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Maudie walks into Merida’s room to clean up, but screams when she finds Hiccup chained to her bed naked with only a pillow covering his…spot.

Hiccup: Maudie, I need you to remain calm and trust me, I’m a professional, but under this pillow lies the key to my release.

Maudie throws her arms up and runs screaming from the room.

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The Maps Between Us- Chapter 23

TW: pregnancy loss, depression

Astrid and Hiccup took no action to avoid pregnancy, but the months passed and nothing changed. Summer on Sark turned into Autumn. The nights grew cold, and Astrid threw herself into raising her children. She worked too, spending hours in the Sark museum poring over the World War II Guernsey Scrapbook. She churned out a PhD thesis that delighted her supervisor in Oslo and brought Astrid no joy at all. She felt numb, going through the motions of island life. There were vegetables to grow, shopping deliveries to collect, neighbours to visit, school plays to attend. Astrid couldn’t shake the feeling that she was stuck. She only laughed when playing with the children, and even that was exhausting. So when Hiccup suggested they go out for dinner, she was less than enthusiastic.

“Why not?” He’d asked. Unable to give him- or herself- a satisfactory answer, Astrid had agreed. So here she was, sat in Little Sark’s only restaurant, staring at a menu that made her head hurt. Les Fouilles was built in one of the old lead mines, with huge arched windows overlooking the chimneys on the hillside. The coastline fell away in a dramatic sweep of cragged rocks. It was beautiful.

Astrid turned her attention back to the menu. It was written entirely in French, a language neither she nor Hiccup spoke. Hiccup had pulled up a French to Norwegian dictionary on his phone and was translating, but Astrid couldn’t find the energy to care. All food was equally unappetising at the moment, so it didn’t really matter what she ordered.

“Hey, this sounds nice.” Said Hiccup. “I think it’s lamb with beetroot.”

Beetroot was normally one of Astrid’s favourites. She forced a smile that felt more like a grimace and tried to summon up some enthusiasm. “Yeah. Yeah, that sounds great.” She cleared her throat. “What are you having?”

Hiccup butchered the pronunciation of one of the dishes. “I think it’s salmon. With vegetables. They might be roasted, maybe?”

“Yum.” Astrid looked down at her lap. She had knotted her napkin, unconsciously wrapping it around her fingers and tearing it to shreds. She quickly shoved the scraps into her pocket.

Once they’d ordered, Hiccup poured water for himself and Astrid. They didn’t drink wine. Mainly out of habit rather than hope. Hiccup looked at Astrid for a moment. Then he sighed. “Astrid, I was hoping we could chat.”

“Really?” Said Astrid. “What about?”

“The future. I’ve got to give the company in London an answer by next week.”

“I’ve already told you; I think you should take the job.”

“That’s… actually what I wanted to talk about.” Said Hiccup. “I want to go home. Back to Norway.”

“There are no cartography jobs in Norway.”

“No. But the medical care is better. Astrid, if we go home you’ll be able to have endometriosis treatment much more quickly. You’ll have a better quality of life.”

Astrid shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. We should give up the idea of having another baby.” She said. “Let’s go to England.”

Hiccup leant forwards against the table. “Astrid, I’m not talking about pregnancy. I’m talking about you. You’re in pain. You need treatment, even if we decide not to try for more kids. You can’t carry on like this.”

“I’m fine.” Said Astrid. “My pain’s not even that bad anymore.” That was true. Kind of. Her symptoms were crippling at times, but it barely registered. She didn’t care. She picked up her glass of water and drank slowly. Hiccup was twisting his watch under the table, staring off into the near distance.

“How long are you going to keep this up, Astrid?” He asked suddenly. “You’re pretending to be okay and failing miserably. The kids have noticed. Zephyr keeps asking me what’s wrong with you.”

“What do you say?” Asked Astrid.

“Nothing. What do you want me to say?”

Astrid sighed. She brushed her fringe out of her eyes. “Look, I’m sorry, Hiccup.”

“Don’t apologise.” Hiccup took a deep breath. “Astrid, I feel like I’m losing you.”

Astrid stared at the dying houseplants on the bar. “Me too.” She admitted. “I feel like I’m losing myself too.”

Hiccup reached across the table and took her hand. He squeezed. “You know I’ll stand by you whilst you figure things out, Astrid. Whatever that means.”

“Okay.” Astrid spent a few moments wondering what to say next. There were no words. She felt like her brain had been switched off. Her thoughts were interrupted by the food arriving. “This looks nice.” She said, indicating the beetroot, goats cheese and lamb tart on her plate. She picked up her fork and began to chew. It tasted like cardboard. She swallowed. “Hiccup, I’m sick to death of feeling like this.”

Hiccup folded his elbows on the table and tilted his head at Astrid. His lips twitched into a suppressed grin. “So;” he said, “what are you going to do about it?”

Astrid kicked him under the table. “Hey! That’s my line!” She said. It had worked, though. He’d made her smile, “I guess I’m going to do what I should have done in the first place.” She said. “I’m going to find proper baby loss support. Not that the one appointment I had with the health visitor was pointless or anything.”

“No, not at all.” Said Hiccup sarcastically. “Astrid, I think that’s another reason we should go back to Norway. I expect there’s better services for-”

“Let me research it.” Said Astrid. “The NHS is one of the best health services in the world, I think if I can figure out how to access the support, we might be better off in England. I’m sure the British Medical Journal has articles on pregnancy loss. And definitely on endometriosis. I’ll contact Dr. Gobber and ask for recommendations. Give me a few days to read, okay, and I’ll figure out where support is- why are you smiling?”

Hiccup’s face had broken into a wide grin. “That’s the Astrid I know.” He said. Astrid rolled her eyes at him, and she’d never seen him look so relieved in her life.

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And here it is!! Had so much fun with all of them, and so many different styles!!

Question now should I post each piece individually since these are all cropped to fit or should I just make one post with all of them??? 🤔

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Here’s a redesign of a Hiccstrid baby I made way back in late 2013! Her original name was Annali, and she’s seen a lot of changes over the years, but I recently revamped her almost completely after seeing Zephyr and Nuffink in HTTYD3. I decided to make her the youngest Haddock sibling. The name “Annali” didn’t really seem to go with the likes of Zephyr and Nuffink, so I’m trying to figure out a new name for her– I’m thinking Inga, but if you guys have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!⁠
As she is now, Inga is the youngest and quietest of the Haddock children. Sure, she can be just as loud and rambunctious as her older siblings, but more often than not, she chooses to be quiet. This is particularly useful when her parents are distracted by Zephyr and Nuffink’s energy and noise; then Inga can snatch a cookie or swipe a toy without being noticed. Sneaksy. 😂⁠

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The main reason I wanted to see Hiccup shirtless in the How to Train Your Dragon series or in the new comic that was cancelled, is because I want to see if Hiccup has a Lichtenberg scar after being struck by lightning in ‘When Lightning Strikes’.

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Astrid: *Glares at Hiccup for trash talking Snotlout at Thawfest in Riders of Berk*
Hiccup: "What?! He started it!" *Voice drops a bit lower* "When we were five..."
Me: *Can't stop laughing at this new knowledge and Hiccup's saltiness*
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Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1310
Characters: Astrid Hofferson, Hiccup Haddock
Summary: Astrid is paired for a project with someone who she is definitely not eager to work with. Haddock has a reputation of being a bad student, just a bad role model in general. But in being forced to work with one of the worst seniors in the school, she comes to see what is under this bad boy’s exterior… and she may be getting in over her head.


There wasn’t anyway to avoid the circumstance. What would happen would happen. I sat in my seat, listening to the teacher saying that by the end of the period we would be in our groups and endeavoring on our latest project. It would take extensive research, brainstorming topics, and then after the paper was complete we would do a presentation. I started glancing around the classroom, seeing the thoughts that were already running through my classmates’ heads. Who their possible options were.

Some would watch the teacher, but once her attention would shift they’d start making gestures with their heads towards acquaintances they made. My friends however, had already started taking out sticky notes from their pouches and starting to write with their lead pencils. Could I be screwed for this upcoming project? I had a mild guess that none of those notes would be coming my way. Even Heather had never spared a glance in my direction. I considered taking a sticky note out of my binder. Maybe try to enter the written conversation before I was thrown out entirely?

She was on the verge of finishing the presentation. Soon enough the overhead projector would flick on, a page would slip under, and she’d tell us to find our groups and then she’d discuss the presentation further. I racked my brain of who were my possible options if my friends would truly leave me alone. I had some in this class, and though we didn’t always hang out I would have liked to work on this project with them. Just work with someone I get along with. This project was a large part of our grade, one of the few that would dominate our finals grades besides the exams. 

“All right class, I’d like you to find a partner to do this assignment. Once you’ve found someone, you’re free to grab one of the packets on my desk, and write both of your names on the sheet. Now keep in mind that it’s one per group.” 

Some people swooped out of their chairs. Others merely started gathering their stuff and shifting their desks so they faced one another. I saw my friends pair up with one another before I could even approach and ask if they wanted to work together. I had effectively been left out. I stared around the room, wondering which final options were left. My binder hung at my side as I stood awkwardly next to my empty desk. I was able to guess who was left without a partner. I couldn’t help but let out an audible groan. Not him. You could  not  make me work with him. Not with a project of this capacity.

“Ms. Hofferson, do you have a partner yet?”

I slumped into my chair. No point in refusing. It could easily be seen. It was only me and one other person left. Hiccup Haddock. One of the worst boys in school. He never gave a crap about anything, he smoked on school grounds, and rumors were that he carried a Swiss Army knife with him at all times. There was a black leather jacket that seemed to be all he ever wore, and he had never completed a single assignment for this class. I  did not want to work with him. 

“Haddock, where is your partner?”

“He’s right here next to me, can’t you see him?” He gestured to an empty seat mockingly.

“I’m afraid you cannot work alone on this project.”

“And why not?” The both of us protested.

“The work is far too taxing. The project is constructed so that it requires the work of two people. So that means, Haddock and Hofferson, you’re working together.”

I snapped my head back to look at him. He smiled smugly, sinking farther back into his seat. There was nothing on his desk, not a pen or paper. Gods this wasn’t going to be pleasant, and I was the one who had to move. I begrudgingly clutched my notebook, and moved to sit next to him. He sat in the back of the classroom, and all I could see was a sagging backpack next to the desk. I slid into the desk, wishing I could turn my back on him, but that wouldn’t work. The desks weren’t constructed that way. 

“I think you forgot to go get us a packet.” He said.

I immediately glared at him. “Why don’t you go do it?” 

“I wasn’t the one who had to switch seats. You were already up anyway.” 

I could’ve sat there debating with him another five minutes, I could have just let the both of us sit without a packet. We clearly were not eager to work with each other. Though I remembered how much this project was worth. If either of us slacked off our grades would take huge consequences. I slid out of the seat and swiped a packet off of the desk. As I walked by my friends I saw Heather give me a look of pity. Pointing to her cell phone when I passed. I dumped the packet on his desk, sitting back down while crossing my arms.

“See, everyone could use a little exercise now and then.” 

I couldn’t help but take in a deep breath and let it end with a scowl. There was a possibility that I would be throttling Haddock by the end of the period. Forcing my gaze to the front of the room, I waited until the teacher had set up her own packet under the projector. She started discussing the project, a blue highlighter poised in her hand to outline important details. My hand was reaching for the packet on Haddock’s desk when he slapped it away. He was skimming the packet himself, flipping the pages with minute responses to the details read.

I waited with my hand extended until he finished investigating. I already had my highlighter out by then, and quickly copied the colorations on the teacher’s paper before she flipped the page. She gave us a short list of websites where we could look for possible topics. We would need to get her approval by the end of the week. The essay would be due first, then a week later we’d have to give presentations. Suggesting to split the work so the pair would get the same amount of work. I let out a whistled breath of annoyance. 

It certainly wouldn’t be equal if I had to work with him. There was a lot riding on this. If the work wasn’t completed, my grade would surely take a consequence. His could only sink lower. This was the semester that would make it or break it for us to graduate. I couldn’t risk being derailed simply because my teammate was a lazy ignorant person. As soon as the teacher finished discussing the project, I turned to Hiccup. Putting on the sternest face I could.

“Look, I know you don’t give a crap about this, but I do. So help me gods, you better do your part or I’ll make sure you’re in more than one piece.”

“Heh.” He had the nerve to smirk. “I won’t put up a debate with you. This project actually seems worth doing.”

“It is worth 20% of our grade.”

“Yes I think I can read.” He gestured to the packet. 

I flicked out my cell phone, opening a tab and typing in a link to one of the websites. I took out an index card, writing down a few additional links before passing it to Hiccup. He grasped it with no complaint, but as soon as I returned to my phone he leaned over and slid it into a pocket of his backpack.

“Those are the links you need to look up. Get to it.”

“Can’t. My phone don’t got access to the Internet.”

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Hijack for the ask game

Thanks for playing ^o^

Who’s the…

  • …werewolf/hunter: Uuuh werewolf!Jack and it’s like how Hiccup met Toothless for the first time?? Meant to hunt and capture and kill but then he has that Oversized White Puppy there and urgh no I can’t kill that cute puppy and then the cute puppy turns into a cute human and Hiccup is screwed
  • …mermaid/fisherman: Merman!Jack but like deep-sea merman because ice control! All Hiccup wanted to do was catch some fish for his village, not accidentally capture a boyfriend :O
  • …witch/familiar: Mh, warlock!Jack who likes weather magic in particular and his reasonable familiar Hiccup
  • … barista/coffee addict: cute barista!Jack and hopeless coffee addict!Hiccup who always does late nights working on projects in his lab in SFIT and getting insanely early morning (for him late night) coffee trips to that coffeeshop because urgh the barista is too cute
  • …professor/teaching assistant: very young professor!Hiccup and Jack is the teaching assistant who has the hots for the cute professor at SFIT!
  • …knight/prince(ss): Mmmh… prince!Jack and Hiccup who joins knight training at the insistance of his dad, the captain of the knights, while Hiccup actually wants to become a blacksmith
  • …teacher/single parent: art teacher!Jack and single parent!Hiccup could be very cute?
  • …writer/editor: this is just legit the hardest with anything because this is not a dynamic that sparks much joy or inspiration or fits many pairings xD” writer!Hiccup and editor!Jack??

Ship Dynamic Game

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I really like the RttE episode when Stoick meets Skullcrusher. Not just because we finally get to see Skullcrusher, but also because of the Stoick and Hiccup feels.

It’s been three years since Thornado decided to leave for the sake of the three baby Thunderdrums, but it’s only after Hiccup leaves for the Edge that it really gets to him. And then you also get that moment when Hiccup visits Berk on Gobber’s request and Stoick is just overjoyed to see his son. And then you have Stoick all proud because he sees how Hiccup runs the Edge. And then you have Stoick and Hiccup on an adventure together as father and son. And then Hiccup is all “I thought you were missing me, but you were missing Thornado!” and then Stoick is like “Yes!” but then he also admits to really missing Hiccup, “a lot in fact”, something he probably would not be capable of saying during or prior to Httyd 1 and just….

I just love the feels of this ep. So much.

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For a fic prompt: Viggo having a conversation with a captive hiccup, either chained or tied up, and Hiccup realizes it will be months if he is found and rescued or ransomed

Hiccup watched with gritted teeth as Viggo drank from a goblet. The two were in a room on Viggo’s ship together, though one was bound and the other was not. Hiccup’s wrists burned from how he’d been pulling at his ropes. His hands were bound behind his back, then tied to the chair he was sitting in.

“What do you want from me?” Hiccup demanded.

Viggo shrugged. “For you to surrender, I suppose. Will you?”

Hiccup barked out a laugh. “You don’t know me very well, do you?”

“Oh, I know you, my dear Hiccup. I know you very well.” Viggo put his goblet down on the table between them, leaned forward, hands folded in front of him. “I was very much like you when I was younger.”

“I doubt that,” Hiccup said. 

Viggo chuckled, shook his head. “Naturally. Now, would you like to hear my plans for you?”

Hiccup pulled at his bonds again. He was sure he was going to be tortured at some point, for information, or even just for fun. The Grimborns were both cruel. Could he take torture? Possibly. It depended on what was done to him. He’d known pain before, from his leg, but that was a different kind of pain, one that assaulted him almost on the daily. If anyone touched his stump… The thought nearly made him shudder.

“My friends will find me.”

“Will they?” Viggo smiled. “They are persistent, but they’ll have to try harder than usual.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well, you’re an asset,” Viggo said, standing. He circled around the table, leaned on it, hands to either side of him. He was directly in front of Hiccup. If Hiccup kicked him… No, that was a bad idea, would certainly earn him punishment. “I can’t lose you, can’t have anyone taking you back.”

Hiccup made a growling sound in his throat. He hated this, hated it so much. He was used to getting out of these types of situations, but he seemed to be thoroughly stuck. Toothless was being kept captive on another ship. There was no way the two of them could use the other to escape. 

“So, we’ll be on the move,” Viggo said. He reached back for his goblet, brought it to his lips. “And not just in the north.”

Hiccup raised his eyebrows, curious now. Where would Viggo be taking him?

“Ever been to Rome?” Viggo asked.

That’s when Hiccup’s hopes fell. His friends would never think to search there, would never think that Viggo had left the north. Hiccup realized, he was going to be stuck like this. Stuck until Viggo grew bored of him or got what he needed from him. 

He was in captivity, and it wouldn’t just last a few hours or a day, it would last months. 

Viggo just laughed at the despairing look on Hiccup’s face. Hiccup glared at him.

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