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#hidding cat

Anya, the spaghetti belly, full of potatoes. My gray girl🤍🤍🤍

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Guess who knows how to open the cabinet under the sink? Guess who scared the crap out of me last night?

Could it be you, Nebula? It could be, yeah

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ok this is SO left field i think there’s like a 3% chance of it happening. the dates don’t work but i feel it would be fitting in the general theme of niall being the world’s worst person ever. what if carmen and nathan farooq-lane were niall’s kids from another relationship (another reason why he was gone most of the time even if his job seems to make fairly easy money)? If the woman who shows up in the Opal story is Carmen, not Mór, it would give her ample reason to hate Niall, as the woman in the story does. the narrative has been SO cagey when it comes to the specific details of Carmen’s family that i AM feeling pretty confident there’s going to be a Reveal although a slightly different one (cmon they literally told us more about Parsifal’s family than hers and it’s one of her major motivators,) but it’s like. so absolutely wild and yet in a way sensical i had to throw it down. see also: 

-genetics aren’t personality etc but Carmen and Declan’s personalities are wildly similar

-  Nathan Farooq-Lane’s being a dreamer as well 

- Nathan Farooq-Lane’s choosing to hide out in Ireland, and his seeming familiarity with  Caomhán Browne, another dreamer there (also possibly a friend of the family or relative?) 

- even more specifically than that, the crossover between Nathan choosing to lie low in County Kerry and Niall making the painting of  Mór that’s magically linked to County Kerry 

- the lady in the opal story with the dark hair who hates Niall 

- Niall’s possible pathological need to give every child a name that ends in -an or -en

- the fact that Carmen finds the horrifying scene with her parent(s) killed right around the same time a few years back that Ronan would have found Niall, etc. so the murders she ascribes to Nathan and kills him for might have been done by Greenmantle in pursuit of the Greywarren instead

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The one time I actually want my landlord to show up and there’s no sign of him… where IS he

#it’s not even an hour’s drive from where he lives to here#sir what are you doing#our toilet is still fucking broken and it’s probably something basic but idk how to fix it and i need HELLLLP#my stomach is upset with me. i need to be able to flush without taking off the cistern lid and pouring water directly into the tank#help meeeeeee#also tbh i’m just praying he shows up before minnie does because we’re definitely not supposed to have a cat here#she doesn’t actually live here or belong to any of us but it’s still questionable#i hid her treats and the tupperware box she’s been drinking out of lol#but knowing my luck she’ll show up while he’s here and run straight into the house making it very clear that she’s incredibly familiar#with it#that or she’ll show up before he gets here and go in one of my flatmate’s rooms and i’ll be like ‘for god’s sake keep the door shut’#and minnie will meow or jingle her bell or something and give us all away#this is so stressful. why has my life become a comedy of errors#if i’m not trying and failing to fix a toilet; i’m trying to prevent my elderly landlord from finding out about the existence of a cat#and if i’m not doing either of those things then m and e are treating me like the side character in their romcom#tell me why i was talking to them through a door yesterday trying to ask an important question that required attention#and she was giggling because he was touching her. why. stop. this isn’t a romcom#why is it always me. that’s my question. that’s my only question lately. three of us use this bathroom and i’m the only one#who’s trying to fix the toilet?? literally fuck off#oof this became a really long stupid rant but seriously i don’t know why i’m the only person here who seems to care#about making sure things are functional and also NONE OF US GETTING EVICTED#i mean i do know why. it’s because m and e are too busy shagging and sb is too lazy and high to notice/do anything#i hate it heeeeeere#personal#rant
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