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#hes cute he said he likes paying for r dates bc it makes him feel good to spend money on something for us ..whatever
wordsandshawn · 2 years ago
A/n: Sorry its so short for an imagine, but I really just needed to write something to get me back into it.
Requested: Omg I just had a cute idea for an imagine what if Shawn isnt like a famous musician just dabbles in music and has a regular job and u both r out of college but live in a rly small apartment and he feels bad bc u guys don’t have a lot of money and he wants to give u the world but u don’t care bc all u care about is him and u could live anywhere and b happy. If u write this wooo btw I love ur writing sooo so much and no pressure just throwin this out there cause I can’t sleep rn lmao
“The tire is going to cost $120 to replace.” Shawn tells you over the phone, and you sigh loudly. Thats money that you don’t have to spare this month. “It gets worse. They recommend at the very least replacing two tires, so it'll be $240. They said its time to replace them all, but if we can't, then to at least replace the one opposite the flat.” You can hear the defeat in his voice too.
“We’ll make it work, we need tires.” You try to sound upbeat, but its difficult. This month has been especially rough. Your hours at work got cut back because its been slow, and Shawn works as a waiter, but only during the day because he’s trying to get his music career started, which takes up most of his nights and weekends.  
“I know, baby. I’ll try to get more gigs.” He responds, and you just tell him that you love him and you’ll see him when he gets home. Meanwhile, you try to figure out how to scape together the money to pay rent and all the bills that are quickly approaching their due dates.
An hour later, Shawn enters the tiny apartment. It takes him a total of five strides from the front door to reach you at the kitchen sink where you’re washing dishes. "Hey babe, how are the new tires?”
“Great,” He says, then adds, “Expensive.”
“I know, we’ll figure it out.” You remind him once you realize how stressed he seems to be. “Is something else bothering you?” You question while turning of the water and drying your hands before giving your complete attention to Shawn.
He steps back, one hand taking yours in his, the other running through his hair. “Yeah, I just, this isn’t the life I imagined for us. I want to be able to give you the world. You deserve it.” His brown eyes find yours.
This catches you off guard. You know it has been especially hard lately with your finances, but you didn’t realize that Shawn had felt this way. You squeeze his hand in yours. This may not be the life you imagined either, but its the life you get to live with Shawn, and thats all that matters to you. “You do, Shawn, you give me everything I need.”
“No, I’m supposed to take care of you, to give you everything you want. That’s my job.”
“Shawn, what are you talking about? That’s not your job.”
“Things weren't supposed to be like this.” he says sadly.
“What’s so wrong with this?” You respond, “I’m here with you. We have this place, and its all ours. I get to fall asleep next to you every night. It doesn’t matter that we can barely afford tires.” You mean the last part to come off as a joke, and it takes a second, but Shawn finally cracks a smile.
He absorbs what you said, tugging you closer to himself before pulling you in for a tender kiss. “I love you.” He whispers, lips brushing against yours.
“I love you too. And I love this life we have together.”
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kayabred · a year ago
Tumblr media
I don’t know if I’ve done this before HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANNIE !! Haechan as your boyfriend!
Listen you’re his partner in crime whether you like it or not
The kind of relationships where the couple are best friends except if you guys hide and seek or something you best believe he’s going to pull you into a corner and give you a kiss
Super cheeky and playful , loves to fluster you for no reason
Calls you “baby” . don’t fight it , you’re his baby
Treats you to food and spoils you , that’s on period . He can be mature , actually and he’ll really plan dates down to every last detail because he really loves you so much .
But that doesn’t mean he won’t be a brat and sometimes make you pay which you have no problem doing .
I see him being more mature in an actual relationship because he really loves you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you
Late 👏 night 👏talks where you’re just lying on his chest and he’s holding your hand and you both just talk and then all of a sudden burst out laughing and have a pillow fight
The funnest relationship ever and no one can deny that .
Either looks at you like you’re the stupidest idiot on the planet or “look at that , that’s my idiot right there” and looks at you soooooo softly it h u r t s
If you’re older , he’ll do aegyo so much but if you’re younger (even by a bit) he will not spare you like he’ll just go “if you want to leave this room , do aegyo for me”
Loves being cute with you but also loves smacking your thigh and giving them squeezes you feel me ?
Sits you in his lap . 100% . Confirmed , he will totally do this . If you’re anywhere other than his lap ? He gonna pull you right there
Teases you at concerts , he goes “and to my partner who is here today did you enjoy the show ? You better , you got free tickets -you know our czennie worked hard to be here and here you are , getting free stuff ,”
Goes to his twin sister for advice or asks Johnny because “johnny Hyung must know he’s such a flirt” but Johnny might be just as clueless
Then haechan just gonna stare at him like “I came here for advice , the hell dude”
Goes to mark Lee but he’s also clueless so he just calls his mom.
Complains about not having anyone to ask for advice from because everyone else is single af and all his hyungs are like “smile through the pain , don’t kill him on camera . Just laugh along.”
Oh and another thing , he’s totally going to try his best to hide the relationship because he really wants privacy . Not that he doesn’t trust nctzens but he wouldn’t ever want you hurt by haters or sasaengs.
But it was leaked on accident when he accidentally said “yeah , my partner’s the best” on vlive and everyone just froze .
That was a short vlive . He was actually pretty stressed and panicked after that , one of the few times you’ve seen him like that so of course you have to go make sure he’s okay .
After some time he’s okay and he just laughs everything off like “lmao did I really freak out over something so simple”
Sings randomly and blesses your ears . Super extra when it’s your birthday or anniversary he’s going to get a stage or something and take the mic like “and this one is for the love of my life” and be sOOOOO extra
The dreamies finally have a way to blackmail him “if you do this , I’m telling —” but funny thing is you love him no matter what so hAhA renjUn
Makes sure he can see you in the crowd before he performs so if something happens he at least knows you’ll be there .
Cuddles you on your period and will be so serious . He takes it more seriously than you ,honestly . If you’re on your period he will literally avoid being a brat as much as he can because he doesn’t want you mad or sad .
Your shoulder to lean on . He’s very comforting .
Now whenever you feel a little nervous you spray some of his perfume on because it calms you down
Cook together and y’all either burn the food and scream while doing so or prepare some kind of Gordon Ramsay class shit , y’all don’t know ‘in between’
Late night calls when he misses you and his DEEP voice
Confident king makes sure no matter what you still feel beautiful in your skin and ensures you that you are no matter what
Does your makeup for you and practices new makeup looks on you . Then you try and do his . It becomes a competition and then after a few rounds it’s just a mess and it’s a drunk game y’all play now
Buries his face in the crook of your neck and gives you as many kisses as possible until you groan in annoyance and shove him off . Then he’ll just tease you saying he knows you love it
Loves to show his love physically and any other way possible including the way he looks at you which literally makes his eyes twinkle
“Look , I can hold the world in my hands.” “Haechan how is that-” and you just shut up when he holds your waist and gives you a peck ,“see ?”
So smooth. So god damn smooth
Feels awkward with things like love letters and love songs but will totally flirt with you using those lame pickup lines and make his own stupid ones up
Tells you all his jokes . The way he measures how funny it is is if you laugh but you just laugh at anything so he throws that system out of the way and starts focusing on how god damn cute you are when you laugh and smile no matter how weird your laugh is or how crooked your smile is
Tilts your head up for kisses and smirks and is such a flirt because he loves you so much . If a member walks in he’s gonna be embarrassed but he’ll just throw a pillow or a shoe at them .
So basically Donghyuck is a fucking ray of sunshine who loves you so much and tries so hard to be the best boyfriend but is also your best friend and he takes care of you while also knowing he can lean on you and he loves you more than anyone
Take care of him or imma steal that man for myself
Happy birthday Channie ❤️
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