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#hetalia axis powers
fyihetalia · 3 years ago
Headcanons 10#
What sex is like
The first time he's very loving, he does this kind of thing more often than you think and can send you to heaven, he's rather fast most of the time and you probably end up breaking things lots of times, especially the bed
After you're used to him he's more passionate and a little bossy, his extreme amount of strength often leads to him being rougher than he means to be
He loves being ridden and loves cowboy role-play
He's very gentle the first time as well as a blushing mess and his pillow talk is just as amazing as the actual sex, the things he says send you flying
Once you're more comfortable with him he's actually quite dominant and a lot of times sounds like he's growling
Very gentlemanly the first time and asks if your okay making sure he isn't causing any pain whenever you shift around or move on
Once you're more comfortable with him he's actually very rough and dominant, he enjoys biting
He likes roleplaying as a pirate
Very gentle and sincere with lots of French kissing, it's insane how loving and good he is at this
After you're used to him It's still very loving but even more passionate and you end up many different rooms and places throughout it
He loves lingerie
Very experienced but a little slow due to his poor physical condition but is nonetheless amazing at it, he loves it when you beg for him
After you're used to him he enjoys going at it doggy style and will take you just about anywhere, anytime
Very embarrassed but focuses on pleasing you instead and very passionate despite lack of experience
After a while when you're both comfortable he knows every inch of body and what places to send you over the edge to the point you could compare his skills to France's
South Korea:
Doesn't matter if it's your first time he goes at it rough and wild, you always ended up with with bruises and bite marks from the wild times you spend to together
He becomes more passionate once you've been together a few times after learning what you like most
He loves using handcuffs
He's very gentle with you as if you were glass, he's always asking if you were okay and hates to break eye contact with you
After a while once he knows how much strength you can take he's more passionate and rough but still very attentive and caring
He'd love to see how you preform riding him than the other way around, it amuses him and makes him happy knowing you want to please him
He's not very gentle the first time because he releases his built up tension and stress during bed but after a while he's more caring and careful but if your okay with rough he'd onboard with it 100%
He likes to be dominant and hates being submissive
Most of what he knows he probably researched but he's actually quite good, whatever you want your first time he will give
Once your more used to being together intimately he's slow and gentle but still rather good
Your first time he's pretty rough trying to prove himself, he's very embarrassed and blushing to death when he's the submissive one
He likes any kind of role play and is down for anything unless Russia is involved
When you're used to him he's more delicate with lots of pillow talk now that he isn't worried about proving himself
Tries to be gentle at first but is very clumsy trying to be as it's not in his nature
When you're used to him he's very rough and you probably break a lot of things which he doesn't really care about until after you're done
If your okay with it he's more than willing to try bdsm, he'll probably convince you too if you say no at first
Though he brags about himself and talks a big game your first time he is surprisingly very gentle and caring, like he could lose you, he wants you to feel safe and secure with him
After you're used to him he's rough and roaming and probably begs for bdsm, he's very into oral
He's a very lazy lover unless he's expected to be in control, your first time if he's expected to be dominant he's rather sloppy but picks up on things quickly and is very gentle, mostly because he's not a very strong person
When you're used together he will not often be dominant but he's okay with it everyone once in a while
As the most active country, he has mastered everything there is to master about it, whatever you ask for even the slightest detail is perfect and euphoric with him
He prefers slow and strong, he could take you for hours, again and again until you can longer move
He's very energetic but he calms down and is gentle and a little sloppy the first time but just the second time he has it nailed, he loves nibbling on ears and everywhere else, he loves all positions and types
This is one thing he's not at all scared of and is surprisingly very confident even when he's the submissive one
Your first time he is still rather rough but very passionate and caring, makes sure you're always comfortable and asks for permission but looking into your eyes before every move he makes
After a while he's one of the most passionate loving partners you could hope for and the perfect description of what an Italian lover is meant to be
He probably loves mafia roleplay
No matter if your first or any other time at all he's always very passionate and caring with over the top pillow talk, a look can send you to heaven, he's debatably the most flirtatious of the bad touch trio
After a while a few times he will be a bit sadistic and loves making his partner beg for him, he's down for anything
Very gentle at first but surprisingly forward, willing to play out his fantasies right away.
He's an extremely dominant partner in bed the one time he releases his tensions since he doesn't go to war and refrains from fighting
He will ease you into rougher and more hardcore styles until it's bdsm before you realize it.
He loves leather and lingerie and is very handsy
Your first time he'll go at a steady pace but not too gentle either, he doesn't have much a reaction facial wise as usual but he gets nervous he isn't pleasing his partner enough.
After you're used to him he is rougher and things will probably break in the passionate moments exchanged
He has difficulty doing things gently but he tries so hard your first time his facial expressions are laughable.
Once you are used to him he's very rough and a bit sloppy but the fiery passion makes up for it. He actually has to physically try to avoid breaking things because it happens so often that he just takes the mattress off the bed to avoid breaking it.
Viking role-play and speaking in Danish are his favorite things to do.
He's very gentle and loving, whispering sweet nothings as he sends you into a pleasure compared to heaven.
After you're more used to his intimacy he's not as gentle but still caring, if he accidentally hurts you he's so shocked it takes him a moment to recover and continue with convincing.
He loves French kissing.
He tries to be gentle but isn't very good at it, he smothers you in kisses and things are sweaty and fiery.
He is extra gentle at first but since it isn't in his nature it's sloppy and rough.
The following times are heaven in earth.
He loves doggy style the most.
The first time you're both inexperienced but he tries his best and from the little he's been told he's hesitant and slow at first but gets into it quickly.
After a few times he's very dominant and loves hearing his name and leaving marks all over you
He's very giggly, the first time and all the rest, he loves the funny facial expressions and making you make strange noises. He's actually very good at it, he loves the noises so much he knows exactly what to do to get you to make them.
He isn't into bdsm like his neighboring Germans but is big into reversed roles and role playing
Your first time he's very talkative to make sure you feel okay and he hasn't done anything wrong. He's very careful not to break things as well.
After a bit of experience he's very strong and passionate, he's actually quite forward and will bend you over anytime, anywhere if he's in the mood
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theanime-blperson · a year ago
Me: *sees hetalia trending after 87 years* :0 new season??
*actual people thinks hetalia is racist*
Tumblr media
Come on now yall. I know yall are better than this.
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lulbsy · 3 years ago
Fun facts of countries 2:
Australia: In 2009, snipers were deployed in Australia to protect a colony of little penguins from predators.
Bulgaria: No army in the world has ever captured a Bulgarian flag in battle
Brazil: There's a single cashew tree in Brazil that has a mutation that allowed it to cover an area of 7500 square meters.
Estonia: Has the highest number of meteorite craters per land area in the world.
Greece: Holding an open palm to someone's face is considered an insult in Greece.
Hungary: The musical condom, which plays a tune while being unrolled, was invented by Ferenc Kovacs and launched in Hungary in June 1996.
Ireland: A nickname for people in the county Wicklow is Goat suckers.
Liechtenstein: Is the world's leading manufacturer of false teeth.
Lithuania: As a symbol and act of independence and union between the Baltic States, a 600 km long human chain holding hands was made in 1989 from Lithuania to Estonia crossing all three countries organized by Lithuania.
Portugal: The world record for the largest omelet belongs to Portugal. It weighed 6.466 tons.
Romania: There is one city in Romania named Caracal and their fire lookout tower in the city burnt down one time and the main door of the police station was stolen once.
Russia: The word "vodka" derives for the Russian word "voda", which means "water".
Spain: The name Spain diverged from the word Ispania, which means the land of rabbits.
Taiwan: Toilets can't handle toilet paper in Taiwan. Signs next to the toilet instruct people to place the used tissue in the trash can instead.
Turkey: A few hundred years back, women in Turkey could legally divorce their husbands if he didn’t provide them with enough coffee.
South Korea: It's not uncommon for a South Korean to ask, “Have you eaten well?” instead of “How are you?”
Part one
Part three
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foxantoine · a year ago
Tumblr media
me and some twitter mutuals have awakened an ancient demon and are talking about hetalia now
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renonv · 2 years ago
A thought: Spain saying mamacitas and papas fritas
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I guess you can say the amount of happy I’m feeling right now is illegal “
“weed is legal you idiot”
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fyihetalia · 3 years ago
Hetalia Headcanons 18#
Tumblr media
Who Carries Around Their Partner
Feels manly carrying around partner- America, South Korea, Italy, Romano, Prussia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Hungary, Australia, Slovakia
Carries around partner in times of joy- Canada, England, Turkey, Belgium, New Zealand, Scotland, Germany, Vietnam
Barely lets partner stand on their own- France, Russia, Spain, Greece, Belarus
Probably hasn't ever carried around partner- Japan, Austria, Ukraine, Taiwan, Czech
Doesn't feel like carrying partner but would- Switzerland, Monaco, Netherlands
Gets really embarrassed- England, Iceland, Egypt, Latvia, Estonia, Liechtenstien
Would throw out their back- China
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