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bdoubleowo · 17 hours ago
Hey you know how the hermits would take just some random guy at cons and go “this is Etho”?
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riacte · 5 hours ago
Basic guide to Rendog nicknames:
1. Add “ie” sound [eg. Falsie, Scottie, Fruity]
2. Initials [eg. G (Grian), M (Martyn), MJ (Mumbo)]
3. Shortened name + “s” sound [eg. Shads (Lizzie), Littlewoods (Martyn), Sappers (Sapnap)]
4. Last name only [eg. Major (Scott), Bomb (HBomb)]
5. Mama / Daddy [eg. Hmama, Daddy G]
6. Random associations [eg. Fruityloops, Swedish Potato (Iskall)]
Have fun trying to come up with Rendog nicknames :)
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yn-is-dead · 8 hours ago
Love the angst of "the people that are in last life/third life disappear from the hermit craft server suddenly" because people just wake up to find boatem empty, doc can't find ren when he wakes up and freaks out, shops just going empty, etc
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wither-rose-circus · 13 hours ago
Fuck wait what if Last Life takes place before HC8 and the reason Mumbo swears to not kill this season is because he’s traumatized-
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Xisuma is actually from the future where the hermit universe was destroyed by unknown force. he went back in time to season 1, killed past self, and now relives his own life again. (evil x is original xisuma of this universe, he survived and turned evil)
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hermitcraftheadcanons · 16 hours ago
joe once told cleo nothing would free her from him being annoying. she laughed it off, but he proved himself right when she died and he went down to hell, punched the devil in the face, brought her home, and immediately started making puns about the whole experience.
Is he a Guardian angel? No, he doesn't really prevent ill fortune or warn her about anything, and "angelic" is far from the word Cleo would use to describe Joe's annoyingness. But is he one stubborn, unpredictable, stupid, beautiful force of nature? Yes. Absolutely. That is the Joe Hills Difference. Angels are overrated. Cleo wouldn't have it any other way.
- Mod Shade
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davekrtzyy · 8 hours ago
hermitcraft zedaph is such a guy. he does guy stuff. he enjoys puzzles. he wears maid dresses sometimes. he commits unethical experiments on his friends and neighbors. he likes goats. sometimes he hangs out with evil people
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respectable-username · 9 hours ago
It wasn't the first time Iskall found Etho sitting in their shared base, staring at nothing, fidgeting with a slime ball as his mind worked through some problem or plan of genius or chaos.
Today though. Today was different.
There was a new tension in his shoulders. The slime ball was close to bursting in his hands. His brow was furrowed as he stared at the empty patch of flooring in front if him.
"You ok, dude?"
Etho blinked back to the present, shaking his head slightly as if to dislodge whatever thoughts had got stuck there.
"I'm fine," said Etho.
"You don't look fine," said Iskall, crossing his arms.
Etho hesitated for a second.
"I'm going back there," said Etho, looking back at the floor. The slime ball strained against its outer casing.
"Which one?" asked Iskall gently, grabbing his own chair.
"The one with the lives," said Etho.
Etho didn't talk about that place much. But Iskall had heard the night terrors. He saw how Etho flinched when he burned diorite. He knew how Etho avoided the others who'd been whisked away with him to that other world.
Whatever had happened between Season 7 and Season 8, it wasn't good.
"Do you have to go?" asked Iskall.
"I have to," Etho confirmed. "The time will come and I'll just... be there."
Iskall reached over and patted a hand on Etho's shoulder.
"Do you at least have somebody there who you can trust?" asked Iskall.
The slime ball popped, the green goo inside dripping out between Etho's fingers.
Iskall walked over to the storage room and grabbed another, silently passing it to Etho. He accepted it gratefully, wiping the old slime off on his pants.
"Bdubs will be there," said Etho, passing the new slime ball between his hands. "I've know him long enough, that... I'd like to think..."
Iskall nodded.
"Well I'll be here when you get home," said Iskall kindly. "If you need to talk or anything."
"Thanks Iskall," Etho said, looking up with a sad smile in his eyes.
"Just if you do some retail therapy when you're back, please leave some diamonds for food," teased Iskall.
"Hey!" said Etho with a laugh. "I'm not that bad."
Iskall clapped him on the shoulder with a smile.
"Yes you are," he said. "Good thing I'm such a profitable businessman."
"Thanks Iskall," Etho said, eyes crinkling with a genuine smile.
"Your welcome, roomie," said Iskall.
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galaxygermdraws · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
I finally decided to sit down and figure out an Apathetic Xisuma design. And I really like how it turned out. I put X n Ex’s heights with the APX full body for comparison, and APX’s name, for me personally, is Axis. Given that the world rotates on an axis, and APX is Helsuma in my mind(and the mind of a few of my friends), well, it makes sense that the weird rotated mirror clone of X would have a name related to world rotation right. Also his scars turned out to be my favorite part of coloring and drawing this entire thing.
(Reblogs with tags n comments are appreciated and encouraged plz n thankyu)
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hermitcraftheadcanons · 19 hours ago
I saw the "Keralis accidentally makes hermits fall asleep with his voice" and one of my thoughts was Siren!Keralis(probably due to the mentions of hypnosis, lol) -🥚
The voice of an angel and a face only a mother could love...Keralis would make one interesting siren, for sure!
Look into his eyes, nothing but his eyes...not the rocks you are about to crash your ship into. Not the captain's wheel, not the map, not any of your crewmates screaming for you to stop and steer away. No, just his eyes. Nothing but his eyes.
- Mod Shade
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incorrect-hermitcraft · 18 hours ago
Xisuma, to Evil X: Are you feeling okay? You havent come up with any dastardly evil schemes lately :(
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mintyspacecadet · 16 hours ago
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One Mr goodtimeswithscar for your troubles
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m00n-art · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
yes she's wearing the GG stress for mayor campaign shirt, what about it
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