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#hidden caption:
6reeze · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@commiejet thanks i hate it but its been living in my mind all week. Heres these kids in Different juggalo on each to view since tumblr crops weird!
Face paint wise, I feel like mai would hate full face paint for texture reasons, like she did not like that kyoshi face paint lol. zuko is a try-hard obviously. jet vibes more like my friend who “doesn’t really wear face paint its not about the look its about the message and the community but when I do i just smear it on with my hands”
[ID. Three separate illustrations of modern day Mai, Zuko and Jet. Mai has a mostly neutral expression and is wearing an over sized polo with a mesh tank under, her hair in it’s typical style. She wears partial but intricate face paint; it starts as heavy dark eyeliner which extends down her cheeks in the shape of her Sai blades. She has a triangle shapes on her nose and chin, and also wears dark lipstick. Finally, she has additional symmetrical dots by her mouth, nose and cheeks, similar to Tang dynasty Yedian makeup. In the second illustration, Zuko sports face paint similar to his blue spirit mask. The base is a white that covers his entire face but leaves his scar bare. Dark blue paint lines his eye and nose, and the fanged grin painted on takes up most of the space on his face. He's got an overgrown mullet and a neck bandanna over a black shirt. He looks a little grumpy about all this. In the third image, Jet looks at the viewer, grinning as he changes a song on his phone. He’s wearing a hoodie with a jean jacket thrown over it, home sewn patch visible on the arm facing the viewer. He has partial face paint like mai: the typical dramatic “comma” shaped eyebrow paint partially hidden under his hair, dark paint across his cheeks similar to the blade-and-handle of his hook swords, and a spearhead shape on his nose. End ID]
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rivalsvoids · a month ago
I would like people to stop acting like physically disabled people live in the Stone Age while able bodied NDs live in 3076
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snow-covered-moon · 6 months ago
Moonie's Wednesday Shuffle
I'm just so tired of hanging my head
Just so tired of placing my bets
So much time holding my breath
But I won't keep quiet anymore.
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fischyplier · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fashionable but not practical gloves for the middle of winter!
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