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#hermitcraft season 6
i-fought-a-tornado-once · 2 months ago
i love how far mumbo's come with putting himself out there with his base building. like you've got his season 6 base that's pretty typical for mumbo: grey scale, geometric shapes, futuristic style
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(not the best screenshot but the only one i had on hand)
you've got his season 7 base where he actively tried to push himself out of his comfort zone with all the greenery and more organic blocks mixed with the futuristic look
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and then we've got the current base he's building: large mountainous shapes with bushes and vines and a huge waterfall running down the center—i know there's much more to come with this base, but it's already turning out to be much more out of the box than his last two bases
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and honestly it looks amazing. season 6 mumbo would not have been able to pull this off as well as season 8 mumbo is and that just goes to show you how far he's come as a creative builder <3
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digdeepergravedigger09 · 4 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Season 6 Hippie Trio my Beloveds....
I will always miss them.
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(season 6)
Zedaph: *dressed as a woman* would you care to give a free sample of quartz to a pretty lady~
Grian: sure, do you know one?
Zed: ...
Zed: would you care to give a free sample to an UGLY lady?
Grian: no, ugly ladies have to pay
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mineqraft · 9 days ago
please enjoy one of my favorite joe clips from season 6. it has everything you could want out of an interaction between joe and concorp. canon vex!scar and cub. joe hills being joe hills. scar being extremely expressive with minecraft body language. truly cannot get better
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Ranboo saying that there are plenty of people on the SMP that has the letter R as their initial has very similar vibes of Grian convincing the G-Team that they all have the letter G in their names
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minecraft-skele · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I know this won’t get a lot of notes but like I had this idea in my head where like in lore Grian and mumbo were like friends back in high school or something idk
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ethoslut · 4 months ago
im watching cubs s6 from the beginning cuz ive only seen his pov from after the 1.14 update and holy shit im so glad i decided to do that just for this gem
lyrics, over a cheery-sounding, repeating tune:
this one goes out to all the bumbos out there
this one's for you
what does iskall dream of
when he takes a little iskall snooze
does he dream of mining diamonds?
or the bumbos he will build soon
well (or but, im not sure) don't you worry
your little bumbo head
we're gonna get you back to normal
with your mouthstache groomed and trimmed
but if bumbo's been murdered
by guardians or creepers
(record scratch)
well then you're shit out of luck
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hermitcraftheadcanons · a month ago
Doc can be charged, but if he doesn't release it (he can through his cybernetic bits) he reverts back to like,,actual creeper instinct.
I kinda like to imagine back in a77 v hippies scar accidentally charged him, and the hippies had to help him redirect his charge,,, aka lots and lots of shockage
The delicate operation of getting something metal close enough to Doc so he could ground himself, without getting blown up and-or skewered by an electrified trident, must not have been very fun or easy at all.... At least it left them with a good handful of hilarious pictures for Scar, Doc, Grian, Impulse, and Ren to laugh at after everyone had calmed down!
- Mod Shade
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just-some-normal-jessica · 5 months ago
quick little grian doodles!! one of the only minecraft youtubers i don't have a dislike for (i try to avoid the majority of mcyt fandoms in general tbh...)
been catching up with hermitcraft recently so.. here's Something! sahara ceo, ariana griande, poultry man, & mother spore!!! fuck HEP all hail myceluim
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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causemufins · 13 days ago
Drew some stuff for @petrichormeraki 's Poultry man Chronicles au
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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screenietv-crafts · 3 months ago
One of the many reasons why I miss area 77 is because Doc and Scar as a duo was so good….. just two dudes with fucked up morals…. Out there just doing whatever they want bc everyone was too scared to stop them
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3rdlives · 4 months ago
decided to make this so i wouldn't have to dig through my multiple playlists of curated hermitcraft episodes on a regular basis. also serves as free advertising. watch joe hills
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harpi196 · 3 months ago
Welsknight 🤝 Wilbur soot
saw a Minecraft war and wrote a song on it
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