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Day 29 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

What are three things that you are proud of? ✨

  1. i work really hard and care a lot about my school work so i get good results (and hopefully will get into a great uni because of them!)
  2. i am working to improve my mental health and get through depression and anxiety 
  3. i am really proud of what i’ve done with this studyblr and that i’ve managed to use it to help myself and others. it’s really big deal to me that i still have it to this day and regularly use it and so many people like my content because i never would have expected this!
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October 28th 2020

So I know I’ve been gone for awhile, but I’m back and here to say that I submitted my first college application today!!! I’m super happy it’s done, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. My next deadline is the end of November, and I’ll hear back about this one in the middle of December. Anyway, I’m going to try and post regularly on here again.

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Day 28 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who you think everyone should follow ✨

i am definitely gonna go over my own limit of three people here because there are so many people that everyone needs to follow! so im gonna do a little list (btw everyone else i’ve tagged in my other posts are one you definitely need to follow!) (also i’ve 100% forgotten people so sorry if we are mutuals and i’ve forgotten <3)

@redlitmusbluelitmus - mia is incredible and lovely so you 100% need to follow because she will make you smile with every post <3

@bulletnotestudies - sabrina has such lovely posts and is such a mood and again is so so lovely 

@study-van - yasemin <3 funny, inspiring, amazing posts! need i say more 

@philology-studies - some of the most beautiful posts i’ve ever seen! the aesthetic is gorgeous <3 also violet is just the sweetest

@jeonchemstudy - i LOVE daphne’s posts, particularly any of her amazing bujo spreads! she is also one of the nicest people you will meet! 

@coffeeandpies - pat!!! one of the most inspiring people imo in the community! gorgeous inside and out (and also really good at piano <3)

@sosiaalitieteet - ana is an icon! seriously no other word describes her better! she is hilarious and i always check out her blog 

@problematicprocrastinator - beth is a light of positivity in this community! she works so hard and always is there for support and love <3

@museeofmoon - zainab has INCREDIBLE posts!!! they are all amazing and she is hilarious as well <3

@coralstudiies - i honestly don’t know how every post is so perfect! such an inspiration for my own notes (though i know i will never achieve such brilliance!)

@stu-dna - harriet has such a nice aesthetic to all her posts and in addition to this she shares lots of really important things which i think is amazing!!

@sonderstudy - huiting always has incredible posts and what she studies is always so interesting! amazing aesthetic as well <3

@rylie-studies - hands down the best at captions in the community because everyone is just so beautiful and always makes you think! also really great advice and so positive!

and there are honestly so many more that i would tag but this post is getting very long so i’m gonna stop here but yeah! love you all <3

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october 28, 2020 ♡

Hey y’all! Here’s some old pics that I took when I was writing down my plans for my gap year on my journal and, yes, I’m absolutely in love with the stickers. Also, in the second pic, y’all can see some of the topics that fascinate me and I plan to take the online course for each of them!! When I was still in school, I was always so bored and bothered learning abt things that I wasn’t passionate about so that’s why taking these classes was one of my biggest priorities. Also, in terms of life updates, everything’s been well and my days are mostly spent doing Italian, watching vids about Italian, spending time with my family, and I plan to start reading another book soon. Also, Halloween and November are so close omg. I’ve been getting up from bed late these days which isn’t always good, but I’m improving day by day. It’s also been super rainy these days where I am and it’s even supposed to snow on Friday? That’s insane! Winter is coming, folks. I hope y’all have a calm Wednesday and taking it easy!! 🤍✨

🎧: welcome to wonderland - anson seabra

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2020.10.11-14 // Day 97-100

I know I should have posted this earlier but it feels surreal that a lot can happen in 100 days. I achieved a lot of goals such as finishing 2 korean grammar books (and I’m currently halfway on the 3rd one), learned a skill by learning how to use a new software, and met amazing people along the journey. @divinity-study @museeofmoon @a-poeticallychaotic-bee @serendistudy @rylie-studies @springtimestudies @lifeisforlearning Thank you so much for tagging me in your posts! Your productivity inspires me to continue my own fight 🤍
100 days ago, if someone would ask me questions like “How have you been?” or “Are you doing well?” “Are you okay?”, I would unconsciously give out a deep sigh because I don’t know what is the answer. I am so demotivated. I am physically well so I guess I am okay??? But if you’d ask me now how am I doing, I get so excited because I have so much to tell.

DAY 28 || Tag someone who you think everyone should follow

Thank you so much @myhoneststudyblr !!! Your challenges helped me to find myself again 🤍
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57/100 Days of Productivity

Guess who’s studying in bed again? I’m falling behind at uni work, but I’m doing my best! I hope that after this week things slow down a little bit…

I’m almost at 500 followers, thank you guys! I decided I’ll be tracking #heyalyss (or #hey alyss - as Alyss is the name I usually go in the internet). If you want me to see your post, use this tag, it would be really nice ^_^

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Day 24 || Tag someone who posts the best text posts

so much love 🤍☺️

Day 25 || Tag someone who gives good advice

I don’t usually reblog study tips post because I think we all have our own different study style. Although I’ve read somewhere before about the unconventional study tips (or was it about procrastination?) like where you could set up a camera or video while you’re studying so you’d feel like someone is watching you and you’ll kinda feel to be proper when studying alone rather than slouching on your desk… etc. I just can’t find it right now but that was so spot on for me…

Day 26 || Tag someone who you would like to get know

@venustudy @vicstudies @1degreeoffreedom @tramsstudyblr @november-study @cafe-study @yoojeongyeonnie @august-academic @rosielearnsthings @philology-studies @rylie-studies

Day 27 || Tag someone who makes you laugh

I know I’ve told you before that you make me laugh.. Your comments in the tag!!! And when we’re chatting! You’re so quick-witted and I just like your sense of humour! Sorry for tagging you again lmao I feel like I’m kinda spamming you! sfhdksjf
Thank youuu so much for reaching out todayy!!!! 🥺🥺🥺 I also had fun talking to you!! You made me laugh today and I like your energy so much!!! I hope we’ll keep in touch <3
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Day 27 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who makes you laugh

@study-van - our very first conversation still makes me laugh when i think back to it now - i will always punch you affectionately yasemin <3

@museeofmoon - we haven’t spoken in a while because Lifebut our conversations - if i do say so myself - are hilarious! zainab is so funny and she has the best emoticons of all time <3

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october 26, 2020 ♡

Happy Monday! Some good things happened over the weekend like me finishing The Notebook (yes, I cried but it was a good cry) and writing a journal entry abt it, but like most of my journal entries, I ended up pouring all my thoughts and emotions about life on there. After writing, I also spent six hours learning Italian tenses and completely surprised myself. I didn’t know if I could do it, but I just dived right in and started bcs that’s all you can really do. My brain was so fried, ma come sempre, my love for Italian transcended everything. Also, yesterday, I had a chill day, ate lots of chocolate and pasta, and watched some Filipino videos with my family and laughed a lot! They were in our dialect and my mom and I were vibing while my confused brother wanted me to translate everything for him! I also finished setting up Notion and it’s all good now, yay! I’ve got lots of plans for this week and I’m gonna get through all of them; it’s already manifested. I still can’t believe November (aka my bday month) is coming up soon. È assurdo! I hope y’all have a lovely week! Also, start that thing you need to start bcs your future self will thank you a lot!! 🤍✨

🎧: you broke me first - tate mcrae 

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26.10.2020 I diary + study fall challenge

today classes for this term started and I’m anxious and excited at the same time. how are you holding up with all the extra struggles this term? I’m just relieved all my classes are digital now and that I’m taking it slow this winter. 

ps. I have a studygram now it’s @hannistudies 

#46 do you keep your notes when class is over?

yes! I have big folders and keep them in a shelf next to my desk. they’ve come in handy already. especially in english I’ve read some books for more than one class and then the notes from the one before really helped. teaching methodolgy theories and concepts are also repeatedly talked about. and the linguistic basics were super useful for my linguistic class this summer! I’d definitely recommend keeping them until you’re truly done at university

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Day 26 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who you would like to get to know ✨

i am lucky enough to have lots of close mutuals who i love and know well! so this was quite difficult for me! i tried to think a bit about this and i thought of @adelinestudiess ! it was a post from adeline that actually told me how to create a studyblr (i had zero idea beforehand) and she has some of the nicest posts out there! she also was one of the first big accounts to reblog my posts and it was the first boost to my account that i experienced! she is such an inspiration and so i would love to get to know her! <3

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10.25.20 | day 56/100 of productivity | day 25 of the studyblr community challenge

i don’t have any notes pictures today since i spent a lot of time trying to complete my inorganic notes done (i’m taking a real video of those because they took so damn long) but here’s some pics from a walk i went on yesterday on the trail near my neighborhood! it’s definitely autumn now :)))

Tag someone who gives good advice

this goes to @cancerbiophd! in my first conversation with her i think i learned more about mtt assays than in three months in my chem lab dsfjksdf so glad to call her my friend :))
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can you tell i like pastel violet? i have a new set of czech pastel markers and they’re amazing!

Studyblr Community Challenge

Day 15: Tag someone you look up to.

@athenastudying you seem really responsible and like you have your life put together? you’ve already achieved so much and you’re even younger than me

Day 16: Tag someone with beautiful handwriting.

@studyblrwithpanbi your handwriting is so neat and unique! and your posts always have such nice color schemes

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25.10.2020 // my brain’s been super uncooperative this past week and i also haven’t been following the healthiest habits if i’m being honest… but today’s a beautiful sunny day and i’m hoping to get at least some overdue tasks done so i can get back on track (to an extent) :)

day 25 - Tag someone who gives good advice

@multilingue; i once messaged buse when i was anxious af bc i’d procrastinated studying for an exam till literally the last day and she had the loveliest words to offer - i ended up scoring a 9/10 despite having started less than 24 hours before the exam and i’m positive a lot of the credit goes to her reply that gave me a desperately needed morale boost when i really needed it 🌼

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Day 25 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who gives good advice ✨

again there are loads of people who could be tagged here! i’m gonna have to tag a few people here! firstly @eintsein - i’ve seen so many informative posts from Jo and they’ve actually made me either use something for the first time or change how i study! secondly, @rylie-studies - i’ve tagged rylie before but she definitely deserves to be tagged here as well because she is always so positive and even if i don’t have that problem whenever i read anything of hers - even just a caption to one fo her amazing posts - it makes me feel happier. finally @tbhstudying - seo gets a lot of asks on so many topics and whenever they come on my dash i know i’ve got to read them because the advice is always so helpful!!!!

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25/10/2020 09:43

Daylight savings today but I didn’t know so I was grouchy bc I thought I slept 7h but I’d actually slept 8h lmao clownery

Day 18 - Tag someone who makes you think more deeply about things

I swear I’m gonna end up just tagging my two main bitches @thesecondstark​ and @guardianatlast

Day 19 - Tag someone you are grateful to have met

SAME AS ABOVE I HATE IT HERE. also @ latte but idk her tumblr bc she never uses it 😔

Day 20 - Tag someone who has a lovely aesthetic

I rlly like @studytobloom​‘s vibes and aesthetic tbh on their account

🎶hell - førget

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𝐒𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐝𝐚𝐲, 24𝐨𝐜𝐭• here’s just a random spread I made to relax a bit since I’m so burnt out this week and also had fever (still do) that’s why I wasn’t active much, I have 3 more exams left so hopefully I’ll stay alive to give them ;-;
tag someone you’re grateful you have met

@bulletnotestudies @blueinkked @unepetitecreature thank you for coming into my life💖 (there is ofc a lot ppl but the limit :(

tag someone who have a lovely aesthetic

@study-van my dear Yasemin💜 and @philology-studies dear voilet!!💜

tag someone who works really hard and deserves appreciation

this is for my babie @divinity-study💞 her art is so amazing and unique and idk how she manages to post so often like I could never ;-;

tag someone who makes you smile

this tag goes to dear Laura💖 @lattesandlearning thank you for always checking on me and being my fren Laura! I really appreciate it💖

tag someone whose blog you always check

I dont really do that often but idk I always end up on @study-van and @jeonchemstudy ’s blog lol;-;

tag someone who posts the best text posts

I think @problematicprocrastinator our Beth!! her posts help me lot while coping up my anxiety so it’s her for me💕

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Day 24 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who posts the best text posts ✨

@sosiaalitieteet - no hesitation on this! every single text post is either hilarious or really makes me think! i think that even as i was coming up with the prompts i knew immediately that i was gonna put ana here! 

i’m posting a bit later than normal today because i needed to edit a bunch of pictures so was running behind. i also woke up really late and spent most of the morning playing dominoes with my dad’s girlfriend (i won!!!) so i haven’t been that productive today. 

pictured is part of my half term checklist for work that i need to get done!

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