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#hero x villain
villain-nblm · 18 minutes ago
Most villain’s prisons are made of metal and concrete, a cold and unforgiving structure made to keep evil locked away. But not yours. Your prison is his arms.
You don’t know why the hero chose you. Perhaps he thinks if he shows you love, you’ll change your ways. You’re not that easily persuaded, but you still can’t help but be drawn in by him.
The way he smiles at you. The way he reassures you that you’re not broken. The way his lips feel upon yours. He has drawn you in and ensnared you. In bed he holds you, softly, lovingly, when you could be out there causing evil. And you couldn’t leave even if you wanted to.
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acids-bases-salts · 2 hours ago
#Part 2
“What makes you think I’ll be a bottom?”
“I’m straight.”
They said at the same time.
“Wait, you’re gay, Rob? Why didn’t you tell me?”
“And you know, the interesting thing is that he can have that with you too because he was horrified just with the prospect of being a bottom, not by the fact that you both will be doing it.”
“Hey now, you stupid hero, you’re going too overboard. Shut up before I make you.”The one named Rob threatened.
“OK. But what’s your name though?”
“I’m Chris and he’s Robert.”The left one answered.
“Why did you tell him our names? Why are you so stupid?”
“Don’t test me right now, Rob. I’m angry that you did not tell me that you’re gay.”
“Can’t you just let that go, already? Millions of people are gay.”
“Yeah, then why did you allow Jessi to get so close to you? And what about the time when Elena took you into the hotel room?  And wait, what about that time when Kristen was grinding on your lap when we went to that bar? You said that it was a friend’s night but I had to go home alone in an Uber with a creepy ass driver who just won’t shut up about Taehyung’s hands and choking? Like god knows who the fuck he is and I had to hear a whole damn speech about his hands. Do you know how much I’ve suffered because of you? And oh, do you remember when Casey and you were flirting shamelessly on a beach with kids? And…”
“What the hell Chris? Don’t even get started. Like don’t even make me open my mouth. You are talking about the girls I’ve been with while you yourself have slept with half of America. And for the record, I’m bi.”
“You insufferable piece of shit. I slept because you slept around with others. I don’t even like g…”
“Hmm? What was that?”
“I don’t even like g-g-guys. Yes, guys. I hate them. So much. Very much hate.”
“Hey, by the way, Taehyung is from BTS and he’s very handsome. Google him up. He’s handsome.”
“I don’t care….Hero, how the hell did you get out of your…”
But sadly Chris could not complete his sentence for his head was banged thrice with his friend who was very obviously his crush.
The hero wiped their hands on Rob’s pants and checked the sidekicks clothes for weapons
“How the hell don’t people understand that someone they work with everyday is in love with them?”
They tucked one knife into their pant pockets while kept the other strapped to their arm. Their hands aimed the gun at the door.
“Now, to get out of here.”
They looked around the room once and found out two doors. One at the front and one at the back. They also tried to find a camera but could not find one. They found that a bit strange but nevertheless kept moving towards the front door while keeping their back guarded with occasional glances.
“Very clever, aren’t you?”
The hero turned around with only one word in their mind.
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a snippet | you’re welcome | hero x villain
The hero groaned as she glanced at her watch. There were three more hours of this godforsaken party until she could leave. Her dress was too tight; the room was too hot. Too many people were crowded into the ballroom. 
It was odd, she thought, showing up to a celebration where the person being celebrated didn’t even show up. 
Or, she thought as she took a sip of champagne, not in the form that people expected her in. 
There were posters of her plastered over the wall, her well-recognized hood and mask keeping her face hidden. She had seen some people dressed up as her, and others regaling others with exaggerated tales of her exploits. Being invited to parties like these as a classy woman of high society and truly understanding how closely people followed her was... unsettling, to say the least. 
“May I claim a dance from you?” 
The hero set the champagne flute down and looked at the man in bewilderment. People rarely talked to her, let alone asked to dance with her. He was quite probably about her age, with fine brown curls and amber eyes. His suit was well tailored; he must be well off. 
“Of course.” 
The orchestra on stage was playing a gentle waltz; the man brought her out into the middle of the dance floor, slid one gentle hand around her waist and clasped hers with the other, effortlessly leading. She winced with every wrong step; it had been far too long since she’d reviewed any sort of dance. The hero almost yelped as he dropped her into a dip, her back arching over his arm, eyes snapping upwards and trained on him now.
“I know who you are.” 
She raised an eyebrow. “A lot of people happen to know my name. It’s no surprise you would as well.” 
He brought her up and his grasp on her waist loosened as he spun her around. His voice dropped to a painstakingly familiar tone. “I know who you are, hero.” 
The hero felt time slow down as the pounding in her chest sped up as connections lit up in her head like sparks before flame. 
“Sorry,” she tried, voice shaking a little, “but I’m no hero. Just here to celebrate them.” 
“No hero, hmm? Then what would you do if I lit off the detonator in my pocket?” 
“Every one of them has a deactivation button that can be used fifteen seconds before—oh, God.” No ordinary civilian would know that. He knew—the villain knew—he’d figured out her civilian identity. 
“You’re not looking so good, Miss.” His voice was noticeably louder. “Let’s get you some water.” The villain escorted her off the dance floor in such a gentlemanly way that the hero was having a hard time believing it was him. But there was no mistaking that tone of voice. 
“Our jackets, if you please. The lady’s not feeling too well.” 
The hero blinked. Hadn’t he just said that they’d be getting water? But no; the footman handed them their jackets, wished them a pleasant evening, and let them out the front door, where a car idled.
“You’re welcome,” the villain said simply. 
“How did you know it was me?” There was no point in pretending any longer.
“Nobody else moves like you do,” he replied. “They walk. You glide.” 
“Well, yes, because my whole thing is levitation—” 
The villain cut her off with a glance to his watch. “I’m scheduled to rob a bank in thirty minutes. I’ll expect payment for getting you out of there early. Don’t worry,” he added with a wink as he strolled over to the idling car, “I’ll come collect myself.” 
He slipped inside the passenger seat and slammed the door shut, leaving the hero’s head spinning. 
That’s when she remembered. 
Her thing was levitation. His was telepathy.
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serino137 · 12 hours ago
Prompt #67
"What are you thinking about?" The villain asked softly as he placed pressed a kiss onto the hero's temple.
"Oh, you know. . .the past" the hero replied, a tight smile etched on her face as her eyes stared off into the distance.
The villain let out a soft sigh as he sat down in front of the villain, his hands on her knees as he bent down to brush his lips against the hero's soft ones. "A penny for your thoughts?" He asked, his forehead against the hero's as the two of their eyes met.
The hero's eyebrows knit together, the bitter taste of regret on her tongue as she shook her head.
The villain could feel her anxiety as he felt one of her legs shake underneath his grip. "How about a dollar for your thoughts?"
The hero's gaze clashed with the villain's as she suddenly sped up tapping her foot, her nails digging into the soft flesh of her arm as she felt her breathing suddenly get heavier. "I'm sorry, it's stupid–"
"Sweetheart" the villain cut in, his voice soft and soothing like a silk glove that embraced a cold hand. The hero's wide eyes flied to the villain's gentle ones as she forced herself to let out a rough breath.
"Breath in with me, ok?" The villain said as he inhaled deeply through his nose, his eyes locked with the hero's as she followed.
"I'm sorry" she squeaked out, her nails digging further into her skin.
"Just breath, ok? I know that it's going to be hard to do, but breath for me. " The villain whispered as he lifted a hand to caress the hero's cheekbone. "Now clench all your muscles. . ."
The hero followed, eyes shutting tight as she tightened her muscles.
"And let go" the villain proceeded, watching as the hero let out a shaky sigh and relax a bit.
"Listen, sweetheart" he said as he took her hands in his, entwining their fingers together as he gently squeezed her hands. "Never, ever apologize for your anxiety, ok? Never. Not today, not tomorrow, not in 10 years when we have beautiful kids. "
The hero's eyebrows flied up, her lips breaking into a smile at the villain's words.
"Our past made us who we are today. Without our past, we wouldn't be here. Hell, without that night. . .I wouldn't be here with an angel in my house. " The villain murmured, pressing another kiss to the hero's forehead. "I regret nothing. Not the accident, not losing one of my eyes, and I definitely don't regret meeting you. Even if I had to go back in time and almost get my killed all over again just to run into you–I would without a single doubt."
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amethystpath-writes · 14 hours ago
Prompt #148
“A penny saved is a penny...”
“-closer to a Lamborghini...”
“What does that even- what?” Hero closed their eyes and pinched the bridge of their nose with a sigh. “A penny saved is a-”
“-penny worth living!”
Oh my- “Earned! It’s a penny earned! Where did you- why...Villain, I have lost all hope I ever had for you.”
“Oh, now that was not called for.”
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Logan & Janus - Role reversal
Trigger warnings: unintentional/accidental misgendering, genocide (referenced), glitter, janus being a hero but still not caring. Oh, and murder/death (beheading, kinda justified). Also, there’s a (James) Bond reference.
Summary: Janus is a hero. Doesn’t stop him from not having morals, or being fabulous. He's genderfluid btw.
Notes: Don’t shoot me. I was bored and I wanted to write crack.
“No man will ever defeat me!” Logan said, sword held high above his head.
“Did you really have to say that?” Janus said, boredom creeping into his bones. “Ugh, now we’re going to have to wait a few days or weeks for the next fight.”
“What?” The villain asked, lowering his guard before raising it the next second. “I will defeat you and then-”
Janus sighed. “That’s wonderful dear. But I really can’t let you kill off half of the world, so I’m going to have to stop you at a later date.”
Logan raised his eyebrow. “What part of ‘no man’ did you not understand?”
Janus yawned. He probably needed to sleep more, but that would come when he wasn’t facing annoying, over-dramatic villains. “It doesn’t matter dear. I’ll be back.”
He disappeared before the villain had a chance to splutter anything in response.
“Hello again love.” Janus said, stepping into the villain’s cave. He had taken some inspiration from the old Bond villains and had advanced security where they had not, but Janus was no Bond and so it still wasn’t enough to stop her.
“You again.” Logan said, narrowing his eyes. “Well, it doesn’t matter. Here, wherever, I will kill you and put your preserved body on display so that no one will ever dare cross me again.”
“Uh-huh.” Janus replied with as dismissive of a tone as she could manage, which turned out to be very dismissive. “Yeah, sorry about that. I have a manicure at four - what? A snake has got to look after their nails, and there is no point of being this amazing if my nails look like trash.”
“I’m going to kill you.” Logan said, unsheathing his sword. “Regardless of whether you look amazing or not. Like I said - no man can ever defeat me.”
“Yeah, I would’ve thought you’d realise the loophole in that by now.”
“There is no loophole,” Logan said. “Not in this instance. You’re a man-”
“Yeah, yeah.” Janus said, waving a gloved hand. Her own, of course, and still attached to her arm. Not that she would have a problem with waving someone else’s gloved hand, unattached to their arm, but that was a decidedly more Remus-like trait. “Anyway. Prepare to be defeated, and your reign of terror to end.” She unsheathed her own sword.
Logan just raised his own response. “I do not know why you are telling me to do that - you are the one who will die today. But, I suppose if it brings you happiness in your final moments you can think of whatever you want.”
Janus grinned as the fight began, wholly aware that she was beginning to unnerve the villain. When he was unnerved he always fought worse and was more predictable, and it carried the double edge of it just being fun to unnerve a monster who had tried to enslave and kill her race of people.
She fell back into old patterns of fighting, and met Logan blow for blow, before realising that if she wanted to defeat him this time then she had to do something he wouldn’t be expecting. Pulling some spare glitter out of her pocket that she always carried for convenience, she chucked it into the other’s face. Logan coughed, and stumbled, annoyance flashing in his eyes. Using this distraction to her advantage and ignoring the glitter that she was getting on her black costume that would be a nightmare to wash out, she disarmed him, kicked Logan to his knees and held the blade to his throat.
Janus watched Logan stare at the blade, shock, fear, and a hundred other emotions running through his eyes. This was about the time that she should say something dramatic, and half of her wished he had either Roman or Remus around. Both of the twins were dramatic enough that they always knew the perfect thing to say, regardless of the mood and though Janus would never admit it, part of her hero alter ego had been inspired by them. Most of it hadn’t, because she actually had taste, but they had inspired her to be more dramatic in her actions. However, she was an independent snake, so she didn’t need them here to be awesome in her own way.
Unfortunately Logan robbed her of this chance before she could say anything. Damn villain. “Could we come to some sort of truce?”
“I already have you on your knees and at my mercy.” Janus said. “What’s in it for me that I don’t already have?”
“I can give you information about the villains Patton and Roman - they’re planning something big and-”
“I meant more in the way of stopping your genocide of my people.” Janus growled.
“Oh that? Yeah, sure.” Logan said. “I mean, it never really meant anything. They were just there-”
Anger coursed through her veins. The only thing worse than the brutal slaughter of her people was the brutal senseless slaughter of her people. She removed the sword from Logan’s neck, and he breathed out a sigh of relief. All she did was swing it back down, removing the villain’s head from his neck in one clean sweep.
As the head landed on the floor, shock in his eyes, she realised that technically she wasn’t supposed to have done that.
Oh well. She was good enough at pretending that she was a guy most of the time, so pretending that she was a full-of-himself villain couldn’t be that hard, and all she would have to do is get the information from the other villains herself. It might be harder to keep her job if anyone found out about this, but she could always apply for a position as an executor if nothing else worked out.
I will admit that this isn’t my best work. Tbh, it wasn’t supposed to. Writer’s block meant that I had no inspiration so I just wrote something. Probably not worth it, but you don’t get to be good at writing by only writing the worth it things.
Want to see a different loceit hero/villain au, that is far superior to this? Check this link here.
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emerqlds · 15 hours ago
prompt #137
”Now, Hero..” Villain walked into the room, and Hero groaned internally.  They were really the last person they wanted to see right now.  “I’m happy to report-” they cut off, pausing for a second. “Wait, what is that?” they squinted, eyes flicking between Hero's semi-clothed chest and the shirt on the floor. “It’s a binder, you asshole,” Hero growled.  “Now if you don’t mind, I’d like my shirt back.” they narrowed their eyes at Villain, trying to muster up an intimidating expression.
Villain laughed loudly.  “No, I’m good,” they said, voice light and airy as they walked past the discarded shirt.  “You look hot like this.” they raised their eyebrows.  “Why didn’t I think to do this sooner?” they muttered to themselves, a blush rising to their cheeks.
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psychicglitterdetective · 18 hours ago
Ok, I've been trying to find a specific hero x villain story prompt where another villain makes everyone fall In love or something like that and the villain and hero have to team up to defeat that villain.
I've been trying to find it for weeks! Some tell me who it was or link it!
Tumblr media
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rainy-knights-of-villany · 21 hours ago
Writing snippet #I don’t remember
Hero looked at his phone, scrolling through apps, when a text popped up at the top of the screen.
“Turn on the news, channel 4. Thank me later.”
He frowned and turned on the news, where a reporter was in the middle of a story.
“-several politicians, who all planned to vote for the law which has widely condemned and criticised as homophobic, have failed to turn up at town hall, owing to the fact that there is a dress code which states that politicians can not have their hair dyed neon green. The vote is now continuing without them, and is expected to be a unanimous vote against the law. This law would have-“
“That’s my boyfriend!” Hero stood up, grinning, before realising what she said. His boyfriend? But she didn’t even like him, Villain wasn’t his-
“Boyfriend? That’s a new one. Although I do prefer it to ‘scum’, or ‘wrong-doer’, et cetera...” Villain smirked, walking in and sitting down on Hero’s couch.
“What-? How-? How’d you do that?” Hero looked shocked, slowly sitting back down, next to Villain.
“I shouldn’t reveal all my secrets, hmm? Oh, and I spent all my rent money on hair dye, so...”
“Wait... oh for- you’re my roommate now, I totally forgot. Umm, yeah, I’ll pay the rent for both of us this time, as thanks.”
“Thank you, boyfriend~”
“You’re never going to let me live that one down, are you?”
“Not a chance.” Villain laughed, putting an arm around hero. “You know, we could be, if you wanted. Boyfriends, I mean.”
Hero nodded, leaning into Villain. “I’d like that.”
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a snippet | you love me still | hero x villain
trigger warning: swords, blood
The villain’s sword was slightly uncomfortable against their chin, the hero decided, as they knelt in front of them, the tip of it digging into their throat just enough to cause pain but not enough to draw blood. Their hands were bound behind them, and the angle of the sword forced their eyes up, to the villain’s. They were dripping blood and bruised and tired and on the business end of the sword, but they still managed a smile. 
“Why are you smiling, little hero?” The villain’s cool voice washed over them. “I have you on the ground, defeated. There is nothing for you to smile about anymore.” 
Their face was stone-cold; expressionless. The hero’s smile only grew and as they closed their eyes for a fraction of a second, memories speed ran through their mind—the delicate kisses, beautiful sunrises, the scent of orange blossoms, surprise hugs from behind, driving on the highway with all the time in the world—before they snapped back to reality. 
“Oh, darling.” Their voice was almost considerate. “You’re not going to run me through with a sword. You love me still.” 
The villain’s façade crumbled pretty quickly, after that.
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deadlygemuwu · a day ago
Can you do another hero x villain where the villain is very flirty and the hero is all flustered?
“Oh my dear.” the villain tsk-tsked playfully, “Just look at you, all battered and bloodied and disheveled.” they rested their elbow on their hand, sighing, standing a few metres away from the struggling hero.
The hero snarled up at them, at their audacity, in revulsion. “Shut up and set me free!”
The villain sauntered closer, in what looked like an elegant manner. They were leisure, unhurried. They didn’t need to hast, knowing the hero was tightly held together with those unforgiving chains to the metallic chair, without a single chance to break free. A smirk engraved on their lips.
“Now, now, little hero. Don’t raise your voice at me like that. I can’t just untie you and not expect you to go around and misbehave, until Mrs. Consequences comes in and teaches you a lesson for your actions.” the villain tilted their head, hair flipping gracefully.
“And I guess you’re the so called ‘Mrs. Consequences’?” the hero tried to sound sarcastic, despite their fluttering heart.
The villain stopped tall and arrogant in front of them. Not to mention the brilliance, the radiance and their stunningly beautiful features. The villain was dazzling enough for it to be impossible to look at.
“My guards, hero. My guards. I can’t believe you can be so silly.” the villain crooned.
“Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.”
The villain was right. How did the hero forget about the guards out there? Were they this distracted?
The hero felt like a shiver run down their spine, their fear and suspicion awakening, because the villain’s smile grew teeth.
The villain dwarfed to the hero’s level, eyes piecing through them. “Don’t worry, darling. I’ll keep you safe and secure. No one shall lay a hand on you. After all, you’ve fought so hard, sacrificed everything for the sake of others. You’re brave, and strong, and confident. You don’t deserve to be hurt.” the villain murmured oh so softly. They gently caressed the hero’s burning cheek, the other hand curling a strand of hair around their finger.
The hero’s muscles tensed. Their heart beating madly at the feather-light touch, their ears rang, head reeling, every atom of their body screaming.
The villain relished in the catch of the hero’s breath as their hand ran light and intoxicating up their arm.
A flame of passion grew inside the hero, making them squirm. They bit down on their lip, unable to think straight.
“S-stop..” it was the only thing the hero managed to choke out.
The villain giggled, charmingly so. “What’s wrong, little hero?” the villain said, teasingly, and got the hero’s chin in their hand, tilting it up and locking eye contact.
The hero instantly forgot what they were about to say. Their mouth fell open, absent-minded, and stared back into the villain’s gorgeous eyes. “I.. err..”
“You better think before you even want to speak, dear, unless, you want to be kissed.” the villain said.
The hero’s eyes widened, blushing crazily, and before they could do anything, or even close their mouth, the villain kissed them, sweet and soft.
The villain let out a giggle, then they stood up and took their way to the door.
“Good night, sweetheart.” they sing-songed before closing the door behind them, leaving the hero in a blushing mess and to melt into their own heat.
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amethystpath-writes · a day ago
Prompt #145
"Villain," Hero shook their head. "Villain, it's beautiful. I can't- how many are there?"
"One. Thousand."
One thousand sunflowers. And every single one was for Hero.
"You planted them yourself?"
"Every one of them. Do you like it?"
The hero scoffed. Was it really necessary to answer such an obvious question? No. So instead they took Villain's hand and dragged them along as they explored the sunflower field.
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outrideramber · a day ago
bnha manga spoilers
yeah sure izuocha is fine, i don't hate them but i don't ship them either. frankly, they don't appeal to me at all.
i need yall to open your eyes and see the potential in toga x uraraka (not to mention toga canonically loves uraraka)
i love how they're narrative foils to each other
the angst between them with toga being a villain and uraraka being a hero? toga asking uraraka where they draw the line? if the heroes even see villains as a person? if a villain needed saving, would a hero also save them? uraraka saw her crying and she looked concerned. deku wants to save villains, i want uraraka to have that same conviction too with toga in mind specifically
they have so much angst potential in canon and in AUs and it's sad that there's not much fanfics about them :(
(even if they do, some of them are sexualized :/)
they're the hero x villain enemies to friends to lovers that i want and need
i just wanna see their character development, horikoshi!! stop teasing us with the official art and give us the actual thing!! they deserve more spotlight </3
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emerqlds · a day ago
Hero groaned, burrowing further under their blanket as they heard a rapid knocking sound near their front door.  They sighed, closing their eyes.  It was probably just a random kid pranking them.  
Hero’s eyes snapped open as they recognized the voice of the person on the other side of the door.  What was Villain doing at their apartment, so early in the morning?  
“Come on, Hero, before I kick this door down.”
Hero groaned, throwing the blanket off of them and pushing themselves off the couch.  They briefly glanced down at their outfit- a black sweatshirt and gray sweatpants.  Well, whatever.  It was Villain, not their mother.  Hero padded over to the door, turning the handle.  They rubbed at their eyes, wincing as the bright light from the hallway covered their vision.  Hero groaned, shoving the hood of their sweatshirt over their head.
“Hero, I’ve never waited this long for someone to get ready before.  Are you putting on makeup or s-something-” Villain started, stopping when they made eye contact with Hero.  Hero averted their gaze, suddenly feeling very self conscious.  They must really look horrible, if Villain was stuttering.  Villain never stuttered.
“What?” they asked, voice gravelly from sleep.  Hero squinted at Villain, still confused as to why Villain had woken them up so early in the morning.  They were vaguely sure that the sun hadn’t even risen yet.    
“Can I come in?” Villain asked, almost hesitantly.  Hero looked at them in confusion.  Why would Villain want to come into their apartment?  Maybe they wanted to blow something up.  Yeah, probably.  Or maybe they just wanted food?  Hero was pretty sure they were out of snacks, though...
Villain cleared their throat, and Hero blinked sleepily at them.  They shook their head, remembering Villain had asked to come in. “Yeah, sure.” Hero mumbled, leading Villain into their apartment.  “This is my apartment, or whatever.” they sighed, collapsing onto the couch.  They blinked a couple times, making sure they weren’t dreaming that Villain was standing in their apartment.
Villain shoved their hands in their pockets, looking very uncomfortable.  Hero was so amused at the uniquity of the situation that they couldn’t help but laugh.  Villain sent them a dirty look, and Hero threw their hands up in mock surrender.
“Sorry, this is just funny.” they chuckled, leaning back against the couch.  They pointed to the chair across from them.  “You can sit, if you want.” Hero offered, watching Villain sit down with a huff.
“So we have a bit of a problem.” Villain started, fiddling with their hands.  “Supervillain is planning something big, bigger than they’ve ever done before.  I think we should- Oi.  Are you listening?”
“Yeah, yeah.” Hero waved a hand at them, rubbing at their eyes.  “Supervillain is up to something again.  Great.” they remarked wryly.  Villain chuckled, and Hero looked at them in confusion. 
“You’re much more entertaining when you’re sleep-deprived.” Villain grinned, leaning down and putting their arms on their knees.  “Anyways, we need to figure out what they're doing.” Hero nodded slowly.  “Yeah, I can talk with Sidekick about it tomorrow.” they suggested, grabbing the blanket by their feet and draping it over themselves.  Villain raised an eyebrow.  “What?”
“Nothing.” Villain shook their head.  “Yeah, so you do that, and I’ll talk with some of my acquaintances and see if anyone has heard anything.”
“Soundss gooood” Hero slurred, feeling their eyes begin to close.
Hero tried to open their eyes, but their eyelids were so heavy.  They slumped to the side, lying across the length of the couch.  They swore they heard Villain talking, but they couldn’t make out what they were saying.  Hero felt a hand in their hair, and sighed contentedly.  They heard a laugh, and felt Villain’s breath in their ear.  They murmured something about dreams, but Hero couldn’t really tell what it was.  They burrowed further into their blanket.
Hero vaguely registered the shutter of a camera before they drifted off into sleep.
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emerqlds · a day ago
prompt #135
“I have thought of all the possible ways you could escape, and have countered each and every one.” Villain smirked, crossing their arms.  “There’s no way you will get away.” they boasted, looking down at the ground as they paced throughout the room. 
Villain looked up, only to find that the chair Hero had been tied to was empty.
“Shit.” Villain groaned, putting their head in their hands.
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deadlygemuwu · a day ago
It was dark.
The hero prowled warily around the villain’s lair, their head tilting at every direction, searching for a spark of light.
Their breathe hitched in panic, the hole of anxiety opening in the pit of their stomach, slowly devouring them.
Suddenly, lights at either sides of the large corridor opened, one by one, revealing an elaborate red carpet on the floor, and finally a staircase, ending with a throne.
The hero instinctively blocked their sensitive eyes with their arms in protection, groaning in pain.
“Oh-ho ho ho ho ho~!” a familiar laugh could be hear from the end of the hall.
“God damn it, [villain]! Should you always put such a dramatic show up like that?!” the hero snapped, infuriated.
The villain ended their laugh with a deep sigh in satisfaction. They flapped their red and intricate cape with their hand, gracefully so, and then their murderous gaze fell upon the scowling hero, hands on their hips, chest up arrogantly.
“Oh, little hero. You should’ve seen the look on your face.” they said amusedly, smiling brightly like they always did.
“Shut up. You always do this kind of attention-seeking non sense, it’s annoying. You must cut it out.” the hero rubbed their eyes.
the villain widened their eyes and gasped, hand dramatically on their heart, as if they were shocked. “Attention-seeking? how harsh of you to say that. I was only trying to present myself in the best ways I can offer.. just for you.” the villain all but crooned, voice flirtatious.
They took a few steps down, their golden heels tapping on the stairs. “You know, I’d been looking forward to our next meeting, thinking about how I’d invite and dine you in.” the villain flipped their hair with their hand, “I couldn’t resist my patience, I’d been desirous to see my favourite little hero again.” the villain stopped in front of the hero, tall and intimidating, yet and amazing and wondrous.
They were so close the hero could practically smell their cologne. Their face burned.
“Oh yeah? Dine me? So you can gain information, or possibly persuade me to your evil deeds? That surely won’t happen.” they pressed, looking the villain up, eyes narrowed.
“Is this what you think of me? A malicious manipulator? It kind of hurts, you know.” the villain said, pouting, “I am not the kind to do such schemes, especially to my special little hero.” they tilted the hero’s shin up, gingerly. “I just wanted to see you again, maybe have a nice dinner, a lovely waltz on the dance floor, or a cordial chat.”
“What?” the villain tilted their head and raised an eyebrow, as if confused. “Is there something bizzare about that, love? Or are you” they leaned closer to the hero’s face, a smirk engraved on their lips, a luscious glint appearing in their eyes, “.. flustered?” they continued.
The hero’s breathe hitched, hyper-aware that their lips were only inches away. They cleared their throat, averting their eyes.
This wasn’t the first time the villain flirted with them. It’s been going long since months. The silly nicknames, the amazed look the villain made when they stared at them, the smirk, the frequently tossed complements and flattery.
The villain has always been a coquet. The grandeur, the softness in their voice, the glint in their eyes, making the hero’s stomach flutter with heat.
And what was worse, was that the villain never failed to distract them and leave them feeling completely and utterly helpless, and with butterflies in their stomach.
“Ah ah ah.” the villain purred, “look at me when I talk to you, there’s no hiding the little blush.”
The hero tensed at the mocking tone. They looked back at the villain.
“There you are.” the villain smiled, tracing a line from to their cheek. “Don’t you just look exquesite when you’re blushing. I bet your heart is beating so fast now.”
They placed their hand gently over the hero’s heart, and like they said, their heart was fluttering uncontrollably under their burning skin. “Just like expected.” they locked gazes with them.
The hero didn’t look like they had any idea what to do with the villain’s eyes piecing through them. Their breathe hitched.
The villain smirked, drinking up the sight in front of them.
The hero blushed more, speechless.
“So,” the villain said, “let’s dance, shall we.” they offered their hand.
The hero took it.
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nuttynutcycle · a day ago
Prompt 165
The marker screeched across the whiteboard. "Sidekick, you are starting to reach the age of the birds and the bees."
Sidekick flopped their head on the desk and groaned. "Villain-"
"And thus," Villain continued. "It is my responsibility to teach you how to flirt," they tapped the section of the board labelled Nemesis Phase. "Let's start at the beginning."
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amethystpath-writes · a day ago
Prompt #144
“Why did you do it?” Hero glared at Villainess through the bars separating them. He was thankful to be the one outside the bars.
“What do you mean ‘why’?” Villainess’ lips curled up as she stood from the bench which she sat. “Hero, all that I ever wanted...” She curled her fingers around the bars. If they weren’t there, she may have dared to touch her nose to his. “...was to be wanted. Even if it were for arrest. Even if it were by Death himself.” Villainess repeated, “I wanted to be wanted. That is why.”
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Loceit - Stop flirting with me Part 3
(Tagging @little-kat07 because you expressed desire in a third part, sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged.)
So; I’m doing a part 3 am I? Cool cool cool cool let me run into a bathroom and scream.
In the meantime, here’s some lore for you guys because I needed to like, explain some stuff, and check out part 1 and part 2 here if you want.
Or don’t. It might not make any sense without them or it might make perfect sense given the way this series is turning out, but whatever. I can’t control your actions.
Lore: People and Naga exist. Naga are a type of human/snake cross breed, and are seen as a lower class of people/subhuman. Janus is a naga. There are people who sympathise with naga, such as Remus/the Duke and Logan/Logic, and there are people who don’t. 
Also being a naga is kind of like vitiligo in that the severity and the way it appears can range quite vastly, and it can also be something that is more easily hidden/can’t be hidden. Janus can for the most part hide his naga side, but half of his face is literally scaly/snake-like so it’s with varying levels of success. When he is posing as Deceit, he has a mask that covers all of his face, so you can’t tell he is anything but a person. He wears extravagant outfits that cover all of his skin, and he has a few scales on his left hand so he always wears gloves for that.
Without further ado (yes the rest of it is under the cut this got long okay i have work to do but my work is like really boring).
It was hard not to admire the way Janus spoke in the courtroom.
It had been such a long time that he had found an interesting opponent that he had forgotten what it felt like to have to actually do his job, but Janus used the law in such a way that he could argue anything. He would have been willing to bet the naga could have used the same law to argue two diametrically opposed points and other people still wouldn’t be able to find a flaw in his logical reasoning.
Today though, Logan would have been glad if he was the reason that he couldn’t concentrate on the case. No; there was something far greater on his mind that was distracting him.
Deceit had escaped his clutches again.
He had even tried this time, but the other knew his movements too well and was always able to respond with one of his own. He could have likened it to playing chess on a board where you thought you knew all the rules, but every time you looked away something had imperceptibly changed and you were left trying to play a move with the wrong pieces, pretending for all the world you knew what you were doing when in reality a child playing a game of poker with a set of battered uno cards would have had a greater chance at winning. He would have likened it to that, had he been so inclined to fill his vocabulary with convoluted similes that sufficed as an explanation, but he had long given that up in favour of appearing professional and so he would not.
By the time he arrived back to his flat the director would have sent him an email regarding his change in status from a hero to a villain; and after that it would be a case of avoiding both his old friends and villains who were trying to kill him due to his newfound status.
He had never once revealed anything about his real life and had kept the two alter egos separate, but he still couldn’t worry that someone somewhere knew who he was, and would sell the information for a price. At that point, it would only be a matter of time before someone came after him.
He wondered how Deceit would react. Out of all the villains and heroes he had faced, if there was ever one who would come after him it would have to be that one. If anyone else had come after him, he could be sure of their attentions and know how to react appropriately to the situation, but with Deceit he was at a loss. He hoped that he could permanently dismiss the idea of him killing Logan, but that wasn’t possible and even if it was, the alternatives weren’t any better. If the villain found out where he lived, he could blackmail him, and then use Logan for who knew what. As an accomplice, he supposed, would be the best outcome. Nothing else his mind could conjure was anything he would willingly submit himself to, and he hoped it wouldn’t come to those measures, praying that it was just his overactive mind creating unrealistic situations. He couldn’t quite convince himself of that though.
He didn’t really want to be an accomplice either - he had started out as a hero because he wanted to do something better in the world. He had become a prosecution lawyer to do exactly that, but too many years in the system had taught him that you couldn’t trust the law to do anything that didn’t benefit the people with money. Transferring to the dark side - that wasn’t something he had ever wanted, or had ever thought this would come to.
He couldn’t quite hold himself to blame Deceit though. The villain had just been doing what he was trying to, and Logan was the one who couldn’t stop him. And if he was, as he suspected, a naga, then a life of crime wouldn’t be too far of a stretch. Despite the recent changes in laws that had allowed the defence lawyer across from him to start practicing, there was still so much to be done before Janus would even be regarded as a second class citizen.
Speaking of the lawyer, he was currently silent as the witness gave her testimony, but he wasn’t silent. His body language betrayed his intent, but he supposed that the greatest flaw Janus had was his lack of a natural body language. He had the dramatic act nailed, but that was what it was - an act. An act in front of rigid walls that could be spied a mile off by someone used to maintaining his own.
He reminded Logan of Deceit in a way. The flair for dramatics, the insistence of doing everything his own way, and the way he could slide out of whatever legal traps Logan said that would have normally caught someone of a lower calibre: whatever it was, there was something in him that Logan saw in his nemesis that caught his breath.
He was probably seeing things. There was always going to be similarities between the two greatest challenges in both of his lives, and just because they shared a few personality traits it didn’t mean that they were the same person. He shared personality traits with the hero Ego, but that didn’t mean they were similar in any way.
And anyway; it would probably be better to drop everything related to that side of him if he wanted to survive the next few days, or the rest of his life, he supposed. The other heroes might question this relocation, but Ego was a strike-first-questions-later-if-they-were-asked type of person, and he would rather avoid a fight if he had to. Whilst things could always be better he was relatively happy with his current life as a lawyer, and it wasn’t worth losing to a stupid mistake. He didn’t want to give up his life as a hero, but if he had the choice he would rather be a lawyer than a vigilante hero on the run, despite what his heart said.
Although, he supposed, once this whole thing died down he could always create a new alter ego, someone who was different but the same. It would require a new MO, a new outfit, a new backstory, a new everything, but it was something that he could do. He had done it once before, it wouldn’t be too hard to repeat the process all over again. All he would need to do is make sure he left none of Logic’s distinctive personality traits in this hero, and he could start again. 
He would also have to take actions to reduce suspicion, but he could deal with that later, when he wasn’t fearing for his life or trying to win a case in a courtroom, because even though he wasn’t there mentally, he was still there physically, and he still had an obligation to pay attention to the case.
That seemed beyond his cognitions at the moment though, so his attention flicked back to Janus. The light reflected off his scales in a captivating manner, distracting him from the words that were being spoken.
If he was found by heroes or villains - it didn’t matter which, or who, he added glumly - he wouldn’t be able to do this anymore. He wouldn’t be able to engage in the battle of wits that he found himself longing for in each case.
A life in prison or on the run didn’t sound half as interesting, so for now, Logic was dead, and he was just Logan.
Maybe if he ignored the words his heart whispered to him that decision wouldn’t hurt so much.
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Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your writing, and you are so so talented!!
Could you write something with a sleep deprived hero/villain?
Have a great day!! 💛
[Thank you for your kind words! ❤️ I hope you enjoy this!]
“Let,” Hero says through clenched teeth, struggling against her restraints, “Me. Go.”
Villain slowly paces with his arm behind his back, the other flicking through the holographic news articles that float around his head.
“Hero catches falling airplane. Hero saves man from drowning. Hero shields bomb with her own body,” he drawls, lazily tossing each title he reads, “Hero takes down notorious leader of drug ring.”
He stops, spreading out his hands and closing them quickly to get rid of the articles.
“And all of that, done in the past two days,” he says, unimpressed, upper lip curled up as he looks down at her, “What, you trying to break a record or something?”
Hero smiles, baring her teeth at him.
“Release these restraints and I’ll break another one,” she says sweetly and Villain lets out a laugh.
“Then why don’t you get out of them like you usually do?” Villain counters and he looks amused, all raised eyebrows and bright eyes, the curve of his lips sickle-sharp as he tips his chin, “I’m not even using my powers on you. What’s the matter hero, all burnt out?”
Hero grits her teeth. Everything feels so heavy, like she’s underwater, sea-foam filling her gut. She pulls at her restraints harder, sweat running down her face, each beat of her heart a pounding ache in her temples and down her jaw and behind her eyes and when did the room start spinning?
“Ignoring me now?” Villain says but the words sound far away, jumbled, his image trembling at the corners.
Hero clenches her eyes shut, fingers quaking, her limbs like deadweight. God, she’s tired. Villain is saying something else but Hero can’t pay attention, tries to focus on the ground that keeps shifting under her feet. Or is it that she’s floating away?
Suddenly, her head is yanked back by her hair and her eyes pop open, her stomach lurching from the movement. There’s Villain in front of her now, a frown on his face and fuck, how did she not hear him coming? He leans forward, expression neutral but eyes sharp, looking down his nose at her.
“....Your eyes are shaking,” he says and he places his other hand right under her jaw, tips her chin up, “Have you been sleeping?”
“And what?” Hero spits, tries the jerk her head away but his grip is like iron, keeping her in place, “Do you expect me to think that you care?”
Something incomprehensible flashes across Villain’s face. He narrows his eyes.
“I’d like my foil to actually be a challenge,” he sneers, tightening his grip on her jaw; Hero snaps her teeth at his fingers, “Not some little girl who’s falling apart at the seams-“
“I’m fine,” Hero snarls, “I’m fine.”
A pause. Villain lets go of her with a growl, carelessly tossing her head back. Hero hisses from the strain on her neck, trying to focus her shaky gaze on Villain.
“Okay,” Villain says simply, pulling a square controller from his pocket, “Since you’re ‘fine’-“
He presses a button and Hero’s restraints open with a hiss.
“Fight me,” he finishes and Hero looks at him in disbelief.
“You-“ Hero sputters, “are you serious-“
“Is your hearing failing you as well?” Villain interrupts; Hero’s face darkens, “You heard me. Fight me.”
Hero gets ups, shakes out her limbs. She blinks to get rid of the black creeping at the edges of her vision.
“Let’s go,” Hero says and Villain tilts his head at her.
She runs at him, throwing a jab and even she can tell how slow she is. Villain sidesteps out of the way, doesn’t even bother to put up his hands, face unmoving. She curses, tries another punch, but he easily dodges that one as well.
Hero grits her teeth. Faster, she tells herself. Harder. He moves behind her and she tries to catch him with a kick, twirling around, teeth bared, but her form is all off, her footing unsteady. Her vision trembles.
Villain ducks down, pushes at her upright leg with his shoulder and she goes tumbling down down down. Hero gasps as her back hits the ground, Villain looking at her from above.
“Are you even trying?” he says, disappointed, and Hero digs her fingers into the ground and gets back up.
A punch, he blocks-
“C’mon, Hero. Is that really all you got-“
A kick, he deflects-
“How are you going to protect this city, the citizens, when you can barely stand-“
Is he getting stronger? Or is she just getting weaker-
“When you can’t even go up against me-“
He catches her elbow, pulls her near, locks his arm around her waist and they’re so close, chest to chest, nose to nose-
“When you can’t even protect yourself?” he hisses, eyes wide and angry and Hero lets out a yell that sounds like a sob.
She brings her head back and slams it against Villain’s. He stumbles back but she follows him, ramming her shoulder into his gut to run him into the ground.
She grabs his wrists and pins them to the floor, thighs bracketing his hips to keep him there.
Blood drips from her nose and onto his cheeks like tears.
“I have a duty,” Hero pants, arms trembling, using every ounce of her willpower to keep from collapsing, “To keep the people of this city safe, to live their lives without fear.”
She leans forward. Villain just lays there, doesn’t even try to struggle, eyebrows drawn low.
“My blood is their will and my body is their strength. I will use every part of me,” she says, tone firm and unyielding and Villain’s lips press into a thin line, “Even if I can only move my fingers, I will protect them.”
Hero closes her eyes, her head throbbing. It’s an easy thing, for Villain to wiggle a hand out of Hero’s hold. Hero holds her breath.
There’s a stretch of stillness before she feels Villain shift, a touch on her cheek. She snaps her eyes open and oh, the look on his face-
“You’re tearing yourself apart, Hero,” he mumbles, running his fingers up her cheek, curling around her ear and Hero trembles in the wake of it: she wants to run, she wants to sink into it, “You need to stop-“
“I can’t, I can’t,” Hero chokes out, breath coming faster, words spilling out like vomit and Villain just keeps on looking at her; peering into her with those sharp, sharp eyes of his, “My mind, it just- keeps going. It doesn’t shut off. Every time I close my eyes I can- see all the people I failed to save. Their arms outstretched, crying out for help, for me-“
“I can help you,” Villain says, tone calm; Hero freezes, “With my powers. If you’d let me.”
And isn’t that just tempting? To let go, to stop thinking, to fall knowing someone will catch you? Hero chews at her lips.
This is Villain, though. He hurts and he disrupts and he ruins without regret. He is malevolent. He is warped. He is not a good man.
(But this is also Villain, who does what he says and says what he does. Who despises underhand tricks and schemers. Who lays his intentions out for everyone to see, will twirl his knife right under your nose before he stabs you with it.
Who looks up at Hero with such an open face, eyes soft, lips lax, everything out for Hero to see-)
“Okay,” Hero whispers, “okay.”
And Villain moves his hand to her forehead and says, “Relax.”
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