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hello studyblr community, i am a new engrblr page :))

October 21, 2020

Hello everyone, my name is Patricia! I’m from the Philippines and I’m a chemical engineering undergraduate.

I decided to make an engineering related studyblr blog in the hopes of motivating myself and students who also want to study chemical engineering in the future.

Actually I didn’t know that the studyblr community actually existed even before I graduated high school – which is really sad because if I was a part of this community earlier, I could have done a little better than I did back then.

It’s honestly embarrassing to admit that I never really excelled in classes back in high school and still had the audacity to choose such a hefty program for college. The thing is, I was supposed to be taking Digital Filmmaking instead of anything related to engineering. 

Unfortunately because of the 2 year extension in high school (which is mandatory by the way, in order to get a high school diploma), most universities that I tried to apply for college did not allow me to choose an art major after knowing that I was a stem student.

But here I am.

My old username was thenocturnalpig and I was not able to recover it. But i did resorted to making two studyblr blogs:

@archiveofstudies - which I will be using for studyblr, langblr, and bookblr (and other academic posts especially which are religion, politics, and anthropology related)
@engineeringbreakswhich is for engineering studyblr - with lots of physics, chemistry and calculus posts

Before I end this post I just want to add these side notes:

First, I am not currently enrolled for this academic year (or until the pandemic is over — which I am not sure of) because of my short attention span, all of the classes are moved online, and most of the courses that I needed to take cannot be taken separately with their assigned laboratory classes.

Second, I will start posting on the second week of November. 

I did have listed the topics that I will be recapping for algebra, calculus, physics and chemistry, but I will be looking for more reliable materials online. Which I will also share with you if I did find any.

Third, this is a sideblog. But I will follow back using my main blog @archiveofp

 And lastly, as much as I am looking for mutuals, I am looking for tumblr friends too that could help each other. 

Thank you ♥

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— october 21, 2020

first post as a sophomore!!! it’s only my third day of classes but i already have so many readings and lecture vids to go through lol also my notes are kinda messy but i’m trying to do them differently this term and im still trying to figure out what works for me (the style i’m going for rn is inspired by linh truong !!! my fav) ◕ ◡ ◕ i hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

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17.10.20 | Started my day at 5:45 to watch football and drink Baileys with my best friend- how innocent I was, having not yet looked at my take-home test for data science due tomorrow. It’s definitely the hardest exam I’ve ever taken in college, even with open notes, so I hope I can do well!

// Power Trip - J.Cole

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13.10.20 | Everything is still yellow and green, but these are autumn colours too. I’ve been thinking a lot this month about life and death and rebirth and how they are all the same thing. Every tail feeds another mouth, and the world moves forward like this. It feels like a big thought that I don’t fully understand yet, but it helps me move forward with every new challenge.
// Step - Vampire Weekend

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hi! here are some online class study tips that have worked for me, so i wanted to share them with you guys!! online classes have been touuuugh, but we’ll get through this together! :D

  • plan ahead. a lot of my professors gave assignments earlier and gave us about a month to work on them. some of us might have the tendency to work on them later on, but working on them as soon as i can and finishing them 2 weeks earlier than the deadline gave me more time to work on bigger, more important projects. this can also give you more time to make changes to it when there are last minute requirements you have to include.
  • call your friends. when we went to school, we always looked forward to hanging out with our friends after being in class for hours. all that is painfully absent now, so i tried to compensate by calling my friends after classes or designating a specific day in the week where all of you are free and having a fun study session together.
  • change of scenery. being in the same space every hour of every day adds to the dreadfulness of it all, so having a change of scenery every once in a while can actually make you feel more energized. whenever i got the chance to go out to the park or the library, i would always take it. but!! adding some polaroids on your walls, changing your bed sheets, or even just studying in your dining room are also just as effective!
  • keep a water bottle next to you. it’s so easy for us to forget to drink water as the day goes by. with this, having a water bottle next to you makes you want to reach out to it and drink water more frequently. not only does this keep you hydrated, but drinking water will also wake you up when you’re feeling snoozy in the middle of a class lecture!
  • have a group chat where u log productivity. my friends and i become motivated to work when we see that others are working, so we made a group chat where we logged tasks that we’ve accomplished as the day goes by. aside from this, i’m also part of a group in the focus to-do app where you can see other people working as well as how many hours they’ve worked during the day.
  • wear uv protection glasses. this is one of the most important things i learned during this whole online class experience. my eye grades went from 20/20 to 50/100 in the span of just a month and a half, and i had to get prescription glasses! don’t let online classes ruin your eyesight, people! learn from my experience :(
  • spread out your tasks. for some reason, professors have given us so much more assignments for online classes compared to when we were in the actual university. it can get quite overwhelming, but spreading out your tasks can help lessen the stress and pressure. i work on small tasks for a short period of time each day to make sure that i’m able to get things done on time without feeling extremely tired. i actually made a post on this here! check it out if you want a more elaborate explanation for this part :)
  • listen to the live discussions. i used to zone out during synchronous sessions, talk to friends, or play games on my phone, thinking that i don’t have to listen now and that i can just rewatch it later. while being able to rewatch your professor’s lecture is one of the pros of online classes, try to listen to your professor’s live discussions as much as you can! it saves so much time and gives you the change to ask them questions during the lesson proper. if you’re able to understand the lesson during the session, you’d be able to spend your extra time working on other assignments or doing things for yourself. however, there definitely are some classes wherein you’d really have to repeatedly listen to the recorded sessions in order to fully understand the concepts, and that’s fine too! the point of this is to try and listen to the lesson as much as you can so you can spend less time on it later.
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— october 2, 2020

hey guys!! sorry i’ve been super inactive. i just finished all my requirements for online classes, and this term is officially done for me!!! this term was such a ride and honestly am so proud that i was able to pull through. i’ll be a sophomore in the next term and im so so excited to finally be taking my majors!! anw, i submitted my last requirement yesterday, so today i fixed my room and had a much needed reset day for myself. i hope everyone’s having a good day! remember to take a break and drink some water 💗

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25.09.20 | Wanted to share my favourite study space- this little window in the cloisters of my campus. I usually save this place for when I’m reading/writing, tucked away in the arches while privately thinking I’m living the dark academia dream even though I wear $3 avocado drip socks. 

// Better - ZAYN

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I’m going into my fourth year of college and as sentimental as I am, I’ve also learned a lot of important shit that I wish I had done better, so this is the advice I would give my first-year self.

  1. Cut out the toxic right now - your toxic friends and habits and interests will make you laugh and smile and feel happy just like your good friends will fuck up, your healthy hobbies will frustrate you, and your good mentality will fail you. Don’t mistake momentary happiness and relief from the stress of being in a new place with new challenges for meaningful interactions. Your time and attention and self-esteem are important and urgently need saving, so if it hurts you, cut it out right away! The longer you wait the harder it gets.
  2. Get right with yourself - if you’re quiet that’s okay. If you’re bookish that’s okay. If you’re awkward or too loud or whatever it is that’s okay. Accept that and focus on being the best quiet, bookish, awkward, too loud person you can be. If you want to write your thesis on something obscure that might not change the world, that’s okay. Just write a damn good thesis. Passion and confidence in what you love and believe in is always worth twice as much (and looks twice as cool) as half-hearted attempts to do something you think you have to do.
  3. Get in the water - it’s never too late to learn something new or make new friends, but for the rest of your life, people will be acting like who you are when you leave college is who you will be forever. While you have the dorms and the parties and the sports clubs and the writing circles- join them! Fail, fail again, fail better, and learn what it is that you like or don’t like about these people or things. At the very least, you’ll have some good stories to share. 
  4. Take breaks - yes, study breaks and holiday breaks. But also try to keep your school and your life separate. Drama will happen and academic stress will happen- let them be escapes from each other. It can be tempting to think of every moment of your day as a potential moment to study, but as much as you can, keep your fun and your work in separate times and spaces.
  5. You need food and sleep - shit gets crazy busy and assignment cycles might mean every monday night is an all-nighter (I’ve been there). That’s okay, but make your wellbeing a priority. If you have a to-do list that you relentlessly obey for school assignments, you deserve one for your physical and mental health. 
  6. Keep an eye on the prize - it’s okay if you don’t know exactly what you want to do in the future. But before you sign up for your millionth club or fifth class or yet another fleeting relationship, ask yourself: does this serve my interests? Is this worth my time? Why do I want it? Once you get comfortable with being alone and the truth of what you want, you will never choose someone/something out of loneliness instead of love.
  7. TV got it wrong - yes, romanticise your life and this incredible opportunity. But it’s okay if you’re not partying every night. It’s okay if you only have a few close friends, if you’re not captain of the rugby team, you’re not suma cum laude, you don’t date, you aren’t mentioned on your university secrets page, you don’t win department awards, you don’t get accepted to your dream grad school. Other people will live those lives- focus on your own story and being good. Being good is different enough. 

And finally, if you’re ever going on an adventure and you don’t know how long you’ll be gone or what you’ll be doing, always bring a hoodie, a lighter, and your waterbottle. Never been in a situation where I didn’t wish for at least one of those. Take care of yourselves and each other and good luck. 

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Hello everyone! I’m Joyce and I’ve been lurking around studyblr for a while now, but I haven’t posted anything, so here’s my introduction to the studyblr community.

About me

  • I’m 16
  • I’m going into Year 11 and I’m taking my GCSEs this coming school year
  • Class of 2022
  • Taurus & Slytherin
  • From Hong Kong but studying in England
  • My ethnicity is Chinese and I speak English and Cantonese

GCSE Classes

  • Business studies
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Drama
  • History
  • Maths
  • ESL - English as a second language
  • I also took the IGCSE Chinese exam in year 10

My favorite is business studies

Things I like

  • Makeup and buying makeup - I own way too many lipsticks tbh
  • Pop and alternative music - Taylor Swift, Lorde, All Time Low, P!ATD…
  • Teen Wolf
  • Brooklyn 99
  • Watching movies and tv shows - I watch a lot of Netflix
  • Reading - although I don’t really read a lot nowadays
  • Business studies


  • Get all A*s (8s and 9s) in my GCSEs next year - Except history, I just want a 7 in history
  • Get better at time management
  • Go to the gym more - Probably gonna fail this one
  • Try to make more friends and be more outgoing - I’m very introverted
  • Study business management in university - Hopefully LSE or King’s College London

Why I started this studyblr

  • To be motivated and more productive, especially with the GCSE coming
  • To make more friends - feel free to message me :) especially if you’re also taking your GCSE next year 2020

What I plan on posting

  • Tips and advice
  • Maybe my own revision notes and resources
  • Reblogs of posts I find useful
  • GCSE related posts
  • Life updates/ updates about my GCSE

Studyblrs/Studytuber I love

@studyquill @studyblr @caffestudy @gloomstudy @aestudier @weststudies @emmastudies @elleandhermione Studytube: Eve Bennett, Jack Edwards, Lydia Violeta, and Unjaded Jade

Thanks for reading this! Have an amazing day!

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Guess who is actually studying after a long weekend of literally just watching the vampire diaries?? This girl!!


I’m all for an occasional lazy weekend but note to self: maybe? Don’t have a lazy weekend when you have a big test on Tuesday? And you failed the last test and need to do really well on this test? Okay??

Also lazy weekends just make me feel really ick, ya know ?

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06.10.19 - 1/100 days of productivity

i’m starting another 100 days of productivity to keep myself busy and make this page active again lmao!

today i just revamped my blog (check it out lol) and organized my bujo, here are some pics of my june monthly!

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see my original self-intro here

hi guys!! after some time going m.i.a., i am glad to say that i have returned to the studyblr community! i ghosted because, well, life happened. i’m nearing the end of my senior year of high school and a lot has occurred, both good and bad. i do not plan to go into detail due to personal reasons, but let’s just say that i have learned a lot over the course of this academic year.

for those of you who do not know me, i shall introduce myself again.

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