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#heroes of olympus
pyjamapink · 2 days ago
It just occurred to me that Piper's dad is like this huge actor in the riordanverse world so like... are there x readers about him? Has he done the WIRED autocomplete interview? Are there fancams of him? Has he been to the met gala? Has he done the 73 questions vogue video? Are there any memes about him? Has he been in SNL? Is he going to join the MCU eventually?
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stanning-reyna · 2 days ago
Percy: babe are you ok you hardly girlbossed today
Annabeth: I had a pretty rough day actually thanks for asking- wait did you just quote that one tweet
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annabeth during capture the flag: it’s not that i want to win.
annabeth: i just want you to lose.
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Leo: Welcome to my very first vlog, in which I try different hair products! Leo: *sprays hairspray in their mouth* Leo: Well, right off the bat I can tell you this one is not very good. Jason, crying: Leo, please stop
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pjononsense · 2 days ago
Annabeth: do you remember rule number 32?
Percy: yes stealth is your friend
Annabeth: exactly
Percy: well I would like to add rule number 33!
Percy: friends are your friends
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that-percico-bitch · 2 days ago
Jason: Reminder that therapy and other psychiatric are covered by Camp Jupiter’s health plan
Percy: …Why does he always look at me when he says that?
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jasonandhisbrick · 7 hours ago
we need to talk about how on quests the campers never had money. I remember Percy had only $100 for his first quest but i think after that they weren’t given much. like in The Lost Hero I feel like they weren’t given anything, and they literally spent a night in the sewers. why can’t chb cash out some of that strawberry money for their own campers?
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iam-a-demigod · 2 days ago
Kidnapper[on phone] : Yes, we have your son please come and take him
Percy: I am sorry, I think you're mistaken I don't have any children-
Kidnapper: He's dressed in all black and is talking about death a lot and is literally traumatizing us with his backstory
Percy: *looking toward the Seven* Oh My Gods! They have Nico
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bbyannabeth · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
coffee at midnight
Annabeth loved her friends a lot, but she decided a long time ago that her favorite nights were the ones with Percy.
They had done it all. The midnight drives, the parking somewhere randomly and staring at the stars, the getting drunk together in their rooms, the eating at IHOP at 1 am. She loved it with any of her friends, but it was something else entirely with only him by her side.
Maybe it had to do with the fact that she had been in love with him since sophomore year. Maybe not. Who knows?
read on ao3!
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seven-halfbloods · 10 hours ago
Jason, staring at Leo with a horrified expression: Do NOT call the monster a Milf.
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sweetjackson · a day ago
I don't know if the Doors of Death affect mortals but imagine if Gabe got out. Like, when Percy was fighting monsters, his eyes widened when he recognized a certain someone. Gabe shows up and Percy just freezes in shock not knowing what to do, while flashbacks and memories fly through his head with Gaea laughing in the background drinking in his misery—
Damn. That hurt.
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pjononsense · a day ago
Reyna, reading over a report Jason sent: you meant ‘stronger’ here right?
Jason: what’s it say?
Reyna: 'I'm proud to report that our team is stranger than it was a year ago.'
Reyna: that’s a typo
Jason: it could go either way
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