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@nightshadeandroses, you need to tell your followers that whatever the hell happened between you and a certain discord server years ago did not include me - because I’m getting hate mail from people thinking I had something to do with it.

Oh, And they have old screenshots of a discord server I wasn’t even part of.

Conversations between people I dont even know, being used as associative “evidence” to “prove” that I’m somehow guilty of racism.

Which is a pretty serious accusation.

Images from before some of these particular “supporters” even joined witchblr.

Screenshots of people who aren’t me, of course, Because I was never affiliated. And yet.

Wonder where they got those screenshots.

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I’ve been collecting a lot of protection and legal success spells for the Black Lives Matter Protesters to work on the upcoming full moons. I really want to do my part as a Witch by helping the movement all that I can. But I felt as if something was missing, and then I realized it. All this support could go a lot further if I knocked Cheeto/The Cops/Racists down a peg. You feel me? I haven’t seen a lot of examples of hexes or curses I could use. I’m looking for something simple and effective. Does anyone have any advice/suggestions? 

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Oh man, that’s an excellent question, and I hope I can do it justice, but please keep in mind I am no way the final authority on the subject matter. Buckle up, because you made the mistake of asking a particularly wordy person. I’ll try to break it up to be more digestible. 

TLDR: Do No Harm … But Take No Shit 

PS: Binding and Banishing Spells are pretty good “christian” alternatives – to me, anyways. See the bottom of the really long post below.

Inadvertent Masterpost Below?

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Promised some gay bugs at the start of the month but failed to complete them until now! I had a previous sketch of the two but didn’t like it so I did this real quick!

These are Hex and Coriander, the gay bugs by danibl00m and on instagram!

Can you tell I love dancing couples that have swaying pieces of cloth? Can you??

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Keys in My Jar of Keys with Special Words on ‘Em (& What I Think They Mean)

  • A-963 — Jupiter, Venus, and/or Mars work (respectively)
  • Abud — Blooming, coming to fruition, plenty
  • Abus — (Abuse) Revenge, escaping a bad situation, justice
  • Axxess — (Access) Will bending, honesty, understanding, consciousness [curses & hexes]
  • Baldwin — Strength, bravery
  • Chalet — Mercury/Hermaea work, speed, quick results
  • Eaglelock — Strength, holding out
  • Emergency — Open will, energy boost, sharper intuition
  • esp — (French “spirit,” « esprit ») Spiritual healing
  • GAS — Speed, environment healing, connectin to nature, technomancy work [curses]
  • GHO23 — (Ghost) Spirit work
  • GM — (Good morning) Energy boost
  • Kwikset — Fast results, yields, strength
  • Master — Rituals, offerings to deities of power or status, will bending; any spell that needs a huge punch
  • Presto — Fast results, yields
  • Skyway — Astral travel, astral projection, spiritual experiences, universe
  • Taylor — Appearing as is willed, transfiguration, alchemy [glamours]
  • Trustworthy — Will bending, control of self, control of others, keeping a secret
  • Weslock — Green, protective, hard to find [protective]
  • Wright — Hard work paying off, yields
  • Yale — Locked away, hard to find, protection [glamours]
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Okay, so looking at shit as regards reboot!Hex. In what seems to be our earliest (chronological) view of him he’s wearing Roman military garb, the style of which says that this flashback probably takes place- given he does the whole ‘revitalizes himself’ thing every 100 years- in about 120 BCE at latest. And note even this puts his fashion horribly out of date, as the Roman armies seem to have moved mostly to mail by this point, but that seems reasonable with his character so we’re good.

Now, he seems confident in the flashback, we don’t see much but he doesn’t seem in any way concerned or nervous, so we can assume that he’s done the whole ‘revitalization’ thing at least once before. Since he seems to be middle-aged, presuming he’s staying the age he was when he got immortality, we can assume he was probably born- at latest- somewhere around 260 BCE. This would make him, at least, somewhere around 2280 years old.

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How do you help others with witchcraft?

I give my friends Tarot readings and advice to help them get through hard times in their life.

I also live in the United States, where healthcare costs a lot, so I help my friends with chronic conditions by giving them home remedy recipes for their most aggravating symptoms (all disclosures and doctor recommendations considered) and information about local plants that could be foraged for their medicinal properties.

If there’s a problematic person causing grief in my circle of friends or with my family, I’m the one who puts them in their place when they don’t quit when asked (yes, I practice binding and hexing, I’m known for being good at it, and no, I don’t want your lectures, Wiccans!)

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