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omg hiii gskabsjajsj yes please read them they r all very lovely!!! it’s true we have bonded i can feel it in my veins

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Few days late BUT - I was tagged by @seniorkido to post a selfie! Enjoy my disgustingly overgrown golden hair and my face in the golden sun 🌞🌻🤓

I’m tagging @crazyyetsane @honeydewmelon @littlest-kittenn and @constantly-on-something in case y’all are interested :3 happy Sunday!

Don’t mind the tags 🙊

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welcome 2 Joons Bakery & Cafe

I serve-






•male and gender neutral inserts ONLY (but i will do females if yall want me 2 do sumn lesbian stuff cuz like im DOWN ASF)

•prompts and headcanons

•maybe some one-shots (pls teach me how 2 fuckin write bc I’m trash at it 🤩)


•I do requests


What things i can write!

•K-pop(if i know them)

•Youtubers/streamers (if i know them)

•Anime characters(if i know them)

•Ocs (if I’m in the mood)

•mostly gay stuff

•Characters from T.V show/movies (if i know them)

•cartoon characters (if i know them)

•Characters from books


What i will not do!

•Sexualize minors! So the characters will be aged up!

•No incest, like none at all

•Current Abusive Relationships with the characters! (Only past relationships)

•And whatever i dislike, i will not write


Extras! (Mainly ab me or sumn)

•Songs(i write myself)

•Song recommendations

•Venting & listening

•funny shitposts and meme

•Chaotic yet chill vibes

•Alot of Caps

•Quotes and poems

•Bisexuality showing

•Funny anger 🤩

•Very horny idk why

•Probably won’t post alot but I’ll try

•BCSG2H (Bad cops should go 2 hell)

•Very LGBTQ+ friendly!

•Shit posting

•F U N N Y

•Wholesome, sometimes

•Everyone is welcome! (Except racist, homophobic/transphobic, Trump supporters, pedophiles, ect ect)


(I will add more soon!)

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therapy was cute last week. can’t wait to be in a better mood when i see her again

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Me at my brain: I’m tired we need to sleep

Brain: Okay… but what if there is a serial killer in the woods next to you and they break in to kill you. Or the animals that live under the house breath through the kitchen and start attacking? Or what if somehow, even though they aren’t real, a demon comes into kill you? Or what if-

Me, now tired with too much fear and anxiety to sleep: OKAY OKAY I GET IT

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hey ppl, if you see this 👉👈 you should totally read my kiyoko x gn!reader drabble to let me know if i wrote her wrong. tbh i was rlly nervous about posting that because i LOVE kiyoko and writing her wrong would just be- upsetting lol. n e gays, have a good day and make sure to eat and drink lots of water :D

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