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#hierophant green
Art of Jojo\'s Bizarre Adventure\'s Kakyoin Noriaki and Hierophant Green, with Kakyoin wearing a traditionally-Japanese-inspired alternate outfit.

“Good morning, Jolyne.” Tenmei-san smiled, politely as you please. “I’m afraid we’ve met under false pretence - it couldn’t be helped. Let me put things right, and re-introduce myself.”

A slight bow.

“My name is Kakyoin Noriaki.” He said. “And I am…”

A moment of hesitation, something oddly fragile flitting across his face - perhaps the first genuine emotion he’d ever exhibited in her presence.

“…an old friend of your father’s.”

(From chapter 6 of Cherries and Butterflies)

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Can I just say, I don’t think the fact that Hierophant Green is basically a bunch of noodles that are melded together to make a physical form is used for comedy enough.

Imagine, Kakyoin wants something while in bed but is too lazy to get up and grab it himself. He sends a bit of Hierophant Green to go get it. Polnareff nearly shits himself thinking there’s a weird fucking snake just repeatedly smacking it’s head on the crusader’s vacation home kitchen island. Tom and Jerry-style shenanigans ensue with Polnareff trying to stab single noodle Hierophant Green with Silver Chariot.

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