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30.09.20 || quarantine fall study challenge

plant + my chicken scratch! i think this may be the start of my plant mom journey :O

september has been tough. i think i seriously underestimated how tough online classes will be. but i move forward!! october may not be the month where i enjoy the set-up of this learning environment but it will be the month where i keep moving forward!!

i hope everyone had a lovely september and here’s to a better and happier last 3 months of 2020 to all of us!

things i achieved today:

  • finished all my outlines for comm
  • sent some ~serious concern~ emails that have been bothering me for weeks now
  • worked out! (day 2 of week 2 pls help)
  • mentally prepared for my classes this week (they were cancelled since friday lmao)

wednesday, 09/30 - positive affirmations! what are yours? write some!

(is this study challenge destiny?) 

what i feel is valid. 

happiness will come soon.

papasa ako (i will pass.)

i have deserved everything i achieved. 

i cannot be great at everything and anything i can do is enough.

i am worthy of love and there are people in your corner. 

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tues // 29 sept

okay, going to try not to think about the fact that october is in two days. i love the spooky season, but time needs to pump the brakes a little!!

it is still 80+ degrees in the bay area but i’m going to act like it’s truly autumn anyway. october is going to be a stressful month (for many of us, i’m sure) so i’m trying to focus on self-care to keep my mental health straight. today i brought out all the spiced apple/pumpkin/orange scented candles i have and last week i stocked up on probably enough books to last me the rest of the year. lately i’ve also been writing more, which has lent a lot of much-needed catharsis. there’s something about the shortening days that seems to spark inspiration for me.

hope everyone’s having a great week :-)

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29/100 Days of Productivity

  • Attended online classes
  • Studied Psychology
  • Made a new study schedule

It’s becoming harder to be productive. Does anyone have any tips ? I really need help.

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29.09.20 / i finally got to rearranging the photos and artwork on my wall. i’m the type of person who thrives when my surroundings are refreshed and organized so i’m feeling extra productive now that i have a “new” desk situation. i’m editing a first draft at the moment while listening to older albums i haven’t listened to in a while. i hope you’re having a lovely tuesday ♡

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an above view of a bullet journal reading "october" in stylized black cursive
an above view of a bullet journal reading "october" in stylized black cursive
an above view of a bullet journal reading "october" in stylized black cursive


I am Lazarus, come from the dead, come back to tell you all, I shall tell you all…

That I am fucking exhausted oh. my. god.

These past few weeks have been crazy! I had to meet with all 35 of my students on top of midterms and navigating remote classes I am ready to drop

But! I’m finally starting to see the other side of this mountain, things are starting to calm down and just in time to maybe prep for nanowrimo?? 👀 what’s one more bad decision, right?

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2020.09.29 // Day 86

I did 종합 연습 for my korean language :) I wasn’t planning to but I had facial cleaning and a massage in the afternon with my mom. I feel so relaxed.. 기분이 너무 좋다~ 😌🍃🍵
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monday, sept 28

i’ve been thinking about starting a youtube channel for fun and to document my journaling process (esp. because i have a Big Personal Journaling Project planned hehe), and maybe also some random moments from my life to be able to look back & reminisce upon~ but the thought of doing so is quite intimidating and i am s h y so here we are LOL

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Study Tips Based on Your Hogwarts House

Just finished rewatching all 8 of the Harry Potter films last week… and I thought why not make my first graphic related to it? So, here’s study tips for each of the Hogwarts houses! I know some of these doesn’t apply to everyone, but I had really fun time making this :) Hope this helps!

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28/09/2020 21:44

Peep the steam from my flask

Day 4 - How long have you had a studyblr?

Uhhh I think over a year now? I’m pretty sure I started it in year 12 so spring 2019 iirc

Day 5 - Have you ever done a challenge before?

Yep I did the summer studying challenge!

🎶R.I.F.P - Mothica

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