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cursedfortune · 18 days ago
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Tumblr media
“Some of us live here, you know.” Well, maybe only one lives all the way out here - but still. She knows of this energy and how destructive the mortal wielding it can be. Consider her a distant observer, until now. “Might I persuade you to not uproot this forest, lovely?”
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tres-fidelis · 19 days ago
@fatexbound for Yu! 
Deep breath in. Exhale out. 
The white-haired, ponytail girl sat quietly at one of the tables in the food court. Sapphire eyes gazed down towards the small soda bottle, half empty at this point. Anytime she attempted looking across the way, some other shopper caught her gaze. Her own then returned either on that drink or her lap. 
Yu-senpai still hadn’t shown up. They were going to meet around three, but KC arrived a half hour early since she found some free time in her ‘schedule.’ More like a planned schedule, in her eyes. Thankfully the oncoming summer vacation meant more time spent outside, although she’d prefer a breezy day instead of the beating sun roasting her. 
One quick peek under the table shoed the duffel bag still sat there. No one really questioned a girl simply walking into a department store with such large baggage. People were more relaxed, and a bit carefree around here. That’s aside from the fear and worry over the recent murders. 
After one large GULP, KC topped off that soda and sighed peacefully. So refreshing. Maybe she could grab another one before Yu-senpai showed up. She rarely ever treated herself to sugary drinks.  
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whizzer · 28 days ago
kinda fucked up that Donny Most attended my school’s rival
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iamdarcylewis · a month ago
I think Darcy’s gonna take some time off from working to fuCKING REST 🙌🏻 sorry jin she wont pay u next month
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trainwreckedconductor · a month ago
Tumblr media
      “Ah, let’s see... One over here, an’ one over there... Gotta make sure those go off when they’re supposed ta...”
      From one of the seats in the office, the Conductor could be seen by himself, mulling about... something or another. It was honestly hard to tell, given the large stack of papers in his hands and the incoherent muttering that fluctuated from clear as day words to muddled gibberish. It wasn’t clear if he was at the NSR headquarters for a meeting or for some privacy while he went over his... plans? But regardless, at the current moment, he was sitting alone--or at least, he thought he was. His altered state became much more clear when he failed to notice the manager of 1010 joining him in the room, the elderly man instead continuing to ramble to himself out loud. “Gotta make this... crowd’ll go crazy when I get that part goin’...”
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hirohyuga · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a CAPTION? in This house of god?!
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necrophatic · a month ago
So I wanted to work on Umbara or sl*tty Quiggs but the idea of starting new drawings when I have like 25 WIPS is Overwhelming(tm) so I'm going to punch those out first in no apparent order.
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edgyearring · a month ago
@ask-yuno-x-yuki​ continued from here
Tumblr media
“You’d be surprised...” After everything he’d gone through... he wouldn’t put it past someone to set a tail on him. “I’ve had people sent after me a time or two, but... I dunno they could be here for either of us, I guess.” he sighs. Why was he always getting into these situations?
“Why would they be after you though...? You seem like a normal teenager to me.”
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roskaarotta · a month ago
Tumblr media
“ gugh- why did all them have to be fencesittin’ about lettin’ HER STAY?! she HURT SO MANY PEOPLE... glad the bitch is gone... ”
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bananachef · a month ago
hello 311 followers how are we today
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animefemme · a month ago
Tumblr media
Heyoo! [Original]
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auburniivenus · 2 months ago
“Date?” hello!
Send me “Date?” and i'll answer... (Marcelo?)
Tumblr media
Who asks for it:
[x] Your muse asks mine
[ ] My muse asks yours
Type of date:
[ ] Platonic Date
[ ] Romantic Date
[x] First Date
[ ] Double date with: ____ & ____
Location for the date:
[ ] Movies  • [ ] Romantic Comedy  • [ ] Adventure Movie  • [ ] Animation (Pixar/Disney)  • [ ] Horror  • [ ] Drama  • [ ] Buddy Movie  • [ ] ___ (other options)
[x] Restaurant  • [ ] Expensive/High Class  • [x] Small and familiar  • [ ] Fast Food
[ ] Nature • [ ] Beach • [ ] Park • [ ] Forest     • [ ] …and having a picnic
[ ] Visiting a Museum
[ ] Visiting an amusement park
[ ] Visiting a haunted location
[ ] Staying at home • [ ] Watching movies • [ ] Playing Video Games • [ ] Reading
[ ] ___ (other options)
The date might hopefully end with…
[x] …holding hands
[ ] …a kiss
[ ] …in bed
[x] …knowing each other better
[ ] …sleepover between friends
[ ] …a marriage proposal
[x] Cheek kiss (other options)
Should you reblog this?:
[x] Yes. I want to send you one.
[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.
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samtheshorti · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Super realistic makeup of a bruise i did! I think I did good, But I might post a super realistic suicide warning picture so ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ block tags with 'suicide' or if you don't care about writing suicide just not picture suicide then block 'cut wrist'
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roskaarotta · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
✂ let me make you starters ✂ plot in ims / discord ✂ send you asks, memes or not ✂ tag you in things ✂ misc. things in general
& as usual, please read the rules before interraction if you’re new !!
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askexecutiveproton · 2 months ago
(I just gained a muse for Proton myself, and found your blog while looking through google images. Absolutely ecstatic to see you still posting! Might send him some asks from my Team Rocket Oc too! This blog makes me so happy and I'm sharing so much with a buddy of mine! )
Thanks so much! It’s slow-going at the moment, but I try to be around. Really glad you like my blog! <3
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