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myhoneststudyblr2 days ago
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馃崅 Day 23 of My Autumn Studying Challenge 馃崅
23rd October聽- Walk in the woods or read a book in front of the fire?
in previous years, this would have been a very easy answer for reading a book in front of the fire but i鈥檝e really been loving going for walks recently so this is kinda hard now... but i think i鈥檓 going to have to still pick reading in front of a fire because it always so lovely!
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jeonchemstudya day ago
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10.23.21 | i shadowed in the ED this morning at like 7 am and now (after lounging around all morning) i鈥檓 back to work! i made some coffee (half caff) and i鈥檓 getting ready to grind rip. also look at these mochi donuts i got with my friends!! amazing
馃幎 i am listening to: rock with you, seventeen
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study-vana day ago
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Sleepy, tired, and just pulling through by a nice drink. My first nationwide mock exam went less than ideal but I still did okay-ish, it was a good experience.
馃幎enhypen, tamed-dashed
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mernoir-e14 hours ago
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[241121] Tasted the uni library today for the first time !! I鈥檓 trying to get used to live by myself, being far away from my loved ones in a whole different city, having no friends and yet stay motivated for the lectures and exams but damn it鈥檚 exhausting..
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peachblossomstudy16 hours ago
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// autumn studying challenge ; day twenty-four
fluffy socks or slippers?
probably slippers, fluffy socks make my feet kind of clammy - they are very good for cold rowing sessions though.
(also sorry for skipping so many days of the challenge, i鈥檝e been a little burnt out the past few days, but i鈥檓 getting back on track now)
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blueplaidstudiesa day ago
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20211023 // 7:17pm
A few highlights from the past couple of weeks. University has been extremely busy so I haven鈥檛 been that active here - not enough time to make posts! I鈥檒l split up the catchup Autumn Studying Challenge answers (under cut) into two or three posts, this being the first.
I鈥檓 also considering switching up the styles of my posts - just want to play with something different thematically! An aesthetic more suitable for the autumnal/wintry seasons.
鈽 studygram
馃尵 Autumn Studying Challenge Day 10/40: What is your favourite autumn food?
Ooh, what counts as an "autumn food" really? 馃槅 Apple pie is a great classic for me. A nice stew is wonderful too!
* * *
馃尵 Autumn Studying Challenge Day 11/40: What is your favourite autumn drink?
I like a good pot of tea - Earl Grey yes please! It would be fun to try one of those pumpkin spice things someday.
* * *
馃尵 Autumn Studying Challenge Day 12/40: What is your favourite autumn scent?
That lovely aroma of a freshly made hot drink - be it coffee or tea - tickling your nose and bringing it endless delight.
* * *
馃尵 Autumn Studying Challenge Day 13/40: What is your favourite autumn movie?
I'm tempted to say The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's just such a great Halloween film. 馃巸
* * *
馃尵 Autumn Studying Challenge Day 14/40: What are your favourite songs to listen to in autumn?
Here are a few current favourites that I've found to fit the season (and its mood) well: Wade in the Water - Ramsey Lewis // Paris - The 1975 // Patient Zero - Aimee Mann // Closing Time - Semisonic
* * *
馃尵 Autumn Studying Challenge Day 15/40: If you could magically get rid of anything about autumn, what would it be?
Probably those endless drizzling rains that leave behind only carpets of soggy leaves and melancholy.
* * *
馃尵 Autumn Studying Challenge Day 16/40: What would your perfect autumn day be like?
It would be a weekday, perhaps a bit of cloud that clears up in the afternoon. Go to a park in the morning, visit a quiet boutique street after lunch and spend a good hour sifting through old books, then head home for a cosy evening accompanied by my favourite podcasts/90s TV programmes. And on top of all that, meet up with friends for a meal along the way.
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autumnalglaze4 months ago
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Tumblr media
how to fall in love with life again
go cloud-gazing, lay down in the grass on a sunny day, or empty roads on a rainy day, stare up at the sky and let your mind wander.
read a book so complex that you don't understand anything, fill your arms with scrawled definitions.
writing poems and notes of kindness, hiding them for other people to find and pass along!
read passages of love in another language, untranslated and realise that love can surpass even the greatest of barriers.
find your favourite flower! hunt for it, research it, write an essay on why you love it and how much it means to you!
buy another copy of your favourite book, fill the pages with annotations and give it to a second hand shop for somebody else to experience it the way that you do.
fill a journal with moments of your life, even if you don't think they're very interesting.
listen to music whilst looking at the moon and stars, realising how beautiful life is.
visit an art gallery or a museum near you. become familiar with it, visit it until you know it inside out. make it your special place.
learn the little things about people, including yourself. find their favourite colour and why, find their music taste, their taste in books until you know them perfectly.
the small things! taking sips of warm beverages becomes the most comforting thing, closing your eyes for a moment on a bus and focusing on the lull of movement.
bake/cook your favourite treat. experiment and find the way that makes it taste simply ethereal.
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fishystudies18 days ago
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Tumblr media
one of my favourite places on earth is this little used bookstore on the corner of my street. they have an impressive selection of science and pop sci books that i鈥檝e started to hoard. i should really start reading them 馃崅馃摎
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jeonchemstudy2 months ago
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Tumblr media
8.1.21 | WHY IS IT AUGUST???? i feel like july was so slow but when it changed months i was like ??????? anyway i got a bunch of new stuff for my apartment shipped from home yesterday and after rearranging everything i think it looks quite nice! what do y鈥檃ll think?
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study-van2 months ago
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Tumblr media
Please excuse my chicken handwriting but here are some old mandarin grammar notes. I鈥檓 still not super good at mandarin but I鈥檝e taken a proficiency test and I do so much better than I expected!!
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vaststudies2 months ago
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Pt 1 | pt 2
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cafeconlleche5 months ago
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reading and annotating mansfield park. it鈥檚 one of my favorite books, and one of my favorite austen novels (is that a controversial opinion?) anyway, bonus points to whoever can guess what inspired my bookmark!
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blueplaidstudies18 hours ago
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Tumblr media
20211024 // 5:12pm
馃尵Autumn Studying Challenge Day 24/40: Fluffy socks or slippers?
Slippers - the cosiest. 馃悜
Bus stop sights. Some older photos from September that I never shared here - I鈥檒l miss the sunny hours when winter comes in full swing. The West End is beautiful on a nice bright day. 馃
Catchup for the previous Autumn Studying Challenge days under cut!
鈽 studygram
馃尵Autumn Studying Challenge Day 17/40: Inside or outside?
Currently, outside - being inside is definitely nice and cosy, but nowadays I really love a good city walk on a bright day.
* * *
馃尵Autumn Studying Challenge Day 18/40: Sunny autumn days or rainy autumn days?
Sunny, without a doubt. There's a particular charm to autumnal sunshine.
* * *
馃尵Autumn Studying Challenge Day 19/40: Pumpkin spice lattes or hot chocolate?
Hot chocolate for sure, it's always a good drink. I've never had anything pumpkin spice yet but I'd like to try someday, even if I think it's a little too much marketing and seasonal decor.
* * *
馃尵Autumn Studying Challenge Day 20/40: What is your usual autumn outfit?
A tight sweater, heavy coat, jeans/sweatpants and boots/sneakers depending on what I'm doing. Occasionally, a scarf. All in slightly muted and/or warm colours.
* * *
馃尵Autumn Studying Challenge Day 21/40: Falling rain or a crackling fireplace?
Soft falling rain, but I love both.
* * *
馃尵Autumn Studying Challenge Day 22/40: Pumpkin pie or apple pie?
Apple pie, always!
* * *
馃尵Autumn Studying Challenge Day 23/40: Walk in the woods or read a book in front of the fire?
Read a book in front of the fire. Cityscapes have my heart so I'll have to turn down the woods this time.
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autumnalglaze2 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
balancing self care and studies
make sure to get enough sleep - all nighters are NOT good for maximum brainpower, trust me. try to make a routine of what time to sleep and wake, as it helps you to feel refreshed during the mornings.
water! at first i hated drinking so much water because it felt like a chore. so, instead i used one of those big two litre diet coke bottles. it means that i can fill it once and then use it all day, without having to keep getting up. remember, your body can only absorb so much at a time, so small sips!
if it gets to the point where your brain is shutting down and you simply cannot think anymore - then don't. pushing yourself overworks you and ultimately means you're not learning/studying as effectively. try taking a small break, fifteen minutes without your phone, just move your legs, give your brain a rest. if you return and still cannot work, take a longer break or even stop for the rest of the night. you need breaks!
allow yourself some pampering. it doesn't have to be much, but washing your face can make the world of difference. cold showers are refreshing, warm ones are more relaxing. to each their own.
make sure you're living life outside of your studies. sure, for now it may seem like it's everything, but neglecting your mental health is even worse. please take care of yourself.
do some exercise! yes, yes, i know. but even ten minutes of some stretches can do you the world of good. make sure you give your body some work, especially after longer study periods. try not to over do it though - sometimes people do longer workouts, which although aren't inherently bad, it can make exercising feel like a chore.
hobbies! find something fun that you like to do, watch a movie, read a book, do some artwork! (and if you do some - tag me please #snippetsofsherlock )
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