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  • full name: Hex
  • gender: male
  • sexuality: pansexual 
  • pronouns: he/him


  • family: Descendants (siblings), Mortem (dad), Alacritas (uncle), Immortuos (uncle)
  • birthplace: In the woods
  • job: local healer 
  • phobias: fire, clowns
  • guilty pleasures: tickling, doll collecting


  • morality alignment?: chaotic good
  • sins - envy
  • virtues - patience 

T H I S - O R - T H A T

  • introvert/extrovert: introvert
  • organized/disorganized: disorganized
  • close minded/open-minded: open-minded
  • calm/anxious: anxious
  • disagreeable/agreeable: agreeable
  • cautious/reckless: reckless
  • patient/impatient: patient
  • outspoken/reserved: reserved 
  • leader/follower: follower
  • empathetic/unemphatic: empathetic
  • optimistic/pessimistic: pessimistic
  • traditional/modern: traditional
  • hard-working/lazy: hard-working


  • otp: none currently
  • ot3: n/a
  • brotp: none currently
  • notp: Hex x any of his siblings
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More Skylanders Headcanons (Mostly About My Favorite Characters)

  • Flameslinger and Lightning rod are heated rivals, because Flameslinger is not only a better sportsman, but also the first to beat Lightning rod at something.
  • Flameslinger loves going on runs through the forest every morning, but before each run he often hears a loud thunder clap, followed by the sounds of Lightning rod cussing because he missed.
  • Flameslinger loves to go swimming, something other fire types find weird.
  • Flameslinger has the weakest heat tolerance, but he has the best control over his emotions, so he’s the captain of the Fire element.
  • Hex secretly loves to sing, though she doesn’t realize Flameslinger heard her before.
  • Whenever Stealth elf gets frustrated at Drill sergeant calling her “Sir”, Sprocket finds it super adorable.
  • Golden Queen is the same species as Sprocket, a Goldling. However people often mistake her for a living statue since she’s absorbed so much gold and gemstones into her body, and even after expelling it, her body has retained some of the mineral traits.
  • Golden Queen secretly loves fennec foxes… and she keeps a special one as a pet.
  • People often say Golden Queen complained about sorting books in the library because she was actually silent and in self reflection the whole time, and it unnerved people.
  • Dream catcher is still evil and is very stubborn in changing her ways. Golden Queen regrets encouraging this behavior and is constantly reaching out to Dream catcher because she worries about her.
  • Mesmeralda still considers herself an unofficial Doom raider, even though the group has since split up and gone their separate ways.
  • Chompy mage made his own bazooka because Zook let him try one out, and the mage had so much fun with it.
  • Fright always brings Ozzy inside, but sometimes Ozzy prefers to sleep outside by burying himself in the backyard.
  • Hex is often tired of explaining that she, Rider, Cynder, Roller Brawl, Batspin, and Wolfgang are not literally dead, they have just been affected by the elemental energy, were born into it, or harness it in some way.
  • Hex still has that polka dotted dress hidden deep in her closet. It haunts her every morning while she’s getting dressed…
  • Flameslinger barely talks about his family life and this worries the other Skylanders sometimes.
  • Boomer actually has a love for photography, and no not just for taking pictures of explosions.
  • Other trolls are horrible to their mothers, so Boomer often throws barbeques for them cause he is not.
  • Female trolls are much prettier than male trolls. They just stay hidden most of the time.
  • Boomer is the only troll who cares about hygiene, which is why he has immaculate pearly whites. Dentists who’ve always wanted to study a Troll’s mouth without dying from a foul odor often ask Boomer to pay them a visit.
  • One time when Flameslinger’s fire spirit friend came to visit, Ghost roaster tried to eat her. It was the only time Flameslinger got extremely angry as he pretty much tackled the ghoul to the ground.
  • Flameslinger was the youngest Skylander when he joined. He is forever fifteen because of Skylander immortality.
  • Lightning rod flirts with every humanoid female Skylander when he gets a chance. He gets rejected every time.
  • Mags jokes about recipes for guilt free brownies because she’s actually invented such a recipe, but she keeps it a secret because the world isn’t ready for something like that yet.
  • Mags says hot buttered toast, but really, her true love is French toast.
  • Mags sometimes forgets about workplace safety because she’s physically unable to die from injury or age.
  • Mags is missing teeth because they were knocked out before she became immortal and they couldn’t grow back like the others now can.

Okay before I go off forever I’m done for now. Feel free to share some of your own if you’d like to. ^^

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I love making these TikTok build vidz!🤣😂 Welcome to the rice fields #*%#! Volume up!

If you’re not following us; you should!🤘

🔥Laser Engraving🔥
🔥Slide Milling🔥

#blessed #entrepreneur #cnc #slidecuts #slidemilling #tactical #tacticool #boogaloo #boog #honeycomb #sevierville #Tennessee #hex @tormach #cerakote #cerakotethatshit #cerakotemafia #multicam #camo #urban @cerakote (at Corded Arms)

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I forgot to post this the other day oops

-Communing with the dead is one thing; becoming a victim to voodoo is another - (AO3:

Words: 587

Characters: Klaus Hargreeves


Klaus was a popular member of the academy in its prime, but not everyone was so keen on his abilities. Many called it a dishonour to the dead, a blasphemous attempt at integration into what they labelled “the dark arts”. He never seemed to care about their complaints, nor their threats of hexes and spells to ruin him; nothing ever came from it, it was if he were immune to their attempts.

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OCtober Day 22: Alone

prompt by @oc-growth-and-development

Truly being alone in the world can have the worst effects. When you’ve lost the only one in the world that you had left.. What are you to do? You may mourn.. But keep on living.. If not for your own sake, for theirs.

So this is from VGFAU ( @spoopydoodle ) and this actually is the result of AFTER Day 2: Mercy. Poor Hex is all alone for the rest of the infection.

Posted this a day late because I was with my hubby yesterday-

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2:31 AM EDT October 23, 2020:

Bigelf - “Black Moth”
From the album Hex

Last song scrobbled from iTunes at

Closest historical comparison to Bigelf would be Uriah Heep, hard rock with proggish tendencies.

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𝕮𝖗𝖔𝖘𝖘 𝖆 𝖂𝖎𝖙𝖈𝖍 🧙🏻‍♀️

𝖄𝖔𝖚 𝕲𝖊𝖙 𝕳𝖊𝖝𝖊𝖉 🔮

𝔖𝔭𝔢𝔩𝔩 ℭ𝔬𝔪𝔭𝔬𝔫𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔰

🖤 black pepper

🖤 cinammon

🖤 paprika

🖤 cloves

🖤 spit

🖤 black candle

🖤 pen and paper


Light a black candle. Add all the hex components into a heat proof container (a cauldron would be perfect but anything that won’t melt). Add the cinammon, paprika, cloves and black pepper to it. Visualising what made the person make you want to hex them and spit in the mixture. I added some hawthorn berries to ask the fae to help me hex them, make life difficult for them.

Write the name(s) of who you want to hex and set them on fire using the black candle in the pot. While watching the paper burn think of the bad luck, negativity and misfortune you wish upon them. Once the paper has burnt out cover the ashes with black wax from the candle and I spat on the dying embers too.


This is actually my first time hexing anyone in my 7 years of practice. I couldn’t sleep because of an argument a group of people who I thought were friends (2 of which know I’m a witch). I felt I needed to do something because I felt powerless, then I remembered I’m a witch.

I didn’t want to curse them or anything, just a hex for a little bad luck for a while. Perhaps I will gain an apology.

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TCM Hex the Racists All Sizes BLM Awareness Graphic Tee Shirt Tank Sweatshirt Onesie Toddler Kids Many Color and Style Options for just $22.00
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Just remembered this random doodle I made, where I showed some of my favorite humanoid Skylanders look like without masks or headgear… at least to me.

Flameslinger with flaming eyes because in his backstory I read “his eyes flickered like a bonfire.”

I know short hair would be more practical… but I just can’t help but imagine Hex with long flowing blood red hair cause of preference.

Rider’s hair didn’t change like his skin did.

Chill is usually either depicted blonde or snow white haired. Both work fine, but I lean more towards the snowy hair.

I’ve depicted Star strike as a humanoid creature with no physical mouth, though she could also have a celestial star body like Star cast if you’d prefer.

I used DC/Marvel comics logic when it came to Deja-vu’s mask.

Batspin looks cute with short hair.

Nightfall has Extremely sharp teeth in my headcannons, and she doesn’t usually smile, but she’s trying her hardest here.

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