#hes cute he said he likes paying for r dates bc it makes him feel good to spend money on something for us ..whatever
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Tumblr media
Vin Jin (GN) relationship headcanons (Not proofread.)
A/N: I just felt like writing this. Sorry it got so long.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lots of patience is needed for this relationship.
Rlly clingy.
DEF has ur name in his phone as "My ride or die".
U borrow each other’s clothes so often that sometimes u look down at ur dirty Nike shoes and can’t remember if originally they were urs or his.
He also randomly puts his hoodies and varsity jackets in ur closet w/the mindset that u would've stole his clothes from him before he even gets the chance to wear them.
MATCHING tinted sunglasses!!!!
Ur OBLIGATED to sing along to songs together.
Either u two do it in his room, pretending u r playing at a concert and end up listening and also singing along to some songs that u wouldn’t dare jam to if someone else was there to witness, or in ur room, standing on the bed, holding a hairbrush and using it as a microphone.
Vin Jin would be rapping or mostly hyping u up. Mary appears and sometimes changes the song without asking, so u suddenly start hearing something else and Vin gets soo annoyed lol.
On the other hand, he'd sometimes get u featured in his songs. Whether it's a diss track or not, u still have to accompany him.
He tries to impress u, almost all of his attempts fail horribly.
Like one time, while playing a basketball game w/the rest of the vocal and dance department, he paused the game and tried to impress u by making a slam dunk.
"THIS IS FOR U Y/N!!!!! :D :D :D"
Bc of his sunglasses, he just ends up throwing the ball towards a tree. Which soon bounces off the branches and hits him in the face.
Cue Vin letting out a slew of profane insults and Mary giggling.
"Fuck this shit..if only I was in middle school."
One time Vin tried to impress u by spinning a basketball on his finger, he succeeded, but it was short-lived bc he lost his balance and the ball rolled away.
Nobody knows where the ball went.
Amazing AMAZING chemistry and SOOO many inside jokes. like he’ll say something like “Remember the karaoke thing lol.” and u will instantly understand what he’s talking about.
On ur bday, Vin gives u some of his mixtapes that r entirely dedicated to u.
U have to ENDURE listening thru the whole thing and when he asks u about ur thoughts, u don't say anything to avoid hurting his feelings.
"Baaabe what do u think??? :O :O"
And when u don't answer, he'll just pout and whine a lot.
Like I said, u need lots of patience for this to work bc Vin's almost like a kid in a older body. What I'm trying to say is that he's rlly immature.
At school, u two sit next to each other and pass notes.
He doesn't pay attention AT ALL to the subjects being taught.
He's usually on his phone, passing notes to u and Mary, or asleep.
When ur studying for a test, Vin would randomly appear and beg u to help him study.
Basically studying w/Vin would consist of him incessantly interrupting u w/random comments that are completely unrelated.
"Did u see that video of me at Show Me The Money??" "Those judges only eliminated me bc they were jealous of my swag. >>:)" "I looked fucking sick tho right, RIGHT??"
Or Vin would get bored and fall asleep, snoring VERY loudly and drooling.
At school, he'd occasionally whisper to u asking about answers, and try to copy off ur homework.
Which leads to the teacher separating u both to different areas of the classroom.
Obviously Vin's going to brag about u to his friends.
"Yeeah, I'm in a relationship w/Y/n, not that u single losers could ever get anyone to like u, get rekt lmao lmao. >>:-))"
Not rlly into PDA, would wrap his arm around ur shoulder at most.
U two usually go there on the weekends.
Bc of his sunglasses, it's almost IMPOSSIBLE for u to be worse than him at winning prizes.
He miraculously manages to win one or two prizes by himself at the end of each date and gives them to u.
100% would give u piggyback rides, which sounds cute at first but then u would have to deal w/Vin struggling to see the road and thus u have to give him directions on where to go, which might turn annoying.
If ur ticklish and LIKE being tickled, you best believe Vin's going to tickle u every chance he gets, in the hopes of getting u to smile.
If u ignore him, he'll swat at ur phone and pout.
"Vin, please stop, I'm trying to study, stop acting like a cat."
Cue Vin whining about how he wants affection and cuddles.
U stop studying and cuddle w/ur clingy bf for a good ten minutes before going back to studying.
"Heeey y/n, r u going to watch me rap in my friend's garage tmr?! :O" "Pls say yesss."
"Viiin, stop distracting meeee.."
In conclusion, being w/Vin Jin is extremely chaotic (affectionate).
Tumblr media
©uglytintedshades 2021. do not steal, redistribute, modify, translate, or re-upload any of the written work you see here on this blog.
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Tumblr media
dating has never really interested him
but you changed that completely
mina being the people person she is introduced you to the friend group and you just kinda became one of the group
indifferent to your presence at first but slowly became interested the more time he spent around you
how happy you seemed when you laughed or how you wouldn’t take bakugo’s crap
started to pay more attention to you particularly after you managed to put him in his place
(to this day no one knows how you managed to do that and bakugo refuses to admit it ever happened)
he’s never met someone that could handle the human bomb as well as he can
every new thing he learns about you and your personality gets him more and more interested
finds himself hanging around more whenever you come by the dorm
he’s just intrigued by you not like he’s lowkey crushing or anything
denki realized he had a crush on you when he caught him staring at you and from then on was determined to set you two up
(he’d noticed those quick little peaks you’d take in shoto’s direction when you thought no one was looking and shipped it s o hard)
roped mina and ochaco into his schemes bc he knew they’d ship you two just as hard as he did it they knew
he also needed the extra help bc you two were the d e n s e s t people he’d ever met
tried to get shoto to realize his feelings in every way he knew possible
“hey todoroki, doesn’t y/n look so cute today?” “yes”
“y/n, can you go with todoroki to get some snacks for the movie tonight?” “sure”
boy was this close to just locking you two in a closet together and hoping for the best
and almost did but ochaco convinced him to go with a game of spin the bottle instead
with a rigged bottle of course
let everyone in on the plan except mineta so there was no chance of anything going wrong
they will be d a r n e d if their last ditch attempt fails
thankfully neither of you objected when mina suggested the game one night
made sure both you and shoto sat exactly across from each other so regardless of who spun the bottle you’d have to kiss each other
mina volunteered you to go first
shoto stiffened almost imperceptibly when the bottle landed on him
you were going to kiss him
he was going to kiss you
you two were going to kiss
he was going to have his first kiss
with you
in front of everyone
oh no
everyone cheering “kiss! kiss! kiss! kiss!” certainly did not help
he may not know everything but he was n o t oblivious to the fact that everyone found him attractive
which usually means people expect you to know what you’re doing
he did not
at all
was he supposed to make the first move? or were you since you spun the bottle? 
what’s the proper protocol for spin the bottle?
is there proper protocol for spin the bottle?
he wouldn’t know
he’s never played before
did his best to hide his nervousness as you moved towards him
he’d never hear the end of it if anyone figured out it was his first kiss
luckily for him, you just gave him a quick peck on the cheek
not that that stopped him from blushing, much to your surprise
he was equality as surprised at the blush on your cheeks
“...can you come with me for a moment?”
everyone’s teasing voices follow you all the way down the hall (as well as mineta’s “wait where is everyone going? i didn’t get to spin yet!”)
as soon as you were out of earshot he turned around and stared at you for a moment
“do you... like me?”
his heart raced at the sight of your flushed cheeks and skipped a beat when you nodded
“...would you like to go out with me?”
he’s so awkwardly formal it’s so cute
was so nervous he nearly didn’t hear your happy little “yes!”
he relaxed as a soft smile graced his face
“tomorrow, six o’clock? meet at the front door?” “it’s a date”
one of many~
but the only one before he asked you to be his
hey, boy knows what he wants
was kinda nervous bc he doesn’t know much about this stuff but he’s a fast learner
gets you red roses sometimes bc he heard that was romantic
first time he did he got you a bouquet of fifty
not that it wasn’t appreciated ofc but in hindsight, fifty is just a l i t t l e excessive on a normal day 
was confused when you suggested changing your contact names for each other but went along with it
chose a simple ‘mine’
tried to make you change his when he saw you picked ‘freezer burn’
“you chose freezer burn? why?” “because teasing is a sign of affection” “fine”
it makes you happy so he’ll allow it even if he’d rather it be boyfriend ᵒʳ ʰᵒᵗ ˢᵗᵘᶠᶠ
never initiated physical contact at first, but as he got more comfortable with you, the touchier he became
not big into pda but turns into a massive cuddlebug when it’s just the two of you
doesn’t really care how you cuddle as long as he’s facing you
he can’t stand cuddling with his back to you
loves to take cuddle naps
even if he doesn’t actually sleep and just dozes the whole time, it’s his favorite way to spend time with you
just being wrapped up in blankets with you, listening to your steady breathing or your heartbeat if his head is on your chest
it makes him feel at peace
was determined not to go to you about nightmares
no one needs to know about those and he certainly didn’t need to bother you with them
but one night he had a particularly bad one
showed up your door at two in the morning
no explanation, just stood there, face hidden until you invited him in
curled into bed with you and buried his face in your neck
you could feel the tears on your skin but didn’t say anything about it, much to his relief
he clung to you until he finally fell asleep, safe and warm in your arms
opened up in the morning about the nightmares
it made him feel very exposed but he felt you deserved an explanation
not that you would ever judge him or use it against him
“you know you can come to me whenever you have them right?’
he didn’t but now he does
anytime you hear a knock on your door in the middle of the night, you know it’s him
it’s always the same routine
you let him in, he crawls into bed with you, you two fall asleep with him in your arms
it makes him feel better knowing he has a safe place to go to
sometimes gets insecure about his scar
is it ugly? or was his mom right after all? is his left side itself unsightly?
it always quiets those thoughts when you kiss his scar
makes him feel loved
the first time you two said i love you was both so awkward but so precious
you had been a little out of it all day
it had been a long day and there had been a lot of your mind
out of habit you said “bye love you” as you turned to leave and it took your tired brain a couple of seconds to process what you had just said
internally freaking out, you looked back to see him staring at you, eyes wide
crap crap crap
“i mean-”
his eyes softened and a gentle smile spread across his face before walking towards you and pressing a kiss to your forehead
“i love you, too”
pLS imma cry
from then on showed how much he loved you in everything he did
press little kisses wherever his head is when you cuddle
always gets you a drink when he gets himself one
takes note whenever he sees you eyeing something that you want and gets it for you later
buys you your favorite food when you’re sad
gently squeezes your hand when you go on walks together
wordlessly takes off his jacket and wraps it around you if it’s chilly
he doesn’t say the words very often but his actions say it all
he’ll never leave you any room to doubt how much he loves you
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[SKZ Imprinted] Minho: One-Eighty
anonymous asked: HI! CONGRATULATIONS! you deserve each follower you're writings are amazing (even tho I don't have the time to chatch up with TFTP nor the Xperiments but I'm dying to) 🥺For the Stray Kids imprinted can I request one for Minho? I don't have anything in mind but like...fluff i guess? I really don't mind I would probably like anything you write.Once again congratulations! And have a happy evening!
Tumblr media
Characters: Minho x female reader
Genre/warnings: werewolf au, college au, barista au, just a lot of fluff and maybe some humor sprinkled in for funsies, a hint of angst at the end but the ending to this part is still happy i swear
Word count: 4,259
Summary: Minho’s always been a ‘sarcastic asshole’ as his peers call him. He’s a great guy, sure, but let’s just say he’s not the best at making friends. But when he meets you, a whole new world opens up for him, and he wants to learn more about it from you.
a/n: i’ve been listening to strangers like me on repeat all day bc of something else i was working on, so yes this is 100% inspired by that song lmao
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Chan returned to the table with their orders, freshly made by Felix -- and partially Sam, but she was mostly focused on inventory at the moment since the café wasn’t too busy. Chan handed out the drinks to their respective owners before he sat down and sipped from his own cup.
“Hey, Felix,” Minho called, sitting on the back of his chair with his feet planted on the part he was actually supposed to sit on. “This sucks, can you remake it?”
Unamused, Felix looked up from the blender he was now cleaning in the sink, “Y’know, it would be a shame if you were to fall backwards and smack your head off the floor, causing you to lose your memory so you can’t be rude to me at work.”
“I’ll push him for a dollar,” Changbin offered casually before taking a sip of his own beverage.
“I’ll pay to push him,” Seungmin scoffed.
“Okay, okay,” Chan tried to settle his pack -- especially before Jeongin showed up because they knew he’d already be in not-the-best mood, “let’s not get started, please. I don’t need all of you wrestling each other in the middle of Felix’s work. It’s good at least one of us has a stable job so let’s maybe keep it that way, yeah?”
“Aeri has a job,” Minho shrugged. “Just make her your sugar mommy.”
“Minho, you’re going to make for a really shitty mate,” Jisung told him.
And it was funny he said that, because it was then that the bell dinged softly. Nobody was paying attention to it -- except Felix, of course -- because then the pack at the table began bickering about how Minho was going to treat his mate. 
Nobody was paying attention until you walked by the table to get to the counter, and then you were all Minho could pay attention to. As soon as he caught a glimpse of you from the corner of his eye, his eyes followed you as you walked up to the counter. His brown eyes widened, his jaw going slack s the world around him faded away, leaving just you and him.
“Uh oh...” Hyunjin giggled.
“Quick, someone push him,” Changbin whispered.
“Sammie!” Felix called to the back. “The new girl’s here!”
“Ooh, and it’s Felix’s new coworker,” Seungmin grinned almost evilly. “This should be good.”
You had applied to work at the café because you wanted some extra money. Would it make it difficult to have a social life since you were already going to school? Yeah, but you weren’t one for going out a lot, anyway. You mostly stayed inside and just texted your friends instead.
The girl who had interviewed you, Samantha, came out from the back and grinned at you, “Hey, _____. Ready for your first day?”
“Well, guess we’ll find out what kind of mate Minho’s gonna be,” Chan chuckled staring at the boy who was still staring intently at you.
It took a lot to drag Minho out of the café, but Chan and Changbin managed to drag him back to the apartment.
With Aya no longer living with Chan, the two boys moved in and took over. Changbin and Minho had to do rock, paper, scissors for the bedroom, but Minho ultimately won. There was that time, though, where her and her mate, Jeonghan got into a bad fight and she moved back in. Minho and Changbin shared the living room, and that was a mess.
Minho laid face-up on his bed, staring at the ceiling as he thought about you. He didn’t expect imprinting to his so hard. For the first time in his life, he was speechless. He wanted to go talk to you, but what was he supposed to say?
“Hello, I’m Lee Minho, and I’m in love with you. Let’s get married.”
“Do you even know how to confess to anybody?” Chan had asked in the car on the way back home. “You’re blunt, but you’re not good at expressing your feelings, either.”
“Yeah, how the hell is that possible?” Changbin had asked.
Minho knew they weren’t wrong. He was the type of guy to blatantly tell someone their shirt was ugly, but at the same time, his previous relationship ended because his boyfriend said he was bad at communicating. Minho himself wasn’t even sure how he could be so upfront but still so awful at telling people how he felt.
So how was he supposed to get you, his mate, to talk to him and ultimately accept him if he couldn’t talk to you?
“See, I told you morning rush isn’t that bad,” Felix grinned brightly at you. “That’s the good thing about working near a college campus: hardly anyone yells at you because everyone our age is full of anxiety.”
You laughed, “Yeah, that’s a perk. But uh, I should get going to--”
“Oh, hey Minho!” Felix cut you off, waving to somebody behind you.
You turned to look at the door, seeing a slightly familiar boy walk in with his hands stuffed in his front pockets. You were pretty sure he was one of the rowdy boys sitting at one of the tables yesterday when you’d walked in.
“Hey, Lix,” he nodded before standing at the counter.
“Just take Minho’s order, then you can clock out, okay?” Felix told you.
You locked eyes with Minho, and he smiled softly. That smile didn’t leave his face as you punched in his order and took his card. It never left until he stepped to the side and Felix began talking to him while making his order so you could go punch out before getting to class.
“So how’s that uh...problem?” Felix asked with a smirk.
Minho rolled his eyes, “Shut up.”
“Have you figured out how to talk to her yet?”
“If I did, don’t you think I would’ve made a move?”
Felix walked up to the counter and slid Minho’s drink over to him, “Can I offer some advice?”
“Absolutely not,” he scoffed. “You were so bad at trying to talk to Sam. If you help me, she’s gonna leave the country.”
“Well it can’t get worse,” Felix shrugged. “It’s not like you have the best track record with girls.”
You caught the butt-end of their conversation as you walked back out, raising your eyebrows, “What about having a bad track record with girls?”
The two boys turned their attention to you. Minho’s low-set brows suddenly raised as his sour expression dissipated when he looked at you.
Felix turned around, and an idea suddenly clicked in his head. He smiled at you before he turned to look at Minho, his smile turning sinister.
Minho gulped.
“Actually, _____,” Felix began, “I think you might be able to help my good buddy, Minho.”
“Ooh, is it girl problems?” you guessed, walking up with your bag slung over your shoulder, placing your palms on the counter as you stood beside Felix and looked between the two boys.
“He’s got a big crush on this girl but he’s never been great with like, expressing feelings and being romantic,” Felix explain with a clearly teasing look on his face, loving that he was embarrassing the hell out of his brother. “Can you teach him that stuff?”
You chewed the inside of your cheek as you thought it over. Did you have the time? Would your brother get on your case about it?
Eh, he had been away on a mission for a while, and you didn’t expect him back soon. What he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt. ...Right?
“I’ll tell you what,” you began with a half-smile, “I can help you after my trigonometry test. I really have to study for it because I’m not doing too hot, so I don’t really--”
“I’m good at trig!” Minho blurted before he could even think over what he was saying. “I can tutor you!”
You blinked a few times at the sudden offer, while Minho was questioning what possessed him to suddenly say that. Sure, he was good at trig, but was he actually ready to be around you and speak to you? Could he manage that? Probably not, but now it was too late.
“R-really?” you asked.
“Perfect!” Felix grinned. “He can tutor you in trig, and you can tutor him in dating. Everybody wins!”
You nodded, aiming your smile at Minho again, “Cool! How does tomorrow afternoon sound? We can meet up here?”
“Yeah, perfect, awesome,” he nodded, hardly processing anything.
“Sweet,” you grinned bigger before you went to the opening at the counter to leave. “I gotta go, but I’ll see you tomorrow, Minho!”
You waved before you jogged to the door and left, leaving the cafe with just Felix and Minho. The younger boy looked at Minho with a smirk, reaching over to poke his chest.
“You’re welcome.”
Minho’s loving gaze turned cold as he glared at Felix, “I’ll kill you.”
“What, why?! I got you an in, bro!”
“I don’t know how to talk to her and now I have to!”
Felix just shrugged, “Not my problem.”
The next barista coming to clock in walked in on Minho lunging across the counter to grab Felix by the collar and choke him out.
It was a good thing Minho was tutoring you and didn’t have any work of his own to do because there was no way in hell he’d be able to focus on it. You were just too cute when you were confused and he couldn’t take his eyes off of you, even as you leaned over your notebook to scribble down answers that he was trying to help you with -- he originally offered to just give you the answers, but you scolded him for that and said you needed the method of getting said answers to be explained.
“If I don’t know how to do it, how am I gonna pass?” you had asked.
“Easy,” he shrugged, “if you can get your grade up high enough, failing your final won’t even be a big deal.”
So now here the two of you were: you with your brows furrowed in concentration, and him simply admiring you while you weren’t looking. Then you’d lift your head up, and he’d try to act like he’d been looking around or something while you were busy writing notes.
Outside, his friends just ‘happened to be walking by’ and decided to stop to peer in through the window. Minho was too busy chuckling at something you’d said, but Felix noticed from behind the counter and smirked.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile like that,” Seungmin commented.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile,” Changbin scoffed.
“They’re kinda cute, though,” Chan shrugged. “They’re like, so opposite, y’know?”
“Except he turns into a huge softy when she’s around,” Seungmin replied. “She would never know he’s the world’s biggest pain in the ass.”
“He’s not even that bad,” Aeri spoke up. “He’s just a little...sarcastic sometimes.”
Seungmin side-eyed her, “Yeah, I guess that’s a word for it.”
Back inside, you were finally able to close your textbook. While you were enjoying being tutored by Minho -- he was very kind, very polite, really funny, and he explained things in a way you understood and was very patient with you -- you still weren’t too into having to do homework. Nothing could make that fun, not even Minho.
“Okay, so...should we move onto my first lesson?” Minho asked slowly, eyebrows raised.
You let out a little huff as you managed to put your heavy schoolbag on the table and began shoving your work inside, “This was your first lesson.”
“I-- Huh?”
You laughed softly and turned your head to look at Minho. You didn’t know how fast his heart was beating seeing you smile at him like that.
“Lesson one: talk to her. You passed,” you told him.
“But-- But--”
“For these lessons, I’m gonna have you pretend I’m the girl you like,” you explained.
‘How fitting,’ he thought to himself.
“So you’re basically gonna practice on me. We’ll work our way up to like, dates and stuff. Next time I see you, I want you to practice flirting. Okay?”
“You want me to flirt with you?” he asked.
You nodded, “Yup. I mean, unless this whole thing is too weird. I can come up with a new--”
“No!” he blurted.
Outside, the three wolves could hear the conversation and shook their heads at his embarrassing outburst.
“He couldn’t make it more obvious,” Changbin sighed as he facepalmed.
“At least she seems oblivious,” Seungmin shrugged before muttering, “No wonder she’s failing trig.”
Chan whacked him in the shoulder, “Be nice.”
“I-I mean,” Minho quickly tried to compose himself, but his nerves were getting the best of him, “this is fine. I can do that.”
You smiled, “Okay, cool. Then I’ll see you tomorrow, okay? Same time and place.”
“Yeah, sounds good,” he nodded. “See you tomorrow.”
You flashed him one last smile as you stood and grabbed your bag. Quickly Chan, Changbin, Seungmin, and Aeri began shoving each other away from the window to hide beside the building, pressing their backs against the brick wall so you wouldn’t notice them. 
“She’s coming, shh,” Changbin shushed, hearing your footsteps approaching.
They saw you walk by them, your eyes staying forward the whole time. They thought they were in the clear as you had just barely passed by them without a glance or a word.
“Hi, Minho’s friends,” you greeted them suddenly without a passing glance.
You continued walking to your destination, leaving the four stunned. They pushed themselves away from the wall, watching your back as you carried on down the street.
“How did she know we were here?” Aeri wondered.
“I...don’t know,” Chan replied slowly.
You spent every single day for two weeks together with Minho. The first couple days were spent with him trying to flirt with you. Both of you were surprised by how naturally it came to him. But honestly, Minho realized that when it came to you, the smooth lines that came out of his mouth just made themselves. You were pretty, funny, smart -- there were endless things he could use to flirt.
But flirting was something he already had practice with. He was good with the cheesy stuff where he could smirk and say something smooth, and whoever his target was would swoon, and that was that. But it was all the cute stuff that he was bad at.
So the next step was new to him: small but nice gestures.
“Opening doors, pulling out chairs,” you listed off, “just little things like that. Small things that show you care enough to do those small things.”
That wasn’t anything he was really too familiar with. He’d done things like buy his boyfriend a coffee when they were together, but that was really it. He’d never done little gestures other than that. People were capable of opening their own doors, weren’t they?
“But...why?” he asked.
“Why what?”
“Why do stuff that they can do themselves?”
You shrugged, “Because it’s sweet. It doesn’t matter if they can do it themselves, it’s the thought that counts.”
Just to prove a point, you had gotten up while Minho was in the bathroom to order what he typically got at the café -- you asked Sam to make it extra good -- and had it waiting on the table for him when he got back while you continued to work on the trig problem he briefly explained to you.
“What’s this?” he wondered, picking up the coffee that said his name with a heart under it on the side of it.
“The coffee you like,” you replied. “I got it for you.”
His curious expression melted into a smile as he looked at you, his heart skipping a beat, “But you didn’t--”
He paused, realization hitting as he nodded slowly, “Ohhhh, I get it now.”
From then, on, Minho would do little things for you. Every other day, you had a drink waiting for you on the table with your chair already pulled out. Minho once brought you flowers to work even though he wasn’t even ordering anything from the café. He showed up at your classes a few times to wait for you and walk you to your next one or to your car or have lunch with you. 
It quickly became something Minho didn’t consciously think about for an ‘assignment’. He just did it because he wanted to and he wanted to see you. This whole world of cute relationship stuff was new to him, but he loved it when it came to you.
Unknown to him, a lot of this was new to you, too.
Slowly, you moved along, working your way up. You taught him about every cute thing that came with relationships to woo this girl he liked. Until finally, you were nearing the end goal.
He was tutoring you once again, watching you fondly as you scribbled in your book. You never caught him staring, but he was always staring when you weren’t paying attention. He was surprised he even managed to tutor you the last couple weeks without getting distracted or flustered or called out.
When you were finally done with tutoring for the day, you gave Minho his next assignment as you were putting your things away.
“I want you to ask me out,” you told him.
His heart stopped, completely forgetting that you were just assigning him a task. His cheeks turned pink, “Y-you-- What?”
“The date will be like your final,” you explained. “So ask me on a date, plan said date, take me out, and I’ll decide if you’re ready or not.”
Then everything clicked, and he let out a breath. He nodded, trying to not let it show that he had panicked from what you said.
“Yeah, okay,” he said. “I can do that.”
“You have a week from the day you ask me to plan the date,” you told him. “But don’t ask me right away. I wanna be surprised.”
You shrugged, “Makes it more realistic. I’ll see you Monday!”
As you turned and walked out of the café, Minho just watched you. He had to take you on a date now? Sure, it wasn’t a real date, but still!
“So what’re you gonna do?” Felix asked, breaking Minho from his thoughts.
Minho turned around to see his brother standing behind the counter, arms resting on it as he looked at the older boy with raised brows.
“I dunno, ask her, I guess,” he shrugged.
Felix let out a sigh, “No, I mean are you gonna confess yet or not? That was kind of the whole point of this, remember?”
No, Minho didn’t remember. He forgot all about that. He was too busy getting wrapped up in the world of being all cute and romantic that he forgot you were basically training him to ask out, well, you.
“You’re gonna ask her out, take her on the fake date, and then what?” Felix asked. “Tell her after the date that she was the person all along?”
Minho’s brows furrowed, “Is that a bad idea?”
“I don’t know, you’re the expert on being cute and romantic now,” Felix chuckled. “You figure it out.”
He had a point. Minho was practicing for two weeks now. He should be able to figure this out himself. And dammit, he was going to make sure to impress you.
Sundays were your day off. You never had anything going on on Sundays. No tutoring, no work, no school. Just you and your TV.
And your brother, who had called you to check in.
You were close with your brother. Though, the last couple weeks, you tried to distance yourself more and more from him. It wasn’t that you didn’t like him, you just...started to not really agree with some of his beliefs and morals.
It was the typical “how are you?” “how are things?” “what have you been up to?” kind of conversation for a little while. But then things started heading exactly where you expected.
“Have you heard from Elsie?” he asked, and you could hear the slight annoyance in his tone.
You let out a sigh, “No. I would’ve told you like you told me to.”
You knew that your two siblings didn’t get along. Elsie was adopted into your family and at first, the three of you were close. But some big disagreement happened between her, and your brother and his friends. She ended up leaving home and having no contact with either of you -- not that she had an issue with you, but she didn’t want your brother to end up giving you a hard time. She wanted to keep the issue between her and them, rather than dragging you into it. So for you, she stayed away even though you missed her. She changed her name and left, and you hadn’t heard from her since.
At least, as far as your brother knew. But what he didn’t know couldn’t hurt him or you.
“How’s it going with Minho?” he wondered.
“I’m...working on it,” you decided to say.
“That doesn’t sound too great,” he chuckled. “_____, you know if this is too much for you--”
“No, I got it,” you quickly -- maybe a little too quickly -- reassured him. “He’s not like, too much to handle or anything. It’s just... It’s taking longer than I thought. But it’s working.”
“Good! I’m proud of you!” he said, and he sounded genuine. You knew your brother just wanted you to succeed. This was your first time doing anything like this, and he was rooting for you -- you knew that. “Just let me know if you need any help or anything.”
There was a knock at your door, and you just knew who it was. You paused, staring toward the door.
“Hey, can I call you back later?” you asked. “My food just got here.”
“Yeah, no problem,” he replied smoothly. “See ya!”
The line went dead, and you put your phone down on the coffee table before going to the door. You knew lying to your brother wasn’t your best move -- especially since you knew how much trouble you’d be in if he found out -- but you were nervous to tell him who had actually shown up -- especially when he wasn’t supposed to. Your brother knew Sundays were for relaxing and being alone. He’d probably get worried or suspicious knowing a certain someone had shown up, and then he’d end up coming over. You didn’t need that happening.
You unlocked the door and opened it, revealing a nervous-looking Minho.
“What’re you doing here?” you asked him, genuinely curious.
Minho looked at you with wide eyes as he rubbed his hands together, trying to somehow relieve some of his anxiety. He took a deep breath and tried to remember what he’d rehearsed to say.
But he blanked. So he just spoke.
“I want to take you on a date,” he blurted. 
You raised your eyes in surprise. You figured that was what he was here for, but was that really how he was asking?
“It’s not for the assignment,” he quickly clarified before you could say anything about the assignment. “I’m asking you on a real date -- an actual date. _____, you’re the girl I didn’t know how to talk to.”
You opened your mouth to speak, but Minho continued to ramble.
“And I know you wanted me to ask you out on a fake date in some romantic way, but I’d rather be honest and tell you beforehand. And...I don’t know, I think a confession is still pretty romantic, right? So...yeah. I want to ask you on a date, but a real date. I like you, _____. A lot.”
By the time he was done talking, you were laughing softly. Not like you were laughing at him, but you were laughing because you thought the whole thing was silly but in a cute way.
“Yeah, I know,” you admitted.
Minho seemed even more scared now, “You knew?”
You nodded, “I had a feeling. But my answer is yes. Why do you think I butted in? I didn’t know you but I was offering to help.”
“I-I thought it was for trig...”
“No, that was just a bonus,” you shrugged.
“O-oh...” he trailed off as his eyes found the floor, feeling more confused than ever. But his eyes lit up as he looked at you. “But you’ll go out with me?”
“Yeah,” you grinned.
“Cool,” he gave you a relieved smile. “But can I ask...how did you know?”
Maybe you should’ve left that part out. Because what were you supposed to say? You knew because you felt the pull, too? That you knew what that feeling you got when you first saw him was? That you knew he was a werewolf? Then you’d have to tell him everything else about your brother and why you applied for the job at the café in the first place. You’d have to tell him what the original plan was until Minho went and fucked it all up and you started to fall for him.
Maybe you could tell him that later. Maybe when he admitted to you first that he was a werewolf. Maybe. But not now. You wanted to have your moment.
So you just smiled and shrugged, “I just had a feeling.”
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heyitsyn · a year ago
a/n: im a seijoh stan and theyre my little plant babies
for more seijoh content, check this masterlist out!
this is so long oml i hate myself
Tumblr media
theyre an actual boy band istg
lets be honest, they probably thought you were just another oikawa fangirl
they thought you just wanted to be closer to their captain bc you were another delusional girl who wanted to live out her fantasies
lmao im not trying to be salty
but when you just stared blankly at oikawa tooru after he called you a beautiful flower,
stageplay hinata calling you a mugwort
the team just about threw themselves on your feet
tbh you werent really there to get a boyfriend or for oikawa
you just needed an after school club and the other teams already had managers
the only sport that didnt was the boys volleyball team
imagine why
you were actually a little wary, since you knew of oikawa, being a first year yourself, and you were aware of his psycho fangirls who could probably kill you
but you needed a club that would last you for the next 3 years to graduate
it was kunimi who actually recommended being a manager
you were in his class and you noticed him sleeping in the morning so you gave him your energy bar
you shrugged and smiled
thats why he tolerated you more than others
you were nice and you were the only one who noticed his tiredness, even the teacher left him alone, and did something about it
sometimes, you even gave him an energy drink
‘can you tell me why youve been so tired lately? i dont think ive seen you wake up until lunch’
he opened the snack and started munching while replying
‘early morning practice for volleyball is still a big adjustment. our captain demands us to be there 6 in the morning sharp and if we’re even a minute late, we’d have to run laps. like for every minute youre late, you have to run those amount’
oh my why is kunimi talking so much
but i love kunimi and first year seijoh boys rights in this household is valid
you furrowed your eyebrows
‘but yall are still growing and you need all your sleep. if i were there, id yell at your captain’
he grinned slightly, imagining your short height beating up their captain
‘meh. you want to be our manager? i saw you looking at the clubs board yesterday and we dont have one so you could take the opportunity and beat him up then’
ofc you agreed bc kunimi was best boi and you just wanted him to have enough sleep for once
after class, he waited for you to finish packing up and when you finished, yall left the classroom
until another guy with a spiky hairstyle joined you and you noticed him as the guy who sometimes came over to eat lunch with kunimi
‘oh, hello l/n-san’
you smiled gently
‘drop the formalities, kindaichi-kun. its only fair.’
he nodded before walking beside kunimi
‘kindaichi, l/n might be our new manager’
the onion head excitedly looked at you
‘really?! yes! so we dont have to fill our bottles ourselves anymore!’
kunimi glared at him and slapped his stomach
‘shes our manager, not our maid’
you laughed but placed an arm on him
‘its okay. i was a manager for my middle school volleyball team so i know a little bit about being one’
the two shared a look
god, they really hit the jackpot
as yall walked closer to the gym, you noticed the big pile of girls huddling at the corner
kunimi sighed
‘l/n, ill warn you ahead of time of our captain. hes kinda,,,, too much’
but you flashed him a smile
‘hes not the first one ive handled’
oml player-chan!!!
so when you opened the door and entered the gym and oikawa hit you with his normal antics, you just stared at him
‘okay and?’
hanamaki and mattsun howled before rushing to you and grabbing you in a hug
‘girls like her really exist!!’
you gave kunimi and kindaichi a signal of help and they nodded before gently prying the senpais off of you
‘senpai, please’
you gave kunimi a grateful nod
coach irihata went up to you bc wow, kunimi has a friend with of another gender?
‘how can we help you, miss?’
‘im l/n y/n, first year, and id like to apply as the manager’
internally, the coach sighed bc you werent the first one to apply
the reason they havent had a manager for years was bc of oikawa’s fangirls hiding themselves under that false facade
but he saw you brush off that comment oikawa make with no hint of fluster or blush on your face so he decides to give you a trial run, in guise of seeing if you could handle these chaotic boys
‘do you have any experience as manager? or do we need to teach you the ropes?’
‘i was a manager for 3 years in my middle school volleyball’
he nodded
‘ill give you one month. a trial run of a month to test the waters’
you agreed and your trial run began
kunimi mentioned that morning practice starts at 6 am sharp so you set your alarm for 5 to get ready and get to school on time before the boys
you remembered how to set up the nets so you quickly put them out (using a step stool bc we short) and ran to get the basket of balls
their water bottles were filled and you were in the middle of lugging the big basket of towels when the third years entered
the 4 of them usually came earlier than the rest so they saw you dragging the basket of fresh towels and wipe your sweat before smiling at the work youve done
iwa was so happy bc it was usually him who did this stuff and now that he had someone do it for him, it was like a god-send
oikawa’s eyes shone and he waved at you
‘yohoo, y/n-chan!’
you cringed at the loud voice of the famous oikawa tooru
‘hello, oikawa-san’
he chuckled at your politeness before hugging you
‘you did all this for us? youre so cute, y/n-chan!’
instead of the normal blush and love-struck eyes, you were actually very uncomfortable of the sudden skinship and you quickly ran to the side when iwa hit him at the head
‘shittykawa! leave her alone!’
makki and mattsun stood next to you as the boys did their usual fight
‘is this all an act or are you really not attracted to oikawa?’
mattsun shot him a surprised look bc why was he so straightforward
but you just shrugged
‘hes cute, i admit. but ive seen much cuter and the boys in my middle school team was basically full of him so,,, and i hate guys who think theyre all that just bc theyre blessed w a pretty face. if anything, ill probably go for iwaizumi-san’
pop off S I S T E R!!!
you just won the heart of these two
slowly but surely, they all came to accept you and iwa straight out loves you bc you maintained this routine for the whole month of your trial run
and you still remained indifferent of oikawa’s advances and he was even impressed and slightly agitated that you werent paying attention to him
‘y/n-chan, one date! just one!’
you huffed before looking up from your clipboard
‘i like men, oikawa-san. not boys’
that comment made the guys shriek
‘y/n-chan! youre just a first year! you dont need a man!’
‘youre not a man, oikawa!’
you left oikawa to be tormented by his teammates and went to go and hand over the report to the coach
he was impressed by the notes you made bc they were ones he even missed
like the split-second of hesitation that kindaichi usually has that goes unnoticed but you immediately saw
or the wince oikawa has whenever he so much as jumps an inch
you could even tell the difference between iwa’s spike and if he was being easy or he was going full-out
this added on to the fact that the boys loved you and irihata actually saw kunimi try more 
but he thinks its only to earn your praises
‘y/n, youre officially the team manager’
yall celebrated at the normal hang-out spot which was the ramen shop and it truly shocked you at how much these boys ate
granted, this was the first time you ate together but you didnt expect them to eat nearly 5 bowls each
you could only finish 2 and you already feel like throwing up
‘honestly, how do you guys not gain weight after this?’
the table you sat at, iwa, kindaichi, mattsun, and kunimi, looked at you and shrugged
‘i work out’
‘i run’
‘i fast’
‘i poop it out’
lmao im sorry i cackled too hard at this
you stared blankly at mattsun’s answer who said it so seriously that you snorted a laugh
they watched you and your laughter bc you havent really expressed yourself as much 
so they made it their goal to see you laugh more
‘y/n-chan! you need to eat more!’
oikawa shouted, clearly food drunk, but you shook your head aggressively
‘i only planned to eat one bowl but he just had to shove another down my throat’
‘but you need to grow, y/n-chan!’
‘i want to grow taller! not wider!!’
As a manager:
oh boy
you basically grew into kinda their mom
‘oikawa-san! you need to rest your knee or youre going to hurt yourself! i will drag you home myself!’
‘kunimi, if you try to get this one more spike, i’ll buy you a bag of those caramel bites you like’
‘iwa-san! if you hit oikawa-san too much, youll destroy the little braincells he has!’
‘yahaba-san, nice dump!’
‘is your knee okay, watari-san?’
yall really forget that watari and yahaba exist sometimes smh
it was part of the work
keeping up with seijoh
so to keep them encouraged, you gave them praises that they always demand for and they always turn to you whenever they did something good
mattsun gives you a look whenever he blocks iwa’s spikes and you give kindaichi a head pat whenever he blocks some too
bc of how you are with them, sometimes, they forget that you are actually just a first year
they get shocked whenever you walk in with kunimi and kindaichi and talk about the current homework bc it slips their mind that their hard-working manager was actually just a 15-year-old girl
so, they try to ease the burden whenever they can
like iwa offering to help you whenever you have to take their jerseys to the laundrymat
or offering to help you with your assignments since theyve only been through it once
more like watari, yahaba, and iwa bc the matsuhana are clueless and acts like they completely skipped that grade
oikawa’s fangirls ltr dont leave you alone!!!
now, its known that youre the manager of the volleyball team bc oikawa has boasted about your efforts and such
this obvs ticked off a bunch of girls bc they were jealous that you got to spend more time in a single practice with their precious oikawa-senpai than they have their entire lives
more than once theyve cornered you to threaten you to stay away from their senpai or youll have something coming for you
you never take them seriously bc you can fight too and you just give them a look and push them away
but this one time
okay tea
the self-proclaimed president of the oikawa tooru fanclub, kenta miyo, cornered you at the bathroom with her other minions
you were just washing your hands and drying them off when she marched up to you and grabbed your hair before tugging it back
obviously you were surprised and shouted
‘oi! what the hell?!’
‘you slut! you need to stay away from my tooru, got it?!’
ehm what
you hissed and wrenched her arm from your hair and pushed her away
your hair was now a mess and you were fuming, already sick and tired of the torture these girls put you through
‘he belongs to himself, not you! so stop being delusional and leave me alone already!’
she signalled for the girls to hold on to you which you slapped away but they forcefully grabbed your arm while you kicked at them and struggle to get out of their hold
jesus what do these girls eat
miyo watches you struggle with a smile and cackles
‘oh? no fight anymore, little kouhai?’
you glared at her
‘i dont want to beat yall up bc id get yelled at by tooru so you need to let me go or regret it’
at the mention of his first name, her eyes widened and her face twisted and she slapped you
‘oi! respect your senpai, you brat! dont you ever say oikawa’s first name!’
your lips curled
‘oh? thats funny, because he actually told me to call him that since he wants his cute little manager to be very comfortable with him’
you achieved a feat that she has been working to get her entire high school life and miyo was not happy
‘ive been with him for 3 years and you just suddenly show up out of nowhere and call him that?! i dont think so!’
she had her hands around your neck and you gripped her arms, making her wince
but you laughed at that comment
‘heh, thats pathetic, isn’t it? here you are, my senpai, who has been vying for his attention for 3 years only to be ignored yet a mere first year, who shows up out of nowhere, has been asked to a date nearly a million times every day. that must be tough’
she shrieked at that comment and threw you on the floor, making you accidentally hit your head at the edge of the sink
yall im actually so bothered by this scene and im wincing as im typing
you bit your lip to prevent any sound of pain to escape bc you knew thats what she wanted to hear from you
but you werent going to give her the satisfaction
instead, you looked up at her, hatred swirling in your eyes
‘youre freaking psycho, you know that? once tooru and hajime knows about this, theyre going to give you hell. they wont ever let this go bc im the manager of their prized team and their little baby sister. so go ahead, do what you want with me. bc i paid too much for these nails to be tainted by dirt like you’
saiyo, a girl you noticed to be watari’s classmate when you went and visited him, nervously tugged on miyo’s jacket
‘miyo, we should go-’
and she poured over a carton of banana milk over you, making you wince at the sticky and cold liquid
the tough facade was crumbling and you were now screaming for help in your head, hoping that stupid theory from yahaba about team telepathy to work
but it didnt
when miyo and her girls left, you sat on the floor, soaked and sticky and bleeding
then you begin to cry angry tears
you were angry that you were being treated like this just bc you were a manager
you were angry that you let them do that to you
you were angry that you prized your nails more than punching her square in the nose
you were just angry
staggering on your own feet, you stood up and leaned on the sink, eyes widening at the dripping red liquid from the gash on your forehead, staining the porcelain sink
you were stupid and unconsciously touched it making you wince 
‘shit, that hurts’
you whined quietly
there was little you can do with toilet paper and water to clean yourself up but you managed to at least stop the bleeding
you knew you had to be put on concussion protocol just in case bc you that hit was quite hard but at the moment, that wasnt your concern
practice has already started and this was the first time you werent present for daily practice
this was confirmed at the constant buzzing of your phone in your skirt pocket which you didnt listen to and instead, started thinking of ways to go to your locker and get your stuff and fake being sick but at the same time, not be seen and relayed to the team
time was ticking and you had to come up with a plan fast before oikawa will send the team to come looking around the building for you
once you looked at your reflection and smiled big, you decided it was enough to not show the pain you were in right now
girl im hurting for you
you peeked out of the bathroom door and saw the coast was clear so you quickly ran to your classroom, which was thankfully empty, and quickly grabbed your things
but as you were packing up, the tears just kept falling
it didnt stop as you bolted down the stairs, using your cardigan to hide your face from the public
once you were safely out of school grounds, you finally took out your phone and reviewed through all the worried and concerned texts from the team group chat
but you just replied, ‘im fine but i just feel really sick right now. girl stuff’
you smirked, knowing that would keep the boys away
but oikawa had to go and ask you to call him
‘y/n-chan! do you want oikawa-senpai to come over with chocolates and ice cream?! wings or no wings?!’
your jaw dropped at the question and clearly scandalized by the question
the team was too as shouting began and you could faintly hear iwa scream, ‘oh my god, shittykawa!’
‘im seriously okay, oikawa-san. i just need to be alone right now and ill try and get some sleep. good bye’
then you hung up
there was no way you could tell them
they were in their last year anyways so doing something about it wouldnt matter
and you were strong 
but apparently not strong enough to fight them off though
you would cover the wound with concealer and continue on with practice tomorrow as if everything was normal
but there was only so much you could take
just yesterday, they trashed your locker and a week ago, they took your bento and threw it away
you even got into a fight with this one girl but she scampered away, too scared to do anything alone
so you were actually just tired and want everyone to leave you alone
believe me, youve thought of quitting sometimes
but youve actually created a bond with these boys
like when you take hanamaki to get cream puffs whenever he loses against iwa in arm wrestling
or when yahaba calls you at ungodly hours to express his worries for next year and to fill oikawa’s shoes
it was simple moments that you shared with each player that kept you from not leaving
soon, you found yourself crying again and the looks pedestrians were giving you was starting to make you uncomfortable
a girl, with her gross hair in a bun, puffy eyes with a bleeding wound and walking down the street
that was a sight
so you cut a corner to an alley by your house to escape from the judging eyes and you were too busy wiping your eyes to see a boy who was crouched down on the floor and ended up walking over him
omg my baby kyoken hello luv!!!!
you gasped and you were surprised and quickly apologized
kyotani was originally about to yell at you, no matter what, but he saw the state you were in and concluded you were either from a fight or was beaten up
he recognized that and decided to just glare at you and go back to feeding the stray dogs and cats
you breathed a sigh in relief when he didnt yell at you bc that wouldve been the last thing you needed today
‘sir, im sorry for hitting you. if there is something i could do for you, dont hesitate’
he ignored you and you focused on him paying attention to the strays
going into your backpack, you had a milk carton and a sausage stick from earlier
you used your thermos lid to serve as the milk bowl for the cats while you peeled open the meat and used your scissors to cut chunks of it for the dogs to have some
kyotani watched as you went into action to feeding the animals that people usually ignored
he knew you
well, he recognized you
when he watched from the top of the gym, he saw you as their manager who ran around and helped everyone
sure, he still didnt trust you 
but he watched you grin and smile as the animals started to eat
‘im in a hurry right now so i have to go but ill feed you again tomorrow, okay? you too, stranger-san. ill bring food for you too’
then you stood up and ran away, probably in a hurry to fix that wound
he wouldve offered to treat it for you but he remained silent, watching the cats mewl at the now empty lid
the next day, oikawa was worried for you and when he saw you at early morning practice, he practically glomped to your side
‘y/n-chan! you okay?! oikawa-senpai was so worried for you!’
you cringed but nodded
‘im okay, oikawa-san’
‘senpai, y/n-chan! call me senpai!’
‘im not going to feed into your kink, oikawa-san’
*cue everyone busting a lung*
to this day, no one still knew what happened to you
you kept it quiet and you were sure you got everything handled
except for one person
kyotani was smart and for some reason he knew you got beat up by the fangirls and the perpetrators were easily found bc he saw them huddled around your locker, probably trashing it again, and lets just say, 
no one is def going to mess w you now
back to manager moments!!
during practice matches, the boys rally around you to prevent other teams from sweet-talking you
they make sure no one gets past them and always have excuses to get your attention
you knew what they were doing but you pretended not to, heart warming at their protectiveness and hunger for your attention
even though you have your own jacket, the team gives you theirs all the time like oikawa has his special team jacket w his name at the back and when he feels threatened by schools like johzenji, he makes you wear it
‘youre mine, y/n-chan and i want that blondie to know’
‘ehm, no, oikawa-san. im iwaizumi-san’s’
oikawa screamed
lmao training camps w them is CHAOTIC
reminder: threaten to quit everytime they get too much
your hugs are the best!!!!
you have a special hug for every player
oikawa gets his favorite which was the normal arm around the waist with your arms around his neck while he snuggles in your neck
iwa gets flustered easily so you hug him from behind so you cant see his flustered look
mattsun actually likes the jumping in the air so he catches you type of hug
makki is more tame and has his arms around your shoulder with his chin on your head
yahaba is the twirly kind where he just picks you up and swings you around
watari also gets flustered easily so he likes the one-arm hugs
kindaichi gets blushy at the slightest touch from you but he gives you a hug from behind you himself where he can bury his face in your hair while you caress his arms
kunimi, now he likes it when you squeeze him extremely tight bc it makes him feel loved and feel alive
kyo doesnt even talk to you what makes you think you can give him a hug
their lost for shiratorizawa really broke them though
you made them their own bentos for nearly a week to keep them encouraged and gave oikawa extra attention to keep him from sulking or practicing late
‘oikawa-senpai, lets go watch that new movie later’
then the arrival of our baby kyoken
yahaba was moody the whole practice and you were currently trying to keep him from spiking a ball to someone
‘even just today, he’s late’
‘that stupid dog’
he just keeps mumbling and grunting
and then the said dog arrived
you peaked out from behind iwaizumi, who protectively went in front of you
shock ran through you and you pointed at him
lmao puppy what
youve called him that since he refused to tell you his name, but you call him that bc he paid special attention to this one baby beagle
he raised a hand in greeting and you gave him a smile
‘youre a player here, too?!’
he ‘glared’ at you but nodded stiffly
the team really thought that he would lash out at you but he is surprisingly tolerant
the power of the manager
he still hasnt talked to you but he does respond to you and even helps you with chores, still not talking ofc
hes so tsun tsun and he deserves my heart yall
however, youve heard him talk to iwaizumi, and iwaizumi only, so youve heard his voice before
ngl, you were flustered by how gruff and deep it was
then their loss to karasuno
bruh, it was KARASUNO
the entire team fell apart and after the match, each of them ran away from you to stop lashing out
you were also on the verge of crying, seeing the broken look on your third years
your precious third years
you decided to give them their own space but you heard a loud banging sound from the bathroom
yahaba and watari were outside, clearly trying to talk to someone in there on coming out but it got louder
okay you were lowkey like, ‘hm, i should not be here’
but you recognized that voice
you knocked at the boys door to be respectful
‘kyo-san? its me, y/n’
he was silent but he did unlock it
you took this as a sign to enter and you gave yahaba and watari a smile
‘i’ll be fine. go to kindaichi and kunimi. they need your comfort right now’
tbh, you were surprised the bathroom was still intact but you saw the stall door at the very end being rattled and shaken
you remained by the door but you wanted to go to him
‘kyo-san, please come out so i can treat your injuries’
he expected you to say those words like ‘its okay’ or ‘theres always next year’ but you didnt
instead, you knew he was hurt and wanted to help him
he continued to give a few punches to the wall and the door before emerging
you wordlessly treated the wounds and offered your hand
‘im here, kyo-san. dont worry, im right here’
at the ramen shop, you told them to eat as much as they want and wordlessly gave them your card, slightly crying inside bc you know this was going to be like over a hundred dollars
but you were treating the boys bc they deserved it
you sat beside kindaichi, who was just sobbing and apologizing, so you were wiping his tears and holding his hand under the table
this precious babie
bruh i was sobbing when i watched this part like uuggghhhh
after dinner, you walked with the other third years, knowing they would go to the gym, so you gave everyone else your special hugs before sending them home
‘text me when you arrive safely, okay?’
‘yes, mom’
oikawa’s speech made you cry bc despite only knowing them for not even a year, you already feel like a family
you didnt want your family to be broken but you knew they would all go their separate ways eventually
there was a big hug pile of third years on the side where you took a picture and sent it to the group chat
you had to eventually go home after helping them clean up and when you checked your phone, a fresh batch of tears rolled down
each from every person on the team but with the same sentence and same words
‘we love you, l/n y/n. thanks for everything.’
ngl i dont think this was that good and its like 8 in the morning and im extremely tired
i want to do karasuno, nekoma, and fukurodani but im so exhausted i cannot right now
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river-bottom-nightmare · a year ago
relationship dynamics
because i felt like it
Birdflash: Their relationship dynamic is like the cutest thing ever. “I’ve noticed that we’ve slowly begun to phase the ‘B’ out of our bromance.” Have done the spiderman kiss and will continue to do the spiderman kiss. SO. MANY. PUNS. They’re CONSTANTLY in a pun war. In a drive thru: “Hey can you tell the guy in the car behind me that he’s cute and I’ll pay for his drink?” “Um….okay sir.” “Your total is $10.59. Also the guy in front of you said, um, he said to tell you that he thinks you’re cute and he’ll pay for your drink.” “*rolls eyes with a fond smile* that’s my husband, he thinks he’s romantic,” but the best part is that it works for either one of them. Birdflash Culture is the word “babe.” If you don’t think they had a bubble machine at their wedding then you’re lying to yourself. Eating junk food whenever and wherever they want,. “Oh my god just get in the fucking blanket fort already.” Where you go, I go. SO MUCH FOOD OH MY GOD ALL THE FOOD SO MUCH FRIGGIN FOOD. Police/crime lab aesthetic bc I have a headcanon that they’ both work with the police department (Dick’s a detective, Wally’s the lead CSI). Photo booth strips. Them being impressed by each other all the time. F R E C K L E S. Stopping halfway through the middle of sex because they just realized something about Star Trek season 3 episode 8 and they really need to pull it up on the tv to make sure they’re right. Re-enacting fight scenes from martial arts movies in the living room of a tiny apartment. Have i mentioned the babe thing because they toss around the word babe all the friggin time, not baby that’s gross, just plain babe along with bro and dude those three are interchangeable. “I called shotgun infinity when I was twelve.” The glass is always half full. Them playing video games at home eating pizza counts as a “date” but also they’ve been doing the same thing for years.
Jayroy: “don’t worry I know what I’m doing” “not even god knows what you’re doing.” Sharing cigarettes. Desperate messy kisses. Constant fast paced insult war that you can’t keep up with if you’re not quick witted enough. “My family had to put up with me but you? You’re the idiot who chose me as a best friend.” pet names galore but like edgy ones not gross sweet ones (my personal favorite is jaybird bc it’s awesome and also canon), very very kinky sex, will murder rapists and drug lords in the most painful way possible without giving a solitary fuck but will go to a nursing home the next morning and be as respectful as possible to the elderly. Tattooossss. Baseball hats. Say “fuck you” as “I love you.” Hair ties everywhere. m u s c l e s.
Timkon:  Classic love story. Like, switch one of their genders and you’ve got a old school romance movie in the making. Photo shoots with a pride flag and merch. Pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks. Tim wearing Kon’s clothes to the point where practically his entire wardrobe except for his fancy clothes and red robin suit consists solely of Kon’s stuff. The Neighborhood vibes. Holding hands on a date at the carnival. Pride bracelets and pins. 90s vibes. Kind of the type of Destiel feeling where you can’t really have Destiel without also having Sam being the overenthusiastic shipper/supportive brother? That but with the rest of the Core Four. Polaroid pictures. Gay and Tired. Flannel + Leather + Denim. they go on dates with other people (before they realize they’re in love) and spend the entire time talking about their other half. Skateboards. A high school romance.
Damijon (aged up obviously):  constant constant constant bickering and arguing, like we’re surpassing married couple status here. “I’m older” “I’m taller” starts out as a biting insult, falls into teasing joke, then becomes something they say with a mischievous fondness and an inside-joke smile. Country + Pop Taylor swift songs. Wandering together through the city. "Be kind to animals or I’ll kill you.” Sitting on the roof together. Kryptonite blades that Jon trusts no one except Damian to wield. “I hate you” “happy to hear it” turning into another inside joke. Sleepovers. Never growing up. “I trust you with my life unconditionally but I do not trust you to get my order right remember the time you betrayed me and everything I ever stood for?” “Oh my god dami I forgot the sauce onCE.” Don’t lie to yourself, habibi is totally a thing. Damian wearing Jon’s varsity football jacket over dark colored/black turtleneck shirts. Damian sketching Jon either late at night in the light of the moon or early in the morning by the light of the sun. Classic dark vs Light. Running down the street tugging the other behind you while holding hands. Red converse + Combat boots. TEAMWORK. “Clark, your son is annoying, loud, clumsy, entirely too tall, hopelessly optimistic, and way too naive. I trust him with every cell in my body.”
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theartist666-official · 11 months ago
~ Lovesick Explosions || Slight Yandere! Bakugou x GN! Reader || SFW ~
Description: explosion boy likes you and stuff ig
Warnings: Possessive behavior, obssessive behavior, slight cursing
(A/N): i uh.. i missed valentine’s ;-; so my solution is making up for that with some yandere katsuki bc i love him and yandere behavior v much yes 🙏✨
Tumblr media
“This is stupid.. this is stupid..” Bakugou was muttering to himself as he walked around to try and find you.
One day during training, Mr. Aizawa had everyone take turns individually going against each other. After a few pairs, eventually you and Bakugou were paired against each other. He never really payed much attention to what you were doing training, so he didn’t know how you were like during combat. He did take a lot of your quirk into consideration, though that didn’t help him in the long run.
He knew not to underestimate his opponents, no matter how weak they appeared in his eyes, but he couldn’t help himself slip after easily winning against three other classmates. What he didn’t expect was him to be lying on the ground, struggling to get out from underneath your tight grip on him. He especially hated it when he saw you smirk down at him. “Pinned ya, Katsuki,” you said before Mr. Aizawa declared you were the victor.
After that, he couldn’t help but think about that fight for days. He scolded himself for letting his guard down, but he really couldn’t get that image of you out of his mind. Your combat techniques were amazing, you had good strategic abilities to go against him. And that memory of you on top of him.. He’d grit his teeth at how warm his face would get and how fast his heart would race every time he thought about it.
He started observing you more during classes. He’d notice how you’d tap your pencil against your notebook in thought, or he’d catch you doodling instead of taking notes and paying attention. It’s not like he himself needed to be paying attention since he studied class material ahead of time, but he didn’t think you did that. He wondered why he worried about you failing. He didn’t care. That’s what he told himself anyways.
During lunch, Kirishima would always bring you to the table he, Denki, Sero, and Bakugou sat at. Though Bakugou only payed attention to the food he was eating and the thoughts occupying his mind at the time beforehand, he now made occasional glances at you. He’d see you smiling while sipping through the straw in your drink and listening to the others talking about whatever. When you’d look over to him, he’d shift his eyes back down to his tray of food. He also took note of what you ate. Sometimes you ate what the cafeteria provided or you’d bring a lunch you’d made yourself. He thought about eating things you made, and he thought about making you meals to eat too.
Back at the dorms, sometimes he’d go down to the common room and find you singing songs as you looked around in the fridge thinking you were alone. When you’d turn around and get embarrassed as you stopped singing knowing he heard you, he couldn’t believe what an adorable dumbass you were. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, Bakugou couldn’t get you out of his mind. Love songs started revolving around you. Food he’d cook suddenly gave him images of homemade dinners shared only with you in a house you two lived in together. Romance anime and manga made him imagine the same scenarios with you. Sometimes at night he’d go on social media to look at pictures you’d posted of yourself.
Today was Valentine’s Day, that much he was aware of. While taking a jog around campus after classes, he noticed a rose bush he hadn’t payed much attention to before. He hadn’t made any moves on you, nor had he made any inclinations to you that you interested him. He thought it was cliche, cringy as hell to confess your love to someone on Valentine’s Day. So why the hell did he get a rose, prick himself on the thorns, and stop his jog to go and find you?
The sky was filled with blazing colors of pinks and oranges. He was making his way back to the dorm building when he heard your voice and someone else’s. He went to the side of the building, hiding behind the corner to see you and Kirishima. “What the hell is that shitty hair doing?” He clenched his fist subconsciously.
“So what did ya wanna talk about?” You asked Kirishima tapping the toe of your shoe on the ground with your hands folded behind you. He looked nervous and had a bright hue of red on his cheeks. “(Y/N), I.. Haha, sorry. I’m trying to be manly and brave about this, but I’m kinda freaking out.” He says. “Take your time,” you assured him with a smile. “Gosh, you’re always so kind.. even now.” He grins.
“(Y/N), the thing is..” Kirishima places his hand on the back of his neck and averts his eyes. Bakugou gripped onto the corner of the wall. “I like you.. L-like, as not a friend..! Like.. r-romantically. Haha..” He confesses. The anger in Bakugou rises immediately. You had your back to him, so he couldn’t see your expression.
“Don’t accept, don’t accept..” Bakugou thought as he waited for your response. “Eijiro..” You said. “B-before you give me your response, you don’t have to feel bad for telling me you don’t like me back if you don’t.. And you don’t have to tell me now.” Kirishima says. “I.. Y-yeah, I think I need more time until I can say for sure.” You chuckle awkwardly. “Totally fine! I.. I’ll head inside for now. Just let me know when you’ve made your decision.” He says.
Bakugou backed up a little bit to make it seem like he just came back. He walked forwards as Kirishima came his way and ended up bumping into him. “Ah sorry man,” Kirishima said patting his shoulder before going up the stairs and back inside. He then went over to where you were and saw you leaning against the wall in thought. “Hey dumbass,” he called out causing you to open your eyes and look over at him. “Hiya Katsuki,” you smiled at him for a moment. His face flushed at your smile.
He leaned against the wall beside you. “You just come back from your jog?” You asked. “Yeah..” He nodded. “I’m surprised you didn’t come back totally soaked in sweat. You sometimes do when you go out on jogs.” You said. He turned to you a bit surprised that you had actually made observations about him. “Whatever,” he scoffed. “So.. what were you and Kirishima talking about?”
You stopped smiling for a moment. “Nothing important..” You told him. Bakugou was a little irritated you lied to him, but it’s not like it would matter. “Nothing important, huh?” He muttered. “Mhm,” you nodded. There was silence between you two for a moment. You found peace in the cool breeze and the whispers of the wind. “Do you like him?”
The question made you immediately turn to him confused and slightly flustered. “Katsuki!” You exclaimed. “What?” He raised his eyebrow. “You can’t just ask stuff like that out of nowhere!” You began lightly pounding your fists on his chest. He couldn’t help but chuckle at your flustered reaction. “Just answer the question, idiot,” he says.
You paused your actions. “I.. I don’t know. I mean, I do like him, as a friend. A relationship with him probably wouldn’t be terrible, he’d probably be a great partner.. H-he’s a nice guy, an amazing friend but.. I don’t know.” You frowned. Katsuki found hope in your answer.
“Well.. Maybe I can help you decide.” Bakugou says. “What do you mean?” You asked looking up at him. He stared at your helpless, confused expression. “So cute,” he thought to himself. The whole time he had a hand hidden behind his back. He then brought it out and showed you the rose he got you. He saw your face turn red as you saw the rose. “Katsuki, you..” You uttered. “Yeah.. I like you, dumbass. A lot..” He said in quiet voice that felt so different from the loudness he often expresses.
“S-since when!?” You exclaimed. “Since you pummeled my ass that one time,” He scoffs taking out the thorns. “You’re pretty strong, talented as hell.. Y-you.. You’re... goddammit.” He then fully turns to you and tucks the thornless rose behind your ear. He looks at you with that blush on your face. “You’re.. cute as fuck.” He then gently places his hand underneath your chin and kisses your cheek.
Bakugou stands up straight and feels pride from being the one to make you blush while having such an expression. “Hope that helped you make a decision,” he says crossing his arms. “Hardly, you dum dum,” you huffed covering your face with your arm. “Then stop making such a stupid expression,” he chortled. “Fuck off!” You pressed your fist against his arm. “If you’re so sure you don’t wanna be with me, then you must not wanna have a picnic date with food I’ll cook for the both of us,” he says.
“You can’t use your food against me! You know damn well it tastes amazing!” You say. “I don’t actually,” Bakugou smirks. “Why don’t you let me know this weekend?” He says trapping you in between himself and the wall behind you with his arms. “Katsuki, you slick bastard.. Fine. Maybe I do like you too. We’ll see.” You laugh. “That’s all I’ve wanted hear,” he smiles proudly. “You better look forward to what I have in store for you.” He says leaving you in your flustered state.
“Now then.. time to take care of that shark toothed idiot..” Bakugou’s hands began to spark.
(A/N): I’ll probably do a part two btw but yeah 🙏✨ this was literally all written in one day while i was watching two children, so it’s not that good sorry 😹
I promise I’ll link the second part once I finish writing it.
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seongwhy · a year ago
ateez if a curvier girl liked them
disclaimer!! i am 100% sure these boys would like you for you and not for how many curves you have. you are beautiful no matter what !!! as a curvier girl myself, writing this made me happy hehe
Tumblr media
let’s be honest. seonghwa loves curvy girls
i mean he loves all girls, but smth abt a curvy lady gets him going
so imagine his face when a curvy girl likes him !!!!!
you’d tell him “seonghwa... u kinda cute doe” and he’d be like😳😃
he’s had his eye on you for a while
he jus luvs your personality and your humour
and your curves
tbh he’s snuck a glance every now and then
you’d bend down to grab the tv remote and suddenly he’s blushing and thinking of everything he’d do to u omg
or you’d wear a crop top and sit down and your belly might show a lil bit and he melts in his seat
all he wants is to feel ur pretty body
but .. unfortunately u didn’t think that he would like you
you thought that he only had his eye out for the slimmer girls, but that was simply not true queen
so it took u a sec to confess your feelings for him
but once you did you were so surprised at his response
“hey seonghwa, i know that you probably don’t think the same but like i rlly think ur cute and funny and pretty and i rlly like u but i know i’m not rlly ur type and like that’s fine-“
“wait!!! u like me”
“i like u too !!!!!!! who tf told u that ur not my type bc i will beat them up ur gorgeous who told u that >:((((“
and u explain to him that it was just ur brain and he says Never to think that about yourself !!!! bc you are beautiful !!!!
and then ur both just uwu in love with each other and he’s in love w ur curves and ur in love with his chicken legs and it’s amazing and wonderful and you’re so happy you said something bc otherwise you wouldn’t have found the love of ur life :’)
Tumblr media
hongjoong is Obsessed
obsessed w your thighs and your tummy and your booty
when u tell him u like him he’s not only like “holy shit i like you too” he’s imagining alllllll the things he can do w u and ur curves
when u first start going out and dating and such it’s great it’s amazing he makes you laugh and you feel beautiful bc he makes you feel beautiful
but when you start opening up to him about your insecurities you thought things would change
but they didn’t !!!!!!!! he started loving u harder
and every day since that first time you cried in his arms he tells you you’re beautiful
“hi honey u look gorgeous”
“baby !!!!! i love that dress on you”
“hey bb, since i can’t see you today i’m just letting u know that you’re beautiful !! and i love and miss you !!!!”
“there’s my fav tummy!!”
he will not Stop telling you how beautiful u are you’re not complaining
he thinks ur a queen and he treats you like one
he loves all of you. all the cellulite and all the curves and all dimples
and he’s not shy abt it either ;)
Tumblr media
ok listen up sweeties
yunho doesn’t rlly pay attention to figure
i mean ofc he LOves your body and he thinks you’re beautiful
but he would not like you if not for your personality
which is absolutely amazing
and so he doesn’t rlly understand when you tell him that you don’t wanna eat that ice cream or the pizza
he thinks you’re beautiful (bc you are) so why don’t u think you’re beautiful too ??????
why won’t u eat w him ????
why wont you take ur shirt off in front of him ???
so one day he brings u mcdonald’s and a shamrock milkshake yummy!!!!
and he sits down w u and watches you try and do everything but eat
so he stops u and looks at u and tells u everything you’ve ever wanted to hear
“babe plz eat in front of me... i think your body is beautiful and i think you’re beautiful and i would not buy u food if i didn’t think so”
and u know this is true bc yunho loves his food and his own shamrock shakes
so u smile at him and lay in his arms and u eat that damn burger!!!!!!
he makes all your insecurities go away
he loves u so much u literally can’t breathe
he’s always hugging you and feeling you up and wrapping his huge arms around u
and he makes u so comfy with yourself
and you love him
and he loves u
Tumblr media
ok yeosang loves u
and u know it he lowkey highkey makes it obvious
everytime you walk in he either 1) gets all blushy and stops talking mid sentence
“dude!!! stop destroying my fucking hous- uh uh h-hi y/ n”
i don’t actually know what they do in fortnite but if u do and this is wrong just imagine minecraft instead
or 2) he tries to be all tuff and show off
“oh hey y/n” he says as he casually rolls up his sleeve and stretches
but what he Doesn’t know is that u like him too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he thinks ur waaaaaay our of his league
i mean just take a look at u!!! ur thighs ur belly ur boobiez
p e r f e c t i o n
but one day he accidentally walks in on you and seonghwa talking (he thinks u like seonghwa)
and he hears u like “idk seong he’s really cute and so nice to me and such an angel... also have u seen dem arms doe !!”
and What The Heck
yeosang cannot believe it
u???? the girl of his DREAm s ??? likes HIM ???
and what do u know when he hears that he suddenly can’t keep his balance and trips right over
over what exactly ?? his dignity
and he falls right in front of u and seonghwa
seonghwa just snickers and laughs and leave the room
yeosang just stares at u for a moment before getting up and just staring at u some more
“uh yeosang?? u good”
“h a hah yeah .. i’m good”
“ok. did u hear the part where i said i think you’re cute”
“. yes i did y-es”
“ok. do u like me too”
“uh y-yeah i uh yes”
“ok. get over here dummy”
Tumblr media
ok we all know san
this weirdo
this secs ee mf that gives zero fucks
haha mmmm
^^^^ that’s what he’s like every time u walk by
idk it’s getting late i’m tired plz don’t judge
when he sees u he’s all like hehehbajsbs ajdosndbdniejn ùwú
but externally he’s like heh he h wassup
and he makes hand gestures at u like outlining ur curvy body
and winking at u
and let’s be honest he may or may not have slapped dat ass a few times
and even though it’s kinda nasty u kinda like it
u know he means well and it’s just one way he shows his love and appreciation for u
and he wouldn’t do it if you told him no !!! consent is key
and u consent bc u like the way he gets slightly flustered everytime he does it
eventually u have to give in one day bc he’s been teasing you long enough
so one day ur walking by him and he smacks ur dump truck and u spin around and grab his arm and pull him up to ur chest
and he’s like HUH
and ur like hi sannie
and he’s like “h-hi”
and he’s feeling u up and he sits you down and pulls him into his lap
and ur scared that ur too much for that
so when u start pulling away he’s like “NO I LIKE U HERE STAY U LOOK SO ORETTY SITTING ON ME”
and u giggle and stay
and then more kissing and cuddling and loving
and he makes u laugh and feel good
and u make him happy and so excited all the time
and it’s sooo good omg he luvs allllll of u so much
Tumblr media
i may have a soft spot for this man
he’s jus so weird and funky
but he’s so cute like idk
don’t tell seonghwa
those are your exact thoughts abt him too
your relationship was always like....there was tension there
ofc u always thought abt him
and he always thought abt u
u lived in his head rent free
ur curves and dimples and amazing bodyodyody
accompanied w ur amazing personality!!! what could he not love
so when u became friends he was already obsessed w u
he’s always whiny and needy for ur attention
when the boys are there he’s like “😎😈💪🦵”
he does a full 180
his voice goes from deep and scruffy to all soft
the boys clown him for it
but he doesn’t care
he sends u memes all the time
he texts you every day
at first it was an occasional hey wsp and now it’s like “good morning!! how’d u sleep” “hey bb girl wanna go get boba” “u looked rlly good today”
it makes ur heart flutter
and when he started calling u baby girl in PERSON
and tbh he didn’t mean to say it the first time it just slipped out BUT he loved the way it made u blush and look down and cross your legs a lil
so he just couldn’t stop saying it
eventually the reaction u had went down a lil bc u got used to it
and that was when he decided he needed to do more
so eventually he got up the courage on a boba date to stop u and sit u down on a bench
and when u were like yes what is it mango
it took him a sec bc u looked so PRETTY in your dress
your thighs crossed and the way your boobies sat in it
he couldn’t help but stare (respectfully)
and u were like HELLo
and he cleared his throat and was like “ur really pretty”
and u blushed and covered yourself w ur arms
and he was like No >:( ur gorgeous and took your hands in his
and kissed them and kissed your arm all the way up to ur face
and he kissed your cheeks and was like these cheeks are so cute
and kissed ur nose and was like i love your nose
and then ur lips
and he didn’t have to say anything for you to know he loved your lips just as much as he loved your everything else
Tumblr media
okay if i thought hongjoong was obsessed .
wooyoung is a whole other story
as soon as u step into the room ur the only one that matters
he would stop answering the boys
he would only be looking at you
trying his best to make u laugh it works
bc he loves the way your face lights up when u smile
and how your body shakes when u laugh
and he loves talking to u
abt anything and everything
so he becomes your very best friend
and when u get comfortable to share your insecurities with him he gets so sad and mad
he gets so ANGERY
and one day ur ranting to him about something SOME DUMB ASS BOY said to u in class
and ur like 😳 “y-your baby?”
and he’s like oh fuck fuck fuck fuck
he starts to apologize and ramble
and u just giggle
he’s like ??????
and ur like “i’ll be your baby wooyoungie”
“if you’ll be mine too”
he runs up to u and picks u up and spins u around and he kisses u and he’s like MY BABY
“dats ma baby and aint nobody finna touch em”
^^ that’s what he’s like w u
and he’s so happy youre his and he’s yours
cuz now he gets all your curves to himself hehehehehehehehehe
Tumblr media
jongho is such a softie
especially for u
he melts everytime he sees your soft skin and your pretty face
he tries really hard to be all tuff around u
but it never pans out
bc he’s so in luv w how pretty you are
in his mind u are the most perfect person ever
he lets u vent to him abt anything
he likes to talk to u abt everything
deep or not
and one day you’re like “hey jongho, i’ve never heard u talk abt a girl before”
and he goes all blushy and is like ha ha i uh i guess u haven’t
and u ask if he has a crush
and he goes even redder
and ur like “U DO OMG TELL KE ABT HER”
sooooo he does
“well she really pretty and has such a kind heart and beautiful eyes and an amazing smile and the prettiest curves i’ve been talking to her for a while and she makes me so happy”
“she’s so gorgeous but she doesn’t think so and it makes me really angry i just wanna tell her she’s beautiful”
and ur like “awww just tell her then! she’ll love hearing that from you” oblivious mf
so jongho sits up straight and looks u right in the eyes and says “ok then. you’re beautiful y/n”
you’re eyes go wide and u open ur mouth to say smth but nothing comes out
so u just hug him
and he wraps his arms around u and says “it’s true, you’re so beautiful”
and u just hug him tighter
and the night is perfect :,)
and he’s perfect
and he’s so grateful u asked him that question
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sinkix · a year ago
Haikyuu!!│Boys going grocery shopping w/ you! HC’s│Ft. Bokuto, Nishinoya, Terushima, Kuroo & Kunimi
I had this late night idea and just HAD to follow through, the chaos would be O F F T H E C H A R T S. Thank you to @deathcab4daddy​ for helping me brainstorm some good characters for this post lmao I love you bby and can’t wait to do a collab. <3
E N J O Y ~ 
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Tumblr media
“(Y/N) we need this” 
“Bokuto we do not need a 7th jar of peanut butter.”
 “But (Y/N) it has a squirrel on the front-”
Tries to drift on the edge of the cart like something straight outta CSGO and the cart nearly obliterates under his weight.
V e r y l o u d u n e c c e s s a r i l y.
Everyone always stares at y’all when you’re going through the isles bc ur literally escorting a man-child sprawled in a shopping cart who’s going “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” at everything he sees like he’s a toddler at the zoo who’s never encountered a chimpanzee before.
Unless you have a bottomless bank account do NOT take him shopping of any kind he is LETHAL.
When you’re at the check-out he turns it into a basketball competition and tries to launch everything perfectly on to the conveyor belt.
Volleyball player? Nah this sis with the NBA now.
Do not ask him to go get something, he will return with at least 9 items you didn’t need and everything BUT the item you requested
He turned up with a whole ass pineapple, a jar of jam, a stick of butter and a bottle of olive oil.
Like,,,where is the correlation in those items???
Once made the mistake of asking him to grab some pads from the hygiene section and specified it HAD to be with wings
Boy showed up ten minutes later and looking very confuzzled.
You questioned why he has a pack of wingless pads in one hand and a can of red bull in the other.
He said it’s because they didn’t have any with wings so he figured the Redbull would suffice and do the job for you.
Tumblr media
Can literally fit him in the little cart seat made for kids and he LOVES it lmaoooo IT’S SO CUTE MY HEART.
Ppl give you such weird looks though bc you have a guy who’s at least 14 years older than the intended demographic sitting there and raising his hands in elation over you copping a cookie dough pie and chucking it in.
Again, another who is VERY LOUD FOR NO REASON AT ALL.
Get’s out of the cart after a while bc his legs be growing numb and begins roaming around.
Someone came back with a feral Noya in hand stating “Is this your child” WNDKJWEFNWJEF.
Was salty about it for the rest of the day.
Just ruffle his hair and call him Senpai 
Problem solved.
Picks up tons of exotic fruit that look more like plastic or fuzzy poisonous plants and begs you to get them.
“Noya what the fuck is that.”
“...a Pitaya.”
“Can we get it-”
Last time you bought some strange fruit he took it to practise and got Tanaka to spike it LMAOOO
He begged you to no longer allow Noya to purchase weird fruits from then on since he is like a child with a nerf gun.
He once picked up a phat wrinkly purple fruit and turned to you asking if it was an overgrown raisin.
“Noya sweetie that’s a Date.”
My boy out here defending Asahi even in the Grocery Isles.
We stan a loyal king.
Tumblr media
Another one who tries to stand on the ledge and the cart wheels almost collapse because it wasn’t designed to hold the weight of a young adult.
Oh young adult??? Sorry I mean’t MAN CHILD.
He treats a shopping experience as a time to practise his aim apparently because he ALWAYS THROWS SHIT AT YOU TO THE POINT YOU’RE THREATENED TO BE KICKED OUT.
Definitely picks up phallic looking objects and places them against his crotch, snorting and saying “Like what you see (Y/N)?”
Homeboy is stood there in front of a wife and child presenting his cucumber appendage for the world to see.
He once grabbed a pair of fat ass melons and pressed them against his chest, shaking them and belting the lyrics to ‘My Milkshake’ while begging you to SQUEEZE HIS MELONS.
“Look (Y/N) they’re bigger than yours!”
I just- 
I give up.
Constantly tries to sneak mutli-packs of energy drinks into the cart to the point you’re convinced he is going to keel over from heart failure and kidney stones by the age of 20.
Has his airpods in 90% of the time and treats the isles as his personal dance floor.
He busting them MOVES and performing the MJ moonwalk while in the dairy section.
He was DEAD silent the rest of the trip.
Probably the most serene shopping experience you’ve had to date.
The checkout clerks occasionally hit on Mr. Sore-Ass over here.
Until he opens his mouth and they realise he’s a total dolt and question how you have the patience for him.
You don’t know either honestly.
The whole bagging experience is spent with them shooting you sympathetic glances as if to say ‘sis you shoulda’ left him at home’.
Yes, yes you should have.
Never a dull moment with Teru as your shopping partner.
Tumblr media
Frequently cracks lame-ass food puns or dad jokes that make you want to crawl into a hole and die.
You have competitions on who can come up with the most and the loser always faces a penalty.
Kuroo and creating penalties do NOT mix safely so you better hope you win.
“I love you a waffle lot.” 
Proceeds to hold up a wrapped waffle.
Ok that one was kinda cute you’ll let it slide.
“I ap-peach-iate you Kuroo.”
Cue HyenaLaugh.mp3
“Want a pizza me baby? Bitch peas, doughnut take me lightly.”
You changed your mind.
You didn’t talk to him the duration of that shopping experience, no penalty could be as horrifying as what just came out of his mouth.
“(Y/N)... sometimes I feel like you don’t carrot all.”
You slapped him with said carrot and obviously had to pay for it after.
You forced him to eat it raw.
He is the definition of Neutral disaster when you go shopping.
Shitty food puns aside, he is actually very responsible when making sure you both get what you need.
Not without tons of poking, prodding, and blowing into your ear while you’re trying to decide what ingredients to buy for dinner.
You contemplated serving him a plate of bubbling snot and moulded broccoli seasoned with rosemary.
Bone apple teeth, bitch.
Ofc you didn’t because he always pulls out the puppy eyes and cuddles card after since he knows he’s well and truly rattled your patience lmao.
Actually picks really healthy food options?? Being the captain of a team he has the responsibility of keeping his health in top condition and leading by example so at least he knows the right ingredients to make a bomb-ass and nutritious meal ig.
Y’all always bicker and tease each other at the checkout which is usually great amusement for the clerk serving you as they often smirk and perceive you as an old married couple.
Which tbh you kinda are, it feels like it at least.
Still such a big asshole though lmao you never leave the store without your sanity being scathed.
Tumblr media
Honestly just wanted an excuse to make jokes at the expense of the Aoba Johsai teammates.
and what better candidate for cracking these than Kunimi.
He’s a very chill partner to have tag along with you on your endeavours.
Not without some grumbling and groaning on his part though, lazy bitch.
You always finish shopping trips with a busted lung at how much you have been laughing though with some of the SHADY ASS REMARKS HE MAKES ABOUT THE OTHER TEAM MATES.
You were outside the store when you both spotted an angry looking Doberman tied to a nearby post.
“Smh who let Kyotani outside again.”
You hadn’t even set foot in the store yet and he was already spitting flaming insults.
[Walking up to the automatic double doors]
“Damn Oikawa move out of my way.”
Oikawa just tryna live and he keeps getting roasted for his flat cheeks 
Ten minutes of scouring the store later he picks up a spikey Kiwano and compares it to Iwaizumi’s hair.
Proceeds to beg you not to tell my boy Iwa because he KNOWS he will get decked to the gym floor.
Passers by often wonder why you’re wheezing and producing noises like a boiling kettle.
When I tell you no one is safe, I mean N O O N E.
“These Yule logs really out here looking like Matsukawa’s brows.”
The finisher was when Kunimi picked up a turnip and said 
“Huh, kinda looks like Kindaichi.”
I just-
He could roast a whole chicken in minutes from the burn of these comments I stg.
You can now never look at the Seijou team without various foods or inanimate objects plaguing your thoughts.
Thanks, Kunimi.
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milkacchan · a year ago
Request for anon: Ah!! My bad!! Didn't know you couldn't write controversial stuff!! I'll be happy to resend the ask!))May I have Enji, Bakugo, and Deku with a very punk S/O?-Anarchy anon
• He thinks its very entertaining.
• V e r y
• He likes what you wear 🥺🥺
• He thinks they suit you
• they match your skin
• and your body
• thigh highs?? Yes.
• skirts??? He loves it
• tight jeans?? Baby pop the duck off
• studded collar? Y e s
• all your bracelets? Shits dope as duck
• Listen I know his parents literally work in fashion- but he did not inherit the genes needed to be good at it
• so you're gonna have to help hi
• and your make up blows him away
• You teach him how to do eyeliner
• bc we all know he abuses the power
• so you sit him down and you show him how you do yours
• and then you give him an extra eyeliner pen and he copies each step
• Now his eyeliner is sharp as fuck
• its great
• he'll help you dye your hair
• which you love because the feeling of him playing with you hair or running his fingers through it to even out the dyed strands feels like heaven
• you've fallen asleep from it before
• he thinks its funny
• bc here you are
• big scary punk babe
• falling asleep bc he's playing w your fucking hair
• There just this ion give a fuck attitude that punks have
• and he lives for it
• except when it comes to school
• or anything else productive
• so basically just when you're dealing with other people
• bc he's absolutely on your ass about grades
• he'll come w you to get new piercings
• stick n pokes are a no go tho
• seriously he'll flip lmaoo
• Bro you and Dekj are literally the opposite
• he's ✨🧚‍♀️🥰😍💋💫❣❣
• a fucking bottom
• and youre 🤬👺😈💢♠️⛓💉🩸🗡
• its very amusing to see a babey decked out in black and blue and purple with crazy fucking hair, screamjng profanities at some bitch who had the misfortune of messing w ur bf
• and then a broccoli boy w green hair panicked and trying to pull you away from the fight
• :)
• he's enamored with your makeup tho
• heavy eyeliner?? Yes
• blush??? Yes.
• eyeliner in places thats not your fucking eye? Yes.
• Black lipstick? Yes.
• Babey wants to try and to it 🥺
• its harder than he thinks
• he's looking at the best he just made on your eyelids and he's like 😓
• he likes to try on your jewelry too!!
• just chill with it throughout the day
• like he'll walk into class one day wearing your spiked choker and no one bats an eye
• bc they just know
• its a deku thing
• or he'll come in wearing your cool hand chain things on days they don't have to train
• or your bracelets!
• also?? He sees your coping method of piercings
• and that you do them yourself
• and he'll watch as you do it like 🥰🥰
• he'll make sure its all safe tho!!!
• just because you're punk doesn't mean you can't be safe!!!!
• he likes to see all your cool pins :(
• he'll steal those too
• @ arthur making a fist meme pin
• your favorite one
• n your like sir??????
• whomst??
• you can't take it from him tho 😔
• he's just too cute and he'd be sad if you took it
• he'll sometimes pick your outfit to go out
• or he'll have you style something he can wear so he looks 😤😤 too
• and its a vibe
• You'd never think
• THE Enji Todoroki
• would end up
• w someone
• like
• you
• He's a very composed man
• He dresses well, expensive designer brands
• he's always put together and well-mannered (for the most part)
• and then there's you
• the fucking gremlin from hell that runs on caffeine and energy drinks that looks like a hottopic advertisement
• Its awesome tbh
• Shouto LOVES you
• Bc you're in your late 20's- Early 30's and you fr just living not giving a shit
• Not acting like his mother
• knowing you have like 0 authority over him
• just fucking vibing
• And somehow you managed to snag his dad??
• youre the embodiment of ill marry your date and make you my stepson bitch
• he's like yo, I see you
• Enji lowkey (highkey he just doesn't think its obvious) finds it hot
• that you dress the way you too
• and your attitude
• it just does things to him
• he just really really likes the vibe
• theres an excitement of finally just letting go and saying fuck it after a long day of being composed
• and it appeals to him
• I feel like lowkey part of the punk vibe is making/thrifting/mismatching clothes and just good hard as fuck
• like
• I got these pants from Walmart, this shirt from 7/11 that I cut up and I found these shoes behind the dumpster of an Arby's so here we fucking go
• so when he buys you fancy and expensive punk shit you're like 😤😤😤
• but also like 👁👁
• bc get that bread sis
• mans just watches you kill your hair with bleach and hair dye
• "Would you like me to call and schedule and appointment with Fuyumis hair stylist?" He asks with confusion
"No!! We're fucking shit up is what we're doing. We HAVE to do it this way!!!!"
"Okay, would you like help? I can try the best I'm able to,"
"Aw bby, help is for the week."
• you end up needing help to get the back lmaoooo
• you do your own haircuts
• bc like I said
• fucking shit up
• thats the vibe
• m u l l e t
• or you know the girls that cut lil bits of their hair so short it looks like lil horns??
• please do that
• I promise he'll get rlly soft about it
• "I believe it suits you," he'll say softly, running his fingers through the ends of your hair
"Thanks, I fucked it up and went for it."
• he tends not to curse as much
• so
• :)
• you'll curse for him
• some shit goes wrong? You're right next to him?
• get ready for the storm bb
• "oh you mother fucking cu-"
• he honestly doesn't mind the mouth
• bc like I said before
• its refreshing for him to know he can come home and not be expected to be composed
• He will absolutely be willing to pay for whatever tattoos you want
• and honestly just take him up on it bc tattoos are expensive like
• 3 letters is like 150 bruh
• but!! Piercings are done at home!
• unless they're in your mouth :)
• tongue piercing or that peircing above your teeth
• he won't let you do shit like that at home
• when you did get them he helped you take care of them
• but esr piercings are free game
• overall he's very very supportive in the way you dress and act all around• he really doesn't mind at all
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traumereis · a year ago
chiaki, rei, koga, mika + crush headcanons
anonymous asked: hey!!! can i get crush + kissing hcs for izumi, mika, rei, chiaki and koga (enstars)? thank u!
ive pretty much done crush hcs for izumi so i left him out of here!! ପ( ᵔ ༝ ᵔ )ଓ i ended up leaving out the kiss headcanons bc i thought writing for both would make the post too long plus, i just found crush headcanons easier to write?? if u want kiss hcs too feel free to send in another req!! ꒰◍ᐡᐤᐡ◍꒱ aah anyway i hope u enjoy!! these r some Very Good Boys (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)୨ ♡
chiaki morisawa
oooh bitch when chiaki gets a crush everybody knows it, he’s not subtle at all. his default mode is loud and affectionate, but it gets 10x more intense around you. everyone in a 10ft radius notices how his eyes light up and his cheeks turn a cute shade of pink when he notices and greets you.
tries to find every excuse to talk to you, initiating conversation when he bumps into you in the halls or when you line up next to each other at the school cafeteria. it’s very obvious how he’s practically dying for the chance to talk to you, he really likes conversation…! he’ll get super happy if the conversation gets directed to something hes passionate about, like tokusatsu or ryuseitai.
tries to get you invested in his hobbies and interests as well!! will try to convert you to the wonders of tokusatsu tv if youre not into it already. if you do genuinely get interested and agree to watch some tv, play some basketball, etc, chiaki will be wildly excited, talking your ear off abt his fav episodes or whatever, just mega excited to get his crush who he loves involved with the hobbies he loves!!
he looooves it when you support him and come along to watch him at basketball games or ryuseitai shows! the only problem is he literally. cannot take his eyes off of you. hes always looking over to see if youre smiling, youre interested, youre paying attention to him, no matter what midori is always the one who has to drag chiaki back down to reality and stop simping for 5 minutes. i want to date chiaki morisawa. everyone wants to date chiaki morisawa.
rei sakuma
old man,,, hes very much someone who enjoys love and having crushes, finds theres something thrilling in the way his cheeks get red and butterflies fill his stomach at the thought of you. honestly if he wanted to rei could conceal his crush, but he doesnt, he likes how obvious his affections are to everyone
a lil bit clingy… scratch that, very clingy. the moment rei realises his crush, you have yourself an affectionate vampire basically hanging off you and trying to get your attention at every moment. kaoru is sighing and complaining how rei’s behaviour isn’t how you get someone’s attention, but he doesn’t stop, and continues to play innocent to keep you focusing on him. protip: rei looks like a cat when you give him affection
the dead giveaway of rei’s crush to others is how obedient he is. if you asked it of him, he’d start attending class, showing up and taking notes. he’d even take his own initiative and try to appear more assertive and diligent. of course, he does know his old man vampire act is charming, but maybe to win your heart he’d need to show what type of a leader he can be…? nobody’s complaining, though. a helpful rei is a good rei
disaster man tbh his flirting style is so ridiculously cryptic and hes just such a teasing person in general that you have no idea when he is flirting, when he isnt, when hes making a joke, when hes being serious… HELP reis intentions can be very hard to understand to the point where even those close to him are like “idk fam i cant help you”
koga oogami
tsundere this man is a TSUNDERE!!!!! lord help us all 😔 koga is in a ridiculous amount of denial abt his crush no matter how painfully obvious he makes it and how many times it gets pointed out to him. his crush is crystal clear, what with how he’ll go from being a bristly and short tempered wolf to what’s basically a cute and doting puppy around you.
his aggressive personality just kinda,,, melts away ?? what might usually have him baring teeth and complaining, he’s just very mild over... one time you accidentally spilt some food onto him, and instead of getting mad he just gently asked if you were ok and said not to worry (kaoru voice: i stared at koga 3 seconds too long last week and he tried to throw hands what the fuCK)
yea mans not slick. he knows he has a crush, everybody else knows he has a crush, but koga will NOT admit to it. it becomes yumenosakis pet project, getting you and koga together, and everyone— especially undead and the aoi twins— gets involved with helping out kogas helpless ass. kogas crush is so entertaining to everyone even eichi wants to help with the chaos, to which keito has to interfere and tell him to get out before he causes some damage.
the no.1 way of telling just how whipped he is how you spend time with leon. koga is just staring and smiling as you laugh and play with the dog, all too happy to let you dote on the corgi and give leon all the affection in the world. the only time he’d protest it is when he gets jealous and wants affection for himself.
mika kagehira
mika,,, baby,,, GOD he has no idea how to handle crushes. love is just a very murky territory for him in general and theres a lot he doesnt know about or know how to navigate, so he becomes kind of a mess when he starts to figure out that he may be feeling more than friendship for you.
he tries to show affection in a very clumsy and earnest way! offers you cheap candy via flustered, quiet words, inviting you on a shopping trip or to a valkyrie practice session (if oshi-san relents and approves), trying to awkwardly ask if you can sit with him at lunch and you two can eat together.
consults magazines and online websites for love advice. if he’s at arashi’s house and she’s busy applying a face mask or some makeup product, he’ll entertain himself by fishing out some girly magazines and looking to the back for the love column. if he remembers to keep his phone on him, then he’ll probably end up googling shit like “my crush laughed at my joke but it was shorter than the last time they laughed at my joke what does this mean” after every interaction.
tries to help out his crush by doing stuff like helping them on grocery runs by carrying the bags and giving advice on what items to get (he does the grocerry shopping for the itsuki household too), or offering to help with study sessions for upcoming tests (he isn’t great at them, and promptly stops offering when he realises he’s just revealing how bad he is at learning school stuff, unless you insist you like them because of the time you spend together with him).
he tries to let you know how much you mean to him via clumsy words. mika isn’t good at verbal displays of affection and he can get shy pretty easily, but when he’s feeling confident he’ll try to verbalise his affections and make it clear that you mean a lot to him.
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fukurodaze · a year ago
can i have (timeskip?) kuroo with a fem! s/o who is a sophisticated introvert that intimidates people because she doesn't smile or talk much but when she's with friends she's actually really nice, funny and outgoing, and she has really good fashion sense? (i'm sorry if this is too specific lmao you can ignore this i'm just yearning for kuroo HAHAHAHA)
Tumblr media
this is so funny because this dynamic is literally THE cutest
so you know how kuroo works in pr right so this is The Office Romance Of The Century
the meeting <3
so kuroo works on the ninth floor and you work on the twentieth floor
though you guys work in different departments, you guys are both around the same age so you guys kind of have the same workloads because yall are still starting
different departments eventually do have different schedules, but as newbies you guys kind of follow one (1) basic timetable that is really just 9 to 5
one thing you never expected about the office: good ass food.... like you thought the bread at your school canteen was good? wait till you find the sandwiches on the fourth floor
and since you quite literally have no friends in this big ass building and there aren’t many co-workers who are your age you kind of hold onto the nice yakiniku sandwiches on the fourth floor
it gets rough in a new workplace for the first time ://
so the sandwiches become your routine - around 5-6pm, you’re coming down a whole sixteen floors otw home but also to get that nice thick yakiniku sandwich
guess who else comes? 
despite telling himself that he’s really easing into the work life well because his senpais tell him he’s smart, he really doesn’t know anyone
he also finds it weird asking his co-workers to drink as he feels like they should be the ones inviting him so he ends up just chillin it out with some surprisingly good sandwiches downstairs
he likes the chicken ones bc they’re just so nice n crispy yay
he kinda feels shit about it sometimes but thats just how it is huh... corporate work... no friends... and all the rest of his friends r like in other places... yeah
ay but at least he finds this cute girl ordering the same thing over and over again at the same time he’s there
he ignores it at first but you know the saying that the more you see someone the more likely they become more attractive in your eyes?
yeah... that’s kuroo @ u...
and usually he’s doesn’t really pay no mind to people who just do their own business
but your fits r just too cool for this workplace... like mans has been coming to work with suits and youre out here with some combo streetwear power suit... sometimes u wear the highest heels and sometimes you wear the chunkiest sneakers but still manage to look so sleek n sophisticated like 24/7
could it be... he finds you... attractive??? even though you don’t smile much?
kuroo doesn’t stall, so he just goes “i like your style”
my my... you love hearing that dont’cha
but u were like “thanks” 😐
he’s like sheesh
and as he’s about to leave you ask, “what department do you work in?”
kuroo does a double take and is like “um... PR...?” he literally looks over his shoulder to see if you’re talking to anyone else because yo... is this you showing interest???
spoiler alert this is the introduction to his chapter in your love life <3
look it’s not hard for kuroo to get along with quieter people because he used to be siiiiilent, and he’s also grown up with kenma, who was much more introverted throughout middle school and high school
god, you felt so comfortable
and he was SO hot.... WTF
but yeah you’re always like 😐 but make it chic because your fits r fire and your eyeliner SLAYS
this may or may not have turned into a little date at the bar nearby
yes the sandwiches are good but you know what’s even better? drinking some good food in tokyo as Official Employees of the Japanese Volleyball Association
this night was pretty flirty, what can u expect... compliment here, hand brush there, cute laughs n chuckles everywhere
hahaha when kuroo saw you laugh and get super talkative... is that a turn on or what... youre also like funny too??? oh cmon...
safe to say you said yes when he asked you out again, and he swears he would do anything to see you laugh again 🥰
and yes, he does see that laugh again. a lot of times, actually.
the relationship <3
first off: he likes seeing u all professional... good food 
second: him in a suit??? yessir. him making connections??? YESSIR
you guys end up hanging around a lot with each other at the office even when you’re busy. and yknow, since it’s the honeymoon phase, might as well sneak a kiss. or a lot of kisses.
people get so surprised when this happens at first, since theyre like... why r they both disappearing 24/7... they cant be going together bc hes... kuroo... and you’re... you... aren’t you guys are supposed to be DIFFERENT??
he always goes heart eyes for u even though it seems like you’re always shooting daggers at him from everyone else’s pov
eventually, as you two get more comfy with each other and spend more time, you find yourself at his place like 4 days out of 7... his place is closer to the office anyways so it’s just convenient especially when you’re busy with your department when kuroo isn’t, and it demands later nights and earlier mornings
when BOTH of you are busy... expect stress makeouts in the kitchen
the way yall would shower together not because of sexy vibes but because yall both overslept and literally have no time 😭
but that doesn’t mean yall dont enjoy it!! u think he’s hot, he thinks you’re hot, works well (you two still end up arriving late)
eventually people see how you guys walk to work together in the mornings a lot... and go home together a lot... and drink at bars together...
and they’re like holy fuck how did kuroo snatch her... like other than the fact that he’s hot... she literally doesn’t smile and is so scary
the sandwiches on floor four have become breakfast burritos because none of yall go home at 5 all that often anymore
but on a lucky day where destiny aligns itself with the stars and time and the volleyball league you’re lucky to get a yakiniku. or maybe chicken.
you guys influence each other, and it’s so funny seeing kuroo come in with some more colourful suits after you told him to experiment with colour
the other people at work r like: kuroo ur gf controls u
kuroo’s like yeah she’s like powerful huh 😏
you kind of laugh it all off, since now you have your own friends at work too, and so does kuroo
they surprisingly ask a lot about your relationship... and though you would like to brag about your very good boyfriend, you keep it pretty vague
you do like to talk about important days though, like anniversaries
but being with kuroo has genuinely made you more comfy in the workplace even though yall are in different departments
you love hearing kuroo’s stories about his co-workers, and you wondered if you could kind of have those kinds of relationships with your co-workers too
your closest co-workers have always been kind to you, albeit intimidated at first
but they’re great shopping buddies, great listeners, and great gossips <3
you normally wouldn’t care about gossip but it’s fun to laugh about sometimes when you’re getting ready for bed and he’s like “by the way... have you heard of [person A] doing ... ” on call
and you’re like oh yeah, actually i have
even he’s surprised at first because you seem like that cool introverted employee but you do have your fits of laughter and bouts of humour
you guys become more comfy with your jobs, and before you know it, a year has passed
you’ve moved in lol
kuroo’s just 100% heart eyes for u pls
the vibes you guys are as a couple?? immaculate. everyone looks at yall like holy fuck. opposites attract and it’s HOT
and it’s so good because you guys know each other so well, from personalities to bodies to work
when you’re on a low, he holds you close and tells you such sweet things, but makes sure to give you space
when he’s on a low, you make sure to talk to him to take him off of his thoughts, to reassure him
kuroo kind of realises he’s actually... like REALLY in love with you and it just hits him a week before christmas when he looks into his cupboard and hates how it’s so messy but ends up swooning 😭
so the next day LIKE FIRST THING IN THE MORNING he’s like “hi. im renting a car. and i am in love with you. do you wanna go on a christmas trip together?”
you don’t even react when he says that... it’s just two seconds of silence and then “okay. i’m in love with you too.”
he’s like “cool. cool.”
proceeds to smother ur lipstick when he kisses u right after work... 
but u love him anyway 🥰
and in that trip... just you two in a strange place together... with nobody else...
he sees you with him for a long, long time
and honestly, with the feeling of his hand in yours, you don’t think you’ll be going anywhere either.
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fucking-greywater · a year ago
postcards from italy - bill denbrough
warning(s) : eighteen! bill denbrough, smut, cute fluffy smut though, some cursing
words : 4.7k
authors note : this was so fucking cute to write i am such a simp for bill adkfkjsnfaewu. the beginning is a lil rough bc i wrote all that in my little writers block slump, and then the middle and ending is me writing totally out of my slump and you can kinda tel adflaudfkjnsd but whatever its fine i love this
request :
i have a smut request because i'm a horni lil bitch. okay so, y/n and bill have been dating for a bit, and both want to be each other's first time. but every time bill tried to set it up and plan it out, it doesn't work. but one day it just happens and it's really good for the both of them because they aren't trying too hard to make it perfect, and it's just all about them. aka just a really fluffy and cute bill smut 🥺.
you were laying your head on bill’s lap when you got the idea.
“bill?” you asked, watching his face come back out of his thoughts and look back down at you. you two were seated on his bed, supposed to be watching a movie but neither of you two were very interested. 
“what’s uh-up y/n?” bill asked you, running a hand through your hair softly. you blushed, immediately realizing what you were going to ask him may sound weird, maybe almost forced in a way. but you wanted to get the idea out.
you bit your lip. “what do you think about sex?”
you saw him blush, cheeks burning red as they puffed out. he gave you a sheepish smile. “sex is . . . nice?”
“I mean, what do you think about sex with me?” 
bill’s eyes found yours, looking down at you with the same adoration that he always did. you knew that he loved you, and you loved him. you two had been together for almost four years now, and you two still hadn’t had sex. it wasn’t that you guys had actively avoided sex, it just hasn’t happened yet. and now you two were seniors, going to graduate soon. you wanted to have your first time’s together. after all, shouldn’t it be with someone you trust with all your heart?
“that wuh-would be g-good,” bill said, not really knowing what to say. “I do love you a lot y/n.”
you smiled, reaching to grab his hand that was still playing with your hair. you entangled your fingers together with his. “you’d do it with me?”
“of c-course. i mean, who else would i want to have my first time with?” he said, a little laugh falling out of his lips. you laughed to, sitting up from his lap so that your face was eye level with his. you kissed his cheek. 
an awkward silence fell between both of you and bill stopped it by saying, “do you want to . . . r-right now?” it was a half joke half not, since he didn’t exactly know what you wanted in terms of how it was going to go down. 
you shook your head. “god no. your parents are right downstairs. they could come in any second.”
“we should make it romantic, ya know? like plan it out,” you suggested. 
to your suprise, he nodded eagerly. “l-leave it to me-me y/n, i got th-this.”
bill had you blindfolded. 
and not in the good way. 
more like in the way that you had no idea what the hell he was leading you to or where you were exactly going. all you knew was that you were walking into his house, since he had called you and told you to come over at this exact time. you assumed that this was going to be what he planned for you two’s first times, so you hoped that all of this secrecy really payed off in the end. 
“my-my parents are staying at my grandmas,” bill mentioned, pulling you by the hand as you stepped inside the house. he pulled you into what you knew was the living room, and he finally got around you and pushed the blindfold off your eyes so you could see. 
he had moved the couches away and laid down a blanket with pillows all around it. the fireplace was going and there were a few candles lit here and there to set the mood. it was such a cute and romantic gesture, you couldn’t help but smile. 
this would probably be the sweetest thing that bill has ever done for you, and that was saying a lot, since he was literally always doing things to make you happy and feel loved.
you turned around and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him into a tight hug. “all for me?” you asked him, pulling away and looking into his beautiful green eyes. 
“all fuh-for you.”
he leaned in and kissed you, your eyes closed upon the contact. he stepped forward, still kissing you, while you stepped backwards and he got you two close to the makeshift bed on the floor he had made. you two pulled away for a moment so you could lay down, his body following yours and laying on top of you. 
your hands entangled in his hair, strands in between your fingers as his hands ran up and down your sides. it was a slow, passionate kiss. each of you were putting all of your love into it. 
bill pulled away just a little bit, a smile never leaving his face. he sat up a tiny bit, his hands reaching the ends of his shirt as if he was going to pull it off.
but before bill got the chance to, the door to his house was opening, and you heard two familiar voices emerge. bill groaned and rolled off of you, joining you in sitting up on your elbows, watching to see them appear. 
it was richie and eddie, both walked in to see the setup bill had made with wide eyes.
“woah, what’s going on here?” richie asked, a suggestive smirk on his face as he motioned to the setup. you groaned, avoiding their gazes and standing up. eddie was in a laughing fit, bubbly laughs filling up the entire room. richie smirked again, picking up one of the candles and blowing it out. “sorry, didn’t think we would walk into something like this.”
“what are y-you even do-doing here?” bill asked. 
eddie shrugged, finally composing himself. “we heard that your parents are out and thought that you’d like to hang out.”
“and you didn’t c-call first-t?”
richie laughed, reaching over and grabbing the package of condoms that was laying next to the makeshift bed. “nope. but we definitely will next time,” he said. you looked and said a little oh god and put your hands on your face. this was the worst thing that has possibly ever happened to you. they would never let you two live this down.
two days after the incident with richie and eddie, you and bill were sitting at the quarry in the groups usual spot. only it was just you and bill there sitting on two seperate towels, soaking up the sun. 
you laid down with your stomach facing the sun, sighing and feeling the warmth that the sun provided. it was a really nice day outside. 
right as you were about to turn around so that you could tan your back, you felt lips pepper against your jaw. you opened your eyes and pushed your sunglasses up into your hair, seeing bill’s face close to yours. 
“hi,” you said with a tiny laugh. 
“hi,” he replied, kissing you deeply. 
you sat up still kissing him, pushing him onto his back while you straddled him. his eyes widened at the sudden position change, but there was no way in hell that he was going to stop you from doing it. he liked it, you taking charge was hot and he knew that you liked telling him what to do from time to time. it made a tinge of excitement reach down towards his dick. 
your hands worked their way down to him, palming him through his swimtrunks and then teasingly coming back up to squeeze at his sides. you were such a good tease that it drove him crazy. your hands went down and stayed down, pushing past his swim trunks and starting to give him a handjob. your soft hands drove him crazy and felt so much better than his own did, not that he did it often, but he was an eighteen year old boy with needs.
“yeah, the quarry looks amazing today. there’s probably so many fish out there to catch.”
you gasped, pulling your hands off of him and looking up and around you guys. 
there was other people here.
you cursed yourself as you rolled off of bill. bill groaned out, trying to conceal his obvious hard on by flipping onto his back. there was usually never anyone there, no one came down here because it was dangerous. and now suddenly there was people down here to fish? right when you and bill were getting it on? it was unbelievable. some kind of cosmic joke in itself.
today would not be the day, sadly.
the next day you and bill were planning on going to the movies. they were having some old rerun of one of bill’s favorite old movies and he was going to drag you to them. you didn’t mind though. even though bill had a weird taste in movies, he always watched really good ones. and plus, it would be a little nice relaxing time for the two of you since you guys had tried to have sex. nothing was working out when you planned it, so you two decided that maybe you would need to try again in a week or so.
you opened the door to his house, not even bothering to knock because you knew that he was probably up in his room anyways and couldn’t hear the knocking on his door. closing the front door behind you, you stepped into the entryway and called out, “bill! you there?” 
“yeah! come on up, i’ll be ready in a second i’m just trying to find the money i’d put aside,” bill yelled down from his room. he always was the one to pay for dates, even if you insisted that you wanted to pay. he would just say no and pay before you even had the chance to pull your money out. it was sweet, you had to admit. 
you walked up the stairs of the denbrough’s house and walked into his room, seeing bill lean down and search through his nightstand’s drawer. he pulled out his wallet with a relieved sigh. “i always lose this thing,” he said, opening the wallet and pulling out his money, folding it and putting it into his pocket. bill walked over to you and put his hands into yours. “you ready?” 
you nodded. “but hold on a sec. i wanna do this first.” you stood on your tippy toes and kissed him, grasping onto his hands and holding them close to you. he hummed contently, tilting his head to deepen the kiss.
it was normal for the two of you to kiss. you guys kissed a whole lot in your relationship. but this was different. this kiss was more passionate in a way than the rest, more loving and needy. you thought that you were probably being crazy about the whole thing, that you were just making up the emotions you were feeling.
that was until bill took his hands out of yours and put them on your waist, nudging you to walk closer to his bed. he was definitely feeling it too, it wasn’t just you. this time it felt not at all forced and not at all like you were trying so hard. it felt right, like everything was in place. it was perfect.
your back pressed against the soft grey comforter of his bed, stomach filling with immense butterflies realizing what was finally happening. bill was someone you trusted, someone you loved greatly. you wouldn’t have your first time with anyone else, and you knew that bill felt the same way.
bill kissed you with such an intensity you would’ve thought that he was being dramatic or something, but no, he just loved you so so much and wanted to show you. he wanted to touch you, kiss every inch of your skin, and most of all : bill wanted you to feel how much he loved you. he was convinced that he would never be able to say it in words, there were only 26 letters in the english alphabet and as good as bill was at writing and stringing together beautiful paragraphs and sonatas, there was simply not enough letters and words in the entire world that would explain what he feels for you. 
he’s tried - possibly a hundred times to try and explain it. you have done the same. the closest that he has ever gotten to pinpointing how intensely in love he was with you was by calling you home. you were his home. he would always come back to you, you were his roots. his foundation. you made him feel safe. each of you trusted each other more than any other person in this world and that is beautiful.
many people over the years tried to tell you that it wouldn’t work. 
why are you going out with bill denbrough, y/n? your mother would ask. he’s just some stupid high school boy. 
but to you bill wasn’t this stupid high school boy. he was your friend turned lover, the leader of your wonderful group of friends. and although almost five years ago bill almost lead you and the other losers towards what you all believed at thirteen to be your impending doom in the sewers under derry, you trusted him. you loved him. sure, all the losers loved each other. it wasn’t uncommon for all of you to tell each other that you loved each other very much. but it wasn’t the way you loved bill. bill was yours, and you were his. 
his hands came to grip your sides, thumbs pressing against the soft fabric of your shirt. the contact caused a spark in your stomach, pulling the boy you loved even closer to you. your hands placed themselves on his shoulders, one of them snaking up so that it was caressing his cheek. soft skin under your fingertips made you shiver, feeling yourself get lost in the feeling of skin on skin contact. bill sighed into your mouth, his tongue sliding lazily into your mouth and swiping across yours. 
his hips rolled lazily against your own, not really intentional but more as a basic reflex. but the reaction that he got from you that made him realize that he should keep doing that. because the first time you felt his obvious hard on press against your core you were a blushing, almost moaning mess. you two had never been like this before. sure, there had been countless nights where you would make out for hours, kissing each others lips and necks. there was one time where you left his house with at least ten love marks peppered across your skin. this was different though, you two would see each other in each other’s entirety for the first time. and for what you hoped would just be the beginning. 
your hands went down his neck and chest, fingers dancing idly along the bottom fabric of his shirt, lightly pulling as if to ask can i take this off? he pulled away from you, only for just a moment, and nodded his head, watching you with excitement as you pulled the first piece of fabric off of the night. his shirt was replaced with each of your hands, exploring with your fingers as if they were kissing his toned chest. his lips were attached to yours again, since you two couldn’t stay away from each other for more than about ten seconds.
surprisingly, bill pulled away and looked down at your clothed chest, cheeks splaying a soft red tone. he didn’t have to say anything, you knew what he wanted. he wanted to see you, just like how you were seeing him now. giving him a bashful grin and taking your bottom lip in between your teeth, you nodded, grabbing his hands so that they were at the edge of your shirt. 
you arched your back up so that it would be easily to slide the shirt off of you, and it was. bill took no more time than necessary to pull it off, throwing it off the bed and into some unknown place in the room. a soft giggle left your lips and he smiled sheepishly, his hands returning to the same spot they had been on your sides before your shirt was off. instead he felt so much closer this time, his hands on your skin without any shirt over them. you reached behind you and unclasped your bra, sliding it off your shoulders and chest. there were a few times where he has slid his hands up your shirt before, but never off of you completely. 
at least not in this context. 
there were some points where bill has seen you with a swimsuit top and bottoms on at the quarry with your friends. you looked so damn good that bill thought he just might die. he couldn’t control himself that much that day, instead trying to talk to the boys like mike and eddie so that he wouldn’t look like a creeper staring at you. you were just too damn beautiful. 
just as beautiful as you looked here. 
in fact, bill thought that you would never not look beautiful to him.
“bill,” you said in a soft tone, hands coming up to rest on both of his cheeks, forcing him to look at you into your eyes. “you can touch me, you know.”
right. bill had been putting it off because he doesn’t want to do the wrong thing. what if he hurts you somehow? he didn’t know jack shit about touching a woman to make them feel good and now he wished that he had watched that stupid porn video that richie was trying to get him to watch a week ago. but then again you were y/n. he knew deep down you didn’t care how he touched you, only that it was him touching you and only him. 
you wanted no one else but bill denbrough. 
so bill tentatively put his palm on your left breast, the contact nearly knocking your breath out of you. his head ducked down and pressed a soft kiss to the crook of your neck in between your jaw and neck. it was that one spot that drove you a little crazy, and he knew this because of your countless make out sessions. 
his lips trailed down your neck, making a line with some spit all the way down to the valley of your breasts, where he hesitated for a moment. you weren’t impatient. if anything, you thought that it was cute that he was taking so much time and care with you. he made you feel so loved that it made your heart swell. your heartbeat picked up with every kiss that made its way across your skin. you swore that bill, being so close to your chest, could probably hear how much your heart was banging against your ribs. 
bill started up again, instead of his lips going down they went across to your right breast, kissing all the way up to your sensitive bud and taking extra time kissing at it. the soft moans that fell from your lips made it harder and harder for bill to concentrate. he could listen to those pretty noises you made forever. to know that he was the one that was making you feel so good and sigh in pleasure was the most addicting feeling in the whole world.
you were bill denbrough’s drug.
you wined out his name, softly and sweetly. that sent a shock right down his body, making the need, the want, even that much more intense. 
your hands came to his face to pull him away from his endless kisses and licks, looking into his beautiful green eyes. “i want you,” you said desperately. “please bill.”
you were basically begging for him at this point. if bill was much of a talker like richie was, he would’ve said holy fuck at your words. he knew that he would have those five words engraved in his mind for the rest of his life, nothing could be more perfect than this. 
you reached down and grabbed him in a soft way through his pants, making him groan out with no chances of even stopping it. it was so sudden and he was finally getting the attention that he so desperately needed. you palmed him through his pants, keeping your eyes on his face while you soaked him unknown pleasure. it was different when it was your hand instead of his hand. 
“i l-love y-y-you,” he stuttered out, eyes opening half lidded towards you. and he did, he really really did. there was no one, no woman he would ever love more than you. if you would stay with him forever he knew that he would never ever have the desire to touch or kiss another woman ever again. 
you smiled. “i love you too.” 
he swatted your hands away and pressed his lips against yours again, shifting and moving until his pants were off and went to start working on yours. both hands of each of you worked to get your pants off. once they were, his hands began sliding and touching the skin right above your panty line, dancing closer and closer . . .
your fingertips were softly digging into the skin on his back, egging him on. you would think that what you were doing would bring him some type of pain, but it didn’t. instead it made him even more needy. he wouldn’t even care if you were digging into him so much you made him bleed. 
bill dipped his hands under the waistband, a needy moan eliciting from your mouth into his when his fingers swiped against your wet folds. he was touching you, the one place that you had only dreamed of him going. you always wondered what this moment would feel like, where you would be and how you would feel during it. these were better than the countless wonders and fantasies, much better. 
a finger entered you and you moaned out with such intensity that bill watched you in awe, writhing under his touch while one finger slipped in and out of you. there was no question that you desired him, his finger slick with your arousal was enough to tell him that you were really ready for this. another finger made it’s way inside with not that much resistance, making your head throw back against the sheets, eyes screwed shut. 
bill could do this for hours. watch you come undone by just his fingers. he was sure of it. 
soon enough he was pulling his fingers out of you and taking an experimental lick at them, sighing in the taste. he’d definitely have to try going down on you sometime soon if you really tasted that good. bill moved away from your body and you felt yourself alone on the bed, hearing the familiar rustling of stuff on his desk. bill pushed away stray papers and let them fly onto the floor, that was the least of his worries at the moment. his hands reached for the gold package he had kept hidden from his parents for far too long, coming back to the edge of the bed and holding it up for you to see, which explained why he left. 
your hands reached out for him, wanting him near you again. he chuckled, shaking his head and pulling down his boxers, opening the small package and slipping the protection onto himself.. 
then he was back on top of you, and you were scared to admit that you were a little nervous. he must’ve sensed it though. there was a part of you that believed that bill knew you better than you knew yourself. he has picked up almost all of your routine, observed all your little habits and quirks for years on end. bill knew the fact you made for your emotions, and the face you were making now showed anxiety. 
“hey, it’s j-juh . . .” he paused for a moment to get his words together. “it’s j-just me-me. i’ll take c-c-care of you.” he pressed a kiss to your forehead, his own forehead replacing his lips afterwards so that you two were close to each other. your breathing was scattered, led on by the anxiety. beverly always told you that the first time hurt like a bitch, and you didn’t know if you were ready for the pain. 
he aligned himself and then pushed into you slowly, the painful yelp that came out of you scared him for a moment before pushing farther in. slowly but surely, he was buried to the hilt inside of you. there was a moment where he stilled inside of you, rubbing your face softly with his fingers as you tried so hard to get used to the feeling. it was an odd feeling, like something filling you up and making you whole. beverly was right about it hurting, though the longer bill stayed unmoving in you, the more you felt the urge to tell him to move. pain mixed with pleasure in the most exotic way. 
after another second or so, you said, “you can move now. i’m okay.” 
he gave you one last are you sure look and then did as you wished, pulling all the way out of you and pushing back in again. it didn’t hurt as much this time, it felt good in a way, the way that he went inside of you with ease. and the way that he was moaning. you were the tightest thing and bill felt himself get lost in that thought. 
you could feel this unknown pressure building from deep inside of you, the same pressure that you were starting to feel with his fingers only a couple minutes before. bill grabbed your hand, holding it against his while he thrusted in deeper than he had done before. that made a whole new feeling erupt in your stomach, making you moan against his neck where your head now rested in the crevice of his neck and shoulder. 
bill was also beginning to become more vocal, not even caring if it was embarrassing to be. each of you were taking advantage of the fact that his parents weren’t home from their family outing. 
this moment was so right with bill that it almost made you want to cry out in happiness. he was the love of your life, you’re sure of that. there was no other person in this world that could make you feel the same way that bill made you feel. and now that you two were finally joining together in what each of you considered to be the sacred act of making love, it only intensified your feelings. he was filling you up, making you feel whole. bill was your other half, your soulmate in this world. 
and that love he felt for you was beginning to make you get higher and higher towards your peak. breathless moans leaving your lips every second. there were some curses and his name as well, which really threw him towards the edge even closer than before. neither of you were going to last long, which was a given considering neither of you have ever done this before.
“i'm going to-” you sputtered out but were cut off by him saying, “me too.”
one last moans of each others names were enough to make both of you hit that high point, feeling that release that you two were desperately trying to reach. pleasure and euphoria coursed through your veins, your legs shaking as his thrusts ceased all together, each of your chests pressed against each others. you both breathed heavily, relishing in the last bits of your highs before the aches in each of your muscles appeared. your legs felt almost like jelly and bill’s arms ached from holding himself up above you for so long. it was worth it though, neither of you would regret any of it. 
bill rolled off of you and stood up throwing the condom away with the wrapper and pulling on his boxers, reaching over to give you his large shirt he had been wearing. bill then laid back down and helped you into the shirt, his arms wrapping around you the second you were clothed and laying with you, fingers playing with your hair. 
everything was perfect.
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woozisnoots · a year ago
eboy!joshua hong 
° pairing: joshua x emma reader ° word count: 1.1K ° genre: fluff ° warnings: none ° a/n: this is dedicated to my soulmate @haosvteen​​ i love you and you deserve the entire world 💞 there are mean people in this world but just know that joshua and i would never treat you like that eboy or not 🥺
Tumblr media
you and joshua were actually childhood friends
well kinda,,, not really
his family moved in across the street from your house
you help your mom bake cookies as a welcome gift and his parents are like
“wOW what a really nice neighborhood, don’t you think so joshy?”
...jOSHY ? ?
and then you notice there’s like a tiny guy hiding behind his mom’s legs
Tumblr media
he softly whispers “thank you”
but honestly you didn’t know if what was him or the fly that just passed your ear bc it was so q u i e t
he do be kinda cute tho ngl
after a couple days, your parents soon found out that you guys were going to the same elementary school together
so they conducted a parent meeting
and as a result:
all this happening while you and josh are sitting next to each other in the corner
staying like 5 feet apart
cuz like,,, you didn’t ask for this?
it’s like they were forcing you guys to be friends
when you have some of your o w n
big ‘hop off my d**k’ energy
it’s not like he tries to make an effort to talk to you either
(joshua shy boi uwu)
so that dynamic goes on for years until high school rolls around
you don’t really share any classes together cuz he’s in more advanced classes than you are
but like,,, you have photography with him? you need the credits okay
you don’t even have each other’s numbers bc what’s the point?
all those years joshua has stayed the same: quiet, timid, carefree in his own nature
(total gentleman vibes ya feel)
you’ve stayed relatively the same as well
your families regularly meet at least once every week or so
while your parents chatted away, you and josh would speak little as 5 words to each other every time
sipping on your own drinks
sometimes his parents would ask josh to play the guitar
you were n e v e r gonna tell him this
but you secretly loved those moments bc he looked hella attractive
the day after you guys ate dinner together, you see josh walk in to your photography class
your day immediately went from
BECAUSE yesterday, he looked like this:
Tumblr media
TODAY, he walks in looking like THIS:
Tumblr media
w h a t the f u c k
there was no way josh converted into e b o y culture in less than 24 hours
class starts but you barely pay aNY attention
knowing you’re gonna have to face HIM sooner or later
wELL guess you had to face him NOW since your teacher just announced that you’d be in the same group as him for a photography project
you’re internally freaking out
he talks to the other girl that you guys are also grouped up with
and you notice he’s being,,, rather flirty
and now you have the sudden reflex to want to punch a wall?
like the josh you know talks to no girls
now he wants to suddenly wife up a random girl?
before you could do anything, josh starts walking towards you
but he just continues walking past you
and just says
“see you”
he probs gave that girl his phone number, address, date of birth, social security number
and you get a ‘see you’ ?
he didn’t add the ‘later’ after it like ??
what kind of gentleman behavior do you call this?
you do not get josh off your mind for the entireee day
half bc his transformation still has you shook af
and the other half is the fact that you are still furious
you might just give him a piece of your mind
so you go home and get ready to go over to his house
kinda nervous bc this is the first time going in voluntarily
but at the front of your house, josh is ALREADY there in his car
looking at you like t h i s:
Tumblr media
and you could have sworn you melted
you hear him unlock his car and say
“get in loser we’re going shopping”
(cue tik tok sound)
i’m sorry… LOSER?
you were flabbergasted and was about to refuse
ugh but the way he nudged his head to the side signaling for you to come sit next to him in the passenger sit
so you get in the car, he drives to the mall, and for some unknown reason he’s shopping for clothes
he says it’s for the photography project and you’re just like oh
Tumblr media
wait but that means
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you might combust
you guys go into this one store
josh grabs a few articles of clothing
some rings
and some c h a i n s
you denied him a beanie bc you said he looked better without one
wait did you just say that
he goes into the fitting room
and comes out
Tumblr media
“how do you like this look?”
“okay,, are you doing this to mess with me or are you being serious?”
as if things weren’t awkward enough
you just popped the cap off congratulations
“what if i am messing with you?”
what? :)
he did all this just make you look like a c l o w n
you hear laughter and footsteps coming your way towards the fitting room
you try and make your exist to save yourself from the uncomfortable atmosphere
but then josh grabs yours wrist and hauls into the fitting room with him
oh yes
you are in a fitting room with joshua hong
[you’re welcome]
your back hits against the wall while josh traps you by gently placing his hands just slightly next to the sides of your face
he leans in, close enough to whisper in your ear
“you know i’ve liked you since we were kids right? i guess you never noticed”
you couldn’t tell if it was what he said or his breathing that sent chills down your spine
“i’ll take note that you like the eboy look tho. didn’t know you were that type.”
from the corner of your eye, you could see the smirk that formed on his lips and before you could mutter out a response
you feel his lips touch your cheek
it lasted for 2.5 seconds
you almost stuttered at the loss contact
“till next time sweetheart”
and with that he swung open the fitting room door and walked out
leaving you to rot in awe
Tumblr media
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taelme · a year ago
Don’t Need Your Love Club - Recruiting Now! (Welcome, Lee Donghyuck)
genre: high school!au, student council member!donghyuck, friends-to-lovers!au (fluff, angst with a happy ending, kind of mutual pining?) 
pairing/s: Haechan / Reader (ft dreamies and some other Kpop 00 line boys, and Gugudan Mina) 
word count: 17k+ 
tw: none! 
a/n: after the long wait...the final part is up!! thank u guys for being patient lol I hope this chapter was satisfactory,, so please enjoy~~ also none of my works are beta read sorry so feedback is very much appreciated heh under the cut bc its pretty long! 
Tumblr media
Lee Donghyuck was a selfish being. He was someone that joined the student council for the sake of being able to bend the rules, someone that had a way with words that managed to manipulate people into doing things for his convenience. And someone that never felt bad about guilt tripping somebody for his own gain. Even if that somebody was you. 
lee donghyuck 11:15am -r u coming for my match later- 
You rolled your eyes, sinking further down in your seat as you typed out a reply with one hand, hiding your phone under the table as you nodded along with whatever your teacher was saying. 
11:15am -you've asked me this already im trying to pay attention- 
You glanced over at Donghyuck's seat at the other end of the classroom, the teachers having separated your desks at the start of the term since the both of you were always distracted if you were seated near each other. Not that you weren’t still distracted when he was all the way at the other side of the classroom, clearly.
He was sitting with his body angled towards you, leaning against the wall with his head supported by his elbow on the table, his hair mussed up as he kept his gaze on the board while typing his reply to you. 
lee donghyuck 11:16am - wtv - 11:16am - was just checking if u rmb... - 11:16am - anyway r u buying me flowers- 
You cast a glance at him, seeing that his position had shifted now as he hunched over his desk, fiddling with his tie. Looking over to you, he'd met your gaze, quirking his eyebrows ever so quickly as he gestured discreetly at his phone, a small smirk on his face. 
11:16am -it's not like its a choir performance... i see u play all the time-
You swore you'd heard Donghyuck stop himself from whining, smiling sweetly at your teacher before he typed his reply to you. 
lee donghyuck 11:17am - but jisung said u were getting him flowers!! >:( - 
You pressed your lips firmly together in your attempt to suppress your smile, twirling your pen with one hand. 
11:17am - 1. thats bc jisung is my brother 11:17am -2. the flowers are from my mom bc its his first game.- 11:17am -from what i know, u r both not my brother n not playing ur first game = no flowers for u - 
lee donghyuck 11:17am - :(!!!!! - 
11:18am - what time do you have to leave? - 
lee donghyuck 11:18am – in 2 minutes -
11:18am - ok have a good practice see u later - 
You watched out of boredom as he'd already begun to pack his things, blatantly disregarding that the lesson was still going on (you were sure he'd ask you for the notes the following week). 
"Lee Donghyuck, you need to be dismissed, am I right?" your head turned sharply towards your teacher as her voice raised slightly. She never did try to hide her annoyance at Donghyuck having to skip lessons all the time because of volleyball matches or student council events. 
Donghyuck looked up from his bag, nodding with a smile as he zipped it up, slinging it over his shoulder. It didn’t help the teacher that Donghyuck simply loved to piss her off. 
"Alright, go," she waved him off. 
Bending down to hook his shoe bag and water bottle on his finger, Donghyuck turned to you to nod his head goodbye before he'd strolled leisurely out of the class. 
You'd retrieved the (awfully large) bouquet of flowers from your locker after school ended before heading to Donghyuck's volleyball match, having hitched a ride with Chenle so you could split the cab fare, despite Chenle's insistence that he could have paid for the both of you. 
"Is that for Jisung?" 
You gestured with your gaze towards the bag he was holding in his hand, earning a nod from him. Looking closer, you realised that it was a cup of Jisung's ever-so-specific drink order from the bubble tea shop near your school. 
"He seemed pretty nervous for today, thought it'd be nice to get him something small as a reward." 
The corner of your lips lifted into a smirk, a huff of amusement leaving you, "are you sure it won't be diluted by the end of the game?" 
Chenle's eyes widened, glancing between you and the drink as his lips parted, making you shake your head, ruffling his hair affectionately. 
"Don't worry, Jisung will probably still drink it anyway," you laughed. 
"Did you get those for Donghyuck, too?" He nodded with his head towards the bag you were holding.
You raised an eyebrow, following his gaze to realise he was gesturing to your bag containing Jisung's bouquet, almost forgetting you were carrying it. 
You shook your head.
"Nope, my mom got these for Jisung..." you trailed off, your mind wandering back to how Donghyuck was pestering you to get flowers for him, a strange feeling of guilt creeping up on you if you were to decide not to get him anything. 
Staring out of the car window, you tried to recall how much spending money you had left for the rest of the week.
"Chenle, do you remember if they have a florist near the venue?" 
You wanted to scoff at yourself. What was the special occasion anyway? 
It was just any other one of Donghyuck’s matches, yet you were only feeling extremely guilty now about not buying him flowers of all things to show your support. 
Chenle's lips pursed, shaking his head before taking his phone and keying in something. 
"Oh! There is! Says here that it's at the mall next to the stadium," your eyes widened, eyebrows furrowing slightly as you tried to read the details on the shop location on his phone. 
Chenle narrowed his eyes at you, "are you gonna get something for Donghyuck?" 
You scoffed at the way he was smiling at you, waving him off, "I'll see if it's within my budget." 
Finding the florist took you and Chenle long enough, the dainty shop having been tucked away at a far end of the mall, but picking out a flower took even longer. 
"What about this one?" Chenle pointed at a similar bouquet as to what you had for Jisung, a pretty bouquet of yellow and pink tulips. 
"Too expensive," you whispered just soft enough that the shop owner wouldn't hear, skimming over the bouquet and letting your gaze travel towards the bright sunflower bouquets. 
"And plus, Donghyuck likes sunflowers." 
"This one?" you asked Chenle, pointing at a small simple bouquet of a sunflower and baby's breath. 
Chenle let out a hum in approval, "oh, this is cute, yeah, sure you should get this!" he told you, nodding. 
You bid the thirty-over dollars in your wallet goodbye, mentally cursing Donghyuck for managing to guilt trip you into buying flowers for him. 
Grabbing the bouquet and shoving it into the same bag as Jisung's before practically jogging to the venue with Chenle, the both of you running late from spending so long at the mall. 
Struggling to keep up with Chenle, you saw him turn to you, waving his phone, "Jeno says they saved a seat for us!" 
You nodded, already out of breath as you let him lead you into the stands closer to where your school's team would be seated, spotting them doing warm-ups at the bleachers. 
Greeting Donghyuck’s friends, you’d seated yourself in between Chenle and Renjun, stretching your neck to look over the banners that the girls seated in front of you were holding, trying to find Donghyuck in the crowd of black volleyball jerseys. 
Jisung seemed to have spotted you, calling the said boy and pointing at your direction. Looking up in confusion, Donghyuck’s eyes searched the crowd before spotting you and his friends, the group of you waving enthusiastically (not to mention the girls in front of you as well who had immediately squealed when Donghyuck had smiled in their direction). 
Walking over to Jisung, the two had partnered each other for warm-ups, Donghyuck starting to get into his more serious mood as he would during his games. 
“Damn, look at Donghyuck. He’s just stretching but he looks so good,” your eyes widened when you heard the girl in front of you lean over to divulge to her friend. 
Chenle turned to you with raised eyebrows, not-so-secretly pointing at the girl with an expectant look on his face. 
“What?” You scoffed. 
“You’ve got some competitors,” he told you, erupting into a burst of laughter causing the girls to turn around, eyeing Chenle in shock. 
Nodding apologetically to them, (though you weren’t all that sorry), you leant over to Chenle slightly and dropped your voice to a murmur. 
“They can have him. I’m sure his ego would explode.”
Renjun turned to you, seemingly interested in your conversation.
“What are you guys talking about?”
Chenle butt in quickly, “I’m telling Y/N to claim her man!”
Your eyes widened, shooting Chenle a warning glare.
Renjun’s lips formed a thoughtful pout, “Donghyuck?” 
You scoffed, “I don’t know what you guys are talking about, Donghyuck and I are just friends.” 
You grimaced at the thought of you and Donghyuck ever dating, the thought itself enough to make your insides stir. 
Was it supposed to do that? Maybe you were having indigestion. 
Chenle made a face, trying hard but not doing a very good job to hide his scepticism, seeming to disagree with you. 
“Ouch, hope Donghyuck never has to hear that,” Renjun laughed, seeming to distrust your words as well. 
Rolling your eyes, you kicked the bag of flowers under your seat, not wishing to see them and let your thoughts wander even more. 
Shaking your head, you’d tried to focus on the game as much as you could despite the incessant commentary coming from in front of you of ‘oh Donghyuck’s this, Donghyuck’s that’. As much as you were glad that he had people who liked him instead of hating him, you couldn’t help but wish you could shield Donghyuck from their view, their drooling over him growing distracting as time passed. 
You tried your best, for Donghyuck’s sake, to look past your annoyance and focus on the game, even though you couldn’t say you knew what was happening, having not paid much attention when Donghyuck had tried explaining the different roles of his team members to you on countless occasions. 
To you, you would cheer when the girls sitting in front of you cheered. That was safest. 
Aside from cheering, you would never fail to return the little proud smile Donghyuck would give you after a shot he was particularly proud of, something inside of you feeling heavy with the memory of Renjun and Chenle’s previous words, wondering if it was normal to feel so enamoured when you were looking at your friend smile at you from the court like that. 
You were starting to grow anxious as the game neared its end, your leg starting to bounce as you saw the girls in front of you starting to prepare their gifts, reminding you that you had a gift for Donghyuck too. 
You wanted to scoff at yourself. You weren’t sure where all your anxiousness was coming from. It wasn’t as if you guys weren’t close. You’d given him plenty of gifts, so what made the flowers so different? 
Friends give each other flowers all the time. Yeah, whatever, maybe that’s just my love language, you assured yourself, despite knowing very well that it wasn’t true. 
Startling in your seat when you heard the crowd erupt in cheers, you tore your gaze away from the girls in front of you, cursing inwardly when you realised the game had ended and you’d basically missed the final sequence. 
“Did you see that?” Chenle turned excitedly to you, beaming. 
Laughing nervously, you nodded, surprised he couldn’t tell you were lying with how blatant you were being about it. 
“Now we wait,” you heard Renjun sigh, leaning back in his seat with his hands in his lap just as the girls in front of you had stood up, practically running downstairs to head over to the lobby to wait for Donghyuck. 
“I wish they could just mail them to his house or something,” you yawned, bending over to pull the bag of flowers out from underneath your seat. 
Peeping in the box to check if any of the flowers were damaged, you nodded in satisfaction when you found that they were all still in good condition. 
“I can’t wait, I’ve gotta go meet my girlfriend,” Jeno confessed, a sheepish smile on his face, warranting much teasing from the boys. 
“I’m hitching a ride with him, what about you Renjun?” Jaemin added, slinging his bag over his shoulder, the two of them giving Renjun an expectant look. 
Renjun looked almost contemplative, casting Chenle a glance before shaking his head, “nah, you guys go ahead, I can wait with them.” 
You walked with them along to the entrance of the venue, gripping the bag in your hands tightly, switching between holding Jisung’s bouquet in your hands and shoving it into the bag together with Donghyuck’s in your indecision. 
You watched as Chenle took a sip of the drink he bought for Jisung, an impressed pout on his lips as he nodded in approval. 
“Wow, I should give this place a good review, it still tastes pretty good even after all the waiting.” 
You shook your head with a huff, not being able to help the smile from your face, yet at the same time you were thankful Chenle was so calm while waiting, serving to help you calm your nerves as well. 
Renjun, however, was the opposite. Leaning against the wall you stood at, he shook his fringe away from his eyes as he let out a loud sigh, his features pinched in annoyance. 
“What’s taking him so long?!”
You laughed, “they’re probably still taking group pictures.” 
You could already imagine it, the way Donghyuck would pose ridiculously with his teammates, anticipating the shots he would show you later on. 
You tried to ignore the way the girls who had sat in front of you were now anxiously fixing their hair while waiting for Donghyuck, practically squealing in their giddy anticipation. 
Soon enough, (and thankfully before Chenle could drink too much of Jisung’s drink), you’d watched the double doors open, Donghyuck’s teammates walking out, your eyes widening when you saw who was next to him. 
Chenle had summoned Jisung over quickly, giving you a chance to calm down your racing heart that Hyunjin and Donghyuck were beginning to approach Renjun. 
Your excitement was short-lived, the girls having ambushed him before he could reach Renjun, holding out their small presents for him. 
“Donghyuck you were so cool today! You played so well!” 
“Yeah! You look really cool when you play!” You heard another girl chime in. 
Suppressing your feelings of annoyance, you decided to ignore them for the time being, tuning out their words as you tried to focus on your task at hand. 
“Here,” you shoved the flowers to Jisung, his eyes wide as he sipped on the drink Chenle got him, a surprised smile making its way on his face. 
“You bought these?” He mumbled through his mouthful of tapioca pearls, shaking his head to arrange his hair, though it didn’t do much since it was already messy from playing, sticking out at strange places. 
Rolling your eyes, you ignored the way Donghyuck was tugging on your hand, asking for your attention. 
“No, they’re from mom,” you shook your head, “anyway, are you two going out after this?” 
Chenle gave you a pleading smile, making you scrunch your nose up with a smile. You were never one to say no to Chenle. 
“Alright, go, just remember to tell mom you’ll be late, okay?” You reminded, watching as Jisung’s mouth fell agape in realisation, nodding appreciatively at you before he started to walk off with Chenle. 
Trying to keep your tone steady, you’d finally turned around to face Renjun, Hyunjin and Donghyuck. 
Your breath hitched at the sight of Hyunjin, whose stoic expression changed to a smile to greet you, bringing a hand up to wave at you. 
“Hey,” he huffed. 
“Hi,” you cursed yourself at how breathless you sounded, raising your hand despite Donghyuck’s fingers gripping tightly on the sleeve of your school sweater. 
You missed the offence in Donghyuck’s glare, said boy unable to believe that you were paying more attention to Hyunjin than you were to him at the moment. 
Like you said, Donghyuck was selfish, and he couldn’t stand the fact that Hyunjin was getting more attention from you than he was. 
What was this, a smiling contest? 
Donghyuck wanted to scoff, tightening his grip on your sleeve, though it didn’t seem to bother you, your mood seeming to have lifted just from seeing Hyunjin. 
Renjun seemed to have sensed Donghyuck’s tension, trying his best as he tried to divert your attention back to Donghyuck, trying to signal to Hyunjin that it would be better to leave the two of you alone. 
“Hey, yeah so you were telling me about that thing just now?” Renjun interrupted whatever strange exchange you were having with Hyunjin. 
His sudden question made Hyunjin’s eyebrows lower in confusion, earning a desperate look from Renjun (which you’d missed while you were busy looking at the pretty earrings Hyunjin was wearing). 
Donghyuck caught on quickly to Renjun’s intentions, the latter discreetly waving his hand in a silent plead for him to go ahead. 
“Right, okay, we’ll be off now. Bye!” Donghyuck beamed, his grip moving to your wrist before pulling you out of the venue. 
“Why’d you leave so quick? I was having a great time,” you scoffed, stumbling once he’d let you go, regaining your balance ungracefully, dropping the bag of flowers with a gasp. 
Donghyuck rolled his eyes, straightening out his jersey as if you’d gotten it messed up when he’d dragged you out from the venue. 
“Yeah, I could tell. I could see your heart eyes for Hyunjin from a mile away,” he scoffed, “actually, now that I’m thinking about it...” he helped you up, looking elsewhere as he pretended to be upset at you. 
You dusted off the bag, flinching away when Donghyuck had turned abruptly to face you. 
“Do you just come for my games as an excuse to drool over Hyunjin?” 
You grit your teeth, huffing as you shoved the bag containing his bouquet towards him, hitting him in the chest with your fist as you did so. Letting out a dramatic whine in feigned hurt, his eyes widened at the sight of the bag, his hand wrapping around yours and tugging the bag out of your grip. 
“What’s this? For me?” His smile grew, holding his shoe bag between his elbow and his waist, opening the bag and pulling out the bouquet with a slow gasp, his expression abruptly dropping, “please tell me these weren’t from your mom.” 
You groaned, walking ahead of him, “they weren’t. I bought them.” 
Donghyuck’s lips pressed against each other firmly, poorly concealing his smile, taking his phone out and holding it out as if about to take a selfie, beckoning you over with the bouquet. 
“Come here, I need evidence that this happened.” 
You tried to maintain your glare, though you couldn’t help the smile from your face, reaching over to take his shoe bag and water bottle from him, carrying it behind your back so it wasn’t visible in the picture. Taking the picture quickly, Donghyuck smiled at his handiwork. 
“You’re an ass, you know that? I spent the rest of my week’s allowance on your stupid flowers,” you laughed, swinging his shoe bag as you walked, turning to him with a smile, not being able to stay annoyed at him with how happy he looked. 
Maybe you weren’t so upset about spending your money on the flowers anymore. 
Donghyuck brought the flowers beneath his nose, inhaling and letting out a sigh of contentment, glancing at you before looking back down, pulling his phone out in his attempt to appear as nonchalant as possible. 
“Thanks,” he murmured. 
“Whatever. You played really well today,” you told him, “well, not that I understood what was happening during the game, but the girls just now seemed to have thought so too,” you shrugged, turning to him with a playful grin on your face. 
Clearing your throat, you tried your best impression of the girls that had approached him just now, “oh Donghyuck! You’re so cool when you play! You look so hot when you’re serious!” 
Donghyuck scoffed, trying to hide his blush by pretending to act busy booking a car for the both of you. 
“They never said that second part,” he scoffed. 
You shrugged, “yeah, well you didn’t hear them during the game. I never knew till now that you had so many girls thirsting over you,” you crouched down next to him, tired from standing. 
“Yeah, like how you thirst over Hyunjin?” He shot back, “anyway, the car’s coming in 5 minutes.” 
“Okay,” you acknowledged, “and by the way, I don’t thirst over Hyunjin.”
Donghyuck made an obnoxious sound to imitate you, folding his arms before he used his knee to nudge you, making you lose your balance and fall onto your bum. 
“Yeah, sure,” he drawled, a smug smirk on his face. 
The both of you sat in a fatigued silence until the car had arrived, Donghyuck having entered before you, setting the flowers carefully on his lap, fiddling with the packaging of the bouquet. 
You watched as he brought his phone up to check the time, swiping accidentally and revealing his reminders, one of them being ’29 days to my birthday!’ not being able to help the smile from your face.
“Are you having a party this year?” You asked, seeing him nod, yawning loudly as he shoved his phone back into his pocket, making you cast a worried glance towards the driver to see if Donghyuck’s volume had annoyed him. 
“Yeah, on the day itself. It’s a Sunday. Can you make it?” You frowned. 
“I was supposed to go visit my grandma that week, but I have to check with you again,” you told him, seeing his features pull into a frown. 
“Can grandma wait a few days more?” He sulked, and you turned your gaze away from the window to look at him in both disbelief and amusement, almost knowing he would have said that. 
You saw him leaning closer to rest his head on your shoulder, pulling his phone back out to change the subject, not wishing to let himself feel upset at the thought that you might not be able to make it for his birthday party. 
“Look, I came out really well in the pictures we took just now,” Donghyuck showed you the group picture of his volleyball team, making you zoom into where he was, conveniently standing next to Hyunjin. 
Donghyuck seemed to have realised this, swiping the picture so you were only able to see him in the photo, making you laugh, shoving his phone away. 
“Have you figured out what you wanted for your birthday?” You asked, trying to turn your head in an attempt to see his face better but not doing a very good job, giving up and settling on looking at his fingers which were touching the sunflower petals gently. 
Donghyuck thought off of the top of his head, wanting to slap himself when his first thought was that he’d wanted a kiss from you. He was definitely spending too much time with Jaemin. 
“No, I’m not sure yet,” he yawned, snuggling more into you, and you’d relaxed your shoulder in your hopes to make him feel more comfortable. 
You nodded, “think about it, okay? Let me know so I can get it for you.” 
You were thankful that you were already reaching your house, since Donghyuck was already beginning to doze off after a short period of silence, his head slowly sliding down your shoulder before he would jerk back awake and resume his previous position. 
Eventually, he’d pulled his head away from your shoulder, bringing his hand up to push his hair away from his forehead haphazardly.
“I’m so tired.” 
“Maybe you should try to sleep early today, you don’t have to wake up early tomorrow, do you?” 
He sighed, pausing before groaning, possibly with more anguish than his sigh, “I do. I’ve got some stupid student council thing tomorrow that I’ve got to be in school early for.” 
You gave him your best look of pity, “on a Saturday?” 
He nodded gravely, “we’re hosting the student council members from other schools too. I wouldn’t go if I had a choice but they’re giving me credits for attending, and you and I both know I need all the credits I can get,” he sighed, sinking down in his seat. 
Donghyuck noticed how you’d begun to gather your things, a part of him wishing he hadn’t fallen asleep so he could’ve talked to you more. 
Feeling the car start to slow down, he’d given you a tired smile, “bye.” 
You nodded, waving him goodbye before exiting the car. 
The next time you’d met Donghyuck was during lunch in school the next Monday, you were seated with your friends at your usual table in the cafeteria, away from the crowd so it wouldn’t feel stuffy but also in a position where you would have a direct view of almost everyone in the cafeteria. 
“Can you come for my finals match?” was the first thing he’d asked you upon squeezing himself next to you on the bench, your eyes falling onto his absence of his badge above his breast pocket. 
“Name tag,” you reminded out of habit, seeing him glance down at his chest before fumbling in his pocket to pull out his name tag, pinning it onto his shirt with haste. 
“It’s next week,” he told you, “on a Friday,” he added as an afterthought. 
You nodded, “I don’t think I have anything planned that day, for now.” 
“Okay, great. Text you later,” he beamed, about to leave when you’d grabbed his wrist before he could. 
“Are you not eating?” 
Donghyuck paused to process what you were asking, momentarily thrown off by your hand on his forearm, not to mention the way he’d almost let his heart flutter at your concern, shaking his head a little belatedly. 
“No, yeah. I’m eating with the dnyl guys,” you nodded slowly, letting go of his arm before waving him off. 
“Bye,” he left quickly, strangely excited after receiving the news that you would be able to go for his match, especially since it was his final match for your national competition among the different schools. 
Jogging over to the empty classroom he’d opened for the dnyl club to meet, he’d barged into the class, shocking Renjun with his loud entrance. 
“Oh my God, I thought you were a teacher,” his hand flew to cover his chest where his heart was, glaring at Donghyuck. 
The boy remained unapologetic, taking a seat at one of the tables they’d pushed together to form a misshapen circle. 
Pulling his phone from his pocket, he’d set it on the table. 
“So, did you ask them about your match?” Jaemin asked, tearing open the packaging of his bun. 
“Yep,” Donghyuck smiled. 
“Are you referring to Y/N?” Jeno asked, setting his phone down when it was still open on one of his battleground rounds, his interests clearly not being in his match anymore. 
“Yeah,” Donghyuck murmured, reaching over to grab a bun from the bag on Jaemin’s table. 
“How’s things going with her?” Jeno continued, making Donghyuck shrug, suddenly focused on getting the packet of bread open, 
“What do you mean?” 
Donghyuck sighed, at the difficulty of tearing the packaging open or at the topic, he wasn’t too sure. 
“You know, didn’t you have this whole plan to win her over by your birthday?” Jaemin chimed in, sensing Jeno’s confusion. 
Renjun eyed Donghyuck carefully as he saw his phone light up with notifications, Donghyuck glancing at his phone briefly before looking away almost in disappointment. 
“Who’s texting you?” Renjun murmured, earning confused looks from Jeno and Jaemin for changing the topic so quickly. 
Donghyuck managed to tear an opening in the packet with his teeth, taking a bite out of his bun, “oh, this girl I met on Saturday that was helping out at the student council event.” 
“Oh, do you guys have to do like a project together or something?” Renjun asked, though he knew better than to think Donghyuck actually did things for the student council. 
Donghyuck shook his head. 
“Nope, we’re just like..talking. She’s pretty nice, and like, fun I guess. She’s pretty popular too” he shrugged. 
Jaemin’s mouth fell open, looking almost offended, “what about Y/N?” 
Donghyuck shrugged, “what about her?” 
Jeno gave Renjun a surprised look, the both of them glancing back at Jaemin quickly to see what Jaemin would respond with. 
The latter scoffed, not seeming to understand Donghyuck’s logic this time. 
“Oh, well, maybe because if I were you and I really liked someone, I wouldn’t be hitting on other girls?” 
Donghyuck rolled his eyes. 
“I’m not...hitting on her, we’re just talking, that’s all there is to it.” 
Renjun let out a low whistle, the discomfort of the tension between Jaemin and Donghyuck feeling heavy in the room. 
“Whatever you say, man.” 
“Look, I do like Y/N. I really really do. But how am I supposed to know if things are gonna work in my favour in the end? I mean, I know I can try but, I’m putting myself up to get hurt too, you know?” 
Once again, Donghyuck proved that he was selfish, afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve like how Renjun did. Protecting it was first priority, especially when he still wasn’t clear on how you felt. 
Jeno pursed his lips, nodding slowly, huffing. 
“Well, I guess that’s what we’re here for. Think about it, you’re the only one out of the four of us that doesn’t have a girlfriend yet. If anything, our advice would be for your benefit, not the other way around.” 
Donghyuck wanted to groan. He wanted to believe them, he really did. But a part of him couldn’t shake the way even Hyunjin seemed to have more odds in winning you over than he did, the feeling of fighting a losing battle. 
But ultimately, Donghyuck nodded, dismissing the topic, “yeah, whatever. I don’t need love, right? That’s the whole reason Harvey made me join this stupid club anyway.” 
In other words, the only reason why Donghyuck joined the club was because he realised that seeing your stupid smile went from feeling familiar to feeling unfamiliar, and it was the kind of unfamiliar that Donghyuck knew was akin to the heart-pounding, time- slowing love that movie protagonists always went on about. 
And he figured he’d might as well surround himself with stories of unfortunate love lives, because he knew his was screwed. 
The boys exchanged knowing looks with each other, choosing to brush the topic off for Donghyuck’s sake. 
“So, how’s preparation for your match been going?” 
“I still can’t believe mom asked you to tag along,” you huffed, pushing the shopping cart with your body as you strolled past the cereal aisle, Jisung dumping several boxes into the cart. 
“Yeah, well, it’s not like I wanted to spend my night getting groceries with the both of you,” he glanced at the list on his phone your mom had sent him. 
Donghyuck was ahead of the both of you, looking at the party items in the other aisle. 
“Why’s he buying his birthday stuff so early, anyway?” Jisung asked, making you smile. 
“He’s excited. It’s best to leave him be.” You glanced down at Donghyuck’s phone, reading the list and checking off the items you already had. 
“How many people are you planning on hosting?” You called, getting Donghyuck’s attention successfully as you strolled over towards where he was in the supermarket. 
Donghyuck hummed, holding a long bag of plastic cups in his hand as he did his mental calculations. 
“Well, there’s the volleyball team, there’s some people from the student council, the guys and their girlfriends...some classmates—” 
You pulled out another bag of cups, handing it over to Donghyuck, “just get two to be safe.” 
“Does that mean I get to drink too?” Jisung asked, his eyebrows raising. 
You shot him a look, making him raise his hands in surrender.
“Forget I asked.” 
“So...if your volleyball team’s going, does that mean Hyunjin’s going too?” You asked, already anticipating Donghyuck’s reaction, not being able to help your giggle when you saw him look at you blankly. 
“If you keep this up, it’s gonna be the volleyball team minus Hyunjin.” 
You scoffed, “hey, I’ve gotta have something to look forward to, right?” 
Donghyuck pulled the end of the shopping cart towards another section, “is it not enough to look forward to the fact that it’s a celebration of my entering into this world?” 
Rolling your eyes, you looked back at the list of items on Donghyuck’s phone, about to retort with something witty when you saw an unfamiliar contact appear on the phone, frowning before reluctantly holding the phone out for Donghyuck to take. Mina? 
“Someone’s calling you,” you told him, Jisung bending over to read the contact name before giving you a confused look, expecting you to know who they were. 
There was a sinking feeling in you when you saw the way Donghyuck’s demeanour had changed upon reading the contact, taking the phone from you roughly and answering it, the tone of his ‘hello’ already making you question just who this person was that Donghyuck was so quick to answer. 
“Hey," he murmured, smiling at something whoever it was on the phone was saying to him. 
"Who is it?" Jisung whispered, making you shrug. 
"How would I know?" you shrugged, trying to listen in on the conversation but not being very successful. 
"Yeah, no I'm alright to talk," you heard him say, "nothing, I'm just out with my friends." 
You pretended to be occupied with the items in the shopping cart, oblivious to the way Jisung was eyeing the both of you. 
"Yeah, actually it's for my birthday party. Do you wanna come? It's on the 6th," he murmured, fiddling with the disposable plates he'd just picked up. 
Was he blushing? You couldn't believe the feelings of annoyance that were building in you at the sight of him. 
Since when was Lee Donghyuck so shy talking to his friends on the phone? 
You scoffed, getting Donghyuck's attention unintentionally, the boy looking at you expectantly. You chose to ignore his look, much to Jisung's shock. 
Jisung whipped his phone out discreetly, deciding that desperate times called for desperate measures. 
7:08pm -do u know anything abt this person called mina?- 
chenle 7:08pm -jeno says its the girl donghyuck's talking to- 
7:08pm -but doesnt he like y/n?- 
chenle 7:08pm -yeah he does but jeno says hes being a wuss... n personally i think y/n's in denial too- 
7:08pm - sure seems like it.. donghyuck's on a phonecall with her now n y/n looks more than pissed- 
chenle 7:09pm -maybe u shld ask y/n abt it later n see what she says- 
Shoving his phone back into his pocket, Jisung watched silently as Donghyuck ended his phone call, his smile lingering on his face a little too long for your liking. 
"Who was that?" you asked, hoping the edge in your voice wasn't too obvious. 
Unfortunately, it was, and Donghyuck couldn't help but let his smile grow at the thought of you possibly being jealous that he was talking to her.
"Oh, just this girl I've been talking to. Met her at the student council event that day." 
You scrunched up your nose, letting out a small sigh, "cool...so she's going for your party too?" 
Donghyuck narrowed his eyes at you, a small smirk playing at his lips. 
"Uh-huh. Why? Is there an issue?" he drawled, leaning over the side of the trolley to bring his face closer to yours. 
Yes, there was an issue. 
Although Donghyuck may be unapologetically selfish at times, you, for one, were not. You didn't think it was very supportive of you to be so possessive over Donghyuck. I mean, it's a good thing that he's meeting people, isn't it? It's not like we're dating, there's nothing to be jealous about. 
"No issue," you rolled your eyes, pushing the cart past him to head to the cashier. 
"What's up with her?" Donghyuck laughed, hoping Jisung would give him some insight on your feelings. 
Jisung gave Donghyuck a look of sheer disbelief. 
"What's up with you!" Jisung whispered harshly, confused as to what Donghyuck's intentions were. 
"Oh, so you're gonna shit on me for it too?" 
Jisung gave him a look, "not without reason.”
"Look, trust me. I got it covered. The last thing I would want is to fight with Y/N, alright?" 
Jisung glanced at you while you sulkily scanned your items at a self-checkout register, directing his gaze back to Donghyuck with a sigh. 
"I know, just....be careful." 
Later on that night, (or morning), Jisung had gone downstairs to grab a snack from the fridge, spotting you lounging on the sofa, practically glaring at the television. 
"What's up?" Jisung's voice snapped you out of your annoyed state, after being told that this Mina girl he was talking to was not only awfully pretty and sporty by your friends who knew her, but that her personality meshed well with Donghyuck's. 
"Nothing," you sighed, seeing Jisung raise his eyebrows, thinking back to what Chenle had told him and figuring now would be a good time to ask you. 
"Are you sure? You looked kind of upset since Donghyuck picked up that call." 
Your eyes widened, not realising your feelings had been so obvious. Shrugging, you'd fiddled with your phone. 
"What are you trying to say?" 
Jisung averted his gaze, sitting on the sofa next to you, hugging one of his knees to his chest. 
"Do you like Donghyuck?" 
You scoffed, almost choking on your saliva, looking at him with wide eyes. Opening your mouth, you closed it back again for lack of a good response. 
"'Cause....you know, it's kind of obvious that he likes you.”
You shook your head, huffing in amusement, "I don't know what you're talking about." 
"No, like really. The volleyball guys all think so, and so do his dnyl guys," you furrowed your eyebrows. 
"Volleyball guys? So Hyunjin knows this too?" you asked, wondering how ridiculous it would've seemed that you were so smiley towards him even when Donghyuck was right there. That is, if what Jisung was saying was correct. 
Jisung rolled his eyes. 
"Yes, I'm pretty sure he knows." 
You gasped lightly, "how many people even know about this? Okay, but, whatever that’s kind of beside the point. What makes you so sure?" 
Jisung contemplated telling you about just how much he mentions you or asks about you in their conversations, or how Donghyuck was visibly more affectionate whenever you were involved. Even how Donghyuck had been trying different ways to get your attention, particularly through inviting you to his games (but that didn't seem to be working out with how little you paid attention during the last one). 
Eventually, he figured it would be better if he didn't put ideas in your head, deeming it better that you figure it out on your own. 
"I'm just sure, okay? Maybe you should try just observing and seeing how much he does for you.” 
Jisung shrugged, getting up from the sofa, "maybe then you'll realise you like him too," he snickered, running up the stairs before you could respond. 
You rolled your eyes, going back to glaring at the television. Except this time, your gaze kept wandering to your phone. Curse Jisung for making you curious. 
Almost as if on cue, you’d received a text from Donghyuck. 
lee donghyuck 12:34am -u awake?- 
You had a few options in your head. Firstly, to ignore him and pretend you were asleep. Secondly, to reply him and bring up what Jisung had said as a joke. Thirdly, to just act like everything was normal yet not normal and that you weren’t totally scared that he was going to fall in love with Mina. 
The temptation to be selfish was there, of course, to just ignore the situation for the sake of your sanity and leave Donghyuck hanging. But you knew that your worry for him overrode all sorts of selfishness you could possibly give in to. 
For now, you’d chosen option three. 
12:35am -yeah, what’s up?- 
lee donghyuck 12:35am -can I call you?- 
You didn’t respond, choosing to find his contact on your own and dial his number. 
“Hey,” you sighed, hearing muffled sounds on his side before a small grunt and a thud, almost being able to picture Donghyuck
lying on his bed and talking to you, something about the mental image feeling endearing. 
“What happened?” You asked, the question catching Donghyuck off-guard. 
Despite the countless number of times you’d called each other in the night like this, you’d never asked why, frankly not deeming it to be anything other than Donghyuck’s or your boredom. Only now, you were beginning to wonder if there were more to unfold behind these phone calls, and you were hoping Donghyuck would give you the answers. 
“Nothing, nothing happened, I just...like, you know...couldn’t sleep...and stuff.” 
You huffed, “you never sleep this early.” 
Donghyuck sighed, not knowing what came over him when he’d said his next words. 
“Do you want me to say I wanted to hear your voice for a while?” 
You fell silent, expecting to hear him follow up with a ‘kidding’ or a ‘because that isn’t why I called’, yourself growing anxious the more you didn’t hear anything else from him. 
Shifting on the sofa, you’d lay down and put Donghyuck on speaker, setting your phone next to your head. 
“Hello?” You heard him murmur, making you clear your throat. 
“Have you decided on what you wanted for your birthday?” You changed the subject quickly, trying to steady the beating of your heart. 
You heard him huff, his voice sounding tired.
“Yeah. I decided that...” Donghyuck caught himself before he could slip up like before, shaking his head quickly, “I want a plant.” 
Your eyebrows furrowed. 
“A plant?” 
“Yeah, like get me those, I don’t know like a plant I can take care of or something,” he panicked, “with a flower, like an orchid or something.” 
You frowned, nodding slowly as you tried to understand his sudden request. Meanwhile, Donghyuck couldn’t help the regret that washed over him that he’d wasted his birthday wish like that. 
“Okay, yeah. I’m feeling better now, goodnight.” 
Donghyuck hung up quickly, kicking his blanket in frustration, rolling over and burying his face into the pillow. 
Got it covered? Please. 
After much observation, you were starting to realise that Donghyuck meant many things to you, and you didn’t like how it took you a situation like this to figure it out. 
Firstly, with all his match preparations, Donghyuck was kept busy, but that didn’t mean that you wouldn’t receive all sorts of updates on him from Jisung at home. You were starting to wonder if he was a part of Donghyuck’s fan club as well. 
You were having your science lesson in the lab, Donghyuck being your lab partner (fortunately and unfortunately for you), the said boy looking more tired today than ever. 
“Are you alright? You look like shit,” you offered, pretending to be focused on removing your test tube from your beaker. 
“Feel like it too,” he brought his hand up to run it through his hair, “stayed up late last night to help Mina with this proposal she had to write up.” 
You scoffed, “you? Help her?” 
In your annoyance, you’d applied too much force on your tweezers, practically cutting your specimen before you could place it down. 
Donghyuck smiled, glancing at your annoyed expression after what happened to your leaf. 
“Yeah, what’s so shocking about that? I kind of owed her.” 
You stopped yourself from responding, deciding you shouldn’t be too bitter about their relationship. Shrugging, you shook your head in dismissal. 
“Nothing. I guess it’s nice that you guys can help each other out.” 
Donghyuck’s lips formed a surprised pout, his eyebrows raising slightly, not having expected you to be so gracious about it. 
“So, uh...have you told your grandma to postpone your visit?” He brought up later on when you were on your way back to class. 
You nodded, “yeah, I’m visiting her this weekend instead.” 
Donghyuck couldn’t help the smile from his face, looking elsewhere as he relished in the way the sun shone in through the corridors, the warmth mirroring what he’d felt building in his chest. 
You felt it too. The way his smile was like that of the sun rays he enjoyed so much, how it made you feel scared. Scared that you were so used to seeing him smile like that until now. 
You looked away quickly, hugging your books closer to your chest, accidentally brushing your finger against the paper, hissing when you’d felt a sting. 
Pulling your hand away from your books, you’d groaned at the sight of blood on your finger, making Donghyuck turn to you with wide eyes, his gaze falling onto your source of distress. 
The displeased sound that had left Donghyuck was even more obvious to you now, the way he’d gone to grab your wrist when you brought your hand to your mouth in your attempt to stop the bleeding. 
“You should be more careful,” he chided, making you nudge his arm away, his concern putting you on the spot even more now that you were getting confused over your feelings towards him. 
“It’s fine, it’s just a small paper cut.” 
Donghyuck furrowed his eyebrows, leading you back into the classroom and sitting you down on your seat, scuffling over to his desk and rummaging through his bag, pulling out a small pouch and making his way back to you. 
“I got these from Jaemin,” he grinned, squatting next to your desk as you turned to face him, watching closely as he pulled out a bright coloured, kid’s band-aid with Pororo the penguin printed on it. 
You lightly thumped him on the head, uncomfortable with the stares you were getting from the people sitting around you, wondering if they too thought that Donghyuck was interested in you. A part of you wishing now that Jisung hadn’t shed light on Donghyuck’s (possible) feelings for the sake of your sanity. 
“You’re being so dramatic, I don’t need a band-aid.” 
Donghyuck sucked in a sharp breath, his expression stern and unwavering, “shut up, just hold still.” 
He’d opened the band-aid, wrapping it carefully around your cut, leaning back with a satisfied smile to admire his handiwork. 
“All better,” he beamed. 
“Lee Donghyuck, please go back to your own seat,” you’d startled, your heartbeat audible in your ears, having barely noticed your teacher entering the classroom. 
Shoving Donghyuck away quickly and turning to face the front, your hands went up to press against your cheeks as Donghyuck calmly strolled back to his seat, giving your teacher a slow nod as he walked past her. 
Donghyuck had bid you goodbye before his training that day, telling you that he would call you that night because he had something to tell you. 
So you waited, you’d waited even though you knew that the volleyball team had gone out for drinks despite their game being the next day, running later than he’d estimated, and you waited until you ended up falling asleep with your phone in hand. 
Meanwhile, Donghyuck had gone home in a daze, partially giddy from excitement for his finals but also at the thought of what had happened earlier in the morning with you and your paper cut, not knowing that the small gesture was enough to send him reeling. 
Grabbing his volleyball, he’d flopped on his back onto his bed, tossing the volleyball in the air and catching it absently, thinking about what the volleyball team had brought up during dinner. 
“Y/N’s coming tomorrow for sure right?” Hyunjin had asked Jisung, a playful smirk on his face. This made Donghyuck narrow his eyes at Hyunjin, chewing on his noodles harshly. 
Jisung nodded, “yeah, I’m pretty sure.” 
“Why does it seem like her coming is so important to you?” Bomin laughed, making Donghyuck nod in agreement, nodding his head at Hyunjin in a challenging manner. 
“Isn’t it obvious? For Donghyuck’s sake,” Hyunjin smiled, his eyes forming small crescents as he did so. 
The sight would’ve been absolutely endearing for you, however, Donghyuck couldn’t help but scoff. 
“What do you mean ‘for my sake?’” Donghyuck huffed, narrowing his eyes at Jisung who had seemed to agree with Hyunjin as well. 
“You probably haven’t noticed, but...you play a lot better when she’s around.” 
Donghyuck sighed, laughing at the sheer absurdity of the situation. 
No amount of texts, calls or face-times with Mina would be enough to make Donghyuck change the way he felt about you, and it was a shame to him that he could only step out of his denial at this point of time. 
Yet, there was still a nagging fear of the possible awkwardness and tension that could arise if you didn’t reciprocate his feelings like how he assumed you did. A vicious cycle, really. 
Turning in his bed, he’d discarded the volleyball elsewhere in his room, taking his phone and unlocking it, his finger hovering over the phone app as he let his gaze fall on his wallpaper, the picture the both of you had taken on the day of his last match. The flowers were still on his tabletop, at this point, dried and ready to be displayed in his room however he wanted. 
Trying his luck, he’d called you, the ringing having woken you up from your slumber, picking up the phone call hurriedly. 
“Hello?” he huffed, already smiling without noticing. 
You hummed in response, too tired to form a coherent response. 
“Did I wake you?” 
Donghyuck let out a small sigh, “sorry, just wanted to tell you to meet me tomorrow after my match ends.” 
You groaned, “you couldn’t have waited until tomorrow morning to tell me that?” 
Donghyuck had to stop himself from giggling at the sound of your voice, even if it was when you were annoyed at him. 
“No, I couldn’t. Goodnight,” he murmured, pulling his blanket up on his chest to hug it, closing his eyes in anticipation. 
“I hate you, goodnight.” 
Donghyuck shrugged, he figured he could live with that for now. His (rather irritable) lucky charm. 
You were running late. After Donghyuck had called the previous night, you struggled to fall back asleep due to your racing thoughts on possible things Donghyuck could have wanted to tell you. If anything, you’d probably only slept a few hours that night. 
Which was what landed you in this situation now, trying to get a cab from where you were at the bus terminal since you’d dozed off on the bus, even in spite of all the energetic music you were playing in your attempts to stay awake. 
Donghyuck should have seen it coming when you hadn’t answered his texts when he’d reached the venue. The match was already about to start and Donghyuck still couldn’t seem to spot you in the crowd. 
He’d stood up, looking frantically in the direction of where Chenle, Jeno, Renjun and Jaemin sat, mouthing with big movements, ‘where is y/n?’. A part of him growing even more anxious when he was met with shrugs and head shakes. 
“Lee Donghyuck, what are you doing? Go! The match is starting,” his coach’s voice rang in his ears, making him dismiss his feelings of anxiousness, trying to focus his thoughts on the game at hand. 
You were receiving many texts from the guys, all asking where you were, making you even more anxious that the cab driver wasn’t going any faster. 
As if that wasn’t bad enough, you’d met with bad traffic once you’d neared the venue, seeing as it was about time people were getting off work now, which only meant that you’d be close to missing the entirety of Donghyuck’s match, a horrible feeling of guilt stirring in you. 
You were sure Donghyuck would be mad at you, knowing how petty he was when it came to things like these. The last time you hadn’t been for his match, he’d never let you live it down, claiming he was so upset you hadn’t shown up and couldn’t focus on his playing properly. 
Little did you know, the same thing was happening now, Donghyuck was trying his best to not let his feelings interfere with his performance. 
After a particularly successful top-spin serve that had caught the other team off guard, since he’d usually played it safe, he’d turned on instinct to the direction his friends were seated at, expecting to see you there with a smile, his smile falling when he’d realised you still hadn’t arrived. 
You were barely reaching the venue when you’d gotten a text from Chenle. 
Chenle 6:11pm - are you still showing up? The match just ended - 
Looking out the window, your heart sank when you saw some people you recognised to be from your school walking on the pavement next to where you were, your attention diverted back to your phone when you heard another chime from your phone. 
Jisung 6:11pm -hey, where r u? Donghyuck said he’d wait for u at the back entrance. Me n the guys r leaving for dinner cause he told us to head over first- 
Your leg started to bounce in anxiousness once again, gritting your teeth before deciding that you couldn’t afford to waste any more time. 
“Uh, sir? I’ll just get off here,” you murmured, “can you unlock the doors, please?” You blurted. 
The man looked at you curiously, “are you sure? It’s quite a far walk.” 
“It’s alright! Thank you anyway,” you smiled politely, waiting for him to unlock the doors, immediately shoving the door open once he did and exiting, slinging your bag around your shoulder and running to the back entrance. 
Spotting him from afar, relief washed over you that he was still waiting. 
Running up to him, you almost hadn’t seen the girl standing in front of him, stopping yourself where you were, not wanting to interrupt them. 
Mina was currently standing in front of Donghyuck, asking him a question he frankly wasn’t paying attention to after having spotted you running from the entrance gate. 
“So....do you like me?” 
Donghyuck’s gaze was still on you, tearing his stare away from you reluctantly to look at Mina, his mouth moving before his head could process the situation. 
Donghyuck immediately regretted his words, especially when he saw the smile Mina had given him, also because she didn't have to look twice to know he wasn't paying attention. 
Only when he'd agreed, Donghyuck knew that something about his decision didn't feel quite right, deciding that he'd explain his situation in more detail to Mina the next time they met so she wouldn't get the wrong idea. 
"So... I'll see you Saturday night then?" Donghyuck nodded. 
Bidding him goodbye, Mina had turned her head to look at you, bowing her head slightly in a greeting before walking off, leaving you standing there dumbfounded as Donghyuck made his way towards you. 
Glancing at the serious look he had on his face, you were expecting him to scold you, to tell you how upset he was that you hadn't shown up, not expecting him to give you a shy smile, bringing his hand up to smooth your hair down, after it having gotten dishevelled while you were running. 
"Was that Mina?" was all you could ask.
Donghyuck huffed, feigning hurt, "no ‘hello Donghyuck how was your match?’" 
"Hi," you added after his prompting, "what did uh..." your tongue wet your lips that were feeling awfully dry all of a sudden, "are you...mad at me?” 
Donghyuck shook his head, a small smile on his face, shocking you at how gracious he was being all of a sudden. 
“What did uh, you know, what did Mina ask you?” you cleared your throat. 
Donghyuck's hands were still cupping the sides of your head, "she asked me out." 
Your eyes widened, knowing his hands on your head hadn’t prevented you from hearing him loud and clear, a part of you dreading the answer to your next question but knowing you had to ask anyway, "did you say yes?" 
Donghyuck looked at you, taking the side of his lower lip between his teeth gently and letting go immediately after. Was he being selfish? 
Donghyuck nodded. 
His response seemed to have triggered a stream of thoughts in you, ranging from feeling sad to hating why you were sad at the news to desperately trying to suppress your emotions because Donghyuck was your friend and you should be happy for him, right? 
You pursed your lips, nodding slowly as you gave him a small smile, bringing your hands up to pull his hands off of your head. 
"That's great. I'm...really happy for you, she seems like a great girl." 
Donghyuck's eyebrows raised slightly, surprised at your reaction, having obviously expected you to react how you usually did, with passive aggressive comments and subtle hostility in your gaze. But none of that could be seen from you now, if anything, you looked almost....sad? 
"I think uh.. I'll skip out on dinner today, you and the guys can go ahead," you told him, "I kind of wanna go home and rest." 
Donghyuck nodded, not wanting to prod you more, a part of him feeling that you weren't in the mood for it today. 
He'd pulled his phone out while you walked to the front entrance, "I got you a driver, he's coming in 10." 
You heard your phone chime, taking it out to see the details of the driver Donghyuck had sent you. 
"How much do I owe you?" you asked, earning a disgruntled sound from him, shaking his head. 
"You don't owe me, consider it...compensation. For having to rush over here just now just to meet me." 
That reminded you.
"Right, I almost forgot. What was it you wanted to meet me to tell me?" 
Donghyuck swung his shoe bag, kicking the ground absently before he looked back at you, shaking his head with a small smile. 
"It's alright, forget about it," he waved you off in dismissal, "It's not important.”
You frowned. Not important? Lee Donghyuck, kept me worried all night just for something that's suddenly not important? 
You scoffed, folding your arms and looking elsewhere, your grip tight on your phone, making your knuckles almost turn white with how tight your hold was. 
"Go, you're gonna be late for the dinner," you told him, not being able to handle the sight of him with how mixed your feelings were. 
Donghyuck was hesitant, the slight raise of his eyebrows seeming almost disbelieving. 
"You sure?" 
You paused, not knowing why you even bothered giving this thought, decidedly nodding your head. 
"I'm sure." 
"Are you sure that's gonna work? Like....she won't be mad at you when she finds out or anything?" 
Donghyuck shrugged, sipping on his drink calmly. 
"Well, that's kind of the point. She wouldn't be getting mad unless she liked me," Donghyuck brought a finger to his temple, looking at Mina with a playful glint in his eye, internally claiming himself to be a genius for this idea. 
"So...your plan is to get her so mad that she confronts you?" 
Donghyuck nodded, grinning widely in the hopes that his optimism would convince Mina. 
Mina tilted her head hesitantly, looking down at her drink, "and you're sure this'll work." 
He nodded again, earning a resigned sigh from Mina. 
"Okay, fine. I'll do it. But only because you really like her, and I don't think I can handle seeing you silently pine over her any longer." 
Donghyuck's grin grew wider if that were even possible, clasping his hands together triumphantly, already feeling as though half of the battle was won. 
Pulling out his phone, he'd gone to his Instagram, because yes, Donghyuck wanted to make sure you would've seen it even when you were all the way at your grandma's house. 
Taking a picture of Mina and posting it, he'd chosen an intentionally ambiguous caption in the form of emojis just to push your buttons (knowing you would be frustrating yourself while trying to figure out what it means). 
"What's this?" Mina asked. 
Donghyuck wriggled happily in his seat, satisfied with his post once he was done, “phase one." 
And sure enough, Jisung never heard the end of your monologue called 'they should just get married while they’re at it but you know what I’ll just be happy for them: no big deal' 
After that day, you'd gone days without speaking to Donghyuck. And though that wasn't anything out of the ordinary, since your relationship was at a stage where you could go ages without seeing each other but still remain just as close, contacting each other often. 
However, this time it was different for you, knowing that the reason behind his packed schedule was his frequent meetups and study dates with Mina. 
As if Lee Donghyuck ever cared about studying. 
Donghyuck was currently laying on the floor of the school gym, having finished a particularly tiring training session with some of the guys from the volleyball team. 
“Are the rumours about you and that girl true?” Bomin asked, earning a loud groan of protest from Jisung. 
“Yeah, speaking of which,” he sat up from the floor with a grunt, his towel draped over his head as he pointed a finger at Donghyuck, “I’ve got a bone to pick with you. Are you dating Mina?” 
Donghyuck rolled his eyes.
“What if I said I was?”
Hyunjin frowned, his eyes narrowing in confusion, “didn’t you say you liked Y/N?” 
Donghyuck nodded, “I do.” He shrugged, fiddling with his shoelaces as his lower lip jut out in a pout unconsciously. 
“Then what’s going on with Mina?” Jisung’s tone was exasperated, not understanding how you could like someone as frustrating as Donghyuck. 
“It’s fake,” Donghyuck laughed, amused at how seriously everyone around him was acting, wondering if you were feeling equally as serious. 
Jisung fell silent, his mouth agape and his finger hanging in the air, not quite understanding the situation at hand. Hyunjin on the other hand, was quick to understand Donghyuck’s intentions, raising his eyebrows in surprise. 
“Is this to make her jealous?” He asked, earning a feigned look of uncertainty from Donghyuck. 
“Well, that’s the plan.” 
Jisung let his back fall back against the floor, kicking his legs and punching at the air with his arms as a sad whimper left his lips. 
“I hate you, Lee Donghyuck. I really do. It’s your fault I’ve been getting an earful from her recently,” he whined, getting up abruptly, draping his towel around his neck. 
Donghyuck’s eyes widened, “good. Hang in there a little more. It’ll be a matter of time before everything falls into place,” he reached over to pat Jisung on the shoulder, a sweet smile on his face. 
Hyunjin took his lower lip between his teeth, pursing his lips as he averted his gaze from Donghyuck, finally speaking. 
“I don’t think this is a good idea.” 
Donghyuck sighed, “You too? Just trust me, okay? I’ve known her for like...a long while now. And knowing her, she’d be crazy jealous if the guy she liked was doing this. And she wouldn’t be quiet about it either.” 
“You can’t just tell her you like her like a sensible person?” 
Donghyuck hummed, “I will, okay? Don’t worry about me, I’ve got it covered.” 
Jisung huffed, “yeah, right.” 
Sighing, Donghyuck had stood up, sighing as he bunched his towel up in his hands, beginning to walk over to his backpack. 
“I’ll be heading back now, gonna meet Mina to...discuss,” he waved, slinging his backpack over his shoulder and leisurely exiting the gym. 
9:48pm -hey, wanna come over to hang?- 
Donghyuck received your text while he was with Mina, hesitating before replying you. 
lee donghyuck 9:48pm -alright, you can pick ill be there soon- 
Figuring you shouldn’t jump to conclusions as to why he was still out even though Jisung had returned from the gym, you’d lounged on the couch, scrolling absently through social media while you waited for him to reply. 
Deciding to play some music while you waited, you’d begun to doze off when Donghyuck had arrived, the boy entering the house anxiously only to spot your head lolling around as you tried to fight your drowsiness. 
Walking over to where you were as carefully as he could, he leaned over, letting out a breathy giggle out of sheer affection, reaching out a hand slowly as he deliberated on whether he should wake you, feeling as though it would be selfish of him if he did just because he wanted to spend time with you. 
Unfortunately for him, Donghyuck had stepped on a pillow you'd pushed onto the floor previously, letting out a small yelp as he tried regaining his balance. 
You'd startled awake, looking up with wide-eyes at Donghyuck who had his hands stretched out beside him as he'd managed to stop himself from falling, looking at you with a sheepish smile. 
"Hey," he straightened up, his hands flopping down to his sides, letting out a small sigh. 
Funnily enough, it took you more than a few moments to realise you weren't dreaming. 
The sight of Donghyuck in his pyjama pants and a simple black t-shirt indicating that he’d showered before coming over, the way he’d smelled of his shampoo and looked ready for sleep had you in a daze, wondering how you’d let yourself get to the point where just looking at him was enough to send you spiralling with your thoughts. 
Shaking your head, you spoke, voice slightly hoarse, “sorry, kind of fell asleep while I was waiting," you brought your hands up to rub at your eyes with your palms, letting out a small yawn. 
Reaching over to grab your phone, you’d turned your music off as you regained your composure. 
Donghyuck took a seat next to you, shifting his body so he could face you more, one of his hands resting on the back of the sofa comfortably. 
“Are you tired? Do you want me to come over another time?” He murmured, earning a firm shake of the head from you. 
“It’s fine,” you dismissed the thought quickly, not adding the part where you had missed him. 
Donghyuck nodded, leaning back so his head was resting on the plush armrest of the sofa comfortably, reaching over for the remote control and turning the television on, turning on a movie the both of you had probably watched a million times but never gotten sick of. 
“Did you go anywhere before this? I was wondering what was taking you so long when Jisung came home earlier,” you mumbled out of curiosity, leaning back comfortably on the sofa in a position that mirrored Donghyuck’s, your legs bent at the knees and leant against the sofa next to his, which were stretched out fully. 
You’d felt one of his hands rest just above your knee comfortably, his thumb rubbing your leg gently. 
Donghyuck glanced briefly at you before directing his gaze back to the television, “oh, you know, just went to meet Mina for dinner.” 
You nodded slowly, a low hum leaving you, “oh...cool.” 
He seemed happy. You didn’t want to make him feel bad about being with Mina just because you had a problem with it. You’d never even thought much about him at first, it wouldn’t have been fair if you just claimed him as yours when he was already in a relationship with Mina, you figured. 
Donghyuck sighed, his hands stretching out in a force of habit gesture he would use to beckon you to cuddle with him, only now realising that that may not have been all that appropriate considering he was supposed to be pretending to date Mina. 
“That’s nice. I’m really happy for you that you found someone like her,” you mustered with a small smile on your face. 
You’d sensed his reservation too, feeling as though you were both being banished to either end of the sofa, not allowed to go any closer. 
Donghyuck frowned, your reaction seeming to have been unsatisfactory for him. 
“Really? You’re not like...mad or anything?” he prompted, making you laugh. 
“You sound like you want me to be mad,” you huffed, flustering Donghyuck into opening and closing his mouth, fumbling with his words. 
“I mean like, no, like, you are entitled to feeling however you want about it, like...” he stopped himself, “you’re really not mad?” 
You sighed, turning away from the television to look at Donghyuck, who was already looking at you bewildered. 
“Look, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bothered by the fact that you’re a lot busier now, but what kind of friend would I be if I couldn’t even support you when you’re happy with her?” 
Donghyuck shut his lips tightly, not knowing how to react to your statement, wondering if he was wrong to assume that you had feelings for him. 
You hummed, letting your legs rest over his slightly as you turned your body to face the television. 
Donghyuck inhaled deeply, debating on whether or not now would be a good time to tell you, but knowing that it would put you in a tight spot since he hadn’t ended things with Mina yet. 
Today, Donghyuck figured he shouldn’t be selfish. 
Choosing not to pursue the topic more, Donghyuck had let you continue to watch the movie. Though as you did so, laughing and cooing at the happy and sad parts of the movie, Donghyuck couldn’t keep his gaze from wandering to you from time to time. As if it was second nature for him to gauge your reaction during the comedic parts just to make sure you were enjoying yourself. 
Or maybe, it was just an excuse to look at you, the line had blurred a long time ago for him. 
Only later on in the movie, Donghyuck couldn’t help but let his thoughts wander to how you felt towards his (fake) relationship, picking up his phone to distract himself only to see the many texts that had flooded in from the dnyl chat group. 
renjun 12:59am - donghyuck what is this about you and mina - 
jeno 12:59am – yeah! I heard from chenle abt it...- 
renjun 1:00am - I think this is possibly the worst idea you’ve ever had - 
jaemin 1:00am – I don’t want to lie to y/n >:( 1:00am – - im gonna tell Harvey -
jeno 1:02am – same! n btw chenle said she felt rly bad about missing ur match –
renjun 1:02am – jeno idk how that’s relevant but sure we’ll take it –
jaemin 1:03am – a part of me is kind of curious how this would play out at hyuck’s party though – 
jeno 1:03am - oh right, isn’t it this weekend? - 
renjun 1:03am - yeah it is - 
jeno 1:04 am – how are u guys getting there? are we helping Donghyuck set up? – 
jaemin 1:04am – I’m cool w that - 
Donghyuck typed out his reply discreetly enough without you noticing, too distracted by the movie. 
1:20am -trust me I have a plan- 
Setting his phone down on the coffee table, he’d looked at you, debating on whether or not to ask you what was weighing on his mind, catching him off guard when you had turned to look at him, eyebrows raising curiously. 
“What’s wrong? The movie’s over” 
Donghyuck paused, turning to realise that the movie was indeed over and he hadn’t paid attention at all for the last bit. 
“Nothing. I was like...was wondering if you were gonna come early this weekend to help me set up for the party.” 
You felt a tinge of disappointment, hoping it hadn’t shown too much in your expression as you gave him a delayed nod, letting out a small sigh that you masked to be because you were tired. 
“Yeah, of course,” you huffed. 
Donghyuck nodded, getting up abruptly, “I should probably be heading back now, you should get some rest.” 
You frowned, but nodded nonetheless, “okay,” you stood up, walking closely behind him. 
Donghyuck contemplated asking if he could stay over, almost forgetting his entire plan for a second (and then wondering if he even had a legitimate plan in the first place), his hesitation causing his body to function faster than he could process, turning around abruptly without warning. 
His sudden halt making you yelp, almost colliding into him and stopping yourself just in time, Donghyuck reacting quickly and reaching his hand out to grab your arm in an attempt to steady you. 
Something about the air had thickened with tension then. Donghyuck blamed it on his prior racing thoughts, because looking at you now, he definitely did not have a plan. 
You, on the other hand, blamed it on the way you weren’t even focused on the movie to begin with, too occupied with hating the feeling of pining after somebody that was already taken. But whatever it was, you knew that you didn’t have much of a plan either. 
This was too close. You should’ve stuck to whatever 2 metre radius you had on the sofa just now, because if you were already distracted by his presence then, it was definitely a lot worse now. 
You could smell the fabric softener of his shirt, feeling him squeeze your arm gently as you dared yourself to look up at him, your breath hitching at the way he was looking at you. 
Maybe you were just imagining things. 
Like how you were ‘imagining’ the way he seemed to be leaning closer to you, his gaze flickering between your features to ultimately end up on your lips, almost as if he was gravitating towards you. 
Donghyuck scoffed. The universe was basically begging me to kiss my close friend.
Just as you’d felt yourself leaning closer as well, you’d begun to process what was happening, stepping back quickly and averting your gaze, suddenly interested in what was in your kitchen. 
“I should go.”
You huffed nervously, “yeah, you should.” 
Donghyuck nodded, wordlessly leaving your house, shutting the door behind him as he left, the only sound left being the trailer for whatever movie was on the television sounding throughout your living room. 
=== You were sure this was going to be a very long day. 
You’d just bought your present for Donghyuck from the florist, packing it carefully in a nice bag before you headed over to his house, only to have arrived at Donghyuck’s house to see him and Mina busy with preparing snacks. 
You’d entered the kitchen to be met with a laughing Donghyuck and a squealing Mina, joking around as they prepared the various food and snacks. 
“Oh, hey, you’re here! Is that a gift? If it is you can put it up in Donghyuck’s room,” she smiled at you. 
You’d returned her smile out of politeness, ignoring the way Donghyuck was looking at you as though he was searching your face for any emotions that were out of the ordinary. You hoped you weren’t being too obvious with your forced smile, turning quickly so you could let your smile drop, wanting to roll your eyes. 
What was this? Their housewarming party? 
Huffing, you’d left the kitchen, meeting Hyunjin and Jisung on the way upstairs, Jisung nudging you as a greeting as he continued down the stairs. 
Hyunjin reacted quickly, calling out to Jisung, “hey, I’ll meet you downstairs later,” he called, turning around and accompanying you upstairs. 
“Hey, how’ve you been?” he asked, earning a shrug from you, opening the door to Donghyuck’s room as you took the plant out of the bag. 
“I’ve been good, I guess. You?” you spoke as you walked over to his balcony to place the small potted flower on the small table he had there, admiring the way it looked. 
“Uh... good too...I guess,” he huffed in amusement, bringing his hand up to the back of his neck, fiddling with his collar. 
Hyunjin figured he’d might as well try to distract you from paying too much attention to Donghyuck and Mina. 
“D’you wanna help Jisung and I with the decorations?” he offered, earning a nod from you. 
“Yeah, sure. Not like I have anything better to do here,” you shrugged, letting him lead you downstairs to the living room where you saw Jisung and Jeno sitting on the floor at the coffee table, focused on cutting something to decorate the makeshift backdrop Donghyuck had where the photos would be taken later on. 
“Where’s the rest?” Hyunjin asked, making Jisung and Jeno look up. 
Jeno gave you a smile in greeting, beckoning you over to sit with him.
“Jaemin and Renjun went to collect the balloons. Chenle....” he looked at Jisung in the hopes that he would know where his friend was. 
“In the kitchen spying on Donghyuck and Mina.” 
You scoffed, not being able to help the laugh from bubbling out of you. 
“He should leave them alone, wouldn’t want to spoil their alone time.” 
Hyunjin gave you a surprised look as Jisung scoffed, “please, as if they don’t get plenty of alone time as it is.” 
You’d made a displeased sound, knowing you agreed with him but not wanting to be sulky about it. 
“Yeah, well,” you’d cut a piece of tape to hand to Jeno, “It’s not like I can tell him who to spend his time with, can I?” 
Jeno perked up at the statement, “yes, you can. You totally can. You should definitely do that.” 
Assuming they were joking with how quick Hyunjin and Jisung were to agree, you’d let out a chuckle, shaking your head. 
“Y/N, can you follow me to go hang these up?” Hyunjin asked, holding up the many streamers he had hooked onto his fingers, earning a nod from you. 
Holding his arm out for you to take, you couldn’t help but wonder why you weren’t feeling as excited as you usually would be if a situation involved Hyunjin. Choosing to ponder over the thought, you followed him over to the backdrop setup. 
Sitting on the table where the cake was supposed to be, you’d pre-cut various pieces of tape, pasting them on your arm, holding it out for Hyunjin to access it more easily as he hung up the decorations, your gaze constantly wandering over to the kitchen where you could see Donghyuck whispering something to Mina, earning a giggle from her. 
“Does it bother you?”
Your attention was directed towards Hyunjin, making you frown. 
“Huh?” You did a once-over of the decorations, shaking your head, “nah, I think what you did was fine. Maybe move that one a little to the left.” 
Hyunjin burst into laughter, shocking you at the sudden outburst as he shook his head, speaking as he calmed down. 
“No, I was talking about those people in the kitchen,” he told you pointedly, making you look back at the kitchen to realise who he was referring to. 
You shrugged, letting out a sigh instead, unsure how to reply Hyunjin.
“I figured. You’d been staring at them ever since we came here.”
You scoffed. “I wasn’t!... okay maybe I was, but it doesn’t mean anything, I swear.” 
Hyunjin huffed, “I thought Jisung was a bad liar but... I’d say you’re a lot worse.” 
“Maybe it runs in the family,” you sighed. 
You’d averted your gaze quickly when you saw Donghyuck exiting the kitchen, making his way over to where you and Hyunjin were, your presence together with him clearly having struck a nerve with him. 
“Hey,” he murmured, standing next to where you sat on the table, so close that your legs were touching his hips. 
“Careful now, wouldn’t want your girlfriend getting jealous.” 
Only then did Donghyuck register your words, not having given it a single thought when he’d approached you, the only thing in his head having been to make sure Hyunjin wasn’t trying to hit on you. Little did he know, you wouldn’t have noticed even if he was, your head preoccupied with thoughts about Donghyuck. 
Taking the tiniest of steps away from you, he glanced over in Mina’s direction, seeing her prompt him to carry out what they’d discussed. 
“Not much of a girlfriend, if you asked me,” Donghyuck shrugged, making your eyebrows knit in confusion, a small pout appearing on your lips. 
“Really? Thought you guys seemed to be getting along pretty well,” you murmured. 
Hyunjin was trying his best to eavesdrop, taking particularly long to hang up each streamer. 
“That’s kind of the thing...” he began, your conversation interrupted when the doorbell rang, making him halt your conversation to go and answer the door, leaving you hanging. 
Hyunjin turned around, a scandalised look on his face. 
“What was that!” he whispered harshly. 
You handed him the last piece of tape on your arm with a wide-eyed look, shrugging, “beats me.” 
You’d seen Donghyuck walking back into the room, with Chenle, Jaemin and Renjun following behind him, before parting ways and walking over to where you and Hyunjin were, Jaemin and Renjun beginning to display the balloons. Or more accurately, Renjun displayed them while Jaemin gave him compliments. 
Jaemin stood next to where you sat, leaning on the table, his arms folded in front of him. 
“I trust their artistic direction,” he gestured to them, “the last time they did the banners for the school’s valentine’s day fair I ended up with a girlfriend.” 
Renjun scoffed, “speaking of which, where are they?”
Jaemin shook his head, “nope, couldn’t make it cause they’ve got some family dinner.” 
You nodded in understanding, seeming a little uninvested in the conversation, but Jaemin figured he knew why, being able to sense that you were a little preoccupied with your continuous glances cast towards Donghyuck and Mina’s direction. 
“Who knows, maybe their weird art magic will help you get a boyfriend too,” Jaemin nudged you. 
This had only caused your frown to deepen when you’d immediately visualised Donghyuck as your boyfriend, shaking your head in dismissal. 
Mina had noticed you staring, leaning over to Donghyuck, “I don’t think your plan is working very much.” 
Donghyuck sighed, “I know. I’m honestly close to giving up, but I just need a chance to talk to her alone later, I swear I’ll tell her everything then.” 
Mina narrowed her eyes at him, “okay. I’ll try to create an opportunity, but you’d better make sure you tell her. I can’t bear seeing her look so sad,” she scolded, mustering a smile before she’d left to talk to the other guests Donghyuck had invited. 
Soon enough (thankfully), the decorations were done and Donghyuck had started to play music in the house, bringing out the snacks and food for everyone to eat. You’d taken your seat next to Hyunjin and Jisung since Donghyuck seemed to be a little preoccupied with Mina. 
Which, of course, you had to lie to yourself again and say you didn’t mind. 
You were thankful for Hyunjin and Jisung’s presence, of course, since it had managed to distract you from being sad over seeing Donghyuck being happy with Mina and taking food for her or how she would brush his hair back for no reason and oh, how much you wished you were Mina. 
You were about a hundred percent sure you liked Donghyuck, in the least best-friend way possible. 
Somewhere along the way, when people had brought out the drinks and everyone had been lounging and using their phones for a while, you’d heard someone call for everyone to gather so you could play games. You figured you were up for it, since you were never one to refuse board games, so you didn’t mind when Donghyuck had brought out his ‘Jenga’ set. 
You decided to play in teams since there were so many of you, and you’d teamed up with Hyunjin since Chenle had teamed up with Jisung, while Jaemin preferred to be the (arguably unnecessary) ‘referee’. 
Somehow or another, you were stuck in a difficult position, having to bend your hand awkwardly to get the piece you had chosen out, and in trying to get into a favourable position, you’d somehow ended up having to squeeze yourself between where Donghyuck sat and the coffee table, trying not to let yourself lean against him. 
“Don’t choose that one, choose that one,” you’d almost jumped at his hand that had gone next to yours, grabbing your hand and directing it to the piece he was referring to, your breath hitching as he did so. 
Your heartbeat was beginning to pick up speed, as you tried your best to do so, unappreciative of the commentary Donghyuck was giving from behind you, even to the extent of leaning over so his head was mere inches away from your ear as he directed you calmly. 
It wasn’t as if you were the only one feeling tense, Donghyuck’s gesture had warranted many stares and wide eyes from the people in the circle, making you eager to get this over with.
Unable to take it, you’d barely moved the piece when you raised your hand abruptly, “Hyunjin, you do it. I can’t.” 
Donghyuck backed away quickly, raising an eyebrow at you as if he didn’t know why you’d given up, making Mina roll her eyes at Donghyuck, “now that’s just cheating,” she told him. 
Hyunjin had taken over for you, and for many more turns afterwards. You were thankful when Jisung had lost since you decided you had enough of this game. Proposing another game, you had hoped they had another board game prepared, since you were sure Donghyuck had more than a few in his storeroom. 
Unfortunately for you, they seemed to have other plans, with Mina (you were too distracted by what the game was to pay attention to who said it) proposing a game of ‘Truth or Dare’. 
As if you hadn’t been put on the spot enough today already. 
The first few questions were simple, typical of the game. Simple questions of this or that whenever people chose truth, everyone seeming too afraid to start choosing dare. 
Soon enough, it was Jaemin’s turn to ask a question, humming in thought as he scanned the circle. 
“I pick Hyunjin.” 
You weren’t paying much attention, glaring at the coffee table after you saw Donghyuck slinging his arm around Mina’s shoulder, letting her rest her head on his chest as if it was second nature to them. 
Hyunjin scoffed, “truth,” he answered without missing a beat. 
Jaemin stuck his tongue out at Hyunjin teasingly, “If you could date anyone in our school who would it be?” 
“Y/N?” Hyunjin answered, earning a glare from Donghyuck (and many low sounds of surprise from the rest). 
Donghyuck searched your gaze for a reaction, something stirring in him when he didn’t spot the look that he usually saw you wear whenever you saw Hyunjin. Strangely, this time you looked as though you didn’t care much for his answer. 
“Would you ask her out?” 
Donghyuck scoffed, standing up abruptly, making everyone’s heads turn to face him, amused at what would have triggered his outburst since he’d been so willingly upholding whatever happy-couple façade he had with Mina. 
“This game is boring. Let’s play something else,” he blurted, making you scoff. 
What was he doing getting so riled up over a question that wasn’t even for him? 
Donghyuck’s outburst had caused the crowd to dissipate, the boys gathering at the sofa to play video games on Donghyuck’s console, everybody seeming to have returned to their state before you started playing games. 
Mina nudged Donghyuck, “now’s your chance, go and talk to her. I’ll make sure no one interrupts you guys.” 
Donghyuck heaved a heavy sigh, nodding slowly, his confidence from before seeming to have returned as he stood up, making his way over to where you were, laughing at something Hyunjin had said. 
“Hey,” you heard Donghyuck’s voice, looking up to spot him standing with his hands shoved in his pockets, his body language a contrast to what he was feeling. 
“Hey?” you answered, unsure what he was approaching you so aggressively for, but slightly thankful that you were getting some sort of attention from him today. 
“Can we talk? Like..upstairs,” he gestured with his head in the direction of the stairs, making you nod slowly, growing nervous at his sudden request, your thoughts having immediately wandered back to what he’d said just now about Mina, wondering if that was what he’d wanted to talk to you about. 
Hyunjin gave you an encouraging nod, wanting you to go up with Donghyuck, prompting you to do so. Letting him lead you upstairs, you reminded yourself repeatedly to keep calm, that this was your close friend you were going to be talking to. Your close friend that had a girlfriend. Your close friend that you really really liked that had a girlfriend. 
Entering Donghyuck’s room, he shut the door behind you, walking over to the balcony, and leaning against the railing, shutting his eyes as the breeze grazed his cheeks, finding that he would much prefer your touch on his cheeks. 
“So, uh,” you began, “what did you wanna talk to me about?” 
“Don’t date Hyunjin.” 
You frowned, leaning with your back against the railing so you could look at him, your arms folded across your chest, “what?” 
“I don’t think he’d be a good match for you,” Donghyuck shrugged, going completely off course from how he’d initially planned on approaching the topic of his feelings. 
Scoffing, you glanced at the orchid flower sitting on his balcony table, rolling your shoulders back before speaking. Friendship, new beginnings, you remembered the florist telling you when you’d asked for what the flower symbolised. 
“That’s what you wanted to talk to me up here about?” 
“Well, no but—” 
“Since when did it matter to you?” 
Donghyuck looked down at the small view he had of the neighbourhood, his voice coming out firmly, “it always mattered to me. You just never noticed.” 
You weren’t sure what he was getting at. His words were doing nothing to help your feelings for him, if anything, it made you even more confused. 
“What if I was going to date Hyunjin? Does that mean you’d tell me I couldn’t?” 
“Are you going to date Hyunjin?”
“What does it matter to you if I date him? You’re already with Mina.”
Donghyuck scoffed, “It matters because I don’t like it.” 
You groaned in frustration, your hands going up to brush your hair back harshly, “so what? Just because you don’t like Hyunjin means that I have to give him up?” 
Donghyuck turned to you, nodding as if it was his legal right to dictate your love life. “Fine, so go downstairs and ask him out, then.” 
“I’m not doing that.” 
“Well, why not?” 
“Because I don’t wanna ask him out,” you shot back. 
“Then there shouldn’t be a problem with me telling you what I think, right?” 
You scoffed, not wanting to let him manipulate you into confessing your feelings for him. Blinded by frustration, you’d let yourself slip, “well if that’s the case then I can say that I don’t like you dating Mina either! Does it mean that you’re gonna break up with her?” 
“I will if you want me to.”
You fell silent at that, unsure how to interpret what he’d said. 
“This isn’t how it’s supposed to be, Donghyuck. I’m supposed to support you as your friend, and you’re supposed to support me. You look happy with Mina, so I’m supporting you. Shouldn’t you want me to be happy too?” 
Donghyuck narrowed his eyes at you, tipping his head back in frustration before he’d made his way in front of where you stood, his hands going on either side of the railing next to you, caging you on the spot. 
“Then can you say for yourself that you’d be happy dating Hyunjin?” You hesitated.
“... No,” you murmured, averting your gaze anywhere except for him. 
“Then who would you be happy with? Tell me, and I’ll tell you what I think.” 
“I don’t care what you think—” 
“Tell me who, Y/N.” 
You rolled your eyes, upset that he was putting you on the spot like this, deciding to look him in the eyes, despite the warmth you felt pricking at your eyes, “you’re being mean.” 
“Just tell me,” Donghyuck insisted. 
“Okay, fine. It’s you, okay? Are you happy now?” you scoffed, “look, you’re perfectly happy with Mina and as your friend I should respect that—” 
“We’re not just friends and you know it.”
Donghyuck groaned in frustration, his grip tightening on the railing as he kept his gaze on you. 
Just for a moment, Donghyuck had managed to make you forget about hesitating. The way he was looking at you, it’d almost made you believe that he wasn’t with Mina, that everything else could wait but in this moment, he’d wanted it to just be you and him. 
“That doesn’t make sense...” you murmured, though that hadn’t stopped you from staring at his face, trying to get a sensing of just what it was that he wanted from you. 
Donghyuck had a few options, to tell you now about the fake relationship and risk you getting mad at him. To stop himself and tell you about how he’d been planning on breaking up with Mina. 
But his last option, the most selfish of all, was to just let himself have this moment with you, and deal with the repercussions of it later on. 
Donghyuck chose to be selfish. 
Leaning closer to you, you’d found yourself looking up as well, his gaze replaced by a more determined, decisive one, as he glanced at your lips, inching closer so your lips were barely touching. 
Not being able to handle the tension any longer, you chose to be selfish too. 
Apologising to Mina in your head, you’d brought your hands up to cup his face, bringing him closer to you to meet your lips with his, hearing him sigh as he kissed you back. 
Donghyuck wasn’t sorry, not at all, especially when he’d removed his hands from the railing to grasp at your waist, his other hand moving from your waist to cup the side of your face, holding you firmly as if he was telling you that he wasn’t going to let go first. 
Coming to your senses, you’d stopped yourself just as he tried to deepen the kiss, pulling back breathless with your chest heaving, your hands dropping from his face as if they’d been burned. Donghyuck tore his gaze reluctantly from your lips, soft breaths leaving him as he bit his lip, trying to process what had happened. 
You shook your head, instantly feeling horrible that you’d kissed him but the worst part being that you knew you made the choice on your own. 
“I’m not supposed to be doing this with you. How could you let me do that, you have a girlfriend!” you gasped, your hands flying up to cover your mouth, staring at him scandalised. 
Donghyuck stood dumbfounded, “wait, let me explain. It’ll all make sense.”
You shook your head, pushing his arms off of you as you took a step back from him. 
“Settle your shit with Mina before you talk to me. You can’t just assume you can go behind her back like this and that we’ll both be okay with it,” you scoffed. 
“That’s not how it works. It’s not the same as saying you love both your mom and your dad. I need you to make a clear decision and not put me through this anymore,” you blurted, your words coming out a mile a minute with how flustered you were. 
“I’m sorry, I’m leaving. Happy birthday.” 
Donghyuck parted with the feeling of your hands cupping his face, now met with the cold breeze once again. 
It wasn’t as if you wouldn’t see Donghyuck in school. You did, except he hadn’t made a move to reach out to you first, since he figured you still needed some time to collect your thoughts. 
You’d only heard halfway through the week that he’d broken up with Mina (much to Jisung’s relief), though strangely, he didn’t seem very different to you. 
Not that your information gathered through furtive glances in his direction during lessons were of any indication. 
He’d surprised you on Friday morning, when you’d been freezing in the classroom because your school sweater was still in the wash, looking stupid as the only student that hadn’t brought a worn the sweater. 
Only upon returning after a trip to the washroom in between lessons to try to warm up your body with a walk, you’d spotted the presence of a school sweater on your desk, and the lack thereof on Donghyuck, who fiddled with his tie nonchalantly, supporting his head on his arm which was on his desk. 
Lifting the sweater, you were about to hang it on your chair, stubbornly not wanting to give him the satisfaction of you putting it on, only to reveal the big scrawl on your notebook that you could only identify as Donghyuck’s handwriting, reading : ‘don’t be stubborn and wear it. You’ll freeze if you don’t’. 
Huffing, you’d reluctantly put on the sweater, your fingers grazing lightly over the small student council pin near the collar, not wanting to make it too obvious that the comfort and warmth of the sweater was absolutely needed, simply looking down at your notebook and flipping the page. 
You’d stayed behind in school that day to get some work done in the library, not expecting to have spotted Jisung and Chenle there, the group approaching you to greet you. 
Chenle’s eyebrows raised in surprise. 
“I’m guessing you and Donghyuck have made up already? God, it was so hard keeping all that fake relationship nonsense he had with Mina a secret from you—” Chenle stopped himself once he saw your expression, instantly regretting opening his mouth. 
“I’m sorry, his what?”
Chenle directed his gaze elsewhere, shrugging, nudging Jisung with his foot in his panic, making Jisung shrug, “uh..what? I didn’t hear anything, did you?” 
“Where is he now?” you spoke, not sure whether you were happy or angry that the situation turned out this way. All you knew was that you needed to see Donghyuck and give him a piece of your mind. 
“He’s uh...he’s in the council room with the dnyl guys.” 
You stood up, gathering your things quickly and bidding Jisung and Chenle goodbye, Chenle pulling out his phone to text Donghyuck. 
chenle 7:19pm -y/n just found out n shes super mad at you prepare yourself- 
Donghyuck had pulled his phone out, not being able to help the giddy feeling in him from arising.
“Why? What’s got you looking so happy?” Renjun asked. 
“Y/N found out.” 
Renjun frowned, not knowing how Donghyuck could be so happy about his impending scolding, leaning over to Jaemin and Jeno to murmur, “I think he’s lost it.” 
You weren’t even sure what you’d wanted to tell him as you were storming towards the council room. I mean, you knew you needed to confront him, yet you couldn’t quite phrase your words in your head, all of them seeming to do no justice to your true thoughts and emotions. 
But before you knew it, you were already in front of the council room door, with no prepared speech whatsoever, shoving the door open and glaring at a smiling Donghyuck. 
“Lee Donghyuck, we need to talk. Now.” 
You’d left the room, waiting impatiently until the doors opened again, Donghyuck walking out calmly, his hands in his pockets like before. 
“Hey,” he breathed. 
“Hey? Hey? You lie to me about something so big and kiss me to confuse me and now all you can say is hey?” you scoffed, hating the way he was smiling at you because whatever it was, it was making it harder for you to stay mad at him. 
Donghyuck didn’t care, he was happy. He didn’t care if you were mad at him, or if you were gonna nag him until your voice went hoarse. He didn’t care about whatever you could possibly throw at him because he was so happy that you were finally telling him truthfully about all the emotions you were feeling. 
“You’re wearing my sweater,” he pointed out calmly, as if you hadn’t just showed up to the council room fuming. 
You flushed, trying to ignore the way you’d felt somewhat shy under his gaze, choosing to cover it up for the sake of your pride. 
“I didn’t come here to play spot the difference, Donghyuck.” 
Donghyuck let out an amused huff, “I know. Look, I’m sorry I lied to you,” he said, letting out a breathy laugh. “My initial plan was to just make you so jealous that you would crack and admit your feelings for me. But that didn’t seem to be working very well.” 
You scoffed, “oh, it worked. It worked very well. I was so jealous I couldn’t even think straight. I should’ve known it was fake, this is so like you.” 
“Well then why didn’t you show it?” he pouted. 
You gave him a look of disbelief, “because that was how much I liked you! I didn’t want you to feel bad just because you liked someone that wasn’t me. I’ll have you know, I was trying very hard to be supportive.” 
He grinned, his hands coming out of his pockets to fold his arms across his chest calmly, scrunching his nose up cutely. 
“I know, Jisung told me.”
You rolled your eyes. The anger you were feeling from before dying down, now being overtaken by the giddiness from the thought that this meant that Donghyuck reciprocated your feelings, and there was essentially nothing stopping the both of you from pursuing these feelings. 
Donghyuck gave you a soft smile, stepping forward to wrap his arms around you, resting his chin comfortably on your shoulder, “are you still mad?” 
“You’re really manipulative, you know that? It’s so hard for me to stay mad at you.” Donghyuck laughed, his hands rubbing your back soothingly, “good.” 
“Now...because the last one didn’t end very well, can I have a second try?” Donghyuck pulled away from you, his hands on your shoulders as he leant back to gauge your expression. 
“At what?”
“Trust me, close your eyes.” 
You frowned at him, but obliged, not being able to hide your smile when you’d felt his hand cup the side of your neck, instantly knowing what he was about to do, feeling the confirmation of his lips press against yours not long after. 
Watching from the inside of the room, Jaemin let out a relieved sigh. “Awfully dysfunctional dynamic, but I’m glad it worked out for them.” 
Jeno hummed in agreement, “maybe Jaemin was right about your weird art magic, Renjun.” 
Jaemin scoffed, “of course I’m right,” he let out a gasp, “wait...but doesn’t that mean we won’t necessarily be needing the club anymore? Since all of us are kind of...you know, taken?” 
“I vote we keep the club,” Jeno suggested, earning a low impressed sound from Renjun.
“Thought you were the one that said this club was stupid, huh?” 
Jeno shrugged, “guess Harvey was right...about what exactly, I’m not very sure but just...right.” 
“Speaking of Harvey, we should probably tell him about this...development.” 
Donghyuck pulled away from you, burying his head in your shoulder shyly, “I don’t think this is appropriate to be doing on school grounds.” 
“Oh so now you want to be a rule-abiding council member?” Donghyuck huffed, maybe being selfish wasn’t such a bad thing after all, especially when it came to you. 
Donghyuck scrunched up his nose, letting out a thoughtful hum, “... on second thought, maybe we should head out of school so we can continue this in peace.” 
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ohpretty-baby · a year ago
✰ paring: namjoon x reader ; established relationship
✰ genre: fluff
✰ synopsis: “why do you love me?” ; basically namjoon is a big softie for reader 
✰ warnings: cursing like once lmao
✰ word count: 3.5k
today i spent my time thinking about the concept of love and how people love differently. this is the product of that. also yes i was thinking about this bc i was listening to 5sos’ new album, calm.
Tumblr media
It was 1 AM. The two of you were sprawled lazily on the new couch you got. Legs and arms were intertwined as you let the hours slip by, your eyes glued to the television screen and your bodies glued onto the soft couch.
Ever since you and your boyfriend of 10 months, Kim Namjoon, had become official, things had just gotten better and better. Wherever he went, success and happiness prospered. Now, you weren’t one to believe in superstitions, but Namjoon was like a good luck charm to you. Whenever he was around you, you were always happy and good things came to you. Namjoon was just good in general, always taking care of you and always showering you with gifts.
In fact, just last night, Namjoon got you that new couch that the two of you were laying down on. Even though he told you he was coming over that night, it was taking him a long time to get to your house. You figured that he was working extra hard at the studio, which also explained why he wasn’t responding to any of your texts.
Unbeknownst to you, however, he actually decided that he wanted to replace that tattered down brown couch you had in your house. He always felt uncomfortable on it. It was too scratchy. You’d always just roll your eyes at his antics, explaining that you couldn’t afford another big purchase like that right now. So he took it upon himself to replace it for you. He had actually left work early in order to find the perfect couch for you. When he reached the furniture store, he ended up getting a white sofa, not really knowing what the difference was, but he was sure that you wouldn’t care since it was so comfy. It was one of those sofas that you could just sink in and lay down in all day.
He still wasn’t responding to any of your texts, so you figured that maybe he wasn’t coming over anymore. And that was okay. You knew that sometimes work demanded a lot out of him and you didn’t want to bother him. To your surprise though, you heard a doorbell ring. You couldn’t really believe the sight before you. Namjoon was standing at the door, with a slick sheen of sweat glossing his skin. A huge box accompanied him, and he greeted you with a grin.
You smiled at the memory, also realizing that Namjoon was in your arms right now. The boy snuggled into your chest, and you unconsciously put a hand up to his brown hair, combing the strands calmly through your fingers. He hummed in delight, tightening his grip on your waist.
Even though you were half his size, Namjoon was always insistent on resting his head on your chest. It made holding your waist easier for him, which also meant he could hold you closer to him. You, of course, found this endearing, and also a good excuse to constantly play with his hair. It was a win-win.
You loved nights like this. Nothing else in the world mattered other than Namjoon and you being together. It was serene and you felt all your anxieties go away. He always felt like he was at home in your arms. Soon enough, both of you would fall asleep on the couch, still snuggled deeply in each other’s embrace. You could tell that Namjoon was getting groggy as his body seemed to reach a standstill and his eyelids drooped down. Before you slept, though, you wanted to see what would happen at the end of the chick flick you two were watching, even though you knew what would happen in the end.
It was just your typical cheesy movie. A selfless, kind girl moves to the city for her new job only to get coffee spilled on her by a playboy. She’s pissed off. He’s selfish. He gets to know her. They fall in love. She learns to love herself and he learns to love other people. No matter how many times this same plot was reused and recycled in countless of movies, you still felt your heart flutter when the boy would profess his feelings for the girl.
That scene was playing. The girl was moving back home due to heartbreak, which was slightly illogical since she had such a good job. You decided to ignore that fact, but chuckled softly at yourself. If Namjoon was awake and watching with you, he would say that and point out how dumb it was. He always wanted to watch action movies when you two were together, but once he saw how cute your face was when you blushed at a romance movie, he never mentioned any movie other than chick-flicks. Eventually, he started liking them too, but he’d never openly admit that to you. You could only tell because he’d start paying attention to the movie more than you at certain points.
It was raining in the movie and the girl had to get gas before her long drive home. You felt your heart race in anticipation for what would happen next. The boy came running to her in the rain, and he shouted for her. She wiped a few tears, trying to keep up her cold front. He then confessed to her, telling her that he never felt the way he did ever before. He told her that she changed him and he couldn’t bear to live without her. The girl then ran into his arms and they kissed in the rain, saying “I love you” over and over again. The background music got louder, letting the audience just experience the two characters’ love for each other.
I love you. You always thought it was such a strange phrase. Not that it was bad, since you were obviously so in love with the boy lying on top of you, but you always thought it was fascinating how heavy those words were. You were constantly cautious about that phrase, only saving it for the person who really mattered.
Namjoon, however, never really put any weight on that phrase. In fact, he may not even remember, due to the countless of times you two have said it to each other, but you can vividly recount the first time he told you that he loved you.
It was a Friday morning in August, and you were on your way to a job interview for an office job at a big tech company you’ve been wanting to work at since forever. You and Namjoon had been dating for one month at that time, and it all felt like a dream.
But right now, everything was a nightmare. You just barely heard your alarm, almost oversleeping. Your hair was extremely messy and even though you tried to keep it in tact by putting it in a nice bun, a bunch of loose strands still appeared. On your way to Namjoon’s car, you accidentally spilled coffee on your skirt. Namjoon reassured you that it wasn’t that noticeable since you were wearing a black skirt and you hoped that he was telling the truth. He also reminded you that you’d be sitting down the whole time, so it shouldn’t be that big of an issue.
While in the car, your hands got even clammier than they were before. You used your phone camera as a mirror in an attempt to try to tame your unkempt hair, but it wasn’t working. You felt your chest go tight, anxiety increasing. Your head went dizzy and you tried your best to breathe as you fixed your appearance. Namjoon picked up on this right away, and he placed a hand on your thigh to draw you out of your panic. You took a deep breath and put your phone away, realizing that you were getting way into your head. He gave you a soft smile and you grabbed his hand and placed it in your own, letting Namjoon’s touch bring you back to earth.
Namjoon squeezed your hand, rubbing the back of it with his thumb. He stayed quiet, knowing that you just needed things to be quiet when you were freaked out. Any noise would just set you off, so the car ride was silent, save for the soft R&B music playing on the radio.
Soon, your ragged breathing returned to a normal pace, and the knots in your chest went away. You were still a little dizzy, but you could pull yourself together. Then, you had reached the building.
You gave Namjoon a peck on the cheek and unbuckled your seat belt. You stood up from the car, straightening your skirt. Before you could close the car door, however, Namjoon said your name, grabbing your attention.
“I believe in you, Y/N,” He saluted you, showing off that goofy grin you adored so much.
“Thanks, Joon,” You saluted him back, giggling. You were about to close the door but then he called your name again.
“Also, Y/N,” His gaze met yours, and he stared at you lovingly, “You look beautiful today.”
“Oh, um, thank you,” You blushed, fidgeting with a fold in your skirt that was semi dry from the coffee spill.
“I love you,” He flashed you a soft smile, dimples appearing once again. You felt your heart stop and a soft ringing played in your ears.
“I love you too,” You said without even thinking.
And with that, Namjoon drove away to find a parking spot. You stood in front of the building, dumbfounded. Namjoon had just haphazardly threw that phrase at you. And you had just responded with the same recklessness! Your ears went hot at the thought of what just happened. You tried to reason with yourself. Namjoon was a very loving person, so maybe he’s just used to using that phrase right away, and you did love him a lot, so you weren’t lying either. It couldn’t be that bad.
You found out that it really wasn’t that bad. Later on, you’d get your job, and after the interview, you could tell that Namjoon did really love you. Once you got out of the building, you saw him waiting outside of his car, with a bouquet in his hands. You didn’t even know that he had left to buy them for you! Even though you didn’t know the results of your interview at the time, Namjoon was extremely proud of you. You ran up to him and he pulled you into his arms, spinning you in the air and making you both laugh. And from then on, countless “I love you”s were said between the two of you.
“Y/N, baby?” Namjoon croaked out, voice gravelly and scratchy because he had fallen asleep.
“Yeah?” You mumbled in response, finally out of your trance.
“Ah, there she is,” He grinned snuggling his face in the crook of your neck, “You weren’t responding for, like, 5 minutes and you were just staring at the ceiling! I thought I lost you or something.”
“Never,” You giggled, his breath tickling your skin, “I was just thinking.”
“About what?”
“Why do you love me, Joonie?” You asked rather abruptly. The question surfaced on its own, and you didn’t even realize that you had asked that until an uncomfortable silence settled between the two of you. You felt your heart race uncomfortably and dread fill your stomach. Was this it? Maybe Namjoon didn’t really love you, and he was just bored of being alone.
Your thoughts started racing around you uncontrollably until Namjoon pulled himself out of where he was snuggled, hovering over you. He placed a soft kiss on your lips before smiling at you, resting his forehead on yours. You felt at peace, and you let go of the breath you hadn’t noticed you were holding.
“What kinda question is that, dear?” He questioned, chuckling, “I love you because you’re you.”
“I mean, like, don’t you think you said ‘I love you’ way too fast?” You pouted, jutting your bottom lip out, “We were only together for a month when you told me that you loved me.”
“Well, sweetie, if I know I love you, I’m gonna say it right away, so you know,” He answered calmly, and repositioned the two of you so that could now rest your head on his chest and he could play with your hair. You smiled, happy at the warmth emitting from him. The movie had ended a long time ago, and it was you and Namjoon talking in the safe silence of your home. It was most likely 3 AM, and you felt your eyelids droop down slowly. Namjoon held you closer to him, placing a soft kiss on your forehead as you slowly fell asleep.
Namjoon was no longer sleepy since he had already fallen asleep for a little bit. He looked at you endearingly, loving how peaceful you always looked when you slept. He hoped you were having a good dream and he continued to stare at you, thinking about the conversation you two had. What did he love about you?
Well, what didn’t he love about you?
In fact, he was surprised that you thought he said that he loved you so early. Even though you two were together for only a month then, Namjoon felt like he was waiting for forever just to say that to you. He knew that he loved you right when he met you, and he was desperate to get the chance to say it to you.
He knew he loved you when you introduced yourself to him at a café, because he noticed how you’d always fidget with whatever you could get your hands on, whether it be the sleeve of your sweater or the ripped hole in your jeans. He noticed how nervous you were to talk to him, your soft voice trembling as it tried it’s best to carry every word you wanted to say. You didn’t even know why you wanted to talk to him, you just felt drawn in by his stare and you needed to know him. He vividly remembers the first words you said to him.
“Is this, uh, is this seat open?” You said sheepishly, trying your best not to slur the words together, “There’s no more seats open.”
Namjoon, in fact, knew that that was a blatant lie, since there was actually another table open that you could sit at. He found it cute, how you tried your best to find an excuse to talk to him. He nodded to your question, setting his book down as he introduced himself.
“I’m Y/N,” You smiled, and he felt his heart grow in size, “I wanted to talk to you about that book you’re reading, actually.”
Your smile widened once you grabbed your bag and pulled out your own copy of the book he was reading. Before he could even say that this book was one of his favorites, you immediately started rambling about how much you loved the book, a bright twinkle in your eyes.

Right at that moment, Namjoon knew that he loved you.
After that, the two of you hit it off right away, constantly texting each other and meeting up the café or the library in your free time. One time he mentioned to you that his favorite color was purple, he noticed that whenever you were with him, you always had a purple accessory. Whether it be a purple headband, hair clip, earring, or just a purple plush keychain that was attached to your bag, he never knew. It was always a nice surprise when he saw you. He thought it was so cute.
Namjoon felt his love for you grow even deeper once you met his friends. They were a rowdy group of 7, including Namjoon, who were always goofing off when they were together. They had already known a lot about you, and they were practically dying to meet you. Jeon Jungkook was especially excited. Namjoon constantly talked to Jungkook about you, because everyone else was sick of hearing you. Min Yoongi would always flick Namjoon’s forehead, teasing him for fawning over someone he wasn’t even dating. Kim Seokjin would join in on the fun, and then everyone would slowly join in the teasing fest. They even said snarky comments about you, saying that you were a weirdo for always texting Namjoon whenever you read a new book or if you saw a cute frog on your walk to your house.
But once they met you, everyone immediately retracted their teasing statements about you. When you arrived at Namjoon’s house, you had a surprise for everyone. Namjoon told you quite a lot about his friends on your late night walks through the city. He’d tell you about all the weird things they did and how he thought you’d get along well with them. Well, you really didn’t want to disappoint.
When Namjoon opened the door, he was surprised to see you carrying 7 bags with names written on them.
“I brought everyone gifts,” You giggled, struggling to carry all the bags in your arms, “If that’s okay.”
Before Namjoon could say anything, the 7 boys were already running up to the door, intrigued to see what you looked at. You felt your cheeks turn hot as they took in your appearance and they all greeted you with a smile.
“These are my friends, if you couldn’t tell already,” Namjoon said rather awkwardly, and you could tell that they were all trying so hard not to laugh at him. You smiled, saying hi and introducing yourself to everyone as Namjoon carried your gifts so you could take your coat off and relax.
You passed around the gift bags, which all had a sugar cookie in them and a small trinket of what each boy liked.
“Whoa, Namjoon!” Jungkook was the first to open his gift, and he was extremely excited, “She got me an Iron Man keychain! Look at it! His arms and legs move!”
“Kumamon?” Yoongi brought out the plushie and examined it, a smile appearing on his face, “I don’t have this one yet. Thank you, Y/N.”
“KAWS! A keychain!” Hoseok grinned, showing his gift off to the other members, “Wow, Y/N, I don’t know you and I already like you!”
“Ooh, a new Mario shirt!” Seokjin ran off to the bathroom to change into it right away, “I look good in this. Good job, Y/N.”
Taehyung and Jimin both squealed in delight as they opened their gifts, seeing new copies of the manga that they liked. Everyone found their reaction humorous, laughter filling the whole house.
Even though you were happy and satisfied with everyone else’s reactions, you were dying to see Namjoon’s reaction to his own gift. You nudged at Namjoon, who was sitting next to you, and excitedly bounced your leg up and down in anticipation.
“You should open your gift, Joon,” You pointed to the bag in his lap, and he nodded. Everyone else watched, surprised by the nickname you had given him.
It was a blue pajama set that had his favorite character, Ryan, printed all over it. He flashed a grin at you, remembering that he only mentioned that he liked Ryan maybe once or twice to you. He pulled you into a hug, feeling a warm a feeling in his chest. Everyone grinned at the two of you before teasing Namjoon.
“Oi, Namjoon,” Seokjin snickered, “Are you crying?”
“Shut up!”
Namjoon laughed softly at the memory of that day. He loved how you were always so attentive to the things he said, bringing things up about him that he himself even forgot. He knew that he loved you right from the get-go. Not just because you were pretty, because Namjoon was never nervous around you. His feelings for you weren’t fleeting, like puppy love in high school. He knew that he would love you forever, because he felt secure with you. You tried your best to impress not only, but his friends, who were basically his family. And don’t even get him started on when you met his family. They, like Namjoon, loved you right away and knew that you were a keeper.
His mom even scolded him the next day, telling him that if he lost you she’d never forgive him.
You stirred in your sleep and all of Namjoon’s attention was back on you. You must’ve had a bad dream. He hushed you, cradling you in his arms until you were calm again. It was probably 4 AM. Namjoon took a deep breath of the cold air, admiring your features once again.
“I don’t know what I’d do if I ever lost you,” Namjoon sighed, heart breaking at the thought. But he knew that he loved you and you loved him, so he wasn’t worried. You were his home, and he was yours. He didn’t know what he did to deserve you, but he knew damn well that he’ll do anything to make sure that you’re still his.
He placed another soft kiss on your head before falling asleep too in the quiet, calm house, where you could only hear Namjoon’s soft breathing with yours.
this made me soft and i would do anything for kim namjoon k bye :,) 
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chaeryybomb · a year ago
stray kids as anime boys: bang chan [part 1] [part 2]
Tumblr media
✎ᝰ┆bang chan as the sports captain
(feat. stray kids && some of the 97liners)
this is the only role I am 100% convince chan will be in an anime
u can't change my mind ᕦ(ò_ó)ᕤ
S O let's get into it
what sports captain is he??
the question should be what sports captain is he not 
d-does that make sense?? HDHS U GET WHAT I MEAN
look chan is build™ with muscles (and brains) he's gonna use those muscles
for s p o r t s
"chan u can't join all the sports club"
“watch me felix”
ya boi tried out for every sports club available in school and he got into to every one of them
THANKFULLY felix made him reject some(most) of them bc chan already doesn't sleep enough
everyone say thank u felix
so chan is in the volleyball and basketball club
and he's the volleyball captain!!!
chan is the secret weapon lemme tell u that
his spikes?? they can BREAK A WALL
so if u see chan practicing spikes pls be careful
avoid him
avoid the gym in general
unless ur asking for a concussion SKSKS
no joke there's a dent in one of the gym's wall bc he spiked too hard
his excuse was "bambam ur supposed to block it!"
so how does that apply to u dear reader
well, ur not a huge sports fan
u rather stay at home and watch netflix than go under that cursed fireball u call a sun
but yk who is a huge sports fan???
ur best friends chaeyeon and lisa!
well technically bc chaeyeon is dating jaehyun who's also on the volleyball team
and lisa swears she doesn't but obviously she's there to look at jungkook
"y/n! there's a game after school today, and you're coming with us to watch it"
"just admit u wanna look at jungkook and go"
mama chaeyeon saves the day, "alright children no more fighting" 
"FIGHT ME LISA" (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ
in the spongebob narrative voice 2 hours later
u find urself in sandwiched between chaeyeon and lisa, sitting on one of the gym's bleachers
chan and the boys are down there warming up
and u can't help but drift ur gaze to a certain (crispy)blond hair boy, who's stretching at the moment
maybe u were starting too long, but lisa nudges ur elbow with a sly smirk
"ohohoho y/n, what do u see??"
u shove her elbow away and glare at her, "ur about to see my fists in a minute"
the entire game ur gaze was set on chan and u don't even know why
jokes on u reader, it was the anime magic kicking in
up until the second half of the game, u had the sudden need to go to the bathroom and who are u to deny ur bladder dhhshd
"I'm gonna go to the bathroom," you tell lisa and stood up to squeeze ur way out of the bleachers
ur earbuds almost burst due to all the screaming dhshhd
but hey! u successfully made it to the end
\(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/
u make ur way towards the exit when u hear lisa and chaeyeon scream your name
and suddenly the world went black
y/n?? y/n??? oh my god she fuckin dead
maybe u regain conscious for a few seconds bc the last thing u remembered was a pair of feet running and the scent of someone's sweat mixed with cologne
yk the typical anime shit dhsjdjs
when u wake up, ur laying down a bed and ur in a room where u don't recognise
"holy shit y/n, you're awake! lisa go get the nurse!" chaeyeon exclaims from beside you and you hear the door close
you squint your eyes, trying to adjust from the bright light
chaeyeon's face comes into view and she has a worried expression on
"w-what happened?? where am I??" you ask she helps you sit up on the bed
"you're in the nurse's office!"
"why,,, am I in the nurse's office?" you furrow your eyebrows at chaeyeon
"well you see—"
the door slams open to reveal lisa and the nurse
"oh good, y/n you're awake," the nurse smiles at you
she walks toward you and gently grabs your chin with her gloved hand to examine your face
"fortunately nothing is broken but that's gonna leave a bruise on your forehead for a while, you took quite a hit."
"a hit???" u furrow ur eyebrows even deeper if you could sjdjsk
"yeah! you got hit by a volleyball!! you should've seen what happened, the ball went flying like WOOOSH at you and BAM u were knocked out!!" lisa explains with many hand gestures
"it was a good thing that chan boy carried you here, you were out cold," the nurse adds.
Σ(゜゜) c-chan???
u don't even notice your face starts to heat up until the nurse looks at you with concern again
she places her hand against ur forehead and says, "oh my, you're heating up, I think you got a fever coming—"
"no! no, I'm completely fine!" you reassure the nurse
you bring your hands up to your cheeks and rub it harshly and slap it a few times in hopes the redness will go away
the nurse let's you stay in the office for awhile, thank god school was already over
lisa and chaeyeon, like the best friends they were, stayed with u and walked u back home
the next morning when u wake up—
"y/n hurry up you're gonna make us late!!"
in all honesty u should be thanking hyunjin for saving u from the future regrets
otw out of the bathroom u curse at hyunjin, who sticks his tongue out in return, and grab one of ur beanies from ur dresser and slip it on
"why the fuck are you wearing a beanie in the middle of summer??"
"it's called fashion hyunjin, look it up"
(hyunjin, snorting) "please, we all know I'm the fashionable one in this family"
so yes, u walk into school with a beanie on ur head, in the middle of summer
it definitely caught weird looks from people because again, why the fuck are you wearing a beanie in this heat???
it's equivalent to having a "I'm stupid" sign taped on ur forehead
u walk into class, already tired from everything and everyone and first period hasn't even started yet!
what a mood
chaeyeon looks at you weirdly and opens her mouth to ask but you stop her
"don't. a lot of people already asked," you groaned, pointing at the black beanie on your head, specifically the spot where u got hit at
chaeyeon looks at you with sympathy and pats your head
when lunch rolls on, lisa basically slams into ur classroom
"why are u wearing a beanie??"
"because I can and it's a free country!!!" u snap at her
"geez fine," lisa puts her hands up
(lisa, mumbling under her breath) "someone woke up from the wrong side of bed today"
"OKAAAAY let's go I wanna get pizza bread before it's gone," chaeyeon interrupts aka stopping another fight from happening by hooking her arms through yours and lisa’s* (¬、¬) hnnggg u win today jung chaeyeon
u turn to walk out of the door when u stop in your footsteps
y/n's forehead:
brenda the bump: it's a free real estate
the three of u stop and stare at chan
like hullo, why u here???
chan coughs awkwardly and rubs the back of his neck. "um, can I speak with y/n?"
chaeyeon and lisa exchange a look and shrugs, "yeah sure," they say and pushes u out of the door
and u stumbled into his arms
again, the anime shit™ working its magic
u immediately push urself off chan and clasp ur hands behind ur back while chan takes a few steps back
"so,,," you start
"oh right! uh, I'm sorry for yesterday, hitting u with the ball and everything"
"oh! it's fine, it really is!" you assure him
"no, it's not! lemme treat you to lunch, it's the least I can do," chan says
"nononono you really don't have to!" you shake ur head at him
"please!" he begs, "I hurt you and I should do something for you"
"JUST SAY YES" lisa yells from across the hall
you whip ur head towards her direction and flip her the bird
chaeyeon mouths an apology and drags lisa away, but her laughter rings through the empty hallway
you turn back to chan who's looking at you with pleading eyes
"pleaseee" (´・ᴗ・`)
"but!" u wag ur finger at him, "ur only allowed to buy me chocolate milk"
"yes!!" he cheers and drags u off to the school's convenience store to buy you a bottle of chocolate milk
u thought he was gonna get u the cheap one but nO
secondly, if u thought this was a one time thing
it soon becomes a regular thing and every morning, there is a chocolate milk on ur desk with a cute stick it note saying "good morning ♡´・ᴗ・`♡"
and everyday after school, chan walks up to u and ask "hey y/n! did u get the chocolate milk?"
and he will pout if u show him the untouched bottle of milk
so u make sure that u drink it during lunch where he can see u drinking it
and it makes his insides all mushy and squishy
and that escalates to him waiting by ur locker every morning!!
he waits for u by ur locker and when u walk in
he fucking beams at you
the sun who??? u only know a bang chan
he hands u the chocolate milk and greets u
"good morning, y/n!"
and ur hearts does it usual schedule bang-chan-caused-flips
"I thought u hated these things??"
"well I do but chan asked me to come so—"
(lisa, wiggling her eyebrows) "oh chan huh"
so here u are again, sandwiched in between lisa and chaeyeon
o wow ur feeling a sense of deja vu
chan spots u in the crowd and runs over to u
"try not to get hit by any balls this time," he grins as he ruffles ur hair
"friendly reminder, I got hit by a ball from you," u retort and smack his hand away
the coach whistles for chan to get into place and u grab onto his arm, shocking both of u
o wow u got bold moves there reader
"uh, good luck out there," u smile at him
chan's heart doubles over in LOVE and smiles back at you "thanks!"
he runs back to the team, who are all looking at him with a sly look
"so when are u gonna ask y/n out?"
"i'll purposely aim the ball at ur head mingyu"
tbh u don't even know much about volleyball and all u see are balls being hit back and forth
im writing the match based on what I've seen my school's team done and it may be inaccurate pls correct me
sometimes u involuntary wince when u see chan spikes and the ball bounces off the floor bc the other team failed to block it
u pity the floor
it's the last match and both teams are tied
chaeyeon is gripping onto ur arm for dear life bc out of the three of you, she's the only who understands the most about volleyball
both teams are fairly powerful
they have a really strong setter aka lee hyunjae
boy may not look like it but he's strong!!!
the coach whistles and jaehyun serves the ball
jacob from the other team returns the ball and it goes flying across the net
in a blink of an eye, chan yells "mine!" and he spikes the ball with force* hyunjae rushes to block it but misses by a milimetre and the ball bounces off the floor
the entire gymnasium erupts into cheers
and u are pulled up from ur seat by a screaming chaeyeon
they won???
chaeyeon runs down to congratulate her boyfriend and u follow in suit
but u run straight into chan's arms to hug him
"congrats!" u squeal as he lifts u off the ground and spins u around
when he sets u down, the both of u finally realizes the position ur in and back away from each other awkwardly
"ahaha,,, congratulations!!" u tell him
chan grins at u "what can I say, ur my lucky charm"
ur cheeks start to heat up again and chan laughs
the rest of the team comes over to drag chan to the changing room, leaving u alone with lisa and chaeyeon
once the boys disappear behind the doors, the two girls turn around to look at u
"what was that???" lisa asks, referring to the hug between u and chan, as she whacks ur arm
she tryna whack the answer out of u HDHS
"it was a hug! nothing more!" u say, more like ur trying to convince it was nothing more
"that was not just a hug," lisa mimics ur voice "that was one of those couples hug chaeyeon and jaehyun does!"
(chaeyeon, pipping up from the side) "she's right!"
"he totally likes you!" lisa smirks at u
 "no he does not!"
"uh yes, he does! jaehyun says so!" chaeyeon says in a matter-of-fact tone
"and you—" lisa points her index finger at u "—like him too!"
before u can continue bicker and PROVE THAT U DO NOT LIKE BANG CHAN
jaehyun comes into view and says "hey y/n, chan is waiting for u outside, he has something to tell u"
[ part 2 ]
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roguish-gallery · a year ago
Rogues + Internet/Social Media HCs!
Hello!!! this was requested by @geniusbee I struggled a bit with the initial prompt, so I kinda broadened the question, I hope you don’t mind! Once I got the ball rolling with this one, it was super fun to work on! Thank you again for your request!
If anyone wants to, feel free to send me send me more requests! I’d love to do more of these!
Everything is under the Read More bc this got LONG AS FUCK. (Slight TW for sexual references!)
Doesn’t use social media. point blank
He’ll surf the web mostly for research or for communication purposes, but that’s mostly it... That being said sometimes he DOES look up stuff for fun because he’s a naturally curious guy who had limited access to education for the first 20-ish years of his life. It sends him down a rabbit hole of researching weird shit and sometimes you’ll catch him up at 4:00 am looking up how bread was made in Ancient Rome or what Cock and Ball Torture is bc he heard Joker say it once and he’s never EVER fucking heard of those words strung together like that before
Also… his fingers are simply too beefy for most keyboards. Dude tryna sit down and send Scandal Savage some fun cookie recipes she could try with her GF like
Tumblr media
Not a lot to say here but tbh she probably has the most normal internet habits of everyone. Helps to promote cat shelter’s web pages, and will use some light hacking to find the locations of fur factories and animal abusers but that’s mostly it?
If she isn’t already an influencer, she has definitely considered it. Will sometimes post selfies of her wearing stolen jewelry just to flex. Has a legion of simps.
Unknowingly gets into kin drama without trying to
He has... so many theather blogs, musical blogs, and obscure film blogs... someone help him... somehow he regularly adds shit to ALL OF THEM. 
He’s that one bitch who hoards all the canon URLs and there’s nothing you can fucking do to stop him.
Harley Quinn:
Her computer is slow and buggy as shit because she’s got so many viruses from trying to download flash games. Edward refuses to fix her computers at this point because he knows it’s a lost cause.
She vlogs sometimes, actually! And she’ll drag her hyenas or any of the rogues/batfam/GCPD she’s hanging out with atm into it.
She likes to go onto anxiety or depression forums and anonymously leave nice, helpful advice :)
Mostly on the dark web, doing… things that you do on the dark web...
If he’s ever on the clean web I promise it’s only to start kin drama or to dm fucked up shit to random people he finds.
Has been known to catfish when the mood strikes him
Also? He jumps onto RP forums and either plays the SHITTIEST Batman, or an eerily accurate Batman.
Killer Croc:
He likes looking up funny videos online!!! Also! Art tutorials!!
He likes to post his artwork online under a pseudonym. He doesn’t expect anyone to really pay attention to his work, but it’s always a very pleasant surprise when someone likes or leaves a nice comment on his art.
 He genuinely cherishes all of his followers and the kind interactions he shares with them.
Mad Hatter:
It’s just hat porn and hentai. I’m sorry.
Mr. Freeze:
Normal internet habits tbh. Doesn’t really go on the internet that often because he doesn’t particularly care about keeping up to date with what’s happening.
He used to have a Facebook where he’d post pictures of himself and Nora, but he can’t really do that anymore due to obvious reasons.
Lightly dabbles in dark web shit (for business purposes) but otherwise he’s like an old man on the internet. Checks the stock market and shit. Responds to his emails in a timely manner. He keeps track of everyone’s internet presence but that’s mostly because he enjoys drama and he doesn’t want to be out of the loop in case Eddie starts something again and he needs to know WHY Jervis and Pamela can’t be in the Iceberg at the same time without trying to kill each other.
He REFUSES to make a social media account for the Iceberg Lounge!!!! It is too classy for that!!!
Other than that, though… don’t tell anyone… but he keeps some tabs open on some 🥺🥺🥺 some bird forums and uh 🥺🥺🥺 m🥺🥺🥺 maybe some blogs he has that are all about Jane Austen and Star Trek: The Next Generation 🥺🥺🥺🥺 n-not like he LIKES Star Trek, though!!
Also in Batman #448 it shows that him and Batman canonically play chess with each other online and you know what? That’s cute as hell so I’m gonna say that they still do that.
Poison Ivy:
Surprising no one… she mostly blogs about botany
Will ONLY go onto other parts of the internet to like and share Harley, Selina, or Waylon’s posts and THAT'S IT!!!!
She is not above getting petty in the comment section!! If she finds a video of some clown over-watering their ferns she will absolutely let them know and she will not be polite about it.
Canonically has the best hookup and 100% is the most active online. Like yeah he does a lot of hacking shit but he uses the internet for legit stuff too.
PURPOSEFULLY looks himself up and will argue with anyone who talks smack about him on literally any of the search results. He WILL remember your username and he WILL publicly mock you for it when he freezes your laptop or when he takes over the broadcasting waves in Gotham again.
You KNOW he has a social media account for everything. He WILL talk about how smart and sexy he is and he WILL get around any attempts made to get him blocked, suspended, or banned. 
“You fool… I have 70  A L T E R N A T I V E  A C C O U N T S”
He is the self-proclaimed tech-guru of the Rogues. He WILL harass you if you are using the wrong web browser or if you have TOO MANY FUCKING TABS OPEN FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU.
He calms down somewhat once he becomes a P.I. He’ll take selfies at crime scenes and livestream himself when he’s finding clues or chasing someone down! He’s absolutely obsessed with it and he gets super popular. He knows that he shouldn’t broadcast himself solving crimes... but... the clicks... the views... his stans...
Enjoys gaming and modding whenever he has free time.
He hasn’t been in a classroom in years but if you looked at his internet habits you would think he’s still teaching psychology at Gotham U. Responds to emails responsibly (but NOT on weekends or after 10 pm!!)
Probably wouldn’t blog these days, but when he was younger he had a page where he would discuss his psychology work.
He mostly uses the internet for research or to order chemicals but he’ll often get swept up in some inane message chain with Harley and Eddie and he HATES IT.
He has like two dozen tabs open on his computer because he forgets about them and even though some of the tabs have been there for so long that he GENUINELY can’t remember why they were there, he keeps them because it makes Edward break into hives every time he tries to watch what he’s doing online. Giving Edward Nygma anxiety sweats is easy and free and should be done often.
He uses incognito mode… whenever he needs to google embarrassing questions…
He likes to peruse the dark web but sometimes he enjoys hopping onto r/legaladvice and r/relationships and reads that shit like it's the Sunday paper.
If he’s bored or is having a bad mental day, he likes to look up all the Google doodle games that Google keeps archived. they’re all really cute and are a lot of fun to goof around with whenever he’s wanting to play something light and quick!
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sandrinehbrt · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
why am i doing this? oh, believe me, i am asking myself the same question. i have no idea but every time i watch barbie movies i also think of how sandrine would appreciate them and review them and yeah i guess this counts as character development and what not.
top five favourite movies
barbie and the magic of pegasus (ice skating, cute baby polar bear, kind of gay for the queen)
barbie as princess and the pauper (the SONGS the story the animation the everything, hands down the best barbie movie in the entire universe with swan lake as a close second)
barbie as the island princess (very adorable baby elephant, friendships are more important in the end than a semi pointless male interest no offense antonio but yeah full offense go away and colonize another island who cares)
barbie & the diamond castle (one word: LESBIANS)
barbie: a fashion fairytale (the terrible french accents deserve a special mention they made her laugh)
top five least favourite movies
barbie: videogame hero (it’s too high tech for this actual grandma)
barbie presents: thumbelina (the animation of the small creatures is very scary like their heads? are too big)
barbie fairytopia: the magic of the rainbow (they should have made a spin off about lesbian mermaid nori instead this was pointless laverna just go get lost for fucks sake)
barbie in the pink shoes (very confusing)
barbie: spy squad (she pays allegiance to totally spies, the ultimate female spies)
top five favourite characters
blair willows / princess sophia > princess charm school (the whole storyline is a dream: she was a waitress, won a contest to study at the royal school & ends up being the lost princess everyone thought died years ago.
annika > magic of pegasus (brave, bold & looks good in lilac)
clara > the nutcracker (she’s the sugarplum fairy, enough said)
viveca > three musketeers (very lesbian, very fashun, very hot)
sandrine > mermaid princess (for obvious reasons, also represents sandrine’s whole ‘i fall for people i can’t have’ since barbie sandrine has a lot of attitude and seems very hard to approach)
top five least favourite characters (excluding villains)
prince louis > three musketeers (sexist dumb pointless no chemistry with the main character whatsoever go get lost in your hot air balloon and complain it’s hard to be a prince bc you can’t talk to birds anymore)
the twins love interests > diamond castle (forced heterosexuality is boring make it stop)
janessa > 12 dancing princesses (she collects bugs BUGS!!!!!! nope not allowed)
eden starling > a christmas carol (great redemption arc and explanation of why she is pure evil but still, she gets a 0/10 for not being sweet like we get it eden you can sing and so does sandrine and yet she doesn't act like a diva)
stacie > great puppy adventure / great puppy chase (she's way too into sports child just chill and watch some cartoons give everyone a break pls)
best romantic relationships
liana & alexa > diamond castle (they live together they sing love songs to each other they sell flowers they find matching gems and make engagement necklaces together they lose their joy once they are separated, the whole movie is about liana wanting to date the muse melody and have a throuple and alexa wanting to keep their couple closed and alexa and liana finds out they don’t need anything else to be happy other than each other and this is gay)
odette & the fairy queen > swan lake (i feel like sandrine would call the fairy daddy for some reason, and odette bakes and dances? nice. swans are cute, good opportunity to say look at all those chickens)
rosella & luciana > island princess (full offense to antonio go back on your boat and let the two women in charge of your kingdom)
elina & nori > fairytopia: mermaidia (they “fight” for the same ugly merman but they end up having more chemistry together i stan! also nori becomes a better person and elina makes great sacrifices for her so it's perfect good girlfriends content)
geneviève & derek > 12 dancing princesses (listen LISTEN LISTEN this is prime romance, derek is attracted to geneviève, the misfit of the family despite all her other sisters being absolutely gorgeous, he gives her time, he shows his affection through small attentions, his own parrot ships them like this is goals and he does anything he can to make the whole family happy and to save them putting his love for gigi second)
in brief: sandrine your bisexuality is showing
(i disagree with the best top 5 especially but for the rest i feel like we would agree on most of this, especially about prince louis I HATE HIM WITH A BURNING PASSION like ;;;;; sir you are so flat and you have 0 personality and french monarchy? i don’t stan ~ also here’s the link to the barbie wiki page if you want context or u can ask me i’m a connoisseur phd in barbie movies i bought a barbie for my birthday does it validate my knowledge SHE’S LIKE “SWEET ORCHARD” THEME THAT IS SO ADORABLE idk what i will name her? thinking of cinnamon bc she comes with a basket of apples)
for reference:
gif 1 = liana & alexa from barbie & the diamond castle
gif 2 = annika & aiden from barbie and the magic of pegasus
gif 3 = princess annelise & erika from barbie as princess and the pauper
gif 4 = elina & nori from barbie fairytopia: mermaidia
gif 5 = geneviève & derek from barbie and the 12 dancing princesses
gif 6 = odette & the fairy queen from barbie of swan lake
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bluealmondpie · a year ago
ho ho ho me and my love for side characters has struck again~ the coaches are all so underrated and it is not fair so here is some love for our wonderful swan coach
Tumblr media
bf!akira (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
* the picture of reliability
* this man knows. he is observant to details
* totally can tell when you're angry or upset or excited. he pays a lot of attention.
* i imagine he would be nervous on the first date, and it might b a lil over the top? a nice restaurant and an uncomfortably dressed (see: formal) akira with flowers. it's adorable (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
* he is easy to tease. cute reactions. he usually will gently rebuff after being surprised or shocked, but he doesn't mind on the inside. actually it's q obvious he doesn't mind so you can keep teasing him if u want he will tease you back, and it's an enjoyable sort of push and pull
* nowadays dates are more chill, usually hanging around his apartment (you've practically moved in at this point) cooking, watching movies or reading together
* akira is p laid back. a little short of happy go lucky, he goes with the flow most days. his easy going nature makes your relationship really comfortable. it's such a cute little relationship filled with domestic scenes and just so... simple and sweet ugh.
* imagine: he's late home because of volleyball practice. he comes back to see you asleep on the couch with lukewarm pudding on the table, and just softly smiles. the tiredness melts away. he puts the pudding in the fridge and gently lifts you up to move you to the bedroom. akira? you mumble, your eyes fluttering open. mm i'm back, he says softly. rest, i'll join you in a bit. you pull him closer and he kisses your forehead to seal the promise as he places you under the covers. he washes up quietly and slips in next to you, and you curl into his chest. he wraps his arms around you and closes his eyes. you both drift off to sleep.
* i imagine he likes plants but he's not v good at taking care of them. you've set up the reminders on his phone to water the different succulents he has (just two, because he's killed enough to make him sad. you bought the first one for him when you were out grocery shopping and you noticed him staring at the little baby succulents. when it passed away he admitted he wasn't good at taking care of plants and you replaced it, setting up watering alarms for him. the other was a gift from a student.) he's feeling a lot more successful about this recently. the succulents are on his phone lock screen. you are the home screen.
* when you're sick he will take you to the doctor's. he will bring you warm porridge and feed you. he will sit beside you while you sleep and read or watch game tapes on headphones. one of his hands will be holding yours.
* when you're angry he will get flustered. he will send flowers and cards and balloons. he doesn't want you to be angry, and he's usually p observant so it's probably pretty rare for you to be angry at him.
* if you're angry about work or something he will rub circles on your back while listening to you rant. will totally buy you bubble tea (or your choice of favourite drink) so u feel better. he thinks you're cute when you're ranting
* the shiratorizawa kids don't know he is dating. tendou has an inkling, but he hasn't said anything cos he cannot confirm. washijou sensei doesn't know either, but anabara knows. maybe anabara introduced you two, bc he thinks that saitou needs more female friends. he probably didn't think you two would hit it off so well. in hindsight he thinks he should have seen it coming.
* i've said he is easygoing, but he isn't a pushover either. the emotional support pillar of shiratorizawa, he is the teacher they look up to because he is fun and so relatable. washijou obviously knows this and leaves the rapport up to akira. you think it's cute how he stays up late to reply to tendou's strange and silly life questions or giving comments on the latest shounen jump, or teaching goshiki calming down strategies. sometimes you think he puts in too much effort since he gets really tired staying up late, but he is happy doing that so you hold back your criticism and just make sure he gets more rest on his off days.
* i imagine the team finds out one fine day after they've all graduated. tendou is especially excited to know more about your relationship. akira will be flustered, but it will be okay. you've heard enough about them that you know who is who before they introduce themselves. the boys will find it heartwarming to know that their coach loves them enough to talk about them with you. you secretly want to adopt all of them. akira will oppose they have families! we can't tear them away /ahhh but you want to, don't you, you tease him.
* domestic dates! imagine 2: it's sunday evening and you're both hungry and decide to cook dinner. there's no food in the apartment as usual (he usually goes out or gets takeout) so you both head to the nearby super. you argue lightly about how to tell fresh produce apart and which is the cheapest/most value for money deals. the cashier mistakes you for a newly wedded couple. akira laughs, blushing slightly. neither of you correct the cashier. the walk back to his apartment is filled with quiet expectation. akira wonders what kind of rings you like, and what kind would look good on you. he glances at your interlaced fingers and smiles. he can't think of any better than a wedding band.
i know haikyuu is one of those mangas with a huge huge cast and even tho people consider hinata/kageyama to be the main mcs and to a certain extent karasuno as main also and therefore all the other teams are side characters, but this makes our coaches truly the most sideline characters ever. but still they are all quite well written support characters and so ive always wanted to give them a little more fleshed out stories. also domestic akira is so cute they r also so underrated. the young hq coaches all deserve our love! ukai obv but so is our coach saitou here and let's not forget mizoguchi and naoi. anabara is a lil older than them i would think~ (i'm a little annoyed at those people saying that they like older men but they only talk about keishin like oooook sure idk maybe but have u considered that u just like bad boys with a soft heart and not older men??)
requests are open, rules are here ♪( ´▽`)
masterlist here (♡-♡)
next hq!bf post will only have the same team tagged, cos there's so many to link now (;-;) please click on masterlist~
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finn-wolfhard · a year ago
I need me some quality content and this is the best place for it. Could I get some being Steve's sister and dating Robin? (If that already exists somewhere then please direct me to it bc this idea is like crack to me) Thanks!!
Yo! I've just gotten back into Tumblr since quarantine has given me an abundance of time. I can guess that you ended up getting this elsewhere, anon, but for the folk who also want to read about wlw Robin B and Big Bro Steve - this ones for you! 
Enjoy x
I Do 
“Turn that shit down! GOD! I feel I’m listening to them in concert.” Steve was screaming from downstairs for me to turn my music down and before I could move an inch to do so, he barged through the door. “Look, I don’t want another complaint from Mrs. Fritz next door. Can you please turn it down. I promised mom and dad that the roof would still be on this place by the time they got home. I’m heading to work. The money for delivery is on the table. Just try not to get yourself into bother, OK?” 
“Yeah, sure, sorry Steve. What time will you be home?” our parents are both out of town on business and so Steve has been appointed man of the house. Last time we were left alone, Mrs. Fritz called the police on us, placing a noise complaint. It was just me playing my radio a little bit too loud in my room. My bedroom window is right next to her living room. 
“I’ll be home around 8. Do you want to wait till I’m home to order pizza?”
“Sure thing, dude” I answered, giving him a thumbs up and a grin.
“You’re a goof. I’ll see you at 8.”
Steve and I’s relationship is reasonably good for the average brother and sister. He’s a year older than me and has the same interests. Such as; Hair, Pizza, our looks, and girls. I’ve known I’ve been into girls since I was a little kid but dad would kill me if I ever brought a girl home. Mom would be a little more understanding, yet still against the idea - and I don’t even know how Steve would react if he found out. I think he’s the only person I’d be fully comfortable telling, but I don't want to risk it going the complete opposite way.
I hear the door slam and decide to get out of my pajamas and actually DO something today. The schools broke up for summer last week and all I’ve been doing is reading, listening to music, and waiting for my best friend Jennifer to get home from vacation and tell me all about it. She’s due home in three days. I finally muster up enough self-motivation to move from my cozy, pink bed to the bathroom. The cold tiles under my feet wake me up and I stare at myself in the mirror for a bit. I had managed to grow a little spot just below my hairline (which I quickly treated with zit cream) but that was about as far as the flaws went. I usually take good care of myself; drinking enough, taking my vitamins, brushing my teeth after every meal. I do care about my looks and I shouldn’t be ashamed of that. It helps gets me a lot of attention in school, and I’ve never been an outcast. I guess having Steve as a big brother does contribute to the high school fame, but I don’t let it get to me much. I'm just glad I’ve gotten through high-school without being bullied at least once. I looked at my scraggly hair. I had just had a perm done two weeks ago and it seemed to be holding up pretty well. I scrunched my hair to make it look nice and messed it up a bit to give it volume. 
In the kitchen, there was the money on the table, like Steve said, and a note next to it. 
Save me a slice! Steve :)
He must’ve written the note then realized that a slice won't suffice after a long shift at his dorky Scoops Ahoy! job, and asked me to wait up for him. It's a shame people don’t get to see this side of Steve and I. I know how we come across to other people. I’ve heard the odd remark here and there about how he’s a player and I’m a priss. It mostly comes from the social outcasts in the school, the ones who aren’t in our friend circles, and don’t get to see what we’re really like. Even then, our school personalities are a bit of a performance to uphold our popularity. Only Steve knows my real self and vice verses, and we both understand why it has to be like that. Its an unspoken rule type thing. 
I open the fridge and get some milk for cereal. I pour a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. Fred smiles at me from the box as I grab the phone off the wall and dial Amanda’s number. 
“Hey Mands, you want to go to the mall today”
“y/n! Hi! That sounds great. I need a new outfit for my date with Justin on Friday.”
“Cool, so, 12? That sound ok?”
We agreed on 12:30 (since she had to take her dog on a walk) and she suggested we meet outside the Gap. Soon enough, 12:30 rolls around and I see Amanda smiling wildly at me, where she said she'd be, outside the Gap. She sweeps me into a warm hug and we gush about how much we’ve missed each other since school broke up. 
“Ok, so I need to go to Claires to get some earrings.” I agree to help her find a pair that would, quote “make Justin harder than math.” I don’t really understand how a pair of earrings could do this to a guy, or even if guys pay attention to earrings at all, but I was open to being proved wrong. We start making our way to the stairs when Amanda realizes she’s suddenly craving ice cream. I put it down to the fact that there were Scoops Ahoy! Adverts on every trash can (I’m unsure if that is a sign or not). We make a detour to Steve’s work and I make a plan to pull a few strings to get a free cone or two. We enter the ice cream parlor and… Steve isn’t there. Instead, a girl with short blonde hair is serving the queue of customers. 
I squint at her, trying to remember her name. Rosie? No, that's not it. It begins with an R for definite. Its to do with an animal… a R-R-Robin! Her name is Robin. And she’s…pretty? Like, really pretty. And not very girly? I can’t tell since she’s wearing a silly uniform… but god, is she pretty. 
As I’m staring at her, a slew of slurs come racing into my mind. Slurs I panicked were being shouted at me down the halls but never were. They were always aimed…at her. At Robin. Words beginning with D and F that make my blood boil. Chip, A boy in my own friend group, muttering “Stay away from my sister, homo!” In class. I put a hand up to my mouth to hide a gasp. This girl was outed, by someone she thought was her friend from band, in Hawkins - which isn’t known for being the most accommodating and accepting town.
Amanda and I reach the front of the queue and I find myself unable to look directly at the girl serving me. 
“Hi! Welcome to Scoops Ahoy! What can I get you today?” She seemed overly enthusiastic for some reason. 
“Hi, is Steve here?” I say, breaking the awkwardness I had built up in my own mind. She looked away, disheartened? I couldn’t tell. 
“Steve, your sisters here” then she whispered something that sounded like “you can leave your little nerd friend to figure it out for a bit” but I wasn’t really sure. 
Steve appeared from around the corner.
“what do you want, squirt?” 
“2 sundaes please” I replied, smiling.
“that will be five dollars pleas-“
“STEVE! Can’t you gift your baby sister with a sundae for once?” I cut him off, appalled that he’s making me pay, but still keeping it lighthearted. 
“…fine. But only this ONE TIME” he shot back. I winked at him, thanked him, and waited for him to finish our sundaes. He brought them over and sat with us. 
“Who’s that girl?” I instantly questioned, trying not to sound too interested but failing miserably.
“Oh, that's Robin Buckley. She’s in your year at school, don’t you know her?” I do know her. But I don’t want to admit that yet, I want to play it cool.
“I think I’ve seen her around yeah, I’ve just never had a good look at her before. I think she’s in my social studies class?” I look to Amanda to ask this question but Amanda is already nodding by this point. Steve looks unconvinced. 
“well, I invited her for pizza tonight,” he said, not wanting to ask ‘is that ok?’ In front of Amanda to keep up his macho ‘I’m Steve Harrington’ persona. I glance over at Robin. By this time, she’s known as lovely Robin in my head. Not that I could help it, along with the butterflies in my stomach or the extreme excitement that she was going to be having dinner. With me. In my house. Tonight!… What am I doing? Get a grip of yourself! You’re not out - as if that is ever going to happen anyways - and Robin was coming for Steve. Of course she was. I mentally roll my eyes. Just my luck.
The rest of the day goes by pretty quickly. Amanda gets her outfit and ‘math’ earrings - which I still don’t understand - and I get a few cute t-shirts and skirts thanks to my allowance mom gave me before she went away. By the time I get home, it is 4 pm which means I have precisely 4 hours to get myself ready for tonight. I go to my room, read for a bit, then put my makeup on in my vanity mirror. I don’t want to mess this up, but then again, why am I caring so much?. I eventually get myself sorted and wait for 8 pm to roll around. At 7:45 I phone Hal’s Pizza Shop and order 2 pepperoni pizzas and 1 plain Margherita. I came to the decision that If Robin is vegetarian then she can have the just cheese, but if not, I’ll take it.  
I hear Steve’s key in the lock and he shouts to me from downstairs.
“Hey that's me back, y/n, did you order the pizza?” 
“Sure did!” I came to the top of the stairs and looked down at the front door. Robin was staring up at me and I couldn’t help staring at her back. Steve obviously missed this whole exchange of tension.
“Good! Because I’m starving. I’m gonna put a video on, anyone down for watching Indiana Jones?” He mimics a whipping sound and runs off to the living room, leaving Robin and me to awkwardly start a conversation. 
“So, you work with Steve. I’ll apologize on your employer's behalf.” I laugh, eventually. Robin looked relieved that I had said something, and even more so that it was a joke. 
“It's not as bad as you would think, he brings in loads of customers with that ‘magnificent hair’” she replies, making fun of Steve’s obsession with his, admittedly, perfect mane. 
“I’ve seen you about school before, sorry I’ve never talked to you before,” I said. I really meant it, she seems cool. And kinda hot? But that wasn’t important to me…
“Yeah, I guess our groups don’t tend to mix as much. I'm surprised you even know my name” she looks at her feet. She knows I know about the slurs and bullying, I can tell. Just then, there's a ring at the door and Steve reappears, running to get the door that we are standing 2 inches away from. 
After sitting, eating, chatting, and laughing our way through Indiana Jones, I realise Steve has fallen asleep beside me. So does Robin. We both snicker at him and then collectively tuck him in with the blankets on the back of the sofa. We sit in silence for a minute. 
“Robin. I want to say I'm sorry for all the stuff you get called at school. It's not cool and especially from my group-“
“it's fine” she cuts me off. She seems distant though. 
“I don’t think you understand what it does to me hearing people shout words like that at someone. It's inhuman,” Robin looks at me over her cup of hot chocolate Steve made us halfway through the movie. She looks on the verge of tears. “I mean, I don’t know how I would cope with that if people knew I was one too.” I look away from her confused stare in embarrassment. Robin is the first person I tell this massive secret to and I've only been in her company for the past 3 hours? But it felt right. It felt too right, almost.
Robin picks herself up from her space in the armchair and comes to sit on the arm of the sofa. She doesn’t hesitate to put her arm around my shoulders and squeeze me in for a side hug. I hadn’t realized that I had started to cry and I wipe my eyes and nose with the back of my hand. 
“I’m so sorry they said those things to you” I whispered while silently sobbing.
“Don’t worry about it, y/n, I have pretty thick skin when it comes to bullying. I've been in band for the past 3 years,” I look at her and let out a small laugh. The smile fades from her lips and a serious look takes over her face. “You don’t need to feel ashamed. Or embarrassed. I’m honored you told me, I know how much trust that takes. Thank you.” 
We sit embracing for a couple of minutes and I try to defuse the tension. “You know, I think you’re pretty hot.” She laughs, and I can feel the heat radiating off of her. She’s blushing. 
“You’re not too bad yourself, Harrington,” she gives me a small smile. “I think you’re the prettiest girl in our year.” Now it was my turn to blush. I’m not sure if she’s saying this out of courtesy, sympathy, or if she really means it. 
“You don't have to say that” I roll my eyes and let out an embarrassed giggle. 
“I do.” She whispers back, the darkness multiplying the tension by 10. After a while of nervous silence, not sure what to say next, Robin asks you a question.
“I hope I’m not out of line for saying this, and you can one hundred percent say no,” I looked at her, questioningly, “but why don’t we go out sometime? We can go to the park or we can go to the cinema. Your choice… if you want-if you want to.” She was visibly nervous. In the pitch black, with only the dim glow from the paused movie TV static lighting up the room, I agreed to go on a date with her (”I’d like that”). We both can tell the other is excited but can also tell the other is exhausted. Robin moves back over to the armchair, which was just big enough for a teenage girl to curl up in, and I curl up to my sound asleep brother. It takes a while to finally get to sleep, but I can’t help my mind doing laps, thinking about my future date with Robin Buckley. 
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