tulip-studies · 8 months ago
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22nd of october,
college has been kicking my butt not gonna lie, but i did get a bunch of books that i can use to ignore my responsibilities lol
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touchingshootingstars · 3 months ago
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Finally, university has returned! I’m yet to go to a tutorial (on account of the campuses still recovering from being flooded), but I’ve watched the newest lectures and I’m excited for what’s to come this semester. I’m studying Business and Creative Industries (first year for the former, third year for the latter). 
My temp job isn’t quite done yet, but it should be in the next couple of weeks. I’m relieved because it’ll allow me to focus on uni, but I’ll miss the much better income. 
I enjoy writing and I’m very good at it, but all my temp jobs have just been data filling. Does anyone have any suggestions for genuine ways to earn money as a writer while studying full-time?
Listening: MAMMAMIA by Måneskin
Reading: Katheryn Howard: The Tainted Queen by Alison Weir
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asterastudy · 4 months ago
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Hey friends! I am working on analysing how much workload I can take in one day because I either overdo it or do not take enough.
May you have a happy and productive week ahead.
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serendistudy · a year ago
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14.1.2021 | thursday
started a bunch of new courses this week and i’ve been pretty busy. this spring will truly be a lot of work but i’m trying to take it one day at a time. i always start stressing about the entire semester in the first week as if i’m supposed to do all the work right there and then. i need to remind myself that i have time. 
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hannistudies · 7 months ago
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life is messy, but also really beautiful. I hope things will find their place eventually
things I did yesterday & today:
attended my seminars (& held a short a presentation)
read when we speak of nothing (I have to do a presentation on this soon)
had a therapy session
read texts for my presentation
bought a wedding gift
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notes-by-saher · a month ago
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16 May 2022 // So I have created a new schedule/routine/timetable thingy for my self to spend my days around. And I'll try to stick to it as much as possible and its very realistic so it shouldn't be that difficult!
Also, I've picked up my old habit of writing down any lyrics that I like and mostly they are from Pakistani OST bc come on! They're soo good!!
Ps: please don't judge my titles I'm still learning lol
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lihiliv · 11 months ago
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Notion is what keeps me going tbh ✨
4th July - What is the most important task that you need to complete this summer? 
The most daunting of them all - submitting university applications 😬 I hope I get accepted!
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luminous-studiess · 2 years ago
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ive trying to consciously make studying enjoyable, but also rigorous and productive lately. started by downloading forest and tidying up my desk (a very good mix of art and law obvs). today is day one. hope everyone is staying safe.
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entheory · 7 months ago
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31 October 2021
I'm at a point right now where I need to get some things straight in my head. I have to decide now whether I need to do medicine (which I absolutely love) or something that will give me the satisfaction I need in my life. I'm sure I'll be a good doctor, and it's not like doing medicine is easy. But I do know that if I don't do this, I'll be 67 and thinking what if.
I never want to be in that place. But what I'm trying to do isn't child's play. Statistically, I have more chance of falling from a fifteen storey building and surviving than doing what I'm aiming to do. I won't say what it is, but it is the reason I wake up every day, and I will never give up on it. Ever.
Which is why I have medicine as my safety net. It is something I love so much, I'm sure I'll be so happy doing it for my entire life. But I cannot walk on this tightrope without my safety net. So I will be doing medicine. I will study like my life depends on it, because of my passion and my pride. I will strive.
Love always, Sam
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myhoneststudyblr · a year ago
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This is a post where you can find all of my advice and asks very easily, all in one place, so you don’t need to search through the tags. My ask box is always open and I will try my best to answer as fully as possible and help you out. I will update this post with posts as I do them. 
My Ask Box is always open if you want advice or support. 
Find me on Instagram as @/myhoneststudyblr
Find me on TikTok as @/myhoneststudyblr
Find me on Pinterest as @/myhoneststudyblr
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How To Start A Studyblr 
this is one of my most commonly asked questions so here is a really long post where i give you all of my tips on how to start a studyblr and also get involved in the community
How I Edit My Studyblr Pictures 
i go through exactly how i edit my studyblr pictures using snapseed to make it bright and white but still have the colours pop!
How to Stop Procrastinating Series
This is a mini series that I have created to really explore procrastination and the strategies you can use to break the cycle
All About Procrastination
Tips - Part 1
Tips - Part 2
Tips - Part 3
Types of Procrastinators - Part 1
Types of Procrastinators - Part 2
How To Study When You Really Don’t Want To
sometimes studying can be really difficult, particularly if you have no motivation to do so. therefore in this post i give a selection of different tips to try and help you get to work even when that is the last thing you want to do
7 Strategies to Improve Concentration
Do you sometimes realise that your mind is wandering only 10 or 15 minutes after sitting down to work? Do you often read the same page repeatedly without remembering any of it? Try these strategies to monitor and improve your concentration!
7 Strategies to Manage Distractions
As a student, distractions are all around us and they can really effect our productivity! So I hope that this post will help you find out how to recognise distractions and also give you strategies to manage various different types for more effective studying!
Common Study Mistakes
No student is perfect and it is really easy to fall into bad habits. These tips will hopefully help you recognise the problem and give you solutions so that you work smarter, not harder. They will help you study efficiently and save yourself from burnout.
How to Make Your Notes Aesthetic 
One of my most requested topics and so in this post i cover everything you need to know to write pretty notes!
The Notetaking Process
one of the issues with writing notes for a lot of people is that they aren’t completely sure how to go about it, particularly when they need to take notes in lectures or fast paced classes.  this post will cover everything you need to know for before, during and after class!
7 Ways to Power Up Your Notetaking Strategies
in this post I give you all some strategies to make notetaking more efficient and helpful! these strategies are ways that you can make sure you are really making the most of notetaking by helping you stay actively engaged with content 
How to Focus in Online Classes
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How To Do Uni Readings
in this post, i give advice on how to tackle lots of academic reading for university. i cover reading goals, selection, active reading and different reading techniques! also see here for the additions from @bulletnotestudies​ for med specific tips  
Active Revision Techniques 
in this post, i explain: active revision and the questions you need to ask yourself to deepen your understanding. i also outline some of the best techniques to make sure you are revising actively!
The OSCAR Revision Model
The OCSAR Model is designed to help you tackle questions that need interpretation, discussion and analysis. This tactic is designed to improve your subject understanding and ability to apply what you learn to new contexts.
How To Revise Big Subjects
this post gives you step by step tips on what to do when you are revising for subjects with lots of content to cover, from the very initial steps to the hours before the exam
7 Ways to Power Up Your Notetaking 
in this post I give you all some strategies that can help you make notetaking more efficient and helpful so that you can actually *learn* from your notes
Busting Notetaking Myths 
There are so many myths about notetaking and i hope this post will bust some of the most common misconceptions to help you have some more effective notes
Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory 
As a student, you probably have to memorise a lot of stuff. Of course, revising actively is always best but sometimes lots of memorisation is necessary for tests and exams. These study hacks will help you boost your memory for learning information before an exam!
Quick, Click and Stick Memory Strategies
We often have to memorise lots of information for school and uni and these strategies are designed to give you new ideas and ways to approach memorisation. They are divided into three different categories so you can choose how well you need to know this information and how quickly!
How To Study Languages
a post for everyone who wants to start learning a language but doesn’t know how to. these tips are some of the most important tips and strategies you need to do to develop your language skills (not related to a specific language)
Studying Flashcards Using the Leitner System
in this post, i explain how to make the best flashcards and then how you can study using those flashcards effectively using the leitner system
Why You Need to Forget About Learning Styles
If you have spent any time in the studygram community, you are bound to have heard of the ‘learning styles’ theory. However, attempting to just learn through one ‘learning style’ has been proven to be ineffective despite becoming part of a popular myth. In this post, I explain why and look at whether we can still use them!
The Diffuse Mode of Thinking
I think a lot of people know this partially but have never actually seen it explained fully so I hope that this post will help you understand why this is such an important concept for learning and studying to really create something valuable and balance out focused time
Top 10 Tips to Boost Motivation
in this post, i share 10 tips that can help you increase your motivation for studying, both some practical things and tips more to do with mindset
Unusual Study Tips
there are a million and one study tips posts so in this one i try to give some ones you might not have heard before in order to give you some new ideas to boost your studying! 
Mildliner Hex Codes
here is a guide with all the mildliner colours with their hex codes so you can use them whenever you want, including in your digital notes!
Why You Need to Think Like a 4 Year Old
4 year olds know where it’s at with learning! We could learn so much from their natural curiosity and hopefully this post will tell you how!
How I Use Google Docs To Take Notes
i got asked how i use google docs as part of my notetaking system and so in this post i explain what i like and dislike, about google docs templates and my overall notetaking system: cascading bullet points
How To Annotate
i give you all of my best tips for annotating - both in general and more specifically for literature (novels, plays and poetry) - from my own experiences and some research 
Google Search Codes
in this post, i list some of the most useful google search codes because i know that google is often the first step for people when researching. 
How To Sleep
so many students struggle with sleep which is so bad because it is so important to help boost studying. therefore, in this post, i outline all the best - and proven - tips to help you sleep better
The Complete Guide to the British Education System
this post is a detailed, in depth explanation of the the British school system, from primary school to university. i explain the differences between private and state schools and between the different UK nations.
My Experiences With GCSEs
in this post i talk about what i did to revise for the first external exams i’ve done. even though the title sounds very specific, it mostly gives all my advice on revision techniques and preparing for exams.
The Best Apps for Students
as the name suggest, in this post i give some of my favourite apps for students and the ones that i use all the time
List of Essay Questions for Foreign Languages (for Beginners)
this was answer to an ask but i think it deserves to be in this section. basically i give a bunch of questions separated into different categories that could be used to build an essay or just as writing practice for beginners in a foreign language. they are all given in english but they can be easily translated. 
My Favourite Pens (2019)
i am a huge stationery lover so in this post (which was my very first big post) i give some of my absolute favourites
Tumblr media
My Study Routine during Exam Season
Tips for Staying Focused (with ADHD)
Motivation/Discipline tips
Talking about My Motivation
Tips for When You Are Feeling Overworked or Anxious and How Keep Up with Your Work
Tips for When You are Having a Rough Day
Tips for Taking Studyblr Pictures
My A Levels and How Hard They Are
Tips for Starting a Studyblr and How to Get Involved in the Community: [Ask 1] [Ask 2]
How to Make Friends on Studyblr [Ask 1] [Ask 2]
Tips for Doing Languages at A Level
Books, Films and TV Shows to Practice German
Motivation for Posting
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2020 Quarantine Challenge : March - July 2020
2020 Summer Studying Challenge: July - September 2020
The Studyblr Community Challenge: Can be done at any time
Winter Studying Challenge: December - January 2020/21
The 2021 Summer Studying Challenge: July - August 2021
2021 Autumn Studying Challenge: October - November 2021
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In this section, you can find links and discount codes for various brand partnerships that I have. 
For those marked with [*], I will receive a small commission if you use my discount code. 
Use HONESTSTUDY21 to Get 25% Off Your First 3 Months for Your Perlego Subscription [paid partnership]
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Check out Speechify to be more productive! [paid partnership]
Use SOPHIESTUDIES to Get 15% Off Any Purchase on the Sudio Website 
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The Ultimate Studyblr Taglist
this post is a collection of tracked tags from blogs in the studyblr community! if you want to be added, please send me an ask telling me your blog name and your tag
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rabbitstudy · 10 months ago
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Today consisted of A LOT of reading, but it was all very interesting. Been in the mood fir scrapbooking so here’s a beige one! Also this week’s planer.
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tulip-studies · 10 months ago
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omg it is the last day of august already! august came and went so fast, I actually don’t even know what I did in august. also look at me reading everything except what I have to for my literature exam lol
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lochsides · 10 months ago
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August 24th, 2021 — Summer Studying Challenge
I decided to aestheticise my notion board this morning instead of dealing with the error in my matrix code. Daily procrastination check.
What three things would you take to your desert island? I’m assuming that water is available since it is an island. I would bring food, a boat (to leave when I wanted), and probably my phone to be honest.
🎧 Talk by Kodaline
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asterastudy · 8 months ago
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Day 17 of Autumn Studying Challenge by @myhoneststudyblr
Outside or Inside?
I love to travel. I would rather go outside and see new places, meet new people than stay inside. But if I cannot go outside, I will rather stay in my room reading fiction.
Hey guys! Its been a while since I updated about my life. My days are essentially all the same. I have been taking practice tests and revising english all day. And if I need a break revising some other subject. Today though I took a bio class. It was very refreshing tbh.
*My cat is sleeping in my lap right now, just wanted to tell you guys🥺*
Hope all of you are well.
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serendistudy · 9 months ago
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23.9.2021 | thursday
some japanese notes and the cliché little bujo spread i made. i love the washi tape!! i’m trying to incorporate more positivity into my everyday life. not forcing it though, just like trying to find something good in small, ordinary things. autumn is actually full of those when you stop to look. 
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hannistudies · 6 months ago
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I just want to hide under my blankets until winter is over. humans should hibernate too this really isn't it
things I did & things I intend to do:
make hairdresser appointment
get stabbed (vaccinated)
brainstorm christmas presents
bake more orange-almond christmas cookies
read for pleasure or study project
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notes-by-saher · 7 months ago
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10.11.2021 // Wednesday 💚
Preparing again for the Sunday test. And trying to improve more this time. My friend took me to subway because he thinks I did quite good on my last test 😭 I'm really grateful to have such people in my life. Also, I've started using an app for my mental health and its been of quite help. I think I'll use it for a long time. Ok, bye!
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lihiliv · 12 months ago
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who's back with original content??? Lily is 😌
1st July - What are your plans for this summer?
Mostly studying for my university entrance exam, plus some courses that i chose to take that are supposed to help me get ready for university (mainly comp sci and maths).
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luminous-studiess · a year ago
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a soft, slow, scattered sunday for the things i want and have to do-- which includes reading for my credit, civil procedure, and labor classes. but i’ll sit in the sunlight and dream for a bit. last week was so exhausting to the point that it took me about 3 days of naps to recover, but i’m ready to meet what this week brings. 🌷🌷🌷
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entheory · 8 months ago
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Today's accomplishments:
- went to driving class at 7:30 am
- took some nice pictures for Instagram w my best friend
- washed my hair
- took a nap
- went to a friend's apartment to play badminton
- post which I took a shower
- locked all doors
I'm kind of confused about things rn but I'm just going to wait for it to sort itself. I'm so glad to have my best friend ajshdjrjuebfh
Tomorrow we're going to hang out with some friends, and I'll be taking the bus for the first time in a year! I'm really looking forward to it.
Love, Sam
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