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#heroes of olympus
angelsodreamy-no2 · 27 minutes ago
Question of the day : why do people hate on jason and piper?
(like some people actually skip their parts in the book because they think it's annoying. i'm sorry but they're perspectives, especially piper's is really interesting for me. the way she thinks is just way more relatable for me compared with other characters, and she probably has the mosy neutral pov out of the 7. jason's is also interesting as well since we can see what it's like for a hero who always looks confident and chivalrous to struggle and have doubts, and i love how he takes things seriously but still can relax at times. i honestly look up to jason more than percy, i admire him a lot and i can't believe people would still compare the two of them)
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greeksophiepjo · 27 minutes ago
Reminder that Percy was gone for 6 months before Annabeth found him again, not 8. He didn’t see Sally for 8 and didn’t come home to Camp Half Blood for 8, but was only “missing” for 6.
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soul-reader · 49 minutes ago
Excalibur: We all have our weaknesses.
Excalibur: Me, for instance: I’m tragically funny and good looking.
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thejudgingtrash · 51 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Fandom why are you doing this to me?? 😩😒 (also click on the pic for better quality 😌)
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thebigqueer · 52 minutes ago
"Grief and Glory" - Chapter 1 - 1/?
Word Count: 1823
TW: There will be mentions of death, major character death, war, and graphic violence throughout the series. Nothing dangerous in this first chapter, though.
Read on AO3
Read on Wattpad
A hum of anxiety drills in Octavian’s bones as he slips through the shadows. For such a lively place, the castle is awfully chilly - but what else is he supposed to expect? It’s the same in all the palaces. Cold, empty, thrumming with power. Just as they have been for centuries.
They never change, do they?
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valdezey · 56 minutes ago
leo: when life gives you lemons, you put them under your pillow and wait for some lemon fairy to give you money
jason: well alright then!
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thebigqueer · 58 minutes ago
okay okay im gonna post it now but also. if anyone is interested.
Here is a playlist i have that i associate with my new series, "Grief and Glory." It's still in the works though
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stanning-reyna · an hour ago
Percabeth earns godliness because of all their acts of heroism and this
Percy: God of loyalty and trust
Annabeth: Goddess of architecture
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thebigqueer · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
and here we see jason grace at 2am in the morning after leo has been playing kahoot music on loop all day and fell asleep on the couch without turning it off
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squipedmew · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Leo was my favorite character in Percy Jackson growing up, and he still is now. So I feel like it is my civic duty to draw him at least once
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Am I the only one who headcanons Calypso as having darker skin? Like, not super dark but I see all of the fanarts of her have her as hella pale and for some reason I just think she'd be a bit tanner than that. I mean, she's from the Mediterranean and has been getting near constant exposure to sunlight and the outdoors for thousands of years, in my mind there is no way she is as REALLY FREAKIN PALE as she is always shown.
Idk, that might just be me.
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persephcned · 3 hours ago
okay but when I read this, I was glad that she didn't say it out loud cause if she would've I'm sure Piper and Hazel would've lost it.
Tumblr media
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thebestbookshelf · 3 hours ago
Heroes of Olympus but instead of Nemesis talking to Hazel and Leo, it’s Ethan.
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jvstafangirl · 3 hours ago
nico di angelo listen to italian music.
other campers at 3am: what the fuck is this noise?
meanwhile in the hades cabin: *nico listening and singing out loud “Morirò da Re” of Måneskin, just vibing*
can’t change my mind.
✨also he play violin and piano✨
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