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#hhh kinda been unmotivated to write lately so here’s a lil warm-up sobs
inarizahki · 3 months ago
no thoughts, just you and suna at a party, him wrapping himself around you, one hand protectively cupping the top of the solo cup you have in your hand and the other on your waist as he whispers dirty things in your ear <3
pls head empty just this
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+, minors dni
Tumblr media
when Suna’s got you like this, nothing else really matters. not the flashing lights, pounding music, or the throng of drunk and noisy partygoers.
when he’s got you like this in his lap, one arm wrapped tightly around your waist, hand resting on your thigh, other hand cupping the top of your drink, it feels like it’s just the two of you. lost in a little world of your own. you’re all but sitting on him, legs thrown over his thighs and tucked to the side, head resting on his shoulder.
his chest rumbles under your head when he feels you fidget on his lap. you tug at your short skirt, though there’s nothing you can really do apart from straighten out the wrinkles on it. it barely reaches mid-thigh, and in this position, you simply have to keep your legs closed or else…
“no need to do that, babe.” Suna chuckles, breath tickling the top of your head. he uncurls his arm from your waist to knock your hand off your thigh so he can place his on it, long fingers slowly stroking your bare skin. the feeling sends a shiver up your spine. you open your mouth to protest, only to snap it shut again when he trails his fingers up, higher and higher until the tips of them catch on the hem of your skirt.
“Rin-” you say hesitantly, glancing around the dimly lit room. if so much as one person turns their head, they’d catch a generous glimpse of something that looks like it belongs more in a bedroom than in the middle of a living room at a party. “there’s people...”
“and?” he couldn’t sound more unbothered if he tried. “they can daydream all they want but at the end of the day…”
Suna catches the top of your ear between his teeth and gives it a tug. you flinch violently, hand flying up to press against his chest. “Rin…”
“at the end of the day, this is mine, isn’t it?” his hand hovers over the area between your legs. “mine to play with…mine to use…”
“that’s not what i mean.”
heat floods your cheeks and you squirm, uncomfortably aware of the empty feeling in your cunt. uncomfortably aware of the hard bulge pressing against the underside of your thigh. Suna smirks against your cheek when he feels your legs squeeze together. “been thinking about being inside you all day. all night too. thought about bending you over that table right there, you know? and fucking you till you scream.”
your breath hitches in your throat and you make a strangled, needy sound.
“the boys all think you’re this…sweet little thing,” Suna muses. his erection twitches against you. “but we both know just how much you like spreading your legs for me, don’t we? like a…whore.”
embarrassment rushes through you when you see Atsumu—leaning against the wall and talking to his brother while sipping from his red cup—glance over at the two of you. he raises his eyebrows, blinking once, twice, and then a crude smirk curls up on his lips. he tips his cup at you and winks.
you cough, looking away and trying again to pull your skirt down over your legs but an irritated click of Suna’s tongue stops you in your tracks.
“you’ve got me. anyone tries anything...i can throw a punch. so let it be, hm?” the tip of Suna’s nose drags down the side of your neck as he mouths at your skin. his hand slips under your top, coasting over your belly. the touch is searing, burns into your skin as he reaches up higher and higher, fingertips nudging the underwire of your bra.
“let me enjoy how fuckable my girlfriend is.”
Tumblr media
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