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latin notes and my dear plants! my latin journey is starting slowly but i really enjoy it! it’s pretty easy to read but remembering the declensions is rough. 

in other news, i’ve been accepted to four of the colleges i applied to!! still waiting on two results but i’m so excited for this next chapter!!

today’s seltzer: cherry bubly

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16th january 2021

feeling like i should be more productive, but i just want to sit on the couch and watch boku no hero academia again :’) i have a test to study for :’)) i’m tired of school :’)))

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: cuma günü. eve dönerken aktarma yapmak için her zaman inilen duraktan bir iki durak önce inildi. gün batımı izlendi, fotoğraf çekildi. story olarak paylaşınca bakara, 138 hatırlatıldı.

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Saturday, 16th January 2021

Chemistry - Alcohols End-of-Chapter Qs ft an outtake of the reactions sheet from yesterday

🎵 Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming - Deep Purple (great song, hilarious name)

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finally the end of the week! here is my spread from the first week of januray! my spread has actually changed quite a bit since then, because im now doing classes at home, and so im writing a lot more in my planner (assignments and homeworks), so i think im going to have to edit the layout because i don’t like how it looks (you will see this layout when i next post lol). also featuring my legendary cinammon buns that i made last week! 

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This is my spending tracker! I’m trying to be really mindful this year but I think I’m already failing…

I had my second class yesterday which was fun.. it’s about revisions in translations, except it’s about *canadian* revisions, and the formatting of texts in Canada is different than in the US! So wish me luck…

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Friday, 15th January 2021

Chemistry - Alcohol/Alkene Reactions Sheet

This was a nice summary activity and I think it looks quite pretty (spot my bi flag colour choices, haha)! I’m mostly out of the slump I was in for a while now, which is a relief.

🎵 Paper Cuts - Nirvana

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january fifteenth, 2021. 

hello hello ! it’s been a good while since i last posted. i’ve been pretty caught up with schoolwork, and i kinda forgot to do the winter studying challenge LOL but that’s just how things go sometimes :”) 

here’s my studygram … a lot of the pics that are on my tumblr are reposts from my studygram sorry not sorry LOL but there are also New pics here too ! 

my studytube … which i’m not really active on but oh well 

and my pinterest bc i got some asks asking for it! i’ll put this list on every post i make from now on <3 

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14.01.2021 — looking forward to the next semester! i’ve signed up for cs1 and although i have some cs experience outside of school, i’ve never taken an actual cs class before so i’m curious how it’ll go.

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Here is my title page for 2020! It’s a quote from “Achilles Come Down” by Gang of Youth.

I had my first class yesterday. “Advanced Literary Translation” it went great! the people seem cool, the professor seems nice. I did almost die twice when I had to speak up, my fight/flight response kicked in and that was a whole mess…. hopefully that gets better!

I’m looking forward to tonight’s class even though i have no idea what to expect

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Happy New Year! I am 14 days late lmao

I thought of making this post even before the year started and I’m still posting this so late😂

I know I haven’t posted original posts for more than two months but I’m going to try to post more content.

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hi!!! this is such a weird combination of photos that i found in my camera roll lol. i miss going to art museums so much!!! sorry that i haven’t posted in a few days, i’ve been busy preparing for this one exam that makes me want to die lol. anyways i hope that you guys are good! byee

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Still in disbelief that I just started my last semester of undergrad!!

This semester I’m taking:

  • anatomy
  • evolutionary medicine
  • clinical immunology
  • intro psychotherapy
  • either: history of science or education of meditation

Online school is really tough and this semester is going to be stressful in a lot of professional/career ways, but I’m determined to enjoy my last semester of undergrad!

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𝑻𝒉𝒖𝒓𝒔𝒅𝒂𝒚,14 𝒋𝒂𝒏 • two posts from me under a week? wild ik, so I made this a few days ago i guess, I used to draw so much when I was in primary school but eventually gave up on everything I used to love doing, idk why now I’m trying to get to it again without pressuring myself to always come up with something perfect and I be honest here it’s hard;-; this one in particular isn’t the most beautiful thing but I’m still happy how it turned out :)

also I tried gauche for the first time!!✨

🎧: 𝒕𝒐𝒌𝒚𝒐_ 𝒓𝒎

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A little introduction to 2021′s bujo! For those who have been following me a while–specifically before I took a huge break from bujo due to 2019-2020 shenanigans–you may remember I always name my journals after a flower. After the… wild ride that 2020 was, I thought that a flower symbolizing passion, integrity, and strength said a lot about where I am in my self-love and self-respect journey. 

I hope to keep you guys updated with my journaling adventure! I may have taken a large hiatus from original content, but I never stopped journaling, and my bujos have chronicled a lot of changes and growth for me.

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14.1.2021 | thursday

started a bunch of new courses this week and i’ve been pretty busy. this spring will truly be a lot of work but i’m trying to take it one day at a time. i always start stressing about the entire semester in the first week as if i’m supposed to do all the work right there and then. i need to remind myself that i have time. 

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