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Ron *after shower* : Hermione, what is that shampoo you use? It made my hair so soft.

Hermione : Which bottle, darling?

Ron : The red one on the bottom shelf. Smells great-


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Why Harry never let Ginny cook?!?!?!

Harry *on the phone* : Babe, do you remember the cake you made for me yesterday ?

Ginny : Yes…

Harry : What was in it?

Ginny : It’s a secret ingredient, I can’t reveal!!


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Tomorrow is National Hat Day so who else would we think of but the Sorting Hat? …And maybe the lime green bowler hat. Join the Hogwarts Discord at

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Showing up to a slytherins party is all fun and games until you wake up in a bed thats not yours, and in a common room that’s not even close to yours, with a boy beside you

Word Count-1.5K

Warning! Smut, hard core 18+

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Sam’s head spun as she felt warm, her eyes sore as she opened them. Laying on her side, she looked over at the curtains that were drawn infront of her face. 

Blaise let out a little groan, causing Sam’s eye to completely open, prospering herself a bit, she looked over at Blaise who laid asleep beside her, laying facing her.

“Shit,” Sam whispered lifting the blanket up and looking down at her naked body. She rolled her eyes, flashbacks from last night run in her head.

Sam put her hand on her head, as a massive head rush hit her head, she looked over at Blaise once more, shaking her head and turning to the curtains, pushing them opening and helping herself out.

Both of their clothes her scattered all across the floor, Sam’s dress laying not far from the bed. Without a care she slipping on her bra and dress on. Quietly slipping out the door, the rest of the beds curtains were shut, unknowing if anyone else had heard her.

The Slytherin Common room was a complete mess, drinks were scattered all over the room, bottles on their sides, garbage all over the place.

Sam slipping out of the common room now, quietly walking the halls of Hogwarts, no one had been awake this early on a saturday morning, lucky for Sam, slipping undetected back to the Gryffindor common room.

“Bat eyes,”

The common room door opened and Sam walked in, a empty common room as well. Sam trailed up to her room  quietly, opening the door.

Hermione was sleeping sound in her bed, her arm hanging out of her curtain, Sam smiled, super hungover.

“Walk of shame much?” Hermione chuckled causing Sam to shoot her head back over at Hermione who had her head pocked out of her curtains.

“Fell asleep on the couch, got to drunk,” Sam lied crawling into her bed. “Wake me up when you go down from breakfast,” She closed her curtains, not bothering to undress, facing face down on her pillow.

“Was it a good party at least?” Hermione asked now standing beside Sam, she sat down looking over at Sam who didn’t look up at her.

“Yeah good, drinks refilled themselves and the music was blaring, you should have came,” Sam rolled over with a smile. “Goodnight Hermione, don’t talk about my walk of shame,” Sam rolled back over, pulling her blankets up over her face.

“You reek of cologne,” Hermione chuckled making Sam roll her eyes, Hermione waled back to her bed, leaving Sam to go back to sleep.

“You don’t wanna know what I did last night!” Sam yelled causing Hermione to roll her eyes now, collapsing back onto her bed.

Two hours passed and Sam woke up from her nap, rolling over and opening up her curtains just a bit, Parvati was laying in her bed.

“Good morning sunshine,” Sam smirked rolling out of bed, still wearing her dress. “How was your night?”

“Better than yours I bet,” Parvati huckled standing up from her desk. “Or maybe not,” She looked Sam up and down, bursting into laughter.

“I’m going to shower, see you at breakfast,” Sam shook her head at Parvati turning to her dresser. “What time did you get in?”

“This morning, just after you Hermione said, I swear i’m never going to a Slytherin party again,”

Sam and Parvati shared a laugh as Sam grabbed her robes from her closet and a new set of undergarments.

“Save me some food, I promise I won’t take long,” 

“I’ll wait, I wanna gossip about last night,” Pavarti said back down at her desk as Sam walked into the bathroom, her thoughts as she showered were telling Pavarti, her best friend about Blaise, or keeping it her dirty little secret.

Sam quickly finished her shower, drying herself off and tossing a simple outfit on then her robe overtop.

“Okay easy peasy, come on,” Parvati and Sam walked out of their room, the common room was empty since everyone was at breakfast.

“You gonna tell me who you went upstairs with?” Parvati asked with a smile,as the two walked down the stairs.

Sam let out a little chuckle shaking her head. “Depends, are you going to tell me what you and Adrian did last night?”

Now Parvati let out a little laugh shaking her head back. “Nope, not a chance, you get to spill your dirty little secrets first,”

The two arrived in the great hall, which had been oddly loud for half of the fifth and sixths years were hungover.

“Good morning sleeping beauty,” Hermione smirked as Sam sat down beside her and started tossing food onto her plate.

“I don’t think i’ve ever been more hungover,” Sam laughed making half the table laugh. “You’ll have to come next time Mione, same with all of you, they truly are,”

Breakfast went on like normal, Harry Ron and Hermione all argued about the party, and what horrible things were happening now, Fred and George started tossing food at people, and Sam couldn’t help but graze at Blaise who sat infront of her at the Slytherin table.

His back was to her but she knew it was him. Blaises head was slunched a little, his hand tapping on his lap, she admired his features, remembering what happened last night and the actions.

“Hello earth to Sam,” Harry tapped the top of Sam’s head, catching her attention, she turned her head quickly. 

“Yes Harry?” Sam asked shaking her head and getting the thought of Blaise out of her head.

“We were just talking about staying at Grimmauld this winter, do you wanna come?” 

Hermione nodded her head yes at Sam making her smile. “Yeah, i’ll see what my parents think about it but I don’t think they’ll have a problem,”

“Yeah well that’s the least of your problems,” Parvati whispered in Sams ear, causing her to turn her head. “Incoming nine O’clock,”

“What that makes no sense,” Sam looking around, watching as Blaise turned from his spot and started walking towards the Gryffindor table. “I’ll see you guys later, I have some homework to hand in for monday,” Sam quickly took off before anyone could question her, practically racing out of the great hall.

“Sam wait please,” Blaise shouted shaking his head, he quickly caught up with the girl who completely ignore everything around her, placing his hand on her shoulder. 

“What Blaise?” Sam smiled fakley turning to face him. “I honestly don’t wanna talk about last night, another time please,”

“Okay, I just wanted to say, you left a couple things in my room last night, just wanted to see if you wanted to swing by tonight, we’re having another party,” 

Sam took a deep breath and closed her eyes then opened then up. “I’ll be there Blaise, thanks and i’ll see you later,” 

“Yeah see you later Sam, hope to see you tonight,” Blaise gave a small smile, taking his hand off of Sam shoulders. “No hard feels?”

“No hard feelings Blaise, see you later,”

Both took different paths, Blaise walking back to the great hall to gather people for the party, and Sam back to her room, to be alone.


“Blaise!” Pavarti shouted landing backwards on her bed. “You slept with the Blaise Zabini last night, oh and I thought Adrian was bad, but this!”

“I already knew about Adrian, you guys were all over each other last night,” Sam sat up from her bed. “Can you just grab my stuff tonight, I really don’t wanna go, and he wants to talk about it,”

Pavarti sat up and looked at Sam. “He wants to talk about last night, what did you do,” She rolled her eyes with a smile.

“You don’t even wanna know,” Sam fell backwards. 

Hermione walked through the door, looking left and right at the two girls. “What are you two mopping about?”

Pavarti smiled but Sam sat up, tossing her pillow at her face. “Nothing at all, are you coming to the party tonight, celebrating who knows what, winter breaks only next week and you should come, lift some weight off your shoulders,”

“Yeah Hermione, pleaseeee,” Pavarti begged, tossing the pillow back at Sam with a huff. “We promise we don’t leave your side, and i’m sure a little drink wont work,”

“And,” Sam started to say, tucking her pillow behind her. “You havm’t tried out the slide yet, Pansy and I found it, you have to try it,”

Hermione looked between the two girls, walking passed them. “I don’t know what to wear,”

Parvati and Sam smiled, getting up and walking towards their shared closet, swinging it open.

“This,” Sam smiled pulling out a yellow dress. “You’ll look perfect in this, now go change, and i’ll convince everyone else to come with us,” Sam pushed the dress against Hermione’s body, Pavitra pushing ehr towards the bathroom.

Both Sam and Parvati high fived each other just as Hermione closed the door with a smile.

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So, I took some creative liberties with this and I gave the gist of that line to George. He reeeeally wanted it, and I felt bad for him because his brother died. 

Thanks for the prompt!!


Number Eleven

He could still count the number of times he’d kissed her on his hands.

With Lavender, it was hard to keep track because his mind would always wander elsewhere while they kissed. He’d start thinking about his schoolwork, quidditch, or Hermione. Mostly Hermione. By the time he refocused, it was impossible to know if they had shared one, two, or five kisses, and he didn’t really care anyway.

He couldn’t focus on anything else when Hermione kissed him, so he remembered each one vividly. Although amazing, it didn’t feel normal to be able to kiss her. He still hesitated each time, half expecting her to turn her head away and change her mind, but she never did.

First, the Room of Requirement. He’d never forget that one. Even if someone obliviated him, he was certain the sound of basilisk fangs clattering to the floor, and the feeling of her lips frantically meeting his would still be there.

Then they kissed again after the battle, on their way back to the Gryffindor common room. The heartbreak he felt for Fred must have been evident in the way he walked determinedly forward, face down, shoulders slumped, because she did exactly what he wanted her to do. She reached for his hand and pulled him to an empty hallway and hugged him. Then he cried into hair, and she just held him for as long as he needed to be held.

When he stopped crying, their lips came together. He didn’t know who initiated it, but it didn’t matter like he thought it would. Their second kiss communicated something completely different than their first one. Rather than ‘I want you’, it said ‘I’m here for you’, and Ron scanned every detail into his memory. It was softer, gentler and sweeter, and managed to burn away some of the sorrow he felt about Fred.

Their third kiss was in the boys’ dormitory, more specifically, his bed. Curled up in eachothers’ arms, under the blankets, they enjoyed a more passionate kiss that might have turned into a snog if he hadn’t been so damn tired. They silently agreed to put that on hold before sleep overtook them, and he was grateful, because he wanted to be fully present the first time they truly snogged.

They shared their fourth kiss the next morning, but Ron kept it short and sweet, because he hadn’t brushed his teeth yet, and he was a bit self-conscious…

The day after the battle was a blur. He spent most of the day making arrangements with his family, checking in with his classmates, and visiting victims in the hospital wing. They both remained distracted until later that evening, when they returned to the Burrow, and they shared their fifth kiss on the landing of the stairs before parting ways for the night.

Kisses number six, seven, and eight all happened the next day. In the garden after breakfast, quickly in the living room between chores, when they had a rare moment alone, and before bed, when Hermione managed to slide into his room, and Harry determinedly looked away.

Number nine was their first real snog. They took an afternoon around the orchard, and finally alone and obscured by trees, he embraced her. She let him press her up against an apple tree while he admitted her tongue between his lips, and it was a blissful oblivion.

Then there was number ten, earlier today, before the funeral. It was a lot like number two—comforting, supportive, gentle, hidden away from prying eyes.

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Did you know last Friday was Severus Snape’s birthday? You wouldn’t have missed it if you were on the Hogwarts Discord! ;) Check out this piece by Glasses (@artgl_asses on Insta)

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We can definitely see a similarity in their character traits, do you think so?  Tell us your favorite crossovers and theories on Discord!

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Mr.Dursley:It’s Sunday, no a stupid letter

Harry:He hasn’t known Dumbledore yet

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Tomorrow is National Sticker Day and our amazing student Bethe made this art for us to commemorate with!  We love showing off the art shared with us on the Hogwarts Discord at

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How would this have affected her over the years?  What would her opinion be from an outsider’s perspective? Share your theories with us on Discord!

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Harry's evil clone
i'm the real Harry Potter, shoot him!
the only way to keep the everyone safe is to shoot both of us
Hermione, aiming at the clone
the real Harry would never pass up an opportunity to unnecessarily sacrifice himself for his friends
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