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I wanted to draw AU for shortaki and I thought about Disney scenes. 💕😍💕😍💕😍

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Art created by me in this Valentine’s Day. My gift to the shortaki fans. 💕💕💕

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For Valentines Day, I wanted to do a showcase of my favorite couples. 

Arnold/Helga - Hey Arnold

Edward/Winry - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

Fry/Leela - Futurama

Harry/Hermione - Harry Potter

Kyo/Tohru - Fruits Basket

Yuki/Machi - Fruits Basket

Marinette/Chat Noir - Miraculous Ladybug

Serenity/Endymion - Sailor Moon

Pat/Loryn - Husband and I

I don’t own any of the characters, except my husband lol. 

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Happy Saturday, everyone! As those of you who have been following my story ‘Helga Unbound’ know, the next season of chapters officially begins TODAY! So, as promised, chapter 45 is officially LIVE and ready for you to read and review!

 FFN // AO3

SIDE NOTE, this chapter has a COMMISSION attached to it which was done by the lovely MonyArtz! 

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I’ve been wanting to make teen versions of the PS118 gang for a while and it’s only fitting that I start with Helga. I can’t promise when I’ll do the rest, but I feel I’m off to a good start though. Hope you like her and her pink jeans! X3

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Some sketches and quick messy doodles I have drawn of my girl, Helga. 😍

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This is kinda unpolished but I was looking at your stuff and got inspired to draw the granola boy,,,,I’m just a stranger, but don’t ever stop what you’re doing because there are people out there who really love your work!!!!

i am on the FLOOR LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS!!! 🥺🥺🥺 If this is unpolished then what does your FINISHED work look like? It’s so good!! Thank you I love him!! 🥺🥺🥺

And thank you for the lovely words!!

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Helga and Arnold sketch on a first date.

Hey Arnold not mine. Art is mine.

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I totally forgot to post this, so here you go 💖

Have some Shortaki fluff

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Hello everyone! Chapter 44 (and the season finale) of “Helga Unbound” is officially LIVE on both FFN and AO3! I have also released the official dates for the next season release dates. Please lemme know what you think! 

FFN // AO3

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