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#hes like grandpa
dantelionwishes · 9 hours ago
If we’re still talking about how we came up with our OC’s quirks, I came up with Tokiya’s quirk when talking about what would be really powerful quirks with pretty bad drawbacks with an IRL friend of mine. When I came up with Tokiya’s quirk, said friend told me that I indirectly made a Jojos reference (I have not yet watched Jojo, but he did) since Jojo has a lot of characters with time manipulation powers (I think he said a specific example, but I can not remember, since this was around when season 2 aired). Its cool that it turned out that way, but it was very unintentional.
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strawbearbean · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
slavic emerald duo designed by @technpog the dearly beloved, vibes heavily inspired by this lovely fic called orphan’s path :) boar was reading the fic as i drew it n like!! aa!! it was very comfy and a great time :D love this duo!
wishing you nothing short of an incredible day today! remember to drink water and take breaks whenever you need because you deserve it :) 
image description under the cut !
so it’s my ususal/favorite style: the whole thing is in flat black, white, and cyan!
phil is perched on techno’s arm with his wings out and whispering into techno’s ear, and both of them are looking at the camera with a >:) kinda expression on their faces! they’re up to something, that’s for sure hehe /nm
phil and techno are wearing very cool outfits that boar designed: big heavy cloaks with very fluffy collars held together by pretty chains around the breast area! they have matching emerald jewelry: techno’s is a neclace and phil’s is an earring :)
techno has a big sash across his waist and a large black crown, as well as a big scar on his eye like big q does :0 matching?!? he also has large jagged scarred patches around his head and chest that came from the totem revival! oh and he is a pig :) just straight up piglin man with the funny lil hoof fingers and a poofy tail!
phil is significantly smaller :0 like umm about techno’s elbow if he were to stand side by side! he has curly, shoulder length hair and scars that look like claw marks across the bridge of his nose! his hand and fingers r kinda blackened because like angel of death n stuff :) he is wearing a dress with a patterned trim and a very big buckle at the waist, and a hardcore heart as a necklace! his hat is like...if a sunhat and a bucket hat were combined into a very big, flat hat! it has little stars dangling from it, i love dangly things :) 
i think that’s about it! thank you for reading the image description, i really appreciate you taking the time to do it!! it’s very kind of you!! i hope it helped some and i wish you an especially wonderful day :)
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*Insert title of essay here*
Steven Grant Rogers has never worn a henley shirt before
But he is wearing one in the endgame trailer
Tumblr media
Let me show you some things he has worn
Tumblr media
T-shirt, practical and easy to wear with anything, anytime
Tumblr media
Plaid, he looks like someone's grandpa but somehow he's still hot
Tumblr media
Pullover, keeps you warm and still relatively fashionable
There's much more - tank tops, more plaid - but. No. Henleys.
Why is the henley special then?
Is it not just another shirt??? Maybe he just wanted to try something new out???
Well guess who has worn a bunch of henleys
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In conclusion, Steve either bought a henley while Bucky was in cryo and wore it to feel as if Bucky was with him and has now brought it out of the back of his closet, or that henley is actually Bucky's and Steve is going to have to explain himself when Bucky comes back.
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thespineoftherighteous · a month ago
David 'dad' Wymack things
"how did you get into my house?" (said in varying levels of pitch, at various times of the night)
"why did you get into my house?"
"yes you can spend the night" or alternatively : "please, make yourself at home" said sarcastically after child has already made themselves at home
not paying attention to the foxes conversation until he realizes that he was just used as an example of bad fashion choices by the team for Neil ("what's wrong with this shirt?" "er-nothing coach. it's just...not Neil's style")
having a record player in his office and getting made fun of for his music taste
"the kids"
"coach do you like my new haircut?" "hm?" "my hair?" "what about it?" "it's new" *stares hard* "yeah...yeah it's very pretty"
being caught off guard in the midst of a speech by one of their comments that was actually funny and breaking character
on that note- finding out that it's something of a game between them to get him to break whenever they can
"for the last time guys, no we cannot change the team color. yes i asked, multiple times, yes i know it messes with your 'aesthetic', it does mine too, no there's no one else I can talk to"
*stumbles through three other names before he gets the person he's actually trying to talk to*
"coach we brought you those chocolates you like" "really? i- no we're not cancelling practice today, nice try. go get ready. leave the chocolate"
*examines kid closely* "are you high?" "no coach" "your eyes are bloodshot" "yes coach" "...why are they bloodshot?" "long story short, it's exams season and i haven't slept in nearly sixty hours" "minYARD-"
hearing one of the kids casually mention something that happened to them when they were younger or catching a glimpse of scars he had forgotten about and remembering just who they are and what they've gone through and getting angry all over again
*furrows brows*
dressing up for sports banquet and getting "coach? is that really you?" from the boys and "aww coach you look so nice" from Dan and Renee and *stands up, walks over to him, straightens his tie, brushes off his shoulders, wipes away a pretend tear, fake whispers an "I'm so proud"* from Allison. every single time
holding his breath every time one of the kids doesn't get up right away after getting knocked down on court
worrying about them 25/7 but keeping his distance because he never wants to overstep (and asking Abby or bee to make sure one of them is okay instead, if he feels like something is wrong)
recognizing more pop culture references than he'd ever think himself able to, thanks to one Nicky Hemmick
"coach when you were younger did you have..." "how fucking old do you think i am?"
but still uses "back in my day" stories and just gets blank looks and polite nods back
*to himself while the monsters are arguing furiously* "i thought they spoke Spanish..."
"hey coach so i was wondering-" "get your ass back on court"
also literally just "get your ass" for everything: "get your asses showered and on the bus in half an hour" "get your ass out of my office" "stop bleeding all over me and get your ass to abby now"
getting offended by the increasingly transparent attempts at bribery
so. goddamn. many. #1 dad/coach gag gifts (he keeps them all)
"above my pay grade above my pay grade above my pay grade above my pay grade above my-"
additionally: *sees some kind of conflict* *turns around quickly* "not my problem not my problem not my problem not my problem not- oh fucking hell"
visibly thawing whenever he sees the kids bonding or having each others backs at banquets or getting over something or just showing any signs of healing
pacing in front of Abbyy for half an hour while ranting either about the kids or for the kids or on their behalf
"hey you, YOU. come here. how do I take a...a screenshot on this thing?"
replaying "that is enough" and every moment like it that came after in his head
pretending to have a frozen heart but tearing up out of pride on so many occasions: every graduation, giving Neil a side-hug and realizing after how far he came, seeing Neil and Kevin's faces the first time they have a proper holiday, watching Kevin walk out with his queen tattoo for the first time, seeing all the foxes packed together in the lounge freshly showered and exhausted but quietly brimming with happiness and pride after winning at the end of tkm, etc, etc, etc. and, whenever he gets caught: "aw coach you do care, you're a sap" *aggressively wipes face* "shut your bitch ass up, you terror"
*gruff voice* I'm proud of you, kid
*choked up* thanks Coach
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mrspider · 3 months ago
something sad but also kind of sweet ive noticed about human trait mirroring (i.e. seeing someone regularly preform a physical or verbal action and adapting it as your own) is that even years after a person has stopped being in my life theyve still left pieces of themself within me. i still smile and wave like my childhood best friend did. i still pull my shirts up to cover my face when im embarrassed because my favorite college roommate did that. ive learned how to be a human being through all those around me, and those after me will likely learn the same way too.
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hood-ex · a year ago
Remember when a cop shot Dick in his femoral artery, and Dick collapsed on a fire escape, and Alfred found him and literally put Dick on his shoulders and carried him to the street? Then Dick got a 104° fever (40° for you Celsius bitches) and Alfred sat with him and monitored him while he was delirious? 
Or the time when Two-Face had Dick shot in the shoulder and Dick was dripping with blood on his way back to the manor. He crash landed in the batcave, and Alfred immediately dragged him to the med-bay to do emergency surgery to remove the bullet from his arm. Then while Dick was resting, Alfred sat in the chair next to him and held his hand. 
Let’s not forget the other time Dick was shot in the shoulder by another cop, and it was bad enough for him to activate his in-suit defibrillator because his vitals dropped drastically. Alfred called him right away and asked Dick to seek medical help. Dick refused to get help at the time, but hours later, he was video chatting with Alfred for advice on how to stitch his arm. Alfred coached Dick through the loops and knots he needed to patch himself up, and afterwards, he offered to listen if Dick needed someone to talk to.  
Alfred has been there for Dick in so many instances, including Dick’s struggle with amnesia. He went to the bar Dick was at and paid off Dick’s tab. Then when Dick mentioned not caring about his old memories and wanting to be his own man, Alfred supported him and said, “I completely understand. We all need to make our own destinies.”
Their relationship is severely underrated and I won’t stand for it. 
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uraaniuum · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Okay so I saw a post about someone wanting the disaster lineage posed like sorority girls and I couldn’t get it out of my head.  
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necrophatic-old · 27 days ago
Qui 100% had a phase of being the short kid™ before puberty hit him like a truck (or maul)
Okay you know how some kids are super short and chubby before puberty and then in six months they look like a bean tree.
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