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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#hi :)

So like…I know my dad didn’t forget my birthday on purpose but it stung a little more when he remembered his wife’s son’s birthday, a few days after my own, whom she put up for adoption and has only met my dad a handful of times. Then it stung a little bit more now when he texts me asking me to tell said wife (who I am NOT a fan of for so many reasons) happy birthday. I wanna be so mad right now >:(

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Producer/Director/Writer aka @dmmbcn (Mr. David Matamoros) speaks truth to power about the present, future & reality of film and production post- covid19….
#bcn #local #cinema #aware #global #industry #directors #producer #scriptwriter #HI #elhoyonetflix #DJ #create #actuate #liberate #innovate (at English Radio)

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Yo! I made a discord server called The House of the Wild Cards! Since pride is right around the corner I wanted to do my part for the community and created a place thats lgbtq+ friendly, mental health friendly, but most of all.. its YOU friendly!

It’s a server fresh out of the oven so I would appreciate any feedback on its make up and design and such!

Its a 15+ server so come on in and meet a wide variety of people!

And alot of servers ive been in, base level members were never allowed to stand up to bullys! It was always up to the very small number of staff. Here you are allowed! We are a family! And family protects eachother no matter what! This will be explained more in the rules! With cyber bullying on the rise I felt that we sould learn how to stand up to these bullys.

There are no restrictions other than nsfw sexual content becuase minors, discord TOS and Im not feeling a court case of running a server that sends nsfw content to minors. You can just be 100% you while protecting our younger members.

This server will also be Vent and Rant friendly! Scream your heart out, meet some homies that are willing to listen. We are all here to help you get through what ever it is you are going through. I promise. 💕💕💕

And finally, have fun. This is a place to play, have fun, vibe and like I said… be YOU!

So if this is somethin that clicks with you! Come join! Spread the love! Bathe in posivity! Hmu for a link to the server! The invite I send will be an infinitly link so yall can send it to your friends! Muxh love and well wishes!!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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Your hot breath hits my face and burns it

Turn away and let it evaporate into the cold air

My words are heavy and fall to the surface

If you’re not watching me are they really there?

Tell me you hear me but I dont see it

If you’re not watching me am I really there

Growing up my words bounced off of faces

Came back at me and bruised my skin

If you’re not watching me I am scared

My words will fly back at me

As I’m the only one watching

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Neri charged in headfirst, just the dim light of her eyes could be seen within the dark cavern when all of a sudden she stopped and turned around.

“Wait. Is trap? Ju set trap somewhere didn’t ju?”

Eyeing the man suspiciously as her tail thumped against the ground.

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Random whumpy snippet #3

A rough shove sent him crashing into a wall. Hal suppressed a flinch when a hand landed on his chest, stopping him from moving.

“Well, well, who do we have here?"  

"Fuck off, Crawford,” Hal hissed, trying keep his racing heartbeat in check. He locked eyes with Roma who was sitting on the opposite side of the room with the other hostages. Roma was there, he wasn’t alone. Ray and Linnett weren’t far either. They would get there and the situation would be resolved soon. Crawford wouldn’t have any time to do anything. Hal drew in a sharp breath when the man’s free hand held a piece of broken glass against his neck.

Crawford let out a laugh. “It’s been a while, wouldn’t you say? Imagine my surprise when I found out that you’re here, in this prison, today of all days. We’re going to have so much fun.” He yanked Hal away from the wall and turned around before slamming him down on a table.

A pained cry left Hal’s lips as he felt something crack. He tried to curl on his side but a hand on his chest prevented him from doing so. He couldn’t breathe. Hal squeezed his eyes shut, trying to hold back the tears that threatened to spill.

“Hey!” Roma exclaimed, standing up. “Leave him alone you piece of shit!” He took a step forward, only to get pistol whipped. He grunted and fell against the wall.

“Stay down, buddy, unless you wanna get hurt,” another inmate warned him.

Roma took a step forward, his eyes narrowing. “I’m not afraid of-”

“Roma, don’t.”

Roma looked at his teammate, worried. Hal wasn’t looking good. He was looking very pale and unsteady. “Hal.”

Crawford seemed to be enjoying this. “I didn’t know you have a friend present, Hal,” he said. “I wonder if you have told him about me.”

Hal surged forward but Crawford was quick to slam him back down. “Don’t!” Hal hissed through gritted teeth, although his voice lacked ferocity.

“Now, now, kid. Don’t hurt yourself,” Crawford told him, shaking his head. “That’s my job.”

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Pvz Au:

It was dark outside, but that didn’t mean it was time for sleep. I had yet to do chores, cleaning the dishes was hard work. It’s been awfully quiet today, there is usually a speech at this hour. Whatever the boss is probably busy. I’m glad, I don’t like his voice.

“Daniel, have you finished what you were doing?” My father yelled across the room, I guess he had woken up. Great!! He’s gonna make food!! I wonder if it’s going to be brain pie!! Oh I love brain pie, I can’t help but drool.

My father comes in to the room, looking at his newspaper. What is be reading? Reading the letters I came to notice it was upside down.

“Dad what are you gonna make!!” He smiles and puts the newspaper away, he headed to the kitchen. Following behind him I start to guess what he’s gonna do.

“Today is your lucky day son, I’m making Brain Pie!!” I smiled to the point my cheeks were hurting.

“Yay!!” Today is gonna be the best night ever!!!

After the pie was finished I rubbed my hands together, it looked delicious!! Before I can grab it, my dad looked at me sternly. Oops I forgot to wash my hands. Running to the bathroom I began to scrub my hands with a nice soap of brain odor. Drying my hands against the towel I heard a crash, to then hearing my dad scream.

“DAD!!!” Running in the hallways I see my dad dead on the ground. Oh no… Looking up I see a Peashooter outside. Everything looked horrible, this wasn’t right. Did the plants evolved!!

(This is the first part of his story. I don’t know who would read this but here ya go!!)

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BOLD all that applies to your muse!


Eyes:   Blue | Green | Brown | Hazel | Black| Grey | Other 
Hair:   Blonde | Brown | Black | Red | Ginger | Grey/White | Multi-color | Other ( GREEN )
Body Type:   Skinny | Slender | Slim | Built | Curvy | Athletic | Muscular
Skin:   Pale | Light | Fair | Freckled | Tan | Olive | Medium | Dark | Discolored

Gender:   Male | Female | Trans | Cis | No Gender | Other
Sexuality:   Heterosexual | Homosexual | Bisexual | Pansexual | Asexual | Demisexual | Other
Species:   Human | Undead/Vampire | Shapeshifter | Demon | Angel | Witch/Wizard/Sorcerer | Incubus/Succubus | Other

Education:   High School | College | University | Higher Education
Living Situation:   Lives alone | Lives with parents/guardian | Lives with significant other | Lives with a friend | Drifter | Homeless | Lives at school
Parents/Guardian:   Mom | Dad | Adoptive | Foster | Grandparents | Family friend
Relationship:   Single | Crushing | Dating | Engaged | Married | Separated | It’s complicated

I’ve been:    In Love | Hurt | Sick | Abused
I have a(n):    Learning Disorder | Personality Disorder | Mental Disorder | Anxiety Disorder | Eating Disorder | Substance-related Disorder
Things I’ve done before:   Drank alcohol | Smoked | Done drugs | Stolen | Self harmed | Starved myself | Had sex | Had a threesome | Gotten into a fist fight | Gone to the hospital | Gone to jail | Used a fake ID | Gone to a rave | Killed someone

Positive Traits:   Affectionate | Adventurous | Athletic | Brave | Careful | Charming | Confident | Creative | Determined | Fearless | Generous | Honest | Humorous | Intelligent | Loyal | Modest | Patient | Selfless
Negative Traits:   Aggressive | Bossy | Cynical | Envious | Fearful | Greedy | Gullible | Jealous | Impatient | Impulsive | Insecure | Irresponsible | Possessive | Sarcastic | Self-conscious | Selfish | Unstable

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honestly learning last night that Lee (of Lee and Mary Lee) is trans honestly has made me so excited. there’s someone LIKE ME. that i wasn’t expecting to be. idk it’s just like. jfdskl i look up to a lot of trans women (for obvious reasons) but i don’t see a whole lot of trans men around for some reason so like. super super super cool. i’m so excited to find someone to look up to

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