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#hhhh this is a LOT and i love it


we got i dont love you, teenagers, vampires will never hurt you, fake your death, na na na, and to the end by mcr, choke by IDKHOW, all we know, ignorance, and all i wanted by paramore, la devotee by p!atd, satellite, lullabies, and break out! break out! by all time low, church by aly & aj, supercut and ribs by lorde, waves by chloe moriondo, and green, devil town v1, and banana bread by cavetown!

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Tell us your favorite quotes from your character. Give us an idea of who they are by five things they’ve said. Then tag people.

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“Having the knowledge of how death affects a person can be a good thing, or a bad thing. Depending on the situation.”
“Fate? I don’t believe it in – not since I was young. I tend to just go with the flow of e’erythin’.”
“I’m gonna be fine. You need to stop worrying about me. Really – hey, hey–! Don’t give me that look!” 
“Despite what she did to me, I’m glad some lessons were learned. I know who to trust, and who not to.”
“Sé do bheatha bhaile – Welcome home.”


“Don’t cry. Not matter what, you have to keep lookin’ straight ahead.”

“Hey. What’s with the furrowed brow, Danchou? Oh… I recognize that letter. Thinkin’ about your dad, huh? I don’t know when I’ll get the chance, but I’m pretty eager to meet that guy myself. Got a few things to talk to him about. What things? I wanna tell him what a find job you’ve been doing as captain of this crew, obviously. He’s the one who should be proudest to hear it. So I’m looking forward to talkin’ his ear off about you. My goals are pretty tied up with yours. So I’ll see you safe to Estalucia no matter what. Five years really flew by, didn’t they? It’s crazy to think how far we’ve come. I know we’ll reach our destination just fine. Haha… There it is. There’s that parented (Captain) smile. Nothing bucks me up better. Whoops, I almost forgot. Happy birthday, Captain. Let’s make this a party to remember!”

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Hi I’m kinda dr@nK rn lmao o so ignore it ift you want pfftftty

Oh also TW: abuse kinda but not really I just kinda metntion I was in an abusive relationsssss omgg

I guess you can say that Victor and Yuri have a relationship that I very much desire. They’re very healthy, they communicate, they meet each other half way, they try and understand each other without crossing any lines or being toxic, and they just love & care for each other deeply. They push each other to become better, they have fun together and you can tell they’re so effortlessly happy together. I want that so bad. After being in 2 abusive, but different, relationships I’m definitely going to be pickier when it comes to my future partner. I honestly don’t deserve any less because I really put my all and tried my hardest to make the people I love happy. I have so much love to give, I still have so much of me to give too but I definitely gave it to the wrong people. I just want someone to look at me the way Victor looks at Yuri like he put the stars in the sky.

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when i was thinking of a va for koi the first person that came to mind was kyo/megumi’s va and i dont know why… i feel like that doesnt fit him Entirely like maybe only when he’s arguing with hana like . you know that . Sharpness and Edge he has to his voice ?? but other than that like when koi’s normally speaking… i dont know

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#hhhh i continue to have too many mash feels. srry to rant but i gotta#its just i love Hawkeye so much in terms which is to say hes a funny zanny character who suffers a lot bc war sucks#and god i love to watch my faves suffer#and again i love love love how they write dialogue on that fucking show. its so so run#fun.#also idk y this is hitting me now. maybe bc i havent thought too much abt wars as a proper adult but like holy fuck#living in a war zone would be horrendous. idk maybe its bc im more a sympathetic person than empathetic#like a character suffers and im like meh cant relate but if i can logic it out like: well i would suffer under X conditions. then i can be#like oh yea fuck that#hhhh and idk what it is abt bj but he comes off as so odd to me and i cant place why. i lov his little snippy comments and i lov that he and#hawkeye are basically an old married couple but there's something abt him thats v strange#on top of his hair just making me think of clowns....#also i miss klinger wearing dresses :-(((#also everytime klinger talks abt toledo im like fuck off no one would fucking miss toledo. but then in the last ep i watched#it was pouring and he was like: ah reminds me of toledo#and im like fuck off! dont fucking! make me miss toledo!!!#toledo sucks and its fun to trash on... but i did go to school there so i made the choice to hang out there for like 3 yrs#the point is i feel attacked everytime he brings up wanting to go back#ugh im so tired. i couldnt sleep last night. therfore i am a bit wired#unrelated
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mysterious wizard aesthetics but Warmb And Confy….. 

#ghgh no costumes or anything recently since I've been evil and utterly unproductive as of late - but here's an outfit of the day#I guess hgjhgjh#my one single holiday gift lol .. Giant Fluffy Sweater... (though I think the person who got it bought it from amazon#or something I think so... hhhh.. jeff bezos rot in hell you shitty molerat bastard.. but otherwise.. lol)#ANYWAY... I know this is meant to wear around the house but.. I would legit just wear it out on public transport doing errands and stuff if#the pandemic were ever to be over#my 1 favorite color is white. and 2 is tied with pastel blue and light gray.. + I love soft things + star imagery + glwing stuff#so... white and gray....perbfecte.....#though it's still kind of cheap I guess because it's Staenky#like when you get really cheap polyester clothes and they smell like plastic/chemicals for a few days so you have to leave#them outside on a drying rack to air out or whatever lol#but after it's a little less stinchy then berhaps I can wear it actually#ALSO ignore my idiot hair being purple hghjgjh I haven't done anything to it at all during covid and even well before covid#it's just been chilling in it's natural state for like well overa year if not a year and a half#It was blue (and is SUPPOSED to be blue)  but at some point it faded into a weird purpley color (with faded greeny gray#weirdness at the tips) and I just haven't been bothered to do anything to it hghjg#I mean I don't hate purple or anything but I feel weird not having blue hair since it is my designated hair color that I have decided on#I used to change my hair a lot when I was younger but now I'm pretty set on having blue hair the rest of my life since it's#the one of my favorite colors that's most achievable (white and light gray hair would take WAAAAY too much upkeep and costs given how#long my hair is and that it's naturally black)#even if it's an artifical color it can still be weird to have the same ahir color (mostly - even if it's in differing shades) for a long tim#e and then not lol#but anyway... One Day... whenever I can afford a bunch of hair dye and stuf... perhaps the blue will return#aLSO having my roots grown out literally past my shoulders looks kind of funny when there's no gradient (like.. I think it'd look okay#if i had a darker blue that blended in with the roots and then faded to lighter blue but right now the change of colors is just abrupt hgghg#) but you know... *insert that shrug and smirk emoticon that I'm too lazy to go copy paste from somewhere*
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limerick thoughts:

  • overall i think s2 is my least favourite - i find it to be a little hit and miss compared to the genius of some of the other episodes - saying that, limerick is a work of art so here we go
  • ‘bored bored boreeedddddd’ - this goes through my head a lot
  • ah the mystery of the box… and of course all the limericks 
  • ‘it’s not an argument, it’s you being wrong’ can’t you just see carolyn trying to sleep and arthur trying to ‘‘entertain’‘ her omg
  • arthur and his experiments <3 but like honestly everyone writes him off as being so thick but he’s so curious! so many of his jokes comes from him trying to figure something out by trying stuff out! and i don’t think that’s very stupid of him at all!
  • oh martin you’ve been had again you silly bastard, one of these days you’ll stop doing that (also benc i’m begging stop doing ‘asian’ accents)
  • ‘give me a bing bong’ honestly i cannot step on an aeroplane without reciting carolyn’s limerick at least six times to myself on landing 
  • can’t believe carolyn doesn’t think russell crowe’s evil 
  • ‘oh okay. rubbish sunset’ i love him
  • ‘the spot check version of revision’ the observatory i used to volunteer at, one of the guys would just say a letter to me sometimes so i could recite one of arthur’s phonetic alphabet guesses so thanks john finnemore that i just know the phonetic alphabet now
  • arthur’s way of guessing is also terminally relatable, as well as ‘i got mixed up and made coffee’ - distractible and scatter-brained and bad at remembering instructions, mate. same.
  • ‘god’s own fiery yo-yo’ 
  • ‘just use your brain and remember’ carolyn surely you know better by now than to expect that arthur can do that 
  • and here’s the second ‘neither carolyn or arthur quite float my boat’!
  • ‘a happily married man’ ouch!!!!
  • ‘romeo and….’ ‘jomeo.’
  • ‘fish free oboe check’ jf your mind that’s so funny
  • ‘not bad. not good though’ i say that literally alllll the time
  • ‘is it a schrodinger’s cat?’ remember that time i did quantum physics? yea me neither i spent all my time in that lecture thinking about this 
  • carolyn’s ‘evil’ voice <3 and douglas’ absolute bullshit about latin <3
  • ‘i find walking the dog works rather well’ obviously. i have a lot to say about this. like this is the most willingly vulnerable she’s been around them like, this is it! she’s opening up! and she’s confessing that’s she’s so lonely! mate it kills me, she just wants to be able to trust people but like obviously everyone dismisses arthur because he’s ‘stupid’ and obviously he’s more important than some loser dog walker (and that’s where herc comes in but we’ll get to that very shortly)
  • also ‘flight deck mute button’, hilarious
  • TANGO!
  • ‘are you sure this is the line of questioning you want to pursue?’ ‘yes.’
  • ‘i… am a man… with a van’ now this again is really nice here, the fact that martin and douglas aren’t actually at each other’s throats - this feels so much better than kuala because this is actually where they’re at, all three of them - this is them becoming a family. this is them being able to tell each other stuff 
  • i mean imagine series 1 martin telling douglas about the van! series 1 douglas admitting that helena’s gone! series 1 carolyn admitting she wants companionship!
  • i guess the thing in this episode is vulnerability - the fact that they can all trust each other enough to actually open up god they get me so much
  • ‘do you not have 50p for the meter?’
  • ‘admiral’s not a fussy eater is he?’ john! finnemore! stop making me imagine horrible food!!!!!
  • ‘idiot features’ i call my brother that a lot haha
  • now, how much did carolyn and arthur struggle to put this limerick together. that’s an interaction i want to see
  • love how they’re all crammed into the flight deck here too
  • ‘that’s my boy’ literally my heart is so full of love for carolyn and arthur she just loves him…. so much….. hduwqhduquw
  • ‘that’s put me right off my pie’
  • ‘bag… bag…. bag….’ this is the best one <3
  • ‘obviously i know some of them’ rip to the fact that he knows all the ones from gerti, and also i’m gonna say it again… he’s not stupid!!! why are they all so surprised?
  • and they all let martin win <3 sort of haha
  • ‘it’s a film. one word. airplane.’ just. arthur. arms outstretched. in the flight deck. the other three looking on fondly. ahhh hh h h hh h h hh h
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