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technoturian · 10 days ago
Ranking Magical Mentors
(a completely incomplete and objectively biased analysis, don’t @ me)
Tumblr media
Shazam (Shazam!) Score: -~.5/10
Shazam gets -1 point for every year he spent looking for a hero who will receive phenomenal cosmic powers while not having "fully matured brain" as one of the hard requirements of the job. The exact number of years isn't specified; he said he'd been looking for "centuries" but is in fact from Ancient Egypt or before then, so being bad at math subtracts another .5 from his score.
Tumblr media
Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter Series) Score: 0/10
Written by a transphobe, fell in love with a nazi, gave a kid to abusive relatives, categorizes some children as evil and then punishes them for it. No points to Dumbledore.
Tumblr media
The Ancient One (Doctor Strange) Score: 1/10
Whitewashing and Orientalism disguised as feminist, post-racial open-mindedness. You can’t just throw a bald Tilda Swinton at the problem and expect it to do the work for you.
Tumblr media
Glinda the Good Witch (The Wizard of Oz) Score: 2/10
Glinda purposely manipulates an ignorant farm girl and sends her on a path to kill the Wicked Witch of the West even though Dorothy had the tools to get home the entire time. So -5 for being a terrible mentor but +5 for being a girlboss. Depending on what source material you consider canon she is possibly working out some blended family trauma, possibly a figment of Dorothy's psyche? She ends up at a 2/10 for being incredibly patronizing and giving off church lady energy by not only unironically deigning herself "Good" but also making that a huge part of her identity.
Tumblr media
Brom (Eragon) Score: 3/10
This was definitely a guy who existed and was in a movie I've seen. Not actually magic?
Tumblr media
Gaius (Merlin) Score: 5/10
The magical mentor of the original magical mentor himself. Set up to be wise but in hindsight gave Merlin a lot of very bad advice, chiefly in not advising him to tell Arthur the truth a long, long time ago. Best “sweet old man” vibes on this list though.
Tumblr media
Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander (Legend of the Seeker) Score: 7/10
Zed is a wise old wizard who actually survived his protege's call to action, but he was also constantly being written out of fights to counterbalance that. Negative points for reducing the found family aspect of being a magical mentor by, y'know, actually being related to his charge. Gains points again for constantly hyping every new type of magic as "P O W E R F U L  M A G I C" and because Bruce Spence’s scenery chewing and Sam Raimi's sense of humor are a match made in cheesy TV heaven. When magic turned him young again he looked a bit like James Spader, but I’m not sure how to score that.
Dishonorable Mention: Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander (Sword of Truth Series) Score: -10/10
I haven't read it, but I've heard this book series described as "Ayn Rand high fantasy". The true Randian ideal is pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and having a magical mentor at all sounds too much like filthy communism to me. Why can’t you teach yourself magic, Richard?
Tumblr media
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars) Score: 9/10
He may be from sci-fi but he's a classic magical mentor. He loses some of the mystique he presented in the original trilogy by having his entire background gone over with a fine tooth comb in prequels, expanded universe novels and television. Dramatic b*tch and a bit of a troll, especially as a ghost. Dinging him one point for lack of prerequisite wisdom with regard to some of his life choices.
Tumblr media
Moiraine Damodred (Wheel of Time) Score: 10/10
A perfect score for absolute perfection. She's not dead (yet? no book spoilers!) so that puts her ahead of a lot of people on this list, she is also the only magical mentor with enough foresight to invest in a bodyguard. Great judge of character and knowledgeable about a lot of things while still being much younger than your average magic mentor, which highlights her hustle and work ethic. Moiraine takes on multiple possible Chosen Ones at once, proving herself the modern solution to magical mentorship (as well as a perfect representation of the overloaded modern worker being forced to do multiple jobs at once).
Tumblr media
Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings Series) Score: 100/10
Gandalf is wise, powerful, frustratingly vague, disappears at inopportune times so the hero has to solve his own problems... This guy has it all going for him, including some of the best lines in the series. Died at the appropriate moment to drive the hero's journey and then walked it off. Somehow manages to seem cool and virtuous even though he's a senior citizen who hangs around small "innocents" while smoking copious amounts of weed and setting off fireworks. Looked better in gray, but what can you do. A true icon.
Tumblr media
Granny Weatherwax (The Discworld Series) Score: ↑/~
Granny doesn't hold with all of this numbers and ranks business. She can't be having that kind of thing. However if you must know, she is definitely up there near the top. Has been the magical mentor of at least four young witches and hasn't been murdered yet. Excellent references.
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dungeonsanddimwits · 7 months ago
i found a website where you can make your own achievements for dnd :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
these are the ones i made (minus carl, ehich was made by one of my dms)
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a-duck-with-a-book · 7 months ago
A far-from-comprehensive list of authors on Tumblr:
(all authors listed in alphabetical order by last name)
Rachel Alexander // @therkalexander
Tumblr media
Laurie Halse Anderson // @lauriehalseanderson
Tumblr media
Victoria Aveyard // @vaveyard
Tumblr media
Cassandra Clare // @cassandraclare
Tumblr media
Zoraida Córdova // @wanderlands
Tumblr media
Neil Gaiman // @neil-gaiman
Tumblr media
Malinda Lo // @malindalo
Tumblr media
Tamsyn Muir // @tazmuir
Tumblr media
Samantha Shannon // @sshannonauthor
Tumblr media
please let me know who I am missing!
for the sake of brevity (and my sanity) this list is limited to published authors (ie. does not include aspiring authors which you can find using hashtags like #writeblr or #WIP or #my-writing and so on and so forth).
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polararts · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The gang from my last live stream
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sjmillerart · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Lock & Key
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ground-zoro · a year ago
I really wish more fantasy tv series would take the ideas and premises generally lavished on teenage and child characters, and give them to characters in their twenties and thirties. There are enough people in their twenties and thirties that are either unemployed or have crap jobs or lives in general, who would have tons of free time (or at the very least comparable to school going children) for all these magical adventures ect. Hell many people in their  twenties and thirties would drop everything to go on a magical adventure or be inducted into a magical world. 
And just because something is for adults, there’s no need to make it super gritty and dark. Gritty and dark fantasy has it’s place, but that place isn’t everywhere. 
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lvrq · 23 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
you can have anything you want, if you are willing to give up everything for it.
j.m. barrie
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athousandtales · 21 days ago
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hobbitsoupbowl · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
i just think they’re neat <3
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browsethestacks · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Photography by Rudy Edwards
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st-just · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Centaur by Alexander Shatohin
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gothic04 · a month ago
“There is no throne for her.”
“Then I’ll build one myself from the bones of our enemies.”
- Aedion, Heir of Fire
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themelodyofspring · 18 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Shelf-Confidence Book Photo Challenge
January 3, 2022 - Chapter Art
The Eye of The World - The Wheel of Time #1
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kolumnist-art · 21 days ago
My gift for wonderful @frofea and her translation of Elven Dramione Story 'Land and Leaf' (author In_Dreams - @indreamsink )
You're my love and inspiration, Liza 💚
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wizardgender · 2 months ago
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ground-zoro · 3 months ago
From now on, only monster fuckers are allowed to design sexually dimorphic fantasy races. Everyone else are cowards.
I'm specifically talking about where the males and females look like completely different species, or very nearly in some cases, because the women have to be kept hyper feminine and sexy. If you don't know how to make female werewolves sexy without turning them into human girls with dog ears and a tail, that's your moral and intellectual failing.
I used werewolves as the example as that's basically what inspired this post, but it goes for all fantasy races.
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2minutetabletop · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
This is Anvil Rock, my latest battle map. It reaches dizzyingly high, where the air is thin and the sky all-encompassing – and there's a free starry night variant, too!
It's inspired by the Carrock from The Hobbit, which I've been reading lately. It's a tad taller, that's all! Perhaps it's closer to the Eagle's Eyrie, but with the addition of a staircase...
Regardless, you can download it from my new blog post: → The Anvil Rock Battle Map
Tumblr media
A mountain peak of staggering height, reaching above the heavens and into the realm of the gods..
This battle map might invoke dizziness for two reasons: first, the unease it might give you if you’re as afraid of heights as I am! Second, the perplexing perspective. You see, Anvil Rock is a little more abstract than I usually dare draw, but I thought it was fitting for this particular map concept ...
Read more → The Anvil Rock Battle Map
This map has been amazingly fun to work on, and I hope you have amazing fun with it! Next week we'll have a new tavern battle map, and Garm's also got something new for you in-between then and now.
Stay tuned! 🙂
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erionmakuo · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Commission of an original character, Ilya
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incorrectsmashbrosquotes · 6 months ago
My favorite Aesthetic: Gothic Horror meets High Fantasy
Elves and Vampires: 
Sun meets Moon aesthetic
Elf: “Oh, I’ve never seen you get up this early!” Vampire: “I’m getting ready for bed.”
Vampires bundle up in layers of clothing so they can frolic with their elf friends during the day.
Elves drink gallons of caffeine so they can spend time with their nocturnal counterparts.
Goth meets Prep
Elves go on for hours complimenting the aesthetics and décor of the #spooky vampire castle.
Both are doomed to eternity, one in the day and one in the night.
Together, they just might make eternity bearable.
Dwarves and Werewolves
Dwarves make werewolves indestructible chew toys that they manage to destroy anyway.
Dwarf: “Look at this flawless gemstone!” Werewolf” “HOLY SHIT SHINY THING! I MUST EAT IT!”
Werewolves drag their dwarf friends into the woods to play and the dwarves decide that, hey, may be the outdoors are okay.
ENDLESSLY complaining about elves/vampires together.
Werewolves listen patiently to dwarves talk endlessly about their interests and work.
Dwarves find the energy to play all through the night with their werewolf buddies
Jocks and Shop Kids
Werewolves are the only ones who can endure more than a single mug of Dwarven ale before passing out drunk.
Feel free to expand on this yourselves!
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thefugitivesaint · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Larry Elmore, ''Dragon Magazine'', #267, Jan. 2000 Source
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