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l0vely-lupin · 3 months ago
golden trio x reader
summary: you realize that the golden trio will leave you eventually when you notice them getting distant.
warnings: angst, panic attacks (let me know if i missed any!)
requested: yes | no
a/n: a small thing while i’m writing for an anon again
Tumblr media
when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place
"they're going to leave," you whisper, shaking. "they're going to replace me."
it was bound to happen at some point. all the signs. you were going to be left behind while they move on.
ever since your 1st year, you'd been friends with hermione, harry, and ron. you'd always been a group. but now, things were different. the world was changing. slowly, the four of you had been drifting apart.
except it was them three against you.
make that money, fake that bunny, ache my tummy on the fence, all the time paid junk honey, your face so sunny, ain't that funny? all my friends always lie to me, i know they're thinking
it was back-and-forth with being happy all the time.
at one point you all would be laughing in the great hall together. the next, they'd be glaring at you and giving you the silent treatment.
the war had already started and you were on the brink of being alone.
you were on the fence all the time, swinging your feet back and forth, waiting for them to break the relationship with you.
they smile at you and act friendly all the time, but you know that internally they're about to crush you again.
you're too mean, i don't like you fuck you, anyway you make me wanna scream at the top of my lungs it hurts but, i won't fight you you suck, anyway you make me want to die, right when i
your anxiety made this a known fact:
they hated you.
after the war you haven't any idea of what will happen after they leave.
it was only a matter of time.
when? you didn't know. all you knew was that you had to find out who you'd fight for when the time came.
them? hogwarts? gryffindor? your family?
when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might end up being me (being me, being me)
"oh, god. oh, god. oh, god."
your shoulders shook.
they were going to replace you and leave you behind completely.
they were your only friends and if you didn't have them, you had no one.
you would be alone.
the thought made you sob harder, your breathing quickened, you burried your face in your knees and sobbed freely.
the moonlight beamed onto your bed, shining on you.
alone. alone. alone.
you were alone.
keep on dreaming, don't stop breathing, fight those demons sell your soul, not your whole self oh, if they see it when you're sleeping, make them leave it and i can't even see if it’s out there anymore, so
of course, you couldn't give up now.
not now, not ever.
no matter how vulnerable you were, you couldn't give up. you wouldn't give up. hermione, harry, and ron knew you were vulnerable, but you wanted them to ignore this fact.
you were strong enough to do it on your own, but your feelings took over at the moment. your body was on autopilot and when you took back control, you would be fine.
you always had a feeling that they'd leave eventually.
they were closer with each other than they were with you anyway.
you're too mean, i don't like you fuck you, anyway you make me wanna scream at the top of my lungs it hurts but, i won't fight you you suck, anyway you make me want to die, right when i
"i'm sorry ron, but i can't give you the answers. that's cheating-"
"fuck you, anyway." he grumbled, mumbling about how you were useless and how they all thought the same thing.
neither harry, nor hermione did so much as flinch.
you gulped back tears and continued to write in your notebook, not really remembering what you were doing in the first place.
your head clouded with thoughts and a voice echoed in your ears:
they're leaving you. they don't like you anymore. why didn't you just give him the answers?
you frowned and stood up, trying to blink back the tears, but failing as they fell despite your efforts.
harry mumbled a small, "well, that's pathetic." when he saw your tears.
hermione only rolled her eyes and turned back to her book.
your necked bobbed as a desire to scream battled with your voice box. you rushed away and tried to wipe away the tears, but once again failing to stop them as more fell.
when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might end up being me (being me, being me)
you let your head hit the pillow behind you as your hands reached up to cover your eyes.
"fuck. oh, fuck. they're- leaving me- behind."
your voice was ragged and you thanked magic for silencing charms before crying out unwillingly. more screams tore from your lips as your head pounded.
you could hardly think clearly.
an ear piercing scream left your throat as you cried and cried and cried.
being me can only mean feeling scared to breathe if you leave me, then i'll be afraid of everything that makes me anxious, gives me patience calms me down, lets me face this, let me sleep and when i wake up, let me be
you begged your anxiety to leave you alone.
your only source of comfort was your friends, but they were the source of your problems.
they couldn't leave.
"they can't leave me. they can't leave me. they can't leave me." you chanted.
you shook and shivered.
merlin, your friends were leaving you. you were going to be alone. you didn't have anything else. without them, you were nothing.
when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might end up being me (being me, being me)
the door burst open to reveal hermione, ron, and harry, all shocked at the sight of your panicked state.
hermione shut the door and rushed over to you. she cradled you and you sobbed in her chest,
"you can't go. please don't go. don't go. you can't- don't-"
"y/n, i'm not going anywhere. i'm here. i'm right here."
"you all are going to leave me behind. you can't! you can't leave me behind!"
she sat and rubbed your back as you sobbed and sobbed some more. it wasn't until about an hour later until you calmed down and resorted to ragged breaths and hiccups.
harry and ron walked over as they all embraced you.
this wasn't real.
"y/n, we aren't leaving you. what are you talking about?"
"you all hate me. stop- don't do this- don't get my hopes up again. you all roll your eyes at me, call me pathetic, resent me- i can't- you're going to leave. you're going to leave me behind."
they took a moment and realized that was absolutely true. or it had seemed that way anyway. they weren't going to leave you behind, but they realized how awful they'd been treating you.
hermione gasped and hugged you tighter. "i'm sorry. i'm so, so sorry. i can't believe i- god, i'm so sorry. y/n, i'd never leave you. i can't even dream of leaving you. you're my best friend."
they're lying.
harry and ron agreed. "we didn't even realize."
hermione kissed your face and wiped your tears. they apologized over and over and over again. they were sorry. god, they didn't even realize. they didn't realize how badly you must've felt.
they stayed with you that night.
that night everything was going back to normal.
Tumblr media
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𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐊𝐓𝐎𝐁𝐄𝐑 day 𝐈𝐈𝐈; pillow humping <3
summary; you’ve been having fantasies about your roommate
content warning; small smut!, bondage, light choking
author’s note; hello everyone! this sucks i hate it but i hope you enjoy! ignore the man’s hand!
enjoy ∿ 𓂃𓍢 ≀⠀⁺
Tumblr media
“fuck please—hermione-“
your staggered breathes were getting more rapid and harder.
“god hermione i’m gonn-” you moaned her named as hermione vigorously added another finger in your cunt. “fuck—“ you came for the third time that night. your eyes fluttered open, it was clear she wasn’t done. hermione smiled softly as she saw at how much she could please you. over-and-over.
your window shade was open-your eyes burning from the heat of the sun, your vision slowly coming back to you. shit—that felt so real. you slipped your index finger inside of you-fuck you were really wet too. man, you dreamt about granger way too often, but never like this. you were still so horny from that wet hallucination. god you really had to let this tension go. you were alone in your dorm so surely no one would walk in.
you grabbed the pillow on the far side of your bed and started grinding your hips—still with your panties on. was this wrong? thinking of hermione this way? but god, you couldn’t stop it felt so good. you were really bad at self control cause you couldn’t help but moan out her name. “god—hermione—please fuck—just like that” your clit felt really good against the friction and your hips were growing faster. you were so close to your climax.
“wow, y/n” hermione struts in. (no one’s surprised)
shit. shit. shit. you definitely had fantasies like this but you’d never imagine them coming to light. you weren’t as frightened as you were greedy.
“shhhh it’s ok y/n. you can continue”
“do i need to say it again?” her voice demanding yet soft she assured you that you were to do as she was asked. and so you did.
you started again, this time facing the curly brunette. your soaked folds were gilding against the corners of your pillow. it felt so fucking good. and it made it all the better that granger was there watching.
“stop. i want you to cum on me.” you hesitated but did as you were told.
hermione started undressing, her blush v-cut dress left on the ground. then her her boobs were bare, her black lace panties were fucking soaked, you could see from the bed. as you were left awaiting with your longing cunt, you also took off your panties. hermione could see the hunger on your face.
“lay down” she smirked softly. and that made you want her all the more.
hermione climbed on top of you, pulling your wand from under the covers. “incarcerous” you felt your wrists bind against your bed frame. fuck she really knows what she’s doing.
“god, y/n you look ready for me, are you?”
“fuck-i am hermione”
“good girl”
her clit brushed up against yours, hermione started grinding against your pussy. god it felt so good—she felt up your torso and pinched your nipple. your moans were not getting any quieter and hermione wasn’t going any slower. her clit met yours again and again—every time feeling more and more eccentric. “fuck, hermione” you breathed. “shhh” her hand lowered down to edge of your throat. “oh-fuck” you gasped at the sudden push, you moaned hermione’s name once more, only this time she was there to hear your begging for her. it only made her more wet and both of you were insanely close. “hermione i’m gonna-“ “please, y/n”
for @sapphicjichu <3
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Generosity | h. granger x reader
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Note: this is smut but nothing is being done to the reader. It's just the reader basically punishing Hermione
Warning: 16+ please! smut, age gap (both the reader and Hermione are of age!) use of a vibrator, pet names, slapping, mommy kink, sub!Hermione, dom!reader,
A/N: professor!reader x Hermione! Both people are of age! pillow princess Hermione 👀 Also this is my first Hermione fic 😌
-> Fandom: Harry Potter
Hermione wasn't always this desperate. Certainly not when she knew you were busy, and yet she continued to whine. She was sprawled out on the bed behind you, in nothing but a white, nearly see-through, button-up, and a skimpy little skirt.
She made it a point to wear a shorter than usual, and definitely shorter than you thought acceptable, skirt. You weren't mad at her, but the anger was slowly building, and she could see it on you. You shot a warning glance, and she put her head down, mumbling another, “please.”
You sighed, staying silent for a moment. Then to her surprise, you said, “Come here, pup.” and she nearly fell off the bed as she made her way towards you at the desk. “Get that toy you love so much.” you pointed to where it was. She obeyed, getting the vibrator, and walking back over to you.
You gave a small smile, pushing back from the desk a little. “Under there,” you said, pointing under the desk. “But-” she started, then you raised a brow, and she obeyed, crawling under the desk. You pushed closer to the desk, practically trapping her there, and she rested her head in your lap. “You gonna be good now?” you asked.
“Yes, mommy,” Hermione replied. You gave a satisfactory hum, a small laugh, and peered down at her. “Turn it on,” you said. “Use it like you always do for me.”
She nearly smiled but realized she wasn't in a position for you to be nice. You were just being generous. She turned it on, but paused before pressing it to herself as she looked up at you. “Over my clothes?” she asked.
You smiled, brushing the hair out of her face. “Of course, darling. You've never missed a chance to make a mess of yourself, now have you?”
“No, mommy.”
“Thats right.” your tone was condescending. “But I have a couple rules, bunny.” She pressed the vibrator to her clit, beginning to grind on it, and whimpered at the sudden stimulation, earning a smile from you. “You don't get to cum until I'm done.”
Her brows furrowed, but she quickly relaxed, remembering the position she was in. She knew she was lucky to even be there. It was better than whining, untouched, on the bed. “And you have to help me with this,” you said, referring to the papers you were grading. “But for each wrong answer, it's another minute until I let you finish.”
She whimpered again, and you lightly slapped her cheek. “Quiet now. I only wanna hear the answers out of you, can't focus when you're making all that noise.”
You looked back up to the papers, smiling when you realized who’s was on top. “Well, won’t this be fun,” you said. “Do you remember all the answers?”
“Yes, mommy.” A whimper nearly tore through her, but she stopped herself.
“Remember what I said, bunny. Get it all right, and I’ll consider letting you finish sooner.”
You couldn't tell if she would be enjoying or hating this, but as you skimmed over the paper, seeing all the incorrect answers, you had your answer. You, on the other hand, would be enjoying this entirely. She hadn't been much of a bad girl lately, and you felt it was time to do something, make her be the bad girl.
Though, you thought as she let out an experimental low whimper, what if she purposefully got the answers wrong?
You again gave a slap to her cheek, successfully quieting her.
Her hips twitched, and you just caught it out the corner of your eye. You smiled, something she could always love but was growing to hate as she knew it now meant. “You close, bunny?” you teased.
“No,” she protested. “Not close.”
“Don't lie to me, you know the rules.” your tone was now stricter than before, and she squeezed her eyes shut. “Now, let's get back to work, yeah?”
Hermione sighed heavily but nodded against your thigh. You smiled, humming in content. “A what is a spell that is casted without anything being spoken aloud?” you asked, reading the question straight off the paper.
“N-” the sound was drawn out as she thought. “Non-verbal char-charm.”
You ran your fingers through her hair. “Good girl,” you praised. She smiled, “thank you,” she mumbled.
“Don't thank me just yet, puppy.” you gathered yourself. “Ready for the next one?” She nodded, choking back a whimper.
“This charm allows you to unlock a locked door.” you were purposely giving her easy ones, but at the same time hoping she got them wrong.
Hermione thought for a moment. She couldn't remember and was going to say the first charm that came to mind, but she wasn't sure if you would actually deny her the pleasure she was begging for.
“Accio?” And her question was answered.
You smiled, laughing at how her answer seemed to be a question. “Off,” you said, pointing to the toy.
She obeyed, shutting the vibrator off. “Get the next one right, and you can turn it back on.” she nodded.
“This charm brings light.”
It wasn't a second before she had her answer, “Knox.”
Her smile faltered, and you almost felt bad. “What charm brings light, Hermione?” you asked.
“Lumos?” she said quietly.
You pat her cheek lightly. “Your mind’s already getting foggy, isn't it?” she shook her head, mumbling, “no, mommy.” but she knew you were right.
“Alright, turn it back on.” you brushed the hair out of her face. “Ready for the next one?” she nodded eagerly.
“What is the beginning letter of the three unforgivables?” you read the question, peaking at her answer, and smiling as you noticed she got one letter wrong.
Hermione's eyes shut tight in thought. “A,” she started.
“Thats one.”
“U-um... C?” it was more of a question than an answer.
“Right.” your smile grew at her confusion. And when she didn't speak, you asked, “you want a hint, bunny?”
“Please,” she let a whimper slip, and you chuckled at how desperate she was being.
“It's another vowel.”
She let another whimper slip past her lips instead of the answer, and you peered down at her. You wondered if she was stalling you, silently begging for you to punish her in some other way, but you weren't giving in.
You smiled as her eyes met yours. “I may just break my own rules, bunny. Get it right, and I might let you cum.”
“I,” she blurted out. “It’s I!”
“Thats right,” you were surprised, looking back at her paper to make sure you had read it right that she got it wrong.
She did get it wrong.
“Can I cum, please? Can't hol-hold it.”
You nodded, and she smiled, her head falling to your leg again. Her hips stuttered and faltered, and she was quick to thank you, letting the orgasm wash over her. You gave her a moment to catch her breath but startled her as you gave a slight tap to her cheek.
“Keep going,” you said.
Her eyes widened for a moment but she sighed, lowering herself onto the vibrating toy. Her hips jerked at the overstimulation, but she held her own, obeying your every word.
You realized what she had been playing at, and yet you continued to play along. “One more question, okay?”
“Okay,” she mumbled. “What- what is- it?” there were nearly tears in her eyes.
“Simple yes or no.”
the coil in her stomach tightened faster than it had before, and you could tell she was already teetering on the edge.
You waited a moment before speaking again, tempting her to slip up and let herself cum without permission. “Be honest now, did you want this?”
She was taken aback by the question, her head snapping up to meet your gaze. You smiled, faking niceness, disguising your question as something out of pure curiosity. “Well?” you asked.
“Yes, mommy.” she sounded almost ashamed, but you praised her for her honesty.
“You done being a brat?”
“Yes, mommy, I'm sorry. Can I please-” she whimpered, her hips jerking.
“Go on, then.”
You watched as her head dropped again, a moan tearing through her as her legs shook at her sides. “My sweet girl,” you praised. “Did so well, such good manners.”
As she calmed down, you brought her up onto your lap, letting her straddle you. “Is that all you wanted, hm? Just needed a release?”
She nodded, looking dazed as she pecked your lips before falling against your chest in exhaustion.
You giggled. “Lets get you cleaned up.”
“I just wanna lay with you.”
You laughed again, pressing a kiss to her neck before standing, her legs wrapping around your waist. “We can do that too.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
harry potter rare photo bundle pack part 3!!
also ty guys so so much for over 1,000 notes on my last post. i appreciate it sm!
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the-second-tonks · 4 days ago
hi ! can you do a Harry Potter head canon of them helping you cope with stress from school
Hello anon ! Sure why not ! Thank you for requesting !
Want me to add more characters ? Send me an ask with the name of the headcanon and the character .
Find other headcanons by me - here !
Tumblr media
How will Harry Potter characters help you cope with stress from school ?
Tumblr media
Harry James Potter
Soo , he'll first of all , notice you being very annoyed or irritated , frequently tired . Next , one night (late night) he'll find you holding your head and papers spread around you , sitting in the common room ; he'll run towards you and hold you in his arms whilst you let the stress out . He'll stay there until you sleep in his arms and then he'll take you to your room . From the next day , he'll make sure that you don't hide any stress from him . He'll complete your works (instead of his) , take you out on long walks so that you relax , and he'll even set a strict timetable for you (which he hasn't even done for himself, ever) . He'll make sure you're not skipping on meals , and for that , he'll even feed you so that you can study while eating . He'd buy many gifts for you so that you feel happy . But trust me , even though he's doing so much, he'd be so clueless as what to do for you ..
Hermione Jean Granger
Okay so she knows what it is to be stressed out like that , she'll help you complete your work . She'll be like an alarm clock , making sure you're doing things on time . When Hermione's checking on you , you can't even waste a second on your time . Once you're done with your work for today(=exhausted) she'll help you relax by cuddling with you or hugging you or going somewhere to eat or just relax . But if you do any time pass before completing your work or while completing your work...she might extend your time of completion .. so better not do it . She'll make sure you're hydrated and alright while studying . Basically , you might not be able to forget the stress and a few days would be worse , but once you notice your work getting completed , you'd be happy that Hermione pressurized you..
Ronald Billius Weasley
Okay so he'd first of all be weird because you're taking stress of something he never cared for .. but then when he'll see you're really stressed , he'll jump over to take care of you . He'll massage you , bring you tea and take you out for amazing food . He'll forcefully make you.. sit and watch some quidditch or chess or something or spend time with him and friends . He'll make sure that the stress doesn't take toll on you especially when you're alone . He'll even rub your back while you sleep cuddling him and trust me , he'll treat you like a delicate diamond . He'll be very caring . He'll even stand up to teachers who pressurise you purposely and give you the confidence to submit some uncompleted work because it's absolutely fine . He'll make sure to not let you be stressed out for this .
Draco Lucius Malfoy
This guy would be silent , but notice you being under pressure . One night while you're asleep , he'll complete all your homework (and make someone complete them..) so as to make your work easier . He'll be with you all the time , he'll keep a check on your diet , he'll also cuddle and make out(or something 18+) with you in order to release a bit of stress . If your stress goes up the roof , he might say 'my father will hear about this..' . He can do honestly anything to see you happy and stress free , even if it means giving you his homework or cheating on exam (without you knowing) so that you score good . He'll also be a very good teacher for you in potions and other subjects and he'll help you a lot , give a lot of tricks and tactics for that . He'll be so caring and sensitive towards you .
Neville Longbottom
He discuss it out with you . Why are you so stressed , where do you think you're lagging , everything . He'll tell you to share with him and find a solution together . He'll ask you to rest properly and even make you eat while you're doing your work . If your work is left incomplete , he'll help you his level best so that complete , but incase you don't , he'll also support you and encourage you to submit it as much it is done . He'll rub your head , your neck and your back when they pain and he'll also let you rest on his lap or shoulder whenever you need it . Ask him for anything and he'll bring it to you. He's going to be very helpful and supportive .
Fredrick Gideon Weasely / George Fabien Weasely
Yeah i feel both of them are gonna be same in this one , just the fact that George would be more compassionate than Fred . They both would do funny pranks to distract you , force you to have fun and laugh and also , they'd try to make you realise or aware that life is not only about school and studies , it's also about friends , fun and memories . They'll make sure you're enjoying yourself and not stressing out every now and then . Fred might even show you his entire incomplete work to make you feel better .. since he'd have it a lot more than you . He'll also preach about how they enjoy life but still manage to score pretty well , just like you should do . George would help you out with the work and would make sure you're sleeping well . He'll also become very romantic and caring towards you .
Ginevra Molly Weasley
She's going to act all cool and stuff until she realises that oo , the problem is serious . She'll help you out so much . She's gonna be kinda your mother so yeah . She's not gonna let you stress and help you learn and understand anything you're not able to do . She'll ask any of her friends to help you incase she's not able to . She'll pamper you , cuddle you , support you and push you to your level best . She's going to be your friend in need , your bestie , your teacher , your mother and your girlfriend all in one during this time lawl so kinda brace yourself and kinda be grateful YK .
Cedric Diggory
He's gonna ask his whole group to chill out with you .. he'd invite you to a night out or something like that so that you enjoy and have a break from the stress . He'll help you without you knowing it whereas in front of you , he'll be supportive and caring boyfriend . He'll secretly complete/correct your work so that you do good in that . He'll also encourage you a lot and mainly focus to make you have fun and and enjoy instead of just stressing out like crazy . It's gonna be like he knows what to do when you're going through , maybe he would've too .
Tumblr media
I hope you liked it !
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dracossweetprincess · 5 months ago
potion’s class | h.g
Tumblr media
request: yes/no
preview: hermione fingering you during class
warnings: SMUT, dom!hermione, fingering, dirty talk, degradation and praise, use of mommy once
you had been teasing hermione all day by wearing a short skirt and bending down showing her your pretty little clothed pussy, until hermione finally had enough and is gonna get revenge on you.
your head was placed neatly on the desk, arms surrounding your face as you sighed, not in the mood for another boring potions class. you look at your girlfriend who tapping her fingers on the table, ugh why does it turn you on?
you close your eyes trying to let your mind drift off to other things since it’s not really a good time to be horny, but you still clench your thighs hoping hermione wouldn’t notice. well she did. “look at you clenching your thighs like a stupid little whore.”
sneakily placing her hands on your knees and spreading your legs apart, she brings his fingers to your panties, rubbing the damp fabric over you clothed pussy making you whine but quickly cover your mouth with your hand.
she pulls your panties to the side, feeling your clit throb on her fingers. “will you look at that, my slut it all wet for me. mione’s gonna make you cum right here right now, and you’re gonna keep quiet aren’t you?” you gulped and slowly nodded, careful to not catch other people’s attention.
hermione waisted no time slipping her ring finger inside your soppy cunt with no warning, making you roll your eyes into the back of your head. you rest your hand on the table, closing your eyes and trying to keep yourself from making any noise.
hermione adds another finger, curling them inside you and hitting just the right spots that you knew only she could hit. “r-right there mione.” you babbled quietly, making her chuckle. “is mommy hitting the right spot?” she asks raising her eyebrows.
you nod eagerly, not even caring if anyone saw you anymore. it felt too good. hermione fingers you hard and fast, her hand starting to cramp, but she couldn’t care less. all she cared about was your face scrunched up in pleasure. “how does that feel puppy? tell me how good that feels baby.”
you could only moan into your hand as a response, driving hermione crazy. you feel your orgasm build up, and bite your lip making it almost bleed while hermione continued her rough ministrations on your pussy. “i can feel you clenching, cumming already? stupid whore.”
a smirk grows on her lips as she purposely lets her pencil fall to the floor, being able to sneak under the table to see your pussy throbbing and your legs spasming while you cum. “cum for me, princess.” your legs shake under the table as you squirt all over hermione’s hand and forearm.
hermione sits back on her chair, licking her fingers with a pop and rubbing your back soothingly. “did so good f’me, my good little puppy. my girl.” your breathing slowly starts to regulate and you relax under her touch, letting hermione press a kiss to your temple and head.
maybe potions class wasn’t as boring as you thought.
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scandalous-chaos · 2 months ago
Injury Hermione x fem!pureblood!reader
Summary: The reader is hurt on a field trip and Hermione’s freaking out. I don't know whether Hogwarts has school trips but here you go. Also — Y/N is pureblood here and doesn’t know much about muggle devices! 
Requested by anon(s) | masterlist
[pre-established relationship]
Tumblr media
gif from tenor
"Y/N!" Hermione scooped down to try and get you up, but you stayed on the ground, your dress covered in mud and your face red with embarrassment. You had fallen down trying to save your girlfriend. Or that’s what you figured anyway.
"What were you thinking?" She grabbed your hands and hoisted you up, but you let out a wince and almost fell to the ground again.
You leaned onto your girlfriend for support, and noticed how your left foot appeared swollen.
"Those things were going to kill you!" You protested.
Her mouth fell open, not knowing whether to be amused or baffled. She decided on anger instead.
"They were phones! Those people were just taking pictures of the building and I happened to be in front of it!"
"I think I know what a camera looks like but that thing appeared like a square gun thingy where you shoot stuff," you rolled your eyes, oblivious about technology as always.
"You're smart, but not when it comes to phones. Or toasters. Or washing machines. Or anything related to muggles really," she helped you to the bench outside the building. You pat away the dust from your dress and sat down.
Harry and Ron were walking past, and Hermione called out to them.
"Y/N is injured, do you know whether Pomfrey is on the trip with us?" She asked Ron calmly. You saw the slight crease in her forehead, the only signal that said she was internally panicking.
"Hermione, I'm fine. I just need to sit for a while-" you began but was cut off.
"You can't walk and is obviously under lots of pain, so sit still while I get Ron to be useful for once."
"Hey!" He exclaimed in disbelief.
"Get Pomfrey now!" She said sharply, and Ron ran away, muttering complaints.
Hermione glared at Harry, who was about to take a sip from his can of Pepsi.
"What did I do?" He asked, while she nodded towards you.
"Y/N is hurt." She replied.
"I can see that."
"She needs something to drink."
Harry pointed to a stall nearby. "Do you want me to go buy her something?"
Hermione kept glaring.
"Oh!" He looked at the can wistfully. "Uhm, okay, Y/N here you go."
You were too polite to take it. "It's fine, I can-"
"Drink it or I swear to god I'll force it down your throat!" Hermione said warningly.
You blinked. "Jesus, fine! I'll drink it."
"You're mean when it comes to your girlfriend, Mione," Harry observed. "You're worried like she's going to die."
"She's not going to die," she replied firmly. "And I'm not worried — now where is that idiot and Pomfrey? Merlin, he's useless, let me go get them."
While she walked away, you handed the can back to Harry without drinking and he muttered a thanks.
"Ron's going to die today, isn't he?" You asked, smirking.
"Yup," he agreed, sitting down with you. The two of you watched your girlfriend storming around the building doors and talking to all the teachers, and you couldn't help but find her concern endearing. 
A bit scary too, but mostly endearing.
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jellyraindrops · 7 months ago
Things I would Do At Hogwarts
Me, walking through a semi-empty corridor: *sees a first year*
Me, walking up to them: Hey little fella, are you lost?
Professor Flitwick: *turns arounds* Excuse me?
Me: holy fucKING SHIT SHIT SHIT *runs away*
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refiwrites · 2 months ago
Off To Bed
Pairing: Hermione Granger x GN! Reader
Summary: You drag your lovely witch girlfriend to bed after a study session.
Word count: 0.5k
Warning/s: none
Note: Just a small thing since the idea of cuddling Hermione popped up in my head and that made my gay ass squeal.
GIF is not mine, credits to the owner!
Tumblr media
The fireplace crackled and sparked as whisper of winds blew against the window of the Gryffindor common room as snow formed against it with intricate patterns.
You seemed to have lost track of time as your head was lolled upon the sofa, breathing soundly, book spread open in your lap, threatening to fall out of your grasp, to which you weren’t maintaining well. However, Hermione was still lost in her book, scanning every word as she sat crisscrossed on the floor, book propped upon the table, elbows resting against wood.
You two had agreed to study for the upcoming exams today in the afternoon, what you weren’t expecting was the wave of tiredness washing over you 2 hours in into the session. Hermione kept waking you up by asking you a question, though you just replied in nonsense, sometimes even responding with things not even related to the subject at hand like a few good minutes ago.
“Alright (Y/N), what’s- (Y/N)!” Hermione says with a huff, slapping you on the knee with her parchment. You sat up, wide eyes and wiping non-existent drool on the side of your mouth “Huh- what, where are we again?” You asked with tired eyes. Hermione sighs, looking back at her parchment and books and glancing at the time. It was already 12 AM. “Oh… I didn’t even notice the time… I’m sorry (Y/N).” Hermione apologizes, frowning. 
You look at her sweet brown eyes and you slowly shake your head “Let’s jus’ go to bed, yes? We have more time tomorrow anyways.” You bribed, standing up and grabbing her soft hand, wanting nothing more than to cuddle up against your beloved in the bed.
Hermione was about to protest but she let you pull her up, Hermione using a quick Wingardium Leviosa on both of your books to arrange themselves neatly on the sofa before turning her attention to you. “I should’ve asked if you wanted to stop studying earlier.” Hermione laughs softly, arm wrapping around your waist as she nudges her face on the crook of your neck.
“Don’t worry about it, but I can’t let you stay up late without me so I’m taking you to bed whether you like it or not.” You asserted. Hermione had no plans on going against the idea and just left you a kiss on the cheek. You both entered your dorm and quickly changed into pajamas. Hermione was the first one to finish as she lay on your bed. You turned to face her, pulling your shirt down your stomach.
“Already dozing off without me.” You joked.
“I wasn’t the one sleeping earlier when we were studying.” She quipped.
You shake your head with a smile, laying beside her and immediately pulling each other close. You had been the one to pull the blankets over your bodies and after that Hermione successfully wraps her arms around you like a koala. You laugh, pecking her forehead a few times since you knew how much she was a sucker for those.
You were caressing her back and soon enough you could almost hear her soft snores. You heard some meowing and spotted Crookshanks by the edge of the bed, looking at you two curiously before laying down on his own. Smiling even wider, you stifled a laugh at her pet. Leaning your head against hers, you soon find yourself also falling into deep slumber in the arms of the one and only Hermione Granger.
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pansyslut · 12 months ago
truth or dare
reader x ginny x pansy
summary: things get heated when you, ginny, and pansy end up playing strip truth or dare at your sleepover
warnings: smut obv- mentions of hermione and reader, pansy is a lil possessive, stripping, thigh riding, use of pet names (bunny, momma), degration, praise, teasing, oral, choking, slightly dom reader x dom pansy x sub ginny, aftercare (pansy being the best dom ever)
a/n: pansy is literally my bi awakening... anyways i’d do a part two if people wanted. maybe hermione can join next time :)
flashback in italics
you didn’t mean for ginny to end up grinding on your thigh it just sort of happened. you, her, and pansy all decided to have a sleepover and eventually ended up playing truth or dare. whoever did not want to do their truth or dare had to strip. thus, ending up with you and ginny grinding on each other.
with her getting herself off on your thigh, her knee was pressed into your throbbing pussy practically screaming for attention. pansy lay behind you with you laying your back on her chest as she played with your breasts.
“okay, truth or dare ginny” pansy said with an evil look in her eye. when she had replied with truth, pansy said, “it is true you fancy the golden boy? everyone can see it.” ginnys face heated up instantly and all three girls knew what pansy was doing. she knew there was no way that ginny would answer the question so she would have to strip of a piece of clothing. with ginnys face as red as a tomato, she lifted up her shirt revealing her red lace push up bra.
“okay next,” ginny started trying to move on from the topic, “y/n truth or dare?” she asked giving a knowing look to pansy. “um, truth.”
“is it true that you and granger have expiremented with each other?” she asked. gulping, you remember back to when hermione had asked you not to tell anyone. the last thing you would want to do is out the girl. lifting your shirt you stare back at the two girls obviously looking at your chest. “a lady never kisses and tells,” you say shrugging.
“pansy, truth or dare” you state.
“i dare you to admit how many times you’ve touched yourself imagining you were with malfoy,” you say smirking. earning a laugh from ginny beside you, pansy scoffs muttering, “nosey whores,” as she lifts her top. none of you planned for what was happening tonight but you all happened to be wearing lingerie. you were internally thanking yourself for your choices when you were getting dressed earlier.
“y/n, truth or dare” pansy glares back at you, obviously still slightly mad over your previous question.
“i dare you to give ginny an orgasm. you pick how.”
so now you lay in pansy’s arms while ginny bounces atop of you chasing after her orgasm. her breasts bouncing in your face wasn’t helping your pulsing predicament down south. deciding to help the girl, you slide your middle finger into her red laced panties and start circling her clit.
“fuck just like that, y/n”
pansy kisses under your ear, talking just above a whisper, “look at our bunny humping you like a little needy whore.” she says as you both snicker. ginny stayed humping your hand, unbothered by you and pansy’s teasing, only trying to claim her release.
you look up at ginny and you can tell she’s almost reached her climax. circling her clit faster, she pants and whimpers ever louder. “please momma i need to cum,” she says letting the nickname slip from her tongue.
you were a little taken back but was turned on by it nonetheless. turning to whisper in pansy’s ear, “do you think she should be able to cum, pans? do you think she’s imagining this is pottahs hand? naughty girl i would say,” you tease shaking your head. ginny whines more and starts shaking her head, “no momma i’m only thinking of you. fuck, your hand feels good.”
ginny throws her head back and moans you and pansy’s names then falls limp on your chest. rubbing her back, you kiss her temple as pansy runs her fingers through her hair. after a few minutes pansy speaks up, “gin, don’t you think you should help y/n cum? it’s the least you could do after practically begging for her.”
ginny nods her head eagerly and starts kissing down your neck. luckily, all three girls were only left in undergarments after the game so she didn’t have to waste time undressing you. still laying against pansy’s chest, ginny kisses her way down to your center. peppering kisses on your inner thighs and on your pussy that was still covered with your panties.
sliding off your underwear, she licks between your folds teasingly. with one leg laying on her back, you dig your heal into it as to tell her to go on with it. letting out a giggle, you feel her hot breath on your pussy making you arch your back.
after kissing your clit multiple times, she fucks you with her tongue. grabbing her hair into your hand and pulling it away from her face, you can’t help but admire ginnys tongue. you didn’t think the girl had done this before but merlin it sure felt like she had.
“mommy your pussy tastes so good,” she says pausing momentarily and then going back down again. with pansy massaging your breasts and ginnys face shoved into your center, you start feeling hazy.
pansy nibbling your ear, “ginny, look at our pathetic little girl. she’s a needy little thing isnt she? hermione probably never touched or ate her out like this,” she says while possessivly wrapping a hand around your throat.
pansy grabs one of your hands with the one hand not wrapped around your throat and pulls it away from it bunched up in ginnys hair, pinning it down at your side. “don’t be greedy. bunny will give you what you deserve.”
with ginny lapping your clit and pansy’s hold on your throat, you knew you were about to cum. your entire body felt like it was buzzing and you felt euphoric. “oh look bunny, your momma wants to cum. y/n looks so fucking deprived at the way her legs are gripping onto you. obviously ‘mione didn’t do the job well enough but she’s absolutely falling apart around you.”
finally reaching your climax you arch your back as your ankles dig into ginnys back and pansy squeezed harder on your throat. laying limp against pansy, ginny lifts her head from your center and starts licking up your cum. licking up the last of it from your thighs, she’s careful not to hit your sensitive clit. plunging two fingers into you, she pulls them out and reaches over to pansy. “taste how yummy.”
watching pansy’s tongue swirl around pansy’s fingers you feel more arousal ball up in your stomach as she moans. letting go of her fingers, she looks down at you smirking. leaning to ginny, she grabs her chin and shoves it in your direction. “look at how fucked out your mommy is, you did so good,” she says praising ginny.
you felt a little bad that you never made pansy cum but she was right... you were fucked out and barely staying awake. feeling pansy lift you from her chest and lay you down on the bed, she starts moving around the room. you feel her cleaning you and ginny up softly, trying not to further awake you in your sleeping state.
she turns off the light and climbs in next to you and ginny as you all wrap arms around each other. eventually, your breathing synchronizes and you all take in the moment of being wrapped up in each other’s arms.
part two ->
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mionemymind · 7 months ago
Wanda: [Arguing]  I'm sorry I can’t say levioSA correctly!
Wanda: [Slams her door shut]
Y/n: [Banging on the door] Wanda! Love! I promise you’re my favorite witch. Hermione has nothing on you!
Y/n: [Thinking] And it’s leviOsa
Wanda: I fucking heard that!
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love-and-other-potions · 2 months ago
Hermione x Reader
"Merlin, I hate this class," you huff as you sit next to Hermione in History of Magic.
She doesn't respond but offers a smile in your direction. You roll your eyes as you search though your bag for a quill, an ink bottle, and a piece of parchment.
"I don't even know why you get parchment out. All you do is doodle in this class,"  Hermione comments
"It's for appearances. Besides, if I didn't draw, I'd go insane in this class."
She smiles once again as you start drawing.
The bell finally rings.
"Oh thank Merlin," you exclaim as you stand.
You grab your bag  and wait for Mione. She notices your drawing still on the desk.
"Are you going to keep that?"
You glance over.
"Nah, I never keep them, but I think someone does. They're never here when I come back."
"Mmm," she hums as she grabs it, folds it in half and puts it in a folder from her bag.
As the folder opens, a few pieces of parchment falls to the floor.
You pick it up for her and examine it. It's your doodles. You glance at her folder to see every doodle you've ever drawn in class.
"You kept them?" You ask, completely shocked.
Her checks turn pink as she nods. You don't say anything.
"What? They're cute," she mutters defensively "Besides, I need bookmarks."
"You use them as bookmarks? How have I not noticed?"
"Maybe because you're too busy doodling when I read?"
She laughs at your face as you two continue to the next class.
You sit down in History of Magic the next day without saying a word. You pull out your art tools and immediately start. You see Mione glance at you but you ignore her. You have to execute the plan perfectly.
*********** Your heart pounds as the bell rings. You quickly shove your quill and close your ink bottle to put them in your bag. You watch as Minoe goes to grab the parchment but stops short with a slight gasp.
Written in calligraphy on the parchment is "Will you be my girlfriend?"
You drew two hands holding each other in one corner. In another corner, you sketched a Gryffindor and  (your House) tie side by side. In the third corner, you sketched a cauldron with the potion creating a cloud of smoke in the shape of a heart. In the last corner you sketched a textbook labeled "Love 101".
She slowly picks the parchment up as if it would magically disappear. She looks up and looks into your eyes. She smiles a crooked smile.
"Of course."
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hermionesslut · a month ago
(hermione granger x reader)
let’s talk abt it
summary; just my headcannon’s on hermione granger’s kinks 😭
content warning; nsfw!!!, bdsm, mommy kink lololol, hair pulling, edging, overstimulation, knife kink…etc?
author’s note; k so this is inspired by this post<3 errr hope you enjoy!!! sorry for the inactivity..school is rlly time consuming lol also i just cant have my phone at all so im sorry lol but thank you sm for all the love honestly i am so grateful ily all <3
Tumblr media
-there’s just no way this is not cannon
-i love this headcannon so deeply simply bc i love her hair sm
-anyway i feel like she pulls your hair all the time
-when you anger her, she’ll pull your hair and you’ll know you’re definitely in for it once you’re alone with her
-she’s grown to love her hair so it’s become part of her
-sexual or non-sexual, lovingly or otherwise she loves to hold your hair even as a stress reliever or she’ll repress her emotions and take it out on you
-when you’re having sex, she will literally do it all the time and you cannot get enough
-she’ll do it when you’re eating her out…but softly bc you’re taking care of her <3
-when you’re cuddling and she’s feeling horny she’ll tug on your hair to tease you and make you moan
-ok ok so she’s totally into this
-she just is ok
-i really want her to slap me in the face
-i see a lot of people say she wouldn’t be into degrading bc of her past, with her being bullied and shit but that’s just wrong ok? and let me tell you why:
1. literally always shit-talking Ron, telling him what to do? seems pretty dominant to me..
2. just has the most dominant personality!
3. needs perfection, literally fumes when she doesn’t get her way.
basically im right and that’s it
-so she COULD be a switch i think..def leaning towards dom tho but i don’t get the biggest feeling she’s like the hardest dom irdk why..? but she could and would slap you in the face <3
orr…mummy kink…? no jk.
-just older her as minister of magic <3
-im not into age regression but she has some mommy qualities
-idk what else to say abt this? i just want to call her…yk
-edging bc she loves to have control over you </3
-knife-kink bc muggleborn..things??
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slytherweasley · 10 months ago
Three (Ginny Weasley x Hermione Granger x reader)
Warnings: smut, swearing
Summary: Hermione plans for Ginny to help her with a surprise for y/n’s birthday. Hermione remembers y/n’s wish to have a threesome with another girl
Note: I got so many requests for a Hermione smut and I got just as much about Ginny in my inbox so I decided I’d combine it.
Tumblr media
You and Hermione had been working hard and have barely any time to spend together. Your birthday is next week and Hermione is determined to make it special. She thought about what to get you for weeks leading up to it until she was sitting in her office and came up with an idea. “Hey Gin, I was wondering if you wanted to help with something for Y/n’s birthday next week?” It didn’t take much convincing so Hermione and Ginny had the perfect plan.
The morning of your birthday Hermione made you breakfast and you went off to work as usual. Your day was like any other day in an office, boring and stressful. You get home and take a shower with Hermione, she kisses you against the cold shower wall and her hand slowly moves inbetween your thighs. Until you hear knocking on the door, you groan “I’ll go answer it” You wrap yourself up in a bathrobe and answer the door, it’s Ginny.
“Ginny! I didn’t know you were coming” “I’m sorry I didn’t send an owl before I came I wanted to tell you happy birthday in person.” “Come in Hermione is in the shower but she should be out soon.” You sit on the couch beside Ginny. “It’s been forever I’m so glad to see you again” you and Ginny talk for a bit while Hermione is still in the shower. “Y/n I didn’t get you a physical present but I can give you one now” “What’s that mean Gin?” You chuckle. “I’ll show you” she kisses your neck “Ginny! Hermione is in the bathroom she’ll be out soon.” She unties your bathrobe and Hermione walks out “Mione!” You jump back “Hey Gin. I see you’re already getting to it” “What’s going on?” You ask “This is your present, I know you’ve always wanted us to have sex with another person so I brought Ginny in” “We should go to your bedroom, it will be more comfortable there.”
You walk to yours and Hermione’s bedroom. Hermione takes the bathrobe off completely and Ginny kisses your lips. You grab her bum and kiss her back. Hermione undresses Ginny breaking the kiss, you join in, Hermione pulls Ginny’s skirt down and you take her top off kissing her inbetween. Hermione pulls Ginny’s underwear down to her ankles and kisses her inner thighs.
“I’ll watch as you two get started” Hermione says sitting down on the couch near the bed. “Are you sure?” You ask “Yes, it’s fun watching you.” Ginny grabs your arm and pulls you on the bed “I can’t wait any longer!” Ginny kisses you, and brings her hand to your clit circling it a few times making you whimper against her lips. She removes her lips from yours and kisses down your body, spreading your legs. She kisses up your legs to your inner thighs, you whimper “Please Ginny” you beg. She finally attaches her lips to your clit and starts to suck then lick, you can barely control your moans. “You really like that huh?” She looks up at you and you nod “Keep moaning for me, pretty girl.”
You feel yourself get close as she works her tongue on your cunt “Oh fuck Ginny I’m going to cum” she stops eating you out “Not yet” you groan and kiss her, she lays you back down on the bed. “Hermione” she says and Hermione passes her a vibrator, Ginny turns it on to the lowest setting and puts it to your clit, you let out a moan “Good girl” she says turning it up. Hermione gets undressed and spreads her legs her fingers entering her core and she starts fingering herself. The room is filled with yours and Hermiones moans, you feel yourself about to cum, you grip the sheets “Ginny!” “Good girl, come on, cum for me” you feel your stomach tighten and you finish.
Hermione lets out a loud moan and you both see she finished too. “Hermione, come here” Ginny says, Hermione walks over and Ginny kisses her. Ginny spreads your legs and places herself in between your legs. “I’m going to ride your face, darling” Hermione says and positions herself on your face.
It started out slow, Hermiones moans were quiet and pretty, you started to moan against her pussy. Ginny started to speed up and you became really turned on by Hermione riding your face and Ginny grinding herself against your cunt. Hermione finishes on your face and gets off helping you get to your high. Hermione sucks on your nipple and pinches the other one.
“I’m going to cum” you moan “Go on, cum for me” Ginny says. You let out a string of moans before finishing and Ginny wasn’t too far behind. You all need a minute to recover from your orgasms. “Thank you for the best birthday” you kiss Hermione then Ginny “Whenever you two want to spice things up again I’ll be happy to come back.”
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adoralinefilms · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hereee u go!
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elisethewildwolf · a month ago
Happy (Hermione Granger x Ravenclaw Reader)
Tumblr media
Credits for the image go to Pinterest and whoever made and posted it.
Honestly, I’m straight but yeah. Hope you all enjoy!
Here’s the link to my Masterlist if you wanna check it out: Masterlist
Y/N - your name
h/c - hair color
e/c - eye color
Hermione has been stressed and frustrated and annoyed at anything and everything.
Why can’t people in general just shut up sometimes?, she thought to herself, upset, as she walked back up to the Gryffindor dorm.
As soon as she opened the door to the common room though, she found her Ravenclaw girlfriend fast asleep with a book in her hand on one of the huge couches.
What’s she doing here?, Hermione wondered to herself
The Phantom of the Opera, Hermione read the title of the book you were reading quietly, shaking her head fondly when she remembered that this was the fifth time you were reading it.
For awhile, she simply gazed at you. Your lips were slightly parted while you breathed deeply, your exhaustion and sleepiness evident on your expression. Your h/c fell over your face slightly and your skin glowed in the firelight. She thought you looked peaceful and beautiful and heartwarming.
Suddenly, you blinked open your eyes and saw her brown eyes grow in shock, scared that she was the reason you woke up.
“I woke up by my own will,” you chuckled before shifting a bit to face her more and reached out to push one of her thick locks behind her ear, “I was waiting for you to come up. I knew you were really tired and I wanted to spend some relaxing time with you so that you could rest more.”
Hermione’s heart beat harder in her chest. Moving closer to you and staring into your e/c eyes, she hovered her lips above yours, breaths mingling.
“Thank you, love,” she whispered, “I’m truly touched. I missed you the entire day.”
She pecked your lips once before continuing.
“You should rest too though. Better be back to your dorm before the prefects start going around.”
You pouted a bit and nodded before looping your arms around her neck and pulling her down.
“Don’t make me leave without a kiss though.”
Hermione giggled.
“I won’t, Y/N. You can make sure of that.”
As she kissed you, her stressed about the day faded away and we’re quickly replaced by joy. During times like this, she couldn’t be anything but happy with you in her arms.
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captain-krunchy · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Thank you to @christinahk for requesting! I hope you like it💖😄
Yandere Hermione Granger (+short one shot)
Tumblr media
-Hermione pays attention to her surroundings, so she notices you right off the bat.
- You catch her eye out of everything else around you.
- At first, Hermione perceives you as a threat, maybe a new bully or even an academic threat. So she decides to learn everything she could about you and she does learn an impressive amount.
- But as she learns more about you she begins to fall in love.
- She just spent so much time studying you and following you around that she developed feelings for you
- Hermione is impatient so she decides to begin perusing you pretty quickly
- Because Hermione is seen as a goody-two-shoes around the school anyone taking your side is automatically off the table. No one believes that Hermione has been pushy or creepy with her advances.
- Hermione will not stand for any competition, she will do anything to make sure she is the only person perusing you.
- Ron and Harry are more than happy to help get rid of any competitors for Hermione.
- Hermione loves to read anything written by you so she will steal any papers you have, no matter what they are from.
- She also likes taking any graded papers that you did well on, she has a scrapbook of your A papers. They just make her so proud of you 
- If she can get her hands on your diary she will read that thing as many times as possible. Especially any old diaries that have been thrown away. Hermione has a collection of those.
- if you like to study like she does she will be over the moon, quiet study dates in the library are her absolute favorite dates.
- but if you do not like studying or get bored easily she is content with you just sitting there, as long as you are quiet or pretending to study
- Hermione would like you to be smart as long as you recognize that you will never be as smart as her. She tends to belittle you at times as well, even if you are smarter than her. If you try to say you are smarter than her she will go into a rage.
- Hermione can get pretty mean, especially when she gets frustrated with you, or if you correct her on something, she will find a way to punish you. Mostly revoking certain “privileges” or taking away things that mean a lot to you, but if she loses her temper she may use unforgivable curses on you.
- After the war and after Hermione had to obliviate her parents, Hermione was way more clingy, needy, and emotional. She was also more anxious about your safety, anything could be a threat to you in her eyes.
- As you and Hermione get older she begins to demand more and more control of your life, after Hogwarts she makes several detailed schedules that you are expected to follow to the letter.
- Hermione is okay with letting you talk to people and even be around them as long as she is with you or knows what was said exactly. You could even have a job, as long as it’s from home or working with/for her.
- Hermione thinks very highly of you, and she adores you. She never lets you forget it either, but she also wants you to tell her how amazing she is and how lost you would be without her consent “guidance”.
- Remember to tell her you love her at least three times a day or things will get ugly…
Your diary had gone missing, you had no idea where it was and that worried you to no end. You had a lot of private and embarrassing things written down in there. What if Malfoy or Parkinson found it, they would surely torment you with it, and the whole school would know you had a crush on that half-blood from Ravenclaw. You went to the one person you knew would listen, Hermione, she was your closest friend. She had two other friends you occasionally hung out with, Ron and Harry who seemed like two normal boys, but for the most part, anytime spent with Hermione was spent between just the two of you.
She met you in your usual place "Hello Y/N, are you well today?" Hermione noticed your upset face and tear-stained cheeks in an instant. "Who made you cry, I want names! First and last!"
"I was no one, I just lost my diary and it has some personal stuff in there and I got worried it would be spread around the school if the wrong person got ahold of it." You explained, Hermione did not appear to believe you.
"That's why I asked you here, because I wanted a little vent session, and I needed someone to tell me everything will be okay." You continued, that time she believed you.
"No, it will most likely not be okay, anyone could have grabbed your diary but I will be hear to protect you," Hermione said almost joyfully causing red flags to come up but still be ignored because you were far too emotional to look at any red flags.
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scandalous-chaos · a month ago
The First Task Hermione Granger x fem!reader
Summary: AU where you get picked to be the Hogwarts champion instead of Cedric. (hurt/comfort)
requested by anon | masterlist
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Hermione Granger was having a rough couple of weeks. She didn't know how Ron could sit so calmly while two of his friends are supposed to attend potentially dangerous tasks in the name of an empty cup.
"C'mon, Harry and Y/N got this," he said one evening, shrugging. Hermione wished it was that simple. Worrying was second nature to her, especially for you.
The day for the first task began bright and early. You had reviewed all necessary spells for healing, navigation and antidotes, but Hermione insisted on drilling you with random questions until it was time to go.
"Do you remember the spell for disintegrating tree roots?" She asked hastily as you put on your jacket.
"Yes Mione, I do," you said, rolling your eyes.
"What about the spell for sending spark signals if anything went wrong?"
"I remember that too, you need to stop worrying."
"You're-" words caught on her throat, but she forced them out anyway, "my best friend and I have every right to be worried."
"Harry's your best friend too," you smirked, fixing your hair in the mirror. "How come you aren't fussing over him?"
"Well I can't burst into the boy's dormitory, can I?"
"You can do anything if you want to. You're Hermione Granger." The last words came off in fake-awe, but she blushed all the while.
"Just- just promise me you'll be okay."
You turned around to face her, and the sudden movement made her feel more awkward in your presence. The way you were looking at her made her wonder if she accidentally gave away any hints.
"I need something in return," you said boldly.
"That's not how promises work."
"Aw," you pouted, stepping closer to her, almost enough to breath in her scent. "That's too bad for you, really."
She turned to a stone as your hand slightly brushed against her elbow — the feeling was as soft as a feather, yet it felt like her skin was on fire.
"Do you always have to tease me like this?" Hermione asked before thinking.
"Do you always have to tempt me like this?" you asked, grinning widely.
Her heart started to pound at your words. Before you could blink, her lips had met yours, pressing against them deeply as she inhaled your scent. 
Your back hit the mirror by force, but you didn't object to her touch. A faint moan left your mouth as her fingers danced through your skin, going lower and lower the sides of your body, too far away from where you need them to be.
It still felt electrifying.
"Hey guys, Y/N is late for—" Sophie, a girl from your year, entered the room and her mouth fell open.
The two of you pushed away the other and awkwardly tried to straighten your clothes.
"Uhm," Hermione coughed. "Yes, Y/N, you're late. Just stay alive for me, yeah?"
"I'll try," you replied quickly, then left the room with Sophie.
While being near a dragon was terrifying, you remembered your promise to Hermione.
You were not going to die when you finally had a chance to date her. 
The dragon was huge, and you had no strategy, but hey, sometimes your mind surprises you.
After a lot of distractions, scratches and blood, you made it out of the field, half-alive and wounded.
"I got the egg!" you yelled triumphantly, hoisting it into the air. Everyone cheered and clapped. 
You grinned, feeling euphoric, then fainted on the spot.
"You're stupid, dumb and impulsive!"
Those were not the most encouraging words to wake up to, but you opened your eyes anyway, not surprised that it was Hermione who was the speaker.
Sitting up on the hospital bed, you realized it was quite dark now. There seemed to be no one else but Hermione in the room, but that only raised more questions.
"What happened?" you asked swiftly. "Where's Harry, how much points did I get?"
"I think you came in second," Hermione said, trying to think. "I don't remember the points-"
"But that's the most important thing! How can you not remember—"
"I was a bit busy trying to see you were alive, okay?" She said sharply. "Why the hell would I care about the points? I'm not even supposed to be here."
"What do you mean?" You asked, frowning.
"Madam Pomfrey said you'll be unconscious the entire night and you needed the rest. I sneaked in after she left the building."
It was your turn to be surprised. "Hermione Granger? Sneaked in? Broke a rule? Wow, I'm a bad influence on you."
"I wasn't going to wait till morning to know you were okay.”
“Hey, I’m not complaining,” you said hastily. “In fact, I think you owe me a kiss.”
“You’re tired, go to sleep,” she sighed, ignoring her own blush.
“So you’re turning me down,” you said dramatically.
“I just don’t want to get caught. You can’t seem to keep quiet when I’m kissing you.”
Your mouth fell open. “Did you just—”
“Yes I did.”
“You’re awful.”
“I’m honest.”
The bickering went on for a while, and before you knew it, both of you fell asleep, with you laying across the bed and her head leaning against the pillows.
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jellyraindrops · 7 months ago
If I went to Hogwarts
Me, visits Hagrids hut for the first time:
Hagrid: It ain't much, but its home ya know?
Me: omg I love it! Hagrid, your house is literally so cottage core!
Trio: ?
Me, in potions: Ok but like what's Snape's problem? He's always so cranky
Draco: I heard-
Me: I think he just needs to get laid.
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draysslytherclaw · 6 months ago
Harry: I- I accidentally killed someone, again.
Mione: Harry, you did it to save us, AGAIN.
Ron: bloody hell. it was for the better, mate.
Mione & Ron: Y/N don’t be like that, we were-
Y/N: You killed someone???
Harry: well, I didn’t-
Trio: what?
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