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criticalrolo · 4 months ago
my dad watches what we do in the shadows and says i have nandor vibes what do we think that means
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transgenderer · a year ago
im not sure how old you are, but as someone who just started their 20s, i guarantee you no one peaks at age 18. it's such a bullshit age. legally, you can do whatever but being an adult toddler is just awful. peak attractiveness, physically and mentally, is being 32. everyone glows at 32 its incredible! trans (and cis) women just unleash beauty here! something about women being that age is amazing, and it just improves from there. like, catch me in 12 years and you'll see the metamorphosis. yes!
i mean, obviously *wellness* doesnt peak at 18. anyway i think the theory that average physical attractive peaks at 32 is plausible.  wonder if anyone’s done studies
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irl-magicalgirl · 7 months ago
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havrti · 3 years ago
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justpastryvideos · 3 months ago
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lemonadeslice · 4 months ago
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list of things i’m desperate to see animated, #2: top ten anime betrayals
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idlesuperstar · 2 months ago
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- I started at a very early age in this business and I'm sure most of you have read stories about people who have started as children and ended up in very difficult lives and bad consequences. It's not the easiest life in the world, but then no life is easy.
Dean Stockwell: 5th March 1936 - 7th November 2021
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nonasuch · 7 months ago
as you may know, reading tumblr posts about Dean Winchester is an experience surprisingly akin to auditing classes on gender performance and masculinity at a graduate level media studies program. at least if you read enough of them.
which unfortunately I have! and now I have some thoughts.
see, there are character archetypes that crop up over and over again, and particularly often in 90s and 00s genre TV shows. I am vastly oversimplifying, but let’s boil them down to the Three Main Kinds Of Dudes you are most likely to see in these shows.
Let’s start with the Guy Who’s Not Cool, And Knows It. he’s all over the place: he’s Xander on Buffy, and later Wesley. he’s Julian Bashir, Rodney McKay, Seth Cohen and (at least early on) Alec Hardison. he’s usually not the main character, but he’s up there in the main credits.
and he’s textually, overtly anxious about his masculinity. this is something that other characters comment on, and sometimes he admits to it himself. his long-term character arc is — at least in part — about resolving that anxiety, confronting it and growing past it over time.
(he’s also, often, a self-insert for the guys in the writer’s room. but we don’t have time to unpack all of that.)
our second category is a bit more of a grab bag, because in some ways it covers all the guys who don’t fit into categories 1 or 3. but, broadly, we can call him the Guy Who Doesn’t Need To Make A Big Deal Out Of It. he’s the guy who comes across as quietly secure in his masculinity, who has nothing to prove on that front and whose story doesn’t need to be about proving it. Sometimes he functions as a foil for the Anxious Guy, sometimes he’s just quietly ticking along in the parts of the story that aren’t about Proving anybody’s Manliness. He’s Giles and Oz and Gunn, Eliot Spencer, Ronon Dex, Benjamin Sisko.
and then there’s the Cool Guy.
the Cool Guy is a main character, or he has top billing in an ensemble cast. the Cool Guy is a walking, talking grab-bag of heroic mannerisms. He’s tough and strong and he doesn’t talk about his feelings. he’s a ladykiller. he’s a flirt. he has the popular imagination version of Captain Kirk’s personality, and the popular imagination version of Han Solo’s sex appeal. he kills bad guys and drops a witty one-liner afterwards. he can fly a plane, or a spaceship, or drive a cool car or ride a motorcycle. he walks away from explosions without flinching. he’s not doing this ironically. he’s not performing. he’s just Cool.
as written, he has the depth of a cardboard standee.
but he’s played by an actor who’s, you know, a real human person, and wants his character to have some kind of interiority. so this weird alchemy happens, over and over again.
here’s the thing about that grab-bag of Cool Guy traits and mannerisms: there are real men, in real life, who do most of those things. and most of them probably aren’t overcompensating for anything! but also? none of them have the whole grab-bag. They have, like, two at most.
no one does all of them unless they’re doing them on purpose — unless they’re putting on a performance. but the Cool Guy as written isn’t performing. and the actor playing him has to embody that impossible character while giving him some kind of depth.
So what happens? Dean Winchester. John Sheppard. All the Cool Guys who are meant, textually, to be Effortlessly Performing Masculinity... and subtextually read as desperately overcompensating for their queerness.
and somehow tv writer’s rooms keep doing this! they think that if they just pile on more Cool Guy traits, they’ll make the performance convincing, when they’re actually just undermining him more and more.
(sometimes the Cool Guy isn’t even meant to be heroic! the writers of Smallville tried, as far as I can tell, to make Lex Luthor come across as a suave, worldly, sophisticated ladykiller. what they got was a man who makes way-too-intense eye contact with a buff farm boy while suggestively drinking fancy bottled water.)
(also I didn’t watch Teen Wolf but I am given to understand that Derek falls in this category? and Stiles is for sure an archetypical Anxious Guy.)
the thing about the Anxious Guy is that because his anxious masculinity is textual, it can be addressed and resolved in the text. Because the Cool Guy is not textually performing, not textually anxious, he just has to keep on being that guy without the text ever acknowledging that there’s anything weird about it. and all the while the subtext is screaming that this! man! is! trying! too! hard!
and we as viewers with eyes in our heads can see that tension, between what’s said and what’s shown, and tbh most of the time the simplest and most obvious way to resolve it is to say “ah. okay. that man is Not Straight.”
so that’s why Dean Winchesters keep happening. thank u for coming to my ted talk.
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xuwenwu · 29 days ago
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requested by @yellenabelovas ❤️ // [insp.]
THE AVENGERS (2012) dir. Joss Whedon
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alienescence · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘉𝘢𝘴𝘪𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘬'𝘴 𝘖𝘳𝘥𝘦𝘳🐍🐍🐍
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penandinkprincess · 28 days ago
okay but it’s the funniest possible thing to me that in a modern setting, based on appearances alone, everyone would expect geralt to be the one getting aggressive and causing a problem at ciri’s youth league soccer games but NO. 
geralt will look out for ciri obviously, but he’s just the one who brought orange slices and a first aid kit.
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howdydowdy · 5 months ago
idk, is it so much to ask that jiang cheng and lan wangji get kidnapped and are forced to spend time together, in the same room, with their cores locked? like fantastic, 16 years of practice at avoiding each other like the plague out the window because some chuckleheads who thought they were sooooo clever decided to lure the erstwhile yiling laozu into a trap by abducting people he cares about? so these two nemeses are languishing in some dungeon somewhere, exhausted from trying to escape, and jiang cheng makes a comment, and lan wangji is just oozing disdain from every pore, and two seconds later somehow lan wangji has managed to insinuate that jiang cheng doesn't care about wei wuxian's happiness despite only having said like three words total, and that is IT, jiang cheng has HAD IT, how DARE HE???? but again like i said they don't have any energy or power and obviously their weapons have been confiscated so they just...have a slapfight?? with their sleeves??? and they're SO serious about it??? wei wuxian shows up to kick some chucklehead ass and is all ready to bust them out of there but when he arrives they're just? batting each other in the face?? wearing THE most ferocious glares known to man?? the killing intent just radiating off of them???
so obviously wei wuxian is overcome, just look at them, roughhousing like real brothers, aiya you two, i knew you loved each other deep down, i'm so glad you got it all out in the open, now we can be one big happy family, we are going to do so many joint night hunts, everyone is going to bond, it's going to be so beautiful -
and like neither of them can correct him? because wei wuxian is so clearly happy about this, so if jiang cheng bursts his bubble, he's proving lan wangji's point, and if lan wangji does it, he's no better than what he's accusing jiang cheng of? so now they're locked in eternal stalemate, forced to pretend that their deep and abiding hatred is normal Just Brother Things because wei wuxian comes from the Stop-Hitting-Yourself-I'm-Not-Touching-You-I'm-Not-Touching-Youuuuu School of Fraternal Affection???
(plot twist: wei wuxian can actually tell their ridiculous slapfight is not affectionate but is pretending otherwise because so help him he IS manifesting brother-in-law reconciliation in this dungeon tonight if it is the LAST thing he EVER does -
and it turns out that being able to slap each other with their sleeves whenever they want is actually a great outlet for their mutual resentment, and before you know it jiang cheng starts forgetting that they aren't just doing normal brother things, and lan wangji is having such a great time not being totally repressed, that eventually there comes a day when lan wangji throws jiang cheng into the lake and jiang cheng just acts fake indignant instead of real indignant and wei wuxian isn't even watching them so it's not like they need to pretend and hey wait a second - are they friends now? did that work???? and then they all live happily ever after THE END)
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randomwords247 · 3 months ago
Growing very tired of people going ‘Why does TOH not fit the Disney Brand but Marcy getting Stabbed does??’
Do people not remember how True Colours got delayed less than a day before its premiere? How it got leaked? How it was delayed with no release date in sight? How Matt from what I recall hearing had to fight to keep it without any scenes taken out?
No, Marcy getting stabbed doesn’t fit the “Disney Brand”, and Amphibia has constantly suffered from bad promotion, delays, leaks, all kinds from Disney.
Stop pitting these shows against each other and going ‘why does Amphibia get it when TOH doesn’t’ - Both shows have been treated like trash. Does nobody remember??? It’s Disney who we should be hating for this.
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cheeseanonioncrisps · a year ago
If I am found dead in the morning, know that the comments section for the Michael Bublé cover of Santa Baby killed me.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
These aren't even specially selected or anything. The first two screenshots are literally just the top five comments that come up.
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yb-cringe · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
The context for this is so specific
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businessbois · 3 months ago
i bet freddie badlinu lives everyday of his life wishing he let tommy drink that one more cup of water when they were 10
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buggachat · 7 months ago
I’m really struggling to word this but... 
Sometimes I think about how “The awkward but relatable high school student is in love with their beautiful blond classmate who’s a supermodel with an overprotective father.” and “The badass superhero is renowned for their leadership in saving the city alongside their sleek flirtatious black-cat partner.” are two sentences that you could give someone to accurately describe the two main characters of Miraculous Ladybug... but the average person unfamiliar with the show would see these sentences and immediately assume their genders incorrectly, you know?
It’s just something I always really appreciated about the show. It feels so cliche when you word it like that, but the fact that the show flips the gender roles just makes it feel really refreshing and new and it’s something I appreciate about the show a lot.
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musubiki · 2 months ago
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his thoughts
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calmparticles · 23 days ago
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GO AHEAD AND [Scream] INTO THE [Barbie Kids Bluetooth Karaoke Machine, Includes a Microphone So You Can Sing-A-Long with Your Pals] !
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loudly--unladylike · 21 days ago
Absolutely obsessed with how just unafraid Tubbo is to learn
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