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#hero x villain
defectivehero · 2 days ago
prompt #243
“You’re, like, kind of a shitty hero,” the villain’s new sidekick squinted at the hero, fidgeting nervously. “I mean- the sheer amount of property damage you’ve caused is astronomical, not to mention your behavior towards others.”
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“You have a kid?!” The Hero gaps in the Villain's direction as they hold the small happy child in their arms. It’s an unbelievably sight, the Villain who practically rules the city taking care of a child who’s completely safe in their arms. 
Villain roles their eyes at Hero’s incredulous expression. They scrunch their face in annoyance as they keep a comforting grip on the kid who’s playing with their cape as if it were a toy. “Do I seem like the type to have a kid, Hero?  They were wandering the street alone, and I’m searching for their parent. While you’re here why don’t you put your goody two shoes nature to use and help me find them?”   
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avvail · 11 hours ago
hello, i love your writing !! this is super self indulgent lmao, but could you write a snippet where the hero is begging (like REALLY begging) the villain to stop their terror on the city or something, and the villain is enjoying their display a lot and wants them for themselves (like they have from the beginning) and the hero finally offers themselves up for them ?? VERY self indulgent, thank you if you do !! <333
Hero’s shoulder shook with dangerous sobs. The feeling of nauseating panic was creeping up their throat, plunging them into a relentless whirlpool of fear.
“Please,” they whispered, their eyes wide and face as pale as a sheet. “Villain, please.”
Villain was turned to the chaos ensuing below them, eyes reflecting the orangey singe that blew across a once perfect city. It flickered and danced in their eyes, as the flames roared with fiery cries. Hero’s chest heaved as their hands curled into fists against the floor, having already lost the strength in their legs to stand up any longer.
“Isn’t it beautiful?” The villain smiled, tilting their head to the side. “So dangerously captivating.”
Hero felt like being sick. They murmured a few broken pleas under their breath, stuttering with each intake of smoky air. Villain threw a glance over their shoulder, gazing down at the hero with a sly smirk.
“It was inevitable I was going to win in the end,” they pressed on, moving towards the hero with silent footsteps. “Our little game was fun while it lasted. I suggest you hang up your costume, Hero. This is the end.”
Hero could feel the words rushing from their throat before they could stop them. “No!”
It cut through the air, making everything go still. The villain spared them a glance, and the hero could only respond with a shaken sob, hot tears pooling down their cheeks. They widely shook their head from side to side as they tilted it back to desperately search for Villain’s face.
“Please, Villain, please, I-I can’t do this…” They wailed, their eyes frazzled and frantic. “P-lease, please. I beg of you, s-stop it all.”
Villain’s face had remained stoic, despite the subtle twitch in their expression, alight with knowing desire. As they moved closer to the hero, they had instantly slumped forward to wrap their arms tightly around their waist, head buried in the pad of their stomach.
Villain listened to the sound of their blubbering and delightful pleas, stripped from the rawest parts of their heart. Villain liked it that way. They gently carded a hand through the hero’s hair, shushing them softly.
“Take me!” The hero cried, trailing off into another set of trembling sobs not a moment later. “Take me instead, please! Please! Just stop hurting everybody else!”
Villain’s chest rumbled with laughter, and they turned to take in their final look of the burning city before them. “That wasn’t so hard, now was it?”
hey! i just set up a ko-fi page. i don't expect donations ofc! but it would be deeply appreciated if you would like to<3
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I just had a possibly good or really stupid idea but - basically either hero or villain has some mild super speed power. they can’t outpace a car but maybe a moderately fast horse. Then someone ends up giving them caffeine and they just go hecking wild. Full on vibrating and talking at 80mph and is just completely hyper and the other needs to calm them down because the former is acting like a hyperactive puppy who just drank a full liter of Red Bull
“Hey. Hey,” the villain said, shouted almost, as the hero rushed by, letting the villain’s hair blow into a different direction.
This was beyond scary. This was ludicrous.
The hero was no potential threat, they had always been a background hero, conventionally annoying and distracting but not something the villain couldn’t handle.
But by all means, they couldn’t handle this.
When the hero eventually stopped in front of them, their hands on their hips, their elbows to the sides, they didn’t seem remotely tired. The villain took a step forward and tried to grab them but the hero just moved faster than usual, faster than possible, and gave a huge smile.
“What did you do?” the villain asked carefully. The hero always had sunshine for a smile, was always one of those who would talk to the villain before fighting, who would joke when the villain threw a car at them.
If the hero had participated in some kind of experiment, if they had done anything to themselves…
“The seething sea ceaseth and thus the seething sea sufficeth us,” the hero said as if it was an answer. They repeated the tongue twister, faster this time. And then again.
The words were already nonexistent in the villain’s ears, they couldn’t distinguish when one ended nor when a new one began. But the hero was saying it over and over again, flawless each time. The villain wasn’t able to keep up with them.
“Ey, what did you do?” the villain asked again. They noticed how large the hero’s pupils were and they were almost one hundred percent sure the hero had done some very funky drugs. Which was worrying.
The hero’s foot was tapping on the ground, going up and down and up and down.
“You look good today, have I told you that?” The hero was slightly jumping by now. Though the villain was always on edge, they lowered the weapon, too afraid the hero would lose control and start running into them at any given point.
“Don’t tell me a man in a trench coat came up to you and offered you some funny stuff,” the villain said. They swore they would defenestrate themselves if it was true. They would probably defenestrate the man in the trench coat, too. If there was a man.
“Now that you mention it, yeah. Yeah, there was a man in a trench coat. He was very charismatic.” The villain’s head shot up, probably jerkier than the hero’s movements.
“What?!” They felt how their pulse was going up, how they were ready to track that person down, to hunt them if necessary.
“Kidding! I was kidding,” the hero said, a laugh coming out of them. Now, they were looking around and started jumping higher as if to test their limits. The villain however was relieved, more than that.
“I just had a coffee or two, I don’t really know. So, are you gonna stand there and stare at me or are we going to start fighting now?”
The villain thought their fight had already ended.
But it didn’t matter. The hero kicked their ass that day and the villain wasn’t even mad about it.
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paperburrows · 2 days ago
Couples strolled on the sidewalk hand in hand. Girls with shopping bags on their arms flitted from entrance to entrance, chatter and laughter in their wake. Espresso roasted in the air, warm and tantalizing.
The hero adjusted their sniper rifle and sighted along the rooftop.
Soon to land on the villain, standing next to a grizzled man with a crossword puzzle in his grasp, spectacles never quite seeming to sit right on the bridge of his nose. Glasses or no glasses, the hero would recognize that nose anywhere.
It was risky. High-profile. A media zoo waiting to happen. But the hero’s heart swelled with something—certainly not love—whenever they were in sight of the villain’s boss, the very epitome of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and it didn’t take long for him to be in the crosshairs of their rifle.
One shot. Just one. That’s all it took to put an end to this miserable shell for a human being.
The only obstacle at play: it was a crowded shopping district, perhaps so that the villain and their boss would blend right into the surging crowd around them. The stars ought to align—the right timing, the right placement, one of his organs—for evil to be purged without a price to pay. To top it all off, the villain wasn’t too far, and the hero’s chest seized whenever they entered the field of their scope. They would have to be careful. Take their chance with nothing less than a skilled marksman’s intuition.
Luckily, a skilled marksman they were.
More adjustments. More waiting. More curling and uncurling their gloved hands. Then a moment came where rush hour wasn’t such a rush, and where a lone finger of the hero’s began pressing, slowly, precisely, down on the trigger.
Until the villain stepped directly in front of their old boss.
And looked straight at the building upon which they’d perched.
Don’t, said their eyes.
But the hero had to. They had to and they were nothing short of frustrated as they eased back, jaw locked, watching through a red haze the villain bidding the man farewell.
The hero’s one chance to get closure disappeared with the boss’ receding form.
“I just want to know one thing,” the villain said.
It had been a full ten minutes since the hero and the villain had regrouped at one of the city’s coffee shops. Now the villain was gripping a cup with such force the hero was surprised it hadn’t shattered, and the hero was idly perusing the menu for something to put in their growling stomach.
“What were you thinking?” The villain let go of the cup. “Following me, spying on me.” And then rubbed their forehead, as though that would do away with an intensifying headache. “Putting him at gunpoint. Again. I thought we talked about this.”
“We disagreed as to how to proceed.”
“And I told you the matter was non-negotiable,” the villain shot back. “We’re not killing him, [Hero]. He’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a father.”
The hero snorted. “More like a pimp. Doesn’t he want you back in the game?”
The villain glared at them.
“And he’s been sending his minions after you. Having them watch your every move, try to indirectly pressure you into working for him again. Do you want to get back into crime?”
That turned a few heads. The villain slumped down into the seat, breathed out through their nose. The hero flipped the menu to the next page.
“I’ve changed,” the villain said, after a time. “And you know what’s funny? For you. For us. I told you I’m leaving crime for good—leaving everything I’ve ever known behind—and yet you can’t even give me the courtesy of tying loose ends myself.”
“Because I’m worried they’ll suck you right back in!”
The villain didn’t respond. The hero’s fingers clutched the edge of the table, and still the villain wasn’t responding.
At long last the villain looked them square in the eye. The hero started to wish they wouldn’t respond altogether.
“This whole time, trying to keep my behavior in check, wanting so badly to be my best version for you.” Chair scraped floor as the villain rose to their feet. “It almost made me forget that you’re just a little unhinged yourself. I didn’t go through all the trouble to let you dress up your bullshit vendetta against him as some sort of sacrifice on my behalf.”
“I’m not trying dress up anyth—”
Before the hero could finish, the villain had grasped their chin in an unforgiving hand, and yanked them up to their full height. The stormy look on their face like something the hero had seen during one of their more heated fights, back when they were still sworn enemies.
“You’re not killing him. Don’t make me say it again.”
The villain abruptly released the hero and exited the coffee shop, leaving the hero with reddening skin and curious eyes drilling into their back.
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epiclamer · 7 hours ago
*sobs* of course.
(No reposts but reblogs appreciated <3)
Part 1
Linked Pt. 2
Get off of me.
What’s the magic word?~
Hero pushed Villain away at full force, even though Villain hardly budged. A knot caught in their throat as they registered the evil glint in Villains eyes.
Villain slowly shifted their hands a little, one down to Hero’s waist, the other at their neck, toying with the fabric in between their fingers. Tugging on the suit around Hero’s neck, Villain pulled it down just enough to show a little skin. They smiled, leaning in close and letting their breath hit Hero’s bare skin.
What’s. The magic. Word.
Hero gulped, throat bobbing against Villains hand. Hero’s eyes landed on their teammates fighting before flicking back to Villains smirk.
It was so quiet, the quietest thought to have ever passed through Hero’s head, but it was loud and clear in Villains.
Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that, love~
Hero’s face burned, but they had to keep a straight face. They couldn’t let Villain do any more damage then they already had-
Hero’s eyes had trailed from Villains lips and were now locked onto Superhero’s horrified gaze.
Villain let me go.
Villain only chuckled from deep in their throat, the hand on Hero’s waist drawing soft circles that made Hero shiver. The hand on Hero’s neck switched to grabbing Hero’s chin, pulling their gaze from Superhero’s and forcing their eyes to meet. Resting their foreheads together so their lips were hardly a breath away.
Don’t focus on them, beautiful. Lips brushing against each other’s.
Eyes on me. A heated breath and trailing hands.
Love, I’m not going to ask you nicely again~
What’s the magic word.
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Oof could you continue short prompt #151..? It is *chef's kiss* also I love HeroxVillain and your entire blog.
Request #35
Warning: none, just fluff.
Here! And thank you! ^^
Part 1
Villain nervously fixed the collar of their shirt for the thirteenth time since they and Other Villain had entered the restaurant. They've barely been here for five minutes, for crying out loud!
The other villain quietly chuckled to themself from across the table, momentarily breaking the villain out of their thoughts.
"Relax. Hero and Other Hero aren't even here yet." - Other Villain said, taking a sip of their drink.
"Easy for you to say!" - Villain whisper-yelled at them, giving them a weak glare. "This is stressful!"
"It's the middle of the day, and we're literally just here to share an extra-large pizza."
"Hope we didn't keep you guys waiting?"
The two criminals turned to the new voice, the other villain's face immediately lighting up as they stood from their seat.
"Not at all, babe." - they said, pressing a smooch to Other Hero's cheek before taking their hand and pulling them towards the table. Hero awkwardly stood alone for a moment. They gave the villain a shy look and then reluctantly sat down next to them in the booth, keeping as much distance between them as possible.
Villain's gaze flickered to them for a second, accidentally making eye contact and making them both swiftly avert each other's gazes as light blushes dusted their faces.
Meanwhile, the other two exchanged an amused glance and picked up the menu. They looked up and down the list, and the other hero decided to try and save the quiet fools. "Since we're all sharing one pizza, what do you guys feel like getting?"
The hero barely looked at them, mumbling out, "I'm fine with whatever."
The villain cleared their throat, finding the scratches on the table very interesting. "Uh... Same..."
Other Hero looked at their partner and raised one of their brows, giving them a 'Is this really going to work?' look. Other Villain silently replied with a smirk and an 'Oh, it will.' expression.
The other hero really wasn't convinced but played along anyway. "Okay then, how about we get 'The Deluxe?' It has, like, almost everything on it."
"Better not have olives..." - Villain muttered, twirling the cup in their hand.
Hero hummed in absentminded agreement. "Yeah, olives are the worst..."
The two 'masterminds' of this date exchanged glances once again, Other Hero a little bit more convinced that this might work after all.
"Iiiiit doesn't have olives." - the other hero assured, double-checking the menu.
"Well, it's decided then." - Other Villain said as a devious idea came to their mind. "How about we go order," they started, pointing to themself and their lover before pointing at the others, "And you two stay here and get to know each other?"
Both the villain and hero snapped to attention, moving to protest, but were completely ignored. The two lovers left their seats and went to order the food, leaving them to somehow survive a few minutes by themselves.
"So, does that o-offer still stand?" - Villain asked quietly, refusing to look at anything but the tabletop.
"H-Huh?" - Hero replied, a bit surprised and confused as they turned to look at the other. "M-my offer...?"
The criminal's face went beet red. "The uh... kiss... thing...?"
The hero's face quickly matched theirs. "I-I mean, I was mostly just m-messing around..."
The villain visibly slumped at the admission, failing to hide their disappointment.
"B-But! I- I uh..."
Villain finally managed to glance at them, eyes shining with a tiny bit of hope.
Hero gulped, nervously wringing their hands together. "D-Do you... uh... Do you... want to kiss?"
The villain's gaze flickered to their nemesis lips for a split second, the hero barely catching it. "...D-Do you...?"
Hero let a small smile paint their lips. "Y-Yeah, I do."
Villain shyly copied them, turning their body to face them properly. "M-Me too."
The two sat there quietly, unsure which one should make the first move. Eventually, the villain decided to put on their big boy pants and leaned forward. The hero's brows shot up in surprise before they also slowly moved closer.
As their eyes closed, their lips met in a soft kiss, a tiny peck to give them a taste of what more they could have in the future. They separated right before the other villain and hero returned.
As the two sat down once more, Villain took another sip from their glass, trying to act casual.
Other Villain grinned. "So, did you two blow each other under the table?"
The villain choked on their drink instantly, while the hero burst into laughter, the previous tension finally leaving the booth for good.
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vigilantetendencies · a day ago
"Are you eating cup ramen..?"
Hero blinked, nodding with a mouthful of noodles.
"We're in the middle of a fight."
Another nod.
"...Do you want a sec?"
Slurp. Shrug.
"Am I nothing to you?"
Another nod.
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creweemmaeec11 · 7 hours ago
"Hurt people, hurt people, hero," the villain said, eyes drifting, "My story is one of millions, one pain in a sea of agony. People like to think us evil, that we were born this way, and that no humanity ever resided. But what if I told you the very society you fight for is what bred us to be in the first place?"
"That doesn't make it right," the hero replied, though there was uncertainty in their voice.
"Perhaps not," the villain replied, "but perhaps the city shouldn't sow what it cannot inevitably reap,"
Suddenly, their face seemed to soften slightly, "I pity you, hero, truly I do. You fight a worthless battle because you wage war on the products and not the machine that made us. A machine that will continue to run."
"I'm sorry you've been hurt villain, I am. But I believe there are two kinds of people in the world: the kind that goes through something horrible, and want others to feel their pain, and the ones that go through something awful and never want anyone else to suffer what they have," The hero argued, feeling more sure of themselves this time.
The villain smiled, softly. An expression that looked more learned from watching others than one born of genuine emotion. Still, it was strange to see it on their face.
"And I assume you think I, and others like me, fall in the first category?"
"Obviously," they replied.
"Hero I hate to tell you this, but *I'm* the one throwing a wrench in the very machine that made me. Not you. For that exact reason. I don't want anyone else to live through what I have,"
They took a step forward, levelling gazes with the hero, "Your job is to treat the symptoms, not the root illness. Cause and effect, hero. We are the effect, the consequence, not the other way around,"
"Lot's of people go through horrible things. Loads of them don't turn to villainy,"
"Your right," the villain agreed, nodding, "But enough do to make it more than coincidence."
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Undercover Hero: part 6
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
“Put me down!” Hero cried, “Let me go! I have to get back to Supervillain!”
“Listen Hero,” Vigilante said, carrying a squirming Hero, “I don’t know what that Supervillain has done to you, but you’re not yourself. And I’m not letting you go until we get to the lab and undo this mess.”
“The only mess here is you practically kidnapping me!” Hero protested.
“If you were in your right mind,” Vigilante said calmly, “then you would know this is the second time you’ve been kidnapped. And you would also know that, this time, it’s for your own good.”
Vigilante entered the lab, carrying a struggling Hero with them. They put Hero on a bed and held them down as best as they could. Hero was strong, a little too strong. They had just about freed themselves from Vigilante’s grip when Other Hero came running in.
“Other Hero!” Hero exclaimed, “there you are! Help me, Vigilante’s gone crazy!”
“Oh my gosh” Other Hero heaved a sigh of relief, “you found them! You actually found them! Are they okay?”
“Does it look like they’re okay!?” Vigilante said, still trying to hold down Hero.
“Let me help,” Other Hero said, running to a nearby cabinet.
“Other Hero, don’t tell me you’re in on this!” Hero said desperately.
Other Hero ran to Hero’s side with a needle in hand.
“Are you kidding me!?” Hero almost shrieked.
“It’s gonna be okay, Hero” Other Hero said, administering the medicine.
Other Hero and Vigilante watched as the medicine did its work. Hero was gradually getting easier to hold down, until they finally fell asleep.
“What happened to them?” Other Hero asked.
“I don’t know,” Vigilante replied, “all I know is this has Supervillain written all over it. Come on, help me get them secure.”
Other Hero nodded and helped Vigilante strap Hero’s form down to the bed.
“I can’t stand seeing them like this” Other Hero said as they worked.
“Don’t look at them, just keep going,” Vigilante replied.
When they were done, Vigilante turned to Other Hero.
“How long until they wake up?” Vigilante asked.
Other Hero shrugged.
“A few hours, maybe?” They answered uncertainly.
“Great.” Vigilante said as they turned to leave.
“Wait, where are you going?” Other Hero asked.
“I’ve got a Supervillain to contend with.” Vigilante said over their shoulder.
Vigilante closed the door behind them, leaving Other Hero alone with their sleeping friend. Even in their sleep, Hero looked terrified.
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token-homosexual · 2 days ago
Prompt #15
Sidekick let out a low whistle, "I know they're a Villain but damn I wouldn't mind it if it was them killing me."
"Kid, what the fuck."
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defectivehero · 2 days ago
prompt #242
“Well, safe to say I am never doing this again,” the villain remarked, looking down at the hero they had just captured.  “Doing what?” the hero asked, wriggling in their bonds. The villain turned their back on them, whispering to themselves.
“Falling in love.”
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feline17ff · a day ago
Person A: Why are you writing your name on a chocolate bar?
Person B: ...
Person B: You don't have any siblings, do you?
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avvail · 2 days ago
villain and hero fighting while villain is taunting hero then villain gets flustered when hero gets too close :3cc
“You’re slowing, my dearest Hero,” the villain chuckled in a sing song voice, leaping back to avoid another one of Hero’s swings. They twisted from another kick, sly grin creeping across their lips. They ducked as Hero lurched forward with another furious attack, and flipped backwards until they’d created enough distance between them.
The hero was staring at them with narrowed eyes, chest heaving up and down. The villain didn’t seem out of breath at all, nimbly spinning on their feet.
“I’m not even working up a sweat,” they continued, flashing a toothy grin as they pushed their taunts even further. “I think you’re losing your touch.”
Hero huffed in response, and immediately rushed forward. Villain snapped back, blocking a chop from their side and skidding on their feet to avoid their relentless attacks. Hero swung a leg, and the villain grunted in surprise as it made contact with their stomach, sending them stumbling backwards.
Their back slammed against the wall, and before they could slide forward, the hero was on them, pinning them up against the bricks with a hand around their neck. Villain’s eyes briefly fluttered open, and they couldn’t contain the squeak in their throat.
Oh, god. Why were they so close? Villain could practically feel the heat radiating off them, and it was making the tips of their ears burn red. Hero cocked their head to the side, a lopsided grin making its way onto their face.
“What’s the matter? You’ve gone all quiet.”
The villain squirmed under their gaze, uselessly turning their face away. They stuttered over their response, the feeling of Hero’s fingers tight against the skin of their neck making their stomach do all sorts of things.
“S-Shut up.”
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save-the-villainous-cat · 18 hours ago
Sup shorty, you seem fun and your writing is top notch. I was wondering if maybe we could get a flustered hero x flirty villain story where the villain captures hero and just decides to mess with them the whole time? No problem if you don’t wanna! <3
“Alright, I will have you now,” the villain said, looking up from the hero’s gadget which was too boring to demand further inspection. “In any way, shape or form you desire.”
The hero’s neck seemed to be on fire, the warmth even travelled up to their ears. Cursing the villain in their mind, they tried to concentrate on escaping. The villain knew precisely how they were reacting when the situation got…indecent. Maybe that was why they were doing what they were doing.
Clearly content, the villain dragged their gaze up and down the hero, long enough to make the hero feel bare.
“I’m not going to rephrase that, by the way.”
The hero gave an honest fake smile, the corners of their mouth going up for a mere millisecond, before dropping. There wasn’t anything to say to a statement like that. The villain stood up from their desk, walked around and leaned on the other side against it.
Although the hero expected them to hum, as always in rather suggestive circumstances, they didn’t. Instead, they were watching the hero carefully, their hands in their pockets, their disposition too tranquil to even give the hint of the kidnapping they were conducting.
“Any penchants?”
“Christ, could you stop?” The hero was surprised their mouth was able to produce any sound at all. They could feel the beating of their heart clearer than anything else, how it was banging against their chest as if it was an animal that needed freedom.
“Ask nicely and I will consider. Drop to your knees and I will obey.”
The hero regretted asking already. They couldn’t do this. They physically couldn’t. They had to escape somehow. All the villain had to do was stare at them and make some prurient comments and the hero was a mess. If the villain was trying to get information, the hero would fold instantly. They knew that. And the villain did, too.
That wasn’t heroic, it wasn’t admirable but the hero had other strengths.
“What do you want?” they asked eventually. The villain smirked and the hero expected to get no answer at all. But there it was. The villain’s hum. That was sort of enough to answer the hero’s question. But it was also nothing.
Maybe they could start playing with the villain’s massive ego. That could buy them time to figure out a plan and-
Out of nowhere, the villain’s foot somehow hooked behind one of the legs of the hero’s chair and thus pulled them close.
The villain hovered over them like the fucking sleek asshole they were.
“You built that cute gadget all by yourself. You seem to be pretty good with your hands, hm? Could I get a taste of that?”
“What do you want?” the hero asked again, their voice already breaking several times. What they were saying had no weight, they knew that.
“I thought that was rather clear, dearest.” That was all they said with their smooth voice. The hero managed a tremulous puff which was meant to clear their mind. Then, the godforsaken villain let their finger run along the hero’s collarbone, their cold skin a contrast to the hot skin of the hero.
“You are a good little hero, aren’t you?” The hero fought the urge to nod. They fought the urge to give themselves to the villain completely. This was ridiculous. They wouldn’t - the villain—
The villain lifted the hero’s chin up. They hummed again. And the hero swallowed.
“Now look at you. All needy.” The villain was even closer now, their mouth almost on the hero’s. Their eyes were already looking at it. It was tempting. It was so fucking tempting. The hero only had to move a little, maybe tilt their head or just sit up straight…
“It is impressing how resilient you are,” the villain whispered and the hero could feel the warmth of their breath on their own skin. They were smiling again. Just move a bit.
Suddenly, the villain drew back, wetting their lips. They leaned against the table again, highly satisfied with the result. The result was a wreck that had been a hero once. They couldn’t think straight. The villain was on their mind. Nothing else. Only the villain and the villain’s smirk and the villain’s hands and the villain’s mouth and the villain’s—
“Well, that was fun,” the villain said, observing the trembling hero. “But we should come to business now.”
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A Villain and Hero went to high school together. Turns out it’s very hard to be arch enemies with someone when they can list off all your most embarrassing school memories off of the back of their hand. 
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booberryfun · 21 hours ago
#Snippet 9
TW: Description of wounds and injuries, blood
"You're oddly quiet today," Villain murmured as they pushed Hero against the wall and locked them by the wrists above their head. "And oddly out of shape."
Hero was too busy keeping their breathing steady and their vision focused to take notice of Villain's words. Their body was getting hotter with the adrenaline pumping and the bolts of stinging pain shocking them from the wounds on their body. Maybe they should have taken a rest today. No. They couldn't. They're a hero. They need to stay strong- be strong to help others, to protect this city. It didn't matter if they overworked themself a bit too much. It was nothing they couldn't take. But with the number of fights they've had recently and the amount of injuries scarring them increasing day after day, it seemed like they were slowly reaching their limit.
"What's this?" Villain's voice suddenly sharpened as they pulled Hero's wrist in for a closer look at the reddish scratch marks on their palm.
"Hey- no- don't-"
But before Hero could protest, the criminal had abruptly pushed up the sleeve of their suit, revealing an arm covered in wounds and bruises. There were old ones that were already forming yellow edges and there were new ones that dyed the bandages with blots of crimson colour.
"Let me go." Hero was palpitating at this point, struggling to break out of Villain's grip but every injury on their body felt like a thousand needles pricking their skin. Even though they were trying to put up a front, the strain behind their voice gave away how much pain Hero was actually enduring. Villain could tell, and they were sure there were more wounds elsewhere.
"In this state?" Villain cocked an eyebrow. "You can barely stand."
Hero was burning up by now with cold sweat beading down their forehead. This was bad. If one, or even worse, some of the wounds were infected, dying was just a matter of time. Their head was spinning and they could feel their legs giving out beneath them.
"Let... me g-"
"Haizz," Villain shook their head as they scooped the half-conscious Hero in one swift motion. "Shush it."
You're always bending yourself for the sake of this city. Do at least take care of yourself too? - - - - - - -
So the thing is I've been snowed under work lately (quite literally overworking and only sleeping for 4 hours/day for an entire week or so) and because of that, I got into a minor traffic accident yesterday for almost passing out on the road. (No worries though I'm fine, just a few scratches on my knee and hip)
To everyone reading this post, this is as a little reminder to take care of yourself too :< Stay safe and stay strong you guys <3
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Short Prompt #220
"Just look at you. You're so cute." - the villain teased, looking down at the much shorter than them hero. "Itty bitty wittle Hewo."
Hero glared up at them, forced to crane their neck to look them in the eyes properly. "Being such a giraffe isn't always a good thing."
Villain barked out a laugh. "HA! Oh, yeah?"
They weren't so amused after their nemesis punched them in the shins.
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writing-ideas-inc · a day ago
Ending Lines Prompt
To know that people loved each other, but chose to still hurt each other, it pained the hero’s heart.
But what broke it more was villain’s betrayal.
-Mod Krystal @krystalanh16 on instagram
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deckofaces · a day ago
I saw you wanted Hero x Villain writing prompts? (you posted like 2 weeks ago but I just found your blog so eh) I gift you some prompts that I most definitely might use in my own works some day too, and that anyone else is free to use!
Prompt: Hero and Villain play a board game to pass the time on a rooftop but one of them gets super competitive and super into it, like that Parks and recs scene:
Ben: It's a white flag, and you better start waving it now, Leslie!
Leslie: The only thing I'll be waving is your decapitated head on a stick in front of your weeping mother!
Ben: ...Good Lord.
(I like just saw this today, also its fine that it’s been like two weeks, I’ve been kinda inactive anyway. Um this piece is probably a lot different than you would have imagined it coming out. I got distracted and it went a weird direction)
It’s Just Only Games.
Why Hero agreed to play Monopoly of all games with Villain, they’d never be able to give you a good answer.
Hero and Villain had been waiting to infiltrate Supervillain’s headquarters but they still had hours before the right time.
And like they knew this moment would be the perfect time, they asked Hero if they wanted to play a board game, specifically Monopoly. Hero foolishly agreed.
Hero had no idea how competitive Villain was. So they had no choice but to be competitive back, or so they tried.
-      -      -      -      -     -     -     -
“Ha! I have both Park Place annnnd Board Walk, with! A hotel on it. You will be in debt quicker than I can disarm you in a fight.” Villain said with a devilish smile as they paid for the hotel on Board Walk.
Hero had to admit that they would probably lose if they already had enough money for a Board Walk and Park Place hotel. They still had a fighting chance though.
“Well Villain. You may have a lot of money now, but it will soon be gone on my properties, as you can see that I have all the railroads, and utilities, plus I have hotels on the pink properties and houses on the yellows.” Hero retorted as they rolled the dice, “might as well give me your money now.”
“The only money being handed over will be to me, and it will be included with your inheritance after this little alliance expires.”
“Pleaseeee, you can’t be serious,” Hero taunted,” The only inheritances being exchanged will be yours after I crush you and your pesky villain friends.” It was Hero’s turn again, and they rolled a five, resulting in landing on Villain’s Board Walk. “…Shit.”
“Look who’s talking now Nit-wit. You don’t even have enough on you. Time to take those hotels and houses off your properties~” Villain mocked.
“Hmph- This game is pointless, I can tell I won’t win at this point. Why don’t I just give up now, you obviously will win,” Hero complained.
“No, don't do that! Let me have a satisfactory win! You just can’t handle me winning, can you?”
“No! It’s not that-“
Hero was abruptly interrupted as Villain suddenly used their teleportation abilities and was immediately right in front of Hero, “What is it then?”
Hero, who was incredibly startled and at loss for the sudden mood change from competitiveness of the game to whatever this was. As a result they backed up on the roof they were sitting on until they hit a brick wall behind them. Villain just teleported in front of them again waiting for a reply.
Hero blushed furiously from their closeness, “Wh-what is this Villain! It was just a game!”
“Yeah.. but I like games,” Villain pouted, “but if you want to quit.. we could play a different game,” Villain hooked their finger under Hero’s chin and moved their head up to meet their gaze. Villain held a playful smile, while Hero continued to blush uncontrollably.
“What- what do you mean a different game? Villain, please, this is getting stupid-“ Hero said nervously.
“Shh shh shh Hero, the game is a surprise. Would you like to play?” Villain winked.
“Fine.. I suppose it’s better than sitting through a losing Monopoly game-“ Hero sighed.
“Aw, brighten up Hero, I know you like me and my games more than you let on. Trust me, you will like this game.”
“Okay…” Hero said with uncertainty.
Villain grabbed Hero’s hips and pulled them close. Whispering they said, “and if you like it, you can always come back to play later.” Before Hero could respond with some nervous retort, Villain pressed their lips to Hero’s. Hero was stuck against the wall and all they could do was reach their arms over Villain’s shoulders and melt into it.
From a few buildings over, Supervillain stood on another rooftop. They have been watching for over a half hour watching their board game escalate. They just merely shook their head. Their base would not be invaded tonight.
(I’m sorry I didn’t mean for romance to happen oops)
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