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No importa en qué país te encuentres y no importa que hora sea.

Te mando un fuerte abrazo y quiero que sepas que lo estás haciendo muy bien, se que estas trabajando horas que jamás creíste que te iba a pedir cumplir y que te gustaría estar en casa con tu familia, pero también se que nosotros somos importantes para ti y eso nunca lo olvidaré.

Gracias por estar al pendiente de todas esas personas que aunque no las conozcas buscas que estén bien. Muchos no hemos encontrado paralabras para decirte lo valioso que eres para nosotros por eso salimos a nuestros balcones y ventanas, hacemos bulla, te aplaudimos y brincamos de alegría hasta que podamos encontrar esa palabras un te defina.

Eres un héroe que nadie va a olvidar y que muchos haremos que no te olviden, gracias a ti médico, enfermera, laboratorista, camillero, especialista, … todo aquel que esta en hospital dando su máximo para convatir a ese virus el COVID-19.

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Bro, 002 with the Boys Hiro and Ando
  • When I started shipping them: This is kind of ironic, but it was actually while the whole thing with Hiro and Charlie was going on (which, for the record, that’s a very good ship as well) and they were cutting back to Ando still at the diner waiting for Hiro…up until that point it had pretty much just been antics and bickering, and around that storyline was the first serious indication that they legit cared for each other–especially when Hiro walked back into the diner all depressed and Ando runs over to hug him. And then by the end of the first season when all the dramatic stuff was happening, I was like, “oh they’re in LOVE love!”
  • My thoughts: They’re simply so cute and so devoted to each other… I’m on desktop right now but if I was on mobile I would insert a bunch of heart emojis
  • What makes me happy about them: I mean, knowing the show they’re from, the fact that both of them are still alive and healthy by the end of the show, not in different eras or different parts of the world (heroes reborn don’t interact!!) And, on a more general note, how much they care about one another and all the hijinks they get up to together!
  • What makes me sad about them: Thinking about future!Hiro from the “five years gone” timeline never fails to fuck me up. Also, one kinda depressing thing is how at certain points (mainly in season three, but at other times as well) their trust in each other kinda wavers. You really get the impression that these guys have some issues to work through, but neither of them (Hiro in particular) is really willing to address it…
  • Things done in fanfic that annoys me: Well, there’s not much fanfic for them to begin with, so I can’t really say… I guess, maybe if people infantilize Hiro too much? I know he acts kinda childish, but he is a grown man. Does his taxes and whatnot.
  • Things I look for in fanfic: Just, any content for them at all since there’s such a short supply of it… One thing I enjoy is the idea of them being a battle couple, coming to each other’s rescue and fighting side-by-side. And, uh, I’d love to read about them in an AU setting!
  • My wishlist: Not sure exactly what “wishlist” entails here, but if it’s referring to fan content again, I’d love the stuff mentioned above (I’ve written a snippet of a hirando good omens AU, and although I don’t plan to continue it myself, I really do think it would be extremely choice). Also, most of the fanfics about them I’ve managed to find have been one-shots, which is cool and all, but by golly I would love some longer fics about them–preferably something with both fluff and angst.
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: As I mentioned before, I do think Hiro/Charlie was very cute, and I would have had absolutely no complaints if they’d ended up together! Hiro/Yaeko was fine I guess but it wasn’t as good… I heard somewhere that she was originally supposed to come be with him in the present, which would have been an interesting storyline, if nothing else. I don’t really ship Ando with anyone else, though (the whole thing with him and Kimiko was absolute nonsense and I hate it)
  • My happily ever after for them: They realize their feelings for each other after several years of pining, start going out, and eventually get married (taking each other’s names to emphasize that they’re equals now). All the while, they keep the Dial-A-Hero business going, and it gradually gains more popularity. I could go either way when it comes to whether or not they have kids at some point–I’ve talked on here before about one potential scenario where they end up raising a daughter–but if they do, I think at that point Hiro starts doing more solo missions while Ando takes on the role of stay-at-home husband–but, of course, they still go on some missions together. Most importantly, they keep being as big a pair of dorks as ever, getting up to just as many wacky hijinks. The only difference is that now they’re married, and they smooch and stuff.
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001 with Heroes?
  • Favorite character: Oh you KNOW it’s my man Hiro Nakamura!!
  • Least Favorite character: Out of the main cast, probably Nathan? I mean, he’s interesting, but I don’t like him much as a person. If side characters count, probably that… what was his name, Doyle? Y’know, that creepy guy who could manipulate people’s bodies.
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): Hiro/Ando (obviously), Claire/Gretchen, Matt/Mohinder, and probably a tie between Peter/Sylar (the inherent appeal of enemies-to-lovers) and Peter/Emma (which I just think is a very sweet and lovely relationship).
  • Character I find most attractive: Mohinder, definitely.
  • Character I would marry: Probably either Claire (who’s the closest to the age I currently am) or Peter, who is also very handsome and has a lot of love in his heart. Despite his good looks and intellegence, I’m not sure if Mohinder would really make a great spouse for me personally–he’s more husbando material than actual husband material.
  • Character I would be best friends with: I would love to just chat about star trek and stuff with Hiro. I think we could really get along.
  • A random thought: I just started rewatching this show the other night, and only a couple episodes in, I’m already being reminded of how long the start-of-episode recaps were. I mean, I get that a lot happens every episode, but it can get pretty tiring, especially if you’re gonna be watching multiple episodes back-to-back. Like, yeah, I know what happened! I just saw it!
  • An unpopular opinion: I thought a lot of cool and interesting stuff happened in the later seasons, and although season one probably was the most tighly-written, it had problems of its own (namely, the handling of Niki’s dissociative identity disorder, with her alter being scary and violent… it’s not super great!)
  • My Canon OTP: I feel like how “canon” certain pairings are is kinda debatable, but if Claire and Gretchen count, then definitely them. Let’s hear it for having some actual LGBT rep… in the fourth and final season of a show with like a bajillion different characters… *sigh* but, for real, love these college girlfriends!
  • My Non-canon OTP: Hiro and Ando are in love and I will die on this hill
  • Most Badass Character: Hmm… there are certainly a lot of options, but I’m gonna say Tracy just because I think she’s really neat.
  • Most Epic Villain: I mean, it would just be silly of me not to say Sylar, right? He’s probably the most-remembered element of this whole show.
  • Pairing I am not a fan of: Super DON’T love the popularity of shipping family members together, or shipping a teenaged character with adults… I mean, you do you, but I really don’t vibe with that at all.
  • Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): As I mentioned earlier, Niki’s storyline was pretty ableist, and then the way she was handled in season two was a mess for a whole different reason. But, really, the writers screwed up with basically every character at some point or another.
  • Favourite Friendship: Do familial relationships count? Because, gosh, I do love Peter and Claire’s relationship. On a broader note, I also like when various combinations of characters hang out with each other, especially when it’s not a character combo you’d normally think of.
  • Character I most identify with: By all accounts it should be Claire (I was a high school student when I watched the show for the first time and now I’m in my first year of university), and yeah, there are definitely moments when I can relate to her… but I don’t think it comes as much of a surprise that I find Hiro the most relatable nine times out of ten.
  • Character I wish I could be: Man, idk… everyone on this show just goes through it so much that I don’t think I’d want to be any of them. Maybe Ando, since the worst thing he really goes through is getting seperated from Hiro and worrying about him… well, he also gets into danger quite a bit, but never gets seriously hurt–well, apart from the one time he got shot in the arm–well, okay, maybe there really is nobody in this show whose life I would want to lead.
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Singing when you’re winning

I get knocked down, but I get up again
You are never gonna keep me down

The Singing Detective:Dennis Potter

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When we write the new history books, remember that the cases going so much higher and higher every day wasn’t just because the virus spread fast.

It’s that we didn’t test fast enough.

Because politicians didn’t care enough.

Because people didn’t take it seriously enough. It’s just in China, right? It couldn’t possibly effect us that much.

Remember that.

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