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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Forgot to share Sam in his super hero suit.
He teamed up with the UrbanFox (who definitly isn’t Dani) to become half of the crime fighting duo The Fox Twins!
Now Sam is pretty useless as a hero, hes scared of almost everything, he cant fight.. and hes an idiot..
But what he does have going for him is has gymnastic skills, and 22nd century technolgy :3

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I Need You

Characters- Hardin Scott x Reader

Description- the lovely @illumrose requested, ‘could you do an imagine with Hardin where he has an argument with the reader but it ends well? i love your writings !’

“Where were you ?” Hardin asks me as soon as I enter his house. His jaw stiff and his eyes cold.

“I was helping my dad at the shop.. I told you that. why?” I say as I hang my coat up.

“Don’t lie to me. Jace said he saw you with zed earlier!” He seethes harshly through his teeth.

“He stopped by at my dads workshop to get his tires changed and I couldn’t exactly tell him no could I?” I ask rhetorically.

“Yes you could of!” He shouts and I flinch slightly at the harshness in his voice.

“Hardin, no I couldn’t. It would of been bad for me to turn a customer down.” I attempt to reason with him but it is no use “My dad would have been furious and you know that!”.

“You are a liar. You’re fucking him aren’t you? You can never keep your legs shut! You slut!” He shouts.

“HOW DARE YOU!?” I scream, tears pricking my eyes at his hurtful words. A weight grows in my chest and I bite my lip.

“Wait.. y/n, I didn’t mean that.” Hardins voice is softer now, realisation written on his face and regret in his eyes.

“You never fucking do.” I whisper, turning away from him. He stands silently and I walk away into another room. The thing with Hardin is that he has a awful mouth.. and a terribly temper. I know he is working on it though, for me.. which I appreciate so much.

The room I am in is painted a dark shade of grey, white furniture accompanying it, my idea of course. Hardin wanted the room to be all dark, dark furniture, dark walls. I know how he thinks and I know that the colours are just mirroring his mood, so when he asked for my opinion I decided to brighten it up for him, so that no matter how he felt, there was almost some light amongst the darkness.

I bring my hands up and wipe my face, it soaked from my tears. I’m not a slut, Hardin is the only person I have ever slept with- ever done anything with for that matter!!

In my daze I didn’t even notice that Hardin had entered the room until his arms snuck around my waist and his face was buried in the crook of my neck.

“I’m sorry. I hate seeing you cry.” He says, his voice muffled from my neck “Especially if it is because of me…” the last part to his sentence is barely audible.

I shake my head slightly, I always forgive him. Over and over and over.. I feel like we are just in this continuous loop of hatred, love and lust. When everything is good between us it is great but when it’s bad it’s awful.. we can never find our balance between the two and it’s like walking on glass.

“This needs to stop, Hardin. The name calling, the outbursts of anger.. and you not trusting me. Because if there is no trust in our relationship there is nothing” my voice cracks towards the end of what I was saying from my crying and he looks up at me from my neck, nodding softly.

“I promise, baby. I won’t do that again, it’s just so hard trying to control it.” And by ‘it’ he meant his rage, which I completely understand. “Just one last chance, y/n/n.. please” He begs and I just can’t find it in me to say no.

He swipes some of my hair from in front of my face to behind my ear and I smile, taking in a deep breath and exhaling quietly.

“Okay. One last chance.” I gently grab both of his cheeks in my hands and pull his face to mine, crashing my lips onto his in a forgiving and love filled kiss.

Hardin is my everything…

I just really hope that I am his.

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Wartime Heros: Alan Turing

Lessons In Quaratine: Forgotten Heros of History

In today’s post I will be covering British Mathematician, computer scientist, logician, cryptanalyst, philospher, and theoretical biologist, Alan Turing.


Alan Turing was a genius man who created the machine that helped break the notorious Nazi coding machine, the Enigma. The Enigma was a cryptic coding device used by the Nazis to send coded messages throughout WWII. This coding device was so advanced that every single day the codes that were used would be switched, meaning that there was about 159 quintillion combinations that could be used. This meant that no code was every used once.

At the being of this project Alan Turing was told he would be unable to produce his machine that he claimed would be able to break the Engima. Not being satifised, Turing contacted Winston Churchill, the prime minister of Britain at the time. Winston Churchill soon have Turing complete control over the project and allowed him the materials to complete the device he believed would crack the Engima code.


At first Turing machine was a failure, he couldn’t figure out exactly what was wrong since he’d put it together correctly. In a few short weeks following the final creation of the machine, he was able to finally crack the code. Using the a phenomenon in which is very common in coding, one in which you look for the name letters or words throughout messages. Once Turing implemented this technique into his work the machine was fully functionable. Throughout the war, Turing and his team of cryptanalysts were the only people besides the highest commander of the British Intelligence who knew about the creation of the machine.


After the end of the war Turing’s life took a turn for the worse. Turing was a homosexual, which by law in Britain was illegal during the 50’s, for being a homosexual he was charged with gross indecency and put on trial. On trial, rather than spend two years of his life in jail, he decided to go with chemical posioning treatment. Not being able to handle his life any longer, Turing committed suicide by cyanide posioning in the year of 1954, 16 days before his 42nd birthday.

The declassification and Turing’s Machine or the British Bombe wasn’t released to any form of the public until the year of 1970. The full declassification, in its entirety, wasn’t released to the public until the year of 1990. A full 50 years or so later was Alan Turing recognized for his work in WWII. As of modern day he is considered the father of modern computer. Turing was the first person ever to impose the question it AI(artificial intelligence) could ever be as smart as humans, he was also the person who created the “I’m not a robot tests”, these test are formally called the Turing Tests. Now that Turing has been recognized by the modern science, he had received awards and has awards named after him.


As of the year 2013, Her Majesty, the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom gave Alan Turing a royal pardon for his charge of gross indecency. This pardon was a long time coming and needed to be done, especially since he was such a pioneer to the modern world of computer science that we live in.

Even though it’s been about 30 years since Turing and his cryptanalysts have been recognized for the major part they played in WWII, they are still not taught in History Books at all. It’s very disappointing that even after they’ve been recognized, they are still being forgotten by the world.

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Wait a minute, you’re meant to tell me that we’re supposed to like the white, superhero male who’s Christian, supports capitalism with a trophy wife, is six feet tall, and uses his fists instead of his brain effortlessly, and not the deeply troubled super villain who is incredibly smart with a much more deep and interesting backstory that makes sense and connects us with the readers more, and actually is thoughtful to minorities?

Would have never guessed.

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Of course it was only a matter of time before I had to start reviewing characters that I love, and since this is my 100th review, I thought I should mark this momentous occasion by reviewing a novel of my favourite character; Nightwing!

‘Traps and Trapezes’ sees Dick Grayson back in his Nightwing costume after spending a few years as Batman. The story leads him back to Haly’s Circus; the place where he grew up and where he witnessed the murder of his parents. However, he’s determined to make amends and when Haly, the elderly owner, leaves him the deed to the circus, Dick finally has a chance to make peace with his past. But from the shadows, someone watches, knowing his secret and wanting revenge.

This was a pretty intriguing novel to start with. It seems when it starts that there’s a fairly simple plot and yet the further I read, the more intricate the plot became. There was naturally a lot of character development, because this is the first time, in a long time that Grayson is back to being Nightwing.

The artwork was not bad, Eddy Barrows, the artist has a fairly decent style, and he even did all the covers. The one above, however, was far better than the rest! Overall, this was a good novel to start this series and left enough of a mystery to want to read on!

Favourite Panel:

Oh these heroes and their traumatic backstories. Can someone cut them a break?


Favourite Character:

Nightwing. He’s badass and quippy. 


  • Story Arc: 6.5/10
  • Character Development: 6.5/10
  • Artwork: 6/10
  • Overall: 19/30

Level: Intermediate

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