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#hes a little
lincolnandbruce · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hello zuuk would just like to remind you all that you're beautiful, and to have an amazing day and restful night. 
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kweenjonah-blog · 2 years ago
unpopular opinion i don’t think jonah was trying to be petty
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rookiegukie · an hour ago
#kinda personal but#i just wanna let this out BKDSBJS ILL DELETE THIS LATER THO#anyways tw: body shaming lmao kinda??#idk but okay fyi ive always been like admittedly fat growing up#it’s something that semi-bothered me but at the same time not really focused on since i guess i just never dwelled on it#ofc there were occassions where people commented and teased me about it#but again i was never really tHAT bothered by it bc it was nothing out of the extraordinary for me#anyways just realized earlier#while i was biking around here on our street#a neighbor of mine who was outside like i was (dw we’re following the pandemic protocols and all that) commented that my bicycle’s wheel-#was flat :--) and i pretended not to hear because little old me :---) thought that it was meant to be as a way of teasing like#“oH yOu’Re sO bIg yOur wHEeLs dEflaTeD Ha hA Ha” or whatever yall get that point#but when i got back inside my house and checked the wheels i think it was indeed being flat lmao and i just realized that damn#i’ve been so used of like body shaming comments like that about my weight that sometimes i get too sensitive about it#like my brain just automatically concludes that the reason my neighbor commented that was not bc mY WHEEL WAS INDEED LOOKING FAT#bUT BC HE THINKS IM FAT (which i know i am lmao) AND WAS TEASING ME ABOUT IT AHXIWBS#ANYWAYS idk the purpose of this rant but just wanted to let that out that people should really be careful with their words sometimes#and i’m not saying this bc of my neighbor but bc of the people who picked on me bc of my weight growing up :---)#okay that’s all bYE AHXIWBSIAH#del later lmao
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starlatte27 · an hour ago
(tw for mentions of abuse and valentino)
But what also reaallllllly concerns me is when people be like “why are you hating on valllllllll why u tagging our little moth baby and saying that he’s a meanie???? ur so rude! X<” when EVERYTHING about him besides his appearance is either sexual assault or abuse. Of course people are going to be disgusted by his behavior. He’s a predatory abusive creep! 
Yes, liking villains is alright and dandy (saying this as a val fan myself since I think that his design is cool and his potential as a villain is intriguing for me) but you dont have to LIKE LIKE him. Meaning that you can like him without excusing or validating his behavior or actions towards other characters.
You can like a villain without being a fan of what they DO.
The abuse towards Angel and Vox, yeah, that’s not “cute otps!” those are verbally and physically abused victims who never deserved to have to be forced to stay with a creep such as val in the first place. Vox being hit in the face to the point where his screen broke being used as a joke? Not ok in the slightest. People using the abusive scenes from addict as thier “Aesthetic” profile pictures and mocking the situation? Definitely not ok.
As a Valentino fan, when liking villains, there are always boundaries to be set. 
Liking them for thier personality and designs are fun and all. But you shouldn't have to force yourself to like HOW they're a villain, otherwise it makes you come off as convoluted and even genuinely toxic to be around. “How” being from thier behavior and actions towards other characters. So yes, “liking” villains was never the issue here, liking the BEHAVIOR and how they are a villain in the first place.
So if someone says on twitter “I hate valentino! How he treats angel and vox is so awful” LET THEM! They're a villain! They were never meant to be liked for thier behavior in the first place! Their actions were never excusable! “Liking” does not have to mean validating! They are evil. Let people like villains for how they are and hate them for WHO they are because villains are EVIL. The fact that the fandom now even considers people saying “I hate ___ villain’s behavior because they're evil!” as a hot take is.... concerning to say the least. Liking villains is not an issue, VALIDATING or glamorizing thier behavior is. Thats it. 
How did even pointing out the obvious become a hot take????
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anthonyed · 2 hours ago
Bucky being woken up by kids is the best thing ever
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gemclaw · 2 hours ago
I love sci-fi because it’s so enchanting to see what people imagine to be possible if we learn more about existence and learn how to change or even just ignore the things that we currently seem to be immutable.
Just. Even if something close to what we imagine is in fact possible, I’ll almost certainly live to see it. Maybe humanity will never ever reach that point, or maybe when we do we’ll no longer be recognizable as human. But we can hope, and we can dream, and we can share those hopes and dreams and spawn entire universes in our heads that inspire others. And, maybe, one day these inspirations will lead someone to make the developments that lead us i to and beyond our wildest imaginations.
But for now, I’ll just gaze up to the stars and dream.
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hydrangeasheart · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thinking about the fact that teen techno just did not get the fact that dream had romantic feelings for george. he was oblivious.
heres a scribbly/lazy comic about it with dialogue from the light of my life (/p) @deathsquiggles <3
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loki-lord-of-chaos · 2 hours ago
I present to you: My younger Brother
I might have outed myself to my brother accidentally. I don’t know if he understood what happened.
It was kinda like:
Me: I don’t like sex (*WHY TF DID I SAY THAT*)
He: I don’t get it either
Me: What
He: I don’t know if I like sex either, like, I read...
Me: smut
He: what?
Me: I get it, go on
He: I just think it‘s portrayed better in those things than it actually is
Me: (*internally screaming*) ok, so like ur standards or expectations are too high
He: kinda
Me: you know. There are people who think not wanting sex is strange.
He: well the real question is, why would you want to have sex. Like you didn’t even have sex how do you know you want it.
Me: You know that’s exactly their argument. „Why would you not want to have sex you didn’t even have sex, so how would you know you don’t like it“
He: Weird. Hey, you wanna play that game with the music-
And I just thought: „WTF did just happen?“
And then we proceeded to play a game we often do, where you have to guess the song-title based on the lyrics.
And I...
I love him ngl
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