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i had i friend on slowly and she’s like the cutest person alive????? oh my god i talked too much i hope it doesn’t bother her but couldn’t hold myself. sometimes i feel so tired and i think i reached the limit of having friends in my life and i can’t have more but i really love being friends with cute and adorable and kind people when i see them i’m just like “ohhh queen yes here is all of my love and attention it’s all yours so let’s not stop talking” i’m so weak when it comes to cuteness and kindness

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So, I just finished playing The Nathan Drake Collection, Uncharted 4 again and Lost Legacy for the first time together in a span of two weeks and…

What now?


ᴵ ʷᵃⁿᵗ ᵗᵒ ʷʳᶦᵗᵉ ᵃ ᶠᵃⁿ ᶠᶦᶜ ⁿᵒʷ




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Just letting out little warning growls when you’re acting up in public but as soon as he’s got you somewhere private he sounds fucking primal

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YES :( ok so i got this ask like a day ago at least but i wanted to wait til i saw the ep for the s3 catradora evaluation to respond and damn like at first adora is loud about it saying “shadow weaver told me!!!!!” because when shadow weaver arrived at bright moon she made it seem like she got kicked out of the horde and was like “catra betrayed me😔” which was true but also a lie. so adora thought catra knew and when catra started asking questions adora gets this soft “you didn’t know?” and when catra grabs her collar demanding answers adora says it slow and soft like she’s like. trying to ease catra into it :(

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i feel like something came to life within me because of this fucker and his goddamn tail please

and YES anon your mind >>>>

it starts off with using his tail to swat your hands away or poke at your ribs / chest when you get in his personal space. then he wraps his tail around your neck as a warning. wrists too. once you start to get too talkative / needy? he brings you to the floor, aggressively sliding his tail in your pants with an angry growl. he turns off his head gear for a second to speak to you as his tail already works on your genitalia.

“you’re so fucking filthy for this, human. you better enjoy it.”

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“Will you stop moving?” 
“Then don’t wipe so hard-!” Peter whined, Remy glaring as she wiped what blood was left off of her brother’s face. 

“You can’t just keep searching out sympathizers and fighting them, you idiot–” 
“I’m not searching them out! Jesus, I’m not that nuts, you ass!” Peter grumbled, pushing his hair out of his face. 

Remy whacked his head gently as she kept patching her idiot of a brother up. 
“I.. I never understood why people think that..” Peter’s voice was soft as Remy looked up. 
“It’s.. complicated, yea? It- It hurts me too.” Remy’s voice trailed off at that, focusing instead on Peter’s remaining cuts. Peter’s head tilted at her words, his eyes softening a bit. 
kurwa–” Remy hissed, Peter’s eyebrow shooting up at the word.
“.. You’re Polish, aren’t you? That’s what that comment meant..” Remy’s head snapped up at him, her eyes full of fire. 
“Say that again, and I’m not patchin’ up your damn wounds.” 

“Rem’?” Willie’s head popped in the doorway, Peter hesitating. 
“We’re busy, hon.. I’ll help you in a few minutes, mkay?” Remy’s voice was sharp as she nodded, smiling softly at the kid. 

She turned back to Peter. 
“Say that again, you won’t find me helping you after these fights again, understand?”
“Y-Yes ma’am..” 

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