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#hey look its hip guy

tagged by nepetalogic
rules: tag 9 mutuals you wanna get to know better
name: Maya
nickname: My, Stumps, Maya Papaya, Trashboy III
birthday: february 27
star sign: pisces 
gender: female but with a hint of ????? 
height: 5′6
fav color: any shade of purple
hours of sleep: between 6 and 9
lucky number: 7
last thing i googled: grand budapest hotel
i tag @saintsofchicago @danisnotonnfire @communistbakery @bairley @meaganthevegan @thicgoddess thats all i can think of but like if you see this and wanna do it go for it

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learn how to say their name without your heart stopping, without your voice shaking, and without any other thought of them

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