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Just going to post some aesthetic photos of my cases and school supplies… and one of my art at-home tasks. We have to continually draw every week to make sure we don’t end up “losing our touch with the pencil” this is just a quick sketch but its better than a stick man i guess :/

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Week 11 of My 2020 Quarantine Challenge!

✨ Fri  Have you ever had a nickname? What is it?

i’ve never really been that bothered with nicknames and my friends used to just call me sophie (only the teachers called me ‘soph’ because teachers are obsessed with shortening names lol) but when i moved to my new school in year 10, there was another sophie in my small friend group (i was one of four sophies in the entire year, three of which were in my form - it was a nightmare) so one of my friends started calling me ‘scoop’ just to differentiate from the other sophie and it’s kinda stuck (but thankfully only with my close friends)

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I only have one exam left, but it’s the most difficult. it’s from my spanish-american literature from the 16th to the 18th centuries module. the exam is next thursday and I still have a lot to study, wish me luck

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given these extraordinarily difficult times, productivity should NOT be a priority, and it’s okay to step back and focus on other things. personally i try to center myself by making a list of things that are bothering me at the moment (things i want, things that scare me, things that worry me) and divide them into categories:

1. a task that needs to be finished right now to help me accomplish a big deadline on a certain date (aka studying for an exam)

2. things that make me dissatisfied but can be fixed with discipline or continuous work and some time (my grades, or the state of my fitness)

3. things that i THINK are urgent but probably arent, and can probably be done during an appropriate time (for example, ive been fussing over my wardrobe. which is pointless. because i dont go out. and there are more important things to be done)

4. things that are bigger than my personal problems which SEEM hopeless, but i have a duty to do whatever i can to help fight it (our current political situation in my country and in Hong Kong, the US, etc.)

5. things that are beyond my control.

once i evaluate whats important, what isnt, and what i can do to help each of my problems, it becomes easier to stay on task school-wise, and still be able to address my needs, and (in very very small ways) the needs of my community.

i know things seem hopeless, but we have our voices, our brains, and our hands. do the most to help yourselves, and the people around you. and always— take care, and stay safe.

— sam

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June 02, 2020

Studying for my Chemistry test from my mum’s old uni textbook. I don’t really like the subject, so studying from something else then my usual textbook and slides helped to keep me focused.

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while the news of blm has started to die down, i want to remind everyone that it is always has been an issue, and will always be, until systematic racism and oppression ceases to exist. 

with that, i want everyone to take care of your mental and physical health needs, and know that you are not alone in this world, with whatever you are feeling.

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Week 11 of My 2020 Quarantine Challenge!

✨  Thu ✨  If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

this is such a hard question for me because i really love food and loads of different types of it. i would say Chinese food but that is probably way too vague so i’m going to have to say pasta cause i don’t think i would ever really get tired of it because i love it so much 

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it’s been a hella long time since i’ve posted here!!

college has been sooo busy it’s actually hard to keep up with my study since i joined so many campus activites hahah

however, this quarantine thing make me focus a lot more on my study and that’s a good thing!

i hope everyone stay safe!!

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4.6.20 - I did some gardening today, namely repotting all my succulents and cacti bc they outgrow their pots, and getting some ivy clippings mc my ivy isn’t looking great and it’s too big!

I know I’ve been awol for a while, a lot has happened in my personal life (breakup, family stuff, mental health etc) that has made me take a step back from tumblr… but I haven’t forgotten!

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03 June 2020

My previous exam went great, and I have another one coming up soon. I haven’t been able to focus as much but I’m getting back up on my feet now. Fruits, dalgona, and Dostoevsky is a better combination than one would’ve thought!

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2020 quarantine challenge by @myhoneststudyblr | week 11: mon-wed

what is your biggest pet peeve?

in my country a lot of people say “pentel pen” or even just “pentel” when referring to any black marker like noo ; v ; the number of times i wanted to jokingly lend a ballpoint pen, eraser or pencil lead is painstakingly many

what motivates you to work hard?

of course i work hard bc i want to succeed, but above that i do it so i can feel like i deserve to be proud of my accomplishments. also bc i like learning new things, and not just academically.

what would you sing on karaoke night?

prolly any taylor swift song 〃•ㅂ•〃

37/100 days of productivity

focused more on art these past few days, and i will continue to do so for the entire month bc after 2 months of mostly studying i think i deserve it ^^ but i did study some chem

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