeeding and they’re both happy with what they’ve got, then that’s all he could ever hope for.
Fred Weasley
Much like George, he’s dreamed of owning a joke shop for a very long time. He and George had spent countless nights up late revising potions and pranks for their own little shop. When he steps towards the mirror of erised, it’s only natural that he sees a bright orange store front behind him with George to his side giving a kid a puking pastille. On his other side is his family laughing and watching on in awe.
Draco Malfoy
Lastly, there’s Draco. I think that when Draco was younger, and had he come across the mirror of erised in the same year that Harry and Ron did, he would have seen himself with a great deal of power and surrounded by other powerful pureblood wizards and witches. Draco was very much influenced by his fathers beliefs and values at that age, so he likely would’ve seen himself in a position much similar to that of Lucius himself. When he’s older, however, it’s quite clear that his intentions have very much changed. I’d like to think that towards his final years in Hogwarts (say sixth and seventh year) Draco sees freedom in the mirror. Draco is simply the boy without a choice. He fears the Dark Lord quite a lot and it’s evident that he really doesn’t wish to be apart of the death eaters. Draco is constantly in fear of his life so I definitely think he’d see himself at Malfoy Manor in the apothecary, brewing potions alongside his mother and laughing with her; happy and safe from the horrors engulfing him during the wizarding war.
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dracossweetprincess · 5 months ago
potion’s class | h.g
Tumblr media
request: yes/no
preview: hermione fingering you during class
warnings: SMUT, dom!hermione, fingering, dirty talk, degradation and praise, use of mommy once
you had been teasing hermione all day by wearing a short skirt and bending down showing her your pretty little clothed pussy, until hermione finally had enough and is gonna get revenge on you.
your head was placed neatly on the desk, arms surrounding your face as you sighed, not in the mood for another boring potions class. you look at your girlfriend who tapping her fingers on the table, ugh why does it turn you on?
you close your eyes trying to let your mind drift off to other things since it’s not really a good time to be horny, but you still clench your thighs hoping hermione wouldn’t notice. well she did. “look at you clenching your thighs like a stupid little whore.”
sneakily placing her hands on your knees and spreading your legs apart, she brings his fingers to your panties, rubbing the damp fabric over you clothed pussy making you whine but quickly cover your mouth with your hand.
she pulls your panties to the side, feeling your clit throb on her fingers. “will you look at that, my slut it all wet for me. mione’s gonna make you cum right here right now, and you’re gonna keep quiet aren’t you?” you gulped and slowly nodded, careful to not catch other people’s attention.
hermione waisted no time slipping her ring finger inside your soppy cunt with no warning, making you roll your eyes into the back of your head. you rest your hand on the table, closing your eyes and trying to keep yourself from making any noise.
hermione adds another finger, curling them inside you and hitting just the right spots that you knew only she could hit. “r-right there mione.” you babbled quietly, making her chuckle. “is mommy hitting the right spot?” she asks raising her eyebrows.
you nod eagerly, not even caring if anyone saw you anymore. it felt too good. hermione fingers you hard and fast, her hand starting to cramp, but she couldn’t care less. all she cared about was your face scrunched up in pleasure. “how does that feel puppy? tell me how good that feels baby.”
you could only moan into your hand as a response, driving hermione crazy. you feel your orgasm build up, and bite your lip making it almost bleed while hermione continued her rough ministrations on your pussy. “i can feel you clenching, cumming already? stupid whore.”
a smirk grows on her lips as she purposely lets her pencil fall to the floor, being able to sneak under the table to see your pussy throbbing and your legs spasming while you cum. “cum for me, princess.” your legs shake under the table as you squirt all over hermione’s hand and forearm.
hermione sits back on her chair, licking her fingers with a pop and rubbing your back soothingly. “did so good f’me, my good little puppy. my girl.” your breathing slowly starts to regulate and you relax under her touch, letting hermione press a kiss to your temple and head.
maybe potions class wasn’t as boring as you thought.
a/n : if you enjoyed this fic, please reblog. it helps so much. love y’all. MUAH 💋
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scandalous-chaos · 2 months ago
Injury Hermione x fem!pureblood!reader
Summary: The reader is hurt on a field trip and Hermione’s freaking out. I don't know whether Hogwarts has school trips but here you go. Also — Y/N is pureblood here and doesn’t know much about muggle devices! 
Requested by anon(s) | masterlist
[pre-established relationship]
Tumblr media
gif from tenor
"Y/N!" Hermione scooped down to try and get you up, but you stayed on the ground, your dress covered in mud and your face red with embarrassment. You had fallen down trying to save your girlfriend. Or that’s what you figured anyway.
"What were you thinking?" She grabbed your hands and hoisted you up, but you let out a wince and almost fell to the ground again.
You leaned onto your girlfriend for support, and noticed how your left foot appeared swollen.
"Those things were going to kill you!" You protested.
Her mouth fell open, not knowing whether to be amused or baffled. She decided on anger instead.
"They were phones! Those people were just taking pictures of the building and I happened to be in front of it!"
"I think I know what a camera looks like but that thing appeared like a square gun thingy where you shoot stuff," you rolled your eyes, oblivious about technology as always.
"You're smart, but not when it comes to phones. Or toasters. Or washing machines. Or anything related to muggles really," she helped you to the bench outside the building. You pat away the dust from your dress and sat down.
Harry and Ron were walking past, and Hermione called out to them.
"Y/N is injured, do you know whether Pomfrey is on the trip with us?" She asked Ron calmly. You saw the slight crease in her forehead, the only signal that said she was internally panicking.
"Hermione, I'm fine. I just need to sit for a while-" you began but was cut off.
"You can't walk and is obviously under lots of pain, so sit still while I get Ron to be useful for once."
"Hey!" He exclaimed in disbelief.
"Get Pomfrey now!" She said sharply, and Ron ran away, muttering complaints.
Hermione glared at Harry, who was about to take a sip from his can of Pepsi.
"What did I do?" He asked, while she nodded towards you.
"Y/N is hurt." She replied.
"I can see that."
"She needs something to drink."
Harry pointed to a stall nearby. "Do you want me to go buy her something?"
Hermione kept glaring.
"Oh!" He looked at the can wistfully. "Uhm, okay, Y/N here you go."
You were too polite to take it. "It's fine, I can-"
"Drink it or I swear to god I'll force it down your throat!" Hermione said warningly.
You blinked. "Jesus, fine! I'll drink it."
"You're mean when it comes to your girlfriend, Mione," Harry observed. "You're worried like she's going to die."
"She's not going to die," she replied firmly. "And I'm not worried — now where is that idiot and Pomfrey? Merlin, he's useless, let me go get them."
While she walked away, you handed the can back to Harry without drinking and he muttered a thanks.
"Ron's going to die today, isn't he?" You asked, smirking.
"Yup," he agreed, sitting down with you. The two of you watched your girlfriend storming around the building doors and talking to all the teachers, and you couldn't help but find her concern endearing. 
A bit scary too, but mostly endearing.
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