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Two words: Emily Ratajkowski. Maybe that is not a complete sentence, but this look is a full-on book in itself. It is beautiful. I love the vibes from it. You can just take one look at her and just know she knows what she is doing. This outfit is so simple, yet so daring. Let’s start with the best part of the outfit, the shoes. I love them. I like how she went with a knee-high boot. I think it pulled the outfit together and made it look a lot more classy because her blazer is longer than her skirt she is wearing underneath. The snakeskin pattern also does a great job of complimenting the color of the blazer. It makes the teal color stand out wonderfully. That teal is so unique because lately, the trend has been bright neon colors or pastel colors. I think it is refreshing to see a teal that color because it is the perfect mixture of winter and springtime. Where the weather is cold when you leave in the morning, but it is too hot by the afternoon to wear your winter coat is the color teal in a nutshell. Her showing off some skin and opting not to wear anything underneath makes this outfit more of an “I just left from doing a photoshoot” and less of a “leaving to get on the subway from my 9-5 job”. Emily Ratajkowski KNOWS what she is doing! I love how she also stuck to the gold theme in her accessories. I love mixing and matching golds and silvers. But sometimes, a way to look always put together and looking at little details of the metal (like the gold clasp on her purse) and matching all your jewelry to that. It is subtle but yet very noticeable.

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In my last blog post (which you should check out), I dived into the topic of fast fashion. If you aren’t aware of what fast fashion is, it is basically when brands make cheaply made clothes and produce them at a quick speed. It is not sustainable. These facts found on the business insider website( give us statistics about how fast fashion and the industry affects the environment. 

  • Fashion production makes up 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions, dries up water sources, and pollutes rivers and streams
  • 85% of all textiles go to the dump each year
  • While people bought 60% more garments in 2014 than in 2000, they only kept the clothes for half as long.
  • the fashion industry is also the second-largest consumer of water worldwide

So What Can We Do To Prevent Fast Fashion?

I understand that some people do not have the funds to buy some high-quality pieces all the time. But that is not always the best excuse when buying fast fashion. The best option when trying to cut down on purchasing from fast fashion brands is thrifting! It’s challenging to go thrifting, but sometimes you can find some great articles of clothing. It can be hit or miss, but buying second-hand is always a great option. 

The first time I went thrifting, I bought a sweater from the Loft and then took my sewing machine to it to make it into the style that I desired. Thrifting can bring out the creative streak in you! Let me know what some great thrifting finds you have gotten in the past! 

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With the current COVID-19 situation happening, online shopping is absolutely booming and whilst many (including myself) are very grateful for the opportunity to buy whatever we want from our couch (or bed), it does encourage fast fashion which is terrible for the environment.


(image from

Fast fashion dominates the fashion industry with majority of larger brands such as Cotton On, H&M, Zara and online boutiques such as Princess Polly, Fashion Nova and Missguided playing a big part. Basically, these brands pump out as much clothing that they can so as to meet the current trends of each season to make more money. Mass manufacturing so many clothes enables brands to lower the prices and make even more pieces. These pieces, however are often made of very poor quality meaning that they don’t last long and are often thrown out as soon as the next trend comes along. 

Not only does this contribute to landfill (due to the synthetic, non-biodegradable materials they are made from), but the factories that are usually in developing countries that produce fast fashion pump out so much pollution. The workers in those factories that are also known as sweatshops often work in terrible conditions and are paid very little for their work. You can learn more about sweatshops here

Luckily, high-end designer brands are focusing on creating more environmentally friendly pieces for the runway. This helps to encourage smaller and fast fashion brands to think about changing the way they operate as consumers become more conscious about where their clothes are coming from. 

As a consumer, you actually have the most power to help slow fast fashion by consciously choosing to invest in environmentally sustainable brands and their pieces. But what if you can’t afford luxury high-end pieces? That’s where thrift shopping or as we like to call it in Australia, op (opportunity) shopping comes in. Op shopping is an amazing way to find one of kind, low price pieces without hurting the environment. I’ll go into more detail about op shops in another blog post because they are so accessible and provide affordable options for everyone! 

Hopefully this post has shared a bit of an insight into fast fashion and the dangers of the industry, just remember that you have the power to make conscious shopping decisions! 

Lots of fashion love,
Sophie x

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I joined the fashion community on twitter around July last year. I went in knowing next to nothing about fashion. I just knew I loved it. When I was in middle school and high school, I was obsessed with Georges Hobeika haute couture. I would see the photos from fashion week and print them out and put them on my closet doors. I never really thought much about where I brought all my clothes and the ethics behind them. The main objective of middle school is to fit in. By dressing cute and fitting in with the trends, then it did not matter if the quality was good or not. When I started going to a small private school and wearing a uniform, I was not picking an outfit every day. It started to change my mind on trends. You started seeing how quickly trends were coming and going when you did not participate in them. After my freshman year of high school, I started a twitter account and started becoming aware of ethics and fashion. So what is fast-fashion? Well, fast-fashion can be described as cheaply made trendy clothes. A popular fast-fashion brand is Forever 21. I had never thought of how fast-fashion was not only unsustainable but unethical. The video attached below explains fast-fashion and sustainability in 5 minutes. 

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